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This is a list of Baroque palaces and residences built in the late 17th and 18th centuries. Baroque architecture is a building style of the Baroque era, begun in late 16th-century Italy and spread in Europe. The style took the Roman vocabulary of Renaissance architecture and used it in a new rhetorical and theatrical fashion, often to express the triumph of the Catholic Church and the absolutist state in defiance of the Reformation.

Baroque architecture often includes fragmentary or deliberately incomplete architectural elements, opulent use of colour and ornaments and an external façade often characterized by a dramatic central projection. Many European palaces drew inspiration from the Palace of Versailles started in 1682, which had previously been inspired by the Buen Retiro Palace, making it one of the most imitated buildings of the 17th century.[1]

This list includes important city residences, such as the Stockholm Palace and Winter Palace, but does not extend to pre-Versailles Roman palazzi, such as Palazzo Altieri, Palazzo Barberini, or Palazzo Ludovisi.

Country Image Name Location First owner
 Austria Wien Schloss Schoenbrunn Rueckansicht 2.jpg Schönbrunn Palace Vienna Empress Maria Theresa
 Austria Belvedere Vienna June 2006 009.jpg Belvedere Palace Vienna Eugene of Savoy
 Austria Blauer Hof Laxenburg 39-Blauer Hof Laxenburg 47.jpg Schloss Laxenburg Laxenburg Empress Maria Theresa
 Austria Palais Schwarzenberg.jpg Palais Schwarzenberg Vienna Adam Franz von Schwarzenberg
 Austria HalbturnCastleAustria.JPG Schloss Halbturn Féltorony (then Kingdom of Hungary) now Halbturn Harrach family
 Austria Eisenstadt Schloss Esterhazy 16082003 01.jpg Schloss Esterházy Kismarton (then Kingdom of Hungary) now Eisenstadt Pál Esterházy
 Austria Schlosseggenbergluftaufnahme.jpg Schloss Eggenberg Graz Hans Ulrich von Eggenberg
 Austria Trautenfels.jpg Schloss Trautenfels Pürgg-Trautenfels Siegmund Friedrich von Trauttmansdorff
 Austria Wien - Palais Auersperg (2).jpg Palais Auersperg Vienna Hieronymus Capece de Rofrano
 Belarus Swiack 1933.jpg Świack Palace Świack Józef Wołłowicz
 Belarus Niasvizh Castle p1.jpg Nesvizh Castle Nesvish (Nieśwież) Radziwiłł family
 Belarus Horadnia, Novy zamak. Горадня, Новы замак (1780-83).jpg New Hrodna Castle
Hrodna Augustus III of Poland
 Belarus PalaceOfRadzivilHarodnia.jpg Radziwiłł Palace (Grodno)
Hrodna Michał Kazimierz "Rybeńko" Radziwiłł
 Belarus Ździecieł, Ździeciełka, Radzivił. Зьдзецел, Зьдзецелка, Радзівіл (N. Orda, 1861-77).jpg Zdzięcioł Palace
(in ruine)
Zdzięcioł Mikołaj Faustyn Radziwiłł
 Belgium Paleis van Karel van Lorreinen 28-12-2007 11-40-06.jpg Palace of Charles of Lorraine Brussels Prince Charles Alexander of Lorraine
 Croatia Vukovar Dvorac Eltz SK.jpg Eltz Manor Vukovar Eltz
 Czech Republic Zámek Slavkov u Brna - nádvoří 2.jpg Austerlitz Palace Slavkov u Brna Wenzel Anton von Kaunitz
 Czech Republic Valtice castle.jpg Feldsberg Residence Valtice Karl Eusebius von Liechtenstein
 Czech Republic Zámek Mnichovo Hradiště (00).jpg Münchengrätz Residence Mnichovo Hradiště Ernst Josef von Waldstein
 Czech Republic Nové hrady12.jpg Neuschloss Residence Nové Hrady Jean-Antoine Harbouval de Chamaré
 Czech Republic Jaromerice nR castle3.jpg Jarmeritz Palace Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou Johann Adam von Questenberg
 Czech Republic P8211027.JPG Troja Palace Prague Wenzel Adalbert von Sternberg
