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6.71 h 50 min1983X-RayHDRUHDR
An evil car comes to life.
John Carpenter
Keith GordonJohn StockwellAlexandra Paul
English [CC]
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Richard Kobritz
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4.8 out of 5 stars

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Top reviews from the United States

ChuckReviewed in the United States on July 25, 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
Terrific Movie... with a couple of small snipes
Verified purchase
I'm an old Boomer fart but hadn't seen this (or any Steven King story) until now. Absolutely love this movie! Reminds me of my '58 Chevy, but with more guts and a lot more glory (or should I say, "guts and gory"?).

Watched the movie on Prime. Thought about it a few days and went back and bought the movie plus bought and read King's book, and watched again. Bought and read the behind-the-scenes book, Hell Hath No Fury, and watched again, getting more enjoyment each time as I spot and appreciate all the little nuances of production, acting, lighting, music and sound.

Other than a few little nits (like the star's broken glass lens changing location, and Christine's radio Oldies station undecided whether it's at the beginning or end of the dial, etc.), there was one huge continuity error on the version I got from Amazon; did anybody else notice this, or maybe most folks got the correct version? In mine, the editor mixed up the scene where Arnie stands back and asks his wrecked car to, "OK; Show Me!" They then cut to a wide shot of the car self-inflating its lefthand tires on an otherwise perfect, non-wrecked car, then continue with the wonderful un-wrecking close ups of various body parts. That wide shot was probably just a temporary edit to hold the space until they could find the wide shot of the wrecked version, or maybe they intended the inflation shot to be the final one after the un-wrecking.

Not complaining; my industrial videos certainly have many similar goofs. Some people may not notice it but just get the feeling that something wasn't quite right. I forgive the production people and just get over it because the scene is one of my favorites in the whole movie. It's right out of a good Western with its dramatic introduction, lighting, camera angle of Arnie and his delivery. Wow!

Now look what's happened: I've rented a bunch of other Steve King and John Carpenter movies! Check back with me in a few months after I've finished watching them, read the books, and immersed myself in the various "Makings-Of".
Jason SumReviewed in the United States on September 30, 2015
5.0 out of 5 stars
Checkmate Twilight Times
Verified purchase
Columbia Pictures/Sony has been in trouble financially for a while now
There Home Video/Studio is where they can make money
but, they have chose to broker a strange deal to sell back catalog titles of there cult/horror films
through a indie company (Twilight Times) the problem with this deal the Blu Ray's are a very limited number 5,000 sometimes less
There site at times (mostly during Pre-Release of there most popular titles example Night of the Living Dead '90, The Blob (Re-Make)
Fright Night) tend to crash a lot
anyone who has bought anything from Twilight Times will agree it's like buying a big mac for $20.00 cause only they have the big mac
There prices are super over priced and they tack on a extra $4.00 s&h you'll drop almost $35.00 u.s. dollars on a BR with no real exclusives most of the times they take previous extras from the dvd and port them over (with The Blob and second printing of Fright Night they actually put in the effort and gave the fans **real exclusive extras**
But, Twilight Times is in no way anywhere close to a Scream Factory or Arrow Films in terms of a Legit Distributor that give a damn about that name sake....... I've dealt with them a handful of times each time i cross my fingers to get my item @ some point I see the company vanishing out of nowhere I don't trust them as a business at all (some movie fans/collector defend Twilight Times and praise them for there effort) They reallly are not in the business for the love of the films they distributor or the prices wouldn't be so crazy
Case in point TT got the License to distributed Christine for the first time Ever on Blu Ray (I think it was limited to 3,000 pressed)
When the item when on sale there site crashed several times
But, a few days later you could find plenty of copies of Christine on Ebay for around $75.00 +
It's odd how crocked sellers were able to get a hold of copies of this film with n/p
Then jack-up the price for fans who actually wanted it
which lead to a secrete sale for the die-hard fans that missed out on getting a copy
(Once again I actually was able to get a copy in my cart when i hit check out the site crashed)
Twilight Times is a shady sleazy company imo
will i deal with them again probably cause I'm a sucker!
The Good news finally Columbia did the right thing and released there own blu ray version of Christine
If you have the special edition dvd of Christine you can either sell it, donate it, recycle it or give it away!
This BR has all the extras the Special Edition dvd has
This is the exact same BR twilight times was over charging the consumers double the price for
It looks really good i forgot it was from 1983 it really doesn't look that old in terms of the look of the film
It has this odd retro look to it
I only watched 1/2 of it just to see how the picture looked I'm very impressed by how good it looks
over all I'm happy never thought I'd get this on BR without taking out a loan for a copy of it on Blu Ray......
The Audio is awesome
DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (I doubt you'll ever hear it sound this good) the S.E. Dvd's audio was pretty good years ago this blows it out of the water it's Flawless and sounds just right!!!! This is a great example why i love DTS Audio if it's decode the proper way with the proper film it's Theater Quality sound at home x5

