If mom has a boujee personality, then she definitely wants a name with as much personality for her little girl or boy. Nowadays, many millennial parents are searching for the perfect luxurious-sounding name to give to their mini-me. Parents are taking inspiration from literally anything and everything, including fashion brands, designer cars, and words with an elegant sort of flare.

If moms are looking for a baby name that’s both classy and luxurious, then we’ve got everyone covered! We’ve come up with 25 of the most luxury baby names. Whether mom wants to name her child after an expensive brand, world famous designer, or another word that reminds her of fame and fortune, then there’s bound to be something on this list to suit her style.

If one thing is for sure, giving a kid any of these bold names will ensure they stand-out from the crowd. We doubt any other kid on the playground will have a name as elegant as these. Plus, if the kid grows up with a name as stylish as any of these, then they’re bound to grow up with an amazing sense of taste and style. And what else would a mom want for her offspring!

25 Chanel

If you’re a fan of designer brands, then consider naming your baby girl after the most famous one of all. Everyone knows who Coco Chanel was and the legacy that she left behind with her brand of the same name.

Chanel has become a popular baby girl’s name in the past few decades. It has a distinct air of elegance and sophistication, and is the perfect moniker for anyone who knows their baby is a little princess. We imagine anyone with this name will be a bit of a girly-girl, and have a big personality to match.

24 Benz

If you’re a car fanatic (or just a fancy person in general), then you’ve definitely heard of the Mercedes-Benz luxury car. This German-originating car brand is world famous, and has been around for almost a century, helping solidify its high status amongst other car brands.

Benz as a baby boy’s name has a distinct cool factor to it and undeniably edge. You can be sure your tot will be the coolest kid on the playground with a moniker as suave as this one. And we wouldn’t be surprised if he grew up to love cars, too!

23 Dior

If you’re looking for a baby name that combines style with elegance, then look no further.

Dior is a European luxury good brand that was founded in 1948 by Christian Dior himself. The fashion label is world-famous for its extravagant leather goods, makeup and skincare products, and jewellery, among other things.

Your daughter’s name will be ten times fancier if you use this moniker as a first or middle name. Plus, you can rest assured your little one will grow up to have a great sense of style with such a fashionable name. Plus, Dee-Dee is an adorable nickname!

22 Jules

Names like Julie, Julia, and Juliana are classic yet common first names for baby girl’s, and the name Julian is popular amongst boys. If you’re looking to give one of these names a stylish and modern upgrade, then we suggest considering the name Jules.

Jules can be used as a name for either gender. It has an edgy vibes to it, yet at the same time it’s not too over-the-top or unheard of. This name has Greek origins and translates to mean ‘youthful’ or ‘soft.’ Any little kid with this name is bound to be full of energy and radiating positivity.

21 Pearl

If you know your baby girl is more precious than a gem, give her a name that reflects that, like Pearl. This feminine-sounding name obviously comes from the whitish-pink gem of the same name. This moniker is less common than other jewel-inspired names, like Ruby, which will make it stand out compared to other baby names.

You also might be surprised to know that many celebrities have chosen this as a first name for their kids. Jack Osbourne and his wife named their daughter Pearl, as did celeb couple Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson. Actress Busy Phillips named her daughter Cricket Pearl.

20 Giorgio

The baby name Giorgio is obviously inspired by iconic fashion designer Giorgio Armani, who founded the fashion house of the same name. The Italian fashion brand was established in 1975, and has become world famous for their clothing, home décor, cosmetics, and accessories.

Giorgio is the Italian version of the classic name George, offering it a fresh, stylish upgrade. It translates to mean ‘farmer’ interestingly. Still, this name has a luxurious flare to it that is sure to make an impression on anyone who hears it. Plus, Gio is an adorable nickname for a baby boy!

19 Silver

If you want your baby’s name to sound luxurious, then consider naming him or her after one of the most precious metals of all: silver. It’s not unheard of to use the word Silver as a unisex baby name.

Due to its metallic-inspiration, this name instantly sounds edgy and modern. It’s an awesome choice if you’re attracted to names like Sylvia or Silvio, but want something with a twist. Plus, the name ‘Sil’ is an adorable nickname for any baby. If you’re not a fan of the name Silver, we also love the equally-adorable moniker Sterling, which has a similar ring to it.

18 Royce

You know you’re someone special if you own a Rolls Royce. The British car brand was established in 1904 by Charles Rolls and Henry Royce, and quickly became known for creating ‘the best car in the world.’ Today, owning a Rolls Royce is seen as a sign of fame and wealth.

While many people won’t own one of these $100,000+ cars in their lifetime, that doesn’t mean you can’t name your son after the luxury car brand. Royce as a first name has an edgy, modern flare to it, perfect for anyone wanting their son’s name to make a fashionable statement.

17 Cash

If you want a baby name that really screams wealth, then call your kid something literal, like Cash. This is the closest you can come to naming your child ‘Money’ without really having to do it.

Obviously, this baby boy name was inspired by the item of the same name: cold, hard cash. This moniker definitely has a cool factor to it, and instantly sounds edgy and suave. You might get some judgements from other parents for calling your kid something so flashy, so be prepared for this name to attract attention.

Celebrities who sport this name include country crooner Johnny Cash and Jessica Alba’s husband, Cash Warren.

