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Your source for news on new figure releases and old figures. We also have reported on shows from the United States and abroad.  This is a continuation of Comment Time from the old lists I used to do.


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  1. Don Perkins says:

    Hi Paul: I’m glad to see you’re back up. I usually check out Comment Time a couple of times a week, and couldn’t figure out what was happening when I kept getting the Joomla face page. My wife and I are going to the Indiana Toy Soldier Show in Indianapolis this coming weekend. It is a Sunday show so we’re staying at the show site hotel on Saturday. Supposedly, the Indiana show has room dealers the couple of days before the show, like OTSN. So we’ll see. Barzso always shows up at this show, and will have his new Fort Apache — just the fort, not a whole playset. You can see it on the Barzso website if you haven’t seen it yet. It seems somewhat expensive, like all his stuff these days. But it looks pretty nice, and I’ll probably end up getting one.
    Then, as I mentioned, I’m planning on going to OTSN this year. I’ve already got my room reservations on either 4th or 5th floor. Since my wife doesn’t want to go to Chicago with me, I’m spreading the word around the hobby that I’m open to sharing the room with any other hobbyist or dealer who wishes to split the cost of the room. If I don’t get any volunteers, I’m going anyway, just like I did on the show before last. I’ve got reservations for Friday night and Saturday night, but I always check in on Friday morning.
    As you probably have heard, Rick Berry has cancelled his April and November Michgian Toy Soldier Show, but Joseph Saine from Toledo is trying to put together a Michigan Toy Soldier Show in July. He says he hopes to distribute a flyer at the Indianapolis Show. We always had a pretty good attendance at the Michigan Show, with Marxman, Hobby Bunker, Alan Ford, Michigan Toy Soldier Co., Joseph Saine, and others. We never had Conte or Barzso.
    Well, anyway, hope your wife and dogs are all doing well. Look forward to you getting Comment Time up and running again. Don Perkins

    • admin says:

      Hi Don
      Laurie and I had thought of doing the Indy show, we decided against doing the show as it is the same time as another show we love to do. Also we found a Mexican restaurant that is authenic Mexican. Since making that decision we have found two more flea markets and indoor garage sale.
      Please give us a report of the show as I am sure your fellow collectors will to love to hear about the show.
      Sorry to hear that the Michigan shows have been cancelled. Hopefully Joe will get a new one together.

  2. chris says:

    paul-neat figures on ebay- #250793992795

    • admin says:

      Hi Chris.
      It is always interesting about figures like the ones you pointed out. These are two figures done by Mattell. The seller knows that the figures are uncommon and the buyers know they are hard to find and willing to pay the price. It will be interesting thing as most people do not know these figures you could find them in a junk box for less than a $1.00.

  3. Wayne says:

    Paul, great to see you up and at ’em again. Got a bit worried when I got the Joomla page, was wondering if you and Laurie were all right. Glad to see it was just tech problems; understand completely – just had to buy a new desktop and now my laptop’s gone kaput! Doncha love life in the 21st Century?

    Regards, Wayne, the Old All American

    • admin says:

      Hi Wayne
      Sorry with the scare on the Joomla page, I was not prepared for the change either. Using WordPress I was able to get the front page change in a hour. Now I have to figure the blog aspect. Joys of technology.
      I have lost count on the number of computers I have gone through since my first one which was an Apple II Plus. I now have a lap top which Laurie will use soon for her items that we are putting up on Ebay. We have to get a second computer for the video side.

  4. Arthur Belshaw says:

    Hi Paul. I,m checking your website, as I am trying, without success, to Email Mike Russo, at Stockade, about the Handcart poineers, that you reviewed for PW Mag.. Could use these & any other 54mm US 1860 ish civvies to expand my Union Army, any clues how I find these little guys& ship them to my side of the pond????? I,m stuck at home , convalecsing after surgery, & NEED more figures to work on ANY contact info would be much appreciated
    Best regards Arthur Belshaw…

    • admin says:

      Hello Arthur
      I call Mike Russo and he got your email but is busy. He does have the Handcart pioneers but does not do foreign mailing. Many people have had bad experience with sending aboard from the states. I do foreign mailing and I plan to get up to his store in the next few weeks and can pick up a set or two. As to civilan figures it gets tough. Replicants has done some civilan figures. Don Ducotte is suppose to be at Plastic Warrior show with his swapables which have some 54mm people that you can use as townspeople. Plasty of Germany did some Western civilan figures in 54mm. Once again some of the German dealers may have them at the Plastic Warrior show. Also Look at the Starlux line as they have Western women and some of their farm people can be adapted. Likewise Elastolin did some soft plastic 54mm farm people who can be used in Civil War. Hope you recover from your surgery to get to the Plastic Warrior show on May 7 in Richmond.


      • Arthur Belshaw says:

        Hi Stad.
        The surgery was for Cancer, & now I,m on Chemo!!! so I ain,t going anyplace very soon!!! They tell me that iWILL be OK., long term, so I,m stuck at home , reveiwing my troops, & converting them into ACW, Just done HAT, Wurtemberg Grenadiers, now starting on the Musketeers( anither 24 troops!!. If YOU get hold of a set of Pioneers, I,LL TAKE THEM!!! Do you have a site that I can send pictures to????
        Very best regards Arthur Belshaw.

        • admin says:

          Sorry to hear that that the treatment will not klet you out of the house. I do not get much time to review my figures due to my other work. I hope to get up to Mike in the next two weeks. I am still working on the web site and how to do things I will let you know when to send pictures.

          • Arthur Belshaw says:

            Thanks pal!! Nice to talk to pllastic figure people, even if I can,t get out & about amongst you
            Cheers Arthur Belshaw…

          • admin says:

            It looks like it will be next week before I can go and pick up your item from Mike. I am always happy to talk about plastic figures. I remember how it was in the dark ages when you could not mention you collected plasttic figures in fear of people thinking you strange.Tthat has change. I have fun with the people I used to have that junk then I tell them what it is worth they shake their heads. When I collect I do not look at an item is worth, I go for the pose. It goes back to my childhood when I would do stories with them. Laurie like the figures that way as well. Some of my favorite figures are worth only a few dollars. So enjoy the figures they are alot of fun.

          • Brian McIver says:

            Arthur & I are friends & only live about 12 miles apart

  5. Bill Nevins says:

    Bill Hamilton was one of the nicest guys I have ever met in this hobby. He was honest, cheerful and always fun to chat with. His passing is a loss to all of us who remember when. Our ranks are thinning as the years roll by. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends. God bless you, Bill…..Bill Nevins

  6. admin says:

    We always like the kind words from our readers. I glad to hear people enjoy my comments.

  7. Arthur Belshaw says:

    Hi Paul
    thanks for the kind sentiments, It does get lonely without fellow collectors/convertors to chat to. Could you drop me an Email, when you get those bits, & we,ll work out the “how & whys!”
    best regards Arthur Belshaw..

    • admin says:

      I will let you know when I get the items. I hope tp get up to Mike next week. This week I have theMFCA Show on FridayI know how you feel it does get lonely at times. The nice thing with email you can drop a person a line. I will email you tomorrow.

  8. Lynn Graves says:

    Paul, I have a photo of a space figure that may be a companion to the one you have posted. But I don’t know how to email it to you now.

  9. Bill nevins says:

    I just picked up a group of off white hard plastic knights that are marked :SEVEN ARTS INC. WARNER BROS in a circle underneath the bases. Thre is a mounted figure along with a Queen and a few men at arms. There is also a guy shooting a bow and arrow (maybe Robin Hood?).
    Anyone have info on these?

    • admin says:

      sorry I was not able to reply sooner to your question but I was in West Virginia and could not response to yopu question. The hotel had a computer but it very untrust worthy. As you found out from the Marx Group, the figures were done by Aurora for Camelot. They were on a blister card which is hard to find. The figures are a hard plastic and are one of three groups they did. The other two are Tarzan and Wizard of OZ.

  10. Whit Knight says:

    Paul, please let your viewer/readers know that I have a number of toy soldier (and Marx dinosaur) photo albums posted on my profile page on Facebook. Thanks!

  11. BILL NEVINS says:

    Paul can I mention my plastics conversions group here? Here is the link

    If anyone here is interested in 54 mm plastic toy soldiers
    and enjoys making conversions, feel free to join the group on Yahoo. We discuss reworking plastic figures and making unique poses to go along with our stock figures. All manner of collecting plastic toy soldier (and metal, too) are discussed and plenty of photo’s and “how to’s” are in the files.

    Everyone is welcome and encouraged to share their creations. It OK to just lurk and learn, too.

    Anything to do with 54 mm toy soldiers is open to discussion. Come by and join us.

    • admin says:

      I have posted your request. I enjoy conversion figures. One of the conversion figures in the collection is a Marx 60mm Pirate changed to Turkey with a spear. The best conversion I have seen was a soccer player that my very good friend Peter Evans converted into a Reinassace figure with a sword. It sit in a honor spot in the collection

    • TD Barnecut says:

      I would like to check out your conversions group. I clicked on the link and created a Yahoo email address, but can’t seem to access or join the group. Can you walk me through the process? Thanks

      • admin says:

        I am a member of the Conversion group, but not the owner. I have enough work this group and other projects on the line. Bill Nevins is the head of that group
        He should respond as he reads this site

  12. admin says:

    Hi Carolyn
    I do not know of a store jn New York. Perhaps one of our readers can give a suggestion. I would suggest you check your local hobby store as they should have figure sets. In November if you can get to Hackensack New Jersey the first Sunday in November there is toy soldier show with a great selection of figures at various prices.

  13. wm mcdonnell says:

    i have bought the four mounted knights they are realy nice and go well with many of the other knights in my collection inoticed pictures of foot knights on the blister card also does anyone know where i can find the foot knights

  14. Greg Anglin says:

    Paul-I was unaware that Bill Hamilton passed away! When did this happen. DO you know why? I know I had visted him last about 1 1/2 yrs ago, & he had been suffering from Lyme disease. It was pretty serious & he was getting better but had a relapse. Is this what killed him?? I’m really shocked over this as he & I were friends. Greg

    • admin says:

      Hi Greg
      It was a great loss when Bill Hamilton pass away. He was a great guy and I enjoy talking to him when I saw him at a show. He passed away in the last few months. One of the other reader can give more details.

  15. Ed Borris says:

    Not sure if you guys happened to see these on e-bay, but the Plastic Underground has come out with some new Robin Hood figures, so far there is just the four, Robin, Will Scarlet, Friar Tuck and Little John. ( you can view by searching on seller vikingpope) They are really nice looking figures with excellent pain jobs, really worth a look if you are into Robin Hood. I spoke with him and he intends to go further with that line with additional figures including the Sheriff’s Men. Some may consider them a bit pricey, but they are nice and worth the trouble to take a peek.

  16. Ed Borris says:

    White Castle highly over rated, I have had White Castle available to me my whole life. At one time I lived two blocks from one and in the 10 years I lived there I never went once. They were more desirable in my youth because they used to costs 12 cents for a hamburger.

    • admin says:

      I am not going to disagree with you on White Castle. It is something I want to try at least once. We never had one around here and I want to see what it is all about. I have been amaze the number of cars that have been going there and it nearly three months. They have not opened the normal way in yet due the lines.
      Laurie and I have only a few places we like to eat. Of those places two stand out Olive Branch and Chipolte. Olive Branch is a family run Mid Eastern restaurant that food is home made and great. Chipolte is another great place and what I like about it the food is healthy. The beef, pork and chiken is free range and does not have the chemicals in it. It is the “fast food” restaurant I would be on the look out for on a trip.
      I hope to get into White Castle soon so I can give you my feelings.

  17. Ed Borris says:

    Well, usually you either love them or hate them, they are unique, quite small by the way. In fact, many restaurants and bars sell small burgers of their own and call them sliders which is a popular name for the White Castle burgers

    • admin says:

      I agree with you Ed. We will love them or hate them. We had the sliders at a place in Hackensack New Jersey White Manna and like them. I read a blog where you had people like them or hating them. There are people that rave about Five Guys. They think it is best thing in the world. Laurie and I are unimpressed with Five Guys. We have tried it several times. If we were hungry and no where else was convient we would eat there. Other people would go out of their way to Five Guys.

  18. George Albany says:

    Question for everyone. My wife and I are taking a short trip up the coast to Boothbay Harbor in early June. Are there any unique toy soldier retailers or manufacturers along the New England Coast? I’ve done a couple quick searches and can’t find anything. Don’t care if it’s metal or plastic, just would like to see something different for a change.

    • admin says:

      Sadly I do not know of any toy soldier shops as it is getting harder to find them. Close toy shop I would know is Hobby Bunker and I am not sure if you will be any way near close.

  19. Mike Carlson says:

    CTS has two new WW2 German Infantry sets available. Both are worth a look….

    • admin says:

      Hi Mike
      Thanks on the heads up, I had talked to Jim McGough on Saturday and he had mention them. There two sets the first is German artillery 8 in four poses and German assualt 16 figures in 8 poses. You can see them at Cts web site.

  20. Bill Lango says:

    Paul: I want to thank you for identifying some plastic figures for me. Your help is always greatly appreciated.

  21. Ed Borris says:

    You know I was thinking that if rare or hard to find figures drove price, these are some of the hardest figures to find intact and therefore should cost a bundle:
    1- the black Knight , almost always hasa broken or missing plume
    2-The rifleman – hard to find without a broken lever on his rifle
    3-60mm Indian kneeling firing bow, now split or missing feather
    4- 60mm Indian with arrow in side, arrow always broken off
    5- 60mm cavalry kneeling fiing rifle , tip of rifle often broken
    6-60mm cavalry metallic blue with sword and pistol, sword usually short
    7- 54mm Indian riding pose, feather often missing from lance
    8-54 Robin Hood character figure, bow split
    9-Rusty, broken or mold defect on rifle

    I couldn’t come up with 10.

  22. Ed Borris says:

    There is a rumor going around that a certain famous living actor has signed a playset box and it will be raffled off at OTSN.

    • admin says:

      My bet it is Hugh Obrian as the next issue Playset Magazine is on the Marx Wyatt Earp playset and Rusty got to talk to him. I hope people do not bid crazy on it.

  23. Ed Borris says:

    Close but no cigar, Clint Eastwood, Josie Wales is my bet, of course I actually know so that’s cheating. This is an a raffle, you buy tickets and they pick it out of a hat. I think it should draw considerable interest. Clint Eastwood is a class act.

    A buddy of mine son was getting married in Hawaii, there was a restaurant in the place where the wedding recption and someone happened to notice that Clint was there having dinner with his mother. One of them approached Clint and asked him if he would take a picture with the bride and groom. He said sure, but first he had to walk his mother to the car. He walked his mother to the car came back and took pictures with the bride and groom and the parents. How cool is that?

    Reminds me of another story, when I was a kid even though I grew up 3 miles from Wrigley Field I was always a Milwaukee Braves fan, my two favorites were Eddie Mathews and Hank Aaron. Being a kid I always tried to go to a Braves game or two and one game I waited outside the locker room trying to get their autographs. First Hank came out and he faltely stated that he wasn’t signing anything, so leave him alone. The Eddie came out, he said he’s sign after he got on the bus. He sat at a window seat and then pretended he could not get the window open. That was the end of my hero worship, what a pair of jerks. Now my only hero is Yosemite Sam, I admire his intensity.

    • admin says:

      Some people are nice while others are jerks. We have met a few jerks and that turn us off to them. Others have been nice and they stay good people in our book.

  24. Ed Borris says:

    Just back from OTSN. Overall, I had a good show as far as sales go, I thought traffic during room trading was a little light, there were periods when traffic was heavy, but it was sporadic. The attendance at the show itself seemed lighter then last year, most dealers I talked to said they did pretty good though despite what I thought was lower attendance.

    Ron Barzso had his Lexington set dispalyed in the lobby of the 5th floor it’s a really nice set, the figures and buildings are nicely done. At some point I plan on buying a set of both figure sets which come in a box and are done in plastic. The tavern which I belive is an add on was really nicely done and at least the second floor was hollow whihc allows you to place figures inside. I’m not into the AWI at all, so I didn’t pat attention to it real close, but the display in the lobby was impressive and it comes with a host of accessories including a nicely done boy hiding inside a barrel and peeking out.

    TSSD had a number of new items Including Haddrians Walls forts I guess you’d call them, they looked impressive set up his room. He also had a new set of cavalry with interchangebale arms one figure carries a double barreled shotgun that he appears to be firing from his horse, this is another set I have on my buy list, somehow I got sidetracked and never got around to making the purchase. He also had his cowboy set from the OK Corrall and they too were nicely sculpted. He also had some ancients from the new company , the name escapes me at the moment, but they were 40mm war gamming type figures, the ones I saw were painted.

    A number of dealers had the Russian Revolution figures, all four sets, It seems the sculptor was at the show nad he was making the rounds selling them to the dealers. There were three boxed sets and one set set that came bagged, the bagged set comes in 54mm while the boxed sets seem to be 60mm.

    Mike Kutnick had a Ron Lizzorty Josie Wales custom playset box autographed by Clint Eastwood , this was raffled off on Saturday night with the proceeds going to charity. After the winner Steve Connel was announced he then auctioned it off and was won by Craig Remmington for a bid of $500.00, Steve then handed over the proceeds to the same charity. There were three other boxes raffled off and all the original winners followed suit and auctioned off their boxes too and all the proceeds were given to the same charity. These boxes weren’t in the same vein as the Josie Wales of course, I believe they were a reproduction of the Construction Playset box and two custom monster boxes one for the Mummy and I think Dracula.

    There seemed to be a lot of new metal figures at the show Andrea miniatures had a number of new sets display , one of which is a Tombstone set, very impressive. I didn’t even ask the price because I was afraid I’d buy it. Figarti had a Vietnam set displayed in the lobby of the room with helicopters, the one helicopted was just coming in for a landing complete with door gunners and they had fixed at the show where the blades were revolving with helicopted and battle sounds, while the off loaded GI’S wer charging the Viet Cong positions, just an amazing display.

    I had a good show, my sales were up from last year despite a slow Thursday and Friday. I tried something different this year I had made about 150 conversions of Alamo defenders and Mexicans painted in playset colors, tan for the defenders and light blue for the Mexicans. A number of people bought a handful each on Thursday and Friday, but on Saturday night one customer came in looked them over a little and said he wanted them all, at that point there were 125 left, so this made my show. I’m going to busy the rest of this year replenishing my supply of figures and making new oconversions to see how they sell at Indy.

    Anyway, I had a good time at the show and making a lot of sales certainly made it a little more fun. It’s always good to mix with the boys that I only see two or three times a year.

  25. PJR says:

    Try TSSD Brian

  26. Brian Johnson says:

    Thanx for info.

  27. George Albany says:

    Scary stuff, tumors in your lungs. Glad to hear you are okay.

  28. Don Perkins says:

    I bought mine from John Stangel (MarxMan) — all 4 of the Russian Revolution sets.

    • admin says:

      What did you pay? I am sure you will enjoy them.
      Did anyone have the Pvblvs Romans? If not Pvbluvs now has Paypal so you can order direct from Russia. I ordered four of the Roman Sets (two each of set one and two. Each set has four figures) with postage and 5% paypal fees for under $46.00. If You have any questions you can email them at

  29. Ed Borris says:

    Attended my first Cantigny show as a dealer. The grounds are beautiful and the museums are nice, got to see my first Abrams tank up close, massive turret , really track base, much shorter then many of the Patton tanks they have on display, but noticeably wider, very intimidating looking.

    The show itself is relatively small in number of dealers, perhaps 30 tables worth, the traffic was brisk, but many of the walk throughs were mother and fathers with their children. Most of my sales and they weren’t all that many were to other dealers. I guess I’m just spoiled by shows like OTSN where my sales were $1,400.00, so walking away with $100.00 isn’t all that exciting.

    • admin says:

      These smaller shows can be hit or miss. Allentown Toy show which used to be great some dealers did not pay for their tables while others did great. The recent storm had an affect on it.

  30. Ed Borris says:

    It’s funny about shows and selling, you never know when that one guy that needs what you’re selling will show up. Sometimes you can bring the best stuff and nothing will sell all day, other times you bring lesser items and they sell like hot cakes. It’s a crap shoot.

    • admin says:

      All shows are crap shoot . you think you brought the right stuff and someone asks you for an item you left at home. If it is not that then it is the situation where as you say the cheap stuff sells while the good stuff sits. I gave up figuring a show when I did it I slap some stuff into the tubs and crss my fingers.

  31. Whit Knight says:

    I didn’t know the 22nd was your birthday, Paul. Happy Birthday, my friend.

  32. Don Perkins says:

    Yes, happy birthday, Paul. Incidently, I see Ed Borris from Chicago is up at 7:00 AM checking toy soldier websites (like this one) on Christmas Eve. I thought I was the only one who did such crazy things. Here it is — Christmas Eve — and I find myself looking at my calender to recheck whether the Michigan Toy Soldier Show next month starts at 9:00 AM or at 10:00 AM. Basically, I think all this goes back to my deprived childhood where I just wasn’t getting all the Marx playsets I wanted.

