The untold truth about Queen Elizabeth’s husband

When he turned 50 years old, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, gave up his favorite sport polo, according to the Daily Mail. So, he helped created a new sport. “I was looking round to see what next, I didn’t know what there was available,” the Duke reportedly said. “And I suddenly thought, well, we’ve got horses and carriages so why don’t I have a go.” The sport he helped make — carriage driving — features two-wheeled or four-wheeled carriages pulled by horses — single, tandem, or four-in-hand — according to the Daily Mail, and involves time trials, the dance-like sport of dressage, and an obstacle course.

The Duke threw himself into carriage driving with enthusiasm, having a group of equestrian experts come up with international rules for the sport. Philip even ended up competing on the national team for England in multiple European and World Championships, going to the Netherlands, Poland, and Hungary. “Oh it was great fun,” Queen Elizabeth’s husband said.

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