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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Constantine II 'Former' King Still with No Surname

Attending also the wedding of the Prince of Luxumbourg to Countess Stephanie from Belgium is Constantine II and his family. The Daily Mail referred Constantine II as King of the Hellenes.

Constantine is not King of the Hellenes (the Greek people). Constantine is not appointed by God or annointed by God to be King of the Greek people either. Any title that WAS a given title, is no longer valid.

In Greece the Monarchy was abolished in 1974. Since my arrival at Athens in 1976, I have claimed with my heart Athens as my spiritual home. Greece is my motherland and I am a sovereign Citizen of the World. In 1976 istening to the Greek people with their sorrow of the British holding onto the Acropolis marbles, and since the British 'legal system' is arrogant and refuse to return them, just remember many officials within the law corporation boast of the system being corrupt.

Justice will be done for the people. Divine Justice.

Probably the reason to prevent anyone holding royal and noble titles in Greece, is to block the effort to claim right to rule the land. The debt loaded on the Greek people that can 'never be repaid' might be how land and buildings get owned, however in the Holy Bible usuray is forbidden. Man or woman who violates God's Law is accountable and He decides what will be and not be. The more that becomes clear in my life is confirming what I already know. The All Seeing and All Knowing God chose my mother in the divine plan to assist HIS DIVINE PURPOSE!

Constantine has actually stated that he recognises the Republic, the laws and the constitution of Greece. He told Time, "If the Greek people decide that they want a republic, they are entitled to have that and should be left in peace to enjoy it". He needs to listen to his words and DROP claiming to be King.

Until 1994, Constantine's official Greek passport identified him as "Constantine, former King of the Hellenes." A law passed in 1994 stripped him of his Greek citizenship, passport, and property. The law stated that Constantine could not be granted a Greek passport unless he adopted a surname. He continues to use the title "King Constantine," although he no longer uses "Constantine, King of the Hellenes".

Constantine is frequently referred to as Mr. Glücksburg; a family name since 1935. Archimandrite Christoforos Ktenas referred to the late King Constantine I of Greece as "Ντίνος Γλυξβούργος" (Tino Glücksburg), in his book on Mount Athos. Glücksburg was mainly used by opponents of constitutional monarchy. Attention is given to the fact that Constantine II and family are not of Hellenic/Greek origin.

Constantine has stated: "I don't have a name - my family doesn't have a name. The law that Mr. Papandreou passed basically says that he considers that I am not Greek and that my family was Greek only so long as we were exercising the responsibilities of sovereign, and I had to go out and acquire a name. The problem is that my family originates from Denmark, and the Danish royal family haven't got a surname." Glücksburg, he said, was not a family name but the name of a town. "I might as well call myself Mr. Kensington."

There are many people who use the name 'Glücksburg' proudly and being a trained psychotherapist, this is seen as an avoidance tactic. The only reason for not using this name, is seen that Greek people who are not very bright or do their homework, would immediately recognise the surname as not being Greek.

Former Queen Anne Marie of Greece, Princess of Denmark, wife of former King Constantine II of Greece is sister of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

People need to recognise exactly what is the meaning of a God appointed King. This is someone who is anointed by God, who is in direct relationship with God and is divinely guided by God. A King can be a Queen. This person will come from a specific lineage that is already laid out in the Holy Scripture. This person would not need to have some title given to them, they are Born who they are.

By denying the bloodline specifically identified by God, where women have been given the spiritual key since ancient times, this is why we there is a growing awareness about the Goddess, Athena. Cleopatra Isis Gene, MDNA and MtDNA now.

The more the effort to try and suppress the truth, the truth will get louder and louder and this is what is being revealed to the people now.

With growing attention being given to the fact that Constantine's family lacks a legal surname in Greece, perhaps his reluctance to adopt a surname of his family members is because there is an agenda to keep the door open.

Prince Phillip, former Prince of Greece is son of Andrew. His father was on a ship while hundreds of thousands of Greek people were massacred in Smyrna. Desperate people begging to come on board and they were refused. These people descended from the ancient Greek Imperial bloodline - the Holy Royal Bloodline. Smyrna is where my Grandmother came from. The British establishment saved Andrew from being executed and showed loyalty to saving their family before the Greek people.

King Constantine 1 was Andrew's brother. Andrew married Princess Alice of Battenberg. During World War I, he continued to visit Britain, despite 'veiled' accusations in the British House of Commons that he was a German agent. In 1930, Andrew published a book 'Towards Disaster: The Greek Army in Asia Minor in 1921' in which he defended his actions. All these planned wars and innocent people being killed are so far removed from a Holy Royal Family.