    • Ed Borris says:

      I was up at ten to four, I had to go to work.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for the birthday greetings, my birthday this year was nice. We visited a friend and went out for my birthday. This year we went to one of those places where the staff sings you Happy Birthday. In years past I would avoid these places on my birthday and go to somewhere quiet. this year I wanted the noise.
      I am usually up around 6:30 AM because Percy is an early bird. The other two dogs would stay in bed longer, but not Percy so we go for walk number one. Depending if Laurie has to work or we are going somewhere, we will go back for a nap or I will get dress and check the computer. I am checking certain web sites both toy and non-toy several times a day.

  33. Whit Knight says:

    Just to let you know, I found a “new” website: They have 30mm figures available.

  34. chris says:

    Paul – Please send Theodore B.s email address if you would , like to find out if any spike fences are available . thanks chris

    • T.D. Barnecut says:

      Hi – You can contact me at tdbarnecut at live .com I have the cheval de frise available again, right now in dark grey only but will have a couple other colors available soon. Please drop me a note. Thanks.

  35. Tom says:

    Hello Stad,
    Pertaining to your 3/5/13 Comment Time, What is the link for Prince Valiant and is there some new figure news for Prince Valiant?

  36. john willis says:

    Stumbled on to this site somehow but anyway I’m 59yrs Old now and have been a lover of toy soldiers all my life I enjoy looking at dioramas and have also built some in the past I’m retired now and plan to start building again but my question is I have a box of org. Marks 54mm soldiers that I played with as a child they are stashed away in my outside building of course they have been played with some are in good condition some are not but they are all org. WWII, Civil War, Rev. War. My question to you is what is your advise to me what to do with them I know my children will probably put them in a yard sell for a buck or 2 when im gone so would just like maybe your suggestion! Thanks: John PS: My soldiers are not in their org. Box

    • admin says:

      Welcome, if you are not going to keep the figures, the best thing is to sell them now. You can do it on EBay or other sources. The figures do not have to be in original boxes.
      If you are going to keep and enjoy then you need to set up instructions to advise your children that these items are worth money.
      Hope this helps

  37. Austin Beidelschies says:

    As soon as the final plastic figures arrive I will be posting pictures of them on my twitter account. @boomcheese6969.

    • admin says:

      that is great to hear as many people are waiting for your new figures and they should be one of the highlights of OTS show.

  38. I have been trying to research cereal premium figures and it struck me that I have never seen four of the “Marx” poses that were used with Lido soldiers as Kellogg’s cereal premiums in any Lido marked packaging. Four Marx poses became staples in the Lido army; Officer with pistol and waving, advancing with bayoneted rifle, standing shooting rifle (these 3 by Marx have smooth helmets, Lido variations have webbed netting on their helmets) & prone shooting rifle. The four poses used by Kelloggs I have not seen in Lido packaging are; sitting shooting rifle and kneeling shooting bazooka from the early Marx combat GI series and crouching throwing grenade and sitting shooting scoped rifle from the later Marx GI series. Maybe the cereal premium figures were made by a mold maker using the previously made master sculpts that had been made for Marx & Lido figures. Obviously they did not mind reusing sculpts as they made Lido poses that had already been made for Marx. Rather than copying other companies figures I think a lot of the similarity was the mold makers cutting corners using existing sculpts. Another example could be the Payton 45mm GIs that are the same poses as the Marx 45mm GIs. Does anyone have the four “Lido/Marx” GIs used by Kelloggs in Lido packaging??

  39. Georoge Albany says:

    I’ve got a question, maybe someone can point me in the right direction. Since most of the folks who post on this site are into plastic, it may be a shot in the dark, but I’ll ask anyway. Some time ago, I picked up a box of various damaged figures (survivors of the BB gun wars I like to call them) that I’ve been repairing or converting. One is a very nice Elastolin composite mounted WW II German soldier. His body is in good shape and the horse can be salvaged. The problem is, he’s got no head. He looks to be 65/70 mm. I’ve looked around, hoping to find a damaged German at the shows whose head could be transplanted or looked for a head the proper size, but no luck. Any suggestions where I might look to find this fellow a new head so that he stops chasing Ichabod Crane around the house?

  40. I spoke with Mike Handley who is at OTSN. He said room trading was the best he had experienced in years. Lots of floor traffic.

  41. Len says:

    Hi Stad. It’s Len “The Pop Culture Fanatic” from the Season one West Coast Wonders epsisode of Toy Hunter and the guy Jordan called to get the Mummy figure for Kirk Hammett on “The Toy Haunter” Halloween Special. I noticed that you skipped me in your review. I’m a “contract” (I assume you meant contact) whom Jordan calls according to your article. I would greatly appreciate it if you would refer to me as Len, whom Jordan referred to as a Pop Culture Fanatic in the season one West Coast Wonders ep of Toy Hunter and as a master collector with deep shelves on this Halloween ep. You could say something nice or strange (or nice AND strange) about my appearance and my collection if you like (again greatly appreciated). As this ep is up for anyone to see on the Toy Hunter site, you’re giving away any spoilers. So please do refer to me as above, as I’ve been on the show twice now. Thanks so Much! Love your site. Best, Len

    • admin says:

      Welcome Len
      Sorry I missed your name when reviewing the show but I can only watch the show once. I will update the review. I missed the word (contract should have been contact.)in my checking of my article. From what I can see you have a nice collection.

  42. Lynn Graves says:

    Paul, need your email address again. Thanks.

  43. Ron Angleton says:

    Paul: would you have the atlantic cowboy hanging from the tree in gray?….Ron Angleton

    • admin says:

      Sorry I do not have that figure for sale. The hanging man is one of the hardest figures to find from the Atlantic western series. First it was not in all the boxes. second the hanging man breaks from the tree. Third the molds are lost or destroyed as they were shipped to Iraq.
      The figure comes in light gray or brown. The figure can go for $45.00 and up.

  44. john cross says:

    I spoke to the guy on the King and Country stand today at the London toy show. He had examples of the new painted plastic Alamo Mexicans. There was a gun and crew, 1 mounted figure (may have been Santa Anna), and several infantry. He said they would be launched next week. The infantry will be sold in packs of 2 for $29. There will be a command set comprising of an officer, a standard bearer and a drummer. (sorry can’t remember the price). I think the gun and 3 crew will be about $60. The figures were hard plastic and quite well painted. He suggested that it was an economic way to build up an army, although at nearly $15 a figure I think an army will be out of my price range. I hope they have a rethink and issue them unpainted, as I am sure there will be a market for them as they are very nice figures. Hope this is useful. JX.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for letting us know about this information. I am sure the readers will appreciated your information on these plastic figures from King and Country. I agree the price of the figures will put out of the range of most people, who are into plastic.
      How was the rest of the show?

  45. Arlin Tawzer says:

    Hello Stad,
    I was looking at one of your old 1994 “Worlds of Plastic Figures”, issue 10, vol 2, no. 4. On page 6 you had a story on Spanish Figures dealing with the exploration of the new world. I was always fascinated with those figures and the subject in particular. Do you still have those figures? Now that we have the internet, would it be possible for you to put up scans of these? The magazine pictures were small grainy black and white pictures of about one inch by two. I always wanted to see these in all their glory. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hello Arlin
      Welcome and to answer your question, yes I still have the figures. I got those figures from the late Tom Rash at a toy show at what was the time Holiday Inn, it is now a Econo Lodge. When I saw the figures I liked them as they were so different. I later found out from Juan Hermida, the author of Plastic Toy Figures Made in Spain, that they were for the Spanish Exploration and were only sold at a museum in Spain. I have not seen any other examples of these figures since. I will get them out of the boxes and photographed in the next few days.

      • Arlin Tawzer says:

        You know, After reading your article again, you surmised since the figures read “made in Spain” in English, even though they were made in Spain, that they must be made for an American market. I think you may be right. Maybe they were made for Puerto Rico. Obispo Manso, on e of the figures, was the Bishop of Puerto Rico. He started the Cathedral of San Juan and died in Puerto Rico in 1539. The native girl called “Guanina” is also a Puerto Rican legen. Guanina was a Taino Indian princess in love with Don Cristobal de Sotomayor, a Spanish officer. She tried to warn him her brother was going to kille him, which happened in an ambush. They were going to sacrifice her as a traitor but she was found dead with her head lying on Sotomayor’s chest. They were buried together. Of course Ponce de Leon was a conquistador who founded the oldest settlement in Puerto Rico. Juan Ponce de León and one of his top commanders, Diego de Salazar (probably the Salazar figure) led the Spaniards in a series of offensives which included a massacre of the Taino forces in the domain of Agüeybaná II. And the slaves speak to the Puerto Rican natives being a mixture of Taino, Africans and Spaniards. Slaves were imported to work the fields alongside the remaining Tainos. No idea who Donna Lenor is. But these may have been made for Puerto Rican gift shops for tourists?

        • admin says:

          Great information on these figures, which I will take pictures today. I will look at my Spanish book and see if I can contact Juan to get more information.

          • erwin sell says:

            I have a huge vintage Spanish figures collection in cases(from reamsa,jecsan,olive/puchol; many are nativity/Arab and peasant figures very good for any period, let me know what figures are you looking in to..I will start to sale many on eBay..To be honest I may have over 2000 of them, collected from the early 90’s in my trips to Spain and other ways..Let me know what I can help in..Glad you are back in better shape!!.Best regards. Erwin

          • admin says:

            Thank you for your offer to help on this question. I have to do a photo of the figures, but I am jammed with other work right now so the picture will not be done until tomorrow.
            I am a big collector of Spanish figures myself. I bought a load in an auction many years ago and I have been adding on when I can. I find the figures they very interesting.

          • Arlin Tawzer says:

            Did you scan these yet and I just don’t know where to look?

          • admin says:

            I don’t think I did the photo yet. If not it will be up in a day or two. Sorry for the delay, just too much is pushing for my tiem.

        • erwin says:

          DONNA LEONOR could be(Doña Leonor de Figueroa,)!?Ponce de Leon mother. These figures were made in Spain with many others from all the Conquest period ,more character like Pizarro and Cortez-with india Maria too were done .No for the market of Puerto Rico.Mexico,Panama ,Peru ,Argentina carry/import them .Some were copied and redone on those countries.

  46. Arlin Tawzer says:

    Has it been a few days yet? 😉

    • admin says:

      We did not broadcast about me into the hospital for various reasons. One reason I did not realize that I would be in the hospital for a week. At the moment I am surprised the amount of water I carried and got off. I feel so much better. Thank you for your concern.

  47. Mike Goins says:

    I had noticed your stuff wasn’t on Ebay and the silence on this site. I was worried something health wise had occurred but am glad you’re back in the saddle again. My interests lie with vintage Marx and some Conte rather than most of the new figures everyone seems to be into now but I don’t miss a day checking out your site. You definitely were missed. Take care of yourself!

    • admin says:

      I wanted to keep the situation under wraps so there would not be any silly speculation from certain parties. Also the decision to go to the hospital was made in a day. In the future I will have a device that I can do the web site when I am away from home health or otherwise.
      What is nice is that our hobby can have so many interests. You can just collect the old figures or you can get the new figures to enhance your stories.
      Glad you enjoy the site, I try to share my passion for this hobby.
      As to taking care of myself, it has already started. Laurie has had us on a low sodium diet for years. I have to adjust it for example no more ham or processed meats such as deli meats. I have a number of pills to take every day. finally I will get on to a exercise program to help get my weight down further.

  48. Al says:

    Hi Paul

    Get well – the hobby needs people with your genuine enthusiasm and appreciation
    of Plastic Toy Soldiers.

    I always look forward to your Comments and Observations on the hobby.


    • admin says:

      Thanks for the kind words, next to my wife and three dogs, I so love the hobby. I have seen so many interesting figures and sure I will see many more.

  49. Tom Black says:

    Hello Stad,
    Will there be any news coming from the NY Toy Fair this Sunday or Monday?

    • admin says:

      Hello Tom
      I do not know if any information will be out by Sunday or Monday from the New York Toy Fair. I use to go, but like so many others we gave up on the show to find anything that we were aware of. Last great item I found was Marx Reissue playsets and that was over 30 years ago. Much of the news will surface on various sites. One report has Revell releasing again their 54mm sets including the Accurate figures. As we get news we will pass it on.
      If you are into action figures go to Action Figure Insider as they getting a look at the new figures.

      • Tom Black says:

        I checked some websites for NY Toy fair News. Hasbro is coming out with a Star Wars line called Star Wars Command which is 2.5 inch Army Men/Toy Soldier multi-colored figures. Also a 2.5 action Figure line for Guardians of the Universe. That is all I have seen so far.

  50. Tom Black says:

    Woodbury prison survivor playset coming 4th qrt from Gentle Giant. Includes a Rick Grimes figure and 3 new Zombie sculpts. This Play Set will go along with the set including the Daryl figure coming 2nd qrt from Gentle Giant.

    • admin says:

      I had seen that Gentle Giant was doing Walking Dead playsets. These figures along with Hasbro Star Command could to start rebirth of figures we liked.

  51. John Pezzola says:

    Any word if Armies in Plastic plans to release WWI artillery and machine gun units? Also, it would be nice to see more Russo – Japanese stuff from them.

  52. Don Perkins says:

    I periodically mention the need for WWI artillery and machine gun units to Tony at Armies in Plastic, but he’s noncommital. I recommend that you call the AIP phone number (listed on the AIP website), and add your voice to this subject. Tony’s always accessible — always willing to discuss and consider things. We’ve now got affordable WWI tanks (from Weston), and have AIP infantry and cavalry for all the major WWI powers, but still lack WWI artillery, plus the all important German machine gun units. We’ve also got the excellent Formtec WWI trench system. After making a yeoman contribution to WWI plastic figures, AIP needs to finish the job.

    • Brian Johnson says:

      Need AIP WW1 Turks,Serbs, Austro-Hungarians,Belgians,Italians,Slouch hat Australians.Need Pre Helmet troops of all nations.French tanks and other series of British tanks.And lets go crazy gas mask wearing troops of all nations.

  53. hello everyone, Dan Beidelschies from Austin Miniatures here. I just got a few cases of my new WW2 Marines air mailed. the color is od green. they come in a plastic bag with header card. 12 figures in 6 poses. $25 a bag plus shipping. I will try and get a picture up on my website soon. these figures will only be available thru Austin Miniatures. give me a call at 419 616 3697. I will have prototypes of 6 Japanese soldiers at the Chicago toy soldier show. also the first two figures in a new metal series of 1930’s gangsters and cops. thank you for all your continued support.

  54. Brian Johnson says:

    The picture on the Austin website shows 8 different figures(poses).Your post says 12 figs in 6 poses so were 2 poses not made and which ones or do you have different poses in the bags?

    • Hello Brian, 2 poses of the 8 figures I have on my website will be in my next set of Marines along with 4 more new poses. I will post on my website next week the 6 figures in set 1. My photo guy is outta town this week.

  55. Mark says:

    Just fantasizing publicly here ,wanna get some others thoughts on this idea !
    Marx Captain Gallant Arabs and Legionnaires enlarged to 6 inch size, anybody know anything about copyrights on these figures ?


    • admin says:

      In answer to your question about copyrights. You could not use the words Marx or Captain Gallant as they are trademarked and copyrighted. Also you could not do a figure of Buster Crabbe or his son unless you have permission due to a California law. As to doing the Arabs and Legionnaires you may be able to them as there have been copies of Marx figures. You may have to do changes to the figure to avoid problems. A copyright lawyer might be needed. Doing one for yourself no problem, if thinking do them for resale you have to think other factors such as demand etc.

  56. Mark says:

    Thanks for the info ! ,

  57. George Albany says:

    I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on Irish toy soldier manufacturers or retailers. My daughter is spending a semester at the University of Limerick and we are going to visit her for ten days at the end of this month. As she will have to attend her classes, we will have some free time to do some touring, so I’m hoping that I might be able to find something interesting, metal or plastic. I asked Ron Ruddell at London Bridge and he was not aware of any manufacturers or retailers. He said to keep my eye out for flea markets and the like. Anyone have any thoughts?

  58. Ed Connell says:

    Hi George, I don’t know about the retailers there, but it seems to me that with Britain not that far away, you may be able to find some interesting items. Good luck, and let us know what you find out.

  59. George Albany says:

    Thanks guys. Won’t be able to go to the show, will be winging over the Atlantic on the 23rd. If I find anything interesting someplace else, I’ll let you know.

  60. George Albany says:

    Welp, got back from Ireland last evening. Nice place, pretty countryside, friendly folks, and very clean, at least what we saw. Even the cities Dublin and Cork (which they pronounce kaarrrch) were much cleaner than the cities here in the U.S.

    Bad news is that Primce August appears to be the only game in town. Since they have pretty much worldwide distribution, I didn’t bother going to their location.

    I was surprised, we visited two castles, Blarney (and I didn’t kiss the stone) and Bunratty, and expected to at least find some plastic knights in a header card bag as souveniers, but nope, nada, zilch.

    In speaking with the proprietor of a public house one evening, I asked about toy soldiers. He merely shrugged and said little Irish boys don’t play with soldiers.

    We did see the real thing on the way to the airport; passed an armored personnel carrier on the highway.

  61. Does anybody know of or seen any ads for any product tie ins for the upcoming movie FURY?Would be nice to see some Tanks depicted in the flic show up on toy shelves in the 54MM range in a BMC/CTS style even though they would probably be just Shermans and Tigers like there’s not enough of them available.Any figures being released?Has any one seen a trailer showing any other AFVs beside a Sherman/Tiger?

  62. Sakiya Bisher-Nea says:

    Hello! Wondering if any of you could help me. As a kid I had the most awesome female figurine I’d ever seen. I picked her up in about 2000 from Kansas City’s Crown Center Mall’s Toy Time.The toy was very detailed and probably about 3″ tall. She wasn’t in any packaging just loose in a bin with a tag on her. She had a very wide stance (possibly meant for horse back riding but she stood just fine) and very baggy red pants that were positioned in a way that looked like they were blowing back in the wind. She had on a white headdress that also blew back in the wind, fixed on her head by a (gold?) circlet. At her belt she had a small black pouch with a gold key printed on the outside. I believe she had a knife both in her hand and on her belt but I can’t remember. I have no idea as to the brand. I lost her long ago but I would love to find her again. Does she ring a bell to anyone? If I even knew the brand that would be a start.

    • Mark says:

      Have you tried google images or ebay with any key words that might help,was it an American Indian female, were the cloths molded plastic or actual cloth,was the headdress an American Indian feather headdress ? anymore info could help such as do you remember any date on it ? I can try to help but it sounds pretty tough one to find ! Good Luck ! Mark

      • Sakiya Bisher-Nea says:

        Hi I’ve tried google images, and i will look on ebay im just not sure how to narrow down my search terms as I don’t even know what culture she’s from. it was not a native american figurine, she was completely molded plastic, i drew a picture from memory, Thanks for your help!

  63. Kevin Han says:

    Hello, I wondering if anyone knew if there are any 54mm plastic Vietnam War toy soldiers on the market. I have been looking for sometime and all I have found are some figures made by an Australian company called “Gun Ho”. But I can’t seem to find any of them online. So does anyone know of any other companies that could carry these figures.

    Thanks Kevin

  64. Ed Borris says:

    I believe Gun Ho went under years ago or at least stopped production. The Marxman is supposed to come out with a line of Viet Nam figures in early 2015 I think. TSSD will carry them whent hey are available. Not sure if there will be other dealers. TSSD is Toy Soldiers of San Diego, they have a web site.

    • admin says:

      Ed B
      You are right Gung Ho went out of business years ago. TSSD is only one of three dealers who will have the figures from Stengel Jr. The other dealer besides Marxman will be Steve Weston.

  65. Ed Borris says:

    So, if you are in the US and you don’t attend shows your best bet is TSSD.

  66. Kevin says:

    Thank you all for the information regarding the Vietnam War Figures. I do have some another questions for you all though…
    I was wondering if any of you know if airfix will ever re release any of their cold war/1970s modern soldiers in 54mm. I believe they were released in the 70s and 80s and I managed to get a box of the modern german infantry but they are very hard to come by now and very expensive. I do know that airfix did recently come back out their SAS figures so maybe they are testing the market for their other modern figures.

    Another question I have was about BMC. Do they have their own website, or a number to contact them with?


    • admin says:

      We will have to wait until the toy fairs in February when the companies will announce their plans for 2015.
      BMC has a web site BMC Toys

  67. Sophie says:

    Hi there,
    Somewhere I saw a postcard you posted, of ‘shooting the rapids’ – the image has a tipi and canoes on a river. Any chance you still have that card, or a pic of it you could share with me? Or information about the provenance of the card so I could find one?

    • admin says:

      Hello Sophie
      I do not have the card any more. I do not remember when I posted the article.
      Kevin Sprecher of Toy Soldier Headquarters may have some of the canoes for sale. Because they are hard plastic they tend to come up damaged.

