The Grim Reaper who reaped my Heart! by Kamuo

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One day, a mysterious and ominous door appeared in your house. You decided to enter it only to find what invaded your home is a cute girl playing with a handheld console, claiming she's a Grim Reaper.

This is a short r18+ kinetic visual novel about my oc, Vel that I'm making to give her more life, and for people to know and feel more connected to her. Whether that's emotionally or sexually is up to you (*ゝω・)
The game has hand-drawn animations and voices for the nsfw animations.


The full censored game is publicly free, as I want as much people to know more about Vel.

Uncensored version and more available on my patreon and gumroad.



Story & Art by: Kamuo

Voices by: Mikaelya

Music from: Peritune 

GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Anime, Cute, Erotic, NSFW
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files: 279 MB
VelCensored Android 266 MB 262 MB 267 MB 250 MB
VelSwimsuitCensored Android 270 MB 291 MB
if you pay $12 USD or more 273 MB
if you pay $12 USD or more
vel.program-100000002-arm64-v8a-release.apk 277 MB
if you pay $12 USD or more
vel.program-2-armeabi-v7a-release.apk 277 MB
if you pay $12 USD or more
vel.program-2-universal-release.apk 293 MB
if you pay $12 USD or more 278 MB
if you pay $17 USD or more 261 MB
if you pay $17 USD or more
velswim.program-100000002-arm64-v8a-release.apk 264 MB
if you pay $17 USD or more
velswim.program-2-armeabi-v7a-release.apk 265 MB
if you pay $17 USD or more
velswim.program-2-universal-release.apk 280 MB
if you pay $17 USD or more

Development log


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good game but unfortunately it has a short story

Nice little story, beautiful animations. I wished it was longer.

can't install on android


Dem i din't know the developers made another part of the story called aren't grim repears suppose to be scary well i guess if you have romantic relation with vel she's not in the other game i guess maybe the developer will add her in the future?  But just saying thats there another part of the game hope they add velvel there cause i am also in love with a fictional character but anyway keep up the good work developers :D but still i have hopes of vel getting added to the other game that all folks 


Well technically vel is the extension but i love her so much imma agree wit u

What changes with the censored version with the one that is not censored?

The lewd animations don't have mosaic censor.

Kamuo do you plan to increase lewdness or story with vel i wanna know so i have motivation to do my modules

oh, thanks

Technically the truth by kamuo

downloading the zip file of, Virustotal detects VelCensored.exe is trojan with 2 detections. surely this is a false positive, right?

In all honesty, when I downloaded the game (which I recommend you do) Windows defender did not give any virus reports when I had downloaded it. Virustotal probably gave you false reports and you should check if it's a trustworthy site

well i know that. only 2 out of 60's vendors detected it.  virus total says it's been on many game .exe files, the exact same hash, for 7 years, which makes me way more confused. 

Isnt .exe not just for virus

viruses could be any file extension. but the extension itself is not a virus. yes i know exe means executable. I'm just confused how the exact same file is known 7 years ago

is your computer or laptop 2nd hand?

But that freaks me out , not to much im too poor to buy a pc so android it is for me


Too bad I can't support the creator and other people, I just don't have the money 

Me too


Every time i try to download it for PC, it gives me this error, can anyone help?

im having the same thing

same here too

Ngl this was the most awesome vn ive read (and fapped) im so glad this was only the Beginning if only i could join patreon but  brokey down bad horrendous B)

what’s the background music for it I really love hearing it

uh... i cant download it because it have no choice for me to chose whether on pc or other devices...?

I know it said the sound credits go to Peritune, but what specifically is the song used for the main bgm?

I absolutely love the song and want to know its name

I'm in love with Vel. I need more... Mores games, wallpaper, movies, whatever ... I need more of Vel. I could marry Vel. Thank to bring this so cute character to me... Please bring more.. I could watch a 68hours movie or play a AAA games of 500+hours of Vel. Ain't talking about sex or lewd scenes only. I'm really in love with Vel


Start subscribing to his patreon then. >:)


Of course I'll do. His job touch my heart lol


u good man?

Yeah , I'm good lol.. I just really falling in love with Vel


understandable lol


okay but i don't like being spoiled the lewd scene when u visit this page. Can u consider not showing them?


one of the best games i have ever played. the storyline is phenomenal. and so were the lewd scenes. the only thing kinda bad is how short it was, but i also took into consideration that this game took you a year to complete.. so thank you for the good game 

Same opinion. I never met a character like Vel before. The only game that's make me read and immersing in the story


Does the male character only have one color? 

(1 edit)

Are there gonna be more fvcking vel scenes in the future?  in the other game too? I really enjoy the game tho 

(1 edit)

i wish u could fuck neu ;-;

In case you haven't checked their contents, Neu is involved in one of the other developing vns

link of Discord Server...?

to be honest i dident even care about the censure its just like tha japan laws

and amaizing game i love the animation

This game is amazingly good.

Thank you for making this game and I hope the development of the other game didn't take too long.

I downloaded on mac and can't figure out how to run the game. I figured I needed to extract the original file and run the new file, as most downloaded games are, but can't figure out how to run the new file. Any help?

(1 edit)

Hmm, I'm a windows user, but maybe just drag the ".app" folder into the Applications folder?

Else google how to programs that come in a ".app" folder :)

That's my best guess.


I love this, I love you, thank you

how to pause and save game on windows

Right Click

Does the creator of this game has a Discord? Or Amino? Or Instagram? Or Snap? Or Anything like those?

Twitter, is kamuo

I know he has Twitter, but does he have any other Socials that he is more active on?

(Even tho I know it might be hard for him to be active tho)

is there a .html version? if not do you think it would be possible for you to make one? if so then could you show me where?

thank you for this masterpiece, wish I could view it on my iPad tho...

(1 edit)

How do I hide the dialogue? I wanna see the action happen.

H or right click. Not available on android.

I'm confused which one should I download?? The swimsuit or the other

The swimsuit is just a version with her on a swimsuit instead of her regular clothes.

i love it .

for some reason, in this and all grim reaper games, it occasionally blinks black, so to speak.  i wonder if it is my computer or a glitch.

That's on the game engine

cant download because i cant choose the version

There's a drive link in the download page for different apk versions

Hi!Can you please tell me what is the difference between the free version and the paid version?

Free has censored lewd scenes

Yall know how to fix: "Cannot read property 'build' of undefined"?

(2 edits)

Can this be found anywhere else? I like to keep my games all in one place I found a game similar to this on itchio called my Catgirl maid thinks she runs this place. I asked the creator about that game and he said it was also a steam download which is amazing I found this game by looking at a video title on pornhub asking myself is this possible to be a game and did a quick Google search that's how I found the other one about a month ago I'm going to check it out because I like games like these that are built with Ren'py especially Doki Doki Literature Club that was the shit

I couldn't download the gam

I do wanna know if there will be a ios version of this ever

Most likely not

Cute! Thanks for the free game.


Why when I reach the downloading process to 140mb the download are not working... It's says (FORBIDDEN) 😕


You have to extract the file, You can use either 7Zip or Winrar But i reccomend 7Zip Cause it's easier, And you can look on youtube for how to do i.

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