Frederick: Name Meaning, Popularity, and Similar Names

Gender: Male Meaning of Frederick: "peaceful ruler" Origin of Frederick: German Frederick's Popularity in 2019: #475

Frederick Origin and Meaning

The name Frederick is a boy's name of German origin meaning "peaceful ruler".

Frederick, and friendlier nickname Fred, seemed almost to have disappeared, leaving just the memory of Freds past such as Astaire, Mr. Rogers and Flintstone. But today's parents are beginning to recognize it as a strong classic and one of the top royal baby boy names.

Previously, Frederick had taken on a rather forbidding, foreign, military air, reminiscent of Frederick the Great, the enlightened king of Prussia who laid the foundations of the powerful Prussian empire.

For African-Americans, Frederick can be seen as a hero name, honoring Frederick Douglass, who rose from slavery to power as a political activist.

Frederick appears as a character in Shakespeare's As You Like It and the novels of, among others, Jane Austen and Henry James. The name is often streamlined to Frederic and even Fredric. And if you don't like Fred or Freddie (though we do), another nickname is Fritz.

Federico is the appealing Italian and Spanish form, as in renowned poet Federico Garcia Lorca.

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Frederick's International Variations

Friedel, Freidrich, Fritz, Fredi, Fritzchen (German) Frits, Freek, Frerik (Dutch) Fridrich, Bedrich (Czech) Fryderyk (Polish) Fritzi, Frides, Frigyes (Hungarian) Frederico (Portuguese) Frederik (Danish)


Theodora'sMommy Says:


Don’t forget Ted and Teddy

322jessica Says:


I have always been interested in names-the meanings, origins, sounds, spellings, what they evoke, etc.etc..and what a big impact you make when naming a child. With the trendiness of having a “cool” name, even a “cool” classic name–lately I am fond of more steady names like Fred. What about Freddie Mercury, Fred Rogers, Fred Armisen, Frederick Douglas?

JimMcMoore Says:


I have never thought of the nicknames Eddie or Rico for Frederick, now I like the name even more.

JimMcMoore Says:


This is one of my favorite names, and I loved it even more when I learned the meaning, but I also love the name Richard, which has the exact opposite meaning. Additionaly, if I one day had twins, Frederick and Franklin would be the cutest pair of names.

CelticRose4 Says:


Frederick is one of my favorite names. It's courageous, solid and noble. I really dislike the nickname Freddie, however, and think it would be fairly easy to use Teddy instead. (although when he's older, he might rather simply be called Frederick). Paired with a middle name like Kent or Conte, it has a distinctly medieval feel.

She's a Killer Queen Says:


I love this name so much!

Catastroffy Says:


I love this name!

Funnily enough, although I have loved having a very unusual name myself, I would name my children very classic names in a heartbeat: Frederick, Philip, Mary and Anne are some of my very favourites. I do love some other, more uncommon names as well, though.

Toronto87 Says:


Frederick is a favourite of mine. Just have to convince my SO!

IsolationHedge Says:


Frederick is a grand, strong name. I'm not a fan of the nickname Fred or Freddie, but Fritz is cool, or just use the name in it's full form.

Zelliew Says:


I like Rick

Catastroffy Says:


If you don't like the diminutives Fred and Freddie, there are other options; Red, Eddie, Derick, Fritzi, Rick and Rico, although none of them come as automatically as Fred and Freddie.

headintheclouds Says:


Frederick is one of my ultimate favorite boy's names. It sounds strong, handsome, dignified and elegant, and I like that it's a classic name that isn't way overused like James, William or Robert is. I think the nickname Fred is actually great, and Red would be a more unusual nickname that I'd use as well. Though I like the full name Frederick as it is too- I actually think it sounds lively and has a bright ring to it, though I can see how it can sound too heavy and formal to other people.

rgp19 Says:


I absolutely love the name Frederick. It's so timeless and classic. I could definitely see it becoming more popular in the next couple of years. My favorite nickname is Freddie.

Person Says:


Personally that's what I like about it! I don't like Latin ,or Romance, influence as crazy as that sounds which narrows down names allot. But Frederick is great example of a good old survivor of the Norman Invasion.

Essa Says:


I like Frederick, Freddie is ok, not a fan of Fred. I do like Fritz but I just don't think I'm pompous enough to get away with it!

JH Says:


I love Frederick. It's my second son's name. It's such a classic, strong name. Some people think it's an interesting choice, but I love it!

headintheclouds Says:


I love many boys' classics, and Frederick is right there among the top of my favorites! I'd use this as a middle name for a future son in a heartbeat.

Caroline Says:



Guest Says:


I don't typically go for classics but I'd absolutely use this strong name if I did!

Kryssy V Says:


Frederick is def a baby to adult name. I think its the perfect classic name, that's not too old but not very trendy. I agree that Freddy isn't the best nickname, but fritz is totally adorable.

Elvie23 Says:


I love the name Frederick, and I first I thought it sounded too heavy, especially since I don't like the nickname Fred. However, having discovered the nickname Fritz, this name is now one of my favorites.

NaughtyChimp Says:


Frederick sounds rather harsh and germanic to my ears but Fred is a solid, friendly, traditional name.