  68. Jack Gibbons says:

    I picked up a Safari Ltd US GIs Toob at Michael’s the other day. Six nice figures, that remind you of Airfix and Dulcop GI poses. They are are closer in size to the Ideal GIs. The figures are solid, painted, but do not have set bases. For purists you may want to add to the paint jobs.
    If you use a Michael’s coupon these end up being a little over a dollar each. My camera is charging – pictures are up on San Diego Toy Soldiers’ site.

    And, several of the Safari Roman figures are also at Michael’s. Painted and 70mm, they may not blend well with other figures, but are still nice additions to the collection.

  69. Jim Mc Gough says:

    Hi Paul
    It’s been a while since I’ve seen you and Laurie, hope you are both well. Just wanted to let you know that we (CTS) have sets of North Koreans, South Korean, U.S. Marines and assorted heavy weapons with crews planed in various stages of development.GI’s,other U.N. participants and Vehicles are also in discussion.
    We appreciate being able to see the collectors feedback on your open blog.
    Jim Mc Gough, Dave Payne and Tim Mc Gough

  70. Andy Dubill says:

    Paul–sorry to hear you have not been well-hopefully you have beat whatever it is!! Now a figure question. I recently saw a plastic 60mm Marx-like figure of Howdy Doody (my hero from my youth) made by Kagran. I would like to acquire one to put on display with all the 60mm Marx figures I purchased from you so long ago. Just wondered if you happen to have one for sale or can suggest any leads to me. I have a picture of the figure but am not sure how to send it to you. Thanks. Andy Dubill

    • admin says:

      Hi Andy
      I has been awhile. First as to my health I am doing very well. My exercise program has increased my strength and my doctors are pleased with my progress.
      On the Marx Howdy Doody Figure I do not have one for sale or know of one for sale. The four figures were Howdy Doody, Mr. Bluster, Dilly Dally and Princess Summerfall Winterspring. The four figures were shown in a Marx figure catalog, but it is not know if they were sold in stores. Figures did emerged from the Marx warehouse sale. The figure was done in soft and hard plastic. A reissue was seen from Hong Kong on a parachute.

  71. Steven McPherson says:

    Hello out there I am in need of the Barzo Buckman Tavern building. It is sold out now. HELP ME LOCATE. THANK YOU

    • admin says:

      I have place your request up on the site to see if anyone can help. I f I get any responses I will pass it along but I can not make any guarantee. I would advise to keep watching EBay.

  72. Mark says:

    Some interesting new converted Captain Gallant figures on ebay,here is one
    eBay item number:

  73. Mark says:

    Right Paul, very nice stuff !

  74. ed borris says:

    I’m cheaper, but so far I have only done Alamo. I got 100 of them, many one timers.

  75. Mark says:

    Any photos to share Ed ?

  76. ed borris says:

    I’ll see what I can do. I did post some pictures here of past ones. Not sure when that was though. Oh, now I have 102, not counting the ones I have put aside for a friend.

  77. ed borris says:


    There’s a heading at the top of the page that will give you a direct link to some of my conversions. I need a better photographer.

    • admin says:

      Ed B
      Sorry about that I have set up a new post with your conversions. I must click on pages instead of posts. It was early in the morning, the boys had me up at 5;30 to go out.

  78. ed borris says:

    Hey, when you got to go, you got to go, bladders wait for no man.

  79. Mike says:

    Just wondering if anyone could help- I remember when I was in the first grade, in 1962. It was Christmas, and I had a new friend who lived across the street. We couldn’t remember each other’s name, so we both called each other “buddy.” My new friend got a construction play-set for Christmas. As I remember (I could be wrong), it was a boxed set, with trucks, etc., and blue MPC ring-hand or slot-hand figures. Can anyone tell me where I might find pics of this set? I’ve been collecting for about 18 years. During this time, I don’t remember seeing any Ebay offerings or info on any site about a MPC construction set. I’d love to see pics if anyone can help. Just for nostalgia reasons. Thanks! Mike

  80. Tnes says:

    Hey Stad,

    I came across an interesting new bucket of soldiers at Wal-Mart the other day. I took a couple of pictures of the soldiers when I got home and wanted to share them with everyone here since I have not seen them pop up anyplace yet.

    Do you have a good way for me to e-mail them to you?


  81. Bobby G. Moore says:

    I hope these really are something new, and not the Sad looking Airfix, Matchbox, PP/Timmee copies they have had for the last year. If they are something new then I look forward to seeing them.
    Bobby Moore

  82. Mike Mullins says:

    I just bought a small bag of figures at a local toy store. Inside was a blue rubber skin-diver figure in wet-suit, holding a knife. Figure is about 54mm. Logo on bottom says Marx Hong Kong. Anyone have info as to rarity or value? Mike

  83. Bill Nevins says:

    Mike that’s probably from the underwater set of figures done by Quaker Oates right at the very end of Marx. They came in a bag set with a aquatic vehicle.. Some sort of water rescue set.
    I have a couple of the poses and I don’t think that they are particularly desireable.

    More a curiosity type item as the last of the great figure lines.

    • Mike Mullins says:

      Thanks for the comments and info on the Marx diving figure (walking, holding knife.) After searching a little harder. I found the figure on the TSHQ site. The figure is, indeed, part of a small “Rescue” playset. While I really like the figure I have, I somewhat agree with the comment about the other figures in this series not being very attractive. Thanks to all again. Mike

  84. I think I remember seeing them in Payton packaging

  85. Mark says:

    They kind of remind me of plaster figures , made in France or by Miller with the peculiar style of bases with ferns in them to give added strength, copies of some plaster figures ? ( at least none I know of )

    • admin says:

      The figure is a Marx figure. It is a reissue

      • The policeman with handcuffed criminal was only sold with the Marxville Police Station in cream. When K-Line bought most of the Marx railroad related molds at the mold dispersement sale in the 1980s they got the mold. I think it made two sets of five figures. Each set would have two of the policeman and criminal + a newsboy carrying a folded newspaper. K-Line made the mold in the blue color.

        • Mark says:

          Thanks for the info Kent, were they just sold with Marx trains ?

          • Although many of the 30/35mm Marx figures were sold in the Airport and Sear Store playsets a number of them only came with the Marxville buildings used with their electric trains. In addition to the policeman with criminal there were; 3 firemen and a dog with the fire station, bicyclist, girl with book bag and teacher with the school, milkman, girl jumping rope, and boy roller skating with some of the houses, butcher with the grocery, minister, bride & groom with the church and farm couple with the barn. Some of these sets also had a few of the figures also in the Airport and Sear Store molds.

        • Brian Johnson says:

          What scale??

  86. Gerry McCabe says:

    Paul – love your website, both photos and commentary. I used to enjoy buying the odd loose figure from you – is there a link to your sales items from the website?

  87. Mark says:

    Wasn’t able to make the East Coaster today, feeling under the weather and spent the day in bed, was looking forward to it I’ll have try for the next show !

    • admin says:

      Sorry to hear you did not make it. It was a great show with lots of great buys. I will be working on the report and be showing a rare Marx prototype Captain Kidd and the Pirates that Francis Turner was gracious to allow us to photograph.

    • admin says:

      Interesting I find the women but the men.

      • erwin says:

        Great find and match admin. I always like eBay specially when finding full sets that tell you how they come pack, it sever as a catalog information. It is good source of information even thought many think is not. I use to research prices and how toys were pack and sold.
        Probably in this case if was not by this listing would take you years to find out one full set like this.

  88. Erwin says:

    I think that is the small scale version apostle figures box set.
    Never seen the large in that format.

    • admin says:

      It is the smaller set, which I have had. It is not marked with any Marx logo.

      • erwin says:

        I once saw it in a show, never liked. I got the large nice full set of 12 plus 2 and with two Jesus(wonder why the two Jesus with differed hand raised were done),also when I got the unpainted set they all come in different shades of cream and light caramel /tan color hard plastic but from a boxed collection from old lady that say were from her niece.

        • admin says:

          The reason that Marx made two Jesus figures is they goofed. The first Jesus figure was done with his left hand up. People got upset as it was thought left hand was evil. The reason for this negativity was in ancient times the left hand was used to clean bodily bowel functions, so the left hand was considered unclean. Marx was forced to redo the Jesus figure with its right hand up.

  89. I think the small set is a knockoff and not made by Marx. I have had a small scale boxed “Marx” Nativity set which was not marked Marx either. The presidents on pedestals were copied in Hong Kong as well.

    • admin says:

      On the smaller saints set it has been a debate if it is Marx or a copy. Until I see paper documentation I will leave it under Marx.

  90. Mark says:

    Definitely !

  91. erwin says:

    More incredible is in some cases I had seen crazy buyers paid a silly overpriced item either by ignorance or else!!
    Now this case is a very common figure seen and sold many times before, wonder if this seller had actually realize it?

  92. Jack Gibbons says:

    I had several of these figures courtesy of my mom’s willingness to bring home big bags of soldiers from the rummage sales for $.50. I lost them somewhere along the way.

    As to the pose why is the “stabbing down” so rare? I know the original six poses are recast. But what happened to this pose? With all the knowledge on this site I am sure there is an answer.

    • erwin says:

      Jack.Base in what I heard from comments, listing description is that the figures was released in 1963 for short time and retired after some complain because considered “too violent” !!!?. So was terminated out of the set and never released with other poses again. Because limited produced is considered hard to get ,still x some reason and to my eyes I had seen it often.
      So far I had seen it 3-4 times at show and more than 3 times on eBay, price never near this screaming number.
      Here is a link of last seen on ebay sold out.

      • erwin says:

        I like to add that interesting the one small set has a close pose that apparently was corrected !? to avoid this or else!?.
        Stabbing down mean in my opinion is rare in this specific case ,the victim=receiver is in very bad luck, looking with anti war eyes I will think it resemble a typical execution of wounded, persecuted, prisoner or else specially because it is WW2 German soldier. My thoughts!!
        No will be seen same way in Japanese as typical attacking with bayonets.
        Sample Japanese jecsan set has an officer executing=cutting low -the head of victim!? with katana. It would be very offensive back them x child I will think, for US-British else toy collectors is just a historical action figure now.
        The particulars pose was copied and cast in metal with a second kneeling Chinese poses in pair set on wood base with Chinese historical words and sold at Chinese museum as reminder of Japanese atrocities against Chinese. So here is a sample how a pose some times could be interpreted.
        Once again my opinion. Don’t call me on this please

  93. Mark says:

    Marx Nutty Generals and Marx Nutty General prototypes

    • admin says:

      A very interesting set of photos. Nutty generals are hard to find. I have been only lucky to find a few in the UK. There are reissues of German figure which were done in the UK.

      • Mark says:

        I have a Manuel Maracca in poor condition very very fragile, I had two reissues Field Marshall Von Strudel and Most Hon Saki, excellent casting quality, sorry I sold them ,I’m always looking for Nutty General reissues and 6 inch Goldmarx ( certain ones )

        • Wayne W says:

          I wasn’t aware of these. How terribly racist and stereotypical these sculpts are; I’m surprised they haven’t been destroyed. I normally prefer straight military type figures or figures that would fit in to my battle scenarios but these are so politically incorrect I couldn’t resist them if I had half the chance.

          Many thanks for sharing them; one of the reasons I love this site.

        • Mark McNamara says:

          I had a similar experience I have a Manuel Maracca in poor condition missing parts, once a piece broke off just gently picking it up ! I also had excellent reissues of Saki Saki and Von Strudel which I sadly sold ! Good news I ended up getting excellent originals of both ! I always have loved the nutty Generals excellent cartoon caricatures !

    • erwin says:

      Interesting the Cuban-Manuel M or supposed “Castro” character is left handed -correct observation as Fidel Castro is left handed. So artist took some good luck at it.

    • Mark McNamara says:

      Is anyone familiar with the Born Loser series model kits, similar to Nutty Generals theme? I recommend Google image “Born Losers model kits” if you have not seen yet ! Somebody did a Garage kit 1 piece solid plastic Napoleon and Hitler Born loser type figures also, can’t find any photos of them right now !

    • Wayne W says:

      Two quotes come to mind, one has something to do with a fool and his money and the other has something to do about suckers being born…

  94. ed borris says:

    That’s a lot of money for an imperfect figure. Granted they are hard to come by.

  95. Whit Knight says:

    A very Happy Holiday Time to you and Laurie, Paul.

  96. Jim Mc Gough says:

    Hi Paul
    Just wanted to give you some updated info on the release of the North Korean figures by CTS, Inc.
    The photos I’ve sent you so far are only test shots. I have already directed new sculpts with better weapon detail to China months ago to re work some of them. This of course has delayed their release. I’ll let you know when I have an ETA.
    Also a comment on the color of this set of figures. The test shots are not the color they will be run in. Thanks to Greg Liska we actually were able to send an actual swath of cloth in the proper color to run them in.
    Paul I want to thank you and your members for your support and comments, and also wish everyone Happy Holidays.
    Jim + Tim Mc Gough and Dave Payne
    CTS, Inc

    • admin says:

      Thank you for the update. I know the readers are waiting excited for your you next release.

      • Don Perkins says:

        Excited is right. I’m deliberately holding off on my Korean War set-up/diorama until the CTS North Koreans are released to go along with the CTS Chinese Communists. I feel my Conte, TSSD, and CTS WWII Americans will be quite adequate as opponents to the Chinese & North Koreans.

  97. Tom Black says:

    Conte, TSSD and CTS are fine but we need those Marines or GI’s in the Korean War winter gear. Would also like to see Commonwealth soldiers or maybe plug in heads to accommodate all the types of headgear worn like the British Commando wool stocking hat, the Canadian cap, Berets and Mark 2 and 3 Brit steel helmets.

  98. erwin says:

    I agree the winter gear of Korea was a bit different from those WW2 GI’s from TSSD,the summer uniform same too ,we need also allied too x Korea war.Any how x time been I guess we have to go with what is done so far
    Changing heads for figures would be nice idea; still British uniform with British type weapon would need to be done as can no be use same American body with US weapons unless for S Korean soldiers, Dutch or Turks armies

  99. Don Perkins says:

    I’m sure U.S. arms and armament, as well as uniforms, underwent some modification from WWII, but it seems it would have been slight, since only 5 years had elapsed since the end of WWII in 1945, with the Korean War commencing in 1950.

    Additionally, I’m not wed to the idea that Korean War troops have to be in winter uniforms. There was plenty of non-winter fighting: The North Korean invasion of South Korea started in June, Inchon was in September, and Pork Chop Hill was in March/April, and then again in June. If you want to recreate Pork Chop Hill, the U.S. troops won’t be wearing cold weather gear.

    Basically, though, I will take whatever CTS gives us, confident it will be completely suitable, as all of its products have been. The CTS Chinese Communists were great figures, and I know the CTS North Koreans will be as well.

  100. Don Perkins says:

    As a follow-on, I know the M1 Garand remained the standard U.S. Army rifle, both in WWII and in Korea. It didn’t change, which is why many of our already existing U.S. WWII troops can do well as U.S. Korean War troops.

    But one thing we don’t yet have are U.S. M-26 Pershings and M-46 Patton tanks, both of which were heavily used by U.S. Korean War forces. I’m hoping CTS is considering adding one or both of these to its already excellent line of tanks.

    • Eddie White says:

      Amen, would like to see a long barrel Sherman turret made available (ala firefly) or Sherman tank too with the M-26 ( could get double use as it also appeared in WWII). The churchills, shermans ( with long barrel) and t-34/85s were all used in Korea). I would think British infantry from WWII would work too.

  101. Tom Black says:

    If the CTS Chinese and N. Koreans are in winter gear then it would make sense for the UN/Americans fighting them to also be clothed in winter gear. As Erwin noted the US in WW2 used the wool overcoat as depicted in TSSD “Bulge” figures. I am not a 100 percent sure and Erwin may help but in the post war years a think an overcoat of synthetic material with a hood was issued shortly before the Korean War. As far as I understand American winter gear was issued to all UN forces during the 1st winter.
    I am not a huge fan of CTS tanks because they are under scaled to the figures. I know it’s pricey but FOV has a 1/32 Pershing. Maybe Erwin can do a Pershing for his next Tank!😊 I would like to see a 21st Cent/FOV type 1/32 style F-86 Sabre or other early Jetfighter done.

    • erwin says:

      Ok I agree with all in most points and disagree in some minor aspects .Yes WW2 figures could be used.

      It is in the gear more than uniforms that change was already been introduced in 1945 but too late to deploy in mass at pacific campaign of WW2.And i’m not talking about the cammo patterns. Another important feature was the new paint with side pockets issues in 1949, not used unless in paratroopers style in WW2.Represented in most Marx, Aruban, Ideal, Timmee and Lido figures.

      Here are two links that give you some explanetion of 1950/51 new US supplied uniforms

      Because Chinese and N Koreans=REDS of CTS are done in winter uniforms and head gear the need of more americans else in same weather uniform should be a great help I think.A display with US forces in summer versus winter REDS would look a bit odd I guess.TSSD few winter poses are only one to oppose them so far.

      Yes many battles were fought in not harsh winter condition and no cold too, I agree Don .And you can see then in pictures and documentary.But now we need the summer REDS x it them.

      Sorry and need clear few deatils about Pork Chop Hill battle,there were in fact two battles one in april with snow in ground, and second one was in late June/July and it was in the north above 3 000 m above sea level and weather at daily was no more than in the lows 55 f in June/July. The movies done are just plain movie.

      I’m in particular a fan for small battle in matter of time that last and number of casualties for so small piece of land as this last .Ironicly from late april till july the USA and Reds used more firework =bombarments per squre meter than any battle in this area during Korea war, may be to show force as preliminary negotioation of cease fire were in the way. I understand the desire to revive movies and applaud those who like do with desire.But unfortunately in my personal view I’m more pro historical

      I admire more one of the most brutal battles of the Korean War , the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, fought from November 27 to December 13, 1950. What made it different from other fierce fighting was the intensely cold and bitter weather. Temperatures dropped to -54° F. One survivor of the battle designed a bumper sticker that read: “Once Upon a Time Hell Froze Over. We Were There.”

      Same with most brutal battles fought were done in hill terrain, any region north of Seul is thounsand meters above sea level,snow is still in ground till late april early may easy and if not snow is still cold,specially at nights. Regions close to the sea are in the other way very hot and sunny on dailight,specially east coast.

      The head gear used by American change a lot in the use of winter hat that over 60% of soldiers used at field even the helmet protect more, your head frost with a helmet on it once temperature go below unless you use the winter head clothing instead and the under helmet small hat issues in WW2 does not do nothing when you stand outside for hours unless you use synthetic winter clothing parkas issues and used in the USA/Marine in 1950 .

      The Garand, MI Carbine, Thompson machine gun and even BAR were still used in mass no doubt and the Inchon landing was a massive display of forces and fire power but not a large or bloody battle at all. Definitely a great startegic and tactical success. The main first battle was around Seoul and north call battle of Pussam perimetre were the main and best NK troops were destroyed with thousand of casualties. After their massive retreat and almost get to the border when every body was quite is when the hell,the real more bloody part of war start …(late 1950 till mid 1953).Most of those battles were fought in very high terrain with cold weather even at early summer nights. Unless you have never been in Korea you won;’t realize what I’m talking about. I live in upstate NY and Korea in north portion close to border with communist Korea is more-much colder.That is the reason number one the chinese were send with winter gear all year around,same in NK from that part war till end, because a very high terrain battle with cold enviroment during more than half year and no facilities other that tents or caves

      About tanks.Tank battles were much less by that time by the way as war was an stalemate attrition of no man land in hills. Most tanks were used as rush to front selfproppeld support artillery against infantry or entrencments.Tank to tank battles were very few few in the Korea war .

      here is a direct stract from some historical data.

      A 1954 survey concluded that there were in all 119, mostly small scale, tank vs. tank actions involving U.S. Army and Marine units during the Korean War, with 97 T-34-85 tanks knocked out and another 18 probables. The M4A3E8 was involved in 50% of the tank actions, the M26 in 32%, and the M46 in 10%.[58] The M26/M46 proved to be an overmatch for the T-34-85 as its 90 mm HVAP round could – at point blank range – punch all the way through the T-34 from the front glacis armor to the back,[59] whereas the T-34-85 had difficulty penetrating the armor of the M26 or M46.[60] The M4A3E8, firing 76 mm HVAP rounds which were widely available during the Korean War (unlike World War II), was a closer match to the T-34-85 as both tanks could destroy each other at normal combat ranges.[60][61]

      After November 1950, North Korean armor was rarely encountered. China entered the conflict in February 1951 with four regiments of tanks (a mix of mostly T-34-85 tanks, with a few IS-2 tanks, and some other AFVs). However, because these Chinese tanks were dispersed with the infantry, tank to tank battles with UN forces were uncommon.[62]

      With the marked decrease in tank to tank actions, the automotive deficiencies of the M26 in the mountainous Korean terrain became more of a liability, and so all M26s were withdrawn from Korea during 1951 and replaced with M4A3 Shermans and M46 Pattons.[63] The M45 howitzer tank variant was only used by the assault gun platoon of the 6th Medium Tank Battalion, and these six vehicles were withdrawn by January 1951.[64]

      In the CTS amour scale as mentioned by others in this forum there are two were used in KOREA already,the T34/85 and CHURUCHIL that British used during the war in small numbers. A rare detail 4 Chi ha japanese tanks in north Korea were used at one small battle agaist South Korean soldiers,two of them later used agaist French UN soldiers too.The M4 sherman done by Airfix is much better and historical accurate than early M4 CTS tanks in Korea

      I will love to add one but not in my plans now. Unfortunately the M26 and M46 were barrely used in limited number and war period of WW2 one and Korea other,No other war saw both tanks in the US army. So may be in future. Still others more versatile used in WW2 and Korean as well may be the answer from me soon.

