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Elisabeth of Kalisz

She was born on January 01, 1263 (died on September 28, 1304, she was 41 years old) . Her nickname was Elisabeth of Greater Poland.


Elisabeth of Kalisz was the eldest child of Boleslaw the Pious and his wife Saint Jolenta of Poland. Her younger sister was Jadwiga of Greater Poland. read more

Her Parents

Yolanda of Poland
Yolanda of Poland
Bolesław the Pious
Bolesław the Pious

Her mother is Yolanda of Poland and her father is Bolesław the Pious. Her mother was Hungarian princess Her mother died at the age of 63 (Elisabeth was 35 years old). When Elisabeth born she was 28 years old. and Bolesław the Pious was 38 years old when Elisabeth born. Her father was a Duke of Greater Poland (1257-1279).


Elisabeth of Kalisz had 1 sibling. Hedwig (3 years younger)


She had four children, Euphemia (72) , Bolesław (60) , Henry (41) and Władysław (55) . When her first child, Euphemia Of Silesia-Liegnitz, was born, Elisabeth of Kalisz was 12 years old.

Is Elisabeth of Kalisz still alive?

No, she died on 09/28/1304, 715 years ago. She was 41 years old when she died. She died in Wrocław

What was Elisabeth's zodiac sign?

Elisabeth of Kalisz zodiac sign was capricorn.

Elisabeth of Kalisz's Sibling