 Czech Republic Prague Villa Amerika.JPG Villa Amerika Prague Vaclav Michna
 Czech Republic Hradchany namnesti (Praha).jpg Archbishops' Palace Prague Archbishops of Prague
 Czech Republic Kromeriz, Marktpl, Schl.jpg Kroměříž Palace Kroměříž Karl von Liechtenstein-Kastelkorn
 Czech Republic Prague Palace Kinsky PC.jpg Kinský Palace Prague Johann Ernst von der Goltz
 Czech Republic Praha hradcany 01.JPG Palais Thun-Hohenstein Prague Michael Oswald Thun
 Denmark Bregentved - east wing.jpg Bregentved Faxe Municipality Count Adam Gottlob Moltke
 Denmark Charlottenlund Slot Feb06.jpg Charlottenlund Palace Charlottenlund Princess Charlotte Amalie of Denmark
 Denmark Schloss Fredensborg.jpg Fredensborg Palace Fredensborg Frederick IV of Denmark
 Denmark Frederiksberg Have 2006.jpg Frederiksberg Palace Frederiksberg Frederick IV of Denmark
 Denmark Schloss Ledreborg 2.JPG Ledreborg Lejre Johan Ludvig Holstein-Ledreborg
 Denmark The Hermitage Palace.jpg Eremitage Palace Dyrehaven Christian VI of Denmark
 Denmark Hirschholm.jpg Hirschholm Palace
Hørsholm Christian VI of Denmark
 Denmark Copenhagen amalienborg seen from opera house.jpg Amalienborg Palace Copenhagen Count Adam Gottlob Moltke
 Estonia Kadrioru Kunstimuuseum.jpg Catherinethal Palace Tallinn Peter I of Russia
 France Château de Maisons-Laffitte 02.JPG Château de Maisons Maisons-Laffitte, Yvelines René de Longueil
 France 0 Maincy - Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte (2).JPG Vaux-le-Vicomte Maincy, Seine-et-Marne Nicolas Fouquet
 France Chateau Rohan Saverne 01.jpg Château de Saverne Saverne Archbishops of Strasbourg
 France Versailles-Chateau-Jardins.jpg Palace of Versailles Versailles, Yvelines Louis XIV of France
 France Right wing of Grand Trianon 003.jpg Grand Trianon Versailles Louis XIV
 France Detail of the Château de Saint-Cloud, 1675 (painting by Etienne Allegrain).jpg Château de Saint-Cloud
(destroyed) (plans to be rebuilt)
Saint-Cloud, Hauts-de-Seine Philippe I, Duke of Orléans
 France Pierre-Denis Martin - View of the Château of Marly - WGA14151.jpg Château de Marly
Marly-le-Roi, Yvelines Louis XIV
 France Meudon panoramique chateau 1723 pierre denis martin.JPG Château de Meudon
Meudon, Hauts-de-Seine Le Grand Dauphin
 France Chateau Champs sur Marne.jpg Château de Champs-sur-Marne Champs-sur-Marne, Seine-et-Marne Charles Renouard de La Touanne
 France Château de Dampierre en 2013 16.jpg Château de Dampierre Dampierre-en-Yvelines Charles Honoré d'Albert, duc de Luynes
 France Chateau de Breteuil, de face.jpg Château de Breteuil Choisel Le Tonnelier de Breteuil
 France Épinay-Champlâtreux (95), château de Champlâtreux, façade principale ouest.jpg Château de Champlâtreux Épinay-Champlâtreux Mathieu-François Molé
 France ChateauDeValencayEst.jpg Château de Valençay Valençay Charles Legendre de Villemorien
 France Le Palais des Rohans.jpg Palais Rohan Strasbourg Armand Gaston Maximilien de Rohan
 France Hotel-Soubise-rue-des-Franc.jpg Hôtel de Soubise Paris François de Rohan-Soubise
 France Nancy Lanterne Palais ducal.JPG Ducal Palace of Nancy
Nancy Stanislas Leszczyński
 France Lunéville - château 20131007-05.JPG Château de Lunéville Lunéville Leopold of Lorraine
 France ChateauStanislasCommercyCropped.jpg Château de Commercy Commercy Charles Henri de Lorraine
 France Chateau de Haroue 003.jpg Château d'Haroué Haroué Marc de Beauvau
 Germany Muenster Schloss 4256.jpg Münster Residence Münster Maximilian Franz von Österreich
 Germany Poppelsdorfer Schloss.jpg Poppelsdorf Palace Bonn Joseph Clemens, Archbishop-Elector of Cologne
