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ANTICABLESLevel 2 "Performance Series"newANTICABLES Level 2 "Performance Series" 12 foot Bi-Wire Biwire setPrice listed for a 12 foot Bi-Wire stereo pair of Level 2 Performance Series ANTICABLES Speaker wires with solid copper spade terminations. Built from two stereo sets of the 7 time Award Winning AN...308.00

ANTICABLES Level 2 "Performance Series" 12 foot Bi-Wire Biwire set

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Price listed for a 12 foot Bi-Wire stereo pair of Level 2 Performance Series ANTICABLES Speaker wires with solid copper spade terminations.

Built from two stereo sets of the 7 time Award Winning ANTICABLES speaker wires, but with two wires joined into each spade at the amplifier ends. Then all four wires are woven together to create this Bi-Wire set.

Additional Features Listed HERE

ANTICABLES have been awarded Mono & Stereo’s Best Buy Award and The Absolute Sound’s Editors Choice Award five years in a row which means they are considered to be "the best of the best". This is quite amazing, considering they cost 1/100 as much as others on the list.

...and the best awards of all:

Mono & Stereo 2015 Best Buy Award

The Absolute Sound’s Top Audio Products 2010 and 2011 (issue 197 & 207)

The Absolute Sound’s Top Audio Products for 2011 lists the ANTICABLES along with only 9 other speaker cables which are priced as amazing as $24,900.

Printed below is the original TAS review:

Paul Speltz’s “anticable” speaker cables are a godsend to those of us who want good sound but are repulsed by the astronomically high prices some cable manufacturers are asking for their goods. I know cable manufacturers need to make a living, and I have no problem with that, but there’s a limit to what I can conceive of spending on a hunk of wire. (And yes, I know how essential that hunk of wire can be to the sonic integrity of one’s system, but when all is said and done, it’s still a hunk of wire.) Thus the name “anticables.” This stuff goes against everything most high-end speaker cables are typical known for—like ridiculously high prices, haute couture designer jackets, and compromised sonics.

At this point, I’ve only had a few weeks to audition them, so it’s possible that extended listening could reveal a shortcoming or two. But so far, I have to say I’m blown away by the neutrality and lack of coloration I’m hearing and by the absence of any apparent downside. The high frequencies are open and clear with no tizziness; the midrange has exceptional clarity, transparency, and detail; and the bass is extended, with remarkable articulation. Miraculously, the cost is only $80 for an 8 foot pair with spades.

If you visit Paul Speltz’s anticables Web site you can read the story behind these cables along with technical info and testimonials up the ying-yang. In a nutshell, the anticables are constructed of 12-gauge solid-core copper wire with a very thin red coating or dielectric. According to Speltz, it’s the minimal dielectric that accounts for the amazing clarity and virtual lack of sonic signature. These cables are a bit stiff, but still easy to work with. They do require shaping to keep off the carpeting and away from other components and cables, but I’d say the bending and shaping, at most, might take an extra few minutes per cable. SK

Additional Reviews shown HERE

Try them 30 days risk free. If you decide they don’t sound more like real music and less like speaker cables then what you are using, call us for return authorization for a full refund. Details HERE.


  • US Priority = $8 
  • Canada = $22 
  • International = $29


The best way to predict what the ANTICABLES Speaker Wires will sound like in your system, is to read what other customers have experienced...


No. 1) No Sonic Signature:

“I realized when trying to describe what the AntiCables “sound like”, that they virtually have no sonic signature. They are allowing me to hear the good qualities of the other components in the system, more so than any speaker cables that have been tried.”

Gary Fettig, OR

No. 2) Soundly Defeats Audience AU24:

“I have had your AntiCables active in my system for over a month, and the result have been truly astonishing.”

“The clarity that I thought was excellent, is now stunning. The bass is as well articulated as I’ve heard in my system. This added clarity and articulation did not bring any undesirable partners to the affair, such as brightness and bloat. Everyone in this hobby believes they have spent their money wisely to construct their system, but this takes value to a completely new dimension. Value itself is wonderful, but when this “value” soundly defeats two products that cost $1000 (Audience AU24), and $750 (AP Solo Crystal Oval) convincingly in my system, the ultimate value has indeed been achieved. Thank you.”

Chris Bucki, WI

No. 3) A Replacement Rock For Her Finger:

“I am passing your cables around to all my audiophile friends, (or at least we think we’re audiophiles) and one by one they are calling me and crying the blues. One of the funniest things I’ve heard is from the wife of a good friend. She said, “I can’t believe he talked me into paying more for his Nordost cables than he did my wedding ring”. He is now going to sell the Nordost and buy your cables, along with a replacement rock for her finger. I’ve got about 8 more people to show the cables to. I think you will hear from these guys, and who knows how many of their friends will get hooked. Thanks,

Kirt Smith, CA

No. 4) No Hyperbole! Just SET Satisfaction:

“I thought the endorsements for your AntiCables contained a certain amount of hyperbole, but the idea behind them intrigued my audio inclinations. I am an audiophile on a tight budget and cannot afford speaker cables priced as much as my monthly household expenses. I am not eloquent with words that describe music, but I will tell anyone who asks, that your AntiCables have improved every aspect of my humble system. The sound is bigger, fuller, more accurate, and more satisfying than ever before in my home. Single ended, high efficiency speakers, a penchant for analog music reproduction demands accurate components and the AntiCables fulfill that in full. Thanks for a remarkable audio component.”

Fred H. Smith, GA

No. 5) Broken Discovery Cables:

“I just want to tell you that after 5 minutes of listening, the sound has opened up, strings are pluckier, sound is clearer, and the music played louder and in short an astounding improvement in the sound. The sound is great and your wire really makes a difference. My Discovery Cables now sound broken.”

Ken Lester, NY

No. 6) Disbelief in Sweden:

“For the first time ever I listen to Music! In doing so I’m not forced to analyze the system, looking for faults to dismiss, or HI-FI parameters other than Transparency! I having a hard time to accept your anticables, at a 5% cost of my Stealth Ultra-ribbon silver cables, they are outperforming them totally!! Because NOW I really HEAR all effects caused by a single change, be it an interconnect, a tube or whatever. THAN”Z…………PAUL!!”

Poul Glenstrup, Sweden

No. 7) Missing in Action:

“It sounds like there aren’t any speaker cables in my system at all! Everything is “just there” in all the right places! The bass is nice and tight and well extended, and the midrange is nice and open and warm sounding, and the treble extremes (Cymbals) are all there!!! The new Chris Botti Jazz CD my wife recently bought me, never sounded so good.”

“Now, I can hear deep into the soundstage. It’s as if he is standing right there in the room and playing with his band just for me. I know that is an overused phrase, but it’s true, that is what it sounds like.”

“Actually, I like the nice red color of your cables, and like the fact that they are suspended in mid air, so to speak, off the floor.”

Robert Matthews, VA

No. 8) Problem Solved:

“Hooked them up and did 2 hours listening. Couldn’t believe it – the problem I have been seeking to resolve (smear during very loud complex orchestral passages) has been corrected!!!!”

Greg Russell, CA

No. 9) Laughing Out Loud:

“These cables will be in my system forever or until you come up with something better. I have something to prove to some friends, and then they will be hooked. The speakers simply just disappear. Vocals come right up the middle along with the drummer in scary 3D.”

“I started laughing when the speakers started to play. This was a major component missing in my system and I did not know it. It brought the performance up 50%.”

Paul Canady, NV

No. 10) I’ll Sell my Soul:

“I am absolutely amazed. I got the AntiCables today. Brand new, out of the box, they outperform my Kimber 8tc’s, MIT Terminator 2′s, Audioquest Slates, and Audioquest Bedrocks by so far, it is almost an immeasurable difference. Who did you have to sell your soul to, in order to come up with this so simple, but perfect design. I can’t wait to listen to the improvements (if possible) as they break in. This is the most remarkable, yet affordable change I have ever made to my system. No matter what I change in the future, your AntiCables will be first and foremost, the key to the ultimate performance.”

“I must admit I had my doubts, but I am now ready to sell my soul, for more of your products. Thank you very much for your devotion to the best reproduction of music possible. A customer for life.”

Kirt Smith, CA

No. 11) Freaked out in Montreal:

“I have had a strong aversion all my life for gadgets, esoteric gimmicks and especially those audiofool tweaks. My middle name is “skepticism”. I decided to give your anticables a try, not because they are ridiculously cheap but because the reviews they received indicated the kind of sound – or lack of sound- I was looking for. $120 for a pair bi-wire was worth the try.”

“Your cables are the 9th pair in my system in the last year. You can call that “audiophilia nervosa” if you want, but I have not been able to find the right mix of tight bass, clean midrange and extended yet smooth highs yet. And my last pair of cables are $950 for 3 feet biwired, so money has never really been the issue.”

“I will spare you all the details that you probably already know about transient, speed, clarity and so. Let me just tell you that 3 years ago, I had my most satisfying listening session at a dealer ever (about a $100,000 system). Tonight, my $8,000 system came very very close, as close as it has ever been: tight yet blooming bass, details that I had never heard before, 3rd, maybe 4th dimension in sound, hand-clapping that freaked me out, exceptional layering and depth that gave me the impression that my room was 2-3 times bigger and above all, a truly open window with extended highs that just keep rising and rising until they disappear far away.”

“Is this what neutral is? I have no clue, defining neutrality is like normality: it depends where you come from. Is this an unconditional endorsement of your Anticable? no, that would be pretentious, I am no expert. Is this an unconditional endorsement of your cables for my system in my room with my ears” you bet!!!! I am just wondering what I have been listening to all these years, pretty scary.”

“Your cables won’t be reviewed by any major mags, or you may be responsible for putting thousands on unemployment in the cable industry. I cannot wait to resell my $800-a meter cable….well done to say the least. If you need a partner in Canada, let me know, I am in.”

Pol Rotre, Montreal Canada

No. 12) Kicking Cardas in Vermont:

“I received the 12″ AntiCable jumpers a few days ago, and I must admit, they better my Cardas jumpers in everyway. Better separation, quieter background, cleaner sound without being bright, and they are not even broken in yet!! I still need 2 more sets, one of which I will order in the next few days. Thanks Paul, talk to you soon!”



“Now I have a complete set of your cables and it has dramatically changed the sound for the better, especially in focus and dynamics, and they are not even broken in yet. In the near future, I will purchase another set to use in a biwire configuration. Thank you for your excellent product and customer service!”

Mark Maturo, VT

No. 13) Smokin’:

“I have had your Anticables in for about 10 days now and man, do they deliver. Since replacing my 12 gauge custom made “garden hose” sized cables there has been massive improvement in sound staging, everything is much more alive, warm and dynamic. (I will keep the name of my old cables confidential due to the fact that they are made by a fellow AudioGon Brother). Suffice it to say that I paid a much loftier price for my former cables and your AntiCables absolutely SMOKE them. There is no comparison, Paul you have a breakthrough product on your hands and it has been, and will continue to be, my pleasure to sing their praises to whomever will listen.”

“Thank you for a great product at such a great price,”

Bill Benedict, WI

No. 14) Smiles from Hong Kong:

“Thanks for ANTICABLE, the performance is superior than most brand cables, such as Kimber, VDH and Kimber Select; it is more natural, more 3D and less coloration. My friend is deeply impressed by your cable; best regards.”

Philip Leung, Hong Kong

No. 15) Positive Feedback from Canada:

“Got the cables today… While connecting your AntiCables to my Sim Audio gear, I must admit, I was not expecting a change from the cables already in my system. I had just finished listening to Jesse Cook with my original cables. Then I replaced the cabling with your AntiCables. The result… Clean, Clear, Live Sound that definitely was not heard in my system before, period.”

“I was ready to spend $700 dollars on a pair of speaker cable… I just do not feel the need anymore. Thank you Paul, your less is more approach works for me.”

“PS: I might be bi-wiring soon. I will let you know.”

Carlo Rosica, Canada

No. 16) Big Results in the Big Apple:

“I decided that it would make sense to give Paul’s AntiCables a try. What the heck, they’re cheap, I ordered a set and – HOLY *$#&!!! I had no idea what a dramatic difference these cables would make. Soundstage opened WAY up this time; highs not only stayed smooth, but EXTENDED and stayed smooth. Now I actually hear the steel strings against the fret board of an acoustic guitar. The presentation is completely effortless. Response is super-quick, drums have more slam, acoustic bass is more realistic. These cables are incredible – and a 7′ set cost me all of $70!!! The most amazing part is, this is after only 30 minutes of listening. I can’t imagine what my system will sound like once these babies have a little burn-in time.”

“Thank you Paul, for dramatically improving my audio system. Your products will be recommended by me to anyone who asks my opinion on this stuff.”

Chris Ziemer, New York City

No. 17) Performs Wonders in the Windy City:

“Thanks for the prompt shipment. In a word, these cables are fantastic. They have really opened up my system. Sometime soon, I’ll be posting a review of my system in AudioCircle and AudioAsylum. I’ll be sure to provide a top recommendation for your cables as the resulting synergy is excellent. Best, Nick”

Nicholas Zafran, Chicago IL

No. 18) Happy in Hawaii:

“I got the AntiCables today. first few minutes, and already I can hear more dimensionality and clarity than my present ZuCable’s “Julian” speaker cables. Mahalo! (thanks)”

Dennis Yanos, Hawaii

No. 19) Minnesota Refinement:

“The anticables have been a very nice addition. They have definitely helped refine the sound and brought the soundstage into tighter focus. Thanks,”

Steve Rehnberg, MN

No. 20) Bravo from Italy:

“I am an Italian customer that have just installed your anticables, I sent you a mail to say you something and that the cables sound good. After some hours of listening that comment seems to me too cold, they sound beautifully (And are very cheaper than some pretentious brands).” “Bravo!”

Claudio Gallo, Italy

No. 21) An Affordable Experiment:

“There’s no way a bi-wired set of your two-foot long copper wires were going to better my much pricier 18 inch AudioQuest Midnight/Argent biwire set. But, heck, I can afford a $40 experiment. My Dunlavy IV’s have never sounded so good. Better in every way. Quieter, better lows, which really surprised me, more depth–you name it.”

Rod Riese, MN

No. 22) Pleased in Pennsylvania:

“You have a great product here!. Clear, transparent, with smooth highs and excellent bass! The sound is natural, with many layers, as I’ve never heard before. Regards,”

Jose Cigno, PA

No. 23) A Dublin Delight:

“The search is over!!! Thank you Paul for these exquisite cables!!!”

“After only one day of listening I was simply astounded at the change that ANTICABLEs brought to my system… I won’t even try to go into detail of the improvement, because, quite likely, I wouldn’t stop for hours. It just seems that all the aural beauty and goodness was released out of my speakers.”

“My brand new PS Audio BiWire XStream Statements are already auctioned on Ebay, they will easily go for £400 – £500 in Europe. I ordered Statements just before coming across ANTICABLEs, they arrived with delay (unlike ANTICABLEs) and they were back in their original box ready to be auctioned just 1 hour after they originally left it, needless to say – unlike ANTICABLEs… You can expect a good few orders from my audiophile friends too, ANTICABLEs are the product not to be missed in these days of cable witchcraft. All the best from Ireland. Sincerely,”

Marin Fulgosi, Ireland

-and more-

“Hi Paul, I would like to make another order – 7′ and 5′ sets with spades.”

“Once again – thank you for the most significant improvement on my system… Sincerely,”

Marin Fulgosi, Dublin Ireland

No. 24) Michigan’s Dragon Slayer:

“I can’t get over the difference between your AntiCables vs. the Audioquest Dragon 2 speaker cable. With the Dragons the whole system sounded slow and bloated like an old prize fighter. Now it sounds crisp, detailed but not bright. Even my son could hear the difference.”

“I could actually turn down the gain with your AntiCables in the circuit. My system just seemed to play louder or maybe it was just as clear at a lower volume.”

“When I went back to using the Audioquest Dragon 2, that retail for $3000, a bit of air around the voices and instruments has disappeared. The soundstage is not quite as deep. I am also getting some annoying “overtones” of sound which wasn’t there with the AntiCables. I now can hear the Dragon has a lot of sibilance distortion, which is not pleasing to the ear. With the AntiCables, the bass seems to be tighter and everything seemed to be perfect.”

Tom Kearney, MI

Tom has now sold his AQ Dragon 2 cables to a buyer in Japan for $850. Good going Tom!

No. 25) Sounds More Like Music:

“I replaced my Harmonic Technology 9 AWG Bi-wire Single Crystal Copper Speaker Cable. Quite frankly, the difference with your AntiCables was considerable, in particular with reproduction of space and sound stage. I was never aware of the speaker cable’s characteristic influence until the AntiCable removed it. This may sound “weird” but now it sounds more like music. I always heard detail with soundstage but nothing like this. I just hope this can encourage other listeners who may think this a tweak and consider your AntiCables equally important when considering and buying high end components. Thank You”

Nicholas Palmese, AR

No. 26) Multi-Thousand Dollar cables, now for sale on AudioGon:

“Just got the cables, can’t believe my ears. Without “broken in” they sounded awesome. Very nature as it described. Now I need to put my muti-thousands spker cables for sale at the ‘goner(LOL).”

“Great to deal business with you, and will continue to recommend them to my customers.”

Steve Chang
Chang Audio Network, CO

No. 27) Very Good Product, Very Good Price, Great Service:

“I just wanted to let you know that I received the “ANTI-”cables yesterday! Wow, that was fast and your e-mail service was great too!”

“After a couple hours of listening yesterday evening, I came away thoroughly impressed with the changes that occurred with my system by using your speaker cables. These cables are everything that I read about on your website! Congratulations on a very good product at a very good price.”

“And thanks for the great service!”

Tom Ingram, Canada

No. 28) High W.A.F. in Canada:

“Thanks for the great service!”

“I received the cables and Wow! I have a huge collection of speaker cables and interconnects, my wife thinks I’m crazy, but I’m glad I kept searching because these cables sound better than anything I have ever heard in my system. It finally sounds how I expected it to sound all along.”

“The really telling sign was when my wife walked into the listening room just after I installed the AntiCables and said “What did you do? It sound so much better” she has never really commented on any change before. I did several A-B-A-B swaps and she could tell every time when I had taken the anticables out of the system.”

Grant Berreth, Canada

No. 29) Sound Basis in Canada:

“Thanks for your prompt shipping of the interconnects and cables. I received them this morning and I must confess that not much other than listening got accomplished today. As for the speaker cables, I can only compare them to my previous cables (which were several times the price) and there is no question that the new cables are far superior. I recently changed my electronics. As delighted as I was with the results there was still an edginess and occasionally glare in the upper mid-range at relatively high volume which, in the end, I ascribed to solid state electronic or perhaps to my Thiel speakers… Not anymore!”

“You have received some very enthusiastic praise for your cables from many peoples and I can now see for myself that there is a sound basis for it. If you factor in the price, then there is no doubt in my mind that one would be very hard pressed to find better value for money. And if I were to sum-up my overall impression of my system at this time I would simply say that “anticables” and “anti-IC’s” in not much of a stretch – if is one at all!

Gille Mongeau, Canada

No. 30) Clearly Noticeable in Israel:

“I got my 3′ cables and put them in my system instead of very good and dear (1000$) 5′ run of VdH The Revelation. Ok, tonal balance didn’t change but all was just cleaner and less smeared. Difference wasn’t huge but clearly noticeable. Not bad for 30$! The Revelations are for sale now. Thanks for excellent product.”

Michael “mmhifi”, Israel

No. 31) £5000 Privilege in England:

“Thank you. The cables arrived safely. I have always been a skeptic concerning cables, wondering how much was hype & how much genuine. Certainly upgrading cables & interconnects before may have led to a subtle difference but no more than that. As you are aware I am also very skeptical about bargains. However I think your cable has changed my views- in my system which new would cost £20,000 they replaced far more expensive cables with a “night & day” difference. Indeed if I received such an improvement from replacing another component & had to pay £5000 for the privilege I would consider it money well spent.”

“Unfortunately I have no contacts in the hifi industry & although I shall write to the magazines I doubt they will publish it, probably thinking it was from a contact of yours trying to get you free advertising. I wish you all the best.”

Stefan Herber, United Kingdom

No. 32) Shining Colors in Poland:

“I have my new Speakers so I can tell You somethink about Anti:-) Sound is GREAT!!! Very smooth, clean, clear, deep bass, Live Sound with shining colors !! 

Pawel, Poland

No. 33) In Awe in England:

“I am using your Anti-Cables in my system and I have to say I am totally in awe of these coated speaker cables. I have never been a fan of solid core cables irrespective of the arguments against stranded but when I read all the good reports I just had to try it.”

“Congratulations on a wonderful (and cheap) product. Regards”

John Clark, United Kingdom

No. 34) Right on the Money:

“Great cables!!!! All the talk on the Planar Asylum is right on the money; They replaced my PSAudio Statements.

Thanks Paul.”

Ken Tuuri, B.C Canada

No. 35) No “Cents” to Buy Any Other Cables:

“Yes, I am stunned. I hate audio bargains. The only one I ever liked was the cheap Grado cartridge but that is just an entry level item. HOWEVER, these cables sound like good Audioquests for almost free. They do not sound warm or bright but rather they make every voice and instrument sound more real and feel more “there”. I am sure it makes no sense -or cents- to buy any other speaker cable. Thanks Paul.”

Terry Phipps, San Diego CA

No. 36) “Anti’s” Replace Audience AU24s and Cardas Golden References:

“I wanted to drop you a note re: the excellence of your cables. I bought a couple of 10′ speaker cables (for bi-wiring) and a couple of 1.5M ICs. Now I know why you call these “anti” cables… They do not add or detract anything from the music signal flowing through the system. Any sonic changes in tweaking upstream components are easily discernable. They are fast, natural sounding, extended, detailed w/o brightness, and dynamic.”

“These anti-cables have replaced my entire sets of the highly rated Audience AU24s and Cardas Golden References. They will probably replace my Purist Audio Venustas as well, even if the PADs were better (which they may not be), due to the massive price differential ($400 vs. PADs $3,500 bought, $6k+ retail). Wow! Thanks, and keep up the great work!”

Mark Rodziewicz, MN

No. 37) Better Sound:

“With your anticables, the sound is better than my other cables that I was using. Thanks.”

Warren Kishimoto, Hawaii

No. 38) Barrier Removed, Nuances are Wonderful:

“I suspected that I would not be disappointed if I ordered your Anti-Cables, even though my system currently utilizes 9 ft cables costing 7 times more.”

“The difference upon installation was much more pronounced than I had expected. As one of your testimonials alluded, it’s as if a barrier had been removed and I no longer have to strain to hear the nuances. The balance is natural and even across the frequency spectrum. I never thought it was possible but I am hearing things in much listened to CD’s that are new! Whatever the effects of typical cables are, I now know what the lack of them sound like. It is a wonderful thing!”

Tim Moore, FL

No. 39) Open and Transparent:

“Got em Fri. Very open and transparent with great bass.”

Mark Senior, OH

No. 40) Totally Transformed the System:

“I received my AntiCables a few days ago and I have to tell you that your cables totally transformed my system. It took 5 minutes after the installation of the AntiCables for me to yank off my $1500 speaker cables and totally chastised myself on why I waited all this time to try the AntiCables. I should have saved a lot of my hard earned money. Thank you very much for offering this product to the public and making “average” audiofools like me enjoy our system like the very first time, again. Your customer for Life,”

John Revilla, MD

No. 41) Passed the Test of Time:

“It’s been about three months since I replaced my Audience AU24 and Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval speaker cables with your Anti Cable. Absolutely no regrets, my system sounds better than ever. Thank you”

Chris Bucki, WI

No. 42) Just Jumpers:

“All I can say is WOW. This anticable is really something. Bass improve noticeably, soundstage is wider and deeper. I was using some flat-wire silver jumpers and the sound was good but a bit flat and edgy. The anticable has ironed it out and given it a very pleasing sound, more lifelike. The change is immediate and noticeable! This anticable is really something. I’ll be order more for my fronts. If just the jumpers gave such a change, I can’t imagine what effect the anticables will have as speaker cables!”

Dzung Do “Jimmy”, TX

No. 43) Smoked Cardas and Transparent Audio Cables:

“I’m a proud owner of your cables. Wow, they are wonderful. They replaced my bi-wire Cardas Hexlink and Transparent Music Wave + to a pair of Apogee Calipers. No need to do an A/B comparison, or any need to switch back to the old cables to make sure of what I’m hearing. The Anti-Cables just plain smoke the other ones. And I’m not even going to bring up price.”

