Dog Altogether

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Dog Altogether
Dog Altogether poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed byPaddy Considine
Written byPaddy Considine
Produced byDiarmid Scrimshaw
Mark Herbert
Gillian Berrie
Anna Duffield
Wendy Griffin
Paul Welsh
StarringPeter Mullan
Olivia Colman
Paul Popplewell
CinematographyThomas Townend
Edited byColin Monie
Music byChris Baldwin
Distributed byEM Media (with the support of)
Scottish Screen
Sigma Films (co-production)
Warp Films (co-production)
Release date
  • 23 August 2007 (2007-08-23)
Running time
16 mins
CountryUnited Kingdom

Dog Altogether is a short film written and directed by Paddy Considine.[1] The term "Dog Altogether" comes from an Irish expression that Considine's father used to use when situations got really bad. It was filmed on 22 January 2007 in Glasgow.

The lead role of Joseph is taken by Scottish actor/director Peter Mullan, who was hand-picked by Considine to play a role loosely based on Considine's late father (also called Joseph). Mullan is a winner of several BIFA and BAFTA best actor awards. British comedy actress Olivia Colman fills the supporting role as Anita. Colman, already having shot British comedy film Hot Fuzz with Considine, was approached to play the part due to her suitability for the role.

The story of this short was later expanded into the first Considine's feature film Tyrannosaur, with the same actors as the main characters.


Dog Altogether is the story of Joseph (Peter Mullan), a man who is plagued by a violence and rage that is driving him to self-destruction. As he falls further into turmoil, Joseph scours the landscape in search of a single grain of redemption that might restore hope to his fractured life.




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