The film itself
IMO Christine is one of John Carpenter's most forgotten films
people know Christine as a Stephen King Film most fans forget Carpenter directed it
Visual it's one of his best looking films next to The Fog (It has this strange timeless look to it)
Seeing it in HD makes you appreciate what a great eye Carpenter has for directing scenes everything looks real and alive
If you don't know the story of this film by now you are living under a rock Futurama did a episode doing a parody of it
It's a classic........................
Evil lives inside of the car and the evil slowly turns the driver a little mad and evil too

The Cast is good:
Keith Gordon as Arnie
John Stockwell as Dennis, (Stockwell is a actor that should've been much bigger then he ended up the dude could really act not sure how he was never a top leading man in the 80's)
Alexandra Paul as Leigh (This is one of Alexandra first major roles and she is a natural always enjoyed her in this film you can clearly see her becoming the next Jamie Lee Curtis as far as being a Scream Queen but, that never happened..... which is such a waste she would've worked watch her in this film and proof me wrong she steals every scene she is in! (I'm surprised Carpenter didn't try and use her again in another film)
she is a super under rated attracted actress that can really act (Keep in mind I'm not talking about the time she put into Baywatch I'm sure that was a steady pay check I'd hope anyway)
Robert Prosky as Will Darnell
Harry Dean Stanton as Detective Rudolph Junkins (almost anything he does is usually gold in my book of memories)
Roberts Blossom as George LeBay, (Great actor RIP 1924–2011)
Kelly Preston as Roseanne

This is a all around great horror film/adaptation there was a lot of love, sweat,and tears put into this film you can tell by the final product
They don't make films like this anymore they make torture porn, bad re-makes and scat porn (pretending to be horror)
This is iconic and classic there is a reason that 3,000 units crashed a site!
Besides inside seller (wink wink)

One of the best John Carpenter films to this day and a little under appreciated 9.7/10

This is a must have for the simple fact if it sells enough maybe Sony will wake up and sell there other horror titles on there own for a fair price not some gimmicky limited edition that only screws the fans that love the film
Hopefully Columbia/Sony does the right thing and goes into there back catalog re-release a proper color corrected Night of The Living Dead, The Blob and Fright Night Sony wants money flow put out your cult films your make money!
But, what do i really know I'm just a american consumer..................
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MonsterZeroNJReviewed in the United States on January 10, 2016
5.0 out of 5 stars
Underrated Carpenter classic
Verified purchase
John Carpenter’s next film after The Thing was supposed to be an adaptation of Stephen King’s Firestarter for Universal Pictures written by Thing scribe Bill Lancaster. When Carpenter’s sci-fi classic failed at the box office, Mark Lester was given the helm instead and ironically Carpenter found himself at Columbia Pictures directing another Stephen King adaptation, Christine. Carpenter would have the last laugh as Christine not only beat Lester’s Firestarter to the box office but, at the box office as well. Today Christine is considered a minor classic and Firestarter has all but been forgotten.

I am reviewing Christine strictly as a movie and not as an adaptation, though I have read and enjoyed King's novel. Set in 1978, this horror flick tells the story of nerdy Arnie Cunningham (Keith Gordon) who is oppressed by both his overbearing parents and the high school bullies. His only friend is kind hearted football player Dennis (John Stockwell)… that is, until he meets Christine. Christine is an old beat up red 1958 Plymouth Fury named by it’s previous owner who, unbeknownst to Arnie, committed suicide inside it. The owner’s brother (Roberts Blossom) sells it to him despite Dennis’ protests and Arnie sees the restoration of his new obsession as a way to finally earn respect from his peers. Not only does Arnie restore the car, he also begins to change. The awkward nerd becomes a confident man and wins the prettiest girl in school, Leigh (Alexandra Paul), but also the vengeful eye of the bullies he’d gotten expelled. When they trash his beloved car, the vehicle shows it’s true nature and not only restores itself before Arnie’s eyes, but methodically tracks down and slaughters the wrong doers… on it’s own. Arnie refuses to see the evil thing before him and the confident man starts to become an aggressive and violent person who forces anyone who cares about him out of his life, which he lives only for his car. Fearing for Arnie, Dennis and Leigh start to investigate the car’s past and not only find a trail of bodies, but the realization that Arnie’s obsession may be taking him on a ride straight to hell, unless it is stopped… but can it be and can Arnie be saved?

