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David Soslan (died 1207) was a Georgian military hero who fought in several wars with Georgia's Muslim neighbors. He became the second husband of Queen Tamar the Great after she divorced her first husband, Yuri, and fended off both of his attempts to overthrow her. David Soslan fought in two major battles against Muslim neighbors, Shamkor and Basiani. Both are depicted in the Tamar campaign. Two of his and Tamar's children, Rusudan and Lasha Giorgi, are AI player names for the Georgians in Age of Empires II. David Soslan himself is also an AI player name.

David Soslan appears in three consecutive scenarios in the Tamar campaign. He is depicted as a Champion with faster speed, higher attack, more hit points, more line of sight, and more armor, but with the same attack bonuses and attack speed.

As a hero, he cannot be converted and can regenerate health.