 Germany Nordkirchen-Hauptgebaeude-von-Venusinsel-DSC 5912.jpg Schloss Nordkirchen Nordkirchen Prince-bishops of Munster
 Germany FSSA Anholt 021.jpg Anholt Castle
Isselburg Princes of Salm-Salm
 Germany Gottorf, Portal und Wachhäuser.JPG Gottorf Castle
Schleswig Frederick IV, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp
 Germany Universität Bonn.jpg Electoral Palace of Bonn Bonn Archbishop of Cologne
 Germany Pommersfelden BW 2011-07-27 17-05-16.jpg Schloss Weißenstein Pommersfelden Archbishop of Mainz
(Lothar Franz von Schönborn)
 Germany Universitaet Mannheim Schloss Ehrenhof.jpg Mannheim Palace Mannheim Charles III Philip, Elector Palatine
 Germany Trier Kurfuerstliches Palais BW 1.JPG Electoral Palace of Trier Trier Archbishop of Trier
 Germany SchlossAugustusburgNordwestansichtOrig2.jpg Augustusburg and Falkenlust Brühl Archbishop of Cologne
(Clemens August of Bavaria)
 Germany Schloss Benrath Jan2012.jpg Schloss Benrath Düsseldorf Charles Theodore, Elector Palatine
 Germany Schloss Bothmer - main building3.jpg Bothmer Castle Klütz Hans Caspar von Bothmer
 Germany Rastatter Schloss vom Schlosspark.jpg Schloss Rastatt Rastatt Louis of Baden
 Germany Ludwigsburger Schloss.jpg Ludwigsburg Palace Ludwigsburg Eberhard Louis of Württemberg
 Germany Schloss-Karlsruhe-pp1.jpg Karlsruhe Palace Karlsruhe Charles III William, Margrave of Baden-Durlach
 Germany NewCastleStuttgartWinter.jpg Stuttgart Residence
Stuttgart Charles Eugene of Württemberg
 Germany Altshausen Schloss Torgebaeude 2005 b.jpg Schloss Altshausen Altshausen Teutonic Order
 Germany Schloß Favorite.JPG Schloss Favorite Rastatt Sibylle Auguste of Saxe-Lauenburg
 Germany Schloss favorite park blick.jpg Schloss Favorite Ludwigsburg Eberhard Louis of Württemberg
 Germany Blick aus Studio Akademie Schloss Solitude.jpg Castle Solitude Stuttgart Charles Eugene of Württemberg
 Germany Residenz Wuerzburg Vorderan.jpg Würzburg Residence Würzburg Johann Philipp Franz von Schönborn
 Germany Schloss Werneck.JPG Werneck Residence Werneck Friedrich Karl von Schönborn
 Germany Schloss Veitshöchheim, 13.jpg Veitshöchheim Residence Veitshöchheim Peter Philipp von Dernbach
 Germany Bamberg Neue Residenz.jpg New Residence, Bamberg Bamberg Lothar Franz von Schönborn
 Germany Bruchsal (23).jpg Bruchsal Palace Bruchsal Damian Hugo Philipp von Schönborn
 Germany Erlangen Schlossplatz.JPG Schloss Erlangen Erlangen George William, Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth
 Germany Neues schloß bayreuth.JPG New Palace, Bayreuth Bayreuth Frederick, Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth
 Germany Deutschordensresidenz Ellingen 2.jpg Ellingen Palace Ellingen Teutonic Order
 Germany Dachauer Schloss - Panorama.jpg Dachau Palace Dachau House of Wittelsbach
 Germany Neues Schloss Schleißheim Ostfassade.jpg Schleissheim Palace Oberschleißheim Maximilian II Emanuel
 Germany Schloss Lustheim Gartenseite-2.jpg Lustheim Palace Oberschleißheim Maximilian II Emanuel
 Germany Schloss Nymphenburg München.jpg Nymphenburg Palace Munich House of Wittelsbach
 Germany Nymphenburg Amalienburg-1.jpg Amalienburg Munich Maria Amalia, Holy Roman Empress
 Germany Muc Fuerstenried.jpg Fürstenried Palace Munich Maximilian II Emanuel
 Germany Schloss Charlottenburg Berlin 2007.jpg Charlottenburg Palace Charlottenburg, Berlin Frederick I of Prussia
 Germany Potsdam Sanssouci 07-2017 img4.jpg New Palace Potsdam Frederick II of Prussia
