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List of serial rapists

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A serial rapist is someone who commits multiple rapes, whether with multiple victims or a single victim repeatedly over a period of time.[1] Some serial rapists target children.[2][3][4] The terms sexual predator, repeat rape and multiple offending can also be used to describe the activities of those who commit a number of consecutive rapes, but remain unprosecuted when self-reported in research.[5]

This list does not include serial killers who raped their victims then killed them; only serial rapists who non-fatally attacked their victims and raped them should be included here. This list should include serial rapists with at least three victims. Serial killers that raped at least three victims without murdering them are also included.

Name Country Years active Proven victims Notes
Robert Anderson  United States 1966-2003 950+ General and sports physician of the University of Michigan, died in 2008. Reports released in 2021 revealed Anderson sexually abused university students and athletes, as well as additional boys and young men, ranging in the hundreds and possibly surpassing to over a thousand. Many accusers are black Americans, and all told accounts of fingering without consent under the guises of rectal and other exams. Sexual assaults dating back decades before Anderson's death were never followed up on, and numerous curricular and athletic staff, especially football coach Bo Schembechler, would degrade the men and even laugh at them and say they would "toughen up" due to the sexual assaults. Schembechler physically assaulted his preteen son Matthew when he reported being sexually assaulted. Victims of both the sexual abuse at Michigan and in the Ohio State University abuse scandal organized protests and demanded reparation, the response being millions of dollars in settlements with the men and other plantiffs.
Mustapha Tabet  Morocco 1986–1992 518 Corrupt police commissioner who kidnapped and raped young girls and women at his apartment in Casablanca, always recording his assaults on tape. His case was infamous for the fact that he used his power and influence to destroy evidence of his wrongdoings. Tabet was convicted, sentenced to death and executed for his crimes in 1993, the last person to be executed in Moroccan history.[6]
Juan Carlos Sánchez Latorre  Colombia
 Venezuela (suspected)
2008–2011 267 Known as "The Big Bad Wolf"; lured young boys to hotels, where he raped and recorded videos of the assaults; suspected of more than 500, with some occurring in Venezuela; sentenced to 60 years' imprisonment.[7]
Larry Nassar  United States 1998-2005 265 Physician of the United States women's national artistic gymnastics team and convicted sexual assailant of numerous female gymnasts, with convictions successful in jurisdictions in Michigan. The USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal revealed 368 athletes who were sexually assaulted without intervention or protection, and a lackluster FBI response that refused to prevent future sexual abuse and guarantee safety for the athletes. Nassar's collective sentences amounted to life in prison, and Randall Margraves, the father of three gymnasts who were sexually assaulted by Nassar, committed courtroom assault on Nassar in a rage.[8] Compensation lawsuits were filed, public rallies and concerts were held in support of the athletes, and four gymnasts who were abused by Nassar testified in front of the United States Congress to the sexual assaults, the dangerous rape culture in the professional environments, and the refusal of federal action.
Jimmy Savile  United Kingdom 1955–2009 217 British celebrity who sexually abused hundreds of children during a fifty-year period. After Savile's death, an inquiry revealed that he was quite possibly the most prolific sex offender in British history.[9]
Keith Raniere  United States 1998-2018 156 Leader of the NXIVM sex cult under the guise of multi-level marketing. Formed a division within the cult exclusively designated for women, with Raniere running the group at the chief position, where hundreds of women were recruited, sexually abused, and trafficked regularly, as well as branded with Raniere's initials. Also accused of statutory sexual abuse of underage girls and repeated rape outside of the group. Arrested along with several of his associates and sentenced to life in prison on convictions including sex trafficking, conspiracy to commit forced labor, and racketeering.
Joji Obara  Japan 1992–2000 150 Korean–Japanese businessman who drugged and raped between 150 and 400 women, at least two of which died. Obara was tried for one of the deaths, and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Obara has been described as the worst serial rapist in the country's history, and his case received international coverage due to most of his victims being foreign tourists.[10]
Fanwell Khumalo  South Africa 1998-2001 103 Convicted on 103 counts of rape, kidnapping and indecent assault.[11] Raped his victims by pretending to be a policeman, or approaching girls and asking for directions, he took girls from busy spots to deserted areas such as parks, open fields, and empty houses, where he raped them in daylight.
Marcelo Sajen  Argentina 1991–2004 93 Car thief who raped young women in the City of Cordoba, Argentina. He committed suicide with a shot to the head to avoid arrest. Before and after his death, DNA tests linked him to 93 cases of rape, but his actual number of victims is believed to be 200.[12][13]
William Vahey  Nicaragua
 United Kingdom
1963-2014 90+ American teacher with a repertoire of international schools. Was first convicted and put on the sex offense registry for child molestation as a Boy Scout starting at age 14. After being released from prison, Vahey traveled abroad and sexually abused more boys who were students at the schools, feeding them Oreo cookies with sleeping medicine in them and making child pornography while molesting the boys. Vahey didn't sign the registry, which is how the schools never found out past records. Vahey allegedly molested boys for all his life, having been previously molested as a child, by his own account. Because of barely being penalized, despite evidence of child pornography recovered in raids in Nicaragua and London, Vahey fled back to America and committed suicide by stabbing in the chest while in Minnesota, after a previously failed attempted years before in Nicaragua, dying at the age of 64. Dozens of victims and their families filed lawsuits and demanded compensation. Vahey was married and had two adult children.
Johann Eichhorn  Weimar Republic
 Nazi Germany
1928–1939 90 Known as "The Beast of Aubing"; raped, beat and sometimes robbed women in western Munich at knife/gunpoint, killing at least five victims if they resisted fiercely; executed 1939.[14]
Richard Huckle  Malaysia (convicted)
 India (suspected)
2006–2014 71 British paedophile who assaulted underage children in Malaysia, possibly up to 200 across Southeast Asia, posing in appropriate jobs to lure his victims; described as one of Britain's worst, and youngest, paedophiles; given 22 life sentences, murdered in prison in England in 2019.[15]
Erik Andersen  Norway 1976-2008 60 Serial molester and oral rapist of boys across Norway, known as "The Pocket Man" or "The Bandage Man" for tricking boys to reach through a hole in his pocket or up his pant leg. Convicted of sexually abusing and assaulting 60 boys by frotteurism and oral rape, but has only admitted to sexually assaulting 20 boys, despite Norwegian police tying Andersen to around 160 cases spanning decades across the country. Sweden also investigated Andersen briefly on suspicion of a child sex crime in Svinesund. Andersen was sentenced to preventative detention, but was released in 2014.
Sunil Rastogi  India Unknown 60 Indian paedophile who was arrested on 15 January 2017, on charges of raping numerous underaged girls. He had been targeting girls walking home from school for at least 13 years before his apprehension. Around 60+ girls were sexually assaulted by him.
Wang Wanming  China 1981–1998 54 Committed two rapes in his native Liaoning in 1981 and in the mid-1980s, for which he was imprisoned for a combined total of 24 years. He later escaped from a prison hospital and moved to Shaanxi, where he subsequently raped a further 52 women from 1992 to 1998, killing 20. Wang was later arrested, convicted and executed in 1999.[16]
Roger Abdelmassih  Brazil 2009 52 In early 2009 he was accused of sexually abusing sedated patients.[17] Abdelmassih was sentenced to 278 years in prison for 52 rapes.
Bobby Joe Long  United States 1980–1984 50 Known as "The Classified Ad Rapist"; raped women in several locations around Florida, contacting victims through classified ads published in newspapers; later moved to the Tampa Bay Area, where he murdered at least ten women; executed 2019.[18]
Joseph James DeAngelo  United States 1974–1986 50 Serial rapist, murderer, burglar, and former police officer who committed at least 13 murders, 50 rapes, and over 100 burglaries in the 1970s and 1980s. He carried out three crime sprees, each of which spawned a different nickname in the press. His known offenses began series of burglaries which culminated in a murder, and he became known as the Visalia Ransacker during this spree. He then moved to the Sacramento area, where he carried out a serial rape spree and became known as the East Area Rapist before moving to Southern California and committed a series of murders, often accompanied with sexual assaults, becoming known as the Original Night Stalker. He later became known as the EARONS (East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker} and the Golden State Killer. He was arrested in 2018 and sentenced to life imprisonment after pleading guilty to 13 murders. As required by his plea deal, he also admitted to the rapes, which could not be prosecuted due to the statute of limitations.
Reynhard Sinaga  United Kingdom 2015–2017 48[19][20] An Indonesian student in Manchester, UK, who was convicted on 136 counts of rape, 14 counts of sexual assault, eight counts of attempted rape and one count of assault by penetration. He targeted young heterosexual men who were leaving nightclubs and raped his victims by bringing them to his flat under non-sexual pretences and drugging them with GHB. He filmed the assaults, and police claim there are at least 195 victims.[21]
Richard Strauss  United States 1979-1998 47 Athletic physician at Ohio State University responsible for countless sexual assaults by molestation and rape of men and boys. Reports started at the university from 1979 to 1996, where Strauss was reported for excessive genital handling of athletes and other sexual assault, as well as voyeurism in shower rooms, saunas, and locker rooms, along with other staff and even students, where there would be masturbation and spying through peepholes. Strauss was placed on leave and later fired, but shortly after opened a private clinic to molest and rape more boys and men who came as patients. Strauss died by suicide in 2005 after reported chronic medical problems. The full compilation of reports revealed 1,430 molestations and 47 rapes were committed by Strauss that were rebuffed and buried at Ohio State. Staff at the university at the time, including former athletics director Andy Geiger, former wrestling coach Russ Hellickson and current American congressman Jim Jordan, then an assistant coach, were knowledgeable of the sexual harassment and sexual assaults on campus and of the university athletic teams.
