Emma of Blois

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Emma of Blois
Bornc. 950
Died27 December 1003
Noble familyHouse of Blois
Spouse(s)William IV, Duke of Aquitaine
FatherTheobald I, Count of Blois
MotherLuitgarde of Vermandois

Emma of Blois (c. 950–27 December 1003) was Duchess consort of Aquitaine by marriage to William IV, Duke of Aquitaine. She ruled Aquitaine as regent for her son, William V, Duke of Aquitaine, from 996 until 1004.


She was the daughter of Theobald I, Count of Blois and Luitgarde of Vermandois.[1] In 968, she married William IV, Duke of Aquitaine.[2] His overindulging in hunting and women offended her greatly. Around 990, he retired to a monastery. During the course of her marriage, she founded the monastery of Saint Peter in Bourgueil[3] and the abbey of Maillezais.[4] Emma then ruled Aquitaine as regent for their son William V.

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