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All people are descended via various racial or ethnic lines of antiquity, but in most cases, records do not exist. The British Royal Family is one of the few families for which ancestry can be traced to many notable lineages of antiquity. Their lineage can be traced back to the Saxons, Scottish (Stuart dynasty), Welsh (Tudor dynasty), Irish, Germans (Hanover and Windsor), French (Norman and Angevin), Russians, Franks and perhaps even Byzantines.


Diana, Princess of Wales (née Diana Spencer) was born into a British noble family. Her ancestry includes many royals and nobles.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (née Middleton) is descended from King Edward IV through her mother, Carole Middleton, and from King Edward III through her father, Michael Middleton. She therefore shares a number of common ancestors with her husband, Prince William:

  • According to genealogists Patrick Cracroft-Brennan and Anthony Adolph, Catherine is a direct descendant of King Edward IV, via her mother Carole Middleton, from Elizabeth Plantagenet, (King Edward IV's illegitimate daughter by Elizabeth Lucy), via Sir Thomas Blakiston Conyers, 9th Bt. of Horden, Durham.[2][3] Thus, Catherine and Prince William's closest common ancestors are Sir William Blakiston of Gibside Estate and his wife Jane Lambton, making them eleventh cousins once removed.[2][3] These findings echo Christopher Challender Child's research, published in 2011.[4]
  • It was reported in December 2014 that the famous Blakiston-Bowes Cabinet, held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, provided proof that Catherine shared ancestry with Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Catherine and the Queen Mother share a common ancestor, County Durham's Sir William Blakiston, whose great granddaughter, Elizabeth Blakiston, married into the Bowes-Lyon family who were ancestors of the Queen Mother, née Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. The cabinet was made in Newcastle to celebrate the union of the two gentry families. Reports suggested that Catherine and the Queen Mother's blood cousinship was the reason why Catherine wore the Queen Mother's tiara when she wed Prince William.[5][6][7][8]
  • Genealogical research by William Addams Reitwiesner, also published in 2011, found that Catherine is descended from Sir Thomas Fairfax (c.1475–1520) and his wife Agnes Gascoigne, an ancestor of Diana, Princess of Wales, and a descendant of King Edward III, via Michael Middleton's grandmother Olive Middleton née Lupton. This ancestry makes Catherine and Prince William fourteenth cousins once removed.[9][10][11]

Common ancestors:

  • They both descend from King Edward III through his sons, Lionel of Antwerp's, daughter Philippa of Clarence and through another son's, John of Gaunt, daughter Joan Beaufort.[12] Shared medieval ancestors (between Diana and Catherine) include Margaret Percy (great granddaughter of Joan Beaufort and 2x great granddaughter of Philippa of Clarence) and Sir William Gascoigne (2x great grandson of Joan Beaufort).
  • Diana and Catherine also share a number of other common ancestors including: Sir William Blakiston, Anne Gascoigne (daughter of Margaret Percy and William Gascoigne) and her husband, Sir Thomas Fairfax.

Ancestry chart from Edward III[]