      Erwin Sell

  102. Wayne W says:

    I think WW2 figures of US GIs would work well with the Korean War. We think of Korea as the “Frozen Hell” because of the Chosin Reservoir and some other of the more famous engagements, but Korea can get hotter than Hades in the summer, too.

    US troops also, remember, were forced to use a lot of leftover and surplus gear from World War 2 – at least in the beginning stages of the war. There were drastic budget cuts after 1945, not to mention a huge drawdown such as happens after every major war. A friend of my mother’s from back then had gotten caught in the Reduction in Force after the war. He was only two years from retirement and believed it was part of the reason he was caught in the Reduction in Force (RIF – what we called it after Vietnam). Well, he got out, used his GI Bill to go to college and had just settled in to a new job when he got called back in. We called ourselves “prior service” in my day – they were called “re-treads” back then. I remember him saying he was pretty ticked off over it, but he went back in, did his two last years; by that time the main emergency was over and he took his retirement.

    If you read the book “M.A.S.H.” one of the major beefs Hawkeye Pierce had with being in Korea was he had fought in World War 2 and gotten his medical degree off his GI Bill. He felt he had done his service and fought his war and survived, he resented being called back.

    The M1 Garand didn’t officially replace the M-1 until 1961 in the Army, 1964 in the Marines.

    I’m not trying to rain on any new Korean War figure sets here, I would eagerly snatch up any new GIs I can find if they are the quality of the recent crop of CTS sets.

    • Brian Johnson says:

      Think your getting your M1 mixed up with your M14.

      • Wayne W says:

        No, the M-14 didn’t completely replace the M-1 in the Army until 1961 and the Marines until 1964. That means there were still M-1s in use up to that time. Perhaps I should have been more detailed but was thinking Korean Conflict so didn’t think that was necessary.

  103. Wayne W says:

    I do think some GIs and allies in heavy winter gear would be in order to match the clothing of the Commies.

  104. Bobby G. Moore says:

    Don’t forget, we need to have some G.I.’s in armored vest for Pork Chop Hill, as well as other late war battles. Need some Marines in armored vest as they wore them too. We will need some Marines in winter gear for the Frozen Chosin. Some of the G.I.’s and Marines we already have will work for early war and the Pusan battles and Inch’on.

  105. Don Perkins says:

    The CTS Commies and prototype North Koreans definitely look like they are in winter gear. So I presume CTS American troops should also look like they are dressed for the winter.

    When I served in 2nd Infantry Division in Korea, our summer fatigue uniforms were the same fatigue uniforms we wore in the winter. But in the winter added long underwear, gloves, jackets, and triple pairs of socks, as well as the ubiquitous fur-lined cap with flaps which we wore under our helmets. I wonder (if anyone here knows for sure) if the Chinese and North Koreans were issued different uniforms for the summer, or did they just (like us) wear additional clothing over the same uniform when cold weather arrived. I admit —- if the Chinese Communists/North Koreans dressed in the summer like CTS depicts them, they would have been unbearably hot.

    I suspect CTS has already given some thought to follow-on U.S. infantry after the North Koreans, and that they are planning on having the U.S. soldiers winterized —- to correlate with all those winterized Communists.

    As for tanks, it doesn’t bother me that the CTS tanks, like the Marx & Auburn tanks before them, are slightly underscale. I got used to that a long time ago, along with all the Marx undersize tin litho buildings.

    And I know there were some Shermans in the early days of Korea, but I’d still like to see CTS release a Pershing and/or a Patton, which became far more common in Korea.

  106. Erwin says:

    Don same way as Americans.
    Early Korean forces were a mix.
    Later use same under as Chinese.
    On the move they often keep the mule armies men carrying the winter packed clothing on back line wile front line forces fought in summer dress.As need it or required.The ones carrying it move forward to delivery to their lines of reds was done with massive human lines,often using prisoners and forced civilian .

  107. Greg Liska says:

    I would add that some officers had older Soviet winter wool uniforms, but you can’t distinguish that on a plastic soldier, unless he has a wool great coat on, which was possible.
    Don – the Marx 51 tank is a Pershing-ish tank. Understated gun, but I think it’ll do the job up against CTS T-34/85’s. That’s the route I go. That way I didn’t have to buy anything new. Having said that, I sure wish CTS would make an M-4 turret with the 76mm main gun. Just throwing that out there, Jim!

  108. Don Perkins says:

    Good suggestion, Greg. You’re right, of course, about the Marx WWII Battleground U.S. tanks. For some reason, Marx didn’t make them look like Shermans. Instead, Marx made it’s U.S. tank look like the Pershings that didn’t appear in Europe until nearly the end.

    Now that this idea has been planted in my mind, I realize I can match up my 5 CTS T-34 Russian tanks with my 7 Marx Pershings, thus creating a suitable Korean War set-up. It occurs to me my Auburn Marine tanks also look Pershing-esque, and may be quite suitable as well for Korean War battles.

    But I’m still anxiously awaiting the new CTS North Koreans. And until CTS gives us some winterized U.S. troops, I’ll have to content myself with the TSSD U.S. Infantry Fire Support set, which has winter clothing, combined with the Matchbox WWII U.S. troops, who also appear to be clad in winter gear. These Matchbox WWII U.S. infantry are readily available in either new issue or reissue (I’m not sure which) —- but possibly both from CTS as well as Toy Soldier HQ.

  109. Don Perkins says:

    And please don’t construe my comments above to mean I’m not excited about CTS continuing to to expand its Korean War line. I very much look forward to the release of the North Korean set, followed by whatever CTS has planned next.

    My real wish is that these CTS releases came out more quickly and more frequently. This is the same “wish” I have for the LOD Enterprises War of Troy series: I wish we weren’t waiting nearly a year before we see the chariot sets.

    I realize, of course, that toy soldier companies have marketing and financial considerations which have to be taken into account.

  110. Billy Hill says:

    I have some figures from a new company in Chile and I want to post some pictures and share them with you. How do I do that? [Sorry if this turns up in the wrong place, but it’s the only place I could find.]

  111. George Albany says:

    Merry Christmas everyone. Hope Santa brings everyone lotsa soldiers.

  112. Mark says:

    Not a bad looking figure ( cake topper ?) reminds me of some of the cutsie 1950’s figure of a little kid playing pirate made by Thomas .

  113. erwin says:

    These are more cheaper, been x few years out in maket,several good Russian seller sale them off either hard plastic(early version) in case or soft in bags. This seller sample.

    • Don Perkins says:

      Is it really that much more expensive to put a round base on these figures?

      • erwin says:

        Nope Don,if you mean the Russian technolog
        I got all sets and is very easy,any flat peace of plastic and they glue easy using two drops of gen(not liquid) strong glue

        • erwin says:

          Reason done as that is because were for gamers hobby world that use made out bases and attach to already made bases such castles with opening-hole for it, it is part of entire series for gamers in Russian start in the 90’s.
          not intended as toy soldiers. Now are being use as off like myself and many others.
          Most sets come with shooting cannon and catapults.
          Others with castles in 45 mm scale, some sets bring 5 sets of armies figures. They are very cheap in Russia.

  114. Mark says:

    Thanks for the Info Erwin and Paul,I went tp Erwin’s e-bay links and clicked on the seller’s other items, up came Romans,Mongols,nomads and more including what is described a as futuristic tanks, now I remember seeing some of these figures somewhere .

  115. Jon Burk says:

    Marx 1812 sailors: have these ever been reproduced? Do the molds still exist?

    • admin says:

      The molds were last used in Hong Kong for the Warriors of the World. We have no idea if the molds exist or not. The company that may have the molds is very hard to deal with. The only one to get any figures out of them was 20 years ago by Mike Ellis of Marksmen Models. Other than the boy scouts showing up with Accoutrements and Spanish American War surfacing in some dollar stores nothing else has shown up.

  116. ERWIN says:

    Yes they been for few years out already, nice sets as well Russian Napoleonic did plus many others. Scale is 60/65 mm scale approx. and not bad factory painted. I got several sets no long ago from my local hobby store and by the way closing soon.
    You can get them easy from any main toy soldier retailers such Hobby Bunker..
    That seller is over pricing and selling the original sets split by the way.
    The company producing stop in 2013 making any more sets. Don’t know what happen.

    • admin says:

      A party call Tiger Hobbies in the UK had been working with Supreme and had plans about WWI. I never heard anything more. Perhaps our very good friend Peter Evans knows. Hobby Bunker is out of Stock in the Napoleonic. Stevens Hobby a wholesaler has Russian Napoleonic in stock. You would have to check with your local hobby shop to see if they order from Stevens. Michigan toy soldier claims they have them. some people will not deal with Michigan toy soldier as they were in some trouble years ago because the owner Rick Berry misusing customers credit cards. Other people have no problems with them. Don Perkins can give an update on how the store is doing and he could check to see if they have them in stock. Any other sources?

      • Don Perkins says:

        The last time I was looking around the Michigan Toy Soldier Company, it seemed they had a few of the Supreme Napoleonic bagged sets. I already got mine from when they first came out, so I wasn’t paying particular attention to those sets in particular amidst all the other products. The store has a big rotating rack with lots of the Supreme bagged sets, and I recall glancing at both the Russian as well as the British and French Napoleonic sets.

        But permit me to comment on the question of whether it’s safe to deal with Rick Berry’s shop: Rick Berry, in a period a few years back, gave in to a temptation to overcharge a wealthy person’s credit card. Rick publicly stated how embarrassed he was about the whole thing. Talking to Rick, he understands how he will likely spend the rest of his life trying to regain his reputation for honesty — that’s just the way it is.

        But I have continued to use my credit card with Michigan Toy Soldier Company both before and after the above incident, and have never had any problem at all. If anything, in an attempt to overcome his past mistake, Rick and his staff now bend over backward to be scrupulously fair and honest. I believe this opinion would be shared by all those who have had dealings with Rick and his store since the heavily publicized incident a few years back.

        Everyone who knows Rick and his staff at Michigan Toy Soldiers knows him as a man who loves his family, loves toy soldiers, and has deeply humane instincts, for both other people, and even for stray animals. I realize some will remain forever unconvinced, but it would not the people who actually know Rick.

        • erwin says:

          By the way Don ,I believe I saw him at last NJ toy show I went(2014).He was with a young woman all time-may be his daughter!?.He did not set table but only a stand with advertise only .I’m pretty sure he had clean his reputation by now.

      • erwin says:

        Admin;Thank you.
        Yes. I’m aware of PW issue last year early promotion of(Tiger hobby) the set and talking about the suppose doing WW1 ,but heard nothing after as you well said.
        My only local hobby store left; Hobby Town-Albany-NY store(26 miles from me) has few in stock and will not carry as closing down soon. They carry it from main US distributors as you correct named Stevens from NJ.
        I manage to order at discounted business price 20 sets (10 each) back them and clean off all exes non like poses sold rest off. It was as soon the came out in late fall 2013.
        Few others retailers such (Toy soldiers depot) and TSc NYC-Delson still have them in stock at nominal $8.00 to $11.00 per bag of 16 figures.
        Others not main sellers in EBay list them too as off now.
        I have the understanding that the correct maker company is Sunjade Industrial Toys Co Ltd
        Supreme is a distributor of them for few years.
        Few sellers in UK have them too in bag.
        I think Tiger Hobby as regular toy soldier hobby retailer in UK repack them and sale two sets in one(Napoleonic)

        I heard of the issue with Michigan, it was in the news and still in some forum on internet. It was with Peter Jackson ,director of LOTR and Hobbit. According to the news that talk about the settle done after the legal issues and courts.
        Sad that this happen but may be a lesson. I understood that all money was refunded back plus in settlement .
        Interesting note for those who are not fan(I’m ) and others movies. In extended special bonus edition of first three movies DVD pack the DVD that show how the second movie was done show Peter talking about the purchase(back them not issue) in it he implied buying near 10 000 accurate medieval else figures(not saying who). They were used for the scenes and display to be use in special effect mix with digital effect pic and animation.
        The part where SARUMAN’S Isengard fortress is destroyed by Ents and the river was done with a 1/3 scale huge display replica of fortress using the accurate 1.32 figures.
        You can see it if got the DVD’s .In another scene cleary he is showing massive armies of them and he is seen playing with figures back cameras actually seating in floor together with others guy; so funny and interesting to watch it.He is seen saying it relaxed him form all figures !!
        Peter Jackson him self is an avid toy soldier collector. More in metal than plastic and in 1.32 scale by the way.

        • Mark says:

          Thanks for the Link Erwin, wonder how a good paint job might help them, I kinda like the figures they look pretty cool to me !

          • Erwin says:

            They got paint good.But recommended is wash off factory paint.Easy on these.I did as I paint my Napoleonic all time.

  117. Brian Johnson says:

    Roman Coliseum:Was in the local Petsmart and in the Aquarium section was a large Coliseum bldg that would be good for “Ancient” layouts,was not a full circle and had a few holes in the wall.Was also a “Jungle” hut with a Water wheel attached in 54MM that would be good for Vietnam/WW2 scenes,was also a good variety of “Wood/Stone” foot bridges that would be good for any time eras.Pet shop Aquarium sections are always a good place to fine useful items to go with your figures.

    • Erwin says:

      Brian I had seen those.
      But ebay prices are better even after shipping.
      Petsmart prices are high.
      Least here.
      Get the brand of maker and search x them on ebay.

  118. erwin says:

    Michaels and other craft stores sale then for$9.99 or less.They often carry all Safari line too.Also school supply stores usually carry Safari products as well.

  119. Mark says:

    Thanks Erwin !

  120. Jon Burk says:

    New York Toy Fair 2016
    My sister is a buyer for a Dairy Company in Oregon and attended the Fair a week or so ago. I didn’t find out she went until after the Toy Fair was over. I asked her what the best new toys were. She said the micro-drone with camera and she got to see a 3d printer in action. I have read articles on here about the opportunities for new figures and one of a kind figures that 3D printing holds for the future. Hopefully the printer costs will continue to drop. I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t know she was going, because I would have asked her to check for any new toy solders!

    I hope there will be a column with any news from the toy fair this year. I’m still waiting for that Blue Box pirate ship from last year that was to be sold at Target. I picked up two of the Blue Box Pirates vs Pirate skeletons sets off in January and noticed the price for the set was continuing to increase toward $20 from the original $10 price.

    • admin says:

      Sadly my source from last year could not go this year. We have not heard of any new toy soldiers that were there. The reports on the show seemed lackluster. We know the Schleich did some nice scenic pieces to look at for your scenes.
      I have past on the show as there is little in toy soldiers there. Also the weather is always bad.

    • Jon Burk says:

      The Elite Force Blue Box pirates are back down in price to $14 for the Crew bucket on, although somebody is trying to sell them for $62???

  121. Jon Burk says:

    I am planning to attend the Westcoaster Toy Soldier Show in Irvine, CA on March 6th. I haven’t attended for about 10 years, so I’m interested to see what will be there. San Diego Toy Soldiers had a huge presence there when I went before. Is anyone else on this forum going?

  122. Tom Black says:

    I checked Google and Jakks Pacific is making 2.5 inch mini figures for the upcoming World of Warcraft movie. 1st series is a knight and Orc/goblin, female warrior and some beasts.
    Also Marvel “Civil War” movie related 2.5 inch figures.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Tom for the information the action figure sites have been very quiet. I have no idea if McFarlane is continuing on its Walking Dead and Game of Thrones line.

  123. juan godoy says:

    Dear , I have some new products that have come to me from the workshops , I need to send pictures of these developments.
    best regards

  124. Mark says:

    Any idea who made the stage coach Erwin ?

  125. erwin says:

    No Idea.
    admin,My Tudor is a solid piece and top fence retainer attached with coach.
    The seat is separated long box ,also I bit high than this one. Definitely no Tudor.
    I got my Tudor all red with blue box and yellow Harness at garage sale long ago.
    this I had seen twice in many years on ebay.

  126. erwin says:

    Ok ,my thoughts is ,this is a HK or Singapore made, mine is soft plastic, not hard, this looks to be same material and exact as mine just reversed colors.
    I doubt any of the old US toy factories like PAYTON,US PLASTIC,TC did any that soft
    and lack of marks give me the impression!!.
    I could be wrong!!

  127. Mark says:

    50’s hard Plastic stage coach

  128. erwin says:

    Thanks Mark

  129. Mark says:

    Yea, I’m surprised nobody buys them fast, maybe he does have quite a few like you say Erwin, nice figure !

  130. Mark T. says:

    Hi everyone,

    I found these 80mm knight “puzzle” kits on eBay. I thought you might want to have a look. I don’t think I am going to buy any as they are out of my scale, but they aren’t too bad looking. I guess they are comparable to Papo style figures. Probably in hard plastic, though.

  131. Erwin says:

    Mark.they come out few years few of then.easy to build and nice.But more match x plastoy.papo and others.
    You can get then cheap included shipping chinese sellers on.ebay.
    On amazon too.

  132. Mark says:

    Tom Lovell painting,apparent inspiration for Andy Gard soldier clubbing, Toy Soldier HQ INC Andy Gard, Alternative Tom Lovell painting of Battle of the Crater,

    • Daniel Murphy says:

      Very interesting – these are 30mm pantographed copies of Marx 60mm cavalry and 54 mm Presidio Mexicans. I picked up some of these from Stone Castle Hobbies back in the 90’s.

      • A museum in Richmond VA used to have them in the 80/90s. I would buy them fir $3 + tax and sell them for $6. The same company that got access to the exBMC early sets imported them as well.

  133. erwin says:

    ATS just to sale them too till not long ago. They still have the FFL,Arabs,ARW British and American,WW2 British ,Mexican ,cowboys, US cavalry and others of 30 mm scale line; They come out in the 90’s.
    I don’t know if they were part of original Marx mold 30 mm sets/series done in HK and then reissue there.

  134. bill nevins says:

    Erwin, Yes, they were run by MarxMen of the UK and imported here. Same people that ran the ACW/CAVALRY WOW poses in recast plastic did these.

    I can’t recall his name, but he was buddies with Stengel, which was weird because John was the MarxMan and this guy was MarxMen.

    • admin says:

      The person name is Mike Ellis who had Marksmen not Marx Men. The figures are from Rado who got the Marx molds. The blister card was done by a different company.

  135. bill nevins says:

    That’s right Paul. I could not recall his name for the life of me.

  136. Mark T. says:

    Hi everyone. I have a question about the MPC pirate ships made to go with their ring hand figures.

    These are the only two that I can find any record of on the web but I am POSITIVE I had another one. It was not Moorish/Spanish looking like those, but more of a British or American design, sort of like an “Old Ironsides” frigate. I got a red ship with yellow sails of that type in a bag sometime between the ages of 5 and 8, which would have been very late 1960s-early 1970s.

    It was in a set of 2 along with the smaller of the two ships in the picture above. This other ship was blue with white sails. The red and yellow ship was about the same size and definitely made for MPC figures, as it had the pegs for fastening the bases of the men to.

    There were no ring hand pirates in the bag. I never saw MPC pirates until the internet came along. I also never saw the larger of the two ships in the photo I linked. I used to play in the kitchen sink with my two ships using 1/72 Airfix revolutionary war vs Arab figures to reenact an old movie I saw about the Barbary pirates.

    As I lived in Canada then, my bag of pirate ships was likely put out by Carzol, who either had a license to produce MPC toys in Canada, or just went ahead and “pirated” them, not sure which.

    Does anyone else out there remember this “lost” MPC frigate? I know the other ships are available as recasts, but I would really love to get the frigate again. My original went down to Davy Jones’ Locker with all hands, in a bloody engagement against firecrackers and BB guns when I was about 12.

  137. Mark T. says:

    Hi Andy,

    None of those ships match the one I had. Mine was “hollow” like the MPC ships shown without a deck like the Ideal one has. It also did not have wooden masts and the two plastic masts were molded with “clipper ship” sails, not the crescent looking ones on those ships. I also remember that the forward sail or “flying jib” had a round loop molded onto the front end to slip over the bowsprit to keep it straight. Also it definitely came new from the store (Zellers, a Canadian Woolworths type place) in a bag with the smaller MPC ship with the Moorish looking sails.