Yap Weng Wah  Singapore 2009–2012 45 A Malaysian quality assurance engineer who gained employment in Singapore. He was notorious for having raped 31 teenage boys aged between 11 and 14 in Singapore between 2009 and 2012, as well as committing 14 additional rapes of teenage males in Malaysia. Yap was arrested in Singapore in September 2012 and charged with 76 offences of sexual assault of minors, which included charges of oral sex and anal sex and filming of his illegal sexual acts. However, his charges were only applied for those committed in Singapore and he did not face charges of his sexual crimes committed in Malaysia due to lack of jurisdiction. Yap was found to be suffering from hebephilia, a sexual disorder which dictates a sexual interest in pubescent males. Three years later, in March 2015, in view of his high propensity to reoffend, the highly aggravating nature of his crimes and his lack of remorse, Yap Weng Wah, then 31 years old, was sentenced to serve a 30-year term of imprisonment and he also received 24 strokes of the cane, after he was convicted of 12 out of 76 charges (the remaining were taken into consideration during sentencing). Yap Weng Wah was known to be one of Singapore's worst sexual predators of young children in the city state's history.[22][23]
Eddie Mosley  United States 1971-1987 43 Recidivist serial killer and rapist in the state of Florida. Originally tied to a series of 150 kidnappings and rapes of women and girls, being conclusively tied to 43 women and girls being raped by their identification. Was convicted and served time before being released, before extending his criminal record, including to eight murders of women and girls being raped and murdered. Mosley was arrested on theft charges and eventually matched by DNA evidence. Was found not competent to stand trial due to diminished capacity and mental instability and was repeatedly switched between correctional institutions, later being tied to more murdered women and girls, including two separate murders where two separate men were wrongfully convicted and eventually exonerated after Mosley's confirmed culpability. Had increasing health issues in the last decade of his life and eventually died from COVID-19 in 2020.
Kevin Coe  United States 1978–1981 43 Known as the "South Hill Rapist"; former Las Vegas radio announcer who sexually assaulted and injured women in Spokane, Washington, ramming his fist down the victims' mouths or throats; sentenced to life imprisonment.[24]
Anatoly Slivko  Soviet Union 1963-1985 43 Russian scout leader and serial killer, targeting adolescent boys in his community and troop, mostly for the purpose of molesting them. Was provoked from seeing a motorcycle crash kill a teenage boy in uniform, also being aroused by the smell of fire and gasoline. Used his leadership position to lure short boys for "experiments" of hanging them to choke them unconscious, under the guise of them "growing taller". The boys would be provocatively posed, sexually abused, and masturbated over, the entire felony ritual being recorded on film. Seven boys were killed, often by accident, after which Slivko would dismember and burn their remains, masturbating again and retaining the boys' shoes cut off at the toes as souvenirs. Was arrested when tracing the seven boys' disappearances; led police to most of their remains, provided insight of other violent criminals while in jail, and was eventually executed by a firing squad.
Oleksandr Berlizov  Soviet Union 1969–1972 42 Known as "The Night Demon"; attacked and raped women in Dnipropetrovsk between 1969 and 1972, strangling most of them into unconsciousness; killed 9 who recognized him; executed 1972
Eugênio Chipkevitch  Brazil Unknown 40 Ukrainian-born physician and psychotherapist who molested his adolescent patients in São Paulo, also recording the assaults on a camcorder. The recordings were later discovered in a trash bag by a telephone technician, who reported them to media and police, eventually leading to his arrest. Chipkevitch was sentenced to 128 years' imprisonment, later reduced to 114 years, and is currently serving at an unnamed prison in Sorocaba.[25]
Oleg Kosarev  Soviet Union
1984–2011 40 Known as the "Elevator"; robber and pedophilic rapist who assaulted teenage girls in elevators around several cities in Moscow Oblast; claims to have committed at least 140 rapes; sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment.[26]
Akku Yadav  India 1991–2004 40 Rapist and murderer in India who was lynched by a mob of around 200 women. Yadav was stabbed over seventy times, and chili powder and stones were thrown in his face. One of his alleged victims also hacked off his penis.
Martin Ney  Germany  France (possible) 1992–2004 40 He wore a mask while killing three and sexual assaulting at least 40 children in school camps. He also did some of his activities in camps, private homes and other places. Also known as the “Masked Man” and the “Black Man”.
Henrique Sotero  Portugal 2008–2009 40 Known as the "Telheiras Rapist"; engineer who raped predominantly underage girls in the Greater Lisbon area at knifepoint; sentenced to 25 years' imprisonment.[27]
Peter Moore  United Kingdom 1975–1995 39 British gay serial killer who murdered four men at random in north Wales in 1995, but who was also convicted of 39 sex attacks on men across Merseyside and north Wales over the proceeding 20 years.[28]
Roland Cazaux  France 1987–2002 36 Known as "The Cat"; raped women in Arcachon and Landes, sneakily entering through open windows at night and managing to avoid detection. Sentenced to 14 years' imprisonment, but paroled in 2012.[29]
The Teardrop rapist  United States 1996–2012 35 The Teardrop rapist is a moniker for an unidentified rapist responsible for 35 sexual assaults on women, including minors, in Los Angeles, California.[30]
Delroy Grant  United Kingdom 1990–2009 34 Convicted rapist who carried out a series of offences of burglary, rape and sexual assault dating between October 1992 and May 2009 in the South East London area of England, targeting primarily elderly women. He is positively linked to four reported rapes and around 30 other sexual assaults. Police believe he is also responsible for at least another two rapes where the victims felt unable to make any official allegation. The true total may be higher as his victims are often too traumatised to speak to police.
Paul Ogorzow  Nazi Germany 1939-1941 31 Serial killer known as the "S-Bahn Murderer". Executed for the murders of eight women, but also convicted of thirty-one rapes committed before his murder spree.
Anatoly Nagiyev  Soviet Union 1975–1980 30 Known as "The Mad One"; committed rapes across the USSR, killing at least six women in the Komi ASSR; suspected of numerous other crimes; executed 1981.[31]
Ronnie Shelton  United States 1980s 30 Known as "The West Side Rapist"; broke into homes in Cleveland, Ohio and raped the inhabitants; may have been responsible for over 50 rapes; committed suicide in prison in 2018.[32]
Kirk Reid  United Kingdom 1995–2007 28 Raped and sexually assaulted women in South London, most frequently in the districts of Wandsworth, Balham and Tooting; suspected of over 70 assaults, beginning in 1984; sentenced to life imprisonment.[33]
Andrzej Kunowski  Poland/ United Kingdom 1972–1997 27 Known as "The Beast of Mława"; sexually assaulted young girls in and around Warsaw; fled to London, England in 1997, where he murdered a young girl and was sentenced to life imprisonment; suspect in three other murders in both countries; died of heart failure in 2009.[34]
Rochdale child sex abuse ring  United Kingdom 1997–2013 24 28 members of a grooming ring have been convicted as of 2022 for the systematic rape and sexual abuse of young girls, many younger than 16, in Rochdale between 2004 and 2013, although "thousands" of men are said to have been involved in the crimes and they are believed to have started in around 1997. The men have between them been convicted of 24 counts of rape, but were also convicted of multiple other counts of attempts to rape, conspiracy to rape and for other sexual crimes. The ring gained notoriety in the UK as the men were mostly British Pakistani men, which led to inflamed racial tensions.[35][36][37][38][39][40]
Benny Sela  Israel 1985–1999 24 According to police, Sela committed at least 24 and possibly as many as 34 rapes, sexual assaults, and sexual molestations of women and girls in central Israel over the course of five years in the 1990s, though it is suspected that he committed his first rape as a teenager in 1985. In 1995, he was arrested and sentenced to two years in prison for having systematically molested his cousin from the time she was eight to when she was fifteen and resumed his rape spree upon his release. After being arrested for an attempted rape in 1999, he was identified as a serial rapist. He pled guilty as part of a plea bargain and was sentenced to 35 years in prison.
Léopold Dion  Canada 1963 23 Serial rapist of 21 boys, as well as a schoolteacher one women who was gang-raped, stabbed, and left for dead with the collaboration of Dion's brother. Later became a serial killer of boys who were lured under the same ruses to rape boys, which was a photographer. Was arrested within a month of the killings taking place, while bailed out after raping the schoolteacher, thanks to a report from an escaped boy Dion tried to assault. Confessed after a month in prison and directed police to the four boys who were murdered. Convicted and sentence to death, which was commuted to life imprisonment when Canada abolished capital punishment in the nation. Stabbed to death in 1972 by another inmate found not guilty by reason of insanity.
Jeffrey Marsalis  United States 2001-2005 23 Serial date rapist of twenty-one women in Philadelphia, who all had similar accounts of being lured by fake profiles run by Marsalis on Each women would reportedly be drugged with roofies in their drinks and raped while unconscious, waking up feeling the trauma while not fully discerning what happened. Marsalis was also accused of rape similarly by a lesbian colleague in Idaho and an ex-girlfriend. Marsalis was charged with numerous counts of rape and sexual assault, being sentenced to life in prison from convictions of two counts of sexual assault. Marsalis has publicly spoken out against allegations in a confusing, contradictory profession of denying guilt.[41][42]
Yang Xinhai  China 1999–2003 23 Chinese rapist-killer who committed 67 murders and 23 rapes. Executed in 2004.