Carpenter creates an entertaining and atmospheric thriller from Bill Phillips’ script adapted from the King novel. He successfully creates a likable and sympathetic character in Arnie and thus his transformation from nerd to cool guy to heartless villain gives the film the dramatic backbone it needs. He also successfully establishes the relationships between Arnie and Dennis and Leigh so, we understand why they are willing to put themselves in harm’s way to save their friend despite his becoming, for lack of a better word, a douche. Though I will say we could have maybe used a bit more of this to really solidify the relationships. What really makes this film click is the menacing and evil character given to the title vehicle by Carpenter and his team of FX people. From the opening scene set on an assembly line in 1957, we see Christine claim her first victims. A car that is born bad. We get a blood red car that is dripping with malice and one that only plays vintage Rock ‘N’ Roll songs on the radio… which seem to always suit the situation at hand… and takes a lethal interest in anyone that comes between her and Arnie, like Leigh… the other woman. Carpenter films the car from angles and in lighting that give it a demonic presence and stages the sequences of it pursuing it’s prey with the same tension and intensity he would if filming Michael Myers as a muscle car. Despite how bad the bullies are, there is a sense of remorse when Christine mows them down in cold blood. She is by far the greater of the two evils. The FX of the vehicle repairing itself after being damaged are truly breathtaking, as we literally watch panels un-dent and grills regain their off-the-assembly-line shape and it adds to the vehicles supernatural aura.

The master director gets good work from his human cast too. Gordon is fairly solid as Arnie conveying the sensitive nerd and then his slow transformation to cold blooded killer. He does go a little over the top in a few sequences and could have done with less of the maniacal eye rolling in some of the later scenes, but otherwise is well cast. Stockwell gives his Dennis both a strong and a sensitive side as Arnie’s concerned friend. Paul’s Leigh seems like a naturally sweet girl who still cares about Arnie even after he is so mean to her and is a likable heroine. We also have veteran Harry Dead Stanton as a detective that knows Arnie and his car are responsible somehow for the murders yet, frustratingly can’t prove it and character actor Robert Prosky as a slimy garage owner that takes a shine to Arnie but, not to his car… and the feeling is mutual.

Carpenter again supplies the music and though the score is very reminiscent of his excellent Halloween III score, it is still highly effective at adding atmosphere to the proceedings and also includes some great Rock ‘N’ Roll classics. Though it’s the first Carpenter film without cinematographer Dean Cundey since Assault on Precinct 13, Donald M.Morgan fills in and does very well in capturing Carpenter’s camera work and mood. The film isn’t perfect. There is some weak dialogue at points and, as stated, the relationships could have been a bit more fleshed out, but they do work fine as is. The final showdown between Christine and Dennis driving a bulldozer could have been a bit more intense, but this a modestly budgeted film, so, what we get is effective enough and certainly well staged.

All in all, Christine may not be on the same level as Halloween, The Thing or Escape From New York, but it is certainly a solid and effective chiller and an entertaining movie that sometimes gets overlooked when talking about Carpenter’s classic films. Also stars Kelly Preston as a hottie trying and failing to catch Dennis’ eye.
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cookieman108Reviewed in the United States on April 6, 2005
4.0 out of 5 stars
"It seems like nobody likes my car these days."
Verified purchase
While watching Christine (1983) last night, I couldn't help but think how sweet it would be to have a car like the one in the film...oh, I don't mean all freaky deaky possessed with an evil that will ultimately consume you completely and stuff like that, but having a car that regenerates itself after a fender bender...your old buddy here had a few accidents a long time ago and knows body shops charge an arm, a leg, and your first born...and if you mess up the frame, forget about it...based on a novel by Stephen King, directed by John Carpenter (Halloween), the film stars Keith Gordon (Jaws 2, Back to School), John Stockwell (Losin' It, My Science Project), and Alexandra Paul, whom many may recognize as the comparatively less buxom than the rest of the female cast Stephanie from the Baywatch television series. Also appearing is Robert Prosky (The Great Outdoors), William Ostrander (Mulholland Dr.), Roberts Blossom (Escape from Alcatraz), Kelly Preston (Mischief), and Harry Dean Stanton (Cool Hand Luke, Alien, Repo Man).

