Arms of Eberstalzell, Austria


Granted 1977

Blazon: Argent a bridge of three arches in base gules, issuant therefrom a demi-boar rampant sable

The boar (Eber) does double duty here as both a canting element and a symbol of the town’s connection with Kremsmünster Abbey. The abbey was founded in 777 by Tassilo III, Duke of Bavaria, on the site where his son Gunther had been killed by a wild boar. (The last part is legend, but does help explain the abbey’s use of a boar as a heraldic symbol). Eberstalzell was one of a few towns the duke donated to the new abbey. The bridge doesn’t have quite the same long pedigree; it’s a representation of the local autobahn bridge, which is built of stone.

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