Conquesting Smyrna evidently was important for the throne. However, God already knows the manipulative ways of man. The Church of Smyrna is clearly identified in the Holy Bible in relation to the Crown of life. This identifies the City and also the Cathedral - St Fotini (meaning the entlightened one) in ancient Smyrna and New Smyrna. St. Fortini is the lady at Jacob's Well and so this connects to Israel too. Israel is the name given to Jabob by God.

In a BBC documentary titled "Prince Philip at 90", the interviewer asked whether he felt Greek. The answer was "No, I was born in Greece but I am racially Danish". Being born in Corfu is seen to be part of the plan to consolidate Greek heritage claim because Greece is important for the Crown. Phillip's mother was born in the tapestry Room at Windsor Castle in Berkshire, present of her great-grandmother, Queen Victoria. Why did people felt sorry for Philip? He was portrayed as a poor boy and this is why people felt sorry for him. See beyond the illusion!

Phillip is not his father but he does carry his father's genes, as do his son's and grandsons. The women carry their mother's genetic makeup.

The difference between Prince Phillip and former king Constantine II is that Prince Philip, a member of the same family, gave the surname of his uncle, Mountbatten, when he applied for British Citizenship.

Queen Sofia of Spain is sister of Constantine II. Spain and France are part of my heritage from my father's family. To feel an emotional connection to Greece, is perfectly natural. I feel it too. It is easy to develop an emotional connection to anywhere where people are warm, kind and welcoming people as family. This is why Greece is a very popular holiday destination today.

Queen Sofia was Greek Orthodox and now Roman Catholic to become more palatable to Catholic Spain, relinquishing her rights to the Greek Throne. Donna Sofia is married to Don Juan Carlos. Since abolition of the Greek monarchy, the royal titles were recognized by the Dutch Monarchy and the Danish Royal Family.

In 1969, Prince Juan Carlos, who was never Prince of Asturias (the traditional title of the heir presumptive), was given the official title of "Prince of Spain" by the Spanish state; the title suggested by Sofía herself. Juan Carlos acceded to the throne as Juan Carlos I of Spain in 1975.

Donna Sophia has criticised the military intervention in Afghanistan. She has many special interests in relation to the people. On a controversial point, has been public exposure of private conversations between her husband and King Hassan II of Morocco. This was to be revealing Juan Carlos' autocratic references to Spanish regions as "my lands" (mis tierras). She also mentioned that the King would never abdicate. Recent floods show He is to be washed away.

The Basque region in Spain has the highest percentage of Rhesus O negative blood type. This blood group is the Universal Donor and Royal blood. When Mary Magdalene and family fled Jerusalem in biblical times, they were said to have landed in the in South of France. Rhesus O negative bloodgroup is in my family.

What is gathered from history, was a political idealogy - A plan - a MAGALI IDEA that was forced before time. This is related to Greece. If the initiators of the political idealogy violate God's Laws and cause war or injustice, it is not with pure intention. The DIVINE PLAN will unfold in God's Way.

Prince William is god-son to Constantine II and this might indicate that William is Greek Orthodox too. Criteria for being King connected to Greece must be to take the Greek Orthodox faith. When William married Kate Middleton, a Greek Orthodox Priest was present. Being Greek Orthodox myself, I notice details and am unsure if they had a private Orthodox wedding or just what was televised publically.

He or Hei, the symbol worn on William's badge represents the name of God. 'He' stands for 'Hashem' and is a way of saying God. William is not God, and I have no idea if any of the royals Fear God of the consequences if they have caused harm, loss, suffering and death to people - injustice too.

There have been kings who regard theirselves as God and declared to have the Divine Right of Kings. There is only one man who has Divine Right to be King and it is not William. From Henry VIII declaring himself Supreme Head of the Church of England, this title is now Governer - hense the Queen is said to be governing the people. To change what might be challenged has likely taken careful thought. Changing a label of a bottle does not change the contents.

A reminder: Christ consquested the world with his heart. While people see William all sweetness and light, his brother is flying apache said to be a dangerous killing machine. It is completely against God's law to kill anyone. Even if his genes were 'washed' - the denial of Christ as King is not ignored.

Constantine stands out being a Greek name from ancient Greece - The City Constantinople is named after the first Emperor.

Constantine II (Flavius Claudius Constantinus Augustus 316 – 340), was Roman Emperor from 337 to 340 ad. Conflict emerged between the sons of Constantine the Great. His attempt to exert his perceived rights of primogeniture ended up causing his death in a failed invasion of Italy in 340. In 340, Constantius' brothers clashed over the western provinces of the empire.

Then there is Constantine II of Scotland. Link posted below.