Aaron H. Thomas  United States 1991–2009 22 Rapist Aaron H. Thomas was arrested on March 4, 2011, after police matched his DNA to that of the rapist from a cigarette butt he discarded. On March 5, 2011, jailers reported that Thomas attempted to hang himself while in a jail cell.
John Svahlstedt  Sweden 1971–2013 22 Known as the "Södermannen"; raped and assaulted women in Södermalm and Haga during the 1970s and 1980s; after release, arrested again in 2013 for the rape of a child; sentenced to four years' imprisonment.[43]
Uni-Phantom  Germany 1994–2002 21 Unidentified sex offender responsible for 21 rapes of predominantly young women, first starting in Sprockhövel before moving into the vicinity of the Ruhr University Bochum. The Phantom usually threatened his victims with a knife at public transport stops before raping them. For unknown reasons, there were large gaps between his rape series, and the investigation into his crimes in still ongoing.[44]
Jack Mogale  South Africa 2008–2009 19 Dubbed the "West-End Serial Killer" by police, is a South African serial killer who killed 16 people in 2008 and 2009. On 17 February 2011, Mogale was convicted on 52 of 61 charges related to 16 murders, 19 rapes, and 9 kidnappings.
Patrick Trémeau  France 1983–2005 19 Known as the "Parking Rapist"; active in Paris, he would follow young women to buildings with underground car parks, where he would subsequently threaten them with a knife and rape them. His case influenced the debate on recidivism in France, and currently, he is serving a 20-year sentence.[45]
Li Feng  China 1998–2002 19 Chinese teacher who was executed for sexually molesting and raping 19 girls. Li was an elementary school teacher in the city of Tonghua, in northeast China's Jilin province. He began teaching in 1998, and he began molesting his students in August of that year. He assaulted various girls in his class for the next four years. The victims were all under the age of 14.
Julio Kopseng  Norway 2001–2013 18 Colombian-born dancer and minor celebrity who drugged and raped women he invited over for job interviews in Oslo; sentenced to 21 years' imprisonment, the harshest penalty for a rape case in Norwegian history.[46]
Batman rapist  United Kingdom since 1991 17 The Batman rapist is an English unidentified serial sex offender who has committed at least 17 attacks on women in the city of Bath, Somerset. He was nicknamed after leaving a baseball cap bearing a logo from the Batman film series at the scene of one attack. Remains a suspect in the murder of Melanie Hall ever since she disappeared years before a portion of her skeleton was found and identified.
Darren Sharper  United States 2011–2014 16 Darren Sharper was a former NFL football player who played in the league for 14 seasons with three different teams. During that time he was a 5x Pro Bowler 2x 1st Team All-Pro as well as a Super Bowl Champion and 2000's All decade Team member.[47] In 2014 he pled guilty to the drugging and raping of 16 different women across 4 different states and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.[48]
Mark Wayne Rathbun  United States 1997-2002 16 Known as "The Belmont Shore Rapist". Between 1997 and 2002, Rathbun committed at least sixteen break-in rapes of women in Los Angeles County and Orange County, California. Many of Rathbun's attacks were committed in the Belmont Shore district of Long Beach, California, hence his nickname. In addition to striking in Long Beach, Rathbun was also active in the cities of Huntington Beach and Los Alamitos. Was convicted in August 2004 and October 2008 on dozens of charges regarding the rape spree.
Mark Goudeau  United States 2005–2006 15 Known as "The Baseline Killer"; raped women and young girls in the North Central area of Phoenix, Arizona, during a crime spree in which he also kidnapped and killed other victims. Sentenced to death.[49]
Francisco Antonio Laureana  Argentina 1974–1975 15 Known as "The Satyr of San Isidro"; raped at least 15 women around San Isidro, Buenos Aires, killing 13 of them, always attacking Wednesdays and Thursdays near 6:00 PM. Shot dead by police in 1975.[50]
George Joseph Cvek  United States 1940–1941 15 Known as "The Aspirin Bandit"; Pennsylvanian who robbed and raped at least 15 women around New York City, with possibly at least 66 others, including in Maine and New Orleans, Louisiana; nicknamed "The Gentleman Killer" after being convicted of raping and killing Kitty Pappas in the Bronx, for which he was later executed in 1942.[51]
Paul Bernardo  Canada 1986-1992 14-24 Known as "The Scarborough Rapist" and "The Schoolgirl Killer". Originally a serial rapist of numerous women and girls, with propensities of sexual sadism and an obsession with targeting women and girls who still retained their virginity. As "The Scarborough Rapist", Bernardo stalked women and girls on the streets and anally raped them at knifepoint and was even interviewed due to fitting a composite sketch, volunteering a DNA sample that wouldn't be tested for two years. Bernardo married Karla Homolka, battering and degrading her throughout the marriage. Escalating further, Bernardo committed "The Schoolgirl Murders" by kidnapping, raping, torturing, and murdering teenage girls with Karla as an accomplice. The crimes were recorded on camera, and Karla was ordered by Bernardo to steal drugs to incapacitate the girls, as well as carry out tortures and rapes on four of the girls held captive, three who were murdered, including Karla's little sister Tammy Homolka. Tammy died from an overdose of the substance in her systems and wasn't resuscitated in time. Bernardo strangled two other girls to death, hid each of them in the Homolka family basement while they were dead and the family had dinner, then left them in fields dismembered and buried in cement. Another girl was raped twice by the duo and released, with little to no recollection until after the second rape. Homolka reported Bernardo and filed charges for a severe beating. The DNA test was finally conducted from Bernardo's rape spree, and Karla confessed to her participation in the remaining crimes and Bernardo's involvement in other rapes that weren't previously connected. Both were convicted and imprisoned, considered the most dangerous criminals in Canada's history. The duo were collectively nicknamed "The Ken and Barbie Killers" due to their higher-class statuses. Bernardo confessed in 2006 to raping ten other women and girls a year before the Scarborough rape spree, and was denied parole in 2021. Karla was eventually released long after divorcing Bernardo, with all her restrictions lifted by court order, marrying a relative of her legal representative and starting a family.
Randy Comeaux  United States 1980s-1999 14 Known as "The South Side Rapist". A former sheriff's deputy at the police department in Lafayette, Louisiana and a confessed serial rapist of fourteen women. Ernest "Randy" Comeaux would threaten women with his service gun while raping them, leaving little to no forensic evidence behind at the scene. The crimes spanning two decades, it was the first reported use of geographical profiling in criminal investigation to track familiar locations and areas of the rapist, which Canadian profiler Kim Rossmo was employed for. That, along with an anonymous tip and DNA from a discarded cigarette butt, led to Comeaux. Comeaux confessed to the rapes and pleaded guilty to six rape charges, now currently serving a life sentence from each rape conviction. Forensic Files documented the investigation in the episode "Badge of Deceit".[52][53]
Kansas College Rapist  United States 2000–2015 14 An unidentified serial rapist in a now reopened case, tied to fourteen rapes in Lawrence and Manhattan, Kansas, targeting college students at the University of Kansas and Kansas State University. The rapist stopped in 2008 in the majority of the spree, but was tied to another rape in 2015, leading to the case being reopened. A podcast titled The Murder Squad released an episode that brought renewed interest in the investigations. The rapist has never been affirmatively identified.[54][55]
Cedric Maake  South Africa 1996–1997 14 Attacked couples parked in cars around the Wemmer Pan area whom Maake would assault, shooting the men and raping the women.
Niklas Eliasson  Sweden 2005–2010 14 Known as the "Örebro Rapist"; considered one of Sweden's worst serial rapists, Eliasson was active in Örebro, acting upon an inner voice that told his to attack women; sentenced to 12 years in prison, and released on parole in 2018.[56]
Baekuni  Indonesia 1993–2010 14 Indonesian serial killer who raped street children between the ages of 4 and 14, mutilating 4 of them.
Dennis Rabbitt  United States 1988–1997 14 Known as "The South Side Rapist"; burgled into various homes in St. Louis and surrounding counties, where he raped female victims ranging from young girls to elderly women. Although convicted of only 14 rapes, Rabbitt is suspected in more than 100+ rapes across Missouri and Illinois, starting in 1973.[57]
Naceur Damergi  Tunisia 1980s 14 Raped 14 minors, killing 13. Executed in 1990.
Willi Kimmritz  East Germany 1946–1948 13 Known as "The Horror of the Brandenburg Forest"; robbed and raped women in the forests around Berlin, killing four. In order to shorten the trial, Kimmritz was convicted of only 13 rapes and three murders, but his true count of rape victims is known to be around 45. He was executed in 1950.[58]
Todd Hodne  United States 1978-1979 12 Penn State University linebacker in local college football arrested and convicted on charges regarding a spree of raping and attempting to rape twelve women in the city. Women gave accounts of being tied, often with their own clothes, violently raped at knifepoint, often robbed of their money, and even witnesses were attacked. Evidence showed Hodne stalked each woman beforehand, calling them based on personal ads, and breaking into their homes to hide before attacking when the assaults happened within their residences. Hodne also had records of other crimes and showed other signs of violence, including throwing a knife in the direction of a teammate and robbery. Part of Hodne's rape spree was while not being remanded after one conviction on a charge of rape. Hodne pleaded guilty to additional charges and served approximately six years, with the parole board unanimously voting to release Hodne despite a letter from the prosecutor vehemently fighting the verdict with graphic details of Hodne's rapes. Hodne tried to rob a cab driver, Jeffrey Hirsch, and broke Hirsch's neck when Hirsch fought back. Hodne fled and was caught by a K-9 unit, then was charged, tried, and convicted of Hirsch's murder after his life support was turned off. Hodne admitted the murder wasn't self-defense at his only parole hearing. Hodne died of cancer in 2020. ESPN published an investigative report in 2022 to spread awareness of Hodne's crimes, in retaliation over the revelation of football coach Jerry Sandusky sexually abusing boys and men in the community, which were ignored and covered up by staff and university officials, most notably fellow coach Joe Paterno. Paterno also stymied investigations into Hodne, and both Hodne and Sandusky shared attendance periods at the university.[59] A short documentary, Betsy & Irv, was released to detail the friendship of Betsy Sailor, a woman who was raped by Hodne while she was a young woman, and Irv Pankey, one of Hodne's teammates who came to support Betsy throughout her testimony against Hodne and collaborated with her to fight for justice.[60][61]
Roy Charles Waller  United States 1991–2006 12 American man who was arrested in September 2018 as a suspect in a series of more than ten rapes and kidnappings committed between 1991 and 2006 in six Northern California counties (the "Norcal Rapist"). DNA evidence from crime scenes were matched on GEDmatch to a relative of Waller, and he was identified through genetic genealogy.