 Edward III of England (1312–1377)  Philippa of Hainault (1314–1369)
 Lionel of Antwerp, 1st Duke of Clarence (1338–1368)  Elizabeth de Burgh, 4th Countess of Ulster (1332–1363)    Blanche of Lancaster (1345–1368)  John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster (1340–1399)  Constance of Castile (1354–1394)
 Philippa, 5th Countess of Ulster (1355–1382)  Edmund Mortimer, 3rd Earl of March (1352–1381)    Philippa of Lancaster (1359–1415)  John I of Portugal (1358–1433)    Catherine of Lancaster (1373–1418)  Henry III of Castile (1379–1406)
 Elizabeth Mortimer (1371–1417)  Henry Percy (Hotspur) (1364/1366-1403)    Roger Mortimer, 4th Earl of March (1374–1398)  Alianore Holland (1373–1405)    John, Lord of Reguengos de Monsaraz (1400–1442)  Isabella of Barcelos (1402–1466)    
 Henry Percy, 2nd Earl of Northumberland (1393–1455)  Eleanor Neville (c. 1397-1472)    Anne de Mortimer (1390–1411)  Richard of Conisburgh, 3rd Earl of Cambridge (c. 1375-1415)    Isabella of Portugal (1428–1496)  John II of Castile (1405–1454)
 Henry Percy, 3rd Earl of Northumberland (1421–1461)  Eleanor Poynings (1422–1480)[13]    Richard of York, 3rd Duke of York (1411–1460)  Cecily Neville (1415–1495)    Isabella I of Castile (1451–1504)  Ferdinand II of Aragon (1452–1516)
 Margaret Percy (b. c. 1447)  Sir William Gascoignea (c. 1450-1486)    Edward IV of England (1442–1483)  Elizabeth Woodville (c. 1437-1492)    Joanna of Castile (1479–1555)  Philip I of Castile (1478–1506)
 Elizabeth Gascoigne (1470–1559)[14]  Sir George Tailboys, de jure 9th Baron Kyme (c. 1467-1538)    Anne Gascoigne (c. 1474-1504)  Sir Thomas Fairfax (c. 1475-1520)    Elizabeth of York (1466–1503)  Henry VII of England (1457–1509)    Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor (1503–1564)  Anne of Bohemia and Hungary (1503–1547)
 Anne Tailboys (1510–1577)[15]  Sir Edward Dymoke (1508–1566)    Lucy Goodman[16]  William Fairfax (born 1496)[17]    Sir Nicholas Fairfax (1496–1571)[18]  Jane Palmes[19]    Joanna of Austria (1547–1578)  Francesco I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany (1541–1587)
 Frances Dymoke (1550–1610)[20]  Sir Thomas Windebank, Clerk of the Signet to King James I (1550–1607)    John Fairfax[21]  Mary Birch[22]    Margaret Fairfax[23]  Sir William Belasyse (c. 1523-1604)    Marie de' Medici (1575–1642)  Henry IV of France (1553–1610)
 Mildred Windebank (1580–1630)[24]  Robert Reade (1551–1626)[25]    Benjamin Fairfax (1592–1675)  Sarah Galliard[26]    Sir Henry Belasyse, 1st Baronet (1555–1624)[27]  Ursula Fairfax (died 1633)    Henrietta Maria of France (1609–1669)  Charles I of England (1600–1649)
 George Reade, acting Governor of Virginia (1608–1671)[28]  Elizabeth Martiau (1620–1686)[29]    Benjamin Fairfax (died 1708)[30]  Bridget Stringer[31]    Thomas Belasyse, 1st Viscount Fauconberg (1577–1653)  Barbara Cholmley (d. 1619)[32]    James II of England (1633–1701)  Arabella Churchill (1648–1730)    Charles II of England (1630–1685)  Barbara Palmer, 1st Duchess of Cleveland (1640–1709)
 Mildred Reade (1643–1686)[33]  Col. Augustine Warner, Speaker of Virginia House of Burgesses (1642/43-1681)    Sarah Fairfax (1654–1688)[34]  John Meadows, Vicar of Ousden (1622–1697)[35]    John Belasyse, 1st Baron Belasyse (1614–1689)  Anne Paulet (d. c. 1694)    Henrietta FitzJames (1667–1730)  Henry Waldegrave, 1st Baron Waldegrave (1661–1689)    Henry FitzRoy, 1st Duke of Grafton (1661–1689)  Isabella Bennet, 2nd Countess of Arlington (c. 1668-1723)
