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FF: Brandon Nouhavandi, Stacie Villanueva, Angel Roberts & Katie Lancaster
IUFB #1: Anafi Parrot drone (M in Clam)

BRANDON: 699/ANGEL: 6777 (SW)/Stacie: 725/Katie: 875

ARP: $8…99- Katie can also navigate the ’21 Honda Civic if she wins OA.
BB: 32265
T1: 231744 HONKS

5. Christopher Guerra
IUFB #2: Pair of smartwatches (ceiling)

Brandon: 842/Angel: 822/Stacie: 843/CHRISTOPHER: 550

Christopher’s headed for the $500 pocket & Most Expen$ive.
Core StairMaster rower (R): $1800
Miele W/D (M)
65″ 4K HDTV + soundbar (G): $2450- L

6. Cindy Griffith
IUFB #3: henri lepore dezert shoes (R at #5)

Brandon: 1/Angel: 650/Stacie: 651/Cindy: 577

Stacie has the $2,320 shoes by default & plays IitB.
$1K ($1.29): Beech-Nut sweet potato (4oz)
$2K ($18.99): NatureMade Vitamin B12 gummies
$4K ($6.99): Hillshire Farm oven roasted turkey breast (1lb)
$8K ($2.99): KIKKOMAN less sodium soy sauceL (A: 2oz bag of Fisher walnuts halves & pieces)
$16K ($4.49): Crayola markers

SCSD #1:
Katie: .95
Christopher ($1,050): 75 X2
Stacie: H-D + NICKEL = .55

7. Susan Leavell-Jeppson
IUFB #4: 128GB smartphone + wireless charging pad (M)

Brandon: 551/Angel: 678/SUSAN: 550/Cindy: 1477

By being just $23 away Cindy plays DC for 5n getaways to the Friday Harbor House (incl. $250 dining credit & RT airport transportation) & Surf Song Tybee Island (incl. surf & turf dinner).
#1: 3254/4850
#2: 2549/3485
#3: 5490/6348
#4: 4905/9634
G: #3

8. Temujin Jefferson
IUFB #5: STIGA Advantage (both at GPT)

Brandon: 1200/Angel: 927/Susan: 1250/TEMUJIN: 550

Temujin can win the following MK major prizes: a Cuisinart coffee/tea pkg. (R), an AVENTON elec. bike &/or the Accent.
PRESTO popcorn popper (741): 41– #4
12pc picnic basket set (584): 58
#4- NOT W/ HIM

IUFB #6: Marble-top firepit (R at SS)

Brandon: 899/Angel: 1100/Susan: 1101/Jenny: 850

Cost: $1,…399- Susan shall put a BULL island next to that gift w/ a right PaN choice.
B: $_299
NA: 5, 7 & 9
P: 7- W

SCSD #2:
Temujin ($776): QUARTER + 60 = .85
Susan ($8,698): 75 + 85
Cindy ($13,338): 65 + 70

In front of #4- MEADE telescope pkg. (R)
#4- 5n at JW Marriott Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort & Spa (incl. $200 resort credit & VIP Space Center experience)
#3- Pair of Harley-Davidson Iron 883s (both w/ Black Denim paint)


R of #1- BOSCH range (R)
#1- Office incl. 23.8″ computer (M)
#2- Chevrolet Spark LT

BID ON RMS./CAR SHOWCASE: $26.5K (ARP: $23,610)

Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 5/4/21" (6)

  1. deepscan said:

    As if LMAD was not bad enough…two minor PGs won but we have our first DCL of the week (Master Key was the biggest wipeout aside from the 1st half skunk)—and our third DOB in the last three weeks. Tough play today as we head for a potential Daytime Car Wipeout.

    Rating – 2 of 10 (losing show)

  2. Oh Dear, We got another Double and our 9th One of the Season. Horrible Show landed as the Worst Episode of the Season. 2 Games won, No Car wins, 2 fuckin losers in Showcase both leave Empty-Handed.

    My rating: 1

  3. Kevin Chau said:

    Man, after a great show yesterday, today this show wasn’t very good at all except for 2 winners in the 2nd half! Katie made it very exciting in One Away with 4 numbers right but changed the wrong number! She picked $23,174 but changes it to $23,176. She should’ve left the “2,3,1 and 4”, should’ve changed the 7 to a 5! Hope she enjoys that $900 Drone set, Very Bad luck to Temujin (TJ) in Master Key, only winning the (Popcorn Popper – looks sweet) and picks the blank key, hope he enjoys his $735 ping pong table! Bad luck for both of them as they couldn’t redeem themselves in the Showcase!

    Rating: 2.5

  4. Jesse Coffey said:

    Ay Que Mala Suerte Que Perdio. We end the episode with a DOB for the third week in a row. The only thing we don’t want is a $100,000 loss on Wheel.

    Grade: Z-
    Rating: 0

    Jimmy Fallon was on the Colonial Penn commercial during this miserable episode.

  5. Ay Que Mala Suerte Que Perdio. We got our ninth double over. The only thing worse we don’t want to see is a $100,000 loss on Wheel tonight.
    Grade: F-
    Rating: 2

  6. Katie should’ve $1 bid for her showcase.(if she choose for TEMUJIN’s showcase, would’ve more painful)

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