Jeff Aragaki, CA

No. 44) Blowing Away Very Expensive Cables:

“I just wanted to say the Anti-Cables are fantastic! I’m sure you’ve noticed many of the members from the Apogee user’s forum ordering. All have stated how the cables are blowing away very expensive cables they already own! Almost all say they will be selling them! (the old cables that is).

Thanks again”

Mike P. CA

No. 45) Blew Away PS Audio and Audio Truth:

“I’m really liking the anti-cables you put together for me about a month ago (bi-wire atypical 4ft/10ft pair)…easily blew away a $1100 PS Audio pair and an older $800 Audio Truth pair I have. More money for other toys!”

Steve Morice, MN

No. 46) Singing Sopranos:

“I received the anti-cables. Thanks for the prompt service! The cables do exactly what I had hoped; that is, the overly bright highs that were present with my other cables are now managed well. Sopranos now sound MUCH better. The sound is clear, warmish and controlled, and the soundstage is detailed, broad and deep. Nice product.”

John Berendt, Canada

No. 47) Dyed-in-the-Wool Skeptic Becomes Very Satisfied Customer:

“I had good speaker cables to start with. Nothing fancy or ridiculously expensive, but good. In fact, I was quite satisfied with them. I’m another of those dyed-in-the-wool skeptics when it comes to $400-$10,000 dollar cable nonsense. I must admit however, that I was taken in by the glowing reviews and feedback you posted on AudioGon. So in a moment of weakness, I figured for 90 bucks for my 9 footers, delivered, I’d roll the dice and see if your cables really made much of a difference with my modest tube-based system.”

“The simple act of switching to the Anti-Cables made such an immediate, dramatic improvement in the sound coming from my Audio Note AZ-Two’s, that I’m still having difficulty believing it. The sound stage increased two-fold. The definition and separation is dramatic, as is the improvement in the high and low end. Music that I’ve listened to over the years and know like the back of my hand, has textures, sounds and instrumentation in it that I have NEVER HEARD BEFORE! Wow.”

“Your Anti-Cables prove once again, that “less is more”. It truly is. You can count me as one very satisfied customer.”

Brian Kirchoff, Missouri

No. 48) Off the Merry-go-Round:

“Having had the cables in my system for a few weeks now, let me say that I am most impressed with their performance and even more impressed with the value they offer. I think I’m off the merry-go-round of cable experimentation. Your Anti-cables are just a perfect fit in my system. Open, detailed, dynamic, all the usual audio superlatives apply. Best Regards”

Mark Latkowski, UT

No. 49) Floored in Ohio:

“I got the anti cables today and as I write this my jaw is still dropped. I’m actually speechless…”

“OK…let’s see, I listened for a grand total of ONE to TWO MINUTES and I was floored. That’s all it took for me to hear an immediate difference. No other speaker cable that I have used has had this immediate impact. Absolutely amazing…how about some interconnects! So very pleased”

Ron Bessell, OH

No. 50) Words Alone Can Not Describe:

“I just bought a pair of your ANTI-CABLE’s and currently at 120hrs. I will say this at this point they beat EVERYTHING I have ever used.”

“KEEP up your vigil against all the other HIGH OVER PRICED cable out there, that makes only noise, words alone cannot describe the MUSIC one hears with your ANTI-CABLE’s”

Howie, MA

No. 51) Manage to Have it All:

“Since you and Judy have been so friendly to deal with, and since you are endeavoring to sell such a quality item while keeping the costs down, I figured I would take a moment to add my comments to other users of your anti-cables.”

“Turns out your cable is better than either of the others I had been using (OTA wire and OCOS cable). It is better in the bass, in terms of transparency and control. Having taut control over the woofer is the way to get the best bass response. The midrange is as transparent as I have heard, and the top end manages to also be transparent and yet not irritating, but rather natural sounding, which is a welcome surprise to me since I would rather have a dull or rolled off treble than too much. So, your cable manages to some how, have it all.

It would be nice if it were more like regular wire, in terms of not being so stiff, but it is manageable, thank you very much. All the best.”

Stew Glick, NY

No. 52) Finally Enjoying the Music:

“After years of using a variety of big-buck electronics and speakers, I decided that I wanted to get away from the cost and complexity. I wanted simple…but I wanted musical! Can they co-exist? Is it possible to purchase (as you say) “high performance, low-cost” gear and still have the “goose bumps”? After owning my new system awhile, I began thinking that I had made a mistake! Oh, the speakers sounded great, and the amp had that SET presence, but something was missing. So, the cable hunt began as I began trying to dial-in the sound with various interconnects and speaker cables. The selection of interconnects was resolved quickly with a pair of solid silver wires, but the speaker cables were more elusive! I tried many…MIT, silver, Nordost, CAT5 cable, Monster, Kimber Kable…they all had good points, but something was still missing.”

“Then, one day, on Audiogon, I see your ad, and think, “These sound simple enough…and cheap enough…heck, why not?” The Anti-Cables arrived, were installed and three songs later, I realized that I was hearing a remarkable product! The synergy was there! And, oh, that soundstage! Instruments were separated, side-to-side and front-to-back, like never before, while retaining the clarity and frequency extremes! I began digging through my albums and CD’s with gusto, no longer caring whether I had the fattest cables or the newest model! I was finally enjoying the music for the first time in a long time! These are keepers! So, thank you for a simple, high-performance, low-cost product that does what you say! And to anyone who is looking for great speaker cables at an affordable price, my advice is to try Paul’s Anti-Cables! I did! I know! You won’t be disappointed!”

Jim Cress, PA

No. 53) Wife Approved:

“The performance of these cables is so good that I feel almost obligated to comment further, and thank you for dreaming up this product.”

“Nearly every aspect of the sonic picture was enhanced after I installed your cables. The improvement was so noticeable that my ultimate audio critic, my wife, commented on how she preferred the systems new sound. Imagine her surprise when I told her the price of the cables, she thought they were the $1200 pair I had been wanting to buy! Thanks”

Dan Waskiewicz, MN

No. 54) Multi-Channel Match:

“Upon seeing your cables in place, one of my buds asked- “what wire are you using these days… coat hanger wire?”. Your wire does look suspiciously like coat hanger wire. Regardless, I noticed an improvement in the high frequency range with the first thing I played. Gary Chang’s score for the movie “Under Siege” opens with some percussive strikes and cymbal smashes that sound extremely sharp and clean with your cable with excellent decay. I observed no transient hardness but did hear a touch of sibilance not heard with the Kimber 4PR that I replaced. Let me be clear (no pun intended), this sibilance is very delicate and sweet sounding and does not call undue attention to itself. In fact, the treble sounds gentle but you wouldn’t want to say soft because resolution is so good.”

“A short time later, Steven Seagal and his mates are fooling around in the ship’s galley and very distinct voices are coming from all over the place in three dimension. The quality and depth of bass I am getting is also an improvement over the Kimber. Somehow, it sounds purer. The stringed score in “The Thin Red Line” is soft and poignant and made more palpable by the thin red cable! Enough already . . I’m a fan! Sincerely”

Jim Goulding, TX

No. 55) Awesome:

“Received the speaker cables today and they sound awesome! Thanks so much! Take care”

Geoff Hardcastle

No. 56) Easily Saved a Grand:

“Just received the anti-cables today. I just ordered them two days ago. Great service. I have been listening to several new cables, then found your ad on audiogon. I was about to spend $1200.00 on another set of cables. These cables are better than any set I listened to, more bass, excellent mid range, wider sound stage, crisp highs. I am very imprested. Thank You Very Much!”

Mike Newman, CA

No. 57) Best I “Never” Heard in France:

“After twenty hours of listening session, i can tell you that your cables are the best that i never hear, include MIT, transparent, Audioquest, Fadel. I’m very happy. Thank you for your fantastic product. Best Regards”

Franck Lafage, France

No. 58) Bottom Line:

“I’ve been comparing your anti-cables to my $500/pr and $1000/pr cables. Yes, there are differences. Bottom line, I’m keeping the anti-cables in my system. Thanks!”

Arnie Sirlin, NY

No. 59) Great Match with Magggies:

“Thanks for the cables Paul – they sound great and have added some additional bass response to my Mag 12′s. Thanks for the great service and the fantastic cables.”

Alan Sanders, Canada

No. 60) Excellent in South Africa:

“Received the cables about a week ago….it has replaced my Audience Au 24 in my system. Excellent! Great cable! Thanks”

Dr Chris H van Niekerk, South Africa

No. 61) Remarkable:

“I received the cables a few minutes ago, they are in the system and the sound is remarkable. It sounds like no cables at all, just music. Best wishes”

John Kornhauser, CA

No. 62) Replaced Analysis Plus Clear Oval:

“I received the cables yesterday. Well frankly I was astounded! I seemed to gain another 1/2 octave in both the bass region and the treble region. Piano was as close to live as I have ever heard from a sound system. One of my favorite CDs is of Brian Bromberg (title is Wood) playing a 300 year old stand-up acoustic bass. The articulation was incredible. Your cables replaced Analysis Plus Clear Oval. Thanks for a great product!”

Richard Dolan, Canada

No. 63) Open and Clean:

“I got the “Anti’s”. I like the way they sound. Open and clean, good extension. Thanks.”

Roy Francisco, CA

No. 64) Significant Improvement over Magnan Reference ($$$):

“Your package arrived safely in London and after 24 hours non-stop burn-in the results are simply spectacular.”

“Compared to the Magnan Reference (big $$$) which I used previously there are significant improvements in 3 dimensions and they aren’t gradual!”

1: Speed: this is really amazing, the reeds of oboes or woodwinds can be heard scratching as the player forms the sound, on strings you not only hear individual players in the orchestra but also the actual sound when the bows hit the strings; pizzicato don’t sound like ‘pop’ but like ‘pling’ and the voices of singers contain the actual hissing and breathing sounds I couldn’t hear before.

2: Space: while my omnidirectional Duevel Bella Luna horns always benefited from a huge soundstage, there is now space and air around each individual musician and they are located such that you don’t just hear the general position but can actually pinpoint first and second oboes or flutes next to each other.

3: Grip: what was a euphonic but slightly bloated bass has become a much ‘deeper’ bass, trombones and tympani sound awesomely wholesome and again, plugged contrabass has body and speed.

“Anybody using OTLs and horns tends to be spoiled for transparency, the addition of the Zeros and your Anti-Cables simply took the game to a different level. This has been the best value for money upgrade to my system ever! While I cannot attribute the gain to either autoformers or cable since you were kind enough to ship them hardwired, the whole thing is too good for words, thank you very much!”

My system comprises:

Speakers: Duevel Bella Lunas (nom. 6 Ohms, min. 4 Ohms)

Amp: Graaf GM20 (OTL, balanced, nom. 8 Ohms, 2x 20W)

CD: Audioaero Capitole 192 ( incl. valve analogue gain stage as

preamp, balanced)

Vinyl: Clearaudio Solution, Clearaudio Symphono (bal), Morch UP4

12in, Zyx R1000 Airey2

Cables: Van den Hul Jubilee XLR

The Zeros are 2x stepup and the anticables are 13′.

“If I can help with any references, pls. let me know, I copied Markus Duevel, the designer of the Bella Lunas on this mail.”

Norbert Reis, England

No. 65) Replace Kimber 8TC cables… then grin:

“Thanks for the cables, since I installed them I cannot stop grinning every time I listen.”

“My Vienna Acoustics Mahlers/Bryston 4B-ST/Electrocompaniet EC4.7/Meridian 508.24 system has never sounded this good. The best indication of musicality is how often one feels the urge to sit down for a listen, which is every chance I get now.”

“First impressions were: more relaxed sound, more power and a more tune-full bass…”

“Longer term impressions: more micro-dynamic detail, “faster”, can hear details never heard before on “very” familiar CD’s. I am so glad I decided to browse speaker cables on Audiogon and coming across your customer’s testimonials. I thought my Kimber 8TC would be hard to improve upon (on a budget anyway). Now all I can say is: WOW, WOW, WOW. Thanks!”

Bruno Pappalardo, CA

No. 66) No Doubt Better in Switzerland:

“I have listen several hours your cables and I am very surprised. I think the cables are good, perhaps excellent!! My system are Nola Viper Signature with the Black Orpheus cables which I have exchanged against yours (in bi-wire). On several disks, I find the anticables with no doubt better.”

“Timbres of the instruments are very good, soundstage great (similar as with the Black Orpheus), excellent tonal balance and finally the sound is very natural, effortless…”

Jann Weiss, Switzerland

No. 67) Best Upgrade at any Price:

“I just got your Anticables and hooked everything up…at this point I’m straining to not cuss out loud for a very long time for I am in shock at how amazing these Anticables are. Right now i’m hearing thundering bass through my Thiel CS2′s that i’ve never heard, along with clarity that’s quite unbelievable….all this from 5 minutes of listening!!!!”

“These cables along with Mapleshade Records Mikro Smooth CD treatment are by far the best upgrades for my musical tastes at any price.”

“Keep up the good work, i’m thoroughly impressed.”

Matt Cecil, IL

No. 68) The Best Thing I Did:

“I finally hooked up the package you sent me. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next to marrying my wife, the best thing I did was to purchase your products (Anti-Cables and Anti-ICs). Please express my thanks to Judy as well.”

Joel Jastromb, IL

No. 69) Nothing Comes Remotely Close:

“I just wanted to let you both know I have been using your Anti-cables for about a month and they are great. The first thing I noticed was the clarity and articulation of the bass. My old cables which I thought sounded pretty good, sound slightly fuzzy and not as immediate. I have to tell you for the money I can’t think of anything that comes even remotely close. Do you make an interconnect?”

“Thank you for a truly remarkable product. I will be enthusiastically recommending you to all who will listen. Sincerely”

Bryan Anderson, IL

No. 70) Replaced Audio Note Cables in The Netherlands:

“You caught my attention with your speaker cables! They sound very musical and effortless and they are currently replacing my Audio Note AN-SPa’s. Which one is the better one is a matter of taste. They both let the music/message through and that’s what’s important to me. So now I’m very curious how your Anti-IC’s would sound like in my system.”

Boudewijn Meijers, The Netherlands

No. 71) Fast, Tonally Accurate, and Quiet:

“I just want to thank you both for your wonderful Anti-Cables. The Anti-Cables soundly trounced my old Audioquest Cobalt speaker cables.”

“After numerous listening sessions with the Anti-Cables, I would characterize them as very quiet, fast, neutral, free of artifacts, revealing, and dense. I realized after listening to the Anti-Cables, that the brightness, extra warmth on vocals, extra weight on bass really are all artifacts. I love how your fast, tonally accurate, and quiet the Anti-Cables are when I’m listening to a Broadway play like Rent. Every Broadway singer came through, fast, clear, dynamic, involving from a dead silent background and no brightness. My wife often commented how she thought singers have more emotion with the Anti-Cables.”

Much thanks,

Peter in Seattle WA

No. 72) Far Far Better Then Expensive Van den Hul:

“Dear Mr. Speltz, I received the cables Friday evening. They sound terrific. They are far far better than my expensive Van den Hul. A very good product indeed and fantastic value.”

“Thanks you Mr. Speltz and I hope you will release some AC power cable in the future…. My best Regards”

Davide Lentini, Hong Kong

No. 73) The Sound of Music in Austria:

“I’ve got your anti-cables and I have to tell you they are fantastic. My speaker cables I used before are very good and expensive one but your cables suit my expectation to a cable much more. It is transparent, very quick. It gives a lot of room in all directions and the different between silence and very loud is very exact, especially when listening to classic and jazz. Thank you again for developing them. Yours”

Leo Neubauer, Austria (Europe)

No. 74) Be Very Careful:

“I bought anti cables from you about a month ago. I love them. Recommended them to a friend & he also got a pair plus jumpers. Your anti cables actually made the differences between my Cal audio cl20 & Icon mkii power boss cd players very obvious. They took my modest little system to another level entirely. It was as if I had gotten more expensive speakers or a new amp. I think if others were to try your cables before changing any component in their systems they might save themselves a lot of money.

I would advise you to be very careful as far as those overpriced cable bandits are concerned. They may become very unhappy with you as more people discover your products. It’s really nice to know there’s someone like you in this business. Thanks & best regards”

Will Virtue, NY

No. 75) Blows away Kimber, MIT, and Xindak Cables in New Zealand:

“Received the anti-cables today. Marvelous; I’ve tried Kimber, MIT, and Xindak cables among others, and yours blow them all away. (I expect you get fed up with hearing this). Cables are connecting Single-ended triode electronics (diy) to Magnepan 3.6. Regards,”

Bob Prangnell, New Zealand

No. 76) Heaven:

“Just like to let you know I received the anti cables & ic’s today. Oh man now that’s an improvement! I’m in heaven. Thank you”

Eduardo Vega, NJ

No. 77) Better than Synergistic Resolution Reference (X2):

“I have used your cable. It is very good; I believe it is better than the Synergistic Resolution Reference (X2) I had been using. Thanks for saving me some money.”

Michael Brown, FL

No. 78) Single Biggest Improvement Ever:

“You are a really bad man – just as I thought that I finally settled with my hifi cabling needs (excellent gold alloy ICs and a few pairs of your very own Anti-cables), I visited your website today only to find Anti-ICs that are almost impossible not to buy… I will definitely get two pairs of XLR Anti-ICs.”

“Btw, your Anti-cables are still the single biggest improvement that my system ever benefited from.”

Marin Fulgosi, Ireland

No. 79) Huge Improvement Over AudioQuest:

“The Anti-Cables replaced AudioQuest type 4s and it was a huge improvement. The biggest difference I hear is clarity, and the entire presentation is much better defined. Overall a very positive change. Thanks again”

Tim Babb, IL

No. 80) Finally Afford High-End Sound:

“I hooked up the anti-cables this morning…all I can say is WOW! I never bought into the cable hype before, but now I see a difference, and I can finally afford high-end sound without the high-end price. Thank you so much, I will be ordering more!! I will leave feedback on Audiogon to tell everyone who doesn’t yet know how good these cables are. Again, thanks for a great product!!”


No. 81) Smoking:

“Was just letting u know that the Anti-Cables came today an they are Smoking , gonna take the other 7ft pair an the Jumpers to my Bud’s and see what he thinks , So far i can tell that the Bass is a lot better an the Highs are right there, a Nice Pleasing sound . Thanks Again”

Mark Skeens, OH

No. 82) Totally Solved the Problem:

“Thank you for extremely fast delivery to the cold north (Norway)! I have been using the anti-cables now for a few days, and I can say they totally solved the problem of bad stereo imaging in my system! Otherwise the sound is very clean and clear. Thanks to you I am now a happier music listener 

Kind Regards”

Harald Haugli, Norway

No. 83) Trounced Tara Labs and Beat Nordost:

“Ok, I got the cables today and am already a complete convert! They replaced a pair of Tara Labs, which they trounced in just about every area – bass, mid clarity, highs, body. I also just sold a pair of Nordost Blue Heaven, and I feel they also pretty soundly beat them as well. They have the mid clarity that the Nordost provided, but added some serous body/weight and control to the proceedings. Simply amazing!”

“There are a few items in audio that I feel are true sonic bargains – the Ack dAck, the Shelter 501, the Bent Audio Noh. These certainly have been added to the list.”

“All I can say is, if you are planning on spending anywhere from $100 to $10,000 for speaker cables you owe it to yourself to at least try these. At $70 for my 5-foot pair with bananas I can’t even consider them just a serious bargain, they are practically a freebie! Thanks Paul!”

Matthew Pass, NY

No. 84) Killed AudioQuest CV-6 cables:

“First of all I would like to say thanks for providing such a wonderful sounding product as such a low price. These cables within 5 minutes managed to kill my AudioQuest CV-6 cables (now being sold on eBay) on my set of Magnepan MG12s. I am still surprised at how much sound I was missing with my AudioQuest cables. My MG12s sound like full range speakers now with a lot more low end and completely open highs. I am hearing new sounds in songs and enjoying just how complex some of the music is. Thanks for a great product and fast delivery time.”

James Rorabaugh, WA

No. 85) Living Breathing Music:

“Received the speaker cables and balanced interconnects nearly 2 months ago but didn’t put them in my system until a month later. I think you are wrong with your burn in time for the cables, in my opinion they are no different than any other cables and therefore require the standard 3 weeks with music constantly played through them. All I can say is these cables are worth the wait. I am now listening to living breathing music and nothing else is getting done! Thanks and very well done.

Kind regards”

John Norton, England

No. 86) No Way Any Cable at Any Price Can Sound Better:

“I have B&W 604 speakers and I cannot begin to tell you how much better they sound since I sold my Kimber 8TC on AudioGon for what I paid for your cables. They are a rare bargain. I cannot believe some of the audiophiles who spend upwards of $1000.00 plus on speaker cable. It’s lunacy. There is no way any speaker cable at any price sounds better than your Anti-Cables.”

“I will be ordering MORE Anti-Cables for my B&W center channel that is Bi-wireable. Thanks again”

Bill Leutbecher, CA

No. 87) Females Hear Better:

“Thank you for calling me back and processing my order. Your Anti-cables are amazing!”

“They are hooked up to my Audio Research tube amp, and make my beautiful Dalis sing! Although yet to be completely broken-in, I can already hear its enormous potential for providing great sound. They are very transparent, articulate, open, liquid in mids and tight in the bass.”

“After they are completely broken-in, I will decide what other cables I will need and re-contact you. And, I will tell all my friends about your cables, and allow them to try it on their own systems. Keep up the great work! Sincerely”

Kathy Lee, CA

No. 88) Midrange Integrity:

“Received the cable. This is certainly a very interesting and exciting product. The sound of twisted pair is much better to my system, using an extremely high efficient horn speaker (103db) with low powered amplification. I especially like the integrity of mid-range. Thanks”

Young Ho Hur, Korea

No. 89) Brought Tears to My Eyes:

“I just received these cables today, and I can’t get over how much my system has improved! I actually had tears come to my eyes during one song, it moved me so much! That has NEVER happened! I have been trying to get the sound that I heard from a $45,000 system, and I have finally arrived! Most excellent cables! Thanks so much! “I’m blown away!”

Wade Denman, MI

No. 90) Big Step Up from Cardas:

“The Anti-Cable speaker cables were a big step up from my Cardas SE-15′s. I think it’s great that I can take a big step up in sound quality, sell my old cables and still have money in my pocket. I was very skeptical when I first read about Anti-Cables but I’m skeptical no more. Thank you for a stellar product that put cable upgrades in my reach. Sincerely”

Neil Crowley, CO

No. 91) Not Thick and Sexy, But No Comparison:

“I bought four other pairs of speaker “cable” so that I could determine which one was the best. I really didn’t want the Anti-cables to win – they’re clangy and cumbersome and not thick and sexy with impressive gold connectors like the real speaker cables. Well, if I bought speaker cable for the way they look, the Anti-Cable would have been in last place in my book but if you are after cable for the way they sound (or don’t sound), there is absolutely no comparison. How could I go back to the grunge of the other cables once I heard the clarity and imaging of the Anti-Cables?”

“The pinpoint imaging, both side to side and front to back is uncanny. You can tell when the musicians move slightly. Good top end and solid tight bottom end with the best middle you could hope for. Clangy and cumbersome? Yeah, but once you get them where you want them, you can have the assurance that you have the best speaker cables, I mean “wire,” anywhere near their price. These are so incredible, I will have to try the interconnect cables to see if they make just as big a difference.”

Greg Litsey, WA

No. 92) The Absolute Sound did…

“Hello, I’ve been listening for a few days and the speaker cables are great……….. You were not kidding………… hopefully one of the big magazines will take a listen and review. Keep up the good work. Thanks”

Leslie Van Trease, CA

No. 93) The Absolute Sound Saved Me $500:

“These things are FANTASTIC. It’s like someone Windex’ed my speakers. They are good all over, but particularly in resolving low volume bass, quiet plucked bass in small jazz groups and such. They’ve also got much finer definition on large orchestral works with much better individual instrument separation. I’m not going to write a big review, but I am very impressed.”

“The timing was excellent too. I was about to drop $500 bucks for someone else’s cables when I read the sidebar in TAS. You’re going to have more business than you know what to do with. Thanks again!”