    • erwin says:

      Mark in the 70’s or probably early 80’s a HK version very alike MPC was sold in bags.Along and other with 9 poses cloned of the 54 mm Marx pirates. I will look with some time and try find it x you.

  138. Mark T. says:

    Hi Erwin,
    I found a completed listing for another style of MPC pirate ship that is more similar to the one I had.

    I think my red ship was a bit slimmer and more streamlined and mine definitely had a bowsprit extending from the front, but at least I now have evidence that there were more models than the two well known MPC pirate ships!

    I would appreciate it very much if you researched this when you have the time!

    Thanks! Mark T.

    • MPC had great success with their plastic pirate ship. First issue had wooden masts and plastic sales. Second issue had the masts and sails all as one piece. They also then did two more ship, PLAYSET MAGAZINE has a nice article showing all the ships.

  139. erwin says:

    As far I can recall, MPC did 3 different ship only.I don not know if last yeloow link boat is MPC.
    Ideal did a larger(SHOWED BY Andy link above) and small boat too.
    Tim mee has another very similar done very alike MPC it was used with latest 54 mm scale 6 poses pirates done in the 80’s.I do not know if was original Tim mee mold or not but sold with pirates in the bag. But not included in the large pirate treasure island fort playset box.

  140. Peter Lang says:

    Dear Paul,

    I had a question about a book I stumbled on called Marx Western Playsets: The Authorized Guide. It is somewhat expensive, but I wondered if you knew if the pictures and information were of good quality?

    • admin says:

      The pictures are great. I will let other people how useful the information is.

    • The book actually has a nice overview of the Louis Marx Co. Whats most important are the many Marx playset documents that give the exact contents of many playsets. The author, Jay Horowitz was the owner of American Plastic a company that bought and sold injection molds. He bought many exMarx (and MPC, Ideal and others) playset molds and started the ReMarx Company in the late 1980s. He tried to bring Marx back to life but he was missing too many of the popular Marx figure molds which were/are mostly in Mexico. The plastic he used was too stiff and he combined too many nonMarx figures/accessories in his playsets which for being new toys were also expensive ($50-60). Collectors were very critical and the operation collapsed. His Western Playset book is a gem full of information and if you are a serious Marx collector you should try to get a copy. It was $45 when first issued which turned many collectors off, but now I see all kinds of ridiculous prices for a copy.

  141. bill nevins says:

    Save you money. I bought it. Looked at it once or twice and let it gather dust. Nice pictures that you can or have seen elsewhere.

    • Andy says:

      Likewise – I think my copy is somewhere under the bed. You’d do better buying Playset Magazine editions of what you are interested in.

  142. All this discussion of size is fine but do you realize the time frame involved in all these sets. We are looking at years. Who knows if ExForce will still be in business to complete these. As with a lot of us long time collectors who knows if we will still be around? The one big lesson I have learned thru years of collecting until the item is in my hand it doesn’t exist.

    • admin says:

      My policy when I see it I will buy it. I realized that EF is giving plans for years ahead. It nice to know they are interested in doing this different lines. Hopefully they will around for years to come.

  143. erwin says:

    Is true in this uncertain business few last longer and dreams unfortunately maintain as dreams…

  144. Mark T. says:

    Has anyone used T & S / Cobblestone Corners trains with 1/72 figures or are the trains too small? I used to see these two identical ranges of cheap battery operated steam trains at Dollar Tree about ten years ago and always regretted not buying some. I want to do a Wild West / Mexican Revolution setup and was wondering if these trains would be too small before I get some on eBay. I seem to recall that they were about the right size but I never checked too closely when they were in stores.

  145. Mark T. says:

    Conte is back! I got this email from Conteco yesterday. Very good news indeed. I hope they have some new plastic sets in the pipeline.

  146. Ed Borris says:

    I got another e-mail like that maybe three months ago. If he’s back, he’ll be back in metal only, I wouldn’t get my hopes up about plastic. How many years since his last plastic venture?

    If he does go back to plastic great, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Don Perkins says:

      I have spent thousands of dollars on Conte products, including every single one of his 25 – 30 playsets. I have followed his site religiously over the past 10 years. And I say this without any rancor in my heart whatsoever: I will no longer believe a word Richard Conte says — about anything, anytime, anywhere —- until I actually see it.

      • Andy says:

        Sadly agree, Don and TOO BAD, because he has produced some great figures. A big favorite is the surgeon with multi-arm options, plus all the great ACW figures.

      • TDBarnecut says:

        If Richard Conte never makes another plastic figure that will be sad. But then consider what a great investment you have made in his figures – they will only increase in value over time. If he comes out with new stuff all the better, just icing on the cake. Is that too optimistic?

        • erwin says:

          For some reason Conte still seen to be quite abundant around sellers/retailers or whoever sale then at shows/ebay/else.I had not see much of increase in price except on those special figures made x playset only.
          Wile Barzso resin set bags sale already at a vintage price in many cases on bids at ebay.I had follow bids in both brands and notice it a lot and often.
          May be in future they will be an increase and demand in Conte.
          In my personal view and looking in my insane collection, I never though of it as investment at all as by time I’m gone I will not enjoy the profit neither I enjoy see what I had spend or I will be go crazy thinking in how much is. My daughter not much interest either only in dinosaurs and animals of which now I literally past to her with few rare fragile exception.
          But x those buying to resale before the past time could be a good idea think on Conte from now before go MIA.
          Other day I though a afghan war Conte rare limited playset with afghan warriors and Scottish colonial soldiers sold x $697.00 from the start price $150.00
          But it was because the rarity of the set. Wile I see the Beu geste and War lord playset sale x less than many large barzso playset often.
          Again my experience and thoughts ..

          • admin says:

            Erwin I agree I do not look at my collection as investment either. I look at it as hours of fun hunting and finding things to enjoy. I have enjoyed as much a figure I bought for dime as one at $20.00. Part of collecting was the figures I dream I wish I could have for my stories. I found I like figures for their poses.
            Barzso Resin figures are more fragile that might be for the demand. The Conte Afghan set did not sell as well due to the resin figures. I was interested in it but pass on it because of it. I would like Beau Geste and Warlord but do not have the room. Likewise some of Barzso playsets.

  147. Ed Borris says:

    I bought a lot of his sets too, I have zero left. I think the only thing besides a few Alamo defenders I kept is I have close to two sets of all the resin figures from the Alamo and the one color pewter figures. At one time I had 11 sets plus two cases of Spartans and a case of the Bloody Omaha’s GI’s. I might consider buying other stuff if he went back to plastic, but that’s not going to happen.

  148. bill nevins says:

    Seems a shame that this guy could never get his act together. He wanted to be all things to all people and ended up being all hat and no cattle.
    To give him his due, he did make some awesome plastic figures. But he had to start a new scale, just so his figures didn’t match what was readily available. And he clearly rushed out “playsets” before they were ready, mixing in things that didn’t fit.

    Remember the story of the boy who cried “WOLF”.

    Now he cries “CONTE”.

  149. ed borris says:

    Yeah he started out good, it seems the Alamo was the start of his demise. Too much too fast caused him to take shortcuts, who stops after 7 Alamo sets? Just as well, you need a mansion to set up just the seven. After the Alamo everything seemed to be a disaster. To bad, he could have been king.

  150. Mark T. says:

    Cool set! Looks like you get TWO chartreuse faced Hop Sings. One in serving mode and one in full frying pan-combat bash mode.

    • Andy says:

      Mark, could the frying pan basher be the little known twin brother Bop Sing?
      (Just being silly – no one call the FBI on me!)
      Surprised no bids at $49.99?? Maybe at end.

      • erwin says:

        The frying pan guy is actually a Chinese cooker(pose 63), it is extremely rare of all western 38 poses made by PH together with the seating smoking pipe pose not included in this case. I had seen that pose along for high price.The rest are more common.

        • erwin says:

          My bad ,not the fry pan man, is the soup spoon standing guy the Chinese, sorry.
          Another curios pose is the coach driver(done for the wagon and coach they did) is included ,instead to have the lazo-lasso pose they did and not included in this set.
          The figure would may have hard time going in horse as not intended x it with legs not open as much and rubber now of hard and fragile.

      • Mark T. says:

        Bop Sing! HA HA HA! Good one, Andy!

  151. erwin says:

    Is funny seller had not list the set company.That would hel biiders specially from Spain that paid top$$$ x it.
    PH=Pech Hermanos,one of the 4 most best know Spaniards makers of toy soldiers from late 50 till early 70’s
    Another interesting fact ,the case outside has not serial number ,that indicate may be an store display set and the figures are rubber(oldest made by this company) as they have the rectangular base. Later plastic PH brand were redone with round or oval more flat base.

  152. erwin says:

    First sentence should had said (that would led bidders..).

  153. Mark McNamara says:

    The box has a PH for Pech Hermanos on the left top corner, maybe the seller is not familiar with the maker, although they say it is a rare set ?

    • erwin says:

      It is a rare set been in such configuration, listing the brand name will impulse the sale x those looking and more bidders.I had see cases like that for x few hundred easy. I buy from Spaniard blog sales sites often and blogger in few of then too and that is what they sale easy. For some reason seller either do not know as you said or did not search better. The box bellow in left corner should have full address with full name as well. I had 4 cases of PH and come as that, now mine have all serial number. This one show both spot blank!?
      The condition of case is not excellent neither great but still there. The figures are from first ever produced using high tall bases ,PH later change to lower base and to plastic later wile transitioning sales of molds to Oliver and BUM that acquired some molds. Most medieval/ancient sets molds disappear x ever. The problem with Spaniards most sets mold is the figures of a single set were done in pairs or single poses blocks/haves ,never multiple in a set together as many others companies. This had create a lot of lost in time of full sets pieces and stop the desire x production as not complete set of poses to release.
      That is why the release if some Jecsan and Reamsa RECAST sets series come in partial during years after reissued and no all same time.US retailers sellers such Ric B and ATS release the sets not complete often ,years later they add one other poses after …
      Same in BUM not complete Saracen medieval set, it is missing 4 foot poses and 6 mounted poses to be complete from original.

  154. erwin says:

    I always love these figures x some reason even they are a bit ugly, but their size push to my limited of adapting scales and match and never buy them. The closes I could get are Spaniard 75 mm few brands not reissue figures I got, still these are taller …

  155. Mark McNamara says:

    Erwin, if you are interested I noticed the seller is selling more large scale Paytons >

  156. Erwin says:

    Thanks Mark.
    I saw it .But only FFK and arabs is what I like from them.Like I said I had to pass on then as too tall to get a match scale with my other figures,still I love the figures x some reason.
    The US cavalry are nicer too,but same issue w size.Too bad I can not collect them.

  157. Mike Mullins says:

    Does anyone have any Auburn kittens that they would sell or trade? Also, I have one small cat, with arched back, no base. Never seen another or been able to ID. Anyone have an idea as to maker? It stands in one of my Untouchables dioramas, and is one of my favorite pieces. Thanks. Mike

  158. ed borris says:

    Puppies and kitties?

    • Mike Mullins says:

      Thanks to all for the heads-up on TSHQ. Hey Ed, what’s an Untouchables diorama without garbage cans and alley cats? :<)

  159. ed borris says:

    No alley cats in Chicago the rats eat them, if the coyotes don’t get them.

    • Erwin says:

      WOW!LOL 🙂 🙂
      Those most be super rats.We got milions in
      NYC too.I saw some when visited Chicago in 2003 and few cats too.All very friendly.
      No dogs loose….
      Once I move from NYC much less.I got plenty wild life here but few rats in fall try before get inside home.Not any more since my dog live inside.

  160. ed borris says:

    I’ve seen rats as big as beavers. I used to work in the ghetto that was next to the Chicago river, they were huge over there, used to see them almost everyday. Most bigger than your average cat.

  161. Mark McNamara says:

    Link Jecsan Bridge over the River Kwai :

    • erwin says:

      Thanks Mark I got the entire playset with large version 4 section bridge(in wood) in my collection. I t is huge heave large box. I paid more x shipping than what cost me many years ago.It was one of the nicer sets ever made. Too bad PUCHOL (buyer of Jecsan molds) never got hand on it and claim was scraped entire molds together with their WW2 line

      • Mark McNamara says:

        Awesome looking set, did not know more than one size set,too bad about the molds,any chance we might see some photos of your set ?

    • Don Perkins says:

      Interesting. That was quite a listing. I especially liked their pirates, Moors, and mounted Mexican Banditos.

      • erwin says:

        Only 4 pirates poses and 4 bandits poses were reissue by BUM and still around here by few sellers ,you can still get them . Unfortunately BUM did not get the 12 poses each set mold has

      • Mark McNamara says:

        I agree Don ,there are some nice looking pirates there !

  162. Mark McNamara says:

    Nice link for some Reamsa including 18th century Reamsa Dragoons

      • Mark McNamara says:

        I should say 18th century possibly early 19th century !?

      • erwin says:

        Mark those figures are not plastic and belong to other mold maker that design them.Not Reamsa.

        • Mark McNamara says:

          Thanks Erwin, I saw the words Gim ( Jim ?) , Reamsa and resin ,thought maybe someone took some old Reamsa figures and maybe converted them,what ever they are ,they are pretty cool !

          • erwin says:

            Yes they are nice designed figures, not doubt, the figure was done by GIM ,not Jim-(another French toy soldier company).
            GIM/REAMSA was a corp that was last try to sale in market after 70′ using ex Reamsa,GIM and Maralet molds under branded (FIGURAMA)
            They even try making in plastic some of metal figures nad reverse later using some plastic mold figures to resin and lead. Did not work well and close soon..
            I’m not good in resin at all ,so I can not said not more on specific figure.
            Spaniards production were by far larger than Italian and most Europe ,they compete in variation with France,UK nad Germany often passing them in some categories.
            Spaniards figures first were made of hard rubber, then soft plastic painted, very few ever hard plastic painted, later 70’s most unpainted soft plastic ,not the one used in resent recast reamsa or jecsan using less petroleum plastic type.
            The interesting part is most big Spaniards company produced massive playset specific base in American films and TV series ,coping even characters in clothing style and poses.
            That was never done by any other country in Europe in that scale they did.
            Bad part ,most were never imported to US;in the late 60’s I think!?, few stores in main cities such NYC in US carry them packed in a combined Spanish and American packing. But they last few in market and not all was bring at all as were repacked and orders were have to be made using a third party. According to what I red is because restriction of commerce from Spain under Franco by US imports.
            Most Spaniards toys brought to US come using Mexico entrance first.

            I was first introduced to Spaniard figures as gift brought to me from Spain by priest that educate me pretty much. They often bring me bags of then mix made out of donation from Spain church. My older brother got the most and later past to me, he only collect trains now

          • admin says:

            The Spanish figures were brought in by Korvettes a Department store chain. Also a hobby shop got them in Maryland. another story I heard was a gentleman was importing tires from Spain and was able to use any unused space for anything else and bought toy soldiers in one time. This was up in the Massachusetts area.

          • erwin says:

            Thanks Admin,that help to increase information,I will pass it to Spaniards blogs so they add too. I noticed they knew were sold and limited distributed ,but none mention the name.
            I appreciate the input and name of stores. You had mention before you saw and bough them but I was lost in there, thank you jump

          • admin says:

            If you have the Korvettes’ boxes Spanish collectors will pay a premium for them. My luck was buying a collection from a gentleman who collected Spanish Figures from the hobby store in Maryland. and I bought a lot from an auction in the UK. I got my first taste seeing some of the Spanish figures in Barry Blood’s collection.
            Today you would have to go to a non-Spanish toy solder show to get them at a reasonable price. Plastic Warrior show which is in 12 days would be one source for these figures. The Spanish figures rarely show up here at our shows as I would right on to them. Possible exception is OTSN where Ric Braccomontes shows up with foreign figures for sale.

          • erwin says:

            Do you recall the wordings in the window cases sold of reamsa and any trade other name give.!?
            Also do you recall any other main brand such puchol,PH ,Rojas and Jecsan sold too?
            I’m passing info in to Spaniards now and will like add more x them .I inform them of you and pass direct link of this blog ,so they can get here too. Some already read it…

          • admin says:

            I have to see if I have any boxes left. If I do I will photograph it. It is always a hassle to get to the collection at times.

    • erwin says:

      Mark the link did not come…

  163. Ed Borris says:

    E J Korvettes? I remember that store we had some of those and Turnstyles. Turnstyles always had a great toy selection.

  164. ed borris says:

    The Roman game was Conquest the Empire.

  165. Mike Mullins says:

    Does anyone have a wheel that I can use at the helm of a Barzso schooner? They DID have them, didn’t they? Also, I bought 2 of the smaller Lone Star Zulus. Anyone have any they might sell?

    • Greg Liska says:

      Mike – My wooden ships I used some off of the MPC ships. I think I have one for you if you want it. You have my email. Let me know.

  166. George Albany says:

    Anybody go to either the Gettysburg Show or the Philadelphia MFCA show? I was unable to attend either and wondered if I missed anything good. If someone posted, I must have missed it and apologize for my oversight.

    • Don Perkins says:

      I also wish, if someone here attended the Gettysburg Show, that they would post some comments on it. I am interested in who was there, and especially about John Stengel Jr.’s Civil War General Hancock offering.

  167. erwin says:

    Nice I had seen them a lot, rare in this condition because rubber material and paint deterioration.Incredible Sun rubber least did a True WW2 M2/3 star halftrack and others pre 1941 in real 1.32 scale, too bad they are not detail and crude crafted. I had been tented to get some ,but at close inspection I always pass…Nice realistic toys !!

    When LIDO,Payton,Auburn,IDEAL,MPC and Marx did them, they mess historical a lot and in scale all time .In the big scale hard plastic Marx training center previews vehicles they mess again with odd tank and armor cars plus very poor done 155 self-propelled post WW2 , the Halftrack looks to poor detailed and else,same in DUCK. I wonder how difficult was x all these company to take a simple view are WW2 real armor as most no even represent Korea armor either!!??.
    Only close 1.32 scale M26-tank Marx #51 with mini cannon is the closes we can get from Marx and so far insane priced as mold never found again.

    Tim Mee did good Vietnam scale Deuce truck BUT mess scale in M48 ,the good scale rare experimental car was for not use other than toy, a huge jeep and one early WW2 poor detail armor car-only truly WW2 1.30 scale done by US main toy maker.
    In the other hand..
    Jecsan did a real 1.30 scale all plastic Sherman ,US ww2 universal truck and two cannon plus few others included a British anti tank WW cannon.
    Pech hermanos did some close too. Least in same scale as figures.
    French makers such COFALU and Quiralou produced nice plastic scale NATO ,most French tank and trucks too in plastic with good simple detail.
    I wish all those mold could be redone as will bring a lot nice 60 mm scale vehicles.

  168. ed borris says:

    The BMC Sherman isn’t half bad neither are their Amtracks or Higgins Boats. A little small, but not as bad as Marx.

    • erwin says:

      Yes,Ed. You are right,the BMC are not bad I think over criticized I guess because today products are seen by us more purist historical accurate. The Sherman was done x the 1.30 scale, the K tiger as 1.32 w too (w short cannon too),the Amtrak was correct in 1.32,the landing craft was more 1.36 scale .Any how those are today products and all 4 taken from Scottish British company original mold K&C.
      Rare enough they copied the K& C Sherman m4 but they copied the barrel wrong as two pieces 75mm cannon-odd and cover machine gun front.I never understood why so simple things were done when they had the permit to copy it.
      But much better than any ,Airfix never released by airfix but under CTS first m4/3B Sherman is the more accurate done in 1.32 plastic simple as toy ,but again a today product from before 70’s .
      Ideal did a m3 halftrack and a DUCK but off scale x 1.32 ,more for their own 70 mm figures and too poor detail.
      The two big m26 and M153 that I had sold recast from original ideal/Marx rare mold are more toy type with shooting too width barrels and for 70 mm scale pretty much too. A version was used in ideal Anzio invader original playset, both had a shooting shell and spring open barrel to fire .Other version is attributed to Marx or sold by Marx but mold real maker is a mystery.
      I found one varied cloned version in same scale in Mexico no long ago and brought x sale here. When compere with Marx and ideal ,they had differences in wheels and few other minor parts.Definitely a 3er mold same size/scale was done. Any how both are base in Korean war and later models and match 70 mm scale, not smaller.
      Tim mee-70’s did an M41 bulldog and rare m60 version in very big scale=1.25 I think! .Again scales off. They were original sold with back part open/close cover to put Viet nam era 60’s GI’s inside as carrier. The crew head on turret had a big head compere to regular 65/70 mm figures. Tank was off too big again.
      Later u still see them around x 10-15.00 a piece. I think Tim mee later mold owner release both again recast recently too.

  169. Mark McNamara says:

    The person is also selling a Sun brand tank

  170. Ed Borris says:

    Those are some ugly WWI looking tanks except for the halftrack of course. I guess the one could pass for a Grant which was used in WWII and did give the Germans some trouble in North Africa.

