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Our advanced, bilingual education at Eton School Mexico is first-rate in our country, applying the best curricula and education practices in the world.

As a top private school in Mexico City, our spaces powerfully provoke inquiry, exploration, and ongoing learning as we shape a generation of creative, resilient global citizens—who will change our world for the better.


At Eton, we’re at the forefront of global education as a bilingual international school. We develop the skills and talents of active thinkers who are not afraid to dig deeper and take initiative as leaders in our community. Through a common love for learning, our students excel in their academics, embrace their creativity and critical thinking, and drive impact through the values of kindness, empathy, and respect.


In our special environment, we empower the heart and mind of your child, guided by teachers who care deeply about seeing their success—whatever they choose to be or do in life.



Eton School Mexico was founded in 1990 by Ms. Margarita Arzac—a visionary, knowledgeable, and well recognized Mexican educator—and three of her colleagues, Ms. Liz Panchuk, Ms. Constance Balawender, and Ms. Yvonne Kogan.

Our school has been defined by how we enable students to thoughtfully consider their lessons and experiences, maintaining a balance between the intellectual, academic, physical, emotional, and aesthetic aspects of their development. 

We create a positive environment and culture around continual inquiry, as we promote social-emotional intelligence and foster self-confidence and independence. Within our safe and engaging environment, we guide our students to their fullest potential.

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Emilio Heller
5th grade student
We learn by doing projects at school. We get to work with new people who then become our friends. This teamwork helps me develop skills for the future.
Genny Nacif
Our experience at Eton has been the best! The most important thing for us has been the support our children have received and the school’s focus on a well-rounded education. Eton was the best decision we could’ve made for our children.
María Fernanda Candiani
9th grade student
At Eton, everyone values who you are. There is always someone who is willing to help you. I always feel comfortable at school.
Roberto Manjarrez
Being part of the Eton family is a great privilege for us, and everyone in the house is an Eton Dolphin through and through! On top of the advanced academic level, it’s a place that has given my children the tools to pursue their dreams.
Andrés Díaz
11th grade student
Eton has helped me discover what I love and what I’m passionate about. We, as students, have the freedom to choose what we want to work on for our projects—like the IB personal project, where I’ve discovered my true passion for the ocean.
Oskar Chiquillo
Eton is an extension of my home and a place that I know will help me raise my children to be better people. I love that the way I educate my children at home is complemented and expanded when they’re at school.
Verónica Orozco
Our time at Eton can be described in one word: special. As parents, we’re certain our children are getting the best education, and they’re being valued as human beings. Eton went from being just a school to being a true family.
Isabela Aya
12th grade
Eton has inspired me to discover who I am. Through the school's programs, I’ve understood who I am and what I like doing. Thanks to these experiences, I now know what I want to do in the future: study business administration in Spain.
Alejandra Cevallos
Eton is the second home I was seeking for my girls: a place that promotes empathy, kindness, and a responsible and global perspective. A place where they can enjoy and learn with holistic and personalized methods.

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Contact our admissions team to discover how we’ll make your child eager to attend school every day. At Eton, your child will be stimulated and provoked to enjoy every challenge, as they grow step by step towards their goals. Visit our welcoming campus and meet our talented teachers.