Greg Simmons, PA

No. 94) Soundstage Reviewer:

“The Anticables arrived over the weekend. They replaced a bi-wire set of thick, heavy duty Audioquest Crystals that weighed a ton. The accompanying literature mentioned allowing them at least a 100 hours of burn in time but I am of a slightly different theory when it comes to breaking in any component. I do not discount break-in, but, in my opinion, any improvements in replacing electronics or cables in an audio chain should be immediately apparent. And in the case of your Anticables, it certainly was. From here on I can look forward to the sound only improving over time.”

“Here are some of the marked improvements that were immediately obvious over my prior speaker cables. Build quality. In one word, excellent! My Audioquests are terminated with spades as are your Anticables but for the first time in GOD knows how long, I was able to achieve a snug fit and hand tighten the binding posts without muttering superlatives or using any tools. A source of aggravation for many and a great start for me, I thought.”

“Next up, the sound. Highs were considerably more extended and airy than what I was used to hearing. Details began to emerge that evidently were veiled before. Also noticeable right off the bat was the marked increase in palpability and transparency. It was especially evident with vinyl playback. Listening to Belafonte Live at Carnegie Hall, I was actually able to discern the singer turning around on stage to face different sections of the audience. Very impressive, indeed.”

“Moving along, Soundstage. Where before it would lean more to the left, is now locked dead center. All this time, I have been thinking my preamp was to blame for this. Imagine my surprise when I realized its been my cables all along. Thankfully, the Anticables have corrected this anomaly.”

“And finally, the bass. WOW!!…..listening to Elvis Costello and the Attractions Greatest Hits, the bass riffs on Track 2 from the guitar and the drums literally made me sit up and smile. Taut, well defined, ‘thump your chest’ bass that I don’t recall my Audioquests ever producing.”

“As always, anytime a change is made in source components or cables, things can go good or bad in a hurry. I am happy to say, in the case of the Anticables, the improvements were more than subtle in my system. An excellent investment and tweak on the cheap!”

“I have just joined the Soundstage Network as a Reviewer and I will ask Marc Michelson, our Editor, if I could review the Anticables professionally for the magazine. I will let you know. All the best.”

Mack A. Khan, GA

No. 95) On First Listen, I Did Not Like Them:

“I have had a three foot bi-wire pair of your cables for some time now. I have had them in and out of the system a couple of times. On first listen, I did not like them….sounded metallic or something, and my Classe DR 8 solid state amp absolutely did not work with them…..or so I thought.”

“At some point I completed repairs on my Curcio/Dyna MK3 tube amps. I then replaced my normal Kimber 4tc biwire pair with your cables.”

“At first I, again, did not like them. Sound almost harsh. But I left them in and what do you know? The more I listened the more I realized the Kimbers were masking some detail throughout the spectrum. I readjusted the vta (SME 309/van den Hul MC 10) and what I perceived as harshness was VTA too high.”

“I am now convinced. I hear more detail everywhere, but especially in the middle frequencies. And the sound is more palpable, more alive. Pretty amazing stuff. I have had the Kimbers in my system from the crossover box to the amps for many years and had gotten accustomed to the sound. Never realized the VTA was so high, just adjusted it till it sounded good and listened away.”

“Hope you are selling the daylights out of your cables. Can’t tell you the last time I made this much improvement in my system. Thanks”

Louis Sohn, TN

No. 96) Telepathic Communication:

“I received and installed my new anticables yesterday, after your prompt delivery. Thank you for the great service.”

“I used them to replace a set of Monster 1.4s biwire cables which by the way sounded magnificent. I am using a Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 300 amplifier and Magnepan 3.6R speakers. The sound quality was instantly significantly better than before and much better than I had expected. A bargain to be sure! Communication between amp and speakers can now only be referred to as telepathic. It is as if there is no wiring at all. There now seems to be absolutely no lost sonic information.”

“Thank you very much for helping to make an already great system into one which is as fine as I have ever heard.”

Kendall Newsome, IL

No. 97) An Astonishing Value in Switzerland:

“You give me the perfekt advice. I find that these cables are an astonishing value and they have replaced my Black Orpheus with the Nola Signature.”

“I have listen several hours your cables and I am very surprised. I think the cables are good, perhaps excellent ! I am hesitating a bit on which side to stay !! My system are Nola Viper Signature with the Black Orpheus cables which I have exchanged against yours (in bi-wire). On several disks, I find the anticables with no doubt better, for examples:

Mahler Symphonies with MTT

Bach Sonata with Julia Fisher

Requiem of Mozart and Verdi with Harnoncourt

“Timbres of the instruments are very good, soundstage great (similar as with the Black Orpheus), excellent tonal balance and finally the sound is very natural, effortless (I can listen louder than before without problem). But I find a problem with voices which are very distinct, though lacking perhaps something in palpability, as if some details weren’t there. I am not absolutely sure; I will make more tests and retry my old cables. In some way I am very pleased with the cables, and sometimes I find that something is lacking. Sometimes I have this feeling not inly with voices! I can not say that details are missing. I hear the ones I usually hear (breath, mechanism on the piano). I will tell you the final story later … (sorry for my poor english)- Regards”

Jann Weiss, Switzerland

No. 98) Breathing New Life into My Existing System:

“Got the cables today and hooked them up into my system, and WOW! You weren’t kidding that they make a noticeable difference! I have a modest system (Luxman 3045 Receiver, Cambridge Audio CD4SE CD Player, Monarchy 22A DAC, Audio Alchemy DTI, and PC-60 Speakers — definitely nothing high-end) and I can really notice an opening of the sound stage, with a smoother sound!!!!! You’ve saved me mucho money in upgrades by breathing new life into my existing system with your anti-cables. I thank you and so does my wife; who thinks I spend too much on my system as it is.  . Cheers”

Karl Zimmerman, CA

No. 99) Short but Sweet:

“Got the cables. Man is that an improvement!”

Aaron Garrett, MA

No. 100) Less is Truly More:

“Just a quick note to say that I’ve had the cables and jumpers in my system for a couple of weeks now and I’m really very happy with them. I have a singularly untweaked system: Minimax Cd player, Antique Sound Labs MG SI 15DT tube amp, and a pair of Mission speakers. I like the simple straightforward approach of the anticables; sometimes less is truly more. Cheers and all the best”

Vasant Kaiwar, NC

No.101) Deserve Gratitude:

“Have just in the last few days put 500 hrs on two sets of your 1m ICs, and am very glad to report that so far they may be the equal of any ICs I have ever used, including top-of-the-line Cardas and expensive Kimbers. I say “may be” only because my 8-ft Anti-Cables are still being broken in. I’m using your cables between an updated Audible Illusions preamp, NuForce Reference 9 amps, and a Marantz SA8260 CD/SACD player. Speakers are Reference 3A MM di Capo I’s. I plan to try the ICs between my SOTA Sapphire TT, with its modified Well-Tempered Arm and my new Shelter 9000 cartridge. That will be the ultimate test in my rig. Congratulations; you deserve gratitude from a great many audiophiles and music lovers (sometimes there is a difference!).”

Jim Rogers, NM

No. 102) Replaced Harmonic Tech and Mapleshade cables:

“I received the speaker cables today and I can’t believe it, the differences are like from the moon to the earth, they just replaced my Harmonic Tech Pro 11 cables. I am hearing things I didn’t hear before when using the HT and they are also better than Mapleshade Double Helix Cables which I also own. Thank You!”

Edgar Luciano, AZ

No. 103) Happier with Maggies:

“I am using the Anticables for my Maggie 1.6QR’s, powered by B&K 442 Sonata Series. I could not be happier with the improvement over my previous cables. Now, the soundstage appears wider and there is a fuller, more dynamic soundstage. Thanks again.”

James Dixon, MN

No. 104) As Transparent as Anything I Have Heard:

“I have just completed 150 hours on your wonderful cables. We have been living in our RV for the past two years making a film. I put what I considered good equipment in the RV, this consisted of an Arcam A-75 amp/pre and DV-78 DVD/CD player, along with Musical Fidelity X-CANS headphone amp and power supply feeding into this was the Grado RS-1 headphones. My speakers were Monitor Audio Radius R-90′s and AudioQuest speaker wire. The headphones sounded great but the speakers sounded like their size; nothing spectacular. We finished our movie and moved temporarily to a house in Austin where I removed the system from the RV and installed it into a small upstairs room, where it sounded marginally better. I took a chance on your anti-cables after reading a revue in TAS, I have never bought blind before. After installing your cables everything started to open up; I say started because now (150) hours later they are as transparent as anything that I have heard before! We have a system in storage up in Montana that is my source system. It is basically Krell pushing Dynaudio Contour 4′s with Ocos wire, yes it is transparent but not more than your wire. We will soon be bringing that system down to Austin where I will be ordering more Anti-Cable to bi-wire that system. Thank you Paul for bringing affordability to the high end!”

Michael Judge, TX

No. 105) One of the Best Bargains in the World:

“Even with very little break-in time so far, I am extremely impressed with my Anti-Cables. I have relatively long runs (25 and 30 ft) and don’t notice any ill effect. They easily beat any other speaker cable I’ve used, including various Kimber, Audioquest and Mapleshade varieties. The Anti-Cables truly disappear – in fact, I am most impressed with what they do not do as far as adding any kind of sonic signature. I am planning to try a twisted pair arrangement and see what the result is. I am also very curious to try the interconnects. Thank you for a great product and for offering one of the best bargains in the world of audio.”

Associated equipment:
Portal Audio Panache amp
Reference 3A Dulcet speakers

Alan Deremo, CA

No. 106) Sold off the $890 Straightwire cables:

“Well…I’ve had a few weeks to try your cables, and to make a long story short, I just sold my $890.00 set of Straightwire Maestro Double Shotguned Bi-Wire’s in lieu of your incredible sounding Anti-Cables. I’m sooo Impressed!  My Vandersteen 2ce’s have never sounded so balanced.”

“PS…My friend John Kawalec ordered a set of your AC’s 2 days after he laid an ear on my set. They knocked his socks off as well. Thanks,”

Scott Groves, VA

No. 107) Sound Fantastic throughout the Spectrum:

“I guess you have to include me with the break-in crowd. Out of the box the bass was clearly better than my previous cables, but i thought the highs were a little rolled off. Now that they have a couple hundred hours on them they sound fantastic throughout the spectrum.”

“Thanks for a great product. I left positive feedback for you on Audiogon, and I’d appreciate you doing the same for me. Take care!”

David Armstrong, OR

No. 108) Totally Lost for words in Austria:

“I recently bought some of your anti cables and have to admit, that I’m at a total loss of words to describe the extremely positive effect it had….”

“I used it also to connect the speaker-terminals with the driver (internal wiring) and inside my power-amp (valve to trans to terminal) with great success. Kind regards,”

Dieter Karner, Austria (Europe)

No. 109) Money Well Spent:

“I’ve had the AntiC’s in my system for 3 days now. I understand there is a long break I period, but the results are encouraging already. I have a revealing system: Van Anstine Amp/Pre, Gallo Reference III speakers, Mag/dyn tuner and CA cd player. I am only mentioning this because the system is incredibly sensitive and reveals shortcomings in every cable I have tried. Negative effects have ranged from sound field compression to instrument collision. I am jealous of those who cannot hear the differences in cables and I also wonder what the hell they are listening to.”

“So far, your cable has no shortcomings. Also, there is some previously missing detail now showing up in my reference recording for the wire evaluation, which is LVB’s Missa Solemnis, a large choral mass. Anyway, I just wanted to say… good product. I feel my money was well spent. In this crazy mixed up world, you can look yourself in the mirror and have no regrets about the way in which you conduct your business. This is an important thing.”

“Good luck to you and I will keep you informed about the wires after they are fully broken in. Regards,”

Dave Kurek, PA

No. 110) Bye Bye AU24:

“I received the order for cables very promptly and I am totally amazed with your Anticable Speaker wire. I’m currently using the Audience AU24 cable and I’m already liking the Anticable better. It looks like the AU24 will be going bye bye. Thanks for your assistance…and great cables.”

Randy Bacon, MO

No. 111) I’m in Love:

“I’ve had my anticables for about two months. I have Vandersteen 2Ci’s and was looking to add more punch in the bass. Good cables are esoteric and expensive. Came across your cable on Audiogon. The price was right and so were the testimonials so I thought I’d give them a try. Here’s what I found:”

“Your cables gave my speakers new life. Not only is the bass clean and tight but much more solid and a good foundation to the overall musical presentation. Mid’s and Hi’s are open and spacious. What also impress me is the “depth” of the sound stage. It’s not just flat from left to right. Bye-the-way I heard an inadvertent flute note on the third track of Linda Ronstadt’s “For Sentimental Reasons”. Never hear that before! Vocals have great presence. My enjoyment is equal on every sound source; Vinyl, CD’s and Tuner. Thank you very much. I’m in Love!!”

“Just a final note. I was introduced to “High End” audio several years ago. My good friend even let me borrow some of his equipment so that I could audition its superior sound reproduction. Well now I was able to introduce him to your cable. He’s not an easy guy to convince. Plus he was using Kimber Cable. He bought Anti Cable solely on my recommendation -(You’re welcome). His name is Richard Barone. He bought his cable just this past week. Before he installs them we will do some A/B comparison. We’ve decided to twist the cable even though the capacitance is a little lower untwisted. Sincerely,”

Curtis James, NY

No. 112) Jaw Dropping:

“Have been listening to the cables (Anti-Cables & Anti-ICs) for a couple of hours, and they are really jaw-droppingly good 
Thanks a lot!”

Robert Gray, The Netherlands

No. 113) Gobsmacked by Their Performance:

“Hmmm, interesting… My speakers use jumpers between the bass module and mid/top units (Verity Parsifal Encores). Changed out the normal speaker jumpers with anti-cable and although not burnt -in noticed a definite improvement. Although it was 11pm couldn’t resist trying the 7′ set as well, again much better in all areas to the Kimber 8ag (NOT a cheap cable !!) Have put about 25 hours on twisted anti-cables so far and their sounding better all the time. Thank you very much.”

Bye for now, regards Alan

“…the Anti-Cable speaker wires have about 50 hours on them now, I’m still gobsmacked by their performance, can’t wait for the I/C’s ! My wife keeps telling me I look like a ‘startled rabbit’ lately when listening to the hi-fi !”

Alan Sturges, England

No. 114) Real and in the Room:

“Just received my pair of anti cables, and swapped them out with a pair of MIT Terminator 2 cables which are very good. Well, I am amazed to say the least. I play the drums and I could swear the high hat and cymbals were real and in the room. The voices are so real you could touch them. Keep in mind that I am using a pair of Single driver speakers attached to a pair of amps with volume control so no pre amp. It is hard to believe that these can sound any better because real is real ?? Anyway, your product is exactly what it says and more.”

“Thanks for the gift at this price!!”


No. 115) Freakin’ Scary Good!

“Here’s feedback on your anti-cables. I run a Conrad Johnson integrated tube amp, Mirage FRX-7 speakers, and a CAL Icon Mark ll cd player. The difference your anti-cables have made is simply just unbelievable. The bass is well defined, deeper, and with impact and power. The vocals are more transparent, and seamless. High frequencies, especially a triangle, tambourine, and cymbals really stand out. The soundtrack from Passenger 57 is freakin’ scary good! I recommend these to all. They really rock! Just a wonderful product.

Steven Gilmore, Owego, New York

No. 116) Order More:

“received & try the cable, i like them a lot, so i would like to order 2 more 8 feet pair with spade for my 2nd system. best regards”

Peter Woo, Canada

No. 117) A Nobel Peace Prize Nomination:

“First, thank you so much for your most excellent cables(and fast shipping, too). #2. For your price, I was prepared for the worst…haha, was I EVER surprised. Right out of the bag they are fabulous; if they get better with time I may need psychiatric help. I feel sooo stupid for spending amounts large enough for a mortgage on other cables, and, they did not sound near as good as the Anti-Cables! Everything (EVERYTHING!) sounds really great. All the descriptions, adjectives, that we are so familiar with but never are able to experience are here, and for peanuts, too!”

“Paul, I think you should be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for your contribution to the Audio Industry…you quite possibly may have saved this fine hobby. I believe our great audio hobby was heading for implosion because of non-performing, un-obtainable multi-thousand dollar cables. Your cables shake the very foundation of aural sanity…how could these little innocuous cables, costing next to nothing, better the Goliath’s of the cable industry? I don’t know, but you are ONE fine gentleman for not [screwing us] as the others have done/are doing. As an aside, while auditioning the cables, listening to Pavarotti, I heard him burp…he tried to muffle it, but there it was…I never heard that before with my (plus) thousand dollar cables…And of course, the music is glorious. Thanks, Paul…I am happy, and this is fun, again! VERY Sincerely,”

Bruce Larson, NY

No. 118) World-Wide Positive Change in the Cable Industry:

“Please don’t raise the prices of your cables; you are making a very important statement with your excellent products. Please don’t turn into “one of them”. I’ve been in High End since 1976 and used to own my own “High End” store, Audio By Design in Sou-Cal in the mid 80’s-early 90’s. I know what goes on in the cable industry. While good wire is important, what’s happened since the late 1980’s has become ridiculous. There will be people who will doubt your product because of its pricing, please don’t give in to this psychology. There will be, if there hasn’t been already, “advice” that you should have a very expensive line if you “really want to be successful and gain respect” and have access to the “best audio salons”. It will be tempting- I’ve seen it happen many times. Most then fail.”

“You have a unique opportunity here to cause a world-wide positive change in the cable industry and become a hero of sorts. Don’t let us down buddy! Thanks for reading this- happy holidays!”

Dr. Jay Sullivan, CA

No. 119) Hearing Things That I Wasn’t Hearing Before:

“Having used your anti-cable speaker wire and ic’s for a few weeks now I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product.
I bi-wired my paradigm s4 front and c3 center speakers with your anti-cable speaker wire, and replaced my balanced xlr connections between my anthem d2 pre/pro and anthem a5/a2 amps, and my analog rca connections between my denon 370 cd and the d2.”

“All my comments are subjective since I’m only using my ears, and no expensive measuring equipment, but since I use my ears to listen music and movies, they are the best equipment I have.”

“The clarity and openness of both cd’s and dvd’s is noticeably better. While I was waiting for my anti-cable products to arrive- which was very quickly- I decided to listen to some favorite cd’s and movies so that I could judge at least subjectively, if there was any improvement with your products.
There was! I was hearing things that I wasn’t hearing before on both music and movies and the soundstage was noticeably improved.
Since I was using monster cable for my connections I expected some improvement, but I’m surprised at just how much improvement. The monster cable speaker wire and ic’s were of comparable price.”

“I realize that many of your comments come from audiophiles who have used much more expensive products for comparison, and that much of your sales are aimed at audiophiles who have more disposable income than I do, but the improvement I hear in my system with just these few additions is remarkable.”

“Keep up the good work. A great product at a great price.”

Tom Giloy, CO

No. 120) Let the Truth be Heard:

“I have been using your cables for about eight weeks now and I’m sure that the simple design of these cables is their strength…I replaced my other cables ( Highwire audio and Cardas Hexlink 5 ) and am enjoying the real sound of your cables…The other cables I had in my system did different things but I’m finding your cables to be overall the best. From a solid well defined bottom end to the dynamic, yet smooth mids to the clean and controlled highs, they are great across the entire spectrum. They sound live and very powerful….Like live music… they however don’t fake anything…They don’t smooth the sound of a bad recording the way the Cardas did, but most discs I play are like the first time hearing them…Audiophile CDs are unbelievable!!! WOW they sound Great!!! Not smoothed over like my old cables but LIVE!!!!. Dynamic and 3D…. Fast and defined…There simple design lets the Truth be heard. An Awesome deal…Thanks”

Jim MacInnis, Canada

No. 121) E.x.t.r.a.o.r.d.i.n.a.r.y.

“I have received your cables about month ago. I am absolutely amazed and all I can say is that they are e.x.t.r.a.o.r.d.i.n.a.r.y. Thank you very very much.”

Mario Cipparrone , Italy

No. 122) Perfect in a $40,000 System:

“We have your speaker cables and interconnects in a $40,000 system and they are keeping up perfectly.”

Dan G Curtis, AZ

No. 123) Dancing in Dallas:

“I got your cables just a day ago and they came at the same time with a new Odyssey Stratos. I installed them and asked myself if I were listening to the same system. I had never spent hundreds of dollars on speaker cable but, I did have some Analysis Plus on the Thiels before. Now the instruments like horns, piano, acoustic guitars sound more real, defined, without the glare and coloration I was obviously experiencing before I got them. Thank you so much for the fast shipment and now I will have a great Christmas vacation listening, listening.”

Steve Kownslar, TX

No. 124) The Demystify Cables!

“After a months time I believe I heard enough to justify the sound quality of the Anti-Cable & the Anti-Ics. Well, for just $30 a 3 foot stereo set (this is nearly 2 x 1 meter and about 24 Euros) I am Astonished. In absolute terms these Cables are of the finest. So if you think of the price, it truly is a hi-end bargain”.

“My system contains of Amp: Symphonic-line RG10, CD-player: Micromega Solo, Turntable: Clearaudio-Morch-Colibri, Speakers: CD-Duevel Bella Luna. As speaker Cables I have Van Den Hul–The Inspiration and Nordost Blue Heaven. As for Interconnects I have VDH-The First, The second and Nordost SPM.”

“These are all fine cables, so I was curious how the Anti-Cables/ICs would cope. Briefly I could say that the Anti-Cables/ICs have the best of both worlds (VDH and Nordost). Which for me, means the naturalness and depth of the VDH and speed, clarity of Nordost.”

“Comparing the Ant-ics with Nordost SPM, the SPM had more bass extension. Highs were similar, thus, SPM’s highs are more artificial and those of the ICs are more natural and very well extended reminding me of the VDH The First/Second. Mid frequency were a bit bright but had a nice 3-dimensianal presentation.”

“As for the speaker cables, I preferred The Anti-Cables high extension from both VDH-The Inspiration and Nordost-Blue heaven. Mid and low frequencies were generally in the same league. The VDH had a ‘feeling’ more depth. The bass was very well controlled with good extension.”

“Overall, I believe that these cables belong in the Hi-End sound category, they howsoever deserve a listen and it’s a matter of preference if you like the sound and obviously suits your system. Finally the title I would give to the cables considering there cost is: The Demystify Cables.”

“Well done!”

Kostas Vithoulkas, Greece

No. 125) Every Record Sounds Better:

“Thanks for the quick work. I installed the cables, and I’m adding my positive comments to the many others that have been posted. Every record so far sounds better with your cables. The first thing I noticed was that what I had perceived as conspicuous reverb-like artifacts of some recordings–which I presumed were either intentionally added by the producers or were a characteristic of the recording space–is not present now. I really get the feeling that the players are in my living room. Bass is definitely better, especially in drums, and cymbals are more lively sounding.”

“Also, I find that I can enjoy my system at lower volume settings than was the case previously. (My previous speaker cables, which I thought were pretty good and a good value, were made by an Australian company called The Music Cable. They use an aluminum tube as a dielectric [I think that was the function], similar to the JPS cables, I’ve been told).”

“I will want to try your interconnects when I can afford to. I’m wondering if a guitar cable could be made with this wire? I might order one from you with Neutrik brand plugs installed (unless Eichmann makes guitar plugs). Thanks again.”

Peter Arnold, NY

No. 126) I Know What a Good Instrument Should Sound Like:

“Don’t get me wrong: I used to live in Minnesota, long enough to believe that I would never miss it after moving to California. But although it’s taken me a while to actually throw the anticables into my system here, I now confess to an all-MN setup: bel canto, magnepan, and your speaker wires. these cables are indeed so much better than what I had in there before [TARA labs product] that it is hard to believe.”