    • Erwin says:

      Ed.they are not WW1.But yes ughly and made rubber from rubber/silicone mold simple piece.They are now heavy and hard as a rock.I had got in my hand and if a kid would play with it now would be an issue and recall.
      But as toys incredible represent real tank models and in 1.32 scale
      If u got in your hand on one you would not like the halftrack either.

  171. Ed Borris says:

    I had the halftrack as a kid, way too small for Auburn GI’s that often accompanied the piece, along with the undersized tank, jeep and cannon. Of course the greasegun was overized on the GI. The best greasegun guy ever was the Eldon lefty. Auburn probably had the best non-fighting poses of any GI’s, not too many depections in toy soldiers of a guy smoking a cigarette.

    • Erwin says:

      Ed.The aurburn haltrack is not same series as this tank.This tank w out turret made by auburn in link above I posted was coping Sun Rubber tank larger size.The plastic and small light rubber aurburn tank you talknig is a M26 very alike the small #41 Marx playground tank .It was designed together with a crude jeep a cannon and halftrack all in A maller 1:48 scale or almost as same those marx battleground armor .Yes,as you said correct ,not in scale with 70 mm post WW2 Gis
      Again the same issue repeated as toy makers majing underscale armor x soldiers set.
      Aurburn only made one large tank(abobe link),base in same Sun rubber tank in larger scale and heavy rubber.

      The SUN RUBBER tank depict is a M2 medium tank produced in 1939/1940 never deployed by US ,BUT used as extensive training x all tank crews .
      14 were sold to dutch colonial asian forces and used in action.
      3 captured and used by japanese were used agaist American forses in Filipina.
      One is still at a museum there.
      Part of it chassis is were designed the M3 medium grant and lee tanks.
      Using same suspension used by most US WW armor attack vehicles .Till later development implementation of new system.

  172. Ed Borris says:

    Yeah I know that tank isn’ t from the same series as the other items I mentioned. I had all the Auburn stuff as a kid and I still have all the GI’s and the cannon. In fact I still have a lot of my GI’s from when I was a kid. Timpo Foreign Legion the semi painted variety, my Cresent Red Devils and Marx Battleground Marines and GI’s. Of course a host of Lido and Timmee too. Even those metallic blue Timmee clones.

  173. Erwin says:

    Ed.And what else…
    Did u miss any…kidding :-)!!!
    Sound like u never stop playing I guess WOW!! 🙂
    U mention metallic tim mee clone!
    I though were made by time mme.So who did them?
    And I never got those by the way so u
    bit me there.I saw few one day and pass as I have the olive normal colors.
    I also saw one red .

  174. Ed Borris says:

    What else, Eldon, I got my Eldon’s from the landing craft, I left out the two 60mm Marx I have and some old MPC. They originally thought the metallic blue were made by Eldon, but Kent set everyone straight, not sure of the company name something obscure. I got mine when I was a kid because I liked the color.Oh yeah, I also have my Remco Horrible Hamilton GI’s and two Ideal gangsters. Strangely enough my Payton GI’s didn’t make it. I do have the Payton machine guns though, they survived.

  175. Erwin says:

    Yes.I red about Eldon in Kent before.
    But like always the benefit of doubts come.
    If Eldon did then they cloned as u said the exact mold.Or they got hand in same mold as many had done before.

    Any how is a mistery as not body will know by now I guess x sure.But those are interesting figures.
    Word pass in Info had been taking in this hobby as real fact refference with out consistency and prooves.The lack of real data had let to some myths and made out history about brands base in few comments.
    Hamilton Gis are nice and 70 mm but in my collection only one original and other rare coped from Europe.
    Payton I think I got few 45mm.if those are the one plus later recast landing craft.

  176. erwin says:

    ideal did a truck in hard plastic very alike the tim mme deuce in 1.32 or a1.30 scale match x seated later poses they did, I think x the explosion bridge sets or else.
    also the PT boat is pretty much it.But again when they did the tank (M46) they mess the scale. This things with tank always bother me.Why they have go on and off in scale with their own figures.?
    I do not have any LIdo or payton armor and Aurburn,i pass on them all time. Only few payton soldiers.
    When payton Chinese made recast landing craft appear in early 90′ I bought 12 of them, once BMC appear I sold most my Payton cloned.

    Atlantic did a 1.32 scale or 1.30 line. The German Side car is the best, a bit minor detail are off but real 1.30 =65/70 mm scale least with nice 3 crew poses .I think better than Britain that is more accurate in detail but metal cast and underscale =1.35 for riders 1.32 and wrong depicted with MG42.I end with 6 Atlantic sidecar
    The Schwimmwagen from Atlantic is excellent in 1.30 scale, I manage got many years ago in a loose lot from Spain and end with 9 complete and two partials.The metal most parts Britain Kübelwagen is under scale x their 1.32 figures crew.

    Most Atlantic cannons are ok but post ww2 in many cases. The German 4xAA is way too big in cannon barrel-rest is accurate, but I used as 3.5caliber 4X AA limited produced. The AA cannon is actual a late 1943 Italian naval submarine cannon.
    The land rover ambulance is good x Korea. The commando jeep is fine but not too accurate , the landing craft was done way too small with small odd jeep inside.
    The rare Atlantic 88mm I got 4 and had sold several after I got hand in a cheap lot from Italy years ago. If more realistic that Marx and odd Ideal pieces ,only part rare is cannon with fire spring mechanism ,but very easy to convert it;The rest is extremely accurate with folding legs and wheels levels that move.
    The modern M113 is great too done in 2 version(one with mortar and other with close top back) ,The leopard tank is true 1.32 scale and nice with open hatches, the US m155 self-propelled carrier is nice with only odd cannon that again could be easy converted to perfection accurate if like. These last three are the harder to get as less produced done in last year of Atlantic company. I saw in an Italian blog a advertise where they show a Sherman model and Japanese tank to be done in 1.30 scale.Apparently it was publication made in 1977 and never produced and if mold done too late by now.
    I only got one of each of three modern NATO armor and not cheap when got them.

    Atlantic Gatling gun and limber and wagons are not bad either. But they mess with cannon that looks like the big cannon of Moscow.
    They did a 60’s antiaircraft rocket that depict a real modern system( I forgot name now-sorry)and the helicopter is indeed base in a German ww2 prototype.
    I think I cover all from them. May be I forgot one…

    • Don Perkins says:

      What are we to make of these? Are they really recasts from the original Marx molds? Have the Cpt. Gallant Arab molds actually been discovered?

  177. ed borris says:

    MPC did in scale vehicles, maybe a little too big, but not too big for their figures. Granted they weren’t the greatest vehicles or the most historically accurate. If you wanted in scale tanks as a kid you had to get model tanks, I had a collection at one time, but my mom used to knock them off the shelf all the time dusting. Or, you could go miniature and buy Airfix figures and Roco tanks. They were pretty cheap and you could put a lot of armor out there for your battles. I still have most of them as well as the Airfix figures somewhere.

    • erwin says:

      Yes MPC were in scale base in hatch size, but they do nor represent any near WW2 or even Korea, in fact one is very close to soviet 70’s track vehicle, wile other appear to be a far cry of M29 Weasel very bad done ,the tank had the odd shape ever of a mix Stalin 3 chassis with and odd M60A2 turret type-not exact and long barrel. I got one each recast when they appear in 90’s and put to sale immediately. Too ugly looking x me and Jeep they did was almost same scale as Armor.
      From MPC only I kept is the nice Bunker, much better than Marx.

  178. ed borris says:

    Interesting he say’s they were made in Mexico. From what I have heard there were a great many Marx molds down there and they weren’t sure what was all down there. However, I doubt they were made from the original molds, no reason just a gut feeling.

    • erwin says:

      Will have to wait and see.
      Classic recast had pull wherever Marx mold left in Mexico and is all over the place and over reacasted and on sale by most dealer(all at same exact price of course);but these are from a complete different other place I guess!!

  179. Greg Liska says:

    It’s really tough to tell. The shininess may mask the detail of the sculpt. Either way, it’s nice to have them available. We need the FFL recast or copied now, too.

  180. Billy Hill says:

    I remember buying a plastic Sherman tank in, of all places, the supermarket. This was in, approximately, 1968. The noteworthy thing about this tank was that it was eminently in scale with the single TimMee figure that came with it. One of the axles was ribbed and this engaged with a flap molded into the tank body to make a noise when the tank was rolled. I don’t remember the manufacturer’s mark from the package and I have not been able to locate any information about it, even in Kent’s excellent site. It would SEEM to have been a TimMee product, given the figure that came with it, but by this time, the Viet Nam style GIs were being issued. I never found another one.

  181. Billy Hill says:

    Thanks Greg, that’s a good thought, but the pose was the running GI with a grease gun. It also had a base. I haven’t found a figure similar to that amongst the Ideal guys. Neither have I found the tank.

  182. Billy Hill says:

    It isn’t any of the tanks in the pictures in the Bing link either.

  183. Greg Liska says:

    The guy running w/ M-3 Grease gun was one that is among the Ideal look-alikes. Paul had a pic of the Ideal grenade guy on here some months ago cast in hard plastic, with a base. Has to be a copy of some sort, I figure. This link is to Toy Soldier HQ, 3/4 down shows the GIs. The grease gun guy is the second pose from left, top row.

  184. ed borris says:

    There were some slightly smaller Ideal figures with bases that came with the Anzio Invader set, they were soft plastic though.

  185. ed borris says:

    Those are MPC guys pictured with the tank, I got a bunch of them that survived childhood.

  186. Greg Liska says:

    Yup, it was definitely not one of them. On that subject, I picked up a poly bag w/ header card of those figures as a kid. I have some now. I wish there were more poses. They were great sculpts.

    • Greg Liska says:

      I meant the Ideal guys, not the 45mm MPC guys. They were firecracker fodder growing up. I had a bunch in my collection, but dumped them about 2 years ago.

  187. ed borris says:

    I remember some hard plastic Ideal GI’s from when I was a kid, they came in hard plastic and were silver, the knights were done that way too in silver , no bases though. They broke easily and didn’t survive my childhood. I haven’t seen any at any shows anywhere and I don’t remember how they were sold either. I don’t remember having many of them for the knights I had the two mounted poses and the only GI I can remember was the guy standing with the BAR, I may have had the crawling guy too, my memory is fuzzy on which guys I had.

  188. Greg Liska says:

    Billy – Are you really S-U-R-E it was an M-4 Sherman (or looked a lot like one)? When you’re a little kid, things look more like what you want and it was a long time ago, etc., etc., etc. How many of us were able to tell one tank from another as a pre-teen, anyway? There’s some stuff I’d come into after not having seen it since my childhood that doesn’t look a whole lot like I remembered it.

  189. Erwin says:

    There is not Sherman made as far I know from any us maker till CTS.
    The ideal undersacle is a bad done hybrid patton M46.
    Ideal also made a much bigger used in anzio invade large landing craft, is the M26 perishing.
    It was done in.1.28 scale aproxw and also the M53/55 selfproelled Korean era in same scale.
    Both were sold in lime green and silver tracks,later in orange and D.O .they have overthick cannon barrel and shoot shells as I described above.
    A second mold atributed to marx was done.
    I third cloned mold w minor variotion from mexico appear later and is the one I had x sale now,only two left.
    They could be place near aurburn or ideal soldiers as they are 70/72 mm high .

    Marx #41,#51 and aurburn small are M26 pershing.all w too short cannon.Only #51 is true 1.32 scale but very priced

    • erwin says:

      I meant in scale with figures 1.32/1.30 other than odd Eldon shooting shells and big cannon made in for 70 mm figures or larger.

  190. Billy Hill says:

    None of the Anzio Invader figures are in that pose.

  191. Billy Hill says:

    Greg, I’m CERTAIN that it was a Sherman. It stood out from the other toy tanks that were available at the time because of that.

  192. Billy Hill says:

    I’ve been through Kent’s site more than once. The figure did not match any of the Ideal figures. The tank is not the Eldon version. it did not fire.

  193. Billy Hill says:

    The tank was all green plastic, no silver and the cannon did not fire.

    • ERWIN says:

      Thanks Mark. Nice finding
      I had seen it often, not rare at all. But also small scale x me.I rather like more the Remco models.
      I think price is a bit high in my opinion.
      My thoughts..

  194. ed borris says:

    Nice item, I bet that goes high,

    • Erwin says:

      Well looks like is as already high!?
      No clue in how crazy they sale any how.
      Nice detail…too bad never made smaller.

  195. erwin says:

    Who did this beauty. Well least x me is a rare odd nice plastic toy in good scale..

  196. Erwin says:

    Thanks admin and Andy.

  197. Mike Mullins says:

    Has anyone noticed the Marx Untouchables barrels on Ebay, starting at $49.00 plus? Are these really original items from the set? I hope so, I have 2 of them. This is a serious inquiry. Thanks! mike

    • Greg Liska says:

      I looked. I’m astonished. Are they particularly rare? I just picked up a bunch of the CTS recasts, 2 sets of character figs and 3 sets of the copies from Mexico with the football coach (?) pose added. The ones I got were silver, going well with the grey CTS figures and even the ‘coach’ had a base that looked a lot like a regular Untouchables base. I might get a set of the accessories. I just saw a good deal on the CTS recasts and went from there.

  198. Mark T. says:

    Does anyone know anything about these metal WW2 US GI figures? At first I thought they were plastic, but they are actually metal. They look to be late 1960s or 1970s production due to the level of detail which was not seen in metal figures of the50s and earlier. Some of the poses, such as the officer and the wounded man are pretty good, but the soldier on the far right who seems to be fencing with his M1 as if he were a Musketeer armed with a rapier is pretty strange.

    • Erwin says:

      No idea ,but two poses looks similar to the 45 mm poses from Eldon also done by Aurora.

    • admin says:

      They are Monogram. They did Prussians, Revolution War and WWII which is the one shown, they were sold unpainted.

    • Erwin says:

      Is true he look like using the M1 as a musketters and with out balloonet I guess he will end bad in the match.
      I like other.
      Never knew monogram did metal.Intersting
      seen those poses or similar under Aurora that I think end as monogram too.!?
      I dont know there,then revel
      I think some are listed in Kent site.
      Long ago I saw marx civil war in metal painted and unpainted at a toy show.
      Fortunately I do not collect metal otherwise I would be broken.

      • admin says:

        Aurora never did metal who ever listed them as such had it wrong. The metal figures of the Marx Civil War were unauthorized copies.

        • erwin says:

          Admin I ,sorry I was not referring to metal, I was talking about the plastic eldon poses being copied by aurora and monogram or wherever they did first. They have some poses very alike above link
          I do not know any about metal-no clue in that hobby. I miss explain poor above. Sorry.
          interesting about the Marx I had seen then al over I had never compere but probably downscaled cloned .
          some in NJ-Hackensack had then all time least till 2014

  199. The metal soldiers were made by Strombecker

    • Mark T. says:

      Thanks guys! I googled and Kent is absolutely right. These are 5 out of 6 figures from the Strombecker Battle of Iwo Jima set, which can be seen here:

      Looks like these were sold more as miniature models for hobbyists rather than being aimed at the kids’ toy market. I guess modellers were not so discriminating back then. They have a real kid’s toy feel to them with the odd poses and not-quite-there historic accuracy of the sculpts.

      I had assumed they were Hong Kong made kids toys which had been reproduced from plastic originals and marketed similar to Lone Star’s Metallions. My guess for a manufacturer would have been Blue Box.

      • Brian Nielsen says:

        Yes, Strombecker made an AWI artillery set, a WWI set with a prisoner interrogation at Liege, Belgium and a ACW set as well as this WWII set. Each set had 4-6 figures. They were not especially well cast really, lots of flash. As an eclectic (confused?) collector/maker I have a couple of each of these sets. One saving grace is that they were well designed to complement each other in a small diorama. E.g. all the civil war soldiers (One mounted) are charging. These sets were also exceedingly heavy, even for metal.

    • admin says:

      You are right too many companies to remember these days

  200. Mark McNamara says: some promotional figures I really liked the Tarzan figures great sculpting/imagination !

  201. Mike Mullins says:

    What time period were the adventures of Captain Gallant supposed to take place in? Thanks! Mike

    • Erwin says:

      Well by uniform and gear.weapon plus arabs type it suppose to be interwar 1920 to 1940.Yet in few you see post WW 2 anacronic vehicles .

      • erwin says:

        Mike another odd answer is because I had not see too many TV programs I can tell the uniforms used were post WW2 in the ones I seen wile Marx figures uniforms are pre 1940 uniforms in most minus two main characters.
        But Marx FFL soldiers use the uniform officially supplied from 1867 till 1938,still around during WW2 .In 1947 a complete new uniform updated in 1955 again was adopted. Long coat was complete eliminated in 1946 in FFL standard uniform.
        MARX FFL soldiers are much better for Beu Geste and others action depiction.
        Starlux and Cofalu FFL figures represent the more accurate as TV Captain Gallant programs made.
        The TV program was filmed in 1953/1956 in French morocco , as the war for independence start, production move to Southern Italy and many extras were Italian, some scenes of Arabs running on horses in desert were separated filmed in Spaniard morocco .

  202. bill nevins says:

    TD They are 60-65 mm figures. Usually found in rubber with bent weapons. Later issues can be found in plastic. Like the auction above.

  203. Mark McNamara says:

    Are These original late issued Auburn or copies or reissues ?

  204. ed Borris says:

    Yeah I have owned some of those plastic weird colored Auburn figures too. I also figured they were later edition versions, but I don’t know for sure, some of the reds were unusual looking too from what I remember and they were rather a stiff plastic.

    • Wayne W says:

      I always loved the Auburn figures for their poses and sculpting but never was crazy about owning them (though I have some in my collection) because they were so out of scale with my other guys. It is one of my pipe dreams if I ever get a 3-D printer to scale these poses (and some others) down to a compatible size with my main collection. I may have mentioned before I’d like to bulk up some of the Marx Germans (as well as “dirty” them up to make them less parade ground) to match the newer stuff as well. Not a major ambition, but something that crosses my mind occasionally.

  205. Erwin says:

    I like more the detail in my rubbers,but later plastic resolved the bending issues.
    Any how thesr almost transluset w mold exess are new to me.
    I notices same plastic exess mold problem in all former rubber mold figures from Aurburn once done in plastic.In GIs I preffer the rubber.

  206. erwin says:

    Here is a single pioneer rubber sample-more detail looking but (with same dirty issue) and bending problem that did not happen in harder plastic later Auburn much


    Another interesting mint bag of AURBUR GI’S

  207. ed Borris says:

    Picked up some interesting things yesterday, Including a few old Auburn GI an Indian and one Cowboy.

    The interesting items were 1/72 Atlantic, they came in two boxes Round Up Cowboys and Buffalo Hunt, but inside the boxes aside from the advertised sets which were included we must have gotten 50 buffalos and a mostly intact sprue of the Outlaws they were all there just that a couple came off the sprue and most if not all of the Sioux Camp set.

    The weird thing was, Elastolin nude men and women unpainted model type figures, the women cam in 1/32 and 1/24, not sure about the men too weird.

    • admin says:

      Sounds like the person mixed boxes as I have never heard of Atlantic mis-packing their boxes.
      Elastolin did the nude figures at one point at least 10 years ago if not longer

  208. ed Borris says:

    I’m sure it was the owner and they must have had a lot of Buffalo Hunt sets to get that many buffalos, has to be at least 50 of them. He kept the boxes with the cellophane still on them, but the wrong figures inside. I have never owned an Atlantic 1/72 set, they always put multiple sprues in the 1/72nd didn’t they? I also got a Waterloo Custer and that had four sprues in it.

  209. TDBarnecut says:

    I had some Waterloo Custer figures but they were obvious forgeries

  210. Jim Mc Gough says:

    Hi Paul
    The Arabs are selling well. The colors we have are gray, tan, purple and cream we do have a few red but too few to list.Also we have the MPC Pop-Top monsters. We will be getting more soon we hope. If possible kindly post our web address

  211. Jim Mc Gough says:

    Hi Paul the Arabs are selling well. We have them in gray, tan, purple and cream. We do have red also but to few to list at this time. We hope to get more soon. We also have the MPC Pop-Top monsters and Marx firehouse firemen. If possible kindly put a link to our web page.
    Jim + Dave- CTS, Inc

  212. Mike Mullins says:

    I don’t know how to attach photos, but I’d like to invite the group to check out some of my conversions listed now on Ebay. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, under PLAYSETS and Toy Soldiers 1970-now. Thanks! Mike

  213. ed Borris says:

    Good job , Mike.

    Did you ever see your Josie Wales set on the Playset Addict site?

  214. Mark T. says:

    6 very nice soldier poses in $10.00 playset at H.E.B Foods, Texas.

    My family and I just came back from our summer vacation to the Texas Gulf Coast. While at H.E.B Foods, I saw 3 large vehicle-oriented playsets. One each for police/fire, construction and military. Among the vehicles and diorama pieces each set has some very nicely done 1/32 scale figures.

