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Al Azaria academic RESEARCH AND Consultancy center / aARC ENGLISH Academic and Research Consultancies, Scholarly Editing, and Content Development, Online and On-site Instruction / Tutorials in English for Academic and Special Purposes For Palestinian Faculties of Arts: The Social Sciences and Humanities, Critical Theory, Cultural and Integrative Studies G. R. Dominique, Ph.D., Al-Azaria (Bethany) Occupied Palestinian Territories Primary Email: ginadominique.eng@gmail.com / Cell and Messaging / English: 056-914-3637 / Arabic 056-833-1500 [https://aqu.academia.edu/GinaDominique ] A Catalog of Multidisciplinary and Multimedia Resources Supplement I General Collection A: The Social Sciences and Humanities; Critical Theory and Cultural Studies, Monographs, Edited Volumes and Reference Works 1gdominiq AAUP, Journal of Academic Freedom, Volume 1, 2010.1 1 See also: Academic Freedom Conference, “Problems and Challenges in Arab and African Countries” 10-11 September 2005, Alexandria, Egypt. Riham Barghouti, The Struggle for Academic Freedom in Palestine http://right2edu.birzeit.edu/downloads/pdfs/AcademicFreedomPaper.pdf Riham Barghouti , The Struggle for an Equal Right to Academic Freedom International Institute of Social Studies | May 30, 2011 http://www.pacbi.org/etemplate.php?id=1619 Omar Barghouti and Lisa Taraki, “Freedom Vs Academic Freedom”, Palestine Monitor, 6 June 2005 Ali Abunimah, Israel’s academic freedom defended, while Palestine’s is destroyed. The Electronic Intifada http://electronicintifada.net/content/israels-academic-freedom-defended-while-palestines-destroyed/4325 Kristofer Petersen-Overton, Academic Freedom & Palestine: A Personal Account http://academia.edu/1035446/Academic_Freedom_and_Palestine_A_Personal_Account Riham Barghouti , The Struggle for an Equal Right to Academic Freedom. International Institute of Social Studies | May 30, 2011 http://www.pacbi.org/etemplate.php?id=1619 Ralph F. Fuchs, Academic Freedom-Its Basic Philosophy, Function, and History. .http://scholarship.law.duke.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=2963&context=lcp&sei- redir=1&referer=http%3A%2F%2Fscholar.google.com%2Fscholar%3Fstart%3D20%26q%3Dacademic%2Bfreedom%26hl%3Den%26as_sdt%3D0%2C5%26as_vis%3D1#search=%22academic%20freedom%22 Cary Nelson , No University is an Island Saving Academic Freedom http://www.thedivineconspiracy.org/Z5249M.pdfHigher Education Policy (2007) 20, 289–313. doi:10.1057/palgrave.hep.8300159 Terence Karrana, Academic Freedom in Europe: A Preliminary Comparative Analysis aCentre for Educational Research and Development, University of Lincoln, Lincoln LN6 7TS UK. E-mail: tkarran@lincoln.ac.uk http://eprints.lincoln.ac.uk/1609/1/ProofHEPArticle1ForRepository.pdf Henry A. Giroux, Academic Freedom Under Fire: The Case for Critical Pedagogy http://firstnationspedagogy.ca/FNcommunity/sites/default/files/Giroux_Academic_Freedom.pdf William G.Tierney and Vicente M.Lechuga, Academic Freedom in the 21st Century. http://www ns.isea.org/assets/img/PubThoughtAndAction/TAA_05_02.pdf Balakrishnan Rajagopal , Academic Freedom as a Human Right: An Internationalist Perspective Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Department of Urban Studies & Planning Academe, Journal of the American Association of University Professors, pp. 25-28, May-June 2003. http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=872434 Judith Butler. "Israel/Palestine and the Paradoxes of Academic Freedom." in: Radical Philosophy. Vol 135. pp. 8-17, January/February 2006. (English). http://www.egs.edu/faculty/judith-butler/articles/israel-palestine-paradoxes-of-academic-freedom/ B Doumani - Academic freedom after September, 2006 - history.berkeley.edu http://history.berkeley.edu/sites/default/files/between_coercion_and_privatization.pdf B Doumani, Between coercion and privatization: Academic freedom in the twenty-first century. http://history.berkeley.edu/sites/default/files/between_coercion_and_privatization.pdf [PDF] Judith Butler, “Academic Norms, Contemporary Challenges: A Reply to Robert Post on Academic Freedom,” in Academic Freedom after September 11, ed. Beshara Doumani(New York: Zone, 2006), 129. 