“I’m still breaking them in, but right from the start, I heard more detail, the attack of plucked strings was intimately conveyed, the dynamics and roominess of whatever I fire up feels much improved. The most surprising thing was the unbelievable improvement in the bass (I am a cellist and upright bass player, and know what a good instrument should sound like, and I am very familiar with what certain performers and ensembles can sound like, up close in a live performance). I assume that the highs will continue to improve with break-in. in addition, I have to say the thick green snakes these elegant red wires replace were my significant other’s main complaint about the alien invasion of audio gadgets into the living room – score another point for looks right there! I have already recommended your cables to a number of people, and contemplate getting the zero autoformers for my other audio system (also maggies, but a less potent amp). I doubt that my neighbors will contribute any testimonials, but of course if they want to register their own feedback about my newly improved appreciation of music, I’ll send their noise-level complaints your way also.  best regards,”

Peter Krapp, CA

No. 127) Destroy Tara Labs Reference Plus by a Factor of Four:

“I am still in awe of the cables that I purchased Saturday. They absolutely destroy my Tara Labs Reference Plus cables. Everything has improved – from 20Hz to 20 KHz, imaging, width and depth of soundstage and rhythm all increased by at least a factor of four. My universe finally came into alignment when I simply installed the un-terminated 6’ pair of Anti-Cables into my system. I cannot recommend your product highly enough – especially considering the price! It is almost as if I received a system upgrade for free! I would seriously consider utilizing the services of a large bodyguard because of your product – the big bad cable bullies will be knocking on your door shortly. Since I feel as if I received a $10,000 sonic upgrade from you for free, I will gladly act as your body guard, free of charge, in the Twin Cities. I look forward to seeing you and your wife at the Minnesota Symphony in the future. Sincerely,”

Steve Seibert, MN

No. 128) Doubled-up Experiment:

“I thought I’d get back to you on the experiment with the double run of Anti-cable. Termination to begin with, was side-entry brass banana plugs with a locking nut, the only thing I had to accommodate both cables at once.”

“With the signal and ground wires spaced well apart, there was an immediate increase in body over the single run of Anti-cable. The fuller presentation was without a doubt, a sonic improvement over a single run. In every other respect, all the qualities of the Anti-cable shone through.”

“With the signal and ground clamped together with cable ties, the high frequencies became more extended while the lower frequencies remained about the same. With the high frequency extension, the soundstage became wider and seemingly more open, with more detail and nuance apparent – overall the sound became far more ‘ interesting ‘ from a hi-fi perspective. At this point I noticed it was certain tracks in particular which seemed to benefit, while others became more strident and less ‘ musical ‘ as a result. I went backwards and forwards between the configurations over several weeks, giving plenty of time in between for things to settle, but ended up deciding on the cables tied together. I realized at this point that something in my system was not quite in balance, and that the cables were increasingly exposing it with a more open, airy and detailed presentation.”

“I then fitted Eichmann bayonet plugs to replace the brass bananas. I did this over at a friends, who had previously tried the single run of anti-cable against his Eichmann Express 6 speaker cable, and preferred the Express 6 due to its ‘ meatier ‘ presentation, whilst still acknowledging the Anti-cable as a very good cable. His system included a Meridian G08 CD, Musical Fidelity Nu Vista pre, Nu Force Ref 9.02 amps, large Pro Ac floorstanders, Oyaide AC power cords , Solitone interconnects with bullet plugs adapted, numerous other tweaks and a large, well-treated, dedicated listening room.”

“The double run of Anti-cable, bound with cable ties and fitted with the tellurium copper bayonets, without even being run in following soldering ( and being bent into a coil for transport ) was in another class compared to the Eichmann Express 6. It had equal amount of body, while sounding smoother, cleaner all around, more 3-D due to better transparency, more natural and alive and with no high-frequency glare, even with the volume turned up ( which couldn’t be done with some tracks on the Express 6 due to some treble harshness at higher volume ).”

“On fitting the cables back into my own system, the stridency in the upper frequencies I was getting on some tracks, was all but gone. Brass bananas are clearly a no-no, particularly with the openness of the Anti-cable. They could be o.k. if there is bloat in the bottom end , but this would be just compensating. The description of ‘interesting’ now becomes ‘musical’. The Eichmann bayonets are a perfect partner for a double run of Anti-cable.”

“Next, I will experiment with a twisting of the double-run, of about 3 turns per foot. As it is, I am very happy with the current presentation and am reluctant to change anything. Much better than a single run, very smooth and balanced and very transparent. However, my curiosity needs to be satisfied and I will experiment further. Please feel free to include this in your testimonials page if you wish , if there are others who thought the presentation slightly lean, then this is the answer. Regards,”

Mr. Gedas, Australia

No. 129) Dethroning the Insane Cabling Industry:

“I want to express my warmest appreciation for the work you are doing dethroning the insane regular cabling industry. You’ve done us modest income people a great service. Best regards,”

Mike Stratil

No. 130) Bull… !!!

“Burn-in 500hrs? BULL!!! I just installed a full set of anti-Cables and anti-IC’s two days ago and am amazed at the near instantaneous improvement in the sound. Open, airy….much less congestion. The cables I replaced cost well over $6000. They will be posted on AGon soon. At the price you charge, I feel as if they were a gift! Thanks,”

Bob Bean Newburgh, IN

No. 131) More Transparent, Neutral and Open Sound Stage:

“I recently bought a set of Anti-Cables and I am still in the evaluating phase (cables have about 80 hours on them). I am 90% certain I’ll keep them. My reference is a pair of French cables, simple stuff, a bit like the DH Labs – silver over copper wire, twisted pair, TEFLON PTFE insulation and black PVC outer jacket. Your cables are more transparent, neutral and my sound stage has opened up.”

Joel Waterman, CA

No. 132) Off the Cable “Merry-go-Round”:

“I felt it was time to give you my personal experience with your cables. Back in January I ordered your speaker cables and a few weeks later ordered your interconnects.”

“Two very positive things have come out of this experience. First a big thank you for getting me off the cable “merry go round” Let me explain I have tried the expensive Virtual Dynamics, Cardas Reference, MITs, Transparents, Mapleshade, and Nordost and your cables are so much better in my 2 channel tube system. I am done seeking for the real sound that some of these cables claim and tired of cables coloring the sound. You are not kidding about the 3 d sound and realism these cables can present in an audio system.”

“Secondly, I have learned to be patient in selecting and listening to your cables. There has been much talk of these cables especially your interconnects needing many hours to really blossom. I have to admit they are right, although they sound good out the box they really show their true sound after 500 hrs.. Which is not a bad thing because you need to be patient with these cables and you will be rewarded with incredible realism that is so “live” and real sounding that the other night I could have sworn Eric Clapton, The Eagles, and Fleetwood Mac were in my listening room! Your cables have allowed me to just sit back and listen to the MUSIC and not the equipment. I can finally experience a huge soundstage so much that my floor standing speakers just vanish and the musicians take over.”

“To say I am happy is an understatement. If people have any doubts I will gladly extend an invitation for them to come to my home and listen for themselves, on second thought they should just order a pair and find out for themselves. I strongly believe they will not be disappointed. Thank you,”

Peter Camperos, CA

No. 133) Spent Well Over 10 Times More with Far Less Satisfaction:

“I am writing to let you know how happy I am with your anticable speaker wires. They are amazing. I do not want to say negative things about any other company. Only how positive I am that these are an ultimate best buy. I have spent well over 10 times more with far less satisfaction. This must be my year for amazing finds. I purchased the truly amazing Altmann B.Y.O.B. amp and Attraction DAC in January and have been loving music in a way I almost forgot one could. Your wires were the perfect addition to a system which is all about tonal accuracy and amazing rhythm and pace. Thank you so very much. Blessings to you both,”

Andrew Carey, FL

No. 134) The Cleanest, Clearest I’ve Ever Heard:

“I realize it took me a while to email you but I’m finding it harder to pull myself away from listening to music. This is the cleanest, clearest I’ve ever heard these speakers, I’m hearing background music that I thought could only be heard on my HD650′s. I imagine your interconnects have an equally profound effect. I’m kicking myself for recently spending $250.00 on a half meter length of Audionote Lexus. Again, thank you both for keeping my Hobby affordable.”

James Garside, Canada

No. 135) Holly Cow!

“All this hype is true! I actually heard entire instrument that i never heard before and the sound is warm and smooth and the bass is tight and clear. All this improvement on a system that comprise of Krell 200 watt class A and bryston 4B STamp, krell active crossover and preamp and CD plus martin logan monolith 3 . How a simple thing like a wire can improve a high end system that cost over $30,000 is beyond my imagination! Holly Cow! Great job!”


“…left you a good feedback for the reason that the wires WORK!!!!! WOW !!!! I have heard Fourplay’s CD 100 times and your wires send signal to my Martin Logan that I have never heard before and what use to be a group of fast played notes is now many separate notes played fast!!!! i cannot wait for the interconnect, you might have saved me ten thousand dollars by not having to buy a new Mark Levinson amp that I was planning, my Krell is just fine , I mean just great now!” Thanks again,

Roy Wong, NV

No. 136) No Other Can Deliver Equal Goods:

“Your discovery has made my system’s sound possible, because I am convinced there is no other that can deliver equal goods. The latest contesters who failed the test are Cardas Golden Reference, and Jena Labs SCs. The Jena was the best of the two, but it still fielded a faint fizz that overlaid the signal on my ribbon speaker system. It had the effect of giving female singers the cold.”

Vince Bezdecheck, CA

No. 137) Open mind = Happy hears:

“O.K., the anti-cables arrived yesterday. Impressively simples to see, so, I unpacked them skeptically, twisted them as you instructed and connected the two pairs biwiring my Focus speakers. And… put one critical CD, press play and heard the sound. My impression? At last only 2 seconds, out of the box, I was no more skeptical. They sounded as advertised: Better much better than several cables priced 10 or 20 times the anti-cables I had owned.”

“They are not perfect, so, I’m at the break-in process for a better judgment. I feel they presented a good tonal balance, tight bass, extended and still very focused high frequencies, and correct mids. No grain at all, impressive dynamics and live realism. After to hear them to sound, I’m thinking about there are theories to learn about.”

“For 10 times the price, you can’t get a better sound easily.”

“At my system they are debutants. The only negative I found, is the lack of a bit of sweetness in the mids. Just for it, I’m breaking-in them. I hope, that maybe they will change to better, and will lost some edges in the mids area, to acquire a bit of more relaxed sound. Lets wait for about 100 hours, and lets to hear the differences with other set-ups than twisted. But by now, I only can to say: Very impressive experience. Good work!”

Jose Mainieri, Costa Rica

No. 138) Music Comes Alive:

“Please add me to your list of satisfied customers (or shall I say, Blown Away!) customers.”

“Wow! Amazing Cables! Music comes alive with such a crystal clear high end. Vocals are so articulate now. Truly incredible!”

“I wholeheartedly recommend them! Wishing You the Best,”

Coby Utterback, OH

No. 139) There’s Nothing Between You and the Performers:

“A note to tell you that the Anti-speaker cables I ordered this past fall for my Magnepan 1.4′s have replaced my Tara Labs Space and Time cables— I love the sound!! My wife said “There’s nothing between you and the performers”. Thanks and a peaceful day to you!!”

Terry Roth, WA

No. 140) Cymbal Timber Differences are Amazing:

“Received the cables yesterday, got them wired up and within an hour I noticed improved midrange clarity on vocals, guitar chords, bells are “rounder”…the highs are especially well defined now. I hearing cymbal brushes and hits I barely noticed before. I do not recall hearing the different timbre of the cymbals…amazing…”

“Never had truly exotic cables, have tried various Monster and most recently used Transparent Audio products. I have M-L Aerius I’s…and for those who have and like these types of speakers….the cables really tighten up and clean up the sound well. Keep up the good work!”

Dave TenClay, MN

No. 141) Delighted this Brit:

“I’m delighted Paul. I recently compared hem to a pure silver cable costing nearly £300 & it took about 5 minutes before the others were in the post back to the distributor.”

Stefan Herber, UK/

No. 142) Totally Stunned this Brit:

“I am stunned by what your cable has done for my system. It’s as if it’s totally different – totally for the better. Thank you VERY much…”

Jannes Bolten, UK

No. 143) Strongly Recommend in Slovenia:

“As of recently I am a happy owner of your anti-cables and I would like to say that it really improved the sound of my Hi-Fi set. Among other things the bass region is more evident now, especially when listening to acoustic music (double bass for example). I guess this is due also to my other components but nevertheless I will strongly recommend your product to others as well.”

Andrej Valencic, Slovenia

No. 144) Never Been this Enthusiastic About any Equipment Purchase:

“Just received your incredible speaker cables and jumpers. Did not take long to replace the Tara Cables which had been linked to a pair of Legacy Classics. Matched with an ultra-high end tubular setup, your cables transmitted a sound never before experienced by this listener. The music became LIFE-LIKE ! A five minute audition will make a believer out of the most critical audiophile!!!”

“For those who happen upon this testimonial, YES, these things work and the sound you hear is PURE MAGIC… I have never been this enthusiastic about any equipment purchase and I have acquired quite a few pricey pieces over the years. Hands down, I have never experienced the level of enjoyment I am realizing with your anti-cables. Next step is the purchase of anti-interconnects!!!”

“Paul and Judy, thank you for the pleasure you are giving me with your wonderful product. These remarks are unsolicited and come with the highest of recommendations!!!”

Jim Lax, FL

No. 145) Canadian Group Effort:

“One Hi Fi friend had recently purchased quite many cables from you. After burning, hooking up, and firing off, most of the feed back is on the very positive side. He said the Anti-Cable sounds wonderfully than his $1000+ worth Kimble Cable. We have another audition in another set-up and it seems, the sound is more natural and distinctive (and quieter) than the fairly expensive one in using. Now, we are gathering orders and will place them soon. Regards and cannot wait to have the Anti-Cables on my system.”

Mark Derome, Canada

No. 146) A Felony May be in Order:

“First, I’ve let those on the PS Audio discussion forum know that it is a felony in all areas of the world to play music through lesser cables than yours. I’d been using a pair of PS Audio Xstream Resolution cables for about a year or so. They were the best I’d ever used, until 24 hours after introducing your Anti-Cables into my system. Man, I have never heard anything like this before! Amazing, amazing, amazing! My girlfriend came home from work the other night and she noticed the difference immediately as she walked in. She’s never said that about anything else audio-wise that I’ve bought before! The both of us thank you for such an incredible contribution!”

Erik C. Chapin, WA

No. 147) Refreshing:

“I am coming near the term of my evaluation of the AC and anti IC and have decided to keep them.”

“They offer superb value (notably the IC, which I found nearly the equal of my long time reference, and much more expensive Fadel Ref. 1 IC!!! Never had found a satisfactory alternative so far, including Nordost Tyr, Audience 24, …; wow); I am not sure the AC are fully broken in yet, but the results are good enough at this stage that I want to continue experimenting with them and listening more.”

“Congratulations and than you for offering true quality cables at such an affordable price, this is so refreshing in today’s hifi world. Kind regards”

Stéphane Prunet-Sharma, CA

No. 148) Expensive MIT’s are looking for a New Home:

“I just received my anti cables and anti ic’s. You’ve heard the phrase that ignorance is bliss. I’ve got a little different twist on that…ignorance is also very expensive! Your products are absolutely unbelievable! I’ve heard about you and your wires for a couple of years or so. I always chuckled to myself about the guys that were using your stuff. I mean after all, didn’t they know that for big performance you had to have big cables? Furthermore, how could the performance of your skinny little wires be anywhere close to my speaker cables that weighed between 50-78 pounds per pair and retailed for as much as $14,000.00 a pair? After all, the more they cost the better they must be…right? WRONG!!!”

“Plus, it seemed to me that if you had big expensive cables that required college wrestling moves just to get them installed then you shouldn’t need to be hooking up some coil of wire behind your speakers in an effort to make things right. These guys were chasing dreams with that stuff as far as I was concerned. Now I know better!”

“I have owned most of the MIT lineup from the Magnum M1′s up to the top where I’m at right now with my MIT Oracle MA interconnects ($6,995.00 per 1 meter RCA) and Magnum MA speaker cable ($7,995.00 per 8 foot pair). I have literally spent tens of thousand of dollars in the past couple of years on speaker cables and interconnects and I was very happy with the sound that I had going with my current cables…until I put yours in my system that is!”

“I am totally flabbergasted at how good these are! My expensive MIT’s will definitely be looking for a new home.”

“Yours have the most neutral, natural, balanced, full, tight, quick, smooth delivery I’ve ever heard! Nothing lost and everything gained. And I’ve got less than 2 hours on them! The only downside that I can see is that once again I find myself in the burn in mode, but this time around I’ve got something I can definitely live with when the burn in is done.”

“I’m very tickled that I gave these a chance. I did so because of all the positive reviews and comments other users are posting on the internet. That’s generally how I buy my gear…I read what other guys are saying and when I find something that a bunch of guys are talking about and they’re all saying the same thing then I figure I better check that item out.”

“When I see repeated postings from guys saying that they got rid of their $8,000.00 cables because yours were better, that’s something I have to get in on. So glad I did.”

“Now, FYI…when I emailed you last week about these I asked if you thought there would be any problem running Bybee Golden Goddess RCA and speaker tails with them. You indicated that you didn’t know enough about the Bybee product to answer that. My new Bybee’s came yesterday right before the box from you arrived. So I went ahead and installed the Speltz/Bybee combination at the same time and they are very complimentary. My soundstage is huge and highly detailed and I’ve got music coming out of the furniture!”

“I also went ahead and twisted my anti cables before installing them. A lot of guys were saying that was the way to go so I just did it up front. Now I have nothing to do but sit back and enjoy and keep my fingers crossed that the “crap mode” of burn in won’t be too bad.”

“I think my next purchase will be a pair of your Autoformers. First I need to find a couple of anti cable haters to sell my MIT stuff to though! Could be tough because I think there’s only 2 of them out there. LOL!!!”

“It seems to me that with as good as your products are that you could charge whatever you wanted for them. My wife asked me yesterday what came in the box. I told her some dirt cheap speaker cables and interconnects that could allow me to sell my other more costly cables. She just rolled her eyes…she’s heard that before! Then I told her about your products and what they cost. Then I pointed to the MIT cables and told her the retail of those. Then I told her that if everything I had read about your wires was true, then I could sell my expensive cables and put some serious cash in the bank. Her eyes weren’t rolling then.”

“My hat is off to you. Keep up the good work. I’ll probably be rolling through soon for a pair of Autoformers. Thanks again.”

Mike Fultz, WA

No. 149) No Regrets in Taiwan:

“You have a great product and certainly deserve the award. I replaced my $2000 speaker cables with yours and never regretted for a minute.”

“Steven” Hung-Liang Yu, Taiwan

No. 150) More Real in Switzerland:

“I received the cables yesterday. Thank you. Immediately I got to work and replaced both my interconnect and LS cables with yours. I could not believe my ears. The sound so so different. We call it more real. The bass had improved tremendously (and you write that the bass will even improve after burn in – I can’t wait !) and the overall clarity was a complete step change. I called in my wife to witness. She is very critical as she has little sympathy for me spending money on hifi tuning but has a very good ear as she is linguistic and plays the piano and classical guitar. I swapped back to my original (Van den Hull) and back to yours again. Straightaway she said that it’s more like the real thing”. In the last few weeks, I have tried 5 ‘upgrades’ of Van den Hull including the famous “First”, Kimber and Cardas cables. All did not impress and the minor improvement the Cardas Neutral Reference made, still did not justify the expenditure. I am a happy man. Thanks. Regards,”

Alistair Botterill, Switzerland

No. 151) Really Impressed:

“I keep listening to my set up with these new cables and all I can say is “wow!”. The soundstage has improved tremendously and everything is just so clear now. I REALLY am impressed and have started to tell my friends about it.”

Tom Fontaine, OR

No. 152) Astonished:

“I just received my Anti Cables and am absolutely astounded at how much of an improvement they’ve made already. Best $80 I’ve ever spent. THANKS.”

Michael Howe
Downtown Records / A&R
1545 N. Wilcox Ave.
Suite 200
LA CA 90028

No. 153) A Polish Privilege:

“Hallo, I bought a pair of anticables plus anti-jumpers from you. Before, I had been using a set of a renowned bi-wired configuration.. I must admit I thought your testimonials were sort of advertising hype… yes I did… So fortunately was I wrong! I cannot thank enough for the privilege of using your cables. I say a privilege, because I cannot seriously think of how much money it would take to otherwise buy this kind of quality. Should you decide to wrap your antis up in fancy clothing, they would yield thousands. And yet you prefer to give your cables away for next to nothing. As they are now coming to Poland, my thank-you is more than gratitude… The constructor of my KT88 tube amplifier, a close friend of mine, was equally impressed, which will give me a good night’s sleep, too.”

“I seriously consider my purchase the best I ever made. Please feel free to use and/or publish my testimonial. I believe you can still improve well on the sales in Eastern Europe, as the quality you are offering by far exceeds the market offerings from major manufacturers.”

“Best greetings and wishes for all the best!”

Piotr Woryma, Poland

No.154) Cable Skeptic in Norway:

“I am a cable-skeptic. Despite this fact I’ve had many cables over the years to go by. It has been cables like Transparence Reference, MIT Shotgun, Audioquest Dragon SE and a bunch of others that I don’t care to mention.”

“Then I got your cable. I actually just bought it for fun, because it was inexpensive and I got a good promo prize. I hooked it up, and sat down…. And your cable just blew me away… The treble was excellent, no hard ssss on the top, midrange open as good as it could get, and the bass…..The bass was making music, not just some rumble far below…”

“Thank you for making this cable so we Vikings here in Norway really would enjoy it !!  Regards,”

Hans Solbakken, Norway

No. 155) Keeps Going Back to Anti-Cables:

“It has now been several years since I purchased your Anti-cables, and just like I keep on going back to my Linn LP12, I keep going back to my Anti-cables.”

“The true measure of any product is its longevity, and while I have flirted with many, many other cables, I keep going back to the Anti-cables. They are very neutral and musical. I believe they represent the closest thing to no cable I have ever heard, and that is indeed a great compliment. Well done, and thank you. Sincerely,”

Steve Dauer, WI

No.156) Music Lover First:

“I’ve been meaning to contact you and tell you how much I adore your speaker wires! Being the skeptic I am over most audio tweaks I really didn’t react when my friend, Mike Malone, sent me the link to your site last year. I didn’t bother to look into it, because unlike many audiophiles I’m not into wires. Please don’t confuse me with that ever-vocal “wire-is-just-wire” minority. I’m hardly like that at all. I just get used to the status quo and I don’t want to mess with the “success”. Some people are just chomping at the bit to do the next tweak, but I’d rather find more records at an estate sale. I’m a music lover first, an audiophile 2nd. I don’t pride myself on having the best audio system, but I do pride myself on having one that tells the truth. Exotic planar and stat speakers have never impressed me. They’ve always been audiophile BS to me. I work for Cisco Music and I work with them to create the best sounding 180 gram LPs money can buy. Weird audio-fool things, like single-ended amps, ribbon speakers, stat panels (Martin Logan, Sound Labs, Quad ESLs, etc.) and Lowther based system have no place in a system where I’m to get the EQ right on an LP.”

“Anyway, Mike had a second set of your 8’ speaker cables and sent them for me to try. Holy $%#@*! I have never heard a speaker cable make a difference like this! Skeptic friends said I’d get tired of the “solid wire” sound pretty quickly. Not so! I’m sure the wires have broken-in during 3 weeks they’ve been in my system, but I’ve hardly noticed it. I like them from the first minute.”

“Hey, thanks for making my system sound better! Take care,”

Robert Pincus, of

No. 157) Try These First Before, You Waste Your Money:

“I recently purchased a set of your speaker cables, I based my purchase solely on the testimonials that I read and your price. I asked myself; given what little materials are involved with the construction of cables how could any high end manufacturers be demanding such premiums. You guys are some of the nicest and honest folks that I have had the pleasure of dealing with in a long time. I hope that your business is making enough money such that you will be able to continue offering your wonderful products to us.”

“I can now attest to the fact that the speaker cables are truly what all the testimonials told me that they would be and at an unbelievable price. Yes the speaker cables are simple and yes the parts may not be overly expensive BUT the cost savings are obviously passed along to us and the CABLES WORK like a hot damn. Thanks for bringing such simplicity to my life, I am thankful that I stumbled upon your cables prior to buying any supposed high end speaker cables. To all the audiophiles out there, try these first before you waste your money, I did and here I am writing another testimonial !!”

Derryl Bilawka, Canada

No.158) Wish He’d Found the Anti-Cables sooner:

“I figured after reading a couple dozen raving testimonials I’d give your speaker cables a go, for curiosity’s sake as well as an opportunity to enhance my system to even a minor degree at a relatively small cost. So I ordered, I connected, and I listened.”

