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Clementia – "mercy" – mildness and gentleness, and the ability to set aside previous transgressions.
Clementia was seen as a good trait within a leader, it also the Latin word for "humanity" or "forbearance".
There is no shortage in the applicants on Clementia's hand:
(56) De Clementia (On Clemency) – written to Nero on the need for clemency as a virtue in an emperor.
Pope Innocent III granted the order and its rule approval with his letter Operante divine dispositionis clementia, issued on 17 December 1198.
Around the rim of the coin is the motto of her reign: "Justitia et Clementia", meaning "Justice and Clemency".
In 1147, Henry married Clementia of Zähringen, thereby gaining her hereditary territories in Swabia.
However, the nobles and common people of Savoy begged him to marry yet again, which he reluctantly did to Clementia.
Clementia's date of birth is unknown.
Clementians – The Clementians of Clementia are also known as "Black Mercies".
I found a very decent party for my beautiful Clementia.
Baldwin was the son of Robert II, Count of Flanders and Clementia of Burgundy.
When Louis died in 1316, he left a daughter and a pregnant wife, Clementia of Hungary.
According to an agreement of the most powerful French lords, which was completed on 16 July, if Clementia gave birth to a son, the son was to be crowned King of France, but if a daughter was born, she and Joan could only inherit the Kingdom of Navarre and the counties of Champage and Brie (the three realms that Louis X had inherited from his mother, Joan I of Navarre).
The origin of the name is not certain, but is believed to be named either after the Roman goddess, Clementia, or the name of Perrotin's first cat.
She was a daughter of Henry the Lion and his first wife Clementia of Zähringen.
Calvin's first published work was a commentary of Seneca the Younger's De Clementia.
He may have been married to Clementia of Aquitaine, although that proposed marriage seems to be based on a falsified document.
They show the emperor's clementia and underline the symbolism of imperial victory.
The four bells, named Gratia, Clementia, Pax and Gloria, sound from the third floor above the clockwork.
Alexander was used by these writers as an example of ruler values such as amicita (friendship) and clementia (clemency), but also iracundia (anger) and cupiditas gloriae (over-desire for glory).
Clementia Taylor was on the organizing committee of the 1866 petition in favour of women's suffrage that John Stuart Mill presented to the British parliament; the 1499 signatures were collated in Aubrey House.
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