The Didact

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The Didact
Means End -The Didact.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedMay 1, 2013
GenreProgressive metal
LabelIndependent, Rogue Records America
ProducerAcle Kahney
Means End chronology
The Didact
Professional ratings
Review scores
Sputnikmusic3.8/5 stars link
The Circle Pit9/10 stars link
got-djent8.9/10 stars link

The Didact is the self-produced debut album by Swedish progressive metal band, Means End, released in 2013. The album name "The Didact" derives from the Ancient Greek word, "didaktikós", meaning to instruct or be taught.

Musical and lyrical style[edit]

The album contains intellectual and philosophical lyrics about numerous topics and melds them together as the lines between humanity and technology are thinned.[1] The instrumentation incorporates electronic choirs, polyrhythmic riffs, jazz-influenced bass lines, and dynamic vocals among many other things. The album also features a linear tempo rendition of Nox Aurumque, originally composed by Eric Whitacre.[2]


1."Candle in The Dark"3:23
2."Omega Barrier"4:10
3."Crimson Interloper"3:36
6."Mourning Star"3:57
8."Lied Von Leid"4:06
9."Nox Aurumque"5:12
10."Sun Wukong"5:08
11."Arbiter Of Time"4:29
12."To Love"4:46
Total length:51:24


Acle Kahney (member of Tesseract, ex-Fellsilent), of 4D studios, mixed and mastered this album.[3][4]


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