“Well, I’m here to tell ya that I wish I’d found this product sooner. I’ve owned my Maggie 1.6QR speakers for 9 years, and I have not heard bass like this from these before, in both depth and impact. There’s an improved clarity throughout the entire range, and music’s overall communication has raised a solid notch.”

“Thanks for a quality product that’s affordable to the masses – I can see why many have said they’ve put their obscenely expensive speaker cables up for sale after hearing the Anti-Cables in their systems. Regards,”

Gary Geers, CO

No. 159) From “Skeptic” to “Convert” to “Advocate”:

“WOW! I understand why so many of your customers feel compelled to drop everything and send you a message immediately after trying your “anti-cables”. Me, too…

“Overnight I have gone from “skeptic” to “convert” to “advocate” and – I am sure – to “proselytizer”.

“First, thanks for your very prompt shipping. Based on our phone conversation, I was not expecting the cables to arrive until today or tomorrow. It was a nice surprise when they showed up on Saturday…and very good timing. I had just that morning taken my two main amplifiers from my den system to my dealer for a return to manufacturer for an upgrade.”

“Consequently I was using a secondary amp – but still excellent and still familiar. I had been wishing I could get the cables before today as today I am taking delivery of some new electronics for the system and would not have the opportunity to judge the effect of cables alone if I had to insert them into a new system.”

“So I spent yesterday – through the afternoon – listening again to some recordings I use for evaluating reproducing equipment, just to be sure my ears were up-to-date with them.

“In the late afternoon the 3 pairs of anti-cables went into the system – L/R/center speakers.”

“I dropped in a CD, and before the first track was half-finished, my jaw dropped and my face lit up, astonished – a pattern that continued to repeat itself until the wee, small hours of the morning.”

“I used mostly demo CDs – tracks selected to offer a wide span of musical style and various performance types – solo instruments, small and large ensembles, voice, chorus – everything I could think of. My listening consists mostly of classical and jazz and through all of last evening’s experience the “anti-cables” demonstrated consistently the best sound I have ever heard from my system. I cannot remember when any addition or change in equipment has been such an obvious and instant transformation.”

“If this is what the cables sound like without “break-in”, and if they do improve with use and the passage of time, what will they sound like eventually? Wow again!”

“I spent time dialing back the bass, and generally lowering the volume level, too. No need to push anything. I like to listen to music at “live” levels – and I found the new cables let me get there sooner and with greater satisfaction.”

“I could go on and on about my reactions and my delight, but I’ll save that for a later communication.”

“What mystifies me the most is why the addition of 3 sets of cables had such a comprehensive effect on the sound. The whole system pulled together better than it ever has, with more depth and clarity, more solidity and more ambience. The bass was an instant and incredible change. Every instrument in every range had more personality and more truth in sound. All groups – whether small or large – were more cohesive, more personal, and more powerful.”

“As I mentioned on the phone, this set of cables went into my secondary listening rig (though I do use it more often than my primary one – just for convenience). My speakers are the small Magnepans (MG 12s), which I run with a pair of subs. They’ve always sounded great – always give me much pleasure. But your cables made me think I was listening to the bigger MG 3.6s which are in my primary system. What will your cables do for those, I wonder…”

“Nothing I heard last night was less than total pleasure and continuing surprise…even piano recordings and vocal ones (the hardest tests, for me). I got as far as some recordings in Dolby Surround, and eventually to some DVDs – just to hear 5.1 – and I almost could not get past Diana Krall in Paris, or Abbado’s Mahler 5 in Lucerne…I went through Mercurys, Reference Recordings, Living Stereos, Cheskys, Everest Super Bit Analogs, Oh, lots of stuff. Great fun.”

“After the first track I said “well, I won’t be going to bed tonight”. After about a half-hour I said “well, I won’t be leaving home for a few weeks”… every time I thought something might be less than satisfactory, I moved on to another disk and it turned out that the lack was in the recording and not in the reproduction.”

“As you can see, you have another satisfied customer. I’m headed for the phone this morning to share my experience with some friends. Maybe you’ll have some more cables coming East!”

“You can expect to get another order from me before long.”

“In the meantime, many thanks. I feel more than lucky to have encountered your “anti-cables”. The day I added them to the system has gone in my memory’s calendar and won’t be shaken loose. An important day.”

“Now, on to LPs, SACDs, DVD-As, and movies!!…. All best,”

Ernie Ligon, MD

No. 160) The Equivalent of Cleaning My Glasses:

“I have purchased both the speaker cable and interconnects from you in the past and the results are astonishing. Comparing your cables to many others (some very costly for me) are the equivalent of cleaning my glasses after having dirt on them. Their simplicity and effectiveness is brilliant. Best regards,”

Ben Trakhtenberg, OH

No. 161) Better Then Cables Costing 10 to 25 Times More in Germany:

“I purchased one year ago a pair of Anti-Cables (10 ft ) and they’re simply outstanding performers. Compared with 10 and 25 times more expensive cables I was immediately convinced from your speaker cables. It’s the all over/ the ‘no special effect’ performance, which is the positive difference to the competitors. With any of the ‘tweaks’ I tried (Shun Mook / Harmonix / Hal-o Dampers and more), I was able to hear the change in the soundsystem, before it was sometimes a ‘guess’. So you really can tune your system to your preferences without losing the ‘natural’ sound character of the cables. Best Regards”

Siegfried Zahn, Germany

No. 162) Magic:

“I received the cables yesterday and installed them today. There is only one word I could possibly use to descript them: “magic”. Thanks again,”

Lawrence Jackson, CA

No. 163) Veils Removed:

“I’ve been enjoying a biwire pair between my Adcom GFP-5400 and B&W CDM-1NT monitors, as well as three pair of Anti-ICs w/the Eichmann connectors. Each addition removed a veil from the sound, particularly the speaker cables! I recommend them to anyone who’ll listen. I have some audiophile coworkers, and they’re skeptical, naturally, but one of these days my wife and I will be holding a party, and they can come over and hear for themselves.”

Tom Artman, VA

No. 164) Red Devil in Slovenia:

“You probably heard a lot of time, but really, I played with lot of wires (cooper, silver, mixed alloy…) but this one is still a winner. I mean, this red “devil” has more details that I heard from some “high end” silver wire, 99.99999…purity, cryogenically treated etc etc…”

“Eugen” Tatjana Skrabl, Slovenia

No. 165) “Pardon my French”:

“Before I tell what I think of the products so far, I have a question. Are either of you in the ad biz? When I came to you site for the first time, I thought to myself, if I was going to art direct those product shots- that’s pretty much exactly what I’d do. Rarely do I see my own sensibilities so nicely done. Kudos!”

“So… with all of two days under my belt, I can hear why most would say these cables and the ICs are a very fairly priced and they would be correct. However, they appear in the long run to have the potential of being very expensive, both in time and money. When I should be doing other things, I’m not. I’m just listening. But that’s not all, look at the value side of things. I for one, do not think getting a new amp is going to be an inexpensive proposition. And after all these years of living with the basically the same speakers (upgraded in ’91), they may finally be in jeopardy, too. At this point, we are thinking serious time and money. Especially when common sense says that’s the ass-backwards approach. The again, the whole notion of the A-Cs is rather counterintuitive- perhaps brilliantly so. All they strive to do, is what one can only hope for- they try to get out of the way. How refreshing.”

“So for now, do Anti-Cables have value? From my POV, hardly. Invaluable? Quite possibly, time will tell…eh?”

Best regards,
Peter DeBoer, NC

….and more, two weeks later…

“Pardon my French”

“Holy Shit! Sorry, but that’s the only thought that I had when I turned on the tunes this morning. The Anti’s are now broken in and I have the pleasure of owning one outstanding product. Kudos! Regards,”

Peter DeBoer, NC

No.166) How Something so Affordable can be so Much Better:

“so far i have replaced all my IC’s and speaker cables and every time it still surprise me. The most revealing was the last set of IC i installed, recently i switched to all SET so all previous XLR from paul have to be replaced. I borrowed a pair of harmonic technology IC that cost in the 4 figures and when i got the anti-IC, i installed them and the sound change was simply amazing. How something so affordable can be so much better, just go to show the power of marketing. Your competitors have spend millions in advertising how good they are and you have beat them all with free word of mouth advertising and a great concept that all the fancy expensive metal parts cannot replace nor compare. One happy camper in las vegas.”

Roy Wong, NV

No. 167) Wonderful Simplicity:

“I have had your speaker cables for almost 2 years – I haven’t used them in at least 8 months until recently I put them back in my system – biwired – to my speakers and – well these cables are so neutral compared to what I was using before – it was almost like the same revelation came back to me as when I first used your cables.”

“These absolutely do not add anything to the signal – they are just a beautiful conduit to what’s already there. I have re-discovered the wonderful simplicity of the anticables. Thank You,”

Stewar Margolis, PA

No. 168) Beat $2000 cables in Spain:

“Today I’ve received the speaker cables and I’ve tried them (in biamp mode for the medium and high frequencies). Today I’ve ordered the second pair (for the low frequencies). Why I’ve ordered so fast the second pair? Because I’m seated at home with my wife, enjoying a red wine and listening my super HIFI system as never I’ve listened it. It seems UNBELIVABLE to me, these babies of 100$ could beat my +2000$ speaker cables. The voices are stunning, the violins sounds like they’re here…I can’t believe it.”

“Sorry Paul, when I was ordered your cables I’ve though “hey Luis another waste of money trying new esoteric hifi gear…”. Nothing far from reality, these cables are the best investment I’ve never done in my system. There will be people who read my review and they will have my first though, let me say them just one thing: BUY THE ANTICABLES AND ENJOY DE MUSIC forever. Thanks Paul to share with us your knowledge and to have created these cables, Thanks Judy for the fast delivery and excellent shipping box, thanks both to make me and my wife happy.”

Luis Buzzi, Barcelona Spain

No. 169) Completely Opened up the Speakers:

“Just wanted to let you know I received cables in perfect condition. These replaced a pair of Monster M950i’s that I’ve had for years – the immediate difference was that your cables completely opened up my speakers (A/D/S MV80t) on the high end and soundstage. Clarity on vocals and guitar licks were defined more than I’ve ever heard from my system. I absolutely love them. Sincerely,”

Dan Evans, MI

No. 170) I am Driving my Family Nuts in the Netherlands:

“Received the goodies yesterday.”

“Love the Digital Anti-IC (replaced a QED) very smooth, detailed and faster in the bass area. Combined with the new Anti-Ic Interlink, it spreads the soundstage nicely. Although I did miss the clear placement of instruments, voices etc. (probably needs “playing in”).”

“The biggest step forward is the anti-cable speaker cables combined with the ZEROs. Set at 2x the soundstage improved hugely (details, placement of instruments). I have upgraded it to 3x. The bass is even tighter now. I am driving my family nuts, playing music at 5 in the morning. The sound is so addictive, I just cannot stop myself from playing my reference cd’s.”

“So now I do NOT need”
- a complete revision of my amps (tubes)
- acoustical treatment of the room (the booming bass used to drive me crazy).

“The whole system sounds as tight as a drum. Thanks a lot. Cheers,”

Piet Keijzer, Netherlands

No. 171) Best Bang-for-the Buck:

“This is the second pair of speaker cables I have bought from you and they are very good! Your speaker cables are the best bang for the buck audio accessories I have ever purchased! How do I leave feedback on Audiogon? Thanks,”

Bill Daily, MO

No. 172) Blew Audience AU24 out of the Water:

“Okay….I am absolutely impressed! Your cables were beyond what I could have possible expected! I was running Monster M2.4S and was considering going with Audience AU24, but the anti-cables blew them both out of the water! I felt as though a thick veil of fog was lifted from my system. The warmth, the sound stage, the imaging and depth was immediately improved. I found myself enjoying music in a way I had never experienced with my system! On Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five”, for example, the title track was substantially deeper and more life-like behind every note! I though I had known that track so well. The clarity and the neutrality from these cables is unbelievable! I simply can’t believe they sound this good with only 2 hours playing time on them. I will definitely be contacting you soon for a pair of your interconnects! Thank you so very much for being a true lover of music, and a true friend to the audiophile. Sincerely,”

Shaun Wick, Canada

No. 173) Consistently Liquid and Precise (not a contradiction):

“Have now listened to my system with your cables for about 40 hours. As seems common with many who have written to you, the cables (bi-wired) replaced considerably pricier items. In my system (Sonus Faber Guarnieri speakers, cj premier 12′s, Blue Circle preamp, Eurolab turntable) I had from the start accepted the inevitable trade-off of listening with great pleasure to small-scale chamber and solo music and voices with the knowledge that the speakers simply could not manage “large-scale” sound. Well right now, Bruckner’s fourth symphony is filling the room and I constantly turning down the volume so as not to wake up the entire apartment building.”

“I do not want to pretend that your cables have turned my speakers into Infinity IRS V’s, but they have without question brought a vast range of musical material into the orbit of highly pleasurable listening. After going back and forward a few times between your cables and my old rig, I am confident that it is not an issue of frequency response: rather the cause is far far less smearing of the musical signal. The sounds I hear throughout the frequency range that the speakers can produce is consistently liquid and precise (not a contradiction) and the sound stage is filled with music that exhibits this quality throughout.”

“Finally I am still hearing real – subtle but important improvement – in the sound. Certainly in my case, the sound out-of-the-box was very far from what I am now hearing. In conclusion, I have found speakers, amplification, and a turntable to live with for the long-term, and now can confidently say the same for your cable. Thank you for a terrific product at a truly humane price.”

David Steiner, NY

No. 174) Everything is Simply Amazing:

“For me buying AntiCables was not a “downgrade” from some hugely expensive cables, as is the case for many of your customers, but rather an upgrade from some really old cables that were still in my newly assembled system. The difference they made in detail, bass extension, soundstage, the sound of attacks and decays…EVERYTHING! is simply amazing. I will be ordering Anti-ICs soon! Thanks so much,”

Robert Lattanzi, NY

No. 175) Removed a Pair of Absurdly Expensive Tara Cables:

“Suffice it to say that I am more than content with my purchase. (I removed a pair of absurdly expensive Tara cables and tried out your Anticables this afternoon.)”

“The difference between the Tara cables (almost as thick as my arm and as wieldy as an anaconda) was immediate. The highs were much better defined and open, the mids were gorgeous. (Chris Whitley, “Hotel Vast Horizon” CD) As I said before, the difference was immediately apparent to me.”

“I would love to tell you to charge more, but I will be buying more down the road. In the meantime, I’ll spread the word – just a little bit.”

“Thanks for an excellent product well worth the money.”

“PS: The color KILLS!”

Bill O’Brien, NY

No. 176) A Decade of Wire Shopping Comes to a Stop:

“Fantastic job developing this product. I am extremely happy with the return on my investment. After spending a decade shopping for a set of wires that are reasonably priced and sonically transparent I have stopped looking. What you have done should be earmarked as a victory for the audio community, giving the hobby back to the enthusiast and making some of the industry gatekeepers double-check their key rings. I remarked to myself while writing this that your product/company is almost like a charitable foundation for audiophiles abused by the marketing machine. With much appreciation,”

Michelle Aplin, OH

No. 177) Made MIT Music Hose sound Constricted:

“I’ve been using a 10′ pair of AC for the past few weeks and wanted to tell you what a significant improvement they are over my aged MIT Music Hose. When I first hooked them up, my wife, whose ears are far better than mine, exclaimed how terrific the music suddenly sounded, and she was in the next room! After a few weeks, as an “A-B” I swapped the MIT’s back and immediately was struck by how ‘constricted” they sound compared to the AC’s. “Wow” is the operative word! Kind regards,”

Paul Sanders, WA

No. 178) Fantastic Cables:

“I am sure you hear this all the time, but thank you so much for these fantastic cables. Everything has improved and things sound “like they should”. Also, thanks for selling your product at a price I can afford. I am sure you could sell these for much more if you wished.”

Many Thanks,

Robert Stejskal, UT

No. 179) Trashed Far More Expensive Cables in Greece:

“I have received the anticables two weeks ago in excellent shape and I could not stop listening to them. They sound absolutely great in my system and actually they have trashed my far more expensive -but significantly older- cables. I have already started spreading the word around… Thank you for a great bargain! Kind Regards,”

Konstantinos Xanthopoulos, Greece

No. 180) Add Another Rave to the Pile:

“Greetings from perpetually snowy Toronto. I hope you’re well. Add another rave to the pile. Right out of the box your speaker cables have brought a delightful improvement. I tremble at the thought of further revelations with break-in! Why some mega-cost cable outfit hasn’t put out a contract on your operation is beyond me. Of course, now that Pandora’s box is opened, my thoughts turn to replacing my interconnects. At least I know it won’t cost an arm and a leg to do so. If there was a Nobel prize for audio, I’m sure that it would be in the bag for you and your product. Thanks and best wishes,”

Karl Tallis, Canada

No. 181) Very Impressed in New Zealand:

“Just tried out your speaker cables at Living Sight & Sound way down here in Timaru, New Zealand and was VERY impressed with the results! I brought in my Arcam Delta 290 integrated and 290P power amp running off a Rotel RDC 955 cd player (Monster 350 inter-connects) and through B&W DM 501 speakers.”

“Tried my set up with ordinary speaker cables first with banana plugs to the amp and bare cable to posts at the speaker end. It all sounded not too bad in store but was ‘missing’ something. Then hooked up your anti cables and there was such a difference in bass punch, vocals and higher tones.”

“Warren, (one of the owners) suggested hooking the set up through some Mirage Omni 350 floor standers they had on display with your same cables and ‘wow’ what a fantastic sound and speakers large enough to do my system justice (have been wanting to upgrade the book shelf B&W’s for some time). We tried (cd and vinyl) acoustic, vocal, reggae, electronic and some early rock & roll and it all sounded just fine!! So good I’ve ordered the cable and thinking of the speakers too!”

“Thanks very much for your time and for make a such a great product available!!! Kind regards,”

Rob Crawford, New Zealand

No. 182) Recommended by Lovington Horn Loudspeaker Company in UK:

“I recently, with my friend John Howes, of Southborough, Kent purchased some Anti from you.
I must say what a revelation! I am very impressed, and so where many of our customers at the Heathrow Hi Fi Show last weekend.”

“I was demonstrating our Lovington Horn SH1 loudspeaker, and so impressed where we with the speaker cable, and the Anti-ICs, we have decided to make Anti our speaker cable recommendation. In fact we intend to offer all our customers a free set of Anti speaker cable with each pair of SH1 horns. No other cable will do. So you have a firm recommendation from us and I hope some increased sales for both you and Lovington. Please check out our website Very Best Wishes,”

Mike Blackmore, Lovington Horn Loudspeakers and New Ash Green Hi-Fi Club (NAGFI), UK

No. 183) Blew Huge XLO’s out the Window in the Philippines:

“Congratulations! A client lent his Anticables to a fellow audiophile. The results: Mr. X had bi-wired Diamond B&W Signatures (top of the line of B&W as of now). Was using the most expensive gigantic XLO cables on them but when he went to hear the system of another ‘phile, he heard some notes and noticed a big change. First he wired up with full Speltz. He felt that he lacked Bass. So he went with XLO for the bass and Speltz for the mid-hi’s. He hasn’t come out of his house for a week. He is hearing music that he could not with the XLO’s, and is ecstatic. Thing is, the guy who lent him the cables now lost his extra pair of 8 foot anticables. HAHA! I will remedy the situation. Just wanted to let you know what was going on in Manila. And I hope the story boosts you and Judy’s morale. You just blew those huge XLO’s out the window. And then Anticables quietly floated into his system. Everybody happy. Best,”

Gerry Kaimo, Philippines

No. 184) Another Canadian Believer:

“I’m a neighbor from the north, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I recently acquired a pair of the Anti-cables from Canuck Audio Mart (CAM), our equivalent of Audiogon in the USA. I must admit that I had not heard of your product and was always searching for that “nirvana” cable which would make such a difference in my system and ultimately in listening pleasure. I saw the ad for your cables on CAM and after reading some testimonials and researching reviews decided to purchase them. I figured that at the price for a used pair, what could I lose?”

“Well I’m listening to music as I write this and honestly, I can’t believe the difference. These sound better than anything I have had in my system; detail, balance, neutrality, tight bass, decay of cymbals ( I could go on and on). I feel like I’m in a concert with Keb Mo! I must admit that I was skeptical (after many other disappointments), but the listening test has made me a believer. Now you have me wondering about ICs and digital connects.”

“Thanks for making a fantastic speaker cable at a bargain price! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Dave Lake, Canada

No. 185) The Winner:

“I must admit that I was ready to send your cables back before I received them. I took the 8ft pair out of the box and hooked them to my DNA 1 driven by my Magnun Dynalab, to break them in. Fired them up and stood back. Dang, they blew away my $300 monster cables right out of the box!!!”

“I was sitting outside on the porch for 2 hours, when suddenly, I noticed how good the system was sounding from OUTSIDE.”

“Well, I had to go in and hook up my other $1300 Monster cables so I could send these cables back. I’m sure that my “good” cables are better. I hooked the better monsters up and I was stunned. I could use all the buzz words; air, bass, smear, bla,bla but it went from a big stereo back to a boom box with the monster cables. Looks like the Anti-Cables are not going back and I will be ordering some Anti-IC’s. You’re a winner!!”

Steve Bennett, FL

No. 186) Delighted in Sydney:

“Hi from Sydney, I’d just like to say how delighted I am with the anti cables and interconnects. They arrived yesterday and I expected at least a few days break in before I could compare them to my previous cables (JPS And Audio Note ) but immediately they just sounded so much better. They have a rightness of tone and a coherence which is captivating. I can’t stop listening to my music collection. My only regret is that they weren’t around years ago – it might have saved me a lot of money !!. Cheers and congratulations on a great product.”

“P.S I noticed in your literature that they improve with use. Surely they can’t get any better, can they? For the money it’s just phenomenal.”

Peter Obrien, Australia

No. 187) Easily Surpassed Cables Costing 100 times more:

“Cables are what the reviews have described. Fast, articulate, transparent! What a deal! Easily surpass many cables that I have tried that cost 100 times more.”

Dott_C, AudioGon

No. 188) Real and Profound:

“ I replaced mid grade speaker cables with yours on my all-Acoustat system about 50-60 hours ago. My Spectra 33′s have absolutely never sounded better! I didn’t notice any dramatic improvement right away, but one day I realized: hey – something’s different. The Acoustats were never bass shy (gut-thumping in fact), but now the bass has a clarity that is both “round” and razor sharp at the same time. Harmonics of cymbals ring much more clearly and naturally, but on guitar, harmonics reach through the entire overtone series effortlessly. AntiCables really accentuate the fast transient response of the MOSFET amp/electrostatic combination.”

“In short, the differences with AntiCables are real and profound. There is simply more and more music. I can hardly wait for the 100 hour mark! Well done!”

Chuck Rieman, FL

No. 189) More Revealing than Kimber 4TC:

“By now I’m sure you’re used to hearing high praise from your astonished customers, so this will be no surprise. I’ve had your speaker cable for around a month now and I absolutely love it. Although I’m a “cable believer,” as I like to put it, even I did not expect speaker wire to affect the sound of my system to such a high degree. They instantly sounded more revealing than the Kimber 4TC I was using, and the improved transient response you describe is right on the money, it’s exactly what I hear. Today I received a pair of your interconnects which I’m about to unpack and try. I expect great things. Thanks for everything,”

Dave Obal, NJ

No. 190) The Anti’s Startled Me:

“When I first heard the anti’s in my rig, it startled me. I’ve only been startled by a upgrade twice. The 1st time was when I bought a pass labs aleph-3 ($2500 retail) the 2nd time when I bought my 1st sacd player with a 5670/6n3 tube output stage. ($2300 retail).”

“The $100 anti-cables sound like a major component upgrade. Incredible! I made a good buck selling my old $$$$ harmonic technology pro-11′s. Sincerely,”

Dave Bauer, NY

No. 191) Russian Clarity:

“As promised here is my short review of your Anti-Cables and Anti-IC’s.”

“My system consists of Chord Choral One CD Player, Gryphon Diablo Integrated Amplifier, Dynaudio Confidence 5 Loudspeakers.
I use Cardas Audio Golden Reference balanced interconnect and Kimber Kable Monocle XL loudspeaker cable.”

“When first time I used your IC’s and Anti-Cables I noticed the sound is thin and sometime unpleasant in highs. But I did remember every cable have to run for a while. So they did for about 200 hours and the sound has greatly changed. The most impressive is the bass. It is very deep and tight. The mids and highs are clear and accurate. The whole picture is very much neutral. I cannot say that I hear these cables. On the opposite – I see the components of the system and what their input to the sound.”