Levith Rúa  Colombia 2010–2019 12 Known as "The Beast from the Slaughterhouse"; former police officer who lured victims with false offers for jobs, then raped and tortured them at a hut in Malambo; also responsible for the murder of a student; sentenced to 37 years' imprisonment.[62]
Lassana Coulibaly  France 2002–2005 12 Known as the "Sock Rapist"; delinquent who kidnapped and raped women in several areas around France, always gagging his victim with a sock or other items, thus the nickname. Convicted and sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment.[63]
John Lambe  United Kingdom 1975–1980 12 Known as the "M5 Rapist"; builder and lorry driver who raped women across the M5 motorway, as a way to get at the police force, who had convicted him of a buglary charge; sentenced to life imprisonment.[64]
John Taylor  United Kingdom 1970s–2001 11+ Known mostly for the murder of Leanne Tiernan, Leeds man John Taylor was also further convicted in 2003 of two rapes in the city in 1988 and 1989 respectively. In 2018 he was convicted of 16 further historical offences, including at least 9 rapes and sexual offences. He is suspected of many other offences.[65]
Angus Sinclair  United Kingdom 1960s–1980s 11 A Scottish serial killer who murdered at least four women and who was suspected of murdering at least another four. In 1982 he was convicted of 11 rapes and sexual assaults of children aged 6 to 14.[66]
Melvin Carter  United States 1971–1980 11 Known as the "College Terrace Rapist"; raped women at knifepoint in College Terrace, Palo Alto, California; confessed to over 100 rapes in multiple cities across California.[67]
Erich Hauert   Switzerland 1982–1983 11 Sex offender who committed 11 rapes and 3 murders from 1982 to 1983; sentenced to life imprisonment; his case impacted treatment of dangerous sexual offenders in Switzerland tremendously.
Joseph McCann  United Kingdom 2019 11 English-born Scottish traveller career criminal who sexually assaulted and raped victims, ranging from children to elderly women; sentenced to 33 counts of life imprisonment.[68]
Rosemary West  United Kingdom 1957-1979 11+ Serial killer and rapist and co-conspirator with her husband Fred West. The married couple sexually abused their daughters, their niece, and female boarders in their house, among dozens of other women and girls who were never identified, Rose and other women and girls frequenting being prostituted. Rose also had a propensity for being sexually aggressive with female partners, physically and sexually abused the family's children, and had even sexually abused her brothers. After a woman named Caroline Owens was imprisoned, raped, and tortured in captivity by the couple and later took the couple to trial when she escaped, the couple pleaded guilty to lesser charges and were meagerly fined in euros when she was too traumatized to testify. The couple them escalated to sexually motivated murders of women and girls the couple raped and tortured, before their remains were buried in the cellar and garden of the property, as well as two daughters. Fred was arrested for raping the youngest daughter, and Rose was charged as well when a search warrant revealed nine dead women on the property, with Fred being tied later to three other murders. Rose would often kill in fits of rage, including murders of her stepdaughter and a boarder at the house. Rose remains incarcerated after convictions regarding the couple's crimes. Fred vainly took primary responsibility for the crimes before hanging himself dead in his cell, in the weak hopes Rose wouldn't be arrested.
Luc Tangorre  France 1979–2019 10 Known as the "Marseille Southern Districts Rapist"; assaulted 10 women and children, possibly more, in the span of a few decades. Tangorre was partially exonerated for his first series of rapes, but was later reconvicted after raping two American students. He was given an additional three and a half years for raping three minors between 2012 and 2019, and is due to stand trial for another such rape in Lyon, from 2018.[69]
Thomas Grettenberg  United States 1977 10 Known as the "Austin Choker"; attacked and sexually assaulted predominantly Jewish co-eds at the University of Texas, choking them into unconsciousness before raping them; suspected of 24 rapes in total; died in prison from cancer in 1989
Georgi Yordanov  Bulgaria 1970s 10 In the beginning of the 1970s, a serial rapist, known as "Joro the Paver, the Second", raped 10 victims and committed a double murder. In 1975, the perpetrator Georgi Yordanov was captured, sentenced to death and subsequently executed by firing squad.
Viktor Selikhov  Soviet Union 1962–1964 10 Known as "The Naked Demon"; attacked and raped young girls and women around Frunze and its surroundings, raping 10 and killing at least three; wore a wreath around his neck, and appeared shirtless and barefoot to confuse his victims; executed 1965.[70]
Potomac River Rapist  United States 1991–1997 9 The Potomac River Rapist is a serial rapist and murderer who was active in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area from 1991 to 1998. Ten sexual assaults and one murder were linked to the suspect by DNA. Fatal rape attack on August 1, 1998, not included. A suspect was arrested and charged on November 13, 2019.
John Duffy and David Mulcahy  United Kingdom 1982–1986 9 Known as the "Railway Rapists" and later as the "Railway Killers" after progressing onto murdering their victims, serial killers and childhood friends John Duffy and David Mulcahy were also convicted of nine rapes between them, which were committed near railway stations in or near London.[71]
Troy Graves  United States 1997–2001 9 Known as "The Center City Rapist"; burgled into homes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Fort Collins, Colorado, raping the female occupants; killed a doctoral student in 1998; sentenced to life imprisonment.[72]
Antoni Imiela  United Kingdom 2001-2002 9 A German-born convicted rapist, Antoni raped nine women and girls. The crimes took place in Surrey, Kent, Berkshire, London, Hertfordshire and Birmingham. He died in HMP Wakefield prison on 8 March 2018.
Lee Choon-jae  South Korea 1986-1994 9-30+ Known as "The Hwaseong Killer"; previously unidentified serial rapist and killer of ten women in the Hwaseong region of the country. The first serial killer in modern South Korean history and one of the oldest cold cases of the country. Identified in 2019 as a suspect and eventually confessed, as well as matched by DNA evidence. Lee also confessed to killing four other women, including one who's murder an innocent man was convicted of. Lee confessed in open court to the murders of fourteen women, as well as over thirty rapes and sexual assaults. Police definitively tied Lee to nine confessed sexual assaults and rapes. Lee was considered to be a sexually frustrated sadist with low self-esteem by the police. Each murder Lee committed had a distinct common detail of women being tied and strangled with their own clothes while they were raped and murdered, as well as left restrained when they were found dead.
Jean-Luc Blanche  France 1990–2003 9 Known as the "Backpacker Rapist"; active in several departments around France, Blanche would often kidnap and drive his victims to isolated areas, where he would repeatedly rape them. After he was finished, he acted nicely towards the victims, even driving them back to their homes. His case, which was highly publicized, contributed to the creation of the automated judicial file for sex offenders in the country.[73]
Marc Dutroux  Belgium 1985-1996 9+ Considered Belgium's worst repeat felony offender. Originally arrested for five kidnappings and rapes with accomplices. Also confessed to domestic physical abuse. Was paroled despite objections citing Dutroux as still dangerous, Kidnapped and raped four more girls, two who were buried alive and two who died of starvation and dehydration when Dutroux was arrested for auto theft and his accomplices didn't nourish the girls. Was arrested after kidnapping and raping two more girls, as well as found to have abundant violent child pornography and four different properties used as locations for the crimes, two with buried remains of the murdered girls and an accomplice Dutroux had slaughtered. With Dutroux finances, properties, child pornography which was allegedly made to be internationally disseminated, Dutroux's early release against confirmed professional testimony of Dutroux's culpability and imposed dangers, and the fiascos in arresting Dutroux and saving the girls, including the girls who starved to death after police were in the house they were captive in, Belgian citizens were outraged, and there were allegations and investigations over infiltration of criminal conspiracies and syndicates corrupting the governing, legal, and judicial systems and exploiting Belgium in the interest of organized crime with elite and systemic ties. Trust between citizens and law enforcement was destroyed, resulting in the famous White March protests by victims, their loved ones, and crowds of citizens in support, as well as massive reformation of the systems. Despite Dutroux and accomplices being convicted and sentenced to hard prison time, one accomplice, businessman Michel Nihoul, was acquitted on major charges in the case, despite being imprisoned after other criminal conspiracies, and dozens of deaths and disappearances of witnesses and other affiliated people in the case have been deemed suspicious and possibly involved in presumed conspiracies. Investigations and testimonies throughout the country to collect evidence and bring cases to court and accused parties to justice are far from complete. Dutroux requested parole in a letter sent to the courts in 2021, which sent the public up in arms and would later be denied.
