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This is a sorted list of notable persons who have had ties to the American University in Washington, D.C.

Notable alumni[edit]

This is a list of notable alumni of AU. Some particularly notable individuals are also listed in the main University article. Individuals are sorted by category and alphabetized within each category. The degree, school and year of graduation is noted when available.

Government, politics, society, royalty[edit]

Foreign heads of state, deputy heads of state, and ministers[edit]

Ambassadors, diplomats, foreign ministers[edit]

United States Senators and Representatives[edit]

United States government, military[edit]

US state, local governments[edit]

Business and economy[edit]

Sports, entertainment and media[edit]

Reporters and journalists[edit]

Cinema, television, radio[edit]



Arts, sciences, academia and literature[edit]


Notable professors and staff[edit]

This is a list of notable AU professors and staff, past and present, listed in alphabetical order.

Politicians and public servants[edit]

Nobel laureates[edit]

Fulbright Scholars[edit]

Guggenheim Fellows[edit]

Pulitzer Prize recipients[edit]


Past speakers[edit]

This is a list of AU honorary doctorate degree recipients (commencement speakers) and other notable speakers, sorted by category and alphabetically.

Nobel laureates[edit]

United States presidents[edit]

International figures[edit]

National figures[edit]



Performing artists[edit]

Visual artists[edit]

Chancellors/Presidents of American University[edit]

This is a listing of the Chancellors and presidents of American University, listed together with dates of life and service, as well as concurring notable AU events.

President Tenure Notable Events During Tenure
1. Bishop John Fletcher Hurst 1890–1902 Ground broken to establish American University
2. Bishop Charles Cardwell McCabe 1902–1906
3. Franklin E. Hamilton 1907–1916 First class admitted
4. Bishop John W. Hamilton 1916–1922 Campus turned into Camp Leach and Camp American University
5. Lucius C. Clark 1922–1933 First undergraduates graduate
6. Joseph M. M. Gray 1933–1941 AU becomes one of the first schools in a racially segregated city to admit African American students
7. Paul Douglass 1941–1952 Title changed to "President", Washington College of Law merges into AU
8. Hurst Robins Anderson 1952–1968 Kogod School of Business and School of International Service open
9. George H. Williams 1968–1976 Downtown location closed
10. Joseph J. Sisco 1976–1980 Bender Library opens and School of Communication established
11. Richard E. Berendzen 1980–1990 Major campus construction, resigned in disgrace, treated, rehired, Professor Emeritus in Physics Department
12. Joseph Duffey 1991–1994
13. Benjamin Ladner 1994–2005 Launches major capital campaign, resigned in disgrace
14. Neil Kerwin 2005–2017 Acting President during Ladner investigation. Announced as 14th President of American University on July 20, 2007, for the term beginning September 1, 2007
15. Sylvia Burwell 2017–present


Notable trustees of American University, past and present:


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