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Aquino -- PART I: EPISTEMIC CONCEPTS WITHIN THEOLOGY -- Knowledge of God / John Greco -- Revelation and Scripture / Sandra Menssen and Thomas Sullivan -- Reason and faith / Lara Buchak -- The experiential grounding of religious belief / Thomas D. Senor -- Saints and saintliness / John Cottingham -- Authority in religious communities / Linda Zagzebski -- The inner witness of the Spirit / Paul K. Moser -- Tradition / Mark Wynn -- Ecclesial practices / Colin M. McGuigan and Brad J. Kallenberg -- Spiritual formation, authority, and discernment / Frederick D. Aquino -- PART II: GENERAL EPISTEMIC CONCEPTS RELATED TO THEOLOGY -- Understanding / Jonathan L. Kvanvig -- Wisdom in theology / Stephen R. Grimm -- The epistemology of testimony and religious belief / Jennifer Lackey -- Virtue / Jason Baehr -- Evidence and theology / Trent Dougherty -- Foundationalism / Michael Bergmann -- Realism and anti-realism / Christopher J. 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Manning -- Burns's topographies / Penny Fielding -- At "sang about" : Scottish song and the challenge to British culture / Leith Davis -- Romantic spinstrelsy : Anne Bannerman and the sexual politics of the ballad / Adriana Craciun -- "The fause nourice sang" : childhood, child murder, and the formalism of the Scottish ballad revival / Ann Wierda Rowland. 52gdominiq Adams, Syephen Revising Mythologies: The Composition of Thoreau's Major Works. University of Virginia Press, 1988. 53gdominiq Adams, Valerie. An Introduction to Modern English Word-Formation. , 2016. 54gdominiq Adams, Valerie. Complex Words in English. 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CAL -- The Center for Applied Linguistics -- Camöes Institute -- Canada -- Central and Eastern Europe -- CercleS -- Confédération Européenne des Centres de Langues dans l'Enseignment Supérieur -- Cervantes Institute -- China -- Chinese -- Chomsky, Noam -- CIEP -- Centre international d'études pédagogiques -- CILT -- The Centre for Information on Language Teaching and Research -- Civilisation -- Classroom language -- Classroom observation schemes -- Classroom research -- Cloze test -- Cognitive code theory -- Comenius, Johannes Amos (popular Latin form of Komenský, Jan Amos -- Common European Framework -- Communicative language teaching -- Communicative strategies -- Competence and performance -- Content-based instruction -- Contrastive analysis -- Conversation analysis -- Council of Europe Modern Languages Projects -- CRAPEL -- Centre de Recherches et d'Applications Pédagogiques en Langues -- CRÉDIF -- Centre de Recherche et d'Étude pour la Diffusion du Français -- Creoles -- Cross-cultural psychology -- Cross-cultural psychology -- C-test -- Cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses -- Cultural awareness -- Cultural studies -- Culture shock. Developmental sequence -- DAAD -- Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst -- Diagnostic tests -- Dictation -- DIALANG -- Dictionaries -- Didactique des langues -- Direct method -- Direct/Indirect testing -- Discourse analysis -- Discrete point tests -- Disorders of language -- Distance language -- Drama -- Early language learning in formal education -- English -- EBLUL -- European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages -- English for Specific Purposes -- Error analysis -- Esperanto -- European Language Council -- EuroCLIC -- European Centre for Modern Languages -- European Language Portfolio -- Evaluation -- Exchanges -- Exercise types and grading -- Flashcard -- FIPLV -- Fédération Internationale des Professeurs de Langues Vivantes -- Fossilisation -- France -- Fremdsprachendidaktik -- French -- Gender and language -- Gender and language learning -- Generative principle -- Genre and genre-based teaching -- German -- Global education -- Goethe-Institut -- Gouin, François -- Graded objectives -- Grammar -- Grammar--translation method -- Group work. Halliday, Michael