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King Charles's true feelings laid bare as Prince William steps up for major event

An insider has revealed what the monarch was thinking as his son stepped up to the plate to represent his country.

By Mieka Smiles, News Reporter

D-Day Landings 80th Anniversary in Normandy

Prince William stood in for his father King Charles at the event (Image: Getty)

King Charles was reportedly "delighted" that Prince William was able to represent him at the D-Day commemorations this week.

The King and wife Queen Camilla were in France to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers and mark the 80th anniversary of the D-day landings in Normandy.

But Prince William stood in for his father at a ceremonial event at Omaha Beach alongside Joe Biden, Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau as King Charles continues to recover from cancer treatment.

It was Prince William’s most high-profile role to date as he stood shoulder to shoulder with seven presidents, three Kings and Prime Ministers.

He was there to honour veterans who helped turn the tide on the Nazis during World War II, as an insider says that the proud father was thankful his son was able to step up to the plate.

Commemorations Marking The 80th Anniversary Of D-Day Take Place In Normandy

Prince William was on the world stage to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day (Image: Getty)

King Charles was "delighted that the Prince of Wales attended to represent the nation," reports MailOnline.

An aide added that William "has a strong sense of wanting to support his father, both at home and overseas."

The Prince of Wales also surprised veterans in Arromanches, also known as Gold Beach, to mark the 80th anniversary. One veteran gifted him a pin and others gave their well wishes to his father.

He said: "Far from home they stormed these very sand dunes behind me, shoulder to shoulder with thousands of British troops. Standing here today in peaceful silence, it is almost impossible to grasp the courage it would have taken to run into the fury of battle that day.

"All of you demonstrated heroism, and determination, that ensured fascism was conquered. The commitment to service displayed by Canadian troops is a great testament to the strength of the people of Canada.

"Canada and the UK continue to stand side by side as we did in 1944. Just as strong together, 80 years later. Ensuring the memory of those who fought for freedom lives on is why we've come together again today - to say thank you."

The Prince also comfortably chatted to veterans during his official duties. William talked to one veteran and asked: “This must bring back many memories for you?”. The man replied: “Oh yes, it brings back a lot.

“I love to come back. To see all the people I served with here.”

Veteran Julian Heal, 52, from Bristol, served in Northern Ireland.

He said of Prince William: “As a veteran it's really good because he gets us, we have a good laugh, [he's a] real approachable guy,” reports MailOnline.

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