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Cultivating the Next Generation
of Storytellers

We give students the knowledge and skills to become tomorrow’s artists, leaders and scholars. 

Who We Are

At the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television we are committed to being a world-renowned interdisciplinary professional hub, dedicated to cultivating exceptional humanistic storytellers, trailblazing industry leaders, and insightful scholars. Rooted in our rich heritage as a top-tier entertainment and performing arts institution, we champion diverse and innovative voices that have the power to enlighten, captivate, and usher in transformative change for a brighter future. By seamlessly blending the study and creation of live performance, film, television, and the digital arts through our groundbreaking curriculum, we offer not just education, but experiences. We take pride in our doctoral pursuits in theater, performance studies, cinema, and media studies. Our mission is to inspire, engage, and challenge the next generation of entertainment and academic leaders to create a more inspired and inclusive world.

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Film, Television & Digital Media

The Department of Film, Television and Digital Media provides professional and scholarly approaches to the study of media and helps students discover their powers as independent artists and communicators.


Our students become well-rounded artists and researchers by immersing themselves in their chosen areas as well as exploring the other creative disciplines that are available.

Theater Season –
Upcoming Performances

Bruin Fringe Fest

A festival of short student-generated pieces directed by and featuring undergraduate students from UCLA Department of Theater. This workshop setting is modeled after fringe festivals around the world that celebrate new and innovative art.


Weeks 5-7

Macgowan 1330

The Time of Your Life

In 1939 this play was a meditation on class and race according to the legible markers of that time period. Doing this play in 2023 would require a careful examination of what those markers are at this time. Seeking an ensemble of actors with heightened language skills who are interested in exploring identity issues of America utilizing the language and setting of 1939 through the lens of today.


November 16 – 21, 2023

Little Theater

Project II: The Guadalupes


February 8 – 10 @ 7 pm

Macgowan 1330

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