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PronunciationSpanish: [fɾanˈθisko] (Spain) or
[fɾanˈsisko] (Latin America)
Brazilian Portuguese: [fɾãˈsisku]
Portuguese pronunciation: [fɾãˈsiʃku]
Other gender
Meaning"Free Man",[1] Latin
Other names
Nickname(s)Paco, Pancho, Paquito, Patxi
Related namesFranciscus, Francis, Francesco, François, Françoise, Franciszek, Francesc, Ferenc, Frank, Franco, Franz, Frans, Franklin

Francisco is the Spanish and Portuguese form of the masculine given name Franciscus.


In Spanish, people with the name Francisco are sometimes nicknamed "Paco". San Francisco de Asís was known as Pater Comunitatis (father of the community) when he founded the Franciscan order, and "Paco" is a short form of Pater Comunitatis.[citation needed]

In areas of Spain where Basque is spoken, "Patxi" is the most common nickname; in the Catalan areas, "Cesc" (short for Francesc) is often used. In Spanish Latin America and in the Philippines, people with the name Francisco are frequently called "Pancho". "Kiko" is also used as a nickname, and "Chicho" is another possibility.

In Portuguese, people named Francisco are commonly nicknamed "Chico"[2] (shíco). This is also a less-common nickname for Francisco in Spanish.

People with the given name[edit]

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