Pretty much for as long as there have been cars, we have been racing them, with the very first official car race dating back as early as 1895, with a handful of races held across France and the USA. Fast forward 125 years, and you will find that there’s a championship available to race or to compete in pretty much any type of car you can think of, as well as the ones that were designed and built with only racing in mind.

Gala Performance Motorsport races the tiny Citroen C1 alongside dozens more in the C1 Challenge, which is an endurance series designed to test the driver’s ability to maintain concentration, as well as the team’s ability to build a pit strategy to outfox their competitors. Sprint races of a set number of laps or minutes on track are designed for more rapid vehicles and drivers to pit themselves against others in a challenge of pure speed. Other races, such as those featured in the World Endurance Championship, are built for both speed and pitting strategy.

But it’s not just racing. Drifting was devised in Japan around the 1970s, and focuses on the driver’s ability to control the vehicle in insane tricks and skids on specially created circuits, and is growing massively in popularity in the UK, with the professional series The British Drift Championship as one of Gala Performance’s official partners, and very proud we are of that fact.

Time attacks, Hill Climbs, Rally Stages and Drag Racing are about who can get from A to B the fastest, without necessarily competing on the same track at the same time. It’s one person, their vehicle, and the destination.

One thing they generally all have in common, is cars, and cars require maintenance. They require somewhere to work on it, and the most cost-effective and popular means of doing it is beneath a professional tent, sometimes pop-up and sometimes heavy-duty posts and beams. Add to this a professional flooring, such as Swisstrax Ribtrax, which has non-slip and self-draining properties, plus the ability to design unique spaces from the seventeen colours, and you have a fully functional car garage that can be set up anywhere. Gala Performance sells everything you’ll need to create an amazing mobile workshop at any circuit or track you visit.

Simply take a look at some of our most popular products below, or download a brochure to find exactly what you need easily, and buy what you need. If you’re not sure what you need then why not give our team of experts a call on 01709 803457, or start a live chat via the link below, and we’ll be delighted to assist.

Popular Products used in Circuit Racing

3m x 6m Pro 50 Pop up Awning

For circuit racers, Gala Performance awnings are pit stop champions. They pop up fast, stay strong in any weather, and let you showcase your team with bold, custom branding. It's the portable shelter that wins on speed, durability, and style.

Also available in 3x3m | 3x4.5m | 4x6m | 4x8m

Modular Flooring

In the fast-paced world of motorsport, where every detail counts, Swisstrax Modular flooring takes pit stops to the next level. These interlocking tiles are crafted from high-impact polypropylene, making them resistant to spills, chemicals, and the heavy tools that come with tinkering on high-performance machines. But beyond durability, Swisstrax shines in its versatility. The open-grid design keeps the work area dry and debris-free, while the non-slip design ensures excellent traction, even when wet – crucial for maintaining safety in a grease-prone environment. And let's not forget the visual impact! With a wide range of colours to choose from, teams can personalise their paddock or garage, creating a professional and branded space that reflects their unique identity. So, if you're looking for a flooring solution that combines function, safety, and style, Swisstrax Modular flooring is sure to put your motorsport team ahead of the competition.

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