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Gian Galeazzo Visconti

Gian Galeazzo Visconti, son of Galeazzo II Visconti and Bianca of Savoy, was the first Duke of Milan and ruled the late-medieval city just before the dawn of the Renaissance. He was the founding patron of the Certosa di Pavia, completing the Visconti Castle at Pavia begun by his father and furthering work on the Duomo of Milan. During his patronage of the Visconti Castle, he contributed to the growth of the collection of scientific treatises and richly illuminated manuscripts in the Visconti Library. Gian Galeazzo was the son of Galeazzo II Visconti. In 1385 Gian Galeazzo gained control of Milan by overthrowing his uncle Bernabò through treacherous means by faking a religious conversion and ambushing him during a religious procession in Milan, he imprisoned his uncle who soon died poisoned on his orders. His first marriage was to Isabelle of Valois, who brought him the title of comte de Vertus in Champagne, rendered in Italian as Conte di Virtù, the title by which he was known in his early career.

He was a devoted father to his daughter Valentina, wife of Louis, Duke of Orleans and mother of the poet, Charles of Orleans. Gian Galeazzo reacted to gossip about Valentina at the French Court by threatening to declare war on France; the wife of King Charles VI of France was Isabeau of Bavaria, the granddaughter of Bernabò Visconti, thus, a bitter rival of Valentina and her father Gian Galeazzo Visconti. After Galeazzo's wife Isabelle died in childbirth in 1373, he married secondly, on 2 October 1380, his first cousin Caterina Visconti, daughter of Bernabò. Galeazzo's role as a statesman took other forms. Soon after seizing Milan he took Verona and Padua, establishing himself as Signore of each, soon controlled the entire valley of the Po, including Piacenza where in 1393 he gave the feudal power to Confalonieri Family on the lands they had in the valleys around Piacenza, he lost Padua in 1390. He received the title of Duke of Milan from Wenceslaus, King of the Romans in 1395 for 100,000 florins.

In 1396, after the disaster of Nicopolis, he was suspected of having informed the Ottomans of the crusaders' plans and of the size and strength of their army as vengeance for his daughter being accused of being behind the illness of King Charles VI of France, for France's increasing control over the city of Genoa that he had attempted to hamper, for which he had been rebuked by Enguerrand VII de Coucy before the battle. In 1400, Gian Galeazzo appointed a host of clerks and departments entrusted with improving the public health. For the new system of administration and bookkeeping this established, he is credited with creating the first modern bureaucracy, with the assistance of his Chancellor Francesco Barbavara. Gian Galeazzo had dreams of uniting all of northern Italy into one kingdom, a revived Lombard empire. Obstacles included Bologna and Florence. In 1402, Gian Galeazzo launched assaults upon these cities; the warfare was costly on both sides, but it was universally believed the Milanese would emerge victorious.

The Florentine leaders the chancellor Coluccio Salutati worked to rally the people of Florence, but the Florentines were being taxed hard by famine and poverty. Galeazzo won another victory over the Bolognese at the Battle of Casalecchio on 26 June 1402. Galeazzo's dreams were to come to naught, however, as he succumbed to a fever at the castello of Melegnano on 10 August 1402, he died on 3 September. His empire fragmented as infighting among his successors wrecked Milan through his division of his lands among both legitimate and illegitimate heirs. Gian Galeazzo spent 300,000 golden florins in attempting to turn from their courses the rivers Mincio from Mantua and the Brenta from Padua, in order to render those cities helpless before the force of his arms. Notable are his library, housed in the grandest princely dwelling in Italy, the castello in Pavia, his rich collection of manuscripts, many of them the fruits of his conquests. Furious at French political maneuvering that had removed Genoa from his influence, Gian Galeazzo had been attempting to stop the transfer of Genoese sovereignty to France and Coucy was dispatched to warn him that France would consider further interference a hostile act.

The quarrel was more than political. Valentina Visconti, the wife of the Duke of Orleans and Gian Galeazzo's beloved daughter, had been exiled from Paris due the machinations of Queen Isabeau the same month as the departure of the crusade; the Duke of Milan threatened to send knights to defend his daughter's honor but, in the wake of the disaster at Nicopolis, it was believed that he had relayed intelligence to Bayezid I of crusader troop movements. There is no firm evidence of this and it is that Gian Galeazzo became a scapegoat after the fact due the existing animosity with France, though there remains the possibility that the Duke of Milan, who had murdered his own uncle to ensure his own power, did in fact betray the crusaders. Coucy, his diplomatic mission complete and accompanied by Henry of Bar and their followers, left Milan for Venice, from where he requisitioned a ship on 17 May to take him across the Adriatic Sea, landing in the Croatian port of Senj on 30 May before making his way overland to the rendezvous in Buda.

