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Duke Philip of Bavaria

Duke Philip of Bavaria is a character in The Tudors. A German prince and a member of the Protestant League, he appears in "The Undoing of Cromwell" as a potential suitor for Princess Mary Tudor, having been encouraged to pursue her by his cousin (and Mary's new stepmother) Anne of Cleves. Despite her extreme hatred for Protestantism (due to her Catholic faith) Mary and Philip genuinely fall in love. Philip's attitude and manners cause Mary to swoon over him, particularly when she overhears him confiding in Anne that Mary reminds him of Catherine of Aragon, whom he admired as a leader. However, he is soon ordered to return to Germany when King Henry VIII's alliance with the Protestant League fails. Mary maintains that she would never have married Philip anyway due to their religious differences, but she is privately heartbroken.

Philip is played by Irish actor Colin O'Donoghue.

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