Consuming Passions

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Consuming Passions
Consuming Passions FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed byGiles Foster
Written byPaul D. Zimmerman
Andrew Davies
(from a play Secrets
by Michael Palin and
Terry Jones)
Produced byWilliam P. Cartlidge
CinematographyRoger Pratt
Edited byJohn Grover
Music byRichard Hartley
Distributed byVestron Pictures[1]
Running time
98 min
CountryUnited Kingdom

Consuming Passions is a 1988 black comedy film which stars Vanessa Redgrave, Jonathan Pryce, and Sammi Davis and was directed by Giles Foster.


The film is based on Secrets by Michael Palin and Terry Jones[2] a BBC television play broadcast in 1973. It tells the story of a chocolate factory preparing to launch a new luxury range, Passionelles. However, during the production run a worker falls into a vat of chocolate and dies, meaning human flesh is present in the first batch released. The horrified owners try and fail to recall the chocolates, but when they go on sale, they prove a surprise hit. Keen to continue the success, the developers try to replicate the taste with animal meat, but this fails miserably - leading them to realise human flesh is the key ingredient, and going to extreme lengths to obtain dead bodies to use in the chocolate.

The Time Out Film Guide describes the 'recipe' for this film and concludes that of the result: "the consistency should be lumpy and the taste insipid."[3]



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