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Dolly Parton sings and gets COVID vaccine shot

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Country music legend Dolly Parton briefly changed the words of her tune 'Jolene,' singing 'vaccine vaccine' before receiving a COVID vaccination shot on Tuesday. (March 3)

Video Transcript

DOLLY PARTON: Well, hey, it's me. I'm finally going to get my vaccine. I'm so excited. I've been waiting a while. I'm old enough to get it, and I'm smart enough to get it.

So I'm very happy that I'm going to get my Moderna shot today. And I want to tell everybody that you should get out there and do it too. I even changed one of my songs to fit the occasion. It goes--

(SINGING) Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, I'm begging you please don't hesitate. Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine 'cause once you're dead, then that's a bit too late.

[LAUGHS] I know I'm trying to be funny now, but I'm dead serious about the vaccine. I think we all wanna get back to normal, whatever that is. And that would be a great shot in the arm, wouldn't it? If we could get back to that.

But anyhow, I just wanted to encourage everybody 'cause the sooner we get the feeling better, the sooner we are gonna get back to being normal. So I just wanna say to all of you cowards out there, don't be such a chicken squat. Get out there and get your shot. Anyway, that's my message to you.

So I am going to call on my friend, Dr. Naji Abumrad, that's worked in research here at Vanderbilt. That's where I am today. And he's going to pop me in my arm.

And so I'm going to call him in. I'm going to mask up first though 'cause I have a pretty good distance from me and the camera. So I'mma probably put this on and get that on, get my hair back around so I look good. You know, we gotta look good. [LAUGHS] OK, Dr. Naji, get in here and give me a shot. How are you?

NAJI ABUMRAD: Hey, how are you?


NAJI ABUMRAD: It's so good to see you--

DOLLY PARTON: Have you been practicing?

NAJI ABUMRAD: --and thank you very much for coming.

DOLLY PARTON: Yeah. Well, thank you for helping me out. You've been here for years doing research at Vanderbilt. And you and I have been friends forever. And I thought it was only appropriate to be the one to give me my shot today.

NAJI ABUMRAD: Absolutely. And I'm so glad that you're here, and that you're giving a great message. And we're ready.

DOLLY PARTON: OK. Well, I'm gonna wait on you. I hope you practiced. I even had a little cutout in my shirt. I matched it over here 'cause I'm sure you can just reach down in there and surely find a muscle somewhere. [LAUGHS] I'm gonna wait for you. All right.

NAJI ABUMRAD: I'm sorry.

DOLLY PARTON: It's all right. Do what you gotta do. You're the doctor. I'm just patient. I didn't know you was gonna be so clumsy. I hope you're gonna do better with that shot.


I know-- I hope this don't look like it does on TV where it looks like they're driving an ice pick in your arm. OK.

NAJI ABUMRAD: Now, let me ask you. I have two questions to ask you. Do you have any bleeding disorders?


NAJI ABUMRAD: Any serious allergies, anaphylactic reaction?


NAJI ABUMRAD: OK. We're ready.

DOLLY PARTON: I think I'm good to go, so. I'm going. I'm going. Well, it didn't take this long to film "9 to 5," Dr. Naji.


OK. I'm still waiting. Well, I've been waiting since December. I've been in line.

NAJI ABUMRAD: OK, sweetie.

DOLLY PARTON: OK. Here I go. All right.


Think you got it?


DOLLY PARTON: OK. That didn't hurt. Just stung a little bit, but, that was from the alcohol pad, I think.


DOLLY PARTON: Right? OK. All right.

NAJI ABUMRAD: Let me put a--

DOLLY PARTON: And I know, mess up my beauty mark.


DOLLY PARTON: [LAUGHS] I'm joking. You do what you gotta do. [LAUGHS] I don't want blood on my clothes. [LAUGHS] Hey, I did it! I did it!