Biker cheats death when he runs a red light and hits lorry that almost crushes him in China  [Video]
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Biker cheats death when he runs a red light and hits lorry that almost crushes him in China  [Video]

This is the moment a biker only narrowly cheated death after skipping a red light and being hit by a lorry which almost fell on top of him as it tipped over.

In the footage, a motorcyclist known only as Mr Zheng, who does not appear to be wearing a helmet, is seen falling to the tarmac and narrowly avoiding being run over by the lorry's wheels before then also escaping being hit by the lorry cargoes it tips over.

The black SUV waiting at the lights however was not so lucky, with the force of the material that hits it sending the vehicle backwards several metres.

Following the dangerous driving the Jiaxing Traffic Police in the Chinese province of Zhejiang said Mr Zheng had brushed shoulders with 'the Grim Reaper'.

A motorcyclist in China almost came to a very violent end when he skipped a red light and hit a lorry

The biker may have thought he was being clever by ignoring the traffic lights but instead caused chaos

He collided with the lorry, which swerved, causing rolls of metal to cascade from the side of he lorry

The biker was lucky to avoid being hit by such large objects. Traffic police said they man had brushed shoulders with 'the Grim Reaper'

A car nearby was not so lucky and took the full force of the lorry's load on its bonnet and windscreen

They added: 'On October 28 at the intersection of 320 National Highway and Xingxing Road in the district of Nanhu in Jiaxing, Mr Zhang was driving a lorry when the lights turned amber and the scooter rider, Mr Zheng, who turned left and also violated the traffic lights, collided (with the lorry).

'In order to avoid hitting Mr Zheng, Mr Zhang carried out an emergency manoeuvre, causing the steel rims on the back of the lorry to fall on an SUV waiting at the lights.

'The impact inflated the SUV's airbag and caused a head injury to the driver, surnamed Yue.

'Zheng avoided being run over and was uninjured. After the accident, he shed tears of regret.'

The police added investigations into the accident remained open.