As the film begins, we roll into a character establishment sequence as the year is 1957 (the date is displayed on the screen) and we're watching newly built cars coming off an auto assembly line (check out those fins...even if they didn't show us the year, we probably could have guessed it based on the design of the cars). We end up focusing on one in particular, a red beauty, and given this is a John Carpenter film based off a Stephen King novel, you know something nasty bad is going to happen soon, and it does, indicating this car may be more than just the sum of its parts. Anyway, flash forward to 1979 and we meet Arnie Cunningham (Gordon). To say Arnie is a nerd would be an understatement. If you took all the nerdy, gawky, awkward, nebbish, constantly picked on, harangued by their mothers schlubs you can remember from high school and rolled them into one, you'd probably end up with Arnie Cunningham. But for as much as Arnie has going against him, he does have at least one thing going for him in his sincere friendship Dennis (Stockwell), the very cool and popular dude who drives a bitchin' car and happens to be the star of the school football team. Arnie's life isn't ideal by any means, especially since he's just recently run afoul of the school bully Buddy Repperton (Ostrander) and his gang, but what are you gonna do? Well, I guess you could buy a possessed car named Christine...and that's what he does (okay, he doesn't know it's possessed)...the car is a piece of junk, but Arnie sees something in it, and begins working on restoring it, causing his other relationships to suffer, but, as the car comes along, we see Arnie changing as well (he actually develops a sense of confidence and a personality to boot), dropping the nerd routine and even garnering the attentions of the new girl (Paul), but, as with any silver lining, there's always a dark cloud behind it, and the price for Arnie's newfound coolness may be more than he's willing to pay...

All right, you must be thinking `A John Carpenter movie based off a Stephen King book? This movie must be scary as hell!'...well, it's's not very scary at all, at least to me it wasn't, but then I've been desensitized by years frightening cinematic visages. There was one part that makes me jump a little every time I see it, but I'm not going to tell you what it is...what this film lacks in frights, it makes up for in being not only entertaining, but also just really cool. I liked all the characters, and I thought Keith Gordon did really well embodying the complete nerd who finds love in an unlikely place, a love that most of us think we would want (not for the damn car, but the essence represented in the car, in terms of it being an entity like ourselves) until we realize it's not so much love as a crazy, obsessive, all devouring devotion intent on taking us to a place no one should ever have to go...I thought the supporting cast did all right, but I would have liked to seen a little more of Stanton (he played a police detective) and Ostrander's characters as they seemed interesting despite their limited roles. There was one sticking point with me with regards to the characters in that I find it very hard to believe any normal guy would choose Alexandra Paul over Kelly Preston, as John Stockwell's character did...both women are attractive, to be sure, but come on...I've seen Preston in the film Mischief (1985), so I know what she's got going on, and let me tell you, it's a lot. Anyway, I thought the direction was very good as Carpenter did an excellent job in creating not only a living, breathing, tire squealing character in Christine, but maintaining an appropriate atmosphere throughout the film, especially by his choice of music. There are some minor gaffs here and there, but nothing that spoiled the overall experience. I think my favorite scene comes after a gang completely trashes Arnie's car, which then `heals' thy self through whatever bad mojo it's got going on, and then seeks revenge against those offenders (Arnie's uses a different term, one I can't put in the review). There's a scene involving a car, engulfed in flames, speeding down the highway...very cool...

This review is for the `Special Edition', and the widescreen anamorphic picture (2.35:1) looks really sharp. I was a little disappointed in the audio, which I think is available in Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround and Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono, as it was too soft at times. There are some extras including 20 deleted/alternative scenes, 3 featurettes titled Christine: Fast and Furious, Christine: Ignition, and Christine: Finish Line, filmographies, and previews. Again, this review was for the Special Edition, and I know there was a previously released edition, but I don't know if the features I spoke of are available on both editions, so make sure of what you're getting before purchasing, especially since Amazon has a tendancy to cross-reference reviews despite product differences.

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stephanieReviewed in the United States on September 20, 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
Good movie
Verified purchase
Had to watch after my new vehicle got a mind of its own. Lol.
Charles OakmanReviewed in the United States on September 13, 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
Book is far better than the movie
Verified purchase
The movie should follow the book better
amyReviewed in the United States on August 24, 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
Authentic and Great SK with fast shipping!
Verified purchase
Very pleased with the Authentic and pristine Christine movie experience.
Tonight I will hide behind the couch and serve him snacks, the book was so amazing I am too old to revisit it!
FrikkieReviewed in the United States on September 2, 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
Love this in 4k
Verified purchase
Been of of my all time favorite movies. I just love it.
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