The castle of Agliè and its changes: from Middle Ages to the 21th century

The main word you will learn in this article is: castle

learn Italian word castello

The castle is a prestigious example of Baroque architecture in Piedmont, it has 300 rooms with old furniture, paintings and sculptures.

There is a big park with Italian- and English-style gardens. At the front entrance there is a fountain of the XVIII century that symbolizes the “Dora Baltea that flows into the Po” a wok made by Ignazio and Filippo Collino.

In the 17th century the count Filippo d’Agliè decided to convert the old castle of  the 12th century in a noble residence. Iin 1764 the House of Savoy bought it after the French destruction and Ignazio Birago planned its rebuilding.

In 1825, Carlo Felice decided to modify the project and the castle became the holiday resort of the royal family. In 1939 the Italian state bought it and it became a museum. Since 1997 it is a Unesco site and in the latest years a lot of Tv series have been filmed in the castle.

The most important word you have learnt is:

Castello: castle, a medieval fortified building that in the past became a holiday residence for noble families. You can use it in the Italian expression “crollare come un castello di carte” (to collapse as a house of cards) when a building (or even a project, in a metaphorical sense) collapses or fails.

Alessandra Martinetto

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