16 Porsche

If you love the trend of baby names inspired by car brands, then you’ll love this baby girl name: Porsche.

This feminine-sounding name is inspired by the car brand of the same name. The German automobile company developed the first Porsche in 1939 using elements from the Volkswagen Beetle. It has since become one of the most popular cars in the world.

Interestingly, Porsche as a first name has been gaining popularity in recent years. Even Ellen DeGeneres’ wife, Portia de Rossi, has a version of this stunning girl’s name.

15 Cartier

You’ve likely heard the name Cartier thanks to the French jewellery brand of the same name. This luxury jeweller has been around for well over a century, having been founded by Louis-François Cartier in 1847 in France.

The brand has a long history of making sales to European royalty. King Edward VII ordered countless pieces of Cartier jewellery for his coronation in 1902. Similarly, Kate Middleton has been spotted wearing Cartier pieces since marrying into the royal family.

Given this brand’s royal history, it’s safe to say that this is a luxurious baby name if we ever did hear one.

14 Opal

Gemstone-inspired names have been all the rage for a few years now. If you’re looking to hop on board this trend, then we suggest considering the less-commonly used name Opal.

Opals are gorgeous, crystalline gems that are often used in jewellery due to their natural beauty. The origin of the name comes from Sanskrit. The gem has a long, important history.

The ancient Greeks used to believe that opals were formed from the tears of joy Zeus cried when he defeated the Titans. They also believed the stone offered prophetic powers. Likewise, the Romans believed opals were a symbol of hope and good luck. It was also the favourite jewel of Queen Victoria.

13 Tiffany

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear this adorable girl’s name has got to be Tiffany and Co. The American brand specializes in luxury jewellery and housewares, and has become iconic for its trademark necklaces and bracelets. You know you’ve made it when you own a piece of Tiffany jewellery.

Aside from this name’s link to the luxury jewellery chain, it’s also got a beautiful meaning on its own. Tiffany is originally a Greek name that translates to mean ‘God’s appearance,’ which has got to mean that your daughter will grow up to be a stunner with such a beautiful moniker.

12 Elizabeth

Given that Elizabeth is the name of the current Queen of England, we’d say it’s a classy name if we ever did hear one. This sophisticated name has been used by royals for centuries, giving it an undeniably regal flare.

Elizabeth is traditionally a Hebrew name, which translates to mean ‘close to God. Tons of celebrities sport this elegant moniker, including Elisabeth Hurley, Elisabeth Moss, and Elizabeth Banks. The best thing about this name is it can lead way to many great nicknames, like Beth, Lizzie, or Eliza.

11 Coco

If the name Chanel isn’t your thing but you still want to honour the classic designer, then perhaps you should consider the name Coco for your little girl. This name choice is perfect for any parent who wants to acknowledge their love for fashion through their daughter’s name.

This ultra-feminine name was the first name of Coco Chanel, who was the woman who established the Chanel brand. The name Coco has origins in Spanish and French. Actors Courtney Cox and David Arquette actually named their only daughter Coco, making this a celebrity-approved baby name.

10 Calvin

This is one name that combines trendiness with an instant cool factor!

Following the trend of names inspired by designed, the baby boy name Calvin is an awesome choice of anyone who’s a fan of the luxury brand Calvin Klein. The world-famous brand was started in 1968, and specializes in clothing, home décor, and other lifestyle accessories.

The name Calvin comes from Latin, and interestingly translates to mean ‘bald’ or ‘hairless.’ Many people with this name use the nickname Cal for short.

9 William

One of the classiest boys names out there has got to be William. This traditionally English name has a commanding authority and sophisticated presence. There have been tons of strong figures in history who sported this as a first name as well as many modern-day celebs, too, including William Shatner and Will Ferrell.

William is of German origin, and translates to mean ‘resolute protection.’ You can be sure your baby boy will grow up to be fierce and loyal if he’s given such a strong name. Nicknames you can get from this moniker include Will and Billy.

8 Hermes

One of the oldest fashion brands in the world is French luxury brand Hermes. The world-famous brand was established in 1837, and has since specialized in everything from accessories to jewellery to home furnishings. Most famously, the brand is known for its famous Hermes Birkin bags, which start at a cool $12,000.

Obviously, this is an extremely luxurious name for any baby boy that screams classiness and style. Perhaps that’s why Gossip Girlactress Kelly Rutherford named her son Hermes.

7 Vera

If you’re looking for a name that’s short and sweet but still packs a bit of edge, then consider the girl’s name Vera. This name is obviously inspired by the designer of the same name, Vera Wang, who’s famous for her luxurious wedding dressed, among other things.

Like many names that start with ‘v,’ this moniker has an edgy flare to it. Its uncommon, which makes it stand out compared to other 4-word names. Vera comes from Russian, and translates to mean ‘faith.’

6 Catherine

If you want a name for your baby girl that commands authority, then Catherine is the name you’ve been looking for. Catherine, which can also be spelt with a ‘k’, is a Greek name that means ‘pure.’ This song radiates both strength and femininity.

This classic moniker has been the first name of many strong female historical figures, including Catherine the Great and Catherine of Aragon. Likewise, many famous celebrities sport this beautiful first name, like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Katherine Heigl.