 Germany Potsdam Sanssouci Palace.jpg Sanssouci Potsdam Frederick II of Prussia
 Germany Humboldt Forum-9148.jpg Berlin Palace
Berlin Frederick I of Prussia
 Germany Potsdam Stadtschloss 07-2017.jpg Stadtschloss, Potsdam
Potsdam Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg
 Germany Schloss Monbijou mit der Sophienkirche im Hintergrund (Degen).jpg Monbijou Palace
Berlin Sophia Dorothea of Hanover
 Germany Schloß Meseberg.jpg Schloss Meseberg Gransee Hermann von Wartensleben
 Germany DD-Schloss-gp.jpg Dresden Castle
Dresden Augustus II the Strong
 Germany 20071007050DR Dresden-Innere Neustadt Japanisches Palais.jpg Japanese Palace
Dresden Augustus II the Strong
 Germany Großer Garten14.jpg Sommerpalais in Great Garden
Dresden John George III
 Germany Moritzburg Castle 001.JPG Moritzburg Castle Moritzburg Augustus II the Strong
 Germany Hubertusburg.JPG Hubertusburg Wermsdorf Augustus II the Strong
 Germany Nischwitz Schloss 02.jpg Nischwitz Palace Thallwitz, Saxony Heinrich von Brühl
 Germany Castle Rammenau Germany 100.JPG Rammenau Castle Rammenau, Saxony Ernst Ferdinand von Knoch
 Germany Palais Moszczyńska Kupferstich von C.G.Nestler um 1777.jpg Moszinska Palace
Dresden Augustus II the Strong
 Germany Dresden-Zwinger.courtyard.04.JPG Zwinger
Dresden Augustus II the Strong
 Germany Schloss Oranienbaum2.JPG Schloss Oranienbaum Oranienbaum, Germany Henriette Catherine of Nassau
 Germany Pillnitz-Wasseransicht.jpg Pillnitz Castle Pillnitz Augustus II the Strong
 Germany Moritzburg-Fassanenschloss.jpg Fasanenschlösslein Moritzburg Frederick Augustus I of Saxony
 Germany Belvedere weimar1.jpg Schloss Belvedere Weimar Ernest August of Saxe-Weimar
 Germany Schloss Wilhelmsthal - Wilhelmsthal.JPG Schloss Wilhelmsthal Calden William VIII of Hesse-Kassel
 Hungary West elevation of the Royal Palace, c 1770.jpg Buda- Royal Palace Budapest Maria Theresa, queen of Hungary
 Hungary Godollocivertanlegifoto1.jpg Gödöllő Palace Gödöllő Antal I. Grassalkovich
 Hungary Kalocsa, Szentháromság-oszlop 2020 01.jpg Archiepiscopal Palace Kalocsa Ádám Patachich
 Hungary Savoyai mansion, gate, 2018 Ráckeve.jpg Savoy Mansion Ráckeve Prince Eugene of Savoy
 Hungary Fertőd-_(3) Eszterháza Fertőd Prince Nikolaus Esterházy "the Magnificent"
 Hungary Esterházy-kastély mansion Pápa Castle 01.jpg Esterházy Mansion Pápa Ferenc Esterházy
 Hungary Veszprém 2016, Püspöki palota és a Nagypréposti ház.jpg Episcopal Palace Veszprém Ignác Koller
 Hungary L’Huillier–Coburg-kastély légi felvételen.jpg L'Huillier-Coburg Palace Edelény Ferenc János L'Huillier
 Hungary Gyülevizy-Pejacsevich-kastély2.JPG Zsira Palace Zsira Antal Rimanóczy
 Hungary Szombathely episcopal palace 01.jpg Episcopal Palace Szombathely János Szily
 Italy Exterior of the Palazzina di caccia of Stupinigi.jpg Palazzina di Stupinigi Stupinigi Victor Amadeus II of Sardinia
 Italy Palazzo Reale.JPG Royal Palace of Turin
Turin Victor Amadeus II
 Italy Palazzo Carignano - back.jpg Palazzo Carignano Turin Emmanuel-Philibert of Savoy-Carignan
 Italy Valentino castle.jpg Castello del Valentino Turin Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy
 Italy 2950VenariaRealeReggia.jpg Palace of Venaria Venaria Reale Charles Emmanuel II of Savoy
 Italy PalazzoMadamaNotte.jpg Palazzo Madama, Turin
Turin Marie Jeanne Baptiste de Savoie-Nemours
 Italy Baroque ducal palace modena.jpg Ducal Palace of Modena Modena Francesco I d'Este, Duke of Modena
 Italy Palazzo colorno.JPG Ducal Palace of Colorno Colorno Francesco Farnese, Duke of Parma