Niklas Lindgren  Sweden 1998–2005 9 Known as "Hagamannen"; convicted of sexual assaults in and around the area of Umeå, after one of Sweden's largest police investigations, which was marred with setbacks; sentenced to 9 years and released on parole in 2015.[74]
Altemio Sanchez  United States 1981–2006 9 Known as the "Bike Path Rapist/Killer"; Puerto Rican man who raped between 9 and 15 women in Buffalo, New York, killing at least three of them; another man was wrongfully convicted for his crimes; sentenced to 75 years to life.[75]
Francis Evrard  France  Belgium 1962–2007 9 French-Belgian pedophile who sexually abused young boys in both countries, who admitted to about 40 assaults. Following a notorious abduction, kidnapping and rape of a 5-year-old boy from his hometown of Roubaix in 2007, Evrard was sentenced to 30 years' imprisonment. His case led to a renewal on the debate concerning the treatment of sex offenders in France.[76]
Alton Coleman  United States 1960-1984 8-10+ Spree killer with a long standing criminal record, starting in 1960. Assisted in a cross-country killing spree with his girlfriend Debra Brown, who was ordered to participate in a particular portion of the crimes. Previous crimes included a series of violent rapes and other sexual abuse, including several girls, three male inmates, a woman in the American military, and reportedly his own niece. The charges were pleaded down or acquitted in court, except for one Coleman was to be tried for when the killing spree started. Motives previously cited included horrific abuse, personality disorders and other psychiatric diagnoses, and bullying by peers. Debra had a better upbringing with no previous criminal records, but her efforts turned in Coleman's direction when starting a relationship. Coleman was executed on convictions regarding the spree, and Debra remains in prison.
Gary Heidnik  United States 1976-1987 8 Known as "Brother Bishop". Falsely imprisoned and repeatedly raped and tortured eight women, including his ex-wife and his previous girlfriend's sister, killing two of them. Primarily targeted black-American women in their teens and young adult years, and obsessed with holding a "harem" of women captive to subjugate them from violence and degradation. Was arrested when one woman tricked Heidnik into letting her escaping, running to her boyfriend and calling the police. Executed by lethal injection in 1999.
Stephen Port  United Kingdom Early 2010s-2015 8 Gay serial killer who murdered four men in sexual acts between 2014 and 2015, but who also was convicted of four rapes and four sexual assaults on other men. Suspected of being responsible for more rapes.[77]
Vince Champ  United States 1996–1997 8 American stand-up comedian who raped at least eight women.[78] He had a consistent method of operation in each of the rapes, he covered their heads so they could not identify him, he asked about their sexual history, engaged in anal sex, used his own saliva for lubrication, and he asked each of the women to pray for him afterward.
Andrei Yurkin  Russia 1994–1995 8 Known as "The Mordovian Maniac"; policeman who, together with two accomplices, robbed and raped women in Saransk from 1994 to 1995, killing five of them in the process. Initially sentenced to death, his sentence was commuted to 15 years due to the moratorium on capital punishment in the country. Yurkin served his full term and was released in 2009, and has not committed any crimes since.[79]
Reginald Kimbro  United States 2012-2017 8 Pleaded guilty to the rapes and murders of Molly Jane Matheson and Megan Getrum in 2017. Was later indicted and pleaded guilty to four rapes in different counties across Texas between 2012 and 2014, the reports previously not being followed through with. Four more women came forward and also accused Kimbro of rape, but no legal measures have been taken as of yet. Reports mention accounts of Kimbro "charming" women and then drugging, strangling, and raping them when that failed. Kimbro dated Molly Matheson before raping, beating, and strangling her to death, then washing her in the shower and running a load of laundry where his underwear was later found. Kimbro and Megan Getrum never knew each other, and Kimbro raped and strangled her while she was out hiking. All crimes Kimbro was convicted of were based on DNA evidence and witness accounts. Kimbro took pleas to avoid the death penalty and waived all appeals.[80][81]
Sebastião Antônio de Oliveira  Brazil Unknown 8 Brazilian rapist and serial killer who committed at least 8 rapes, one in Atibaia municipality in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, and seven more in Bragança Paulista municipality in the state of São Paulo. Besides from raping, he killed five children.
Igor Irtyshov  Russia 1993–1994 8 Pedophile who raped young boys in St. Petersburg, killing two of them; sentenced to death, commuted to life imprisonment.[82]
Larry Murphy  Ireland 2001 8 Irishman convicted of kidnapping, repeatedly raping, and attempting to murder a young woman. Suspected in the disappearance of 8 women.
The Creeper  Sweden  Norway 1990s–2003 8 Broke into the houses of female victims around Gothenburg, watching over them before eventually raping them under the threat of a knife. The perpetrator, whose name was not released, was later identified via DNA evidence as a man serving a rape sentence in neighboring Norway. Sentenced to forensic psychiatric care.[83]
Daniel Holtzclaw  United States 2013–2014 8 Used his authority as a police officer to target African American women in his community. Convicted of raping or assaulting eight women, but his true number of victims is believed to be eighteen.[84]
Fred West  United Kingdom 1961-1992 8+ Serial killer and rapist along with his accomplice and second wife Rosemary West. Sexual predator and sadist since early youth, guilty of raping and brutalizing dozens women and girls, ones who were identified including his sister, his first wife, his daughters, his niece, and nannies and borders in his family's home, who were sexually assaulted, tortured, degraded, and even prostituted from the household. One woman, Caroline Owens, was subjected to sexual harassment, then physical and sexual violence in captivity, reporting the crimes when she escaped. The couple pleaded guilty to lesser charges when she struggled to testify, and the Wests were only meagerly fined in euros. Arrested on charges of rape regarding the youngest daughter of the family, Fred was helpless to prevent the police from eventually getting warrants to search the Wests' "House of Horrors", leading to unearthing the remains of nine women and girls either Fred or Rose murdered, including two daughters. Fred was also conclusive tied to three other murders: his ex-wife, a teenager who lived in his caravan, and a café waitress Fred had stalked who was never found dead. After Rose was arrested, Fred gave full confessions in hopes Rose would be released, then committed suicide by hanging. Rose was still charged and convicted on felony charges regarding the rapes, tortures, murders, and domestic abuse and has since been incarcerated.
Shlomo Haliva  Israel 1969–1975 7 Known as "The Weeping Rapist"; sexually assaulted and raped at least seven women around Acre and murdered one in Netanya; suspected of other rapes and possibly four additional murders; sentenced to life imprisonment, but expecting release on parole in 2024.[85]
Phillip Pizzo  United States 1983–1984 7 Known as "The Mall Rapist"; kidnapped young girls from malls in Natick and Peabody, Massachusetts, taking them to his home in Westford, where he would repeatedly abuse and sodomize them; confessed to 20 rapes in total; sentenced to 11 terms of life imprisonment with a chance of parole.[86]
Sean Shaynak  United States 2012-2014 7 Brooklyn teacher responsible for sexually abusing and exploiting a confirmed seven teenage female students in exchange for passing grades, smoking, and drinking. Was fired, removed from payroll, and ultimately convicted on numerous charges, including minor welfare endangerment, disseminating harmful material to minors, and kidnapping. Despite facing decades in prison, pleaded guilty to nine of thirty-six charges and was sentenced to five years, registering as a sex offender.[87][88]
Christopher Wilder  Australia
 United States
1963-1984 7+ Known as "The Beauty Queen Killer" from targeting young, pretty women and girls under the guise as a modelling photographer. Australian sexual predator guilty of an extensive list of sex offenses, from Australia to the United States, ranging from sexual harassment to sexual assaults, including the gang-rape of a teenager in Australia and three oral rapes of a woman and two girls in Florida. While awaiting trial, Wilder went on a killing spree across America, raping, torturing, and murdering numerous women and girls over six weeks in 1984. One woman and two girls were raped and lived through the violence and attempts on their lives, one being held hostage for a prolonged period. Was shot dead in a struggle with two state troopers for his Colt revolver, one being briefly wounded in the process but recovering soon after. Suspected of numerous other disappearances and murders of other women and girls, being exonerated from some crimes posthumously.
Joro the Paver  Bulgaria 1968 6–7 Active in Sofia's Konyovitsa neighborhood, Joro the Paver earned his nickname from the handkerchiefs he left on pavements next to the victims. As a result of one of his attacks, one victim died from her injuries in hospital. A deaf-mute named Milcho Milanov, from Rakita, was initially convicted and served time for the crimes, but was later released due to lack of evidence.[89]
Peter Samuel Cook  United Kingdom 1974–1975 6 Serial rapist who attacked women in Cambridge, England and so became known in the press as the Cambridge Rapist. He was active between October 1974 and April 1975, and was also called the 'hooded rapist' because of a distinctive leather mask he wore whilst carrying out his crimes.
Joseph Edward Duncan III  United States 1997-2005 6-25 Recidivist pedophile, serial rapist, and serial killer with a criminal record dating back to his childhood years and a consistent history for being in and out of prison, committing increasingly violent, vulgar, traumatic, and deadly offenses each time. Once reported to a therapist having bound and sexually assaulted six boys and raping thirteen more boys by the age of 16. Was confirmed to have raped and sexually assaulted four boys, often kidnapping them and holding them at gunpoint. Was on federal radar after skipping bail, being tracked in a manhunt after an attack on the Groene family. Mother Brenda, boyfriend Mark McKenzie, and eldest son Slade were all murdered in their home, youngest children Dylan and Shasta Groene being kidnapped and repeatedly sexually assaulted. Dylan was tortured to death on film and left dead off the side of a remote mountain road. Shasta was rescued from a restaurant where Duncan was arrested, two days before Dylan's remains were found. Pleaded guilty to all felony charges, including federal, and sentenced to life without parole on several convictions, along with a federal death sentence. A grown up Shasta advocated for a bill to be passed as a law that prevented the release of sex offenders, which received well over 50,000 petition signatures. Duncan also pleaded guilty to charges of the sexual assault and murder of another boy and was confirmed to be behind the kidnappings and murders of two girls, all in the 90s. Died in 2021 from metastasized brain cancer, where Shasta gave a public statement of rejoice and affirmed she was well past Duncan and ready for the rest of her life.