“I have just noticed a little bit laid back character of the IC’s which was not very good for my ears. However maybe this is the character of my system (especially Chord Player) that I usually improve by using Cardas GR that focuses on mids.”

“Conclusion: great solution for the money, especially for the systems that need to sound more clear and informative.”

“Thank you and warm regards,”

Denis Shilakin, Russia

No. 192) One of the Most Positive Additions:

“Got the Anti-Cables that I ordered, in the mail on Friday – 4 days from MN to Ontario Canada – amazing! I ordered 2 sets, as I am using Paradigm Monitor P-40′s which are bi-wired.”

“Well, Phyllis (the better half) and I sat down and put on some very familiar music by Frank Sinatra on vinyl. Not only was there a difference, but it was a very noticeable difference – immediate and profound, to say the least. There was so much more mid-range and high end clarity that it was astounding! Phyllis was the first to comment on the change – so much more clarity and cleanliness of the sound. I would never have believed that just changing out speaker cables would ever make that much difference – but it does and in a very good way. All I can say is that this change has been one of the most positive additions to my system that I have made – period! I was a skeptic made into a believer, and if there was ever any doubt about how much a cable can affect the sound of a system, it is now dissolved completely. Thanks Paul and Judy, from Ken and Phyllis for making our system sound so much better. Regards,”

Ken Roach, Canada

No. 193) Discovered Beauty in Poland:

“Just a few days ago I received a parcel from you with speaker cables and IC. I couldn’t stay any longer and I’ve connected them. What happened then was amazing. More details, fully controlled bass but treble and whole scene has moved backwards. It is not so bad but I’ve expected more. Midrange has surprised me, more details, very nice “reception’, I’ve discovered again beauty of some older records. I’m expecting that after “warming up” they will expand their good qualities. My system: amplifier Roksan Caspain M series-1, CD player also Caspian, speakers jmlab focal chorus 807V, in close future also Caspian power amp. I’ll let you know what happened after more hours of listening of yours Anti’es. Yours sincerely,”

Krystian Nowakowski, Poland

No. 194) Praise from Dubai:

“Received the Anticables and listened to them , they deserve every praise said about them , transparency, clarity and sound stage. And better than any cables I used before.”

“We talk about high cost at diminishing returns, time to talk low cost at high returns. It is strange how this Anticable at frictional cost of my system made such huge improvement . (NAD C372, Philips SACD 1000 + Dynaudio Cantour 1.1). Paul, Thank You”

Raffy Garabedian, United Arab Emirates

No. 195) Sold off Cardas, Analysis Plus, Audioquest, and Audience Cables:

“I thought you would like this. I have sold these since I got yours: Cardas Gold Ref, Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval, Audioquest King Cobra, Audience AU24e, and others I’ve had… Audioquest Volcano speaker cable, Audioquest Indigo+, Forest+. I don’t have a cheep system, Cambridge 840c CD, Musical Fidelity A5, Bryston 4BSST amp, Bryston BP26 preamp, Martin Logan Ascent i speakers, and Anti’s, interconnects, speaker cable, and jumpers.”

Kris Teel, SC

No. 196) Still Shaking my Head in Amazement:

“Thanks again for these great cables – magnificent! I would never have believed that these would sound this good – in fact, when I first opened the package, I felt a little down-hearted. How can this work any better than my current cables? Oh well, I guess I have to follow through on these now.”

“I wrestled them into place on the system. It was only then that the true nature of the beast revealed itself. It was a Frank Sinatra LP that I listen to a lot. I put on “Strangers In The Night” followed by “Summer Wind”. At first I thought that I was imagining things. Old Frankie had stepped out front and belted out the tune with more clarity and better timbre than I remembered. When Summer Wind started, and the short trumpet “checking parts” came in, it became very obvious that something amazing was happening. That’s when Phyllis said that she also noticed it and that there seemed to be less background noise. I think she is correct there too. I am still shaking my head in amazement. I have already posted rave reviews on these on the audiophile website that I belong to here in the Toronto area. It would not surprise me if it generated some sales for you 

Ken Roach, Canada

No. 197) Tonally Consistent and Free of Compression in New Zealand:

“I just wanted to confirm that I have received my cables today and had just finished a 3 hour listening session with these cables. I have to say that even without burn-in these cables are of a higher caliber of any cable I have tried in the past. This is the first cable that has enabled my system to sound tonally consistent and free of compression regardless of the volume setting. It has really brought out the absolute best in my system and is the best cable investment I’ve ever made. Thank you for your fantastic service and a truly world class product at an unbeatable value. Next on my order list will be the IC which I will contact you about in due course. All the best.”

Kumaren Perumal, New Zealand

No. 198) Improvements in Hungary:

“I received the cables today (Anti-Cables & balanced XLR Anti-ICs). I have already hooked them up and am in the process of burning them in. I could already hear an improvement in the top end and a more controlled bass. Thank you again! Regards,”

Béla Juszel, Hungary

No. 199) Inexpensive Giant Killers:

“A quick note of thanks for creating such a great product, the anti-cable. I have six systems, and you are part of each and every one of them. I sold the expensive stuff on “The GON”, and I’m a happy little camper. I always knew someone could make an inexpensive giant killer, and you have done just that. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,”

Howard R. Paul, Living in the sticks of North Eastern Pennsylvania

No. 200) Really Impressed with Overall Musical Presentation:

“I purchased some speaker cables from you several months ago and must say I am quite impressed; make that really impressed with the overall improvement in the overall musical presentation from my system. The soundstage width and depth are very lifelike now, tonality is true and detail and clarity much improved over my old cables. The bass from my satellites is almost unreal compared to what it was previously-tight, punchy (not tubby) and low (for a seven inch speaker). Needles to say I am much impressed with your product.”

Gary Hogarth, MI

No. 201) Used as Jumpers for Bi-Wire’able speakers:

“Anti-Jumpers are the best high-end bargain. Cheap and shipped promptly. This is my second pair. Why do I loan them out, they never come back?”

Audiogon Member: Geowilson3

No. 202) Tridimensional in Italy:

“Now the sound is open, high frequencies are clear, the mid-low frequencies are fast and I have more tridimensional scene! Sorry for my bad English.”

Giulio Di Santo, Italy

No. 203) Unreal compared to Kimber, Monster, Tara, Mapleshade, and many other cables:

“I have been using a pair of anti-cables, borrowed from a buddy for the last week and all I can say is unreal.”

“The sound has opened up in my maggies, the stage has grown, the depth and detail of sound is amazing. Kimber, Monster, Tara, Mapleshade, and many other cables I have used in my system have never made such a dramatic improvement and some have cost as much as 5 times what your cables sell for.”

“Well done. I can’t see a reason to run anything but anti-cables. Regards,”

Jason Plocek, IN

No. 204) Every Aspect Improved Over Tara Labs:

“As you know, your product and service could not be better. I purchased an 8′ pair of your speaker cables to replace my Tara Labs Prism Omni III. I have them between an Emotiva amp and Klipsch RF7 speakers. Every aspect of the audio experience has been improved upon by a large margin, soundstage, images, tonal balance, frequency response on and on. I thank you very much.”

Steve Valdovinos, Hidden Valley Lake CA

No. 205) Very, very Impressed in Bulgaria:

“Just want to let you know that I am extremely happy with your cables. They sound great in my second system and replaced cables costing over $1000. I am very, very impressed and I will order another set for my main system later today. Thank you for the amazing product. Best regards,”

Orlin Draganov, Bulgaria

No. 206) Satisfied in Italy:

“The anti cables arrived one week ago, I’m listening to the music and I’m very satisfied, the bass are more detailed and quick. I sold my MIT. Many thanks for all. Best Regards, “

Mauro Brambilla, Italy

No. 207) Swedish Cat Call:

“What can I say that hasn’t been said…Just as you promised. Sounds glorious!!! Bass is unbelievable in clarity and presence without being annoying. Highs are crystal clear, detailed, dynamic and liquid. Very musical, very accurate. After a week warming up the tubes, I couldn’t resist cranking the ole c22 and mc275 up a bit. Damn !!!! I had the neighbors cat looking over the fence to see what all the commotion was about. There I sit listening to the cut “Song of the Stars” from Dead Can Dance’s Spiritchaser (Warner Bros.) gazing into the darkness of my unlit room and wondering just how the bird songs and chants happened to get in there. Really!! By this time the cat was climbing trees trying to get a closer look. I am very curious to see what your ic anti-cables can do because if this is just foreplay then we’re talking about one dead cat.”

John Johnson, Sweden

No. 208) More Dynamic then Expensive Audience Cables:

“I would like to order 1 set of balanced ic’s. I hate to admit it, but your speaker cable out performed my very expensive au24 “e” cable. Very rich, bold with lots of detail but never bright and incredibly clear. Wonderful for jazz and classical. I actually don’t have to turn the volume up as high on my amp to get better dynamics, like I do with the au 24′s.”

Drew Turner, Canada

No. 209) Surpassed all my Expectations:

“After selling my Cardas Golden Reference ($2k/pair) to fund my new passion, I was stuck without speaker cables. With limited funds, I looked for the cheapest cables I could find that at least won’t be too out of place.”

“I have a fairly expensive most tube system comprising of:

Marantz SA-11S1 CD/SACD
Conrad Johnson Premier 17LS
Conrad Johnson MV60SE
Merlin Music System TSM Mme
Nordost Red Dawn IC’s

“When I saw your add in Audiogon, I just thought for $80/8ft pair, ‘why not?’. Well after about a week with them, I can tell you that until I can muster mega bucks for the GR, these are staying in. While not as coherent and that Oh my God lush midrange of the GR, these (at 1/20th the price), are not out of it’s league. Everything that I want is there, albeit in a smaller scale. Did I mention that I paid $80 a pair??? I was afraid that nothing that I could afford now would make me want to listen to music: I do now.”

“My previous cables with the same system were from Straightwire and Acoustic Zen. I can say without a doubt that your cables are far superior than these.”

I”n closing, thank you for making such a wonderful product for almost pennies. Your product has truly surpassed all my expectations…and then sum. Aloha and Mahalo,”

Jason Saikim, HI

No. 210) I Just Sat There Staggered:

“I can only say thank you both, for your patience, your service and, most of all your wonderful little speaker cables. I do not know if I replicate the improvement in my system using someone else’s wires; but do know that I’d have to spend a lot more to do so.”

“They opened up yesterday and I just sat there staggered. btw – my wife said ” they’re so thin and unobtrusive…. I can live with them”. Thanks!”

Dan Romano, NY

No. 211) Relieved in The Netherlands:

“I would like to add a testimonial because I am so happy with your cables, testimonial: Bought the anticables loudspeaker cables to test and maybe replace my expensive cables. I was very pleased with the results. I have never had or heard cables that can keep up with these anticables what a relief; no more switching or searching for speaker cables. The anticables are so neutral and the 3d soundstage is phenomenal and it is as if there was a curtain lifted over the whole audio spectrum. I can hear things now that I have never heard before. Keep up the good work. I am buying the anticables interlinks for sure!!! Greetings from the Netherlands.”

Alwin, The Netherlands

No. 212) Without the Nonsensical Marketing Hype:

“I would like to thank you for the wonderful cables. These speaker cables deliver without any of the nonsensical marketing hype. Best regards,”

Srikanth Ramamurthy, MD

No. 213) One Word… Transparent:

“I have probably close to 100 hrs on the speaker cables and I can describe them in one word: transparent. In addition I want to thank you for service that is second to none.”

Ken McLaughlin, NY

No. 214) Sweet treble, Super Tight Bass, and so Open:

“Well cables for my Maggies arrived today, man was that fast, thanks!!! Hooked up only an hour ago, and they sound fantastic right out of the box!! First thing (actually two things) I noticed instantly was extended “sweet” treble, and super tight bass and so open…Wow!! I’m sure they will only get better with time. Thanks again,”

Bob Lindsey, TX

No. 215) Bold and Naked:

“I was extremely pleased with my purchase of the bi-wire pair of speaker cables. The sound as a whole is bold and naked. Bass is full and lively. I can detect no coloration. Most importantly, they are very musical. Regards,”

Kiat Seong Ooi, Malaysia

No. 216) Compared to Analysis Plus Oval 9 cables:

“The anti-cables I bought about 3 weeks ago are probably fully broken by now; they have been running for about 140 hours. I didn’t have much opportunity to listen carefully before they had something like 75 hours, and it took me some time to fully appreciate the cables. But now, WOW !”

“Compared to the Analysis Plus Oval 9 I had in my system for the last 4 years, the major differences are:

- The anti-cables are very fast, faster than AP Oval 9. In fact, I couldn’t think that a cable could be faster than that.

- They are also more transparent.

- The bass frequencies are more controlled, so it’s easier to follow bass lines throughout a song.

- Probably because of this better foundation on the lower frequencies, almost everything has more weight, particularly piano, and the texture and timbres of instruments are richer.

- The medium is sweet and delicate, as with the AP, but the reproduction of voices and other instruments in this frequency range is more 3-D, palpable, with a better sense of space.

- At the other end of the spectrum, the highs are more extended and open, particularly the sound of cymbals, triangles.

“As a conclusion, I would say that all this is very very enjoyable. With the anti cables, listening to music become « easy listening » because everything is palpable, from small dynamic and rhythmic nuances to instrumental timbres subtleties, all this without any effort from the listener.”

“Congratulations for your very good product.”

“In fact, even though I have actually an excellent pair of IC’s, I will soon call Judy to order a pair of Anti-IC’s because I’m very curious about how it could sound with the anti cables.”

Rene Lapierre, Canada

No. 217) My System is Transformed:

“I was using cheap cables throughout my system until now. It did not make any sense to me that changing cables could make much of a difference to the sound of my system (“wires is wires”). Well, I was wrong! After swapping in an ok RCA cable (instead of a $3 one) between my CD player and receiver and swapping in the anti-cables speaker cables, my system is transformed. I don’t want to sound like the reviews you can read in audiophile magazines, but there was so much more bass I was shocked (and now have problems with room modes I must deal with that never reared their ugly heads before), and the highs sparkle like never before. My next step is to swap my ok RCA cable for a decent one, on par with the anti-cables. Thanks Paul! Best regards,”

Doug Rothstein, Switzerland

No. 218) Sold Ridiculously Over Priced Transparent Cables:

“First and foremost………..THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Your cables are the best thing to come along in this snooty world of audiophiles since the rebirth of vinyl!”

“ grew up in the “Big Easy” New Orleans, LA and have been surrounded by amazing musicians simply walking down Royal St, so it’s safe to say I have a pretty nice foundation regarding music. So in the quest of attempting to re create this beautiful music I got sucked up in this crazy hobby of hi fi! Up until now, it’s been a love hate relationship. After receiving and installing your cables, I now have MUSIC, very sweet, warm, dynamic MUSIC. There is absolutely 0 sonic signature to your cables which allows so much information to come through that I just sit back, close my eyes and smile so big my face hurts! My wife even agrees, especially about the price.”

“ have just sent in an order for another pair so that I can bi wire and have sold a ridiculously over priced pair of Transparent Audio cables and made enough money to take the Mrs. to dinner!! So thank you Paul and Judy for an awesome product at real world prices with super customer service! Cheers from Down South!!”

James Bruce, LA

No. 219) Scientific Precision, Neatness, and Simplicity = Elegance:

“Def. “d” describes your cables…Main Entry: el·e·gance Pronunciation: ˈe-li-gən(t)sFunction: nounDate: circa 15101 a : refined grace or dignified propriety : urbanity b : tasteful richness of design or ornamentation

c : dignified gracefulness or restrained beauty of style : polishd : scientific precision, neatness, and simplicity”

Cheers! and Thanks! John Daigle, CA

No. 220) That’s Pretty Impressive:

“Got the cables today and I have to say that’s pretty impressive. I bought these to connect my subwoofer but hooked them up to the fronts to see how they sound. I need longer lengths for my set-up so I’ll get with you on cables for the fronts when I can. I’ve had a number of different brands of cables on my speakers and I have to say these are as good as most I’ve had. Very impressive. Thanks”

Joe Graves, MS

No. 221) Jaw Droppingly Immediately Good:

“The anticables are really good! With Christmas decorating, I finally had to move a bunch of furniture, etc. and so I took the opportunity to put the new cabling in place. I have been using extra-heavy copper wire cables from power extension cords with the receptacles cut-off. A cheap way to get copper. So think of them as extra heavy duty zip cord. At first I only switched to anticables on one channel…thinking I would run an experiment through the holidays with break-in etc. and really see if I could hear the difference. The difference was so jaw droppingly immediately good that I said “Hell, the experiment is over.” I converted over to the anticables all at once. The sound is much better across the entire frequency range: the mid-bass is there with real warmth, low-bass is much stronger and well defined, and even the treble is extended with a sheen I hadn’t heard before. My speakers are Belle Klipsch’s which can be accused of some ‘horn-honk’ but that is greatly improved and women’s vocals are sweeter and smoother. I will enjoy the holidays re-discovering my audio equipment and music. Thanks!”

Joe Eschbach, CA

No. 222) A Great Match with Magnapan:

“Just wanted to let you know your cables are working out beautifully. They are a great match with my Magnapan 1.6QR. A large improvement over the Audioquest cable I was using. As has been said before, and this is so true in my system, much more detail and depth to the music. It’s all about what you HEAR and not what fancy equipment you see on the floor or on the shelf. Thank you very much,”

Randy Byar, SC

No. 223) The Musical Message Makes More Sense Than Ever:

“I received my speaker cables yesterday and tried them in the evening. I was a bit late to work this morning because I couldn’t stop spinning records last night, amazed was I by all the things I was hearing that I had never heard before. And it’s not only small details that are better; the musical message seems to make more sense than ever with these cables. I won’t try to give you a full description of my impressions, so many people have already done so that it would sound redundant. Let’s just say that once I hooked up my speakers with your cables, I just couldn’t stop listening to the music. Isn’t it what this is all about… I’m done searching for speaker cables. I guess there are better cables on the market but as far as value is concerned, you’re all alone up there. By the way, the cables I replaced with yours retailed at $1100, more than 10 years ago, not counting the bananas which cost more than my complete Anti-cable set. I’ll be spreadin’ the news. Thanks again”

Bruno Clerk, Canada

No. 224) Sanity in Sweden:

“Just a short note to thank you for bringing some sanity to the often strange world of hi-fi. The anti-cables I received a few weeks ago brings new levels of enjoyment to my music-listening (the window- cleaning metaphor is very appropriate) and does so without hyperbole and a fancy price/packaging. In the best of worlds your product should make business hard for quite a few of the prestige cable-brands out there, but I guess many people want to believe in the power of a high price-tag. For my part, I’m getting curious about your IC’s. So, expect another order from me in the future. Best wishes”

Olof Kåhrström, Sweden

No. 225) Vastly Superior to the PS Audio Cables Costs a Dozen Times More:

“Two days…. just two days and I am a believer in your anti-cables. To call them a Godsend is not an understatement. The first day’s listen was unbelievable. I replaced a pair of PS Audio Statement speaker cable with the anti-cable (the PS Audio cable costs about a dozen times more than your cable). Unbelievable.”

“Whatever in particular I was listening for, soundstage, harmonics & timbre, bass & treble, voices, etc., your anti-cable thoroughly trounced the PS Audio cables (on their way to Audiogon for a sale with no regrets). Still, I’ve let a first listen deceive me many times regarding audio products, only to find with the next day’s listening all I actually heard was a different version of the same thing, or only slight improvements.”

“My second day’s listening to the anti-cables was just as good, and maybe, better than the first day’s listening. I was more familiar with the sound, yes, but they still floored me completely. In fact, being familiar with the sound of your cables made me like them even more. Being familiar with your anti-cables seems to actually mean there’s more to like about them. I can’t wait until these have gone through some break-in time. Maybe I should be trying to weasel out some kind of “work-from-home” scheme right now. p.s. It’s been decades since I’ve went to bed with music still playing. I thought that was kid’s stuff, or something I’d outgrown. I’ve had my CD on repeat, playing new age music like Stephen Halpern’s stuff, and even while listening to my system (in my living room) from my bedroom the sound is still so mesmerizing. I don’t want to turn it off. I just let my system play all night and right up until minutes before I leave for work. Thanks for a truly great and inexpensive product. I will be ordering a set of the anti-IC’s in the very near future.”

…a few weeks later…

“Mr. Speltz: I installed your Anti-IC’s and again I experienced a quite noticeable improvement. I really can’t say which was more of an improvement, your cables or your IC’s, but both were vastly superior to the items they replaced (PS Audio Statement – PSAudio Xtreme Transcendent) to my ears, and in my opinion. Another thing I thought worth mentioning is the fact that when you bend your IC’s and Cables they stay in place. Because they have this ability, my audio rack is so much more tidy & there is less worry of things overlapping or touching & interfering with each other. I just bend/manipulate them into the place and position I want them to occupy and they stay there. I envision as I buy more IC’s for other components the rear of my rack will become more and more tidy. Thanks again for offering such a truly great product at a truly great price.”

Larry Collins, MD

No. 226) Just Music:

“I’m glad I contact you to say I am very happy with the Anti-Cables & Anti-ICs, I did not believe much in them, but I decided to try and after a few days I’ve noticed they really are what their own name suggests, natural and neutral as I have heard, only lead the music, a real success, thanks.”

José Martinez, Spain

No. 227) The Tara’s Won’t be Returning:

“I have been listening to your anti-cables for several days now, and I must admit that I am very impressed with what I hear (and don’t hear). However, I don’t think you need another individual to wax poetic over their virtues, so I will keep this short. I replaced an aging pair of TARA Space & Time Phase II cables, and while I have never had any complaints over their presentation… well, let me just say that the Tara’s won’t be returning to my system any time soon. I have been able to assemble a very satisfying system acquiring components that give me a great deal of the high end attributes without any of the high end cost. Your cables fit very nicely among these components. Many thanks for providing the opportunity for an average “Joe” to find delight in a product whose value far exceeds its cost by a considerable margin. Have a great July 4th celebration.”

Steve Draxl, NY

No. 228) Cables are a Keeper:

“I hooked up the Anti Speaker cables today. I have them so they do not touch the floor or each other. My system consists of a McIntosh MC206 amp, McIntosh MX118 pre amp, Meridian CD, and Thiel CS2.4 speakers with a sub. These replaced old Monster M1 cables. I listened to James Taylor JT, Linda Ronstadt TRIO and Steely Dan Aja with my old cables then switched to yours. Same volume. For my system the bass did not go quite as low as the Monster M1s but the bass seemed to tighten up. The imaging and treble range was more detailed and pleasant sounding to my ears. The soundstage was much more detailed. Your cables are a keeper for me and I will try your interconnects next starting with a pair for my CD player.”

Vern Neal, NY

No. 229) Heard the Difference Immediately:

“I received the speaker cables you sent me late last week. I could not wait to put them into my system. I heard the difference immediately. It gave me a significantly better sound stage (even with the old speaker wires it was very good) as well as better bass, mid and high range. I am truly impressed.”

“I will be ordering shortly a pair of interconnects. I use a lot of audio gear modified by Stephen Sank who lives in Tucson Arizona. I have informed him of the virtues of your product. He informed me that I was the second customer of his who had mentioned Anticables and that he was going to look into the matter. He is well known because his modifications are well known and sought after. I told him that your cables were definitely better than the LAT international cables which he up to now at least considered to be the best cables he had come across. Be in touch soon,”

Burkhard Kiesekamp, Canada

No. 230) Compared to Kimber Kable 8TC:

“I got my order from you yesterday; 4’ single wire w/ spades. I am playing a lossless iPod Touch via a docking station embedded on a Peachtree iDecco integrated amplifier driving a pair of Spendor S 3/5se. (The iDecco has an internal DAC to give a cleaner digital signal and a single bypassable Russian 6N1P/6Н1П triode in the pre-amp).” See:

“This is a very modest system compared to many other listeners using Anti-Cables although I get excellent midrange resolution. I have already heard a substantial difference over my previous cables, the Kimber Kable 8TC (bare wire connection). Despite the fact that they are equivalently priced, the Anti-Cable sounds cleaner than the 8TC right out of the box, especially in the midrange. Female vocals, tenor sax, and trumpet sound more lifelike. The Anti-Cables give greater presence and it is easier to distinguish where instruments are in the sound field compared to the 8TC.”