 Italy Varese Palazzo Estense.jpg Palazzo Estense Varese Francesco III d'Este
 Italy Città di Stra - Villa Pisani - Facciata 45.407738,12.013244.jpg Villa Stra Stra Alvise Pisani
 Italy Palazzo Reale - Genova.jpg Palazzo Stefano Balbi Genoa Balbi family
 Italy NapoliPalazzoReale.jpg Royal Palace of Naples
Naples Charles VII of Naples
 Italy Capodimonte palacio 07.jpg Palace of Capodimonte Naples Charles VII
 Italy Reggia di Portici1.jpg Palace of Portici Portici Charles VII
 Italy Palazzo ducale (Sassuolo) - Modena 03.JPG Ducal Palace of Sassuolo Sassuolo House of Este
 Italy Palazzo Belloni Battagia facciata sul Canal Grande.jpg Palazzo Belloni Battagia Venice Belloni family
 Italy Caserta2008Mauro021.jpg Palace of Caserta
(the largest building in 18th-century Europe)
Caserta Charles VII
 Latvia Biron Rezidenz.jpg Jelgava Palace Jelgava Ernst Johann von Biron
 Latvia Rundale-palace.jpg Rundāle Palace Pilsrundāle Ernst Johann von Biron
 Malta Hostel de Verdelin.jpeg Hostel de Verdelin Valletta Jean-Jacques de Verdelin
 Malta Natural History Museum Mdina (6810109710).jpg Palazzo Vilhena Mdina António Manoel de Vilhena
 Malta Malta - Santa Venera - Triq il-Kbira San Guzepp + Casa Leoni 01 ies.jpg Casa Leoni Santa Venera António Manoel de Vilhena
 Malta Villa Bologna East Facade - 08-9-2014.jpg Villa Bologna Attard Count Nicholas Perdicomati Bologna
 Malta Malta - Mellieha - Triq Selmun - Selmun Palace 03 ies.jpg Selmun Palace Mellieħa Monte della Redenzione degli Schiavi
 Mexico MuseoSCPDF.JPG Antiguo Palacio del Arzobispado Mexico City Juan de Zumárraga
 Mexico Casa de Azulejos 3.jpg Casa de los Azulejos Mexico City Luis de Vivero e Ircio
 Mexico Palacio de los Condes de San Mateo de Valparaíso.jpg Palacio de los condes de San Mateo de Valparaíso Mexico City Miguel de Berrio y Zaldívar Guerrero y Torres
 Mexico FacadeIturbideDF.JPG Palacio de los marqueses del Jaral de Berrio Mexico City Fernando de la Campa y Cos
 Mexico GuerreroMayorazgoDF.JPG Casas del Mayorazgo de Guerrero Mexico City Juan Guerrero de Luna
 Mexico 00309 Casa de los condes del valle de orizaba.jpg Casa de los Mascarones Mexico City José Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, Peredo y Vivero
 Mexico Casa dela marquesa.jpg Casa de la marquesa de la Villa del Villar del Águila Querétaro Paula Dávila Moctezuma y Fernández del Corral
 Mexico Palacio de Zambrano.jpg Palacio de Zambrano Durango Juan José Zambrano
 Mexico Casa del Mayorazgo del Canal. Feb. 2011.JPG Casa del Mayorazgo de la Canal San Miguel de Allende Manuel de la Canal y Bueno de Baeza
 Mexico Museo Casa d Allende (2).JPG Casa de Allende San Miguel de Allende omingo Narciso de Allende y Ayerdi
 Netherlands HetLoo3.JPG Het Loo Palace Apeldoorn William and Mary
 Poland Warsaw 07-13 img08 Old town (2).jpg Royal Castle
(rebuilt after destruction)
Warsaw Augustus III of Poland
 Poland Warszawa-pod Blachą.jpg Copper-Roof Palace
(rebuilt after destruction)
Warsaw Jerzy Dominik Lubomirski
 Poland Wilanów Palace.jpg Wilanów Palace Wilanów, Warsaw John III Sobieski
 Poland Warszawa, Pałac Branickich - (340483).jpg Branicki Palace
(rebuilt after destruction)
Warsaw Jan Klemens Branicki
 Poland Krasiński Palace in Warsaw (by Pudelek).JPG Krasiński Palace
(rebuilt after destruction)
Warsaw Jan Dobrogost Krasiński
 Poland VARSOVIA. Palacio Gninskich Ostrogski. Museo Federico Chopin.JPG Ostrogski Palace
(rebuilt after destruction)
Warsaw Jan Gniński
 Poland Pałac Biskupow Krakowskich 2014-03-30.jpg Cracow Bishops Palace