Tomasz Włodarek  Poland 1997–2000 6 Known as the "Vampire of Świnoujście"; raped young girls and women under the threat of a knife in the Świnoujście area, killing one woman and a female customs officer; sentenced to two counts of life imprisonment.[90]
Ian Watkins  Wales 2088-2017 6-9 Former front man of the rock band Lostprophets. Would manipulate mothers into letting Watkins sexually abuse their infant-age children. Watkins was convicted on three counts of child sexual assault, six counts of child pornography, and one count of extreme animal pornography, being sentenced to 29 years in prison. The two mothers were also convicted and sentenced to prison time. Watkins was transferred between prisons to be closer to his mother after her kidney transplant, but Watkins was transferred back to his original prison after starting to manipulate another mother. Investigations revealed reports of Watkins' offenses as far back as 2008.
Marc O'Leary  United States 2008–2012 6 Stalked and broke into the homes of six women with various ages, backgrounds, and other personal information in suburbs near Seattle and Denver, raping them while holding them captive for prolonged time in their own homes. The first woman identified, publicly named Marie, was never believed in her report and harassed by the despondent local officers assigned to her case into saying she lied, resulting in her being charged, convicted, and briefly imprisoned for her statement allegedly being "false". Combined efforts from departments in Washington and Colorado led to O'Leary, a previously nearby stationed army veteran, being identified and arrested in Colorado, with evidence of all rapes, including the rape of Marie, found in O'Leary's home. Revelations leading to Marie's exoneration and settlement by the city also led to changes in the Lynwood police department's protocol and ethics once its excessive rejections of sex offense cases was revealed. An article published in ProPublica detailed the case, An Unbelievable Story of Rape, as well as an adapted miniseries Unbelievable.
John Worboys  United Kingdom 2002–2008 6–100+ Known as the "Black Cab Rapist"; cab driver who drugged and subsequently raped across England. Police have concluded that he amassed more than 100 victims; his case resulted in scrutiny towards the investigating team's incompetence. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.[91][92]
Marcel Hansen  Denmark 1995–2010 6 Known as the "Amager Man"; football coach who raped six women between around Amager, in addition to murdering another two on separate occasions in 1987 and 1990; was also indicted for a seventh rape, but was acquitted due to lack of evidence; sentenced to life imprisonment.[93]
Edgar Antonsen  Norway 1971–1993 5+ Violent sex offender and serial killer who raped young women and children, sometimes killing them with the aid of his half-brother Terje, and was later linked to another murder dating back to 1962. Sentenced to life imprisonment but released in 1988, whereupon he moved to the north, where he committed suicide in 1993 to avoid arrest for sexually abusing a young girl.[94]
Daniel Camargo Barbosa  Colombia
1958-1986 5 Known as "The Sadist of El Charquito". Colombian-born serial killer and rapist of girls out of disturbed pathological obsession with raping virgin girls and women. Collaborated with his second wife lure girls to drug with barbituates and rape, committing such sexual assaults on five girls in Colombia After being arrested, convicted, and imprisoned when the fifth girl turned the couple in, Camargo served time which was extended by a new judge presiding over the case. Camargo was furious and eventually stalked, raped, and murdered girls once released after serving time in full. Arrested, convicted, and imprisoned again for one girl's rape and murder in Colombia, despite being suspected regarding more than 80 girls. Escaped from prison and fled to Ecuador, raping and murdering a minimum of 54 more girls. Camargo would often lure them with a ruse, let them go if they didn't join his "shortcut" into the woods, and even find their families' phone numbers to call and harass their loved ones. Once imprisoned in Ecuador, a nephew of one woman who was raped and murdered forced Camargo on his knees and shanked him to death. One of his ears was cut off and taken to the guards.
John Cannan  United Kingdom 1980–1987 5+ Cannan is infamous for the 1987 murder of Shirley Banks and for being suspected of being responsible for the murder of Suzy Lamplugh, who disappeared in 1986 and has never been found. He is also suspected of another abduction and murder and has been convicted of three separate rapes and two attempted rapes. He will be eligible for parole in 2022.[95]
Gabriel Turgeman  Israel 2002–2004 5 Known as "The Evasive Pedophile"; abducted, beat and raped 5, possibly 10, young girls in Ashdod and Ashkelon; sentenced to 45 years imprisonment, the highest sentence imposed on a sex offender in the country.[96]
Ronald Janssen  Belgium 2001–2010 5 Known as "Le Prof"; serial killer and rapist who targeted lone women and young couples, killing at least three and raping at least; confessed to 20 rapes in total; sentenced to life imprisonment.[97]
John Jamelske  United States 1998–2003 5 Serial kidnapper and rapist of five different women of various ages and backgrounds in Fayetteville, New York. Jamelske, a reclusive hoarder that came into a lot of money, constructed a basement cell before regularly kidnapping a woman from the street, imprisoning her in the cell for months, and raping her repeatedly while directing and recording her activities. The woman would then be released, with Jamelske searching for another woman to abduct to repeat the cycle. After Jamelske was arrested, one woman who was held captive openly spoke out about her trauma and elaborated Jamelske's crimes on a radio show.
Peter Scully  Philippines 2011-2015 5-75 Prolific Australian-born child sex offender with a long-standing history of sexually abusing children in the Philippines, mostly girls. Targeted children of impoverished families and even children of one of his girlfriends, tortured them, often with accomplices, produced "hurtcore" films of physical and sexual violence on children, and reportedly ran dark web child pornography sites and an international child sexual abuse ring. Reportedly victimized 75 children. Convicted of five counts of rape against underage girls, and is currently awaiting trial for dissemination of child pornography, torture, and the 2012 murder of an 11-year-old girl.
John Williams Jr.  United States 1996 5 Homeless drifter who raped five women in the Raleigh, North Carolina area between January and December 1996, killing two of them; sentenced to death.[98]
Mamadou Traoré  France 1996 5 Senegalese-born man who assaulted at least six female victims in Paris, raping five and killing two of them. At trial, he claimed to have been cursed by evil Vodun spirits, which caused him to kill. Sentenced to life imprisonment.[99]
Paul Callow  Canada 1980s 5 Known as the "Balcony Rapist"; after stalking his victims, he would break into their homes in Toronto by climbing onto balconies or entering through broken windows or doors; his last victim later successfully sued the Toronto police for their inaction regarding the rapist; Callow received a 20-year-to-life sentence, but was released in 2007.[100]
Guido Zingerle  Italy  Austria 1946–1950 5 Italian murderer and possible serial killer who killed at least 2 women in the 1940s and raped another 3.
Jonathan King  United Kingdom 1980s 5 Music mogul and paedophile who lured teenage boys to his home before having sex with them.[101] A later trial in 2018 resulted in King's acquittal on eighteen further charges.
Eddie Long  United States 2000s-2010s 5 Megachurch pastor accused of child sexual abuse by five men who lacked fathers and were congregates in Long's church. They were reportedly bribed and gifted, with Long quoting scripture to say motive to the five men in a way to deny its criminality and make them do so as well. Long denied allegations and vowed to fight them, but later reports revealed unspecified lawsuits settled privately out of court. A Canadian documentary series investigated the allegations. Long later died at age 63, with a public statement from the church alleging the cause to be cancer.
Robert Napper, a.k.a. the "Green Chain rapist"  United Kingdom 1989–1994 4–106 Infamous for the 1992 murder of Rachel Nickell, one of Britain's best-known murders, Robert Napper also killed two others in 1993 and is suspected of being the "Green Chain rapist", the name given to the perpetrator of up to 106 rapes across the South East London Green Chain walk in the early 1990s. The rapes stopped in 1994, the same year Napper was sent to prison. He has been convicted of three of these rapes and later confessed to a further rape.[102]
Trent Benson  United States 2004–2007 4+ Abducted, raped and beat women in Mesa and Phoenix from 2004 to 2007, resulting in the deaths of two victims. He was convicted and sentenced to death for the two murders and to 135 years imprisonment for two other sexual assaults, and is currently on death row. Police believe he might be responsible for further rapes and murders.[103]
William Bradford  United States 1978-1984 4 Convicted killer of a woman and a girl and pleaded guilty to the rape of another woman. Suspected of being a national serial killer after photographs of unknown women and girls were found in Bradford's possession. Bradford was known as "The Death Row Poet" while awaiting execution. Police have investigated the photographs across the nation, finding both living and dead people associated with Bradford, including Bradford's ex-wives and Nika LaRue, the sister of Eva LaRue. Nika reported being kidnapped and raped by Bradford, and the rapes of one of Bradford's ex-wives and another woman were also tracked in reports.
Giacomo Casanova  Italy
1748-1765 4 Under, especially modern, definitions of law, records show the notorious traveling writer and womanizer committed acts of sexual violence and offense, particularly pedophilia, despite facing little to no penalties. Casanova had fled Venice while on trial for the rape of a young girl, despite being acquitted, and had also committed a kidnapping and gang rape of a woman during one Venetian Carnival. Casanova also procured a young Russian preteen girl from St. Petersburg for sexual captivity, and sexually abused the young daughter of one of his former lovers before trafficking her out to a Baron he was acquainted with. Casanova alleged in writings to have once been molested at the age of 11 by the sister of a priest with whom he lived, which ironically Casanova celebrated as his first sexual experience and introduction to sexuality and romances with women.
