Scarlett Johansson was a vision during her May 24th appearance at the 76th Cannes Film Festival, where she attended the Asteroid City photocall. With her hair in a sleek up-do, Scarlett wore a black, pink, and orange striped dress on the red carpet. She matched her fuchsia lipstick to the hues in the dress and finished the colorful look off with gold accessories.

With a decades-long career, Scarlett is hardly a newcomer at the famed film festival. She’s made countless appearances over the years, and dazzled with her stylish looks each time. Scarlett’s familiarity with Cannes is a testament to her successful career. In fact, she’s played such powerful characters that even her own husband, Colin Jost, has refused to help her with work for fear of coming across spoilers.

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Scarlett’s Husband Colin Jost Is A Huge Fan Of Her Character Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson at 2023 Cannes film festival
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Though Scarlett has had many notable film roles over the years, she’s arguably best known for starring as Black Widow (aka Natasha Romanoff) in the Marvel franchise.

Aside from Scarlett’s acting chops, much of the character’s popularity comes from her mystery. For years, Black Widow’s background was unknown, and fans waited eagerly for the franchise to reveal more about her past.

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Fans finally got answers with the release of 2021’s Black Widow, which focuses solely on the titular character. The film had a $200 million USD budget, speaking to how big the movie was predicted to be. And it was a success by Marvel standards, as it grossed nearly $380 million at the box office.

There was obviously a significant amount of hype around the movie given that fans had long awaited details of Natasha's past. This meant the entire cast and production team had to be tight-lipped about the plot line, so spoilers wouldn’t leak out. Apparently, only their inner circle could know anything about the project. However, Scarlett’s husband Colin Jost went to great lengths to avoid any details of the movie, even refusing to help her.

Colin Didn’t Want Spoilers, So He Refused To Help Scarlett With Her Role

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost
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Scarlett previously revealed that her husband was working on a project in London while she was there filming Black Widow. But every time she requested his help rehearsing a scene, he’d refused for fear of discovering spoilers.

He also wouldn’t listen to her discuss details of filming. Apparently, Colin is a huge fan of the character and wanted to learn about her history alongside other fans when the movie released.

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“He doesn’t like any spoilers, though, so I can’t tell him anything,” Scarlett recalled. “And he doesn’t even pry. When we were shooting this film in London, Colin was also there shooting Tom & Jerry — which worked out great ’cause we were together in the same city for a long time, which is rare.”

“I was in the middle of a big action set piece or sequence or whatever,” she continued. “He was just not wanting to hear anything about it.”

Hopefully, Colin is more open to hearing about Scarlett’s other projects now that she’s done portraying Black Widow on the big screen.