Alexander Kirkwood -- Handlungsorientierter Unterricht -- Hawkins, Eric William -- Heritage languages -- Higher education -- History: the nineteenth century -- History: from the Reform Movement to 1945 -- History: after 1945 -- Humanistic language teaching -- Hornby, Albert Sidney -- Human rights -- Humboldt, Wilhelm von -- IATEFL -- International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language -- IDV -- Internationaler Deutschlehrerverband -- India -- Integrated tests -- Integrative tests -- Intensive language courses -- Intercultural communication -- Intercultural competence -- Intercultural training -- Interkulturelle Didaktik -- Interlanguage -- Internationalisation -- Internet -- Interpreting -- IPA -- International Phonetic Association -- IVN -- Internationale Vereniging voor Neerlandististiek -- Japan -- Japanese -- Japan Foundation -- Jespersen, Otto -- Journals -- Landeskunde/Kulturkunde -- Language across the curriculum -- Language awareness -- Language laboratories -- Language planning -- Language for specific purposes -- Langue and parole -- Large classes -- Learning styles -- Learning to learn -- Le Français fondamental -- Lexicography and lexicology -- Lingua franca -- Lingua pax -- Linguistic imperialism -- Linguistic psychodramaturgy (LPD/PDL) -- Linguistics -- Linguistique appliquée -- Listening -- Literary texts -- Literary texts and intercultural understanding -- Literary theory and literature teaching -- Lozanov, Georgi. Materials and media -- Media centres -- Medium of instruction -- Medium-oriented and message-oriented communication -- Mental lexicon -- Metaphor -- Monitor model -- Modern Language Aptitude Test (MLAT) -- Monolingual principle -- Mother tongue -- Mother-tongue teaching -- Motivation -- Motivation theories -- Native speaker -- Needs analysis -- Neuro-linguistic programming -- Neurolinguistics -- Non-native speaker teacher -- Non-verbal communication -- Notions and functions -- Objectives in language teaching and learning -- OISE -- Ontario Institute for Studies in Education; Modern Language Centre -- Overhead projector (OHP) -- Palmer, Harold Edward -- Pedagogical grammar -- Pidgins -- Placement tests -- Planned languages -- Planning for foreign language teaching -- Poetry -- Politeness -- Portuguese -- Pragmatics -- Primary education -- Proficiency movement -- Proficiency tests -- Progress tests -- Pronunciation teaching -- Psychology -- Pushkin Russian Language Institute -- Quality management -- Questioning techniques -- Reading -- Reading methods -- Reference works -- Reform movement -- RELC -- The Regional Language Centre -- Reliability -- Research methods -- Rivers, Wilga Marie. Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis -- Saussure, Ferdinand de -- Schema and script theory -- Second language acquisition theories -- Secondary education -- Self-access -- SIETAR -- Sign language -- Silent Way -- Skills and knowledge in language learning -- Sociolinguistic competence -- Sociolinguistics -- Spanish -- Speaking -- Speech act theory -- Sprachlehrforschung -- Standard language -- Stereotypes -- Stern, Hans Heinrich (David) -- Strategic competence -- Strategies of language learning -- Structural linguistics -- Study abroad -- Stylistic variation -- Suggestopedia -- Sweet Henry -- Syllabus and curriculum design. Tandem learning -- Task-based teaching and assessment -- Teacher education -- Teacher talk -- Teacher thinking -- Teacher methods -- TESOL -- Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages -- Text types and grading -- Textbooks -- Threshold Level -- Total Physical Response -- Transfer -- Translation -- Translation theory -- Trim, John Leslie Melville -- United States of America -- Universal grammar -- Untutored language acquisition -- US Standards for Foreign Language Learning -- Validity -- Van Ek, Jan Ate -- Video -- Vantage Level -- Viëtor, Wilhelm -- Vocabulary -- Vocational education and training -- Widdowson, Henry George -- Waystage -- Writing -- 1464gdominiq Byrd, Richard E.To the Pole: The Diary and Notebook of Richard E. Byrd, 1925–1927. Edited by Raimund E. Goerler. Athens: Ohio University Press, 1465gdominiq Byrne, Angela. Geographies of the Romantic North: Science, Antiquarianism, and Travel, 1790-1830. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013. 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Part 6: South Asian Writing Systems -- Introduction / Richard G Salomon -- Section 30: Brahmi and Kharoshthi / Richard G Salomon -- Systemic features -- Linguistic features -- Functions -- Origins -- Development -- Section 31: Devanagari script / William Bright -- Symbols -- Specific features -- Correspondences -- Relations to other scripts -- Section 32: Gujarati writing / PJ Mistry -- Symbols -- Specific features -- Section 33: Gurmukhi script / Harjeet Singh Gill -- Consonants -- Vowels and accessory signs -- Tones -- Section 34: Bengali writing / Tista Bagchi -- Differences in inventory of characters -- Script-to-pronunciation correspondences -- Clusters -- Section 35: Oriya writing / BP Mahapatra -- Symbols -- Conjunct consonants -- Distinctive characteristics -- Section 36: Sinhala writing / James W Gair -- Symbols -- Correspondence of speech to writing -- Section 37: Kannada and Telugu writing / William Bright -- Symbols -- Characteristic features -- Correspondences -- Section 38: Malayalam writing / K P Mohanan -- Section 39: Tamil writing / Sanford B Steever -- Historical background -- Description -- Adequacy in representing Tamil phonology -- Trends -- Section 40: Tibetan script and derivatives / Leonard W J van der Kuijp -- Symbols and specific features -- Additional features -- Lepcha script -- Phags pa script -- PART 7: SOUTHEAST ASIAN WRITING SYSTEMS -- Introduction / Christopher Court -- Section 41: Spread of Brahmi script into Southeast Asia / Christopher Court -- Beginnings of writing -- Indigenization of Indian scripts -- Section 42: Burmese writing / Julian J Wheatley -- History -- Symbols -- General characteristics -- Pronunciation -- Miscellaneous signs and modifications -- Section 43: Thai and Lao writing / Anthony Diller -- Development -- Consonant symbols -- Vowel symbols -- Tone rules -- Numerals and other symbols -- Section 44: Khmer writing / Eric Schiller -- Symbols -- Correspondences -- Punctuation and numerals -- Section 45: Insular Southeast Asian scripts / Joel C Kuipers and Ray McDermott -- Structure and historical continuity: the Holle charts -- Cultural uses of the writing systems of Insular -- Southeast Asia -- Arresting case: the Hanunoo of Mindoro, Philippines -- PART 8: MIDDLE EASTERN WRITING SYSTEMS -- Introduction / Peter T Daniels -- Section 46: Jewish scripts / Richard L Goerwitz -- From Phoenician to Aramaic to Jewish script -- From consonants to vowels -- Codification of the medieval script -- Section 47: Aramaic scripts for Aramaic languages / Peter T Daniels -- Classical Syriac -- Modern Aramaic / Robert D Hoberman -- Mandaic / Peter T Daniels -- Section 48: Aramaic scripts for Iranian languages / P Oktor Skjaerovo -- Orthographic principles -- Developments from Imperial Aramaic -- Developments from Estrangelo Syriac -- Developments from Nestorian Syriac -- Section 49: Aramaic scripts for Altaic languages / Gyorgy Kara -- Runiform alphabet of the ancient Turks -- Uyghur alphabet -- Manichean script of the Uyghurs -- Mongolian script -- Clear script -- Manchu alphabet -- Buryat alphabet -- Cyrillic script -- Section 50: Arabic writing / Thomas Bauer -- Basic characters -- Morphophonemic representation -- Optional signs -- Effects of defectiveness -- Dhivehi writing / James W Gair and Bruce D Cain -- Symbols -- Section 51: Ethiopic writing / Getatchew Haile -- Consonants -- Vowels -- Characters or diagrams -- Numerals -- Writing Ethiopic -- PART 9: SCRIPTS INVENTED IN MODERN TIMES -- Introduction / Peter T Daniels -- Section 52: Invention of writing / Peter T Daniels -- Sophisticated grammatogenies -- Unsophisticated grammatogenies -- Origin of writing -- Section 53: Cherokee writing / Janine Scancarelli -- Characters of the Cherokee syllabary and their arrangement -- Appearance of written Cherokee -- Sound and spelling of