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Oren Alexander

Oren Alexander is a real estate agent focusing on the New York and Miami markets. Alexander's clients include Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Oren has been featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 in Real Estate. Alexander’s first major deal was the sale of an $8.2 million penthouse in Manhattan in 2009 at the age of 21. Alexander sold an estate in Miami for $50 million, which made it the most expensive single-family home sold in the Miami area. Alexander co-represented America’s most expensive residential home transaction when a 24,000 square foot penthouse sold in 2019 for $238 million; this sale broke the previous record set in 2014, when Barry Rosenstein paid $137 million for a home in the Hamptons. Alexander graduated from University of Colorado and moved to New York to start his career in 2008. Alexander works alongside Tal Alexander. Oren

Patricia Hogan

Patricia Irene Hogan is a Professor of Management of Health & Fitness in the School of Health and Human Performance at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan, USA. Dr. Hogan publishes and presents in the areas of developing Professional Intellect in university students, Inquiry-Based and Problem-Based Learning, professional ethics, Social Media applications in education mission-central learning, in Social Media for Sport and Fitness Business, her educational scholarly interests involve experimenting with promoting a connectivist approach to enhance learning for relevant literacies and skill-sets in her classes and to teaching for integrative and abductive reasoning and design thinking. She engages Project Based Learning in her classes. In the 2014-15 academic year she was on sabbatical working with SBRnet data and her colleague, James Santomier, to publish and present on the use of social media and mobile media in sport/fitness. Prior to becoming a Professor at Northern Michigan University, Hogan was an Assistant Professor and Assistant Research Scientist at New York University in New York City, New York.

She was the Health and Fitness Director for the National Board of the YWCA of the USA in New York from 1983-85. In addition, she has done international and regional consulting for many agencies. Professor Hogan received graduate degrees from the University of Oregon in Eugene, bachelor's degrees from the University of Windsor in Canada, she is from Windsor, Canada. Hogan follows a constructivist educational philosophy and has won awards for her educational use of wikis to develop education mission-central outcomes in health/fitness business management students, she is involved in and has awards for co-creating classes and course texts with her students using the Wix for course construction, student work, outcomes assessment. She has won NMU's Excellence in Teaching Award and excellence in advising awards. Here she speaks on the importance of university mission-central education, she has been awarded four Innovation in Teaching Awards from NMU as well as the 2013 Outstanding Michigan College/University Teacher of the Year Award from the Michigan Association of Health, Physical Education and Dance.

Patricia I. Hogan, Ph. D.. D.. Ed. Sport Education in the VUCA World. Journal of Physical Education and Sports Management, 3, pp. 1–37 DOI: 10.15640/jpesm.v3n1a1 URL: Peer Reviewed Accepted Publication in e- and paper form. At until January 1, 2018. Santomier, J. Hogan, P and Reinhard Kunz.. The 2012 London Olympics: Innovations in ICT and Social Media Marketing. Special Section on Sport Innovation for Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice Journal. Peer Reviewed accepted paper to journal based on EURAM paper and presentation.. Santomier, J. Hogan, P. and Reinhard Kunz The 2012 London Olympics: Innovations in ICT and Social Media Marketing. European Association of Management Conference- Sport Management Branch, June 1–4, Paris France. Santomier, J. Henkel, T. and Hogan, P.. Managing Sport: Social Media Marketing by Bundesliga Teams. Peer reviewed paper acceptance presentation. European Association of Management, Poland, June 18–20, 2015. Http:// Hogan, P. Carlson, B. and Kirk, C..

Showcasing: Open Educational Practices’ Models using Open Educational Resources. Peer reviewed paper acceptance presentation Open Education Global Conference, Canada, April 22–24, 2015. Paper and presentation published online at Peer Reviewed Accepted Paper and Presentation: Published online. And Santomier, J. and Hogan, P. Sport Management Education for the Digital Age. European Association of Sport Management Conference, September 9–12, Ireland. Hogan, P. and Santomier, J.. The 2012 Olympics: A New Digital Template for Sport Events. European Association of Sport Management Conference, September 9–12, Ireland. Peer Review Acceptance. Santomier, J. Henkel, T. and Hogan, P.. Managing Sport: Social Media Marketing by Bundesliga Teams. Peer reviewed paper acceptance presentation. European Association of Management, Poland, June 18–20, 2015.