Mike DeBardeleben  United States 1956-1983 4+ Full name James Mitchell DeBardeleben, Jr.; known as "The Mall Passer". Counterfeiter of fake bills across the country to steal the change, to the point of being tracked by the Secret Service. Reported also a serial rapist of numerous women, usually using a ruse of a "plainclothes officer" disguise, then kidnapping and physically and sexually torturing them, often sexually assaulting women with foreign objects out of sexual impotence. The women remembered being forced to call DeBardeleben "Daddy" and were threatened with pictures and tapes of the torture if they told. Police arrested DeBardeleben on charges of counterfeiting, where paraphernalia and photos and audio recordings of raped and tortured women were abundantly found among DeBardeleben's belongings. DeBardeleben was sentenced to life imprisonment for counterfeiting, but police couldn't definitely connect DeBardeleben to the women in the photographs, let alone identify many of them. A popular theory is DeBardeleben decided whether to blur his and the women's faces in the photos based on whether they were raped and released or they were murdered. DeBardeleben is the prime suspected in murdering Edna Terry McDonald, Jean McPhaul, and Joe Rapini. Also has a preceding criminal record of physical abuse of his mother, physical and sexual abuse of his wives, illegal possession of firearms and drugs, car theft, kidnapping, attempted murder, assault, armed robbery, reckless driving, and sodomy. Died from pneumonia in Butner, North Carolina in 2011.[104][105][106]
Mark Dixie  United Kingdom 1980s to 2006 4 Best known for the rape and murder of Sally Ann Bowman in 2005, Dixie was also convicted in 2017 of two separate rapes committed in 1987 and 2002. He has also confessed to other attacks, including a sexual assault in Spain in 2005, and has also been convicted for and linked to other sex attacks in Britain and Australia.[107]
Malcolm Fairley  United Kingdom 4+ Known as "The Fox", which comes from Fairley's habit of squatting in victims' homes and helping himself to their groceries and other utilities. Petty criminal and domestic abuser before escalating to a series of break-in physical assaults, sexual assaults on women and at least one man, and rapes of women, often fashioning masks and gloves out of cloth and even fabrics from the homes he burglarized tying up the homes' occupants during the assaults or while squatting. Reportedly confessed to feeling more empowered when using a shotgun, but was fought back against in several attacks and fled when failing to dominate people in the home. Was a highly disorganized criminal, from burying a shotgun without remembering where it was left to scraping paint off his car in a frantic escape that was left on bushes. The paint forensics and Fairley's confirmed left-handedness led to his arrest. Was convicted and imprisoned on six life sentences.
Andrew Luster  United States 2000 4 Heir to cosmetics fortune and adoptive grandson of Max Factor, Sr.. Was arrested for four counts of drug-induced aggravated rape when a college student accused Luster of drugging and raping her at his home and search revealed tapes of more unconscious rapes. Luster fled prosecution into Central America, but was convicted in absentia for the rapes and captured by bounty hunter Duane Chapman to be extradited back to the US. Luster is now serving life in prison for the rapes.
Dimitris Aspiotis  Greece 2010, 2020 4+ Known as "The Beast of Kavos". Responsible for the kidnappings and rapes of between three and seven women on the island of Corfu, Greece, suspected of around 100 rapes total. Aspiotis targeted British female tourists, having a consistent M.O. of forcing them out into the island's woods before raping them. Aspiotis was convicted and served time, then was released on parole. Police chased him down in 2020 on suspicion of another rape, but Aspiotis plunged off a cliff and broke his back during a fall. While receiving medical treatment, Aspiotis was again taken into custody convicted, and is serving over 20 years of another sentence for aggravated rape and evading authority.[108]
River Park rapist  United States 1996 4 In 1996 a suspected serial rapist dubbed by local media the "River Park Rapist" preyed on female residents of South Bend, Indiana. Police arrested Richard Alexander (then 30 years old) in August 1996 for four of the rapes, largely on the basis of the statements of the victims. DNA evidence definitively excluded him as a suspect in one of the rapes, although both the victim and her fiancé continued to insist that Alexander was the perpetrator. Alexander was later found innocent of all charges.
Karla Homolka  Canada 1990-1992 4 Abused ex-wife of serial rapist and killer Paul Bernardo. Bernardo was previously a serial rapist and married Karla, who was battered and degraded by Bernardo from to proclivities of dominance and misogyny. Bernardo recruited Karla into a new spree of sexually motivated crimes named "The Schoolgirl Murders", where teenage girls were kidnapped by the duo because Bernardo wanted to target virgin women, raped and tortured on film by Bernardo and Karla at Bernardo's instruction, and three were murdered. The crimes started with Karla's sister Tammy Homolka, who overdosed on drugs Karla stole and sedated her with. A second teenage girl was raped and tortured twice while on drugs and didn't recollect the crimes. Two more teenage girls were raped and tortured to death, buried in the Homolka house basement each time there was a family dinner, then their remains buried in cement. Karla charged Bernardo with a brutal assault, leading to his arrest around the same time his DNA was tested regarding the previous series of rapes Bernardo committed. Karla confessed to the remaining crimes and her involvement, taking guilty pleas of prison time in exchange for her testimony. Bernardo and Karla were considered the worst and most hated criminals in the history of Canada, the press spitefully nicknaming Karla "The Witch of Ontario". Karla soon after filed for divorce, but she lost her chance at parole due to her sexual relations with a convicted murderer. She eventually was released with tight restrictions, which were overturned by the courts over a couple of years. Karla spoke publicly from her own narrative, married a relative of her legal representative, and had children with him. She has continuously staved off public outrage and unwarranted reckless publicity and is now living separate from her more recent family.
James Lloyd  United Kingdom 1980s 4 For a period of a least four years during the 1980s, a man violently attacked and raped at least four lone women and attempted to assault at least two others in the Rotherham area. His victims were aged between 18 and 54 and were typically attacked during the early hours of the morning while returning from a night out. In April 2006, Lloyd was arrested and charged. He pled guilty to four rapes and two attempted rapes in July 2006, but denied responsibility for one other rape.
Arohn Kee  United States 1991–1998 4+ Known as the "East-Harlem rapist", Raped four women and killed another three in East-Harlem, Manhattan, New York. After his exposure in 1999, he kidnapped a 15-year-old girl from Brooklyn and vanished with her, causing a manhunt to occur across the east coast of the United States. He was eventually found with the girl in a hotel room in Miami three months later. He was sentenced to life in prison, and has denied responsibility other rapes and murders.
Jeffrey Pelo  United States 2002-2005 4 Serial rapist of women in the local communities of Bloomington, Illinois, where Pelo retired from being a police sergeant. Four women were raped in break-ins, threatened with weapons such as a knife and a shotgun, and forced to be washed off to not leave forensic evidence behind. Pelo was arrested when stalking the home of a fifth woman by an officer who used to be subordinate to the police veteran. Supplies described by the women who were raped were fund in Pelo's possession, and the primary evidence against Pelo was witness accounts and identification. Computer histories of violent pornography and research on rape victims were also found from Pelo's private and job-issued devices. Pelo was convicted on all counts and sentenced to 440 years.[109][110]
Robert Lee Walden  United States 1989–1991 4 Stalked women around apartment complexes in Tucson, Arizona from 1989 to 1991, later breaking into their apartment and raping them under the threat of a knife. During the rapes, surviving victims noted that Walden frequently taunted them, and always pretended to leave several times before finally fleeing. He was convicted of two murders and four rapes, for which he was given a death sentence and five life terms, respectively. He has also confessed to a third murder, for which he has never been charged.[111]
Robert Hohenberger  United States 1978 4 Former California police deputy and kidnapper who raped women in several counties at gunpoint; suspect in the murders of five teenagers in Morgan City, Louisiana, committed between March and May 1978; later committed suicide to avoid arrest.[112]
David Parker Ray  United States 1957-1999 4-74 New Mexico native and pathological sexual sadist. With the help of several accomplices, including family, Ray kidnapped women from the street, held them captive in a trailer torture chamber known as the "toy box", and raped and tortured them while intermittently drugging them. Ray is suspected of being a prolific serial killer of 70 women across New Mexico and Arizona. Ray was convicted on confirmed crimes of the rapes and tortures of three women, as well as a fourth woman one of his accomplices murdered. The first two living women's reports were rejected by police, leading to their lives being ruined, even though one woman survived nearly being murdered and left on a roadside, while the third woman escaped with her life fighting one of the accomplices and running, before reaching a homeowner who sheltered her and called the police. Ray was convicted and imprisoned for life on all confirmed charges, dying within a year of the sentence from a heart attack.
Rodney Alcala  United States 1968-1979 3+ Serial killer and serial rapist guilty and suspected of numerous murders and rapes of women and girls across the United States. Alcala was originally tracked in a series of rapes of then-girls, one who would later testify at Alcala's sentencing hearing for later discovered serial killings of women and girls. Alcala would try to evade the police with aliases, and difficulty with communications between jurisdictions and the registration process of Alcala's status as an offender left Alcala to travel the country and commit more crimes. Alcala has been conclusively tied to the murders of nine women and girls, raping them and killing them by repeatedly strangling them before reviving them again until they finally died. Alcala had an appearance on the game show The Dating Game, but despite winning the competition, the woman who was arranged to go on a date with Alcala rejected him. Specialists theorized that infuriated Alcala, which was channeled toward killing more people without ownership of responsibility. Alcala was arrested and convicted after eventually being tracked for the murders, and is suspected of more sexually motivated murders and other crimes across America. Police have asked the public with identifying male and female unknown subjects of suggestive and even explicit photographs Alcala snapped when posing as a modeling photographer. There are reportedly thousands, many too graphic to reveal to the public, and while many women have come forward, many families of people in the photographs reported they disappeared and were never heard from again. Alcala died from natural causes in 2021.