“The Spendors are bi-wire capable but I will stick to the single wire configuration for now. I’ll be back next month for a pair of the Anti-IC.”

“Thank you so much for the fast turn-around. I got this order in 3 days!”

Steve Boddy, CA

No. 231) A Russian Head Smashing:

“Cables are received today. Everything is intact and safe. Of course I plugged them in already and enjoy jaw dropping effect on my own. Never thought my single ended amp can provide such a punch. Charly Antolini “In the Groove” became totally head smashing like he should be. I got more detailed sound for sure and wonder what it’s going to be after warming up. Oh! – and the final of the Dark Side of the Moon is so realistic that my folks asking me from another room why am I laughing like crazy.  As you imagine now I’m stuck with an idea to re-listen all my records, at least most favorite.”

“Some time ago when I bought Linn LP12. I thought to myself – well, this is the last turntable in my life. I guess it’s time to stop searching for the ultimate cable. Best regards and huge thank you from Russia!”

Artur Keydan-Kutsin, Russia

No. 232) These Cables Blow Away Every Other Cable:

“Having been a music lover all my life, I dabbled in “High End Audio” for many years and too many paychecks. I was also a partner in a Chicago Audio Salon. By the mid 90′s I dropped out of the “audiophile scene” having seen more than my share of Audio Gurus selling mediocre “Cables of the Month” at prices just below my annual salary. Enter Paul Speltz and his Anti-Cables and Anti-ICs. Not only do these cables blow away every other cable I’ve ever heard; they bring the audiophile unprecedented value. This is HIGH END AUDIO at the working man’s budget. I’m pulling My ARC SP-10 Mk.7, ARC Monoblocks and the rest of my system out of storage and I’m gonna have fun again!!!”

Bill Kuecher, IL

No. 233) A Denmark Twist:

“I have now twisted the speaker cables. As you will remember, I order them special (not twisted) in the first place, mainly because I was advised by an engineer friend of mine to try without. However, having heard the difference it makes, I now consider twisting mandatory. The intertransient silence has improved significantly. It is as if the cable is more precise in starting and stopping with the signal, in other words less smearing. Also, there is more coherence in timbre overall, and particularly in the lower midrange and upper bass. This is heard very clearly on piano recordings.”

“As an example, if an acoustic guitar string is plucked, it is not accompanied by an artificial marking of the transient, so the instrument in some sense sounds ‘smaller’ or ‘softer’, yet more detailed.”

“All of this may be system-dependent, in particular dependent on the type of amplifier you use, but in my system with a tube amplifier, twisting is the way to go. Best wishes,”

Karsten Lieberkind, Denmark

No. 234) Genius:

“Thank you so very much for the cables. You are a genius!!! They sound absolutely wonderful. Made me forget about new cartridges & tonearms for a while. All the best and have a very happy holiday season. Merry Christmas,”

Jim Campbell, PA

No. 235) More Positive Then I Could Have Imagined:

“Thanks for letting me stop by on Tuesday. Your cables have made more of a positive difference than I could have imagined! Even with what I call a mid-fi system, instruments and vocals sound more distinct, open and clean. Ruthann noticed the difference walking through the living room while I was listening to a 40 year old Fleetwood Mac lp and said “wow, that’s much cleaner”. (she’s not prone to exaggeration) High WAF in this home…”

Cole Grace, MN

No. 236) PRAT:

“I received the cables. Thanks. So far, so good. They seem just as good as my Kimbers, but louder. This is not the worst thing in the world given that I am using an Almarro single ended pentode amp with a whopping 8w output. I am doing a bass test with Ron Carter’s album, “Mr. Bow-Tie”. I like what I hear. On Anouar Brahem’s most recent cd, “The Astounding Eyes of Rita,” (ECM), the oud is other-worldly. And I seem to be getting back some of the PRAT that I lost when I sold my Naim gear. I would thank you again, and I will post some positive feedback on a new site, Serious Audio Talk, a Canadian audiophile site.”

Tim Smith, Canada


Dear Tim,

I am glad you are enjoying them. The perceived increase in loudness is the music’s transient dynamics (that were being smeared out by your previous cable’s dielectric effect distortion), that you are now hearing. This dynamic attack is what gives you that PRAT (pace, rhythm, and timing), and makes your music sound more real. Thank you in advance for telling all your audio friends.

Paul Speltz

No. 237) Another Fan:

“They are a definite improvement over the ones I was using previously. Their soundstage is wider. Additionally, the highs and mids are clearer and brighter. The bass was good with my old cables, but with the anticables, slightly more tighter and deeper. I do think the sound will only get better as the break in. All in all your cables are great. I am a fan. Thanks,”

Scott M Rifkin, NY

No. 238) A Cable Skeptic in Norway:

“I have received my Anti IC`s and speaker cable in bulk. Thank you for the fast delivery. This is a mail from a cable skeptic. I have always used my money for good cables with a high value and low price. Ebay and second hand is my cable store. But something I learn many years ago, solid core for bass and mid. speakers is absolutely the best. Just before I get them I read a article in a Scandinavian magazine, Fidelity. They tests speaker cables in price 1500$ to 25000$. The most expensive cables is a Kimber and a ZenSati. 25,000$ is a lot of money for a peace of copper or isn`t it ?? The conclusion in the test: THEY`RE WORTH IT. Are this people f***ing nuts or is it just me :-0…”

“I start with the anti IC between my Cary Cinema 6 and the McIntosh MC1000 blocks. The MC1000 is in front of a Maggi 3.6/R. It took me 2 hour’s and 5 of my favorite CD`s to get over it. What have you done. The Maggies are, as I’m shore you know, reference in treble and reproducing the sound in all dimensions. Now the treble was of the speakers, it floats in the room and it has more micro details than before. The mid. has more dynamic and the singer is alone in the center of the speakers. The bass. In my opinion the Maggies don’t lack of bass. Now the bass is even more punchy and you can feel it in the floor and air. Sub bass, why?? All 3 dimensions are bigger and more defined. The with is from wall too wall, much wither than the speakers and the height is from floor to roof. But the depth. The singer is just in the middle in FRONT of the speakers, behind I don’t think it never stops. It’s a mile deep. The most impressive, and what I love most with McIntosh, the silence between instruments and singers and the black curtain in the back. Now it’s better than ever. It’s 100% silence around instruments and the singer. And the background is blacker than black. Me, impressed… Yes very 

“So, speaker cables has to be put to work and I wonder how good can it be?? Cables in and green light in the McIntosh. The same Nirvana sound from the speakers.”

“For now my conclusion is that it’s enough with one anti cable in the chain. With anti IC’s and my cheap VdH and Solid Core cables to the speakers the sound was stunning. With anti IC’s and anti speaker cable the sound is still stunning but not twice as stunning.”

“This cables will be highly recommended on and who is the 2 big forums in Norway. Thank you Paul for excellent cables, and to Judy for excellent service.”

“PS. I will be back for more. The Kimber jumpers in my Maggies have to go.” 

Kjell Tore, Norway

No. 239) Trounced my $2500 MIT Reference Cables:

“I received your cables on 1/18; started the break-in at midnight, running CD music through them 24/7. I’m being VERY methodical; allowing 118 hrs of break-in for each cable.”

“Doing a left / right comparison: in mono and stereo (acoustically, my sound room is quite symmetrical). Analyzing the changes about every 24 hours and logging my observations using my daughter as a “blind” test, to verify and/or confirm my observations; playing many varieties of music, both through CD and Vinyl.”

“The first week I used to break-in a single anti-cable speaker run, leaving the other stereo side with the MIT and Nordost cables I’ve had in place for over 10 years.”

After careful analysis, I now am breaking in a right side Anti-cable speaker and pre-amp run. This will bring both channels into sync with the same
speaker cables (anti’s) and break-in periods (118 hours as of this Friday at 7:45 pm ). The ONLY difference between the sides, at that point, will be an MIT 330 interconnect run (pre to amp) on one side, the Anti “curly-Q” inter-connect on the other.

“THEN, after analyzing and making a judgment on the interconnect, I will do one more week of break-in, to test your interconnects from source to pre-amp. I’ll be happy to provide you with a summary AND detailed log of my observations.”

“So far, I gotta say that I’m quite pleased and, hate to say it, astounded!”

“While I’m not yet through with the interconnects yet, the speaker cables have made a believer out of me. These “giant killers” , at $ 80 for a stereo pair, have just trounced my $ 2500 MIT reference cables ! “

“Thank you for giving me the time to fully analyze these cables. The break-in period is absolutely critical (no surprise). What I’m hearing after one week has

changed my $ 50,000 system! “

“Thanks again for allowing me the time to thoroughly check these out– talk to you within the next two weeks! Sincerely,”

Mark K. Terhune
Gresham, Oregon

No. 240) Spooky:

“So I recently decided to purchase a set of Magneplanar 1.7′s – I had heard the MMG’s before and any shortcomings they had were fixed by the new 1.7′s. So out with the old Snell set, in with the ribbons. They sounded very good… but something was not there. The low end was “thin”, high end hot. Still, they were awesome and I was happy.”

“My speaker cable was 5 year old glorified lamp cord, and my IC’s from the pre to the amp were mid level monster cables. The dealer who sold me the speakers recommended a set of speaker cables that were over $500. I decided to look around and found you.”

“For about 1/2 that, I replaced the speaker cables and IC’s with your gear… Holy Shit.”

“I can’t compare your gear to other really expensive cable. I can’t say the IC’s help the soundstage due to the simultaneous upgrades. I don’t know if the speaker cable is making the low end solid and crisp. What I can say is what I hear now is just incredible. Spooky is the best way to describe the experience now, and it has been less than 10 hours. Break in makes this better? Again, Holy Shit”.

“Thank you for saving me massive amounts of money…hell, I feel like I ripped YOU off buying all this greatness for such a low price. An order for more IC’s is on it’s way.”

“If there were an audio hall of fame, you are my nominee. There may be better sounding cables, but the marginal utility would be overwhelmed by the price. I really hope this is massively successful for you – you deserve it. Much thanks,”

Nick P. NY

No. 241) Very Natural with Better Bass:

“I have cut my jumpers for my Magnepan 3.6s and have run the wire from my amp. It is the 1st time in years I have been inclined to pull out the solid silver cables from Bogdan. I am certain the bass is fuller and tighter, and these haven’t fully burned in yet. The mids are everything I’d hoped for with no tizzyness on the top end. I will be glad to try the interconnects as soon as I am sure how the final sound of these will play out.”

“Thanks for a great product. I will be leaving feedback for you wherever you would like.”

Richard Pissillo, FL


“This is Richard again. Just wanted to let you know that I adore the speaker wire. Very natural with better bass than the solid silver wires I was previously using. If I can leave positive feedback or review let me know. I have used many cables in the last 12 years, and these are the best cables, not to mention the value. I cannot see why people spend thousands of dollars, especially when it could be used to buy music. By the way, I have a very revealing system. I tend to build my amp and source components around the Magnepan 3.6s.”

“Thank you again for a marvelous product.”

Richard Pissillo, FL

No. 242) A Breath of Fresh Canadian Air:

“While not one who has spent countless hours and money trying out different speaker cables, I can say that your Anti Cables are a breath of fresh air in my system. Everything is there, from the attack on each piano note in classical music to the full plucked sound of the acoustic bass in jazz to the rhythmic drive of rock. The depth and width of the soundstage is fantastic. They became very listenable after a couple of days of playing. I have to smile when I think of the many people who spend mega-bucks on the fire-hose variety of cables out there, knowing that my little red wires are doing the job they are supposed to do… delivering the music to my speakers exactly the way it was recorded, nothing more and nothing less. Truly a great product at any price!”

Ralph Maundrell, Canada

No. 243) Changed the Way I Will Listen to Music:

“Thanks for the Anti Cables! When I heard them at a buddies house I could tell they were something special. Just how special I didn’t realize until I hooked them up to my system. I have been into audio and vinyl since the mid 60′s and these changed the way I will listen to music. They are Eargasmic! Clean, nuanced, dimensional, and dynamic are the words that initially came to mind. I didn’t know my speakers could be so good. I will now have to listen to my entire collection ’cause it’s clear I have not really heard my music yet! Thanks again-I look forward to doing more business with you. Sincerely,”

Dennis McKinney, MN

No. 244) Very High End Quality:

“While waiting for the new receiver to arrive, the old one went to the basement system. Not wanting to be without music upstairs for a few days I brought the now spare receiver up to fill the void. I wanted to hook everything up at once when the new receiver arrived but found myself staring at the crimson roll atop my DVD player and my curiosity got the best of me. I ordered and found the product extremely easy to work with and arrange in my difficult stereo set up. All I can say about the sound quality is wow, and it leaves my wife wondering why we spent so much on a new receiver.”

“Fantastic product. Very high end quality without the $$$$$ price tag. I will be purchasing more for the rest of my systems.”

Kevin Manz, MN

No. 245) I Simply Was Not Prepared For What I Was About to Hear:

“FIRST OFF, MY SYSTEM: Well Tempered Amadeus with Dynavector 17D3, Audio Research PH-7 with latest power supply upgrade, Audio Research LS-27 pre amp (a hair’s breath away from the REF 5), Audio Research DS 450 AMP, Magnapan 3.6′s.”

“The speakers were bi-wired with 14 gauge speaker wire, gold connectors and silver solder and sealed to prevent oxidation. And as such they system sounded very good. I toyed with springing for some really expensive speaker wire but just as I was about to buy for it, I got hit with a bunch of unexpected expenses. Saw your ad on Audiogon and thought, “what the hell, for this price why not?” At least they’ll due until I get the bills paid and I can afford the other wire.”

“Paul and Judy, I simply was not prepared for what I was about to hear. Bigger and deeper sound stage, huge increase in detail, instruments occupying their own physical dimensions in ways not experienced before. I didn’t need an A/B to hear the difference, it wasn’t even subtle. Stay clear of places where they sell that other wire, or wear a vest! Thanks!”

Jim Quinn, PA

No. 246) Literally Trounced the Very Best Top Tier Speaker Cables:

“Quiet, Natural, Real: The only speaker cables I NEVER heard. Anti-Cables step outta the way and let the music flow, uninhibited. A friend and I have Analog and Digital systems respectively and the Anti-Cables worked their same magic. We’ve been through some of the very best, top tier speaker cables on the market and the Anti-Cables literally trounced them in everyway, we still can’t believe it. Try them in your own system and listen for yourself, they’re a steal for the price.”

“Thanks and keep up the great work Judy and Paul ! “

Pat, OH

No. 247) Didn’t Think it Was Possible:

“I received cables yesterday. Played CD and LP with my DIY cables then installed your cables and played same CD and LP again. What a difference your cables made. I wouldn’t have thought this was possible just changing wires.”

Charles Schneider, TX

No. 248) The Treble Opened Up and the Bass Tightened Up:

“Thanks for making up the anti-cable order for us so quickly. We have been enjoying the cables for a week now, and I have to say, they really make a difference in the sound. I honestly did not expect to hear any change at all from the 12 gauge speaker cable I had running to the speakers. I was sure wrong. Your anti-cables immediately made a huge difference with our little Magenpan MMGs. The treble opened up and the bass tightened up. A lot. Friends of mine whose opinions I respect told me that putting a good solid core connector in place would make a big difference. They were right too. I’ve not compared anti-cables to high end cables, so I can’t swear they are the best cables out there. But I bet they are in are in the running! Also they have to be the most fun speaker cables ever!”

Paul Raulerson, TX

No. 249) My Dealer Apologized:

“I had an Audiophile dealer come in last Saturday to sort out my VTA and tracking and I told him I installed the Anticables. He didn’t even let me finish my sentence when he said “Oh I can tell you that you have gone totally the wrong way” as he tested them out with another client and it was really awful. Then he sat down and heard my system and apologized for his remark saying, “Wow, this sounds unbelievable!” Rgds”

Neil Gopal, South Africa

No. 250) Dramatic Improvement Over Significantly More Expensive Cables:

“I must admit that in spite of all of the favorable reviews of your cables I was very skeptical. I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with them. I replaced some cables that were significantly more expensive with larger total AWG etc. The improvement was not only dramatic but continues to get better as they are broken in. The clarity of the music is significantly improved as is the imaging. I was also very pleased to find that the improvements were not due to an over emphasized top end, yes I measured it. Would I recommend these cables, not only would I recommend them I may buy some for some friends, they really need to hear this!”

Larry Elmer, TX

No. 251) Cleaning your Glasses:

“I wanted to wait until everything (the cables, my amp, my ears) was fully settled in before giving you my opinion. In a word, I am delighted. My system has shed a layer of sound masking that wasn’t needed. I truly believe that cables or connections cannot add anything of value to the sound, they can only mask it or act as a tone control. I never really understood the hype surrounding high end cables. I bought one such solution in the 80′s before the industry turned cables into absolute jewelry. The cable I bought was at its heart a high count multi-stranded affair that doubled the cable for extra effect and braided everything to provide a solution you could hang yourself with. It certainly impressed my friends and made me believe I had done the right thing, but thinking back it really didn’t give better sound.”

“My simple thinking today is that you have two signals to deal with, left and right. Why do you need more than two wires? I don’t count the negative wires, they just complete the circuit. I don’t see how a single signal can “understand” how to spread itself when it hits one of today’s elaborate (high cost) multi-path helixed configurations only to be mashed back together at the termination point at the speaker. Your approach made so much sense to me that I had to try your cables. Your cable is clearly of high quality and the coating is truly minimal. I like the naked look. There is a simple purity to it that suggests that nothing is being added here. Your anti-cables offer up no confusion or resistance to the signal path, and as far as I can tell are adding nothing to the sound.”

“The effect is like cleaning your glasses. More is revealed. More sound stage depth, more instrument timbres and transients, better presence in background elements. Sadly, bad recordings are now more obvious but the good ones are rewarded as never before. Those people who feel the need to tinker with different cables in order to get their sound right are in a way admitting that their speakers have a sound character that isn’t pure or they have a tonal bias that they are trying to support. I am a happy customer who will gladly send others your way, and I expect to be ordering your Interconnects soon. I have interconnects that don’t seem to be limiting my sound, but if there is still improvement to be had I will gladly send along an additional recommendation.”

Scott Marsh, OH

No. 252) Kicking Myself for Buying Mega buck Transparent Audio Cables:

“Switched back to Anti Cables from mega buck Transparent Audio MM2 versions, and am kicking myself in my own azz for spending the money in the first place thinking I was going to gain something by going with the Transparent. With that said, they make a beautiful product, and they do sound good, but cost to performance ratio is simply not there. They are on Audiogon for sale as we speak. Sorry Transparent, Paul has discovered a gem here! I’m not a fan of the audiophile mojo! Being from New Orleans and an armature / wanna-be musician myself, I know first had what un amplified wood instruments sound like and your wires do it in spades!!!! “

“Now when I listen to Ben Webster, I feel as though he and his softly played sax is in the room with me and the upright bass has just the right amount of weight with NO bloat what so ever. My wife even commented, “your system is complete, my love”………Score!!!! “

“So thank you for discovering and offering a product of such quality and simplicity!! You will open the hi fi world to folks that may never have thought this type of sound was possible at these prices!”

“PS-My system consists of Martin Logan Aeries i’s, rogue Cronus Magnum KT90 version, Rega P5 with Ortofon 2M Black, and Cambridge Audio 640 CD player…………and of course your cables. Best Regards,”

Jim Bruce, OH

No. 253) Replaced Audioquest Pikes Peak Cables:

“I just received a 4’ pair of your anti cables and am frankly blown away by their clarity and amazing lack of coloration. They replaced a pair of 1M Audioquest “Pikes Peak” cables that cost $600…and it isn’t even close (you can find them on Ebay right now). I have a pair of Martin Logan CLS, mated with twin Tannoy subwoofers, and run a fully balanced system. I currently have a pair of 10M Vampire Wire SCII silver XLR interconnects (that are now slightly too long), and am considering your balanced Anti-IC’s.”

“After trying your cables, I’m starting to believe that you are a maven at this audio thing… With compliments,”

Don Moore, MO

No. 254) A Truthful Signal:

“These things do just what they should; transfer signal without adding or subtracting anything. If you don’t want to hear a truthful signal, just get a boombox and be done with it!”

John K. Novack, OR

No. 255) Don’t Know What More I’d Ask For:

“I don’t pretend to be an audio expert, by any means, though I am an enthusiast and have been now for over four decades. Recently I thought about upgrading (changing) the speaker cables in my main system. The cables I’ve been using are good, in my opinion, and while the system around them has changed many times, I’ve never felt compelled to use different speaker cable. They are made by a very reputable US company and I believe retail for the pair 8 years +/- ago was in the $500 – $600 range. As silly as it may sound, one of the reasons I contemplated changing speaker cables in my “big” system was because the wire I had was big (thick) and light purple in color, which didn’t go well with the looks of rest of the room, furniture nor stereo system. Call me vain.”

“A couple years ago I bought your Anti-cable speaker wire for my 2nd system which I am not able to listen to very often. So while I considered my options, I brought the Anti-cable upstairs while I boxed up the old wire for sale. I planned to spend as much as $600, give or take, for new (used) speaker cable, knowing full well that audiophiles are willing to spend 10 times that, and more, and many do! I had researched many recognized and respected brands and was shopping hard. As much as I continue to change, trade, try, buy, audition, read about, and sell equipment in search of the grail, I won’t and can’t spend that kind of crazy money for cabling or wire. I’ll pay for “good” or even “great” but spending crazy is out of the question. I really like a killer deal on great, used products.”

“Your Anti-cables joined my First Sound pre-amp, my Talon speakers, my Nottingham turntable and my Jungson 50 watt class A mono amplifiers. I had no expectations. When describing competing products, I try hard any more to refrain from referring to one product as “better” than another. I now try to remember to use the word “prefer”. People’s tastes are different. Who is to say one is truly better than another? Suffice it to say, I prefer your cable to what was in my system previously. I was more than pleasantly surprised and even excited to hear your product in my system. As far as I am concerned, I don’t know what I’d ask it to do more or less of.”

“My preferences are a very 3 dimensional soundstage (especially front to back), airy, smooth, articulate highs without edge, midrange with the appropriate weight and realism, bass with articulation and authority (I want to hear what bass instruments sound like, not a frequency bandwidth), and overall musicality. I want the music to convey emotion. I’ll be honest, I want it all. I’ve even entertained using the word “drama” or “dramatic” when describing my system’s sound, though I know many aficionados would cringe at this term. Some might consider a “dramatic” sounding system as one that is not true to the music’s source or intention. Best to say I want my system to hit me on an emotional level, and it does.”

“Yours is a remarkable product whose sound, or lack thereof, I much prefer and much enjoy. I’m not saying I won’t ever try another speaker cable, but if and when I do, it will be very interesting to see if I prefer it to the Anti-cable. For now, I’ve quit shopping. Best regards and thank you, “

Mark Mendenhall, Bellingham WA

No. 256) Two links:

“I wanted you to know how pleased I am with your AntiCables. I will be writing a testimonial soon for your web site. I wanted to include two links of threads about AntiCables on AudioReview one started by me.”

Thanks again for the cables,

John Thornton, OH

No. 257) The Finest Sound Stage I Have Ever Had:

“Bi-wiring is working wonderfully. My esoteric Mg-10’s are re-born . More open and articulate with the finest sound stage I have ever had. Wish you could hear for yourself.

Let me know when the power cords are available.”

Brian Martinat, IL

No. 258) Replaced AQ and Kimber in Malaysia:

“I’m not good at writing nor describing any kind of hi-fi stuff, but having got your Anti cables & the interconnect and having been using them for couples months now, it is everything you said it would do for bringing out good sounds from a hi-fi system. I wanted to write this earlier, but I waited until till the cables are run-in. Indeed it got better over time. And it’s so good that I sold off my AQ speaker cable that I’ve been using the past 2 years(thought it was very good already) and also replaced the Kimber Select interconnects! Believe me they are that good! Warm Regards & Have a Nice Day!”

Ronald Chow, Malaysia

No. 259) Smooth, Natural, and Lively:

“I have had my anti cable speaker and interconnects for a year now, and I’m glad I discovered them. They match the neutrality of my amp perfectly. I had been using Kimbers, then went on to expensive silver cables from Home Grown Audio $1700 for 10 feet of speaker cables, and $670 for an 0.5meter interconnect. Replaced with 12 meters of your speaker cable unterminated, and a meter of your IC with Eichmann bullets, sold my silver cables and pocketed $800. The other cables were either too harsh or to flat, yours were smooth, neutral, and lively.”