Http:// Kirk, C. Hogan, P. and Carlson, B.. Digigogy: Toward a Pedagogy of Connections. Great Lakes Conference on Teaching and Learning. Central Michigan University, May 13–15, Mount Pleasant, MI, USA. Https:// Peer Reviewed Accepted Paper and Prese

Hyde (EP)

Hyde is the first mini-album by the South Korean boy band VIXX. It was released on May 20, 2013 under Jellyfish Entertainment, features the single of the same name; the album was re-released as Jekyll on July 31, 2013 with the single "G. R.8. U". VIXX promoted Hyde with the song of the same name; the song's lyrics were written by songwriter Kim Eana, the rap portion was written by Ravi. The music was composed by Jellyfish Entertainment CEO Hwang Se Jun and Swedish production team D30; the song's music video was directed by Hong Won-ki of ZanyBros, who directed their previous music videos, "Super Hero" and "Rock Ur Body". Promotion began on May 23 on M! Countdown, wrapped up with a goodbye stage on Inkigayo on June 30; the song peaked at number 35 on Gaon Singles Chart. The lead single from Jekyll, "G. R.8. U", was written by Kim Eana and produced by Hyuk Shin, DK, Ross Lara and Todd Wright; the song's music video was directed by Hong Won-ki of ZanyBros. Promotion began on August 1, wrapped up with a goodbye stage on Inkigayo on September 8.

The song peaked at number 14 on Gaon Singles Chart. The credits are adapted from the official homepage of the group. List of K-pop albums on the Billboard charts "Hyde" Music Video on YouTube "G. R.8. U" Music Video on YouTube Hyde - EP on iTunes Jekyll - EP on iTunes

San Giovanni Fuoricivitas

San Giovanni Fuoricivitas is a Romanesque religious church and adjacent buildings in Pistoia, central Italy. The adjective fuoricivitas refers to it location, outside of the first set of city walls, when it was founded during the era of Lombard rule in Italy. No traces remain of the original Lombard edifice; the first document mentioning the church dates to 1119, when the church was described by Bishop Ildebrand as "nearly in ruins". In his Guide to Pistoia, the author Tolomei cites references to this church as a priory in either 12th or 13th centuries. Others mention it was a collegiate church before that time; the current building was most begun soon afterward, erected in the typical orientation with apse to the west. Construction lasted until 1344; the church was damaged by the Allied bombings during World War II, has undergone meticulous restoration during 1960 through the 1990s. The appearance of the edifice is defined by its northern side parallel to now disappeared walls; the southern side faces the cloister, while the apse side and the façade are visible due to nearby structures.

The northern flank has most of the external decorations, including a rich portal with a sculpted architrave depicting the Last Supper and dated by the master Gruamonte. This sculptor completed a portal in the church of Sant'Andrea; the pattern of the wall is typical of other buildings in Pistoia, inspired by the contemporary Pisan Romanesque: it features rows of small arcades on small or blind columns with small windows and lozenges inscribed within the arches. The stones used and green in color, are marble and serpentine from Prato. During the last medieval enlargement, the church received its current plan with a single hall and a rectangular apse, incorporating the former northern wing of the cloister. What remains of the latter, dating to the 12th century, is today the only example in Pistoia of a Romanesque structure in mixed stone and brickwork construction; the small columns are in stone, decorated with capitals featuring heads of lions and oxen, while the arches and the walls are in brickwork.

In the 14th century it received a second floor with a loggia. Left of the entrance, on the northern wall, is a white ceramic glaze depicting the "Visitation", by Luca della Robbia, it is the oldest surviving example of the use of this technique in his workshop, aside from friezes or bas-reliefs. The work featuring gilded decorations on the hair and the clothes, was commissioned in 1445 by the Fioravanti family of Pistoia, it was located on the side opposite its present one. The holy water font in the middle of the nave is from the 12th-13th century, attributed to Giovanni Pisano, it depicts the Cardinal Virtues, supported by caryatids of the three Theological Virtues, is attributed to a pupil of Nicola Pisano. On the southern walls is the ambon, sculpted by Fra Guglielmo da Pisa, but thought to have been a collaboration completed along with Arnolfo di Cambio. Executed in 1270, it was located in the Romanesque presbytery, moved to its present position in 1778; the high-relief sculptures, in Apuan marble are engraved with "Realizzato nel 1270," had a polychrome glass background, now lost.

At the steps of the columns are sculptures of lions. In the presbytery is a polyptych by Taddeo Gaddi depicting the Virgin with Child with the Saints James, John the Evangelist and John the Baptist. Over the main figures, inscribed within Gothic-style small arches and twisting columns, are other figures of saints; the frescoes in the choir are from 1307, with stories of the History of the Passion, attributed to the Master of 1310. The church houses a 13th-century crucifix. Ferrali, S.. "S. Giovanni Fuorcivitas". Il patrimonio artistico di Pistoia e del suo territorio: Catalogo storico descrittivo. Pistoia. Page at the comune of Pistoia website