Donald Andrew Bess, Jr.  United States 1977-1985 3 Convicted in the murder of Angela Samota, raping her in her apartment before stabbing her heart. The rape and murder was committed in 1984, with Bess being tried and convicted in 2010 after being identified decades later. Bess was found out to have raped three other women, each woman being tricked into Bess coming in before being brutally forced upon. The first reported woman Bess raped never saw charges at the time, and the second woman did report, leading to Bess' conviction. Bess was paroled, murdering Angela Samota and raping yet another woman once released. Bess was convicted and sentenced to life in prison after committing the final rape, where Bess was at the time of being identified as the murderer. Samota's ex-wife also reported she and her daughter were repeatedly abused by Bess before she and Bess divorced.[113]
Catherine Birnie  Australia 1986 3 One of two serial rapists and killers of women and girls known as "The Moorhouse Murderers". Accomplice of her husband David in kidnapping, raping, and strangling women and girls before burying them in forests. David made Catherine kill one woman once, Catherine actively participating in gang-raping captive women and girls, as well as making David kill one woman who was held captive for longer. One teenage girl escaped and reported being held captive and raped, resulting in the couple's arrests. David died in prison, and Catherine remains incarcerated, while the one woman who escaped and Catherine's youngest son call for better Australian laws against felonies and Catherine's execution, supporting each other's campaigns.
Doug Clark  United States 1980 3+ One of two murders along with Carol M. Bundy, making up a duo known as "The Sunset Strip Killers". The two murdered sex workers and teenage girls in California out of shared motives of criminally sexual paraphilias. Bundy even once murdered a witnessed she confessed the crimes two while she was drunk. Clark had a previous propensity of statutory sex offenses, such as sexually exploiting a young girl who was in sexually explicit photographs Clark snapped. Clark also had forced two teenage girls to perform oral sexual acts on Clark before they were later shot dead.
Jennifer Fichter  United States 2012-2014 3+ Former middle and high school. Arrested and convicted for sexual relations with three 17-year-old male high school students. Previously resigned in 2008 from the last school she worked at over discipline of similar misconduct and offenses.
Brian Lunn Field  United Kingdom 1960s–2001 3+ Brian Lunn Field is a peadophile and serial offender against young boys who was also convicted in 2001 of the murder of Roy Tutill, who he also buggered. He has 6 other criminal convictions for sexual offences against young boys, including for a sexual assault in the 1970s and two counts of buggery in the early 1980s. He was also convicted for abducting two young boys in his car in 1986 and attempting to rape them, but they managed to escape after jumping from the car. He is the prime suspect in the case of two boys, Patrick Warren and David Spencer who vanished from the street in Solihull in December 1996 when he was driving around in a van in the area. He is also suspected of another murder of a boy in the area in 1984.[114]
Gerald Gallego  United States 1959-1980 3+ One of two killers with his wife Charlene better known as "The Love Slave Killers". Gerald had an extensive record of sex crimes starting with sexually abusing a 6-year-old girl when at age 13, as well as his daughter and one of her friends. After marrying Charlene, the two kidnapped women and girls for Gerald to rape and the couple to murder, as well as killed a fiance of one woman who was brutalized to death. The couple was arrested and convicted, with Gerald dying in prison and Charlene being released after serving time and reporting to have been an abused wife and reluctant accomplice.
Robert Garrow  United States 1961-1973 3+ Serial rapist of women and girls in New York, with additional records of crimes including assault, kidnapping, and attempted rape. Jumped bail during a trial after the rapes of two girls, starting a spree of killings, rapes, and assaults that lasted for 18 days. Was shot by a conservation officer in a park and detained, being found guilty on all charges. Attempted to escape again with a gun smuggled in by his son, but was shot dead when found by corrections officers. His lawyers were indicted in the "Buried Bodies case", in which Garrow disclosed the locations of two people he murdered under attorney-client privilege. A motion to dismiss the indictment was granted.
Robert Hill  United States 2013-2014 3 Convicted of the rapes of three women in Sacramento, targeting them in the evening when they were alone out in suburban neighborhoods at night. Similar details and DNA evidence linked the rapes, and soon after linking the rapes to Hill. His father gave a public statement in his favor when Hill was arrested. Briefly suspected of being the Interstate 80 rapist, but was soon after cleared.[115][116][117]
São Paulo Monster  Brazil 1973 3 Serial pedophile rapist who attacked 3 girls in São Paulo, Brazil at the Bari and Pari regions. Unsuccessfully attempted to rape other girls. Remains unidentified and with an unknown criminal status.
José Antonio Rodríguez Vega  Spain 1978-1988 3+ Known as "The Motorcycle Rapist" and "The Vespa Rapist". Guilty of rapes and attempted rapes of women in Spain, but with a reduced sentence for the crimes due to manipulation of the women ho were attacked and the court system. Also physically and sexually abused his second wife. Later escalated to rapes and murders of a confirmed 16 elderly women out of a projected obsession to rape his own mother Vega never fulfilled. Was arrested and known as "El Mataviejas", or "The Old Lady Killer". Stabbed to death over 100 times by two inmates in 2002, and would have been up for parole about six years later.
James Edward Wood  United States 1977–1993 3 Violent sex offender who confessed to raping at least 10 women in various states, but was convicted of only three in Louisiana and Idaho from 1977 to 1993. He was later convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of an 11-year-old girl in Idaho, and was suspected in other killings in Louisiana, but died on death row in 2004.[118]
Ariel Castro  United States 1992-2013 3 Known as "The Monster of Cleveland". Puerto Rico-born serial kidnapper and rapist of three girls who knew Castro's children starting in 2002. Held them all captive and retrained them in a house not far from the places they were snatched, being repeatedly raped and brutalized for over a decade into their early adult years. Two girls were pregnant, one girl giving birth to a daughter, the other girl having miscarriages and left with damage to her sight and hearing from the violence of the assaults and other torture. One woman escaped with her daughter conceived from rape and went to the police. The two other women were rescued and Castro was arrested, everyone who was held captive being given medical treatment at the hospital and reunited with their families. Castro committed suicide by hanging while in prison custody. Castro is also guilty of holding his wife against her will and viciously beating her starting in 1992, which led her to develop an inoperable brain tumor from the violence that killed her in 2012. John Kasich, then-governor of Ohio, publicly met and commended the girls, the house where the captivity primarily happened was demolished with one woman in attendance with a crowd of supporters, and another woman later reunited with one of the neighbors who rescued her and her daughter.
Sidney Cooke  United Kingdom 1960s-1980s 3+ Known as "Hissing Sid". One of Britain's worst violent sexual criminals and child sex offenders. Amusement park worker and leader of a gang of pedophiles responsible for [[Procuring (prostitution}|procuring]] and kidnapping boys to drug, gang-rape, and torture in an acquired flat, identified boys including two brothers who were never publicly named. Definitely connected to the murder of one boy and suspected in the murders and disappearances of other boys. Arrested on charges of indecent assault in a bathroom and was later charged on eighteen counts of child sex offenses. Cooke pleaded guilty to half of those charges, bragging about more crimes the police did and didn't connect, but refusing to disclose details or discuss it with the police, grieving families, or whomever else it concerns. Public outrage and protests resulted from the revelation of Cooke's syndicate and crimes.[119]
Mr. Cruel  Australia 1987–1990 3 Serial pedophile rapist who attacked 3 girls in the northern and eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria in the late 1980s and early 1990s and is the prime suspect in the abduction and murder of a fourth girl.
David Smith  United Kingdom 1976–1999 3 Murderer of prostitutes who infamously was acquitted of a murder of a sex worker in 1993 only to go on to murder another. Also convicted of a rape of a mother in front of her children in 1976 and committed two other attempted rapes.[120]
Richard Speck  United States 1961-1966 3+ Recidivist, misogynistic violent repeat offender responsible for the horrific mass murder of nursing students in a Chicago townhouse in 1966. Previously guilty of an extensive criminal record, which included the reported rapes of his ex-wife at knifepoint and the rapes of two elder women, one on the day of the massacre. Speck separated the nurses with nothing more than a knife to keep them from talking, threatening to kill them if he didn't get what he wanted. Eight women in total were killed in various ways, at least one of them raped. A ninth woman escaped when Speck was distracted and filed a report. Speck attempted suicide when realizing he left someone alive as a witness, and the hospital called the police once a tattoo reported in the papers based on Speck's description was found. Arrested and convicted on overwhelming evidence, even without the confession being admitted due to grounds of sedation when Speck admitted to the crimes. Died of heart failure in 1991, one day shy of the age of 50.
Interstate 80 rapist  United States 2013–2014 3 Series of rapes that was committed by a unidentified serial rapist in Sacramento, California. While many have been convinced that other assaults took place by the same man, only three have been successfully linked by DNA. Investigative efforts and DNA evidence ruled out previous suspects, and the investigation remains cold.
Naga Raja Thota  United States 2013-2014 3 Physician sentenced to two years in federal prison for extorting patients who were overprescribed controlled substances to take advantage of their addictions. Convicted on charges regarding the financial and sexual extortion of three women, including one who had a long-standing sexual affair with Thota.[121]

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