 Mary Warner  John Smith[36]    Mildred Warner (1670/71-1701)  Capt. Lawrence Washington, High Sheriff of Virginia (1659–1698)    Philip Meadows, Mayor of Norwich (1679–1752)[37]  Margaret Hall (1691–1765)[38]    Barbara Belasyse (died 1740)   Sir John Webb, 3rd Baronet[39]        Charles FitzRoy, 2nd Duke of Grafton (1683–1757)  Henrietta Somerset (1690–1726)[40]
 Mildred Smith (born 1682)[41]  Robert Porteus (c. 1679-c. 1758)[42]    Augustine Washington (1694–1743)  Mary Ball (1708–1789)    Sarah Meadows (c. 1725-1800)[43]  David Martineau, surgeon (1726–1768)[44]    Mary Webb (d. 1718/19)[45]  James Waldegrave, 1st Earl Waldegrave (1684–1741)      Isabella FitzRoy (1726–1782)[46]  Francis Seymour-Conway, 1st Marquess of Hertford (1718–1794)
 Reverend Robert Porteus (c. 1705-c. 1754)[47]  Judith Cockayne (1702–1789)[48]    George Washington, 1st President of the U.S.A. (1732–1799)      Thomas Martineau, manufacturer of camelots and bombazine (1764–1826)[49]  Elizabeth Rankin (1771–1848)[50]    James Waldegrave, 2nd Earl Waldegrave (1715–1763)  Maria Walpole (1736–1807)    
 Mildred Porteus (1744–1815)[51]  Robert Hodgson (b. 1740)[52]        Elizabeth Martineau (1794–1850)[53]  Thomas Greenhow, surgeon, sanitary reformer (1792–1881)[54]    Anne Waldegrave (1762–1801)[55]  Lord Hugh Seymour (1759–1801)
 Very Rev. Robert Hodgson (c. 1766-1844)  Mary Tucker (c. 1778-c. 1844)[56]        Frances Greenhow, educationist (1821–1892)[57]  Francis Lupton, land owner, cloth merchant (1813–1884)[58]    Horace Seymour (1791–1851)  Elizabeth Palk (1797–1827)[59]
 Henrietta Mildred Hodgson (1805–1891)  Oswald Smith (1794–1863)[60]        Francis Martineau Lupton, cloth merchant, politician (1848–1921)[61]  Harriet Albina Davis (1850–1892)[62]    Adelaide Seymour (1825–1877)[63]  Frederick Spencer, 4th Earl Spencer (1798–1857)
 Frances Dora Smith (1833–1922)  Claude Bowes-Lyon, 13th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne (1824–1904)        Olive Lupton (1881–1936)[64]  Richard Noel Middleton, solicitor, director of William Lupton and Co. (1879–1951)[65]    Charles Spencer, 6th Earl Spencer (1857–1922)  Margaret Baring (1868–1906)[66]
 Claude Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne (1855–1944)  Cecilia Cavendish-Bentinck (1862–1938)        Peter Middleton, Pilot Instructor (1920–2010)[67]  Valerie Glassborow (1924–2006)[68]    Albert Spencer, 7th Earl Spencer (1892–1975)  Cynthia Hamilton (1897–1972)
 Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (1900–2002)  George VI (1895–1952)        Michael Middleton, air line officer, businessman (born 1949)  Carole Goldsmith, stewardess, businessperson (b. 1955)[69]    John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer (1924–1992)  Frances Ruth Roche (1936–2004)
 Elizabeth II (born 1926)  Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (b. 1921)        
 Charles, Prince of Wales (born 1948)  Diana Spencer (1961–1997)      
 Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (born 1982)  Catherine Middleton (born 1982)


^a  Sir William Gascoigne is a 2x great grandson of Joan Beaufort. His mother, Joan Neville, is daughter of John Neville, who is son of Mary (Margaret) Ferrers, a daughter of Joan Beaufort. On his father's side, he is a 2x great grandson of William Gascoigne (father's father's father's father, all named William Gascoigne).[71]

Ancestry chart from Rory O'Moore and Mary Crofts (Stuart)[]

Descent of Diana, Princess of Wales from Patirck Sarsfield.png


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