Cherokee -- Uses of the syllabary -- Section 54: Scripts of West Africa / John Victor Singler -- N'Ko alphabet -- Vai script -- Section 55: Cree syllabary / John D Nichols -- Algonquian syllabaries -- Scripts for Inuit (Eskimo) languages -- Syllabics for Sub-Arctic Athabaskan languages -- Section 56: Scripts for Munda languages / Norman Zide -- Sorang Sompeng -- Ol Cemet' -- Ho -- Section 57: Pahawh Hmong script / Martha Ratliff -- Features of the system -- Symbols -- Use -- PART 10: USE AND ADAPTATION OF SCRIPTS -- Introduction / Peter T Daniels -- Section 58: Functional classification / John Mountford -- Functional kinds of writing system -- General-purpose versus special-purpose writing systems -- Terminology -- Composition of writing systems in relation to function -- Multiplicity of writing systems -- More functional kinds? -- Conclusion -- Section 59: Adaptations of the Roman alphabet -- Romance languages / Edward Tuttle -- Germanic languages / Wayne <Senner -- Celtic languages / Damian McManus -- Languages of Eastern and Southern Europe / Bernard Comrie -- African languages / John Bendor-Samuel -- Vietnamese / Nguyen Dinh-Hoa -- Section 60: Adaptations of the Cyrillic alphabet / Bernard Comrie -- Slavic languages -- Non-Slavic languages -- Section 61: Adaptations of Hebrew script / Benjamin Hary -- Jewish "languages" or etholects -- Judeo-Arabic -- Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) -- Yiddish / Howard I Aronson -- Section 62: Adaptations of Arabic script / Alan S Kaye -- Spread of Arabic script -- Minor adaptations of the Arabic script -- General characteristics of Arabic-based writing systems -- Scripts of Islamic literary languages -- PART 11: SOCIOLINGUISTICS AND SCRIPTS -- Introduction / William Bright -- Section 63: Germany: script and politics / Gerhard Augst -- Section 64: Serbo-Croatian: a biscriptal language / Laurie Beth Feldman and Dragana Barac-Cikoja -- Section 65: South Asia: coexistence of scripts / Colin P Masica -- Section 66: Christian missionary activities / Allan Gleason -- Section 67: Script reform in and after the Soviet Union / Bernard Comrie -- Script replacement -- Intra-script reform -- Post-Soviet developments -- PART 12: SECONDARY NOTATION SYSTEMS -- Introduction / Peter T Daniels -- Section 68: Alphabet as a technology / M O'Connor -- How do people learn how to write? -- Order of the alphabet -- Letter names -- Elements of writing systems used for various purposes -- Section 69: Numerical notation / John Soren Pettersson -- Forerunners of numerical notation -- Ancient Near East -- South and East Asia -- Classical Greece and Rome -- Further reading -- Section 70: Shorthand / Peter T Daniels -- Historical survey -- typology -- Section 71: Phonetic notation / Michael K C MacMahon -- International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) -- Other alphabetic notations -- Iconic notation -- Linear and parametric notations -- Analphabetic notation -- Summary -- Section 72: Music notation / James D McCawley -- Pitch -- Duration -- Dynamics and articulation -- Structure -- Modifications -- Section 73: Movement notation systems / Brenda Farnell -- Historical developments in Europe -- Emergence of general movement scripts -- Problems in the transcription of human movement -- PART 13: IMPRINTING AND PRINTING -- Introduction / Peter T Daniels -- Section 74: Analog and digital writing / Peter T Daniels -- 2147gdominiq Danielson, Dennis R. 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The Ancient Empires (3000 B.C.-500 B.C.). The Persian Hegemony (530-330 B.C.). The "Greek Miracle". The Roman Empire. Decline in the West (500-1000 A.D.). The Expansion of Islam. Recovery in the West (1000 -- 1500 A.D.). The Oceanic Age. Section G : Europe in the Age of Louis XIV (1660-1715) : 37. Europe in the Middle of the Seventeenth century : The system of Centralized Territorial States. The European States in 1660. Life in the Seventeenth Century. The World outside Europe. 