(rebuilt after destruction)
Warsaw Kajetan Sołtyk
 Poland Ksiaz- zamek.jpg Książ Castle Książ Conrad Ernest Maximilian von Hochberg
 Poland Łańcut Castle Front.jpg Łańcut Castle
Łańcut Stanisław Lubomirski
 Poland Palacio de Oliwa, Gdansk, Polonia, 2013-05-21, DD 02.jpg Abbot Palace Oliwa Jacek Rybiński
 Poland Pałac w Kurozwękach 3300.JPG Lanckoroński Palace Kurozwęki Stanisław Lanckoroński
 Poland Rogalin. Pałac od strony parku.JPG Rogalin Palace Rogalin Kazimierz Raczyński
 Poland Palac Branickich z ogrodami.jpg Branicki Palace
(rebuilt after destruction)
Białystok Jan Klemens Branicki
 Poland Palac otwock wielki.jpg Bieliński Palace Otwock Wielki Kazimierz Ludwik Bieliński
 Poland Ciążeń - pałac biskupów poznańskich 03.jpg Poznań Bishops Palace Ciążeń Teodor Kazimierz Czartoryski
 Poland Pałac w Nieborowie, widok od ogrodu.jpg Radziwiłł Palace Nieborów Michał Stefan Radziejowski
 Poland Dziedziniec pałacu Potockich.jpg Potocki Palace Radzyń Podlaski Eustachy Potocki
 Poland Ostromecko palac Mostowskich 9 10-2013.jpg Mostowski Old Palace Ostromecko Paweł Michał Mostowski
 Poland Pałac Branickich , Muzeum Okręgowe w zespole pałacowym Branickich Choroszcz Mariag.jpg Branicki Summer Palace Choroszcz Jan Klemens Branicki
 Poland Pałac barokowy w Chróstniku - marzec 2015.JPG Chróstnik Palace Chróstnik Georg Karl von Haugwitz
 Poland Pałac Zamoyskich w Kozłówce 3.jpg Zamoyski Palace Kozłówka Michał Bieliński
 Poland Zespół Pałacowy w wolborzu.jpg Wolbórz Palace Wolbórz Antoni Kazimierz Ostrowski
 Poland SM Goszcz Pałac (1) ID 596470.jpg Goszcz Palace (ruined) Goszcz Heinrich Leopold von Reichenbach
 Poland Pałac Królewski od ul. K. Wielkiego foto BMaliszewska.jpg Wrocław Palace Wrocław Heinrich Gottfried von Spätgen
 Poland Rydzyna5 Apr05.jpg Rydzyna Castle Rydzyna Aleksander Józef Sułkowski
 Poland Radmeritz Stift Joachimstein-02.jpg Radomierzyce Palace Radomierzyce Joachim Sigismund von Ziegler und Klipphausen
 Poland Piotrkowice, pałac.jpg Piotrkowice Palace Piotrkowice von Maltzan
 Poland 100808 Warmątowice018.jpg Palace in Warmątowice Warmątowice
 Poland Chocianów pałac.JPG Palace in Chocianów Chocianów Melchior Gottlob von Reden
 Poland Lubartów, pałac Sanguszków (od strony ogrodu).jpg Sanguszko Palace Lubartów Paweł Karol Sanguszko
 Poland PL, Rząśnik, pałac DSC 0099.JPG Rząśnik Palace (ruined) Rząśnik Johann Bernard Holzhausen
 Poland Pałac w Szczekocinach 6h4d5.JPG Dembiński Palace Szczekociny Franciszek Dembiński and Urszula Morsztyn
 Poland Palac Bruhla rococo.jpg Sandomierski Palace
(destroyed) (plans to be rebuilt)
Warsaw Jerzy Ossoliński
 Poland OgrodSaskiStary.jpg Saxon Palace
(remodeled in 1842)
(plans to be rebuilt in classicist style)
Warsaw Augustus II the Strong
 Poland Schloss Finckenstein (Westen).jpg Finckenstein Palace
(ruined in 1945)
Kamieniec Albrecht Finck von Finckenstein
 Portugal Palácio da Presidência.jpg Belém National Palace Lisbon, Estremadura King João V of Portugal
 Portugal Palácio Foz Lisboa img 8411.jpg Foz Palace Lisbon, Estremadura José of Castelo Melhor
 Portugal Palácio do Freixo - Fachada.jpg Freixo Palace Porto, Douro Litoral Jerónimo de Távora e Noronha
 Portugal Mafra (27595630149) (cropped).jpg Mafra National Palace Mafra, Estremadura King João V of Portugal
 Portugal MateusPalace1.jpg Mateus Palace Vila Real, Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro António José Botelho Mourão
 Portugal Palácio das Necessidades 1997.JPG Necessidades Royal Palace Lisbon, Estremadura King João V of Portugal