Constantinople City is now changed to be named Istambul. The location is still the same and what defines it, while there is the Blue Mosque, there is also Hagia Sophia which is connected to my birth heritage.

HM Queen Elizabeth II0, is documented as being of the extended member of the Greek royal family. While this applies the newly created Greece with the Kings and Queens, her reason for writing to acknowledge my mother and myself too. If she is related to the ancient Royal lineage, we are blood related family too.

Regarding the Kings of Greece

House of Wittelsbach Otto - royal prince of Bavaria was given the title and made King of Greece 1832-1862 under the Convention of London.

The second son of the philhellene King Ludwig I of Bavaria, Otto ascended the newly created throne of Greece while still a minor. His government was initially a three-man regency council of Bavarian court officials. Upon reaching his majority, Otto removed the regents when they proved unpopular with the people and he ruled as an absolute monarch.

Otto was referred to as "Bavarokratia" ("Rule of the Bavarians) This term implied that the King was another foreign ruler whom Greeks had to overthrow.

George I became the monarch of a New Greek dynasty - born Prince Christian Wilhelm Ferdinand Adolf Georg of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, until his accession in Greece. Becoming known as George a Greek name might have been to appeal to the bring the trust and acceptance o f the Greek people. Constantine II could take note to see even a family surname is identified here.

Constantine I was made King of Greece from 1913- 1917 and from 1920- 1922. He was commander-in-chief of the Hellenic Army during the unsuccessful Greco-Turkish War of 1897 and led the Greek forces during the successful Balkan Wars of 1912–1913. He abdicated the throne for the second and last time in 1922, when Greece lost the Greco-Turkish War of 1919-1922, and was succeeded by his eldest son, George II.

Constantine I was the eldest son of King George I and Queen Olga of Greece. His birth was met with an immense wave of enthusiasm: because the new heir apparent to the throne was the first Greek-born royal.

Huge crowds gathered outside the Palace shouting what he should be rightfully named: "Constantine" name of his maternal grandfather, Grand Duke Konstantin Romanov of Russia. Not only is this traditions, this is also the name of the "King who would reconquer Constantinople", the future "Constantine XII, legitimate successor to the Emperor Constantine XI Palaiologos".

The name Constantine while trying to conquer lands, is revealed to be important to be 'legitimate successor of Constantine X1 of the Old Empire'.

Following from this were Alexander, George II, Paul and finally Constantine II.

When the extended family are taking care of each other, it is unclear if loyalties are with the people, especially the Greek people. It is a hugely privileged position to be King or Queen and enjoy a luxury lifestyle - this comes with responsibility. What I am clear on is the All Seeing and All Knowing God sees into everyone of our hearts and mind. He knows who is Sincere in their Oath.

It is very important that people know their heritage and also value this. It does not matter what cultural background you come from - every nation has something positive to offer to this world and it is the people who make this world. What is certain if people are going to be uplifted spiritually, it is not to be enslaved by anyone or to be bowing down to anyone.

Constantine II the former king with no surname, might not have been given much of a thought other than he still regards himself as King of the Greeks and he is not. With my mother and grandmother being Greek, no law can deny my maternal heritage and most certainly I do not see this man as a King over me.

It is time to restore God's Order again in the world. Long overdue is global peace. Long overdue is the end to all the injustice taking place.

Muslims and Jewish people wait for the one who is guided by God. The Imam Mahdi is a successor to Muhammad. My baptism name in Jewish gematria adds up to 19 and this is important for the messenger of the convenat. Jewish people wait for the Mashiach who is crowned and if I use Princess Pauline Maria or my full name it is divisible into 7. By my mothers surname, with my baptism name, in Jewish Gematria this reveals 1742 - Holy Daughter of the Apocalypse and Novus Ordo Seclorum. Apocaplypse means lifing the veil to see clearly. This is my reason to write openly here.

The signs of the times with Floods in England exposed the Spencer Court of man made laws for profit is not approved by God. York being flooded is to wash away the old and make way for the new. Scotland had the foam from the sea of which actually Salt is used in purifying process, while I said this reminded me of fairy liquid, I am reminded of Jubilee and Jubilee Laws. William has been given a title that relates to being ruler of Scotland - From what is revealed, God Almighty does not agree!

No coincidence there was also a Constatine of Scotland.

The royals are silent while our waters are being poisoned - even our drinking water. Their solution is to provide bottled water we pay for. There are fish dying and the drilling that is taking place that is contributing to the cause. Do they care? Silence is not Golden. Silent suffering is not!

It is my obligation to speak out openly. God save the people!

In God's Eyes everyone is Equal. The crime to pitch people against people from other churches and different nations is not what God has planned. The quicker people realise this the better. Long overdue is global peace.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria