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People described the region as basically one of thick forests, interspersed with swidden settlements, lorded over by despotically powerful janmis.
The altar represented the same sacred gathering around a common centre as did the hearth in the first human settlements.
I would suggest extreme variation, especially in the hinterland settlements.
Small, kinship-based settlements were headed by a leader, called mbuyi or mtwa, who held secular as well as ritual authority.
What is impor tant is how these settlements were perceived by locals and the upheaval they brought to their lives.
They were designed as autonomous settlements capable of guaranteeing work, housing and services efficiently and cheaply, within a territory totally lacking any kind of urbanization.
While fields were enclosed, settlements were dispersed, farm organisation made geometric, the inside of tenant farmhouses were not rationalised or subdivided into individual spaces.
The opportunities to monopolize trade flows are influenced by the number of alternative routes that have to be controlled and the distribution of settlements.
In addition, membership in security-oriented organizations reduces the length of rivalry as such organizations provide instruments for the peaceful negotiation of settlements.
Neighbouring villages would typically share a common grazing area to prevent stock rustlers from attacking boys caring for livestock far from the settlements.
If refugees were free to live outside settlements, and were offered appropriate supportive assistance there, their capacity for developmental progress might be expected to increase.
In these areas it is quite common for disagreements between individuals from the two groups to degenerate into ethnic conflicts engulfing several settlements.
The courts later adopted a less restrictive concept of locality, recognising that settlements might embrace more than one parish.
The same cultural categories that legitimised the welfare settlements of the past are reflected in the heated welfare debates of today.
In fact, the cosmopolitan and patriarchal character of the new settlements increasingly challenged the more formal political constructions inherited from an ancient past.
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Collocations with settlement


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agricultural settlement
The residents of a remote agricultural settlement (' kibbutz '), aged 40 and over, were also included in the sample.
amicable settlement
For when neither party voluntarily comes to him for support, he will offer to mediate an amicable settlement.
ancient settlement
All of the wells cited in this paper are located near ancient settlement remains.
These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

Translations of settlement

in Chinese (Traditional)
同意, (結束爭端的)協定, 庭外和解…
in Chinese (Simplified)
同意, (结束争端的)协议, 庭外和解…
in Spanish
acuerdo, asentamiento, colonia…
in Portuguese
decisão, acordo, assentamento…
in more languages
in Japanese
in Turkish
in French
in Catalan
in Arabic
in Czech
in Danish
in Indonesian
in Thai
in Vietnamese
in Polish
in Malay
in German
in Norwegian
in Korean
in Ukrainian
in Italian
in Russian
合意, 調停, 解決…
sözleşme, antlaşma, yeni yerleşim bölgesi…
accord [masculine], colonie [feminine], accord…
acord, assentament, colònia…
تَسوِية, مُستَوطَنة…
dohoda, osada…
forlig, bosættelse, -bosættelse…
persetujuan, permukiman…
การตกลง, ชุมชนล็ก ๆ…
sự dàn xếp, khu định cư…
rozstrzygnięcie, osiedle, osada…
persetujuan, penempatan…
das Übereinkommen, die Siedlung…
forlik [neuter], avtale [masculine], løsning [masculine]…
합의, 정착…
угода, домовленість, поселення…
accordo, insediamento, colonia…
соглашение, поселение…
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