    The military figures were particularly well done. They did not seem to represent any genuine army, but they could be used for mercenaries or security forces. The detail on these figures was just as good as anything in the Airfix 1/32 line. Poses were also similar to Airfix. They had “steel pot” style helmets, but modern weapons and gear. One man had a combat shotgun. I really wanted to get a set, but the set was very large, we had limited space, and I had to choose my vacation purchases wisely to avoid getting sent to the doghouse by the wife.

    Unfortunately I did not get any pictures, but maybe there is an East or Central Texas poster on here who can? Sadly, there are no H.E.Bs in El Paso so the only way I will be able to get a set is to find one on EBay or travel 3 hours or so to Big Spring.

    The H.E.B website just lists “vehicle playset” so I guess if you order one you get a random set. The listing shows the police/fire set.

  215. Mark T. says:

    No. That is not it. The set I saw had only 6 soldier figures in dark military green and as I said, they were on par with Airfix figures in detail and quality. The soldiers were each set into their own vacuformed place in the box.

    That set you linked to looks to have a large number of standard TimMee and Airfix clones.

  216. Mark T. says:

    Edit: the figures were obviously original sculpts based on the Airfix style, but definitely not copies. If Stad found them at a flea market and posted pics asking what they were, we would all be assuming Airfix made a “lost” fictional army men set. They were THAT close to Airfix quality.

    • Erwin says:

      Mark the set u posted in first link from today w police resemble tim mee later police and swat team poses ir copied
      Aree those what u talking about or other?

  217. Mark T. says:

    No Erwin, these are not TimMee copies.

    I did not take a close look at the construction or fire/police sets, but the Army set is definitely original figures and not recasts. They have what looks to be a 1970’s steel pot style helmet, (or maybe it’s supposed to be a modern smaller Kevlar helmet without the German style neck guard) but modern guns and gear. The scale seems to match Airfix exactly. The poses are Airfix-inspired, especially the prone pose, but I have never seen these soldiers before either in person or on Kent’s site or anywhere else. I wish I had gotten a picture of them. They really are great figures.

    • erwin says:

      Mark I’m not saying the figures u saw ,but those in link.
      Now about the figures you are describing and not pic…
      Do the prone figure appear to have a shot gun modern type military style!?

  218. Mark T. says:

    I believe he may have had a modern shotgun or possibly a light MG. A standing man definitely had a modern shotgun held at waist level. There was also a standing officer with a semi-automatic pistol. If I recall there were also standing and kneeling firing. I’m a little hazy on the exact poses as I saw these near the beginning of my vacation. There were six poses, and they were in dark military green.

    • erwin says:

      I Think I got those guys, will send pic by tomorrow, but if are those being around x long, in semi painted and not painted version. If some poses are base in Airfix WW2 US infantry poses .
      Sold in playset box as that and also in bags.
      I could be wrong of course and being others as we are talking blind here…

      • Bobby G. Moore says:

        Anybody figure out what these are? I wonder if these are the same figures that came in the set by Boley sold in K-Mart in the 90’s? They were Airfix like. Or, could they be the New Ray figures?

        • Erwin says:

          Bobby that is what I got too;the Boley figures ,I got same playset.I’m almost positive those are!!
          Few weeks ago Bill Nevins found a set, his set should have those poses as well
          They are extracted from original 7 poses Airfix Gi’s with modern type helmet/gear uniform and 90’s type modern weapon.Some redesigned nice figures just using same poses of airfix.
          Sold by Boley with big trailer rocket launcher, nice tank(m60)=”not copied from TIM Mee) and bridge track vehicle. Also sold under other brand by 2003.
          I got all minus box as I mentioned before ,I will send picture this Monday or Tuesday or get direct email fro me to Mark with it …
          The other set with fire and police rescue figures I got too .
          What happen as toys become sold x long Chinese companies as well in pas many US did too pass molds or else to others and just repack and sold under other brands,is same history all over again.

  219. Jon Burk says:

    Something I picked up at the Westcoaster toy soldier Show in March:

    Zorro mounted figure 4 1/2 inches tall with pistol in right hand and sword in left hand. It came with a white hollow body horse with yellow saddle. The horse is 6 inches tall to the top of its head and 9 inches long from tip of the nose to the ed of the tail. I could not find a manufacturer’s name anywhere on the pieces. Can anyone identify this for me. I could send a photo but I’m not sure how to do this.

    It was an interesting find for me, since I’ve enjoyed Zorro since first seeing the Mark of Zorro movie and reruns of the Disney Zorro series in reruns as a kid.

    Second Zorro question: re. Marx Zorro hacienda. The stairs are a hard piece to locate. Has there ever been a reproduction made. There is something similar; stairs for army barracks which might work. I have seen those available. Any body know about those?

  220. Jon Burk says:

    Paul, i would like to send you some comments on my thoughts and photos from and about the Westcoaster Toy Soldier Show in March. How can I do that?

  221. Don Perkins says:

    Jon, I don’t know about repro. Marx Zorro stairs, but Toy Soldier HQ (Kent Sprechker) sells a reissue set of stairs for the 2-story Marx Armed Forces Camp barracks building.

    • Don Perkins says:

      Correction: It isn’t a “set of stairs”. It’s a ladder with a railed landing at the top which attaches to the Armed Forces barracks building.

    • erwin says:

      I will call that more an antique than vintage, that toy is a museum old piece.
      Nice find,price is right to me.

  222. Mark McNamara says:

    Thanks again for the info Erwin ! That mobile cannon piece is so goofy looking that I love it ! Wonder if it could have been based on any actual test cannon real or just proposed in a blue print ?

    • Erwin says:

      Mark, is very close base in a naval cannon used in the crimea war.I will google later if any direct link.I know I saw in one of my book and was used in war.
      But I had see that funny cannon made by other toys maker too.
      Will look later.

      • Erwin says:

        Same as aperantly odd Atlantic brand civil war cannon.
        It is base in true models from crimea war cannon used.
        Just type google (crimea war cannons) and will see pictures and actual museum conserved pieces that resemble atlantic piece a lot.

  223. Mark McNamara says:

    Yes, I have seen those but I don’t recall anything quite like the toy that looks like a primitive assault tank or self propelled anti tank vehicle ?

    • Erwin says:

      No ,the naval cannon in not on wheels just w the cover protector type top part was place on wheels
      Nothing self propelled I had see.
      Neither exist
      The battom part look like a train in this toy.

  224. Mark McNamara says:

    Thanks again
    Erwin !

    • Erwin says:

      Mark sorry let me rectify ,because I’m not expert neither know a lot .
      First regarding the toy is very interesting and indeed rare in that condition, I know Japanese copied it and sold pre 1930 version,but never see size or it in hand as I’m not a fan of metal toys otherwise would be crazy with so much already.LOL!!
      About possible cannon.As far I know I do not have any knowledge of it as seen in toy was done .Now that a blue print or experimental may had been done I do not have doubt as from 1840 to 1890 when the innovation of steam, metal and industrial revolution the invention were the most odd and rare.
      The Cannon I was referring is base in naval model. During crimea war in the rush the wood and ironclad ships land most their cannon to be used as field artillery against Sebastopol, both Russian and allied(French ,British ,Italian and Turks) developed in the field improvised artillery pieces out of naval cannon extracted from ships, often mounting then in rails to move forward to front, the shield funnel front cover is typical of era pre turret system been developed by French marine. So it could well be taken from a particular model off.
      Interesting data during the bloody Crimea war the development of (modern medicine,field hospital and official Red cross was born) also the field mechanical- engineer corp too) It is a forgotten but very important war in invention and consequences.
      Ironical poor touched in toy soldiers
      Sample the rare toy base in actual real sample is the later TIM mee armored car(TM719) was indeed taken from a prototype never field but actually made and tested.Lockheed XM800W
      So your assumption is complete correct base and I agree.
      Sorry before I express as I know all, I’m not at all please.
      I was just giving a quick fast answer.
      now I’m investigating as often I get interested in things like that.

  225. erwin says:

    I need identification and more information about who made these and if any more /else please.

    • admin says:

      The two military type figures are by Deluxe Reading. They are part of playset that was sold only in Grocery Stores at Christmas time. There are 10 different figures plus a space dog. According to Kent Sprecher’s site They were part of playsets XL-500 and Rocket Base. He has photos of the figures. the figure should be white not gray.
      The other figure is Bert from May Poppins. It is a cereal giveaway.

      • Erwin says:

        Thanks admin.
        Great to know.Never see then before.Apresiate information

      • Jon Burk says:

        I remember Bert dancing with a broom and umbrella but this looks like a gun, but he may be pretending it’s a gun in the dance number. Interesting figures.

  226. Brian Johnson says:

    3D Printer produced Israeli Soldiers:

  227. erwin says:

    I agree in so small figures so costly are not way ,if done in 54 mm I will imagine would be 5 times that!
    About 3D system and my research so far.
    3D scanning, designing and printing system for mass or limited run producing figures sets is still very costly for profit unless have a big budgets to invest(Industrial printer machines only to produce these figures sets ) cost least from 20 000-30 000 by research made recently. This is not counting designing program and scanners needed x perfection finish test and testing.

    If you want scan and make your own few figures ,you can do your own by buying a more cheap system.(5-8000) Now these more affordable machines have some negatives.
    1-They get warm and hot a lot easy after just few printing and require long period cooling.
    2-They use the spooling material in two types generally that is sold by mm sizes and is costly and very fast spend.
    3-They pull a lot electricity consuming and power from regular circuits panels ,need a lot protecting system x rest of electronic to avoid damage if using panels from 200-300.
    4-They need a lot cleaning and maintenance with products that are very time consuming every few works.
    5- If designing and no scanning=coping, you need to buy several 3D PROGRAMS to work it in computer and need a good fast computer to load all these programs and have then work good and communicate fast w printer to avoid printing missing detail errors.
    6- Indusial printer /scanner prices are going up in prices and not down .
    7-Commercial-(not x big production) lever 3 and 4 printer are high price and will go down eventually but none had pass the negatives issues of above.

    Generally speaking is still long way for business to run in 3D unless willing invest a lot and work it yourself.
    (Industrial printers required special electricity power and panels )
    It can not be done from a home please!!

  228. Mark T. says:

    Has anyone got this particular Tehnolog set in SOFT plastic that they would like to sell to me? There are soft plastic Tehnolog sets on eBay again, but they do not seem to have reissued this set. I believe they are called “Wolf’s Hounds”. If you have a set you want to sell, please let me know how much you would want for it. Thanks very much!

    • Erwin says:

      Mark.Sorry,not me.
      Your best bet is direct from russian sellers.
      Most soft series come in bag and I had seen then a lot from there very cheaper.
      I got the hard series and few soft but not double to spare.I notice been sold in bags that said made in china too.Aperrantly Russians also made in China…

  229. Mark T. says:

    Hi Erwin,

    I have been buying a lot of the soft sets cheaply on eBay lately but they did not include the Wolf’s Hounds in this release. They aren’t shown on the bag with the pictures of the other sets. I will try asking some of the dealers I am buying from if they have any old stock available. I do have this set in hard plastic, but I really would like it in soft plastic as well.

    • Erwin says:

      Ural toys stores is one of the retailers that sale then there.I check the supplier still carry it in bags x them.
      But it depend on seller if want get it x u and sale to you.
      I will ask one of mine later and let u know.

  230. Mark T. says:

    That would be great, Erwin. I’d like either the Wolf’s Hounds alone or the Wolf’s Hounds vs. Serpent Men combo set if Wolf’s Hounds alone is unavailable. As long as I get the Wolf’s Hounds in soft plastic I will be happy! I find it hard to navigate the untranslated Cyrillic sites.

    • Mark T. says:

      I bought the Werewolves already. They ARE very cool, but I wanted the human Wolf’s Hounds to be their arch enemies. I have been planning to play some fantasy skirmish games with my son before back-to-school time using my old Melee/Wizard rules and my Tehnolog fantasy figures, Airfix & Accurate men at arms and Dollar Store Skeleton Warriors. It should be fun, IF I can ever tear him away from the Xbox, that is.

      • erwin says:

        I just get back from main suppliers and URAL toys web site,also contact two sellers.
        The set had not been released in soft plastic as new series edition yet!..
        It was released in box first in original very hard stiff plastic
        Then in same set with 5 enemy(Varangian’s) figures poses and a partial castle and in a Larger case Game set ,
        Last ,not as early stiff in bag-sprue set but not the latest series soft plastic made in color variants as last sets.(they said!?)
        I also check a Russian blog and got same response from a guy there too.
        One case small set and one large case game are listed now on eBay. Not bag.
        I also check Andrey web site
        I do not know what soft plastic they refer but I bet is like the ORIET -90’s early set brands no longer done now .
        I got few of softer more easy to convert and cut later in the historical series version only. I think because popularity for war gamers they had been produced in soft versus others early set.

  231. Mark T. says:

    Hi Erwin,

    Thank you very much for looking into this! It’s strange that they said this set had never been released in soft plastic. I know that the current series of soft Tehnolog figures does not include Wolf’s Hounds, but about two or three years ago, when Tehnolog first released their soft series, I am sure they had this set. Here is a picture showing the Wolf”s Hounds vs. Snake Men first on the left.

    I bought another set in this series in identical packaging at that time and the figures were definitely soft plastic like the current series. When I went back to order this particular set, they were sold out.

    A year before that, I bought them as hard silver plastic figures in a cardboard box:

    Anyhow, thanks again for looking into it. Maybe they will release these in their next series.

    • Erwin says:

      If read well as my english is as good as russian is they said or talk about stiff and plastic different from stiff in the comment answers I got from two guys.Read again please=sorry.So that may be the one u saw but has not been release in bags series that is the actual packing used by suppliers.
      Last technolog series are pack in bags not blister(as the one on link) pack or old style game card case that had the stiff silver first production.
      Most be a wating or else.
      I check the 2015 catalog and is not showed.I do not have
      So will have to wait.
      I got Alex w it in want list hunting x me .He is my main Russian line supplier.
      I can send you Andrey and Alex email contact to u so u ask them too.
      Have admin send my email to u.
      Sorry if I confuse u.
      Keep in touch.

      • Erwin says:

        If a blister pack is found by then.I’m.sure they will tell me…
        Those blister come out around 2012 I think…

  232. Mark T. says:

    That would be great, Erwin! Stad, can you provide Erwin with my email? Thanks!

  233. George Albany says:

    With some of the recent posts on toy castles, I thought I’d let everyone know about an interesting book I just picked up. It’s entitled Toy Forts and Castles by Allen Hickling. Covers mostly European, especially German, forts and castles, 344 pages, and lotsa photos. I’ve just started to read/look through it, but it looks terribly interesting. Got it from Edward R. Hamilton, Bookseller, a discount seller. It was still about 45 bucks, but for anyone interested in toy forts and castles, it’s a must have.

    • erwin says:

      George ,
      Yes;I AGREE!!. The Book is great ,It cover most old toy castles ,not much of post 60’s done and most plastic are Elastolin,few French but plenty of interesting and very well documented history plus pictures.
      I had it and funny recently just sold out in my store site x just $30.00 after reading x wile.
      I mentioned about too in the nice 40 mm castle done by Mike posted here too.
      There also another book I suggest as well(The castles and Knights book), it cover most post 60′ toy castles plastic and tin/wood;pictures are not as clear as the one you got, but interesting as cover many not well known. It also much smaller but pack with pictures.
      The history written is simple and not well researched after I found out but generally speaking is worth get it if like castles.
      Is on sale on his web site or amazon direct.


      • Brian Nielsen says:

        I agree as well. It is difficult to find reference material for toy castles and forts. I have both these books and they are valuable sources for that. The Hickling book is better quality but is really much better for old and very old castles. Photos are high quality and details of model variations from catalogs are useful, even if no photo of the actual castle is available. I have accumulated about 150 castles and will use this to identify many of them. Those after the 1950s are far easier to identify since some boxes still exist. Anyway, they are both good buys in an area that can use better sources.

        • Erwin says:

          Well you get a h… of collection on hand …hope can identify most. The hardest are the old ones as you said. British are more recon,but others pre 50’s are very difficult to find real maker because neither box or mark.
          Only possible way may be style and exact material used and follow who used that from the books explained.
          There is a third book ,I can not remember now ,but will find out and let you know…
          There is a 3 books in Spain ,but only saw then online …
          they cover France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal and few others.

  234. Jack Gibbons says:

    I have always questioned from where Timmee was inspired to make the US armored car. Is it something from the 1930’s arsenals here in the US or Western Europe? Is it a variation of the vehicle used by the Red Army in WW II? They also appear to have “modernized” it a bit.

    Just curious.

    • Erwin says:

      Jack the second armored car they did was base in actual real prototype that was done and tested but never got in to production.As to why was decided to be made as a toy after they made so many been real produced is another question.
      The explanetion and pictures of prototype are in the tim mee website link above.

  235. Jack Gibbons says:


    OK, that makes sense. I must have been thrown off by the lack of the second set of rear wheels. I can see where the US military contractors were going with the new vehicle per the website photos.

    As a kid, after seeing the film Bonnie and Clyde on TV I painted one of my armored cars a flat black and recreated the police raid on the the tourist court in Iowa. All of my “armymen” pals were amazed at how the armored car could be used by the police force.

    • Erwin says:

      Well ,that made more sense you use it as police or else, as the vehicle when designed looks very modern but lack proper military tactical means and needs.
      in fact to me look very futurist in design when done back then.
      Too bad they did not do a M113 or other Viet Nam or post era.
      The WW2 armored early vehicle(Staghound-M17) mold was lost or sold to south America. In 1990’s I bought two made in Peru in silver colors ,by company BASA . Since then never see any more other than local US vintages

  236. Tom Black says:

    Regardingthe Timmee “Vietnam” soldier shooting machine gun, wasn’t the machine gun a development by Stoner that was not adopted and used only by Special Forces in Vietnam?

    • Erwin says:

      Tom.You are right .It could be well base in the Stoner 63A
      But to me I like use as Japanese type 97/99 MG or other because high elevated bipod, the barrel looks more like the a mix of BESAL and Ceska,FN,Mendoza.
      Hard to guess what they did there…
      I had converted several of the pose to Japanese and others by just changing the head and boots.

  237. Tom Black says:

    Also on the subject, what were the MPC Tank and Armoured troop carrier based on? The tank kind of looks like the French AMX-13 but I’m not sure…Erwin?

    • Erwin says:

      Tom ,base in what I had review and I mentioned before in other time here at this forum.
      MPC vehicle are loosely base in mix of few US/else armored vehicles.
      The track(one of them) is base in the M29 Weasel Amphibious and post prototype never mass produced but in larger scale versus real vehicle.
      The tank vehicle has the turret derivate from the real M60A2 (Starship).
      Chassis derivate from first Merkava Israeli/US design.
      Wile all used same track generic that give more impression of Russian post WW2 track system making looks a bit close to the Soviet era (BTR50) series
      The scale was correct versus 1.32 or 1.30 because size of hatches versus soldiers .
      I had kept one each and used as Soviet era x middle east battle post 1960’s.Because middle east countries had made hybrids using US and soviet track vehicles and you may google and find some very alike I suggest use as that if have them…
      If not care too much about proximity in accuracy you can use for else as you wish…
      My thoughts…

  238. Mark T. says:

    I just found a website where, if you have a 3d printer, you can download files to print toy soldiers that actually look comparable to commercially available figures! Not the blocky, blurry kind we have seen in the past. These look great! 2-3$ per file if you are not a member of the site, free, otherwise. It says it takes about 2 hours to print out one figure. I think you can print any scale you like. The surface of the figures is just a little rough in places, but looks like it would clean up easily. There are 5 series with about 15 figures per set: Knights, Samurai, “Army Men” Vietnam or Cold War soldiers, modern women soldiers and modern women rebels or terrorists.

    • erwin says:

      Mark I met those guys in a fair in a promotion. The figures are not 54 mm but 30-40 mm max.Unless they had create a new tall scale File.
      Every figure with so much(0.03 to 0.01 ) detail required over 2.5 hours printing and then finish plus half hour cool the machine to restart it again.
      The 3D machine required(least level 3 or 4) x it is not cheap either. You need special software program in your computer with modern upgrade to download the files and then send to printer too. Need least window 10 or compatible system with high speed internet x downloading .
      The plastic spoolers are waste fast and need a lot to create any series of figures.
      They cost too ….
      The printer when designing and printing waste a lot power. I had seen it working the power metered next to show compatibility with other at a show.
      I made my calculation base in samples made x me. The cost in material was about $7-8.00 Per figure ,not counting time. The detail works very good ,but as far figure do not acquired a full 3D image or body shape too complicated.

      There few others doing same and on eBay if you type 3D toys or figures ,will see they and other selling the figures as well.
      Please take up in consideration if wish ….
      my thoughts and tips.

