Frederick II, Grand Duke of Baden

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Frederick II
A photograph of Frederick in his 58th year
Grand Duke Frederick II in 1915
Grand Duke of Baden
Reign28 September 1907 – 22 November 1918
PredecessorFrederick I
SuccessorMonarchy abolished
Born(1857-07-09)9 July 1857
Karlsruhe, Grand Duchy of Baden
Died9 August 1928(1928-08-09) (aged 71)
Badenweiler, Weimar Republic
(m. 1885)
Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Leopold August
FatherFrederick I, Grand Duke of Baden
MotherPrincess Louise of Prussia

Frederick II (9 July 1857 – 9 August 1928; German: Großherzog von Baden Friedrich II.) was the last sovereign Grand Duke of Baden, reigning from 1907 until the abolition of the German monarchies in 1918. The state of Baden originated from the area of the Grand Duchy. In 1951–1952, it became part of the new state of Baden-Württemberg.


Friedrich "Fritz" Wilhelm Ludwig Leopold August Prinz von Baden was born on 9 July 1857, in Karlsruhe in the state of Baden-Württemberg to Frederick I, Grand Duke of Baden and Princess Louise of Prussia.

As a student at the University of Heidelberg, Frederick was a member of the Suevia Corps, a student fraternal organization. Frederick became the head of the House of Zähringen on 28 September 1907, after the death of his father Frederick I, who was the sovereign Grand Duke of Baden reigning from 1856 to 1907. He abdicated on 22 November 1918, amidst the tumults of the German Revolution of 1918–19 which resulted in the abolition of the Grand Duchy. After the death of his cousin Carola of Vasa, he became the representative of the descent of the Kings of Sweden of the House of Holstein-Gottorp. On 20 September 1885 in Schloss Hohenburg, he married Princess Hilda of Nassau, the only daughter of the exiled Duke Adolphe of Nassau who later succeeded as Grand Duke of Luxembourg. There was no surviving issue from the marriage.

He was à la suite the Royal Prussian Regiments Erstes Garde-Regiment zu Fuß (1st Guard Foot Regiment) and 1. Garde-Ulanen-Regiment and à la suite the Imperial 1st Seebataillon. He was also Regimentschef of the 4. Königlich Sächsisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 103, which was also known as Infanterie-Regiment „Großherzog Friedrich II. von Baden“ (4. Königlich Sächsisches) Nr. 103.


Frederick II with Wilhelm II in 1908


After his death in 1928, the headship of the house was transferred over to his first cousin who was the last Chancellor of Imperial Germany, Prince Maximilian of Baden.

Honours and awards[edit]

German orders and decorations[1]
Foreign orders and decorations[1]
Honorary military appointments



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Frederick II, Grand Duke of Baden
Born: 9 July 1857 Died: 9 August 1928
German royalty
Preceded by Grand Duke of Baden
28 September 1907 – 22 November 1918
Monarchy abolished
Political offices
Preceded byas Grand Duke of Baden Head of State of Baden
28 September 1907 – 22 November 1918
Succeeded byas President of the
Republic of Baden
Titles in pretence
Loss of title
Republic declared
Grand Duke of Baden
22 November 1918 – 9 August 1928
Succeeded by