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California is known for its moderate weather, beaches, and of course, Hollywood. Here you’ll also find a diverse culture with influences from Mexico, Asia, and even Colonial Spain. While Texas claims that everything’s bigger in their state, California also has some pretty big (and awesome) things that are worth noting. For one, California has the single most populous county in the United States—the largest non-state level government entity in the United States. That county is Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles County is one of the most urbanized and most diverse counties in Southern California. With 88 incorporated cities, there are so many things to do and sights to see in the county. However, for those who wish to get a glimpse of Hollywood, you’ll find that most of the major studios that make up what’s widely considered to be “Hollywood” is actually in San Fernando Valley.

San Fernando Valley is where you can find studios like Warner Brothers, NBC, Disney, Universal, and so much more. It’s one of the largest regions in Los Angeles. Aside from major studios, San Fernando Valley also has an assortment of 5-star hotels, cultural attractions, a bustling art scene, and some of the best trans escorts. As for the weather, it’s also quite pleasant in the valley. This is possibly why plenty of well-to-do Californians have moved to the valley, thus driving up housing prices. However, like with any major city, there are also areas in the valley (particularly in the northeastern side) where the neighborhoods are much less affluent.

Like the rest of California, San Fernando Valley also has a thriving LGBT scene where you can find a sexy trans escort to keep you company. The LGBT community of the valley is steeped in history and full of fun, friendly people. However, unlike other popular gayborhoods in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley’s LGBT scene is much less crowded, more unique, and has a lot less traffic. As for what to do in the valley, the major studios in the area prove to be popular tourist spots. You can book a tour at your favorite studio and even become part of the live audience if you’re lucky. For something less Hollywood-y, one place you should check out is the San Fernando Farmer’s Market. It’s full of kitschy crafts, artisanal food and drinks, and organic goods. This market will show you the artsy side of San Fernando Valley without having you go into a museum.

San Fernando Valley’s nightlife also comes alive thanks to its many residents. Bars like C-Frenz, The Other Door, and Tonga Hut are just a few options. Whether you want to chill with a drink or dance all night with a shemale escort, San Fernando Valley is the place for you.