  239. Erwin says:

    About others
    The French AMX-13 WAS actually made in plastic by Cofalu in late 60’s or early 70’s,true 1.32/30 scale to match their soldier set line. The did a French truck and cannon all base in real 50′-60′ vehicles. Hard to find $$$$
    European toy makers did more historical vehicles with their figures and use scale more accordingly in general.
    Before BMC and Airfix king tiger and Sherman were done ,NARDI did the King Tiger, Sherman and 88 mm in true 1.30 scale all plastic and well done, I got the two tanks.
    Jecsan did a Sherman and US Mack WW2 truck as well two cannon in 1.32 scale as WW2 Jecsan are 1.32 and not big as other figures sets.(I got Sherman only)
    Comansi did others as well…
    Pech Hermanos copied Tim mee and others brands x their vehicles generally.
    Spaniard company
    (SANCHIS) made the WW2 Hummel,US155 selfproppeled,M18 and others post WW2 era in 1.30 scale=60to 65 mm aprox
    Atlantic did a 88 mm that is way far accurate than MARX and Ideal ,if not WERE because of shooting mechanism and tip barrel that looks more toy but that could be fix easy,the rise legs and move in all direction(1.30 scale) ,I got 3 of them too ,one in mint sprue box still.
    Italians Politoy=GPS=texas company did two large amphibious vehicles, the large DUKW and other,exellent,I have two DUCK only not others.
    Argentina companies made few too in different variant plus a nice PT boat in large scale as well.
    East block-Poland company did a good series of armors WARSAW pact covered here in this forum as well before…
    The Tim Mee T17 is the best they did in real 1.30=60mm plus scale ,it was used in ww2,korea,vietnam and by other conflicts/countries. Too bad not mold here …
    The C130 plane is large and nice, the extra cannon windows are too much but could be fix up I guess.
    The hilicopters are nice ,but a bit toys and some under scale.
    Ideal did the US halftrack and ford amphibious jeep, but for the 70/75 mm soldiers scale wile the Patton tank was done under 1.35 scale
    Marx most were under scale or too crude.
    M51-pershing tank was best with short cannon but never reissue and costly at vintage price…
    New Ray HUE helicopter is a great add on x Viet Nam fans, it is 1.35 scale, I got two of them and with awesome detail
    I could go on but will get you guys lost here…sorry I talk that much …LOL!!!

  240. Tom Black says:

    Thanks to the Eldon information posted above. I looked them up and found 2 things from my childhood I haven’t seen since. The automobile Ferry boat I got when I was 3 or 4 Given to me by my Grandfather and to me it was huge (reading know it was only 17 inches long) A long time ago but I remember it well. We had a pond in back of my boyhood home. The other was the Eldon Racing Sloop, one morning before school I happened to look out the back window and it was washed ashore! I didn’t know who owned but I grabbed it and couldn’t wait to get home from school to play with it! It met it’s end years later by sticking firecrackers in the cabin and lighting the sail on fire as I casted it off. This took place at night and it looked exactly like a movie. Great memories! I seem to recall in the 60’s there were lots of plastic toy boats done of all types with great detail. I look around now and it’s either the cheap “beach toy” boats or very expensive remote control race boats.

    • Wayne W says:

      One of my favorite toys was the “Texaco Toy Tanker” my uncle got me one Christmas; it, too seemed huge. I used that as a transport in many an amphibious operation – even after the aft superstructure (which doubled as the battery cover) got knocked off during a move and revealed the inner hull. I would put tank turrets to cover it giving it a “real” turret. This was an improvement over the civil war cannons I had previously used..

      Then I got the MPC destroyer and I had a “fleet.” I wish I knew what happened to that tanker.

      • Brian Johnson says:


        • Wayne W says:

          I don’t think so, Brian; Mom was pretty good about that. It probably got misplaced or busted up beyond use during one of our many moves.. I’ve been pricing them on ebay, who knows – if my rich uncle dies in the poor house and leaves me his bills…

          I DID see one that wasn’t too crazily priced.

      • erwin says:

        Well u used well in battle and was large for the time era toy, about 27/28″ .Good idea as transport. I would use still today as such or liberty ship .I had seen some in not bad condition x not much now,easy x conversion too…
        I like more the Ideal destroyer ,but not chance get neither yet…

        • Wayne W says:

          Yeah, the Ideal destroyer “Battle Wagon” was the dream; I used to love to play with my cousin’s “Mighty Matlida”, too; but MPC was a lot cheaper I guess and I made do. Loved it nonetheless. The only thing that prevented me from buying a recast – just for sentimental reasons – was storage.

  241. erwin says:

    The figures have very good detail on picture and one actor is portrayed as far I see.(Chintoy=CHIN-Toy Corp) is a distributor not maker by the way.Wonder who real maker is and apparently not body knew about this company at all, not other forum, news or magazine, neither any main retailers and so far THE ONLY in UK to announce is this hobby site store and I google one more in Italy last night as well.
    Both do not have it in stock yet….

    • Mark T. says:

      The package design is very similar to that of Red Box / Alliance 1/72 boxes. I am not sure if they would choose to market a set under the distributor’s name, but the style is very similar.×800.jpg

      • erwin says:

        Well hard to figure out w not much info…
        CHIN-toys is a distributor as far I can research .I got confirmation as I have access to business chamber international system and can search x any active company in China or else from my work.
        Now because I do not have the case with ID and serials numbers plus Item # I cannot do more we will have to way too see
        If a new company with that name had started should be updated within 60 days maximum and I had not see it in my research. Or if company is not within international legal recognition international trade could be too.

        Regarding using distribution name rather than actual company name is complete normal mainly in Chinese products.
        “Supreme” distributed soldiers pack were made by SUNJADE factory with offices in HK and factories in mainland china.

        However SUPREME is listed as factory and wholesale too, meaning they do both and or most the second option. If you go to Supreme LTD and contact then they do not carry the SUNJADE toy soldiers line at all but only export toys else .It is only a distributers of many others brands toy.

        HING FAT toys is barely a maker but a distributor and or jogger or wherever they call it. The WW2 and civil war/revolution soldiers mark as (DGN) bellow base, released in 2012/2014 were sold as HING FAT bucket/container and bags
        Still all their products are mark as HING FAT in cases and pack only.

        JA-RU is a US company not Chinese funded by Americans with base in Florida ,their products and pack had been always branded as made by (JA RU)-made in HK first then china, Still they do not have a factory with tha name in chian but warehouse show room .They bring and repack distribute toys under their brand name(most repack is done in china). I notice many confuse as been Chinese because odd name. Here is the site history .

        This a very common Chinese practice to use few international US and Europe stablish 3er party toy/else brand to sale any toys/products.
        It has been done in US as well Europe too in past …

        Chinese factories when selling under their real name ,mark the toy with it stamped or engraved 90% or generally.
        Half of “HASBRO” star wars COMMNAD sets soldiers(non characters) were made by (“Unknown”) Chinese factory and pack with other licenses HASBRO to reduce cost, license fees and else.(Note how many figures are not marked even made in china bellow wile few are).
        In fact that was legally and technical an open violation of US imports distributing federal laws and custom laws. But Hasbro got away with it easy as many had done all time.

        Still I’m not saying they are not that brand at all as I do not have the any set or case in hand ,so my information is base in picture and research using my resources.
        I’m not affirming neither confirming ,just passing what I found please…
        Sorry I can not find any more…Neither I travel china as before now to dig out more easy.
        Best regards…

  242. Wayne W says:

    This is some exciting news and judging from Hannant’s prices they might not be too crazily priced out of my budget. Gotta love me some Nappies!

    • erwin says:

      I’m happy too x it as I’m fan of Napoleonic and need massive forces; only era I collect massive quantities and poses ,
      Still I have my concerns regarding the sets in future announce .
      They are staff command sets with not much combative poses and I do not know how that will sale good in quantities specially as many are cover by HAT and Italeri already.
      Also sets so far are base in late 1811-1815 period so repeated and done by ACTA,Airfix,HAT,Waterloo,SUNJADE,LINTEK,BLACK HAT…
      What about 1797-1810 that Italeri had cover more in later sets??
      The centralization and repeat of same armies/uniforms/era/period in my opinion reduce interest and purchase at hobby logic level=overproduced.

      The first set is base in a movie/TV series made years ago is also a rare release. Still could be well use x generic but AIP and others had done this unit/force and not much need as was relatively special unit used in few main battles and on English side only on small formation too. The gear and uniform can not be used as other army either because so distinguished,unless do not care pass then as any else..
      So I have my doubts in the future after seen HAT and others down with a new comers doing pretty much same just with new nice poses…
      my thoughts..

  243. Andrew Stepke says:

    Hi, I know this may be off-topic but I am moving in two weeks and I need to know how to pack toy soldiers. My soldiers paint job dislikes dark and dusty place. I would like to know how you pack toy soldiers.

    • TDBarnecut says:

      If they are unpainted plastic put them back in their original boxes. If they are painted metal or plastic wrap them individually in tissues and pack them loosely in Banker’s boxes. Make a list of them by description as you fill each box, and put the list in the box with them. This way you will be able to see at a glance which figures are in which box later when you unpack them.

  244. Mark T. says:

    Not a toy soldiers question, but I figure if anyone would remember this toy, it would be one of you guys. Does anyone recall a large brown plastic bolt action toy rifle that fired ping pong balls and was sold tied onto on a large cardboard sheet as a Safari Rifle? I remember it from the very late 60s or the early 70s. I was very impressed with it because it had a huge muzzle bore to fire the ping pong balls. I had assumed it was Marx, but several years ago I saw one on eBay and it was not. I was not immediately interested in it, so I did not bid or save any pics. Perhaps it was from Ideal? It may have been either a licensed Daktari toy or a toy aimed to exploit that market.

    • ERWIN says:

      Mar T ,thanks x postin.
      Hope you red my last email I send you about the technolog sets.
      About rifle I need more description.
      does it had an engraving design in butt!?.has a typical telescope or railing blend telescoping side.
      Would it come with mount and animal targets to shot or not!?..
      IRB from Italy did one.
      So was Johhny Eagle Magumba rifle
      Remco did one as ranger ,sold as safari as well.
      Mattel did two hunting rifles too.
      Arco did another…
      there so many..

      • Mark T. says:

        Hi Erwin,

        I had missed your email but I just did a search and replied. About the rifle, it had no scope and I do not think there was a design. There may have been animal targets or you might have had to cut them out of the cardboard. I actually did not have one, as my mother did not want me to play with guns at the time (I was only about 5 or 6) but I used to drool over it every time I went to the toy department. I have a feeling it may have been Remco or a Mattel. I think it was US made.

  245. Andy says:

    Speaking of ping pong balls, does anyone remember the Super Duper Blooper Gun?
    Not a bolt action hunting rifle, but just one of those crazy things they sold to us kids! Also, The Josh Randall (Steve McQueen) “Mare’s Laig” Bounty Hunter gun that fired plastic bullets? Now THAT was a nice toy.

  246. Wayne W says:

    Gee, that reminds me of the “Jungle Jim” Safari set I had when I was about four or five. I think I got the name right. It had a plastic lever action rifle (as I recall, maybe bolt action – I was young); but I remember plastic bullets you could load into the chamber. The rifle had a “Scope.” And there was a plastic pith helmet. Maybe a belt for ammo, too. Been a long time. I think that was my first toy gun. Both my older brother and I got one that Christmas.

  247. Andy says:

    Stad, YOY! And we thought “a certain other dealer” had high prices!!!!

  248. Mark T. says:

    Would anyone be interested in trading me 3 poses from Conte’s British Paratroopers set #2? I would be willing to give you my extra unopened bag of all 8 poses from British Paratroopers set #1 in return. You get 8 figures for 3! I would want the figures in unpainted, unbroken and unscuffed condition. If you would like to trade please ask Stad for my email.

    I need these 3 poses in order to have one of each pose from both sets:

  249. Erwin says:

    Interesting marx store display on ebay.
    Item number 131948821900

    • admin says:

      Demonstrator plyset do not have a high demand because they take upp a lot of room. They are interesting to how Marx marketed the playst.

      • erwin says:

        admin ,I agree .
        But just posted as interesting piece only and unique preserved if is real. I do not have idea on Marx prices or playsets.
        I guess most sets and playset had gone from few to insane price depending in the demand of few out here wiling to paid ransom price x nostalgic toys if have the money, some times not even have it and got off their pocket to get it.
        I had never been a fun of playset but understand those who are ,yet I consider prices have a certain limited by logic and some sellers x long time had abuse it too much.
        I had see it at shows where few ask x a playset much more others same.
        my thoughts…

    • erwin says:

      Thank You Brian ,I did it from my phone late night and could not get link it with stads forum x some reason.

  250. Wayne W says:

    Is it me or does it seem odd that the Indian camp seems to be placed in the middle of a pond?

  251. Mark McNamara says:

    Question for all ! Does anybody have any info on Marx prototype/production WW2 60mm Japanes WOW? I have never seen any or heard of any, wondering if anybody has any info ?

    • erwin says:

      First time I heard off .
      The 12″ were done in 3″ by MARX and are in reissue as off now and some how also in 54 mm by obscure SA company .I had both sets.
      CANE from Italy also sold a set in 70″ scale resembling the 3″ scale.I had it too.
      Other than that the regular 12 poses in 54 mm and the 25 mm HO poses sets.

    • admin says:

      I have not heard of 60mm Japanese. I know that the 60mm Knights were proposed and photographed. A few samples have shown. The mold ended up in Russia.
      I have heard of the Marx 60mm Foreign Legion in Warriors of the World style were shown in Germany at the Numemburg Toy Fair. Where did you hear about them.

  252. Mark McNamara says:

    I have never heard of them ,that’s why I was asking if anybody else had any info . I also never heard of the Arab 60mm WOW figures until seeing them on this site . I just recieved the 60 mm knights in the mail yesterday . Surprised Marx it seems did not produce them in 60mm WOW style to go along with the other WW2 figures ? Thanks anyways,I;m always looking for them ,who knows maybe one day ?

    • admin says:

      I was aware of the Marx Arabs due to getting one years ago. As to why they did not do the Japanese it could have been for many reasons. They felt the WWII Germans complement the GI’s. Or they felt there was no market. Marx had many ideas that never came about like Bengal Lancers playset in 54 or 60mm. It was later done 25mm

  253. ed borris says:

    Marx was strange they did some hard plastic 6 inch Japanese that were either unique or spawned from the 25mm Japanese in their miniature playset and they did soft plastic 6 inch Japanese that were seemingly different from any other poses they did, one was pretty close to one of the 54mm Japanese poses. A lot of the Marx WOW poses were versions of Marx’s 60mm figures, the cowboys, cavalry, Indians, Romans, Pirates AWI Americans. Sometimes you had to wonder if Marx actually had a clue.

    • Erwin says:

      Yes I agree they change back and fo so often in sets and scales in so short time.
      I think they were testing water faster to see what move best in market.
      Also it was always a more agressive competition from others companies all time trying pull something ahead of Marx,so I bet L Marx have his manager running in all direction to beat them off.
      I will think that was made then go in all different ways and odd scales,sets playset production at same time.
      You notice more disparities from 1960s till end than before too.
      My tboughts.

  254. ed borris says:

    While Marx did have competitors, I’d have to think they were #1 well in to the 60’s at least, maybe even longer. Maybe I’m over estimating the affect of the toy soldier lines on their overall ranking, but in toy soldiers they had to be at the top. They had Sears, Wards, AllState all selling their sets, who had anything close to that market exposure? Heck I can remember their painted presidents series being offered in Jewell Foods. The Lone Ranger mail order deal with cereral box tops? Whoever was in marketing earned their keep for sure. Who else could get away with offering the same cowboys and Indians in dozens of sets by just changing the color? They were the king for what 20 years?

    • Erwin says:

      Ed I agree totally.
      My point was still to be that king it has to be done by overproducing others in quantity,quality and diversity.
      And that exatly how Marx did .But to accomplished it would had require tests and produce all type toys ideas in more diversity than others.So that is what make then made so many variation of often same armies sets such WW2 series!?
      That was my posting.May be I did not explain well.
      Sorry.:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  255. Erwin says:

    And I think they were ging x longer ,since 50 I had red.But I could be wrong of course.
    By the way ….to everyone who may answer.
    Problaby ED best ….
    When the self basket shopping stores start coming along and afftect the counter stores here.!???
    Does it affect the sale of toys as soon it appear in retail?
    Sorry I had never ask these question before and interest to know as not my age or place.

    • ed borris says:

      I may be missing the boat here, you mean catalog shopping versus picking your items off a shelf? In the late 60’s in my neighborhood in Chicago they opened a place called First Distributors, it looked like a regular store at first glance, but they had no items on the shelf, you could see the tiem on the floor display but to buy one you grabbed a slip of paper and took it to the catalog section where you would pick up the item from their in house warehouse. Sears had catalog sales but they also had a huge toy section in the store in my hood, but that was only during the Xmas season. I think people always preferred to go into a store and buy what they want right off a shelf, I know I did. I beieve though at a store like First Distributors that I described you could get items cheaper, As far as I remember back in the 50’s and 60’s despite how cheap something may appear now, back then it was always a matter of price rather than convienance. Not sure I hit the mark on this one.

      • Erwin says:

        Well pretty much.
        I was actually inquiring more about old way versus today getting stuff by yourself and no one giving you item back counter.When it start and how affect it.??
        Hope I sayed right now…
        Intersting on catalogue part.Never heard it explained clear.
        I thanks x it.
        Will love heard more about…

        • ed borris says:

          Oh you mean on line shopping over versus going to the store? Well, in my opinion it’s hit and miss, sometimes you get good prices sometimes not the same with buying, however it has expanded the pool of potential buyers.

          The catalog places were a lot like Best Buy is today. More a showroom than an actual pick itmes of the shelf and pay for them. there used to be quite a few in the city and suburbs. You could usually get items there before they hit the big stores for les than you would usually pay at the big stores. It had it’s draw backs of course especially around say Xmas, when people would flock there and you’d have to wait a long time in lines and sometimes the item you wanted would be gone. I didn’t like going there, so it was like the last resort.

  256. Mark T. says:

    Has anyone bought one of these cardboard Umbum brand 1:35 tank kits from Russia?

    They go for about $9.00 including shipping on eBay, and $9.99 on Amazon with free shipping. Priced less than the CTS tanks, and a better fit to 1/32. I’m not sure about a cardboard tank, however. If they could be disassembled and stored flat, or mounted on plastic card or foamcore first it wouldn’t be so bad.

  257. Erwin says:

    Not me.
    But I had see some samples and they look like a tin litho tank just in cardboard.
    Personally not my like.

    • Erwin says:

      Mark I forgot,the same company produce houses,castles,forts,bunkers and else in 1/32 as well.
      Very cheap too.
      I belive there two brands,one from Ukrainian too.

  258. Mark T. says:

    I’ve seen some of the buildings too and they do look nice.

    I was considering the cardboard tank kits because nobody makes a large enough ready-made T-34. I wish you could make a nice T-34/85 to go against your Jagdpanzer, Erwin. I’ve had my eye on the Jagdpanzer for a while, and now that I am back in WW2 interest mode, I am planning to get one in the next month or so but the only suitable opponent is the BMC Sherman and I am more of an Eastern Front fan.

  259. Wayne W says:

    Note Paragon has just posted some pix of some great (IMO) new Alamo defenders due out by next year’s Chicago Show. Great news.

    • erwin says:

      Brian I guess only option in WW2 specifically as that link show request from the “plastic general” are the costly EB and PB sets from Russia or EXF as announced as stated in one of older responses there.
      Don not expect much from many more ,with Viet Nam and Korean released I do not think those few out here doing long run will reverse back to do specialty sets not done. So hope for some short run producer doing somethin if lucky in future some day. This hobby demand is decreasing not increasing for long now.
      Sad but true.

  260. ed borris says:

    Still great sculpts, I don’t care about the helmets, their shoelaces or how many buttons are on their fly’s. Since there are only three of them anyway, not much you can do with them, however I like odd figures and that’s what I really collect. They are odd and the sculpting is good.

    I still want the fat GI’s, but I don’t want to pay $13.00 for shipping, that’s insane.

    • erwin says:

      Ed unfortunately $13.00 is the less you can paid for international shipping from most countries, in fact from here to Canada is about 11-13.00 for first pound only. To Europe is more.
      Is nothing we can do regarding shipping and the every year increasing.Half of my foreign collection had been brought that way. Still I understand is your choice of course.

      • ed borris says:

        I guess if you want them bad enough, you pay the price. They’re cool, but at the moment, that’s too rich for my blood or my wallets.

  261. peter evans says:

    Charlie Biggs, who was one of the main developers of the DEETAIL range informed PW that the Japanese were the worst sellers of their WW2 series.
    When any new range of figures were proposed one way of dismissing it was to say “well they are the Japanese”. That’s why the proposed WW2 Russians were never made. There is an assumption that the Brits fight the Nazis and the Yanks fight the Japs, never mind about the Anzacs, Ghurkas, and the Red Army – which AIRFIX was happy to produce

  262. peter evans says:

    And by the way boys, it’s the British Army with English, Scots, Welsh and Irish regiments

  263. erwin says:

    Some times when