 Portugal Porto (3) - Mar 2010.jpg Porto Episcopal Palace Porto, Douro Litoral João Rafael de Mendonça
 Portugal Raio Palace.JPG Raio Palace Braga, Minho João Duarte de Faria
 Portugal Queluz Palace fountains.JPG Queluz National Palace Queluz, Estremadura King Peter III of Portugal
 Romania Erzherzog Karl besucht Oradea, 13.10.1916 (BildID 15548858).jpg Episcopal Palace Nagyvárad (then Kingdom of Hungary now Oradea) Ádám Patachich
 Romania Bánffy Palace in Kluj-Napoca.PNG Bánffy Palace Kolozsvár (then Kingdom of Hungary now Cluj-Napoca) György Bánffy
 Romania Muzeul Brukenthal Sibiu.jpg Brukenthal Palace Nagyszeben (then Kingdom of Hungary now Sibiu) Samuel von Brukenthal
 Russia St.Petersburg Peterhof fountains.jpg Peterhof Palace Peterhof Peter I of Russia
 Russia CatherinePalaceSouthSide.jpg Catherine Palace Pushkin Empress Elisabeth
 Russia Grand Menshikov Palace west.jpg Oranienbaum Palace Lomonosov Alexander Menshikov
 Russia Spb 06-2012 Beloselsky Palace.jpg Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace Saint Petersburg Prince Mikhail Andreevitch Belosselsky
 Russia Constantine Palace in Strelna.jpg Strelna Palace Strelna Peter I of Russia
 Russia Spb 06-2012 Vorontsov Palace.jpg Vorontsov Palace Saint Petersburg Mikhail Illarionovich Vorontsov
 Russia Summer Palace of Peter I.jpg Summer Palace of Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Peter I of Russia
 Russia Kikin palace SPB 2.jpg Kikin Palace Saint Petersburg Alexander Kikin
 Russia Italianskaya Street 25.jpg Shuvalov Mansion Saint Petersburg Ivan Shuvalov
 Russia Chinese palace Oranienbaum.jpg Chinese Palace in Oranienbaum Lomonosov Catherine II of Russia
 Russia Tsaritsino from helicopter-1.jpg Catherine Palace Moscow Catherine II of Russia
 Russia Spb 06-2012 Palace Embankment various 14.jpg Winter Palace Saint Petersburg Empress Elisabeth
 Russia Summer Palace St Petersburg.jpeg Summer Palace
Saint Petersburg Empress Elisabeth
 Russia Spb 06-2012 University Embankment 07.jpg Menshikov Palace Saint Petersburg Alexander Menshikov
 Russia Stroganovsky Palace SPB 01.jpg Stroganov Palace Saint Petersburg Stroganov family
 Russia Spb 06-2012 Sheremetev Palace at Fontanka.jpg Sheremetev Palace Saint Petersburg Pyotr Sheremetev
 Slovakia Palacio primacial, Bratislava, Eslovaquia, 2020-02-01, DD 30.jpg Primate's Palace Pozsony (then Kingdom of Hungary) now Bratislava Archbishops of Esztergom
 Slovakia Bratislava Letný arcibiskupský palác.JPG Summer Archbishop's Palace Pozsony (then Kingdom of Hungary) now Bratislava Archbishops of Esztergom
 Slovakia Bratislava-grassalkovičov palác.jpg Grassalkovich Palace Pozsony (then Kingdom of Hungary) now Bratislava Antal Grassalkovich
 Slovenia Dornava Mansion 195.JPG Dornava Mansion Dornava near Ptuj Dizma Attems
 Spain España - Madrid - Campo del Moro - Entrada.JPG Royal Palace of Madrid Madrid Charles III of Spain
 Spain Aranjuez Palacio De Noche.jpg Royal Palace of Aranjuez Aranjuez Philip II of Spain
 Spain La Granja Palacio.jpg Palace of La Granja San Ildefonso Philip V of Spain
 Spain Riofrio fachada.jpg Royal Palace of Riofrío Riofrío, Segovia Isabella Farnese
 Spain Palacio Real de El Pardo - 01.jpg Royal Palace of El Pardo Madrid Charles III of Spain (renovation)
 Spain Salón de Reinos (Madrid) 12.jpg Buen Retiro Palace Madrid Philip IV of Spain
 Spain Casita del Príncipe 1.jpg Casita del Príncipe (El Escorial) El Escorial Charles IV of Spain