38. France under Louis XIV : France at the Accession of Louis XIV. How Louis Conducted His Government. The Court of the Sun King. The Great Age in Literature and Art. Persecution of Jansenists and Huguenots. The Wars of Louis XIV. 39. The Triumph of Parliament in England : Charles II : A Despot in Disguise. Anglo-Dutch Rivalry and Reconciliation. James II : A Despot in Difficulties. The glorious Revolution of 1688. England and Scotland Become Great Britain. 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Commerce between Continents. What Europe Gave and Gained. New attitudes and aspirations 45. The Intellectual Revolution : The Marriage of Theory and Practice. The Experimental method. The Progress of Mathematics. The Sharing of Knowledge. Science Wins Acceptance. The Significance of the Intellectual Revolution. 46. The Old Regime and Its Critics : Divine- Right Monarchy in Theory and Practice. The Privileged and Unprivileged Classes. Legal and Financial Abuses. The Criticism of the Philosophers. The Enlightened Despots. The Doctrine of Popular Sovereignty. Organizing the American Republic. Section I : The French Revolution and Napoleon (1789-1815) : 47. The French People Launch a Revolution : The Estates General Is Summoned. The Role of the People. The Capture of the Bastille. Pressures on the Assembly. The Civil Constitution of the Clergy. The Constitution of 1791. The Legislative Assembly (1791-92). 48. The First French Republic : The National Convention. The Organization of Victory. The Jacobin Dictatorship. The Thermidorian Reaction. The Directory (1795-99). The Achievements of the Revolution (1789-99). 49. Napoleon and France : The Advent of Bonaparte. Collapse of the Second Coalition. Napoleon Reconstructs France. The Imperial Adventure. Results of Napoleon's Rule in France. 50. Napoleon and Europe : The Revolution Spreads. The Reconstruction of Italy. The Reorganization of the Germanies. Napoleon and England. The Russian Disaster and the War of Liberation. The Hundred Days. 51. The Congress of Vienna : The Congress Assembles. The Political Settlements. The Concert of Europe. Section J : The Growth of Nationalism and liberalism (1815-1871) : 52. Restoration and Reaction : The Reaction from the Age of Rationalism. The Romantic Movement. The Triumph of Conservatism: Austria and Russia. The Bourbon Restoration in France. Temporary Reaction in Great Britain. The First Rifts in the Conservative System. 53. Industrialism, Liberalism, and Nationalism (1830-1848) : The Industrial Revolution. The Factory System. The English Reform Bill of 1832. Chartism and the Victorian Age. The French Revolution of 1830. Revolutionary Movements Outside France (1830). Rebirth in Italy. 54. The Revolutions of 1848 and the Second French Empire : Discontent in France Under the July Monarchy. The February Revolution and Its Sequel. The Germans Fail to Achieve Unity (1848-49). Austria Restores Her House to Order. Italy Remains in Bondage. Significance of the Upheavals of 1848-49. Napoleon III and the Second Empire. The Crimean War. 55. The Unification of Italy : The Lessons of 1848-49. Cavour Contrives. War with Austria. Garibaldi Marches. The Winning of Venice and Rome. The Roman Catholic Church in the Nineteenth Century. 56. Formation of the German Empire : The Decade of Repression After 1848. The Expansion of German Industry. Prussia and the Advent of Bismarck. The Austro-Prussian War. The North German Confederation. Opposition of France to German Unification. The Franco-Prussian War. 57. Russia in the Nineteenth Century : The Aftermath of the Crimean War. The Emancipation of the Serfs. Other Reforms of Alexander II. Reaction in the Later Years of Alexander II. Anarchism, Nihilism, and Terrorism. Russification, Industrialism, and Agitation. Nicholas II and the Revolution of 1905. 58. The Lesser States of Europe : The Scandinavian Countries. The Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland. Spain and Portugal. The Crumbling Empire of the Sultan (1815-78). Section K : The New Industrialism and Imperialism (1871-1914) : 59. New Worlds Through Science and Industry The March of Science. New Conceptions of Man's Place in Nature. The New Environment: The "Civilization of City Dwellers". Industrialized Society: Capital and Labor and the Riddle of Social Justice. The Industrialized State: Great-Power Competition and the New Imperialism. 