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Frederick V. Simmons

Adjunct Professor of Theology

Frederick V. Simmons
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13 Hodge Hall

Frederick V. Simmons is the John Templeton Foundation Research Scholar at Princeton Theological Seminary. He holds an MDiv from Yale Divinity School and a PhD from Yale University. He was previously the Houston Witherspoon Fellow in Theology and the Natural Sciences at the Center of Theological Inquiry and has taught at Yale Divinity School, Amherst College, La Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, and La Universidad Politécnica Salesiana. His research and teaching concern the natural sciences’ implications for Christian thought, the ethical and political significance of Christian theological commitments, and the Christian import of natural aesthetics.

Select Publications

  • “What Christian Environmental Ethics can Learn from Stewardship's Critics and Competitors.” Studies in Christian Ethics (June 2019).
  • “Christianity and Eudaimonia, Luck and Eudaimonism.” Journal of Religious Ethics 47.1 (March 2019).
  • “How Theological Is Political Theology? The Case of Twentieth Century American Protestantism.” Political Theology 19.8 (September 2018).

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