 Spain Palacio del infante don Luis, Boadilla 02.jpg Palace of Infante don Luis Boadilla del Monte, Madrid Luis of Spain, Count of Chinchón
 Spain Palacio de Liria (Madrid) 02.jpg Liria Palace Madrid James Fitz-James Stuart, 3rd Duke of Berwick
 Spain El capricho.jpg Palace of the Dukes of Osuna Madrid María Josefa Pimentel, Duchess of Osuna
 Spain Palacio de Goyeneche - Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando.jpg Palace of Goyeneche, Madrid Madrid Juan de Goyeneche
 Spain Dosaigues vista.jpg Palace of the Marquis of Dos Aguas Valencia Giner Rabassa de Perellós y Lanuza
 Spain Monumento Sevilla.jpg Archbishop's Palace, Seville Seville Bishop of Seville
 Sweden Bjärka Säby 2.jpg Bjärka-Säby Castle Östergötland Germund Louis Cederhielm
 Sweden Drottningholm castle viewed from east 2005-08-14.jpg Drottningholm Palace Drottningholm Queen Hedvig Eleonora
 Sweden Skokloster fasad 2013b.jpg Skokloster Castle Håbo Carl Gustaf Wrangel
 Sweden Kungliga slottet 19 juni 2010.jpg Stockholm Palace Stockholm Frederick of Sweden
 Sweden Strömsholms slott0.jpg Strömsholm Palace Strömsholm Queen Hedvig Eleonora
 Ukraine 2005-08-10 Kiev Mariinsky Palace 123.JPG Mariinskyi Palace Kyiv Empress Elisabeth
 Ukraine Wiśniowiec Elewacja tylna.JPG Wiśniowiecki Palace Vyshnivets Michał Serwacy Wiśniowiecki
 Ukraine Олика1.jpg Olyka Castle Olyka Michał Kazimierz "Rybeńko" Radziwiłł
 Ukraine Zamek w Korcu.JPG Czartoryski Castle
(in ruin)
Korets Stanisław Kostka Czartoryski
 Ukraine Podhorce - Zamek 01A.jpg Pidhirtsi Castle Pidhirtsi Stanisław Koniecpolski
 Ukraine Opole lubelskie pałac barokowy.jpg Lubomirski Palace


Rivne Stanisław Lubomirski
 Ukraine Заслав.Палац Санґушків від парку.png Sanguszko Palace

(in ruin)

Iziaslav (Zasław) Barbara Sanguszkowa
 Ukraine Палац Бродівського замку 1.jpg Potocki Palace Brody Stanisław Potocki
 Ukraine Збаразький замок 29.07.2008 - 531.jpg Zbaraż Castle Zbaraż Krzysztof Zbaraski, Jerzy Zbaraski
 Ukraine Палаты униатского митрополита Львов.jpg Metropolitan Palace Lviv Franciszek Kulczycki
 Ukraine Золочівський замок, фото 2.JPG Złoczów Castle Zolochiv Marek Sobieski
 Ukraine Złoczów - Zamek 01.JPG Chinese Palace Zolochiv John III Sobieski
 United Kingdom Hampton-Court-B.jpg Hampton Court Palace
(additions by Sir Christopher Wren)
Richmond upon Thames William and Mary
 United Kingdom Kensington Palace-0770.JPG Kensington Palace London William and Mary
 United Kingdom Blenheim Palace cropped.jpg Blenheim Palace Woodstock, Oxfordshire John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough
 United Kingdom England1 144.jpg Castle Howard North Yorkshire Charles Howard, 3rd Earl of Carlisle
 United Kingdom Cannons middlesex.jpg Cannons (destroyed) London Borough of Harrow James Brydges, 1st Duke of Chandos
 United Kingdom Chatsworth House 032.jpg Chatsworth House Chatsworth, Derbyshire William Cavendish, 1st Duke of Devonshire
 United Kingdom Althorp House, Northamptonshire - - 908595.jpg Althorp Northamptonshire Robert Spencer, 2nd Earl of Sunderland
 United Kingdom Seaton Delaval Hall 02 (crop).jpg Seaton Delaval Hall Northumberland John Delaval, 1st Baron Delaval
 United Kingdom Appuldurcombe House 02.jpg Appuldurcombe House Isle of Wight Sir Robert Worsley, 3rd Baronet
 United Kingdom Dyrham Park house 2.jpg Dyrham Park South Gloucestershire William Blathwayt
 United Kingdom Petworth House from the west.jpg Petworth House West Sussex Charles Seymour, 6th Duke of Somerset


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