60. Three Industrial States -- Great Britain, France, and Germany : The March of Democracy in Great Britain (1867-1914). Great Britain (1871-1914) : The Quest for Social justice. France (1871-1914): Consolidating the Bourgeois Republic. France (1871-1914): The Spread of Syndicalism and Socialism. The German Empire (1871-1914): Foundation and Expansion. The German Empire (1871-1914): Economic and Social Problems. 61. Competition for Colonies and Markets : The British Empire in 1871. British Acquisitions (1871-1914). French Colonial Enterprise. Italy Entertains Imperialistic Dreams. Germany Enters the Race for Colonies. Rivalries of the Great Powers in Africa. Rivalries of the Great Powers in Asia. 62. Outside Threats to European Ascendancy : The Physical Growth of the United States. Development of American Resources. The Impact of American Production on Europe. The American Empire. The Modernization of Japan and Its Significance. China: The Wakening Dragon. 63. The Growth of Alliances and the Armed Peace : The German Hegemony After 1871. The Triple Alliance. France Searches for Allies. Anglo-German Rivalry. The Triple Entente. International Crises: Morocco. International Crises: The Balkans. The Growth of Armaments. Section L : World War 1 and the Search for Security (1914-1939) : 64. The First World War (1914-1918) : The Coming of the War. The War on Land (1914-17). The War on the Sea. The War on Land (1917-18). The Cost of the War. 65. 1919 -- Uneasy Peace : Ideals and Realities. The Treaty of Versailles. The Settlement with Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey. The Fate of the Fourteen Points. The League of Nations. 66. The United States Returns to Isolation : Foreign Policy After the War. A Decade of Prosperity (1919-29). The Great Depression in the United States. Roosevelt and the New Deal. Neutrality and Non-intervention. 67. Russia Becomes the U.S.S.R. : The March Revolution. The Bolsheviks in Power. The Doctrine and Program of the Russian Communists. The Structure of the Soviet Government. Economic Progress and the Five-Year Plan. Foreign Relations of Russia after 1917. 68. Great Britain and France Remain Democracies : The British Economic Dilemma. British Political Parties After 1919. The Irish Free State. Egypt, Iraq, and Palestine. The Self-Governing Dominions. France : The Wounds of Four Years' Warfare. The Reparations Tangle. The Search for Security. French Power Wanes. 69. Italy and Germany Become Authoritarian States : Postwar Confusion in Italy. Benito Mussolini. The Corporate State. Effects of the Fascist Administration. The Fascist State and the Papacy. Organization of the German Republic. Economic Chaos and Recovery. Stresemann and the spirit of Conciliation. Hitler and the Spirit of Recalcitrance. The Totalitarian State. German Foreign Policy After 1932. 70. Asia Between Two World Wars : Japanese Imperialism. China Struggles for Unity and Sovereignty. The Sino-Japanese Conflict. India and Southeast Asia. Asia and Europe. 71. Two Decades of International Tension (1919- 1939) : Economic Imperialism. The "Haves" and the "Have-nots". Collective Security. The Years of the Great Depression. The Failure of Collective Security. Aggression and Appeasement. Section M : The Second World War and After (Since 1939) : 72. The Second World War (1939-1945) : The Fall of Poland to the Fall of France (September, 1939 -- June, 1940). The Battle of Britain. Global Strategy: Gibraltar to Singapore. The Battle of Russia. The American Achievement. The Liberation of Europe. The War in the Pacific. The Cost of the Second World War. 73. The United States and Its Global Commitments : The United Nations. United States Foreign Policy After 1945. "People-to-People Diplomacy". American Prosperity and the Cost of Defense. Internal Affairs. 74. The Soviet Union and Its European Satellites : Russian Recovery and Expansion. 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