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End Of WatchMovie Review

End Of Watch is a 2012 Action/Crime film directed by David Ayer starring Jake Gyllenhall, Michael Peña, Anna Kendrick and a few others. The story centers around two LAPD partners, as they patrol a dangerous neighbourhood in Los Angeles and in the process, they get involved with a vicious Mexican cartel.

Many people claim that this is one of the most realistic cop movie ever made and I agree. This film was dark, brutal and sad. It didn’t feel like a huge action blockbuster or like an over the top Hollywoodized flick. It just felt real and simple(in a good way). There were hardly any clichés. Although the plot was pretty straightforward and to the point, It was very likeable. There were many tensed, disturbing moments and many funny, entertaining moments. The performances were all fine. Gyllenhall and Peña had great chemistry together and were easily the best part of the movie. They didn’t feel like some characters. They felt like genuine police officers and actual friends. The ending was done very well and was a bit emotional as well. The pacing was also great.

I do have a few nitpicks however. The supporting characters weren’t developed as well as the leading ones. That is, I never cared for any of them. I couldn’t connect with the romance between Gyllenhall and Kendrick as well. During one of the gun shootouts in the third act, no one got hurt, which was very hard to believe. Also, in a few scenes, the camera was very shaky. I understood the reason why the camera generally shaked in the film. But I would have really appreciated if they didn’t shake as much as they did, during some of the action sequences. Nevertheless, I had a good time watching End of Watch. It may not be exceptional or completely exciting but still, it was pretty enjoyable and gives you an authentic look into the life of a cop. you’re looking for a movie that’s fun and not complicated, you should check this out.

Rating: 7/10

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