Neil Robson, MA

No. 260) The Right Formula for Great Sound:

“My system consist of a Jolida hybrid cd player, Black Mamba II interconnects, a Ming Da R7 tube preamp, modified by Audio Response, and an ole McIntosh 2250 powering a pair of Usher be718 speakers with beryllium tweeters, and my room is treated. I have enjoyed this system for about three years, and several friends stop by from time to time to listen. I though I was set for life… never believing a speaker wire could make a difference, as I bought the best and largest gauge speaker twisted wire I could find.”

“Then my brother in law bought some speaker cables, and of course I had to have some cables too… I did a little reading, decided to go with AntiCable mostly because of price. I did not believe a speaker wire would make a difference, and my two sons already think I am crazy. The AntiCable arrived looking like something you use to wire in some outlets. It took some patients, but i got them installed and…. I could tell a difference at first sound.”

“A week later my system is producing beautiful sounds I did now know it had, absolutely amazing, blows me away… I guess break in time does exist which I never believed until now. I plan to order a second pair to bi-wire, can’t wait to here that. Judy and Paul have the right formula for great sound, and are very helpful with any questions ….without a monthly payment…”

Don Kesler, GA

No. 261) Differences Were Obvious in Hong Kong:

“I got the anti-cables yesterday. Before rushing to test out the new cables, I warmed up my HiFi system with several reference albums using the existing speaker cables (Belden 5T00UP) to establish the reference. Then I switched to anti-cables and compared the audio performances. I was surprised to find out the differences were so obvious.”

“Both the clarity and the sound stage has been enhanced, roughly by 20-30%. I didn’t know my KEF 207/2 speakers could sound so charming! I kept listening to my favorite albums until midnight as the music was so sweet with the new cables. Now I regret that I didn’t bundle the IC cables with the order for the speaker cables. Anyway, well done Paul! Regards,”

Paul Leung, Hong Kong

No. 262) This Canadian Had to Take His Time:

“I bought a pair of your Anti-Cable last month. At first try, I was not amazed. However, like any other cable, I let it time to burn in. All I have to say now is WOW. I notice that with time the bass have improved. The voices are very neutral and also notice that the drum cymbals are very clear and realistic. Now the only thing left is to buy a pair of jumper cables for my Maggies. I have a pair of 1.6 Maggies. Thanks,”

Mike Hebert, Ottawa Canada

No. 263) Paid 8 Times More, and Still in a Different League:

“Upon receiving the cables I wondered just how they would sound. I’ve always agreed solid core is better than stranded. I’ve spent way too much on “salon cables” and have like many of them but I wasn’t prepared for what I heard. Astounding would be an insult, right out of the bag. They now have about 50 hours on them and they keep sounding better. Whatever you’ve done you’ve nailed it. I’ve spent 8 times the cost of these and they aren’t even in the same league as yours. You have proved to me that the “vodoo” in the expensive cables is true. To anyone that may read this, buy these now. Thank You.”

My System:
Revel M-22 Monitors
PS Audio Trio Preamp
Classe’ Seventy Power Amp
PS Audio Digital Link lll
Teac Reference Transport

Tom Ransom, NY

No. 264) Very Happy in Indonesia:

“Cable have just arrived yesterday.”

“The sound was just as simple as your cable design; it just let the music flows into my speaker! Even from out of the box, it sounds very natural, clean, quiet and have a very balanced sound… And if it does improve with time (break in), I couldn’t be happier! I don’t have a high end system, but even in my very humble system this cable gives very much improvement over my previous cable (a relatively cheap Mogami speaker cable, but even that Mogami cost me more than your cable did). I’m very happy with my purchase, your cable definitely have an amazing value for money.”

“Thank you for the great product and service Mr. Speltz” 

Aryo Baskoro, Indonesia

No. 265) Smitten:

“I must say how smitten I am with your products thus far. I mentally kick myself for having gone for the hype on so many other products that left me still wanting, and there after try your creation (at less cost) and find exactly what I’ve been looking for. I hope that you and Judy will continue to keep the door open for those of us that can come to appreciate your fine workmanship and products, thank you Paul. Best Regards,”

James Frazier, SC

No. 266) Shootout against Audioquest cables costing 10 times more:

“I bought a set of the ACs over 6 months ago. I knew when I plugged them in that they were special because they sounded considerably better than my older Transparent Wave speaker cables and a few other budget cables I have. That was on my older system and I didn’t have any high-end cables to compare them to so I decided to wait to review them.”

“I recently upgraded to a new Classe Pre/Dac and power amp and have been demo’ing USB and interconnect cables. I was pretty impressed by the sound coming from the system when I found the right cables. Before I bought the new USB and ICs I wanted to borrow a set of “high-end” speaker cables to ensure that the Anti-cables were representative of a good speaker cable. I have a set of Audioquest Gibraltars and Comets on loan. Well, I can say that the ACs handily beat the Gibralters. The tonality of the Gibralter is not as neutral and the soundstage isn’t as deep. I’m listening to the Comets now and I think that the ACs have a slightly better soundstage and more precise imaging. Wow, these cost more than 10 times what the ACs cost!”

“The sound coming through the ACs is crystal clear, has no apparent coloration and presents the spatial information of the performance. The bass is tight and deep and treble is clean and natural.”

“I’m normally hesitant to label things as “giant killers” or over-hype products, and generally think you get what you pay for. However, I have to say that these cables are the deal of the century!”

“I’ll definitely be ordering more, and I’ll tell my friends about them.”

Jeff Tischer, CO

No. 267) Fun Cables:

“Cables received in fine shape: What fun! Nothing but pure, clean, full sound!

Thank you, “

Jonathan Barnes, CA

No. 268) I Feel Like a Fool:

“Before I bought my anti cables I had owned a pair of Audioquest Gibraltar Bi wire speaker cables. Keep in mind that the audioquest are very expensive (over $1000) and that they are about 10x thicker than the anti cables. You would expect them to perform beyond anything. Audioquest uses very fancy DBS system together with banana plugs and spades. Despite this fact, the anti cables are better. In truth I didn’t want them to be, because now I feel like a fool for wasting that much money on AQ.”

“The sound differences are subtle but in the end, the anti cables have better clarity and are more neutral.”

“Most products that are too good to be true usually are. The anti cables are the exception.”

“I’m now ordering your IC’s this week.”

“PS. Thanks Paul, you saved me a fortune.”

Marc M, Lakewood NJ

No. 269) Dynamics Explode Out of the Sound Stage:

“I’ve received the cables in fine order and relatively quickly as well. Very slight difficulty getting the cables on my terminals, due to the nature of the cables. They sound far, far, far better than what I was using. Not having much time on them, still sounded much better. Like having blankets removed from off the speakers! (25+ yrs young Fried model B speakers) Dynamics explode out of the sound stage. (Listening to Cecilia Bartoli) The speaker cable looks nice too!”

“I plan on buying your interconnects, perhaps next month! They will surely be the cable of choice, when I am able to buy more extensive gear! I am loving them! Thanks! The best to you!”

Al Richardson, NC

No. 270) A Dramatic Difference:

“To Amy’s surprise (more than mine), we were able to immediately hear the substantial difference your cables made in transparency, resolution, bass performance and overall musicality once installed in our system here in Scottsdale, AZ. We live in Scottsdale during the winter months. In early May, we will return to our primary home in Portland, Oregon, where we have our main stereo system, which consists of: 1) Primare CD 21 player we are using as a transport; 2) Berkeley Alpha DAC, 3) Modwright Instruments KWA 100SE amplifier; 4) original Shunyata Hydra and Power Snakes Python serving all electronics, 4) Sonus Faber Cremona M speakers, and 5) Analysis Plus Oval 9 loudspeaker cables.”

“The Anti-Cables made a dramatic difference in the performance of our “secondary” system here in Scottsdale. The question is: do you think they would out-perform our Analysis Plus cables in the system in Portland? We realize that you have a 30 days return policy. Even so, we would very much appreciate knowing your thoughts on the question of Anti-Cables vs. Analysis Plus Oval 9 cables. (Time is money; and for us, since we are greying and retired, time is time. We don’t want to waste yours of ours. But are willing to try them when we return to Portland if you think there is real possibility that the Anti-cables would out-perform the Analysis Plus cables in our system in Portland.)”

“The Analysis Plus Oval 9s were part of our first high-end stereo system in Portland. They are the only things left from that first system. The question is whether it’s time for a change of speaker cables and to Anti-cables specifically?”

“Look forward to hearing from you, and thanks.”

Rudy Westerband, AZ

Rudy and Amy,

I am glad you hear you are enjoying your music more with the Anti-Cables in AZ.

Yes, you have some very good components in you system in Portland, and they will do well by having the best cabling. I have been quietly making and selling what I have been calling my “Reference” series of products for quite a few years. With my speaker cables, this will move you from 12 gauge, up to 9 gauge, so there is twice as much copper. With twice as much copper, there are twice as many electrons available to better move current from your amps to your speakers. This Reference version gives up nothing to my standard version but brings through more bass weight, and greater musical dynamics. Together, they make listening to a system sound more real and life-like.

I have simply been too busy keeping up with emails and orders to re-do my web site to include all my new products (which also includes analog interconnects, digital cables and power cords). I am confident that my Reference series of Anti-Cable products can outperform your Analysis Plus speaker cable, and also your interconnects and maybe even those Shunyata power cords.


Paul Speltz

No. 271) Changed out my Mapleshade wires:

“I have never believed in differences among speaker wire, but my Maggies LOVE your anticables. I have absolutely no doubt that I am hearing a significant difference (for the better) since changing out my Mapleshade wire for yours.”


Alan J. Zeppenfeld, GA

No. 272) Audiogon Postings:

“Thanks so much for getting the anti-cables to me so quickly. Please open the link below, and see what I posted on Audiogon. Feel free to take any of my comments and transfer them to your website.”

“Best regards, ……. “

Adam Edwards, NY

01-21-12: Adam18
2:30 Saturday afternoon, after two hours of listening to the anti cables right out of the box ….. pretty impressive so far. The cables arrived via USPS Priority Mail, very well packed, with spades on the amplifier ends and banana plugs on the speaker ends (a necessity with Vandy 1C’s.) Once stretched out, the cables were easy to manipulate and connect into my system. The cables are very stable “floating in air” between amp and speakers, without touching anything else. The left speaker is a lot closer to the rack than the right speaker. Following the advice of Paul Speltz, I bought a six foot cable for the left, and a twelve foot cable for the right. 18 feet total ….. $98.00 with shipping. A rather inexpensive investment.

My routine demo tracks include a fairly good sampling of well recorded music, which has always sounded mighty fine on my system.

My initial thoughts….. increased dynamic range with more sparkling highs and properly textured bass, natural midrange without any apparent congestion, very good positioning of voices and instruments within a nicely defined soundstage, excellent truth of timbre, and a very clear presentation of each recording. No noticeable harshness or rough edges, and very nice flow, decay, and distinction of musical notes.

The sound of music is definitely different from my AudioQuest type 6+ cables, but it’s too early to tell if the music sounds “better”…… I’ll let the new cables burn in for a while, and update my thoughts in a few days. Our hobby really is pretty cool, and it’s a lot of fun to share this kind of stuff with all you guys and gals on Audiogon. Happy Listening.

01-22-12: Adam18
Well, I let the cables burn in over night, and now, after 24 hours, my initial thoughts are easily reinforced. After listening to more of the “usual suspects”, all I can say is WOW !!!!. These Speltz anti-cables have transformed my system. The music sounds better than it ever did before, and I am a very happy camper. Anyone want to buy a really nice 12′ pair of AQ Type 6+ cables ? These new Speltz Anticables are staying, and I’m looking forward to even better listening experiences as they continue to burn in.

No. 273) An Honest Risk Free Trial Period:

“I wish other small manufacturers were as honest as you. First, let me say that the speaker cables have arrived, and they sound excellent. They are also very nicely crafted, not cheaply or haphazardly made. With my new Marantz player and your cables, I now have a system that is truly involving. I will get back to you with more comments on the sonics of the cables. Indeed, there is a nice synergy in using both the Anti-ICs and Anti-Cables.”

“With regard to honesty, I note that I have been turned off by a number of small “audiophile” companies. Thus, I thank you for standing by your products, and offering a true, risk-free trial period. Best regards,”

Glen Tortorella, VA

No. 274) Cleaner Sounding Then More Expensive Cables:

“Just hooked them up to a pairs of Fritz Speakers Rev 5’s I have also just received and they are provide a cleaner sound than what I have been using that did cost more.”


Dan Qualls, MI

No. 275) Superior Service:

“I received the bi-wire set and they sound great. Thank you for your patience and super service.


Don Jewell, ID

No. 276) Jaw-Droppingly Spectacular:

“This will probably be a different kind of testimonial for your Anti-Cable cables. I recently put together a modest 2-channel desktop audio system using Audioengine’s D1 DAC and A2 powered speakers hooked up to my iMac. After hearing noticeable improvements from upgrading the stock USB cable and interconnects supplied by Audioengine, I set my sights on the speaker cable that connects the powered speaker to its mate (since the left speaker has the built-in amp, it only needs a short length of wire to connect it to the passive right speaker.) When I saw that I could get 3′ of your Anti-Cable for next to nothing, I figured it was a no-brainer to give it a try.”

“I’ve been listening now for about a week. While I haven’t been counting the hours, so don’t know exactly where I am in the break-in process, I can tell you that the improvement is not subtle. In truth, it’s jaw-droppingly spectacular, especially considering that only one speaker is actually being fed with the wire! Before, it seemed like the sound was confused, you know?”

“With the Anti-Cables, all the instruments are suddenly right where they belong, the imaging detailed and precise and the sound so smooth I could listen for hours. I wouldn’t have guessed the speaker wire could make such a big difference in a little system like this, and I can only imagine what it does with more expensive equipment. WOW! Thank you for adding so much enjoyment to my long hours at the computer. You guys definitely have a winner on your hands. Bless you,”

Michael Ryan, Boise, ID

No. 277) Ruby Red Colour Passes WAF in the UK:

“Fitted the ac speaker wires today. Immediate impressions are more detail, fuller sound and clean and naturally bright top end without any sibilance. Wife likes the shiny red finish  ) Regards,”

David Rowe, UK

No. 278) Incredible in Italy:

“Your cables are incredible. Please tell me if the anti ICs are good to connect the turntable to amplifier.
I need a pair of 0,5 meters and a pair of 1 meter bullet terminated. Thank you.”

Giovanni De Giosa, Italy



Be sure to order the Anti-Cable interconnects with the “Double Shielded” option, and they will be fine for use with your turntable.



No. 279) FM Friendly:

“All the good things your other customers say are true, but I would like to add one more. These are very FM friendly cables, with a high quality broadcast these cables very nearly put you in the original space of the performance. Quiet, clean, accurate wire. Thanks again,”

David Witt, ME

No. 280) Outstanding:

“The improvement in sound using your cables both as interconnects (Eichmann plugs) and speaker wire is outstanding.”

“Happy Listening,”

Hal Marcus, Raleigh, NC

No. 281) Outperformed Morrow Cables:

“My bi-wire anti-cable speaker cables out performed my Morrow sp3 bi-wire. Just a little smoother in audio texture. For the money you can’t beat all of Paul’s products!!!”

Chris Witney “Surfdog69″, CA

No. 282) Outperformed Morrow Cables Again:

“First of all, I have to say that the anti-cables that came yesterday are absolutely spectacular. I didn’t think there would be much difference between them and my Morrow SP4 speaker cables. The anti-cables have much more weight to the bottom-end and mids, and the drums seem more life-like.”

“So, now that I’m a fan, I’m wondering if the IC’s are just as suitable to use as a subwoofer connection. I’m not looking for more/deeper bass, just tighter & faster.”

“Thanks for the fantastic product.”

Scott Widmer, MN

No. 283) Warning, This Testimonial Contains Explicit Content:

“Just in case you don’t like explicit content I will keep it as clean as I can….”

“Ok, after I opened the box and looked at the cables, skepticism kicked in… THIS is going to make my set sound better!? Oh well, let me bend them in place and see….
After listening for about an hour to my favorite songs with the old cables (Audioquest Type 8) in place, I was ready to plug the Anti-Cables in. Turned the amp on, opened the Sonos app and clicked play…. what happened after that is hard to describe without using every cuss word available and explained on wikipedia…”

“HOLY $4!t Mark Knopfler is in my bedroom playing on his guitar, opened my eyes again to realize it was the same speakers and amp that played Brothers in Arms many times before, but…. not like this! HE WAS THERE!!! IN MY ROOM!!! I went through my favorite playlist (a mix of David Gilmour, Staind, Korn, Muse, Kings of Leon, Dire Straits and Pink Floyd, to name a few). I didn’t even burn the cables in yet…. These songs all of a sudden have a lower bass that wasn’t there before, cymbals and hihat on drums are more clear and the snare drum ‘snaps’ like never before.”

“What the hell…. everybody is spread out through my room, standing where they would at a concert… and not just left to right, back to front too… NOW I understand those reviews with their fancy words about 3 dimensional soundstage, timber, coloration, bass extension, etc… I think i figured what happened… Those cables tell my amp and speakers to wake the F. up and play music the way they are supposed to! And remember, it was cold out of the box, not a minute of warming up, burning in or anything. My B&W CM5′s (by no means High End), sounded better than the B&W CM9 floor standers (to keep the comparison within the same brand, but more expensive). I wanted to change the speakers to more expensive highly regarded speakers, but I think I found a cheaper solution…”

“I can’t wait for the Anti IC’s to arrive and connect them to my headphone amp and I will not keep expectations low, I bet they will blow my mind.”

“Final note:Everyone that likes music should order these cables and use their old ones as tow rope for their car, boat, whatever, because after listening to the Anti Cable, that is what their old speaker cable will sound like… a piece of rope…”

“I dare to bet anyone a case of beer that my simple set of a Sonos, PS Audio DAC, Rega Brio R and CM5′s with the anti cables will sound better than a set costing 3x more than mine with non-Anti Cables!”

“After the cables have played for a few weeks and really are up to speed, I will send you my first born as thanks….”

“A thank you, deep bow and with respect,”


…a week later…

“I just received the AudioQuest Rockefeller speaker cables I ordered before I ordered yours and even though those are $1100 new, they are not as transparent and open as yours.. Still amazed!”

“I already told my friends in Holland about them. Thanks,”

Raymond Karman, FL

No. 284) A Large Dose of Pure Clean Oxygen and Sunlight!

“I wanted to send you a brief note to let you know that the very nicely packed speaker cable set arrived this afternoon. Thank you for that, as well as for your thorough communication throughout!”

“Let me share with you that when I insert a new component into my system, I usually don’t have to listen for hour upon hour in order to try decide if the new part (output transformer, interstage coupling capacitor, cathode bias resistor, or source, preamp, amplifier or speaker) results in a difference and, moreover, if that difference is for the better — or possibly — for the worse. Using source material with which I’m very familiar, I can tell within the first few notes if something is different or has in some way changed. In particular, I listen for the clarity of small percussive sounds, leading edges of transients — plucked guitar strings, chimes, initial strike, decay, and shimmer of cymbals, sharp attack of snare drum rim shots, and so forth. Degradation (as in dulling, veiling, rolling-off…) of that kind of information is what in my experience becomes an early victim in terms of losses associated compromised signal transmission.”

“With the Anti-cables unpacked, straightened out and easily worked into place and connected, the difference I heard arrived even before the needle hit the groove: as odd and improbable as it may sound, it was what I heard when I cleaned the stylus of the cartridge that I noticed a change! I’m being absolutely sincere about this! I use a certain highly viscous, almost gel-like stylus cleaning product in which the needle is gently inserted and removed. There has always been a very light, soft ‘pop’ with this procedure, but this evening with the new cables in place, that sound was distinct and different enough that it caught my attention; it had a sharpness and clarity that was not there before, and it’s a sound I know very, very well. I admit I have tried so many so many different speaker cables and interconnect over the past decades, that installing the Anti-Cables was somewhat of a mechanical exercise. I did not expect to hear the entirely new level of detail, clarity, and sense of air and open space rendered by your cables. This was not just removing a blanket from the speakers (in this case, extremely revealing Lowther PM5A alnico drivers in rear loaded horns), but something more like a large dose of pure, clean oxygen and sunlight!”

“…and the amount of time I’m spending trying to tell you that I’m extremely pleased with your Anti-cables is enough at this point. My next pair is going to take some measuring, because it involves jumping to Klipschorn bass bins, but I will get that done in short order and soon let you know what I need. Thank you for great customer service, and of course for the cables, themselves.”

Erik Mandaville, TX

No. 285) More than Proud of my System Now:

“I ordered a 12 foot set of anti-cables with standard terminations made of proprietary solid copper spades. I received them on Friday July 27, 2012 and installed them that evening after carefully reading your instructions. I had no problem with the installation and was able to shape them so they are not touching anything else. I have always been very proud of the sound coming from my system and really did not know what to expect. After connecting your anti-cables and listening to some of the music that I am really familiar with, I must say that I am more than proud of my system now. I thought it was really clear and neutral before, but your anti-cables made an apparent difference right away. I cannot wait until the cables are fully broken in to hear the results. I will fully recommend your product to everyone that I know who is into hi-end equipment after they have listened to some of my music and start asking questions about “What did you do to make it sound better than before?” I hope you have a lot of this material to make the anti-cables because you certainly are going to be selling many more of them. Thank you so very much for offering a product at a price that everyone can afford.”

Fred Clinton Marvin Junior

Baltimore, Maryland

No. 286) I am Very Satisfied:

“A couple of months ago, I purchased a 10′ pair of speaker cables and a pair of jumpers, both of which I’m very satisfied with. To add to whatever anecdotal data base—formal or informal—you might entertain, they are being used very successfully with a vintage, restored Eico HF-81 integrated tube amp and a pair of ProAc Tablette 50 Signatures. Thanks,”

Michael Sugg, OR

No. 287) “Come on”… This is What this Stuff is?

“First of all I want to say… I did not want to write a testimonial, did not expect to; did not think there would be any improvement to write about. I’ve been listening for about 6 hours since installing and following directions. I have to admit… the sound in several parameters is unquestionably better. The clarity from top to bottom is improved; the spatial rendition of instruments is both wider and deeper; the frequency balance is slightly improved (more neutral) and finally, the bottom end articulation is stunningly good. Bass notes are clearly more engagingly tuneful.”

“I thought I already had that in my system… now I have it in well more defined terms. I had been using AQ Crystal in a double run shotgun setup… mind you, that’s two “hoses” to each speaker bi-wired… a lot of copper right? So I thought, especially after receiving anti-cables and looking at them…”Come on”; this is what this stuff is? Forget it!”

“This “stuff” makes a sound system perform superbly at a price that should bedevil audiophile cable makers. It simply transmits music better. You ought to be rewarded when you make something better than the other guys. I raise a glass to you and the sound I’m now enjoying even more. Thanks for making this product for the working audiophile.”

Nick DePiano, DE

No. 288) Affordable Product for the Average Joe:

“I received your speaker cables and I noticed a difference almost immediately. Thanks for a great, yet affordable product for the average Joe like myself. Sincerely,”

David Vasquez, NY

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Products may be returned up to 30 days after taking delivery (60 for the ZERO-Autoformers and ZERO-Boxes).

Within 60 days of purchase, you may ‘trade up’ your purchase toward the same product, of a higher level, and pay only the price difference.

We’ll buy back your older ANTICABLES products for 1/2 of what you paid, no matter how old they are, when you buy a new upgraded version of the same product.

If you purchased a “copycat” looking set of red speaker wires that “claim” they are better, we invite you to try OUR speaker wires, and we will buy back those red copycat wires at 1/2 of what you paid, after you hear how much better ours sound.

Yes, that is right! We are so sure your system will sound more like real music with the ANTICABLES, we are willing to buy back the equal length copycat cables from you at half price, so you can better enjoy your music with the ANTICABLES speaker wires.

Please contact us to let us know you are taking “The ANTICABLES Challenge” when you place the order to qualify. To date, the comparison has gone 100% in favor of the ANTICABLES with every customer that has taken on the challenge.


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