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Rated among the most affordable Bible Colleges in America.

According to Institutional Research & Evaluation Inc., the national average cost of attending college is $42,549. The average cost of attending SLCC for a full-time, resident student with a 2.5 GPA is $13,960, saving you $28,589.

“Coming to St. Louis Christian College has been a huge blessing in my life. I am an international student from Brazil. I came to SLCC because I wanted to learn more about Christ and fulfill the plans that God has in my life. My journey as a Christian has grown and I have developed a closer relationship with God. Everyone at SLCC has been so welcoming and I count it a privilege to be here.”

-Eduardo Silva

“One of the biggest benefits of attending SLCC—and one of the things I love most about teaching here—is the opportunity to connect with students on a highly personal level. Our small class sizes, family groups, and student mentoring are ways we can impact students’ lives in a way you can’t experience at a huge university. Relationships are the key to leadership and ministry. We are honored to be such a key part of students’ lives, especially when making job referrals and connections.”

-Kent Sanders
Professor of Communication Arts

“17 years ago, I left SLCC to start a family and start the process of healing from my past. 2020, the year of the global pandemic ,was the year God called me back to SLCC to finish my Worship Arts degree. God has been working in my life from day one! I’m looking forward to continuing where I left off. This time, following His lead completely.”

-Becky Ray