The Amazing Joy Buzzards

The Amazing Joy Buzzards is a comic book series created by Mark Andrew Smith and Dan Hipp. The Amazing Joy Buzzards was first published in January 2005 by Image Comics; the Amazing Joy Buzzards ran as two limited series. The issues from both series were collected in two trade paperback volumes. June 2008 saw a "Director's Edition" reprint of the first two series of Amazing Joy Buzzards in a digest size trade paperback; the "Director's Edition" was translated in September 2009 into Italian by Renior Comics. The second volume to follow the Director's edition titled "Monster Love" was expected in 2008 but to date has not been released. In total there are three digest sized volumes planned with the final in the series titled "Strohm's Pit"; the Amazing Joy Buzzards are roll adventure band that battles evil in all forms. The groups consists of Biff Ashby, Gabe Carlyle, Stevo Vargas. Unbeknownst to the band, The Amazing Joy Buzzards are managed by Dalton Warner of the Creative International Artists Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency.

Mr. Warner uses the band's superstar status as a cover to get into places to which he would not have access. Dalton uses the band's knack for defeating supernatural evils to his advantage; the Amazing Joy Buzzards have the assistance of a Mexican Wrestling genie named El Campeon who assists people in their time of need. He can be summoned by a magic amulet and by shouting the words "Go El Campeon Go!". Biff Ashby is the lead singer of the Amazing Joy Buzzards, he has mysterious green eyes that an ego larger than the Colossus of Rhodes. Biff doesn't mind taking lumps for the lads, his stage presence only hints at his future importance to the world. Don't tell him that though, his head doesn't need to grow any larger. Stevo Vargas is the Amazing Joy Buzzards' bass player. Stevo is a champion racecar driver; the world moves around him at its own pace but Stevo moves to the beat of his own drum. It may be hard to understand what Stevo is saying, but just make sure you're standing on his side in a skirmish.

Some people suspect. Gabe Carlyle is the geek-sheik drummer of the band with the super sexy brains of the bunch, he may not have the smashing looks of Biff, or the agility of Stevo, but when it comes to solving a mystery he would be the one to encourage. Gabe's father was an archeologist that went missing while exploring a strange land many years ago and Gabe is still hopeful of finding him to this day. Gabe Carlyle carries an amulet. El Campeon is the loyal mystical Mexican wrestler guardian of the band. El Campeon is a Mexican Wrestling Genie who happens to be the guardian of rock and roll band The Amazing Joy Buzzards; the Amazing Joy Buzzards can summon El Campeon by using a magic amulet and yelling the magic words: "GO EL CAMPEON GO!". His first appearance is in the Amazing Joy Buzzards Vol. 1 #1 which appeared in January 2005. The Amazing Joy Buzzards first came across El Campeon during their adventures in Costa Rica in the story titled "The Devil's Zapatos" where he teams up with the drummer of the band Gabe Carlyle.

El Campeon's origin story was told in the single issue book "The Night of a Thousand Luchadores", printed in the Amazing Joy Buzzards Vol. 2 #5 and drawn by comic book artist Doug Holgate. Over time there have been a few incarnations of El Campeon and the current one is estimated to be the fourth. Little is known about El Campeon's larger purpose, he is known to help people in their time of need. He is sometimes known to take the form of a Fox. Over the years his costume has seen more than a few changes, he is afraid of midgets. El Campeon is brutal in battle, but distracted by edibles. El Campeon loves cereal and donuts, has been known to sleep for entire weeks at a time. El Campeon is summoned by the Amazing Joy Buzzards with the use of a magical amulet but as is evidenced in "The Amazing Joy Buzzards and the Christmas Troll" when Santa Clause uses a similar amulet we discover that there is more than one magical amulet that are capable of summoning him with the magic words. El Campeon's sworn enemy in the Amazing Joy Buzzards series is named El Chupa, a new addition to the Spider Syndicate and the leader of the Chupacabras controlling the monsters in the South and Central American Territories.

Professor Yu is the "M" of the Amazing Joy Buzzards. He is a world-renowned scientist who believes in the Amazing Joy Buzzards and has gotten them into and out of many situations with his inventions. Gabe is good friends with the Professor but has had more interest in the Professor's daughter Betty than in science as of late. Betty Yu is the daughter of Professor Yu with super sexy brains, a winning personality, is always up for an adventure. Since the Island of Maru excursion Gabe and Betty have become quite the pair. Dalton Warner is the handler of the Amazing Joy Buzzards, he works for Creative International Artists which uses the band's bigger-than-Elvis status to make the world a safer place. Dalton's signature items are a 1965 Shelby Cobra, a silencer, a pencil-thin mustache, his favorite drink is a Maker's Mark. Dalton discovered the band playing in Costa Rica at their Uncle Vargas' hotel. Murphy is a mysterious female agent. Despite Dalton's special CIA training he still can't hide