10 Things You Didn't Know about Ben Indra

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ben Indra

Sometimes there really isn’t a lot to say about a person as there really isn’t a lot to their career. Ben Indra had aspirations to become a big actor but it doesn’t seem like things went that way. To save time for anyone that wants to troll and say that he might be doing more than anyone else thinks it’s not quite that way since he really hasn’t garnered much news online that can be called anything other than a brief history of a man that definitely tried but didn’t manage to grasp that brass ring so to speak. There’s no need to put the man down since that’s not a desirable practice but it’s also hard to keep talking him without seeing anything that he’s done that’s worthy of note. It’s enough to say that he could possibly make a push towards having a successful career if he found the magic in his act that he needed to make people pay attention.

Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about him.

10. He was married to Anna Farris at one point.

Anna Farris has gone on to become one of the most popular actors in show business in the past several years and while some might disagree she’s proven to be quite funny and can actually act. Despite the lackluster response to the remake of Overboard she’s still able to claim a successful career.

9. He’s 39 years old.

The clock isn’t exactly running out on Ben but it’d be best if he found a way to get back into the groove of things and find the means to finally get into gear and really start nailing roles here and there. The older a person gets the harder it becomes to really find roles that will compliment their style.

8. His career started in 2001.

Given that he’s almost in his 40s it seems that he hasn’t been doing much for the past 17 years, but not to be unkind he has managed to show up in a few projects that have allowed him to showcase the talent he does have.

7. There’s not much information on his private life.

Either he didn’t make it big enough to really warrant a full and detailed bio on himself or he didn’t want to put too much on there out of respect for his family and to keep his own privacy. That’s not unheard of and seems like a good idea at times.

6. His career didn’t really go the way he wanted.

He was really pushing to be famous and both he and his wife at the time were confident that they would both be big stars. Unfortunately Ben’s career didn’t take off like Anna’s did and things kind of went sour after a while.

5. The rumor is that Anna Farris divorced him due to his career going nowhere.

It seems like more than a rumor and it even seems pretty cold to think that she might have dumped him because he wasn’t getting as famous as he wanted to be. But the couple did part ways with a settlement and she did state that it just seemed as though they weren’t ready for marriage.

4. His net worth took a pretty big hit after his divorce.

Anna was the talent and the one bringing in a regular paycheck so it’s not hard to believe that his net worth just about took a dive when they split. After all a person doesn’t seem to be worth as much when the other person is making all the money and they kind of ride on their fame and fortune.

3. It’s thought that he might be single at this time.

There’s no guarantees that he is but there have been no reports as to whether he’s been dating anyone at this time. Of course given his status in show business it’s not really known if such a thing would be reported if he was.

2. He was in Voodoo Academy.

The movie is about a headmistress that’s recruiting boys so that she can sacrifice them and resurrect Satan. In other words it’s a movie that didn’t really go anywhere and had the kind of effects you might have found in a B movie back in the 80s. Not to be unkind but this could be why his career never went much of anywhere.

1. He’s a rather tall man.

Most of the sites that say this will only say that he’s a ‘tall man’ with an athletic build, but they won’t say how tall he really is. Seeing him stand next to Anna Farris he seems pretty tall, but in all honesty she’s 5’5″ so anyone standing a few inches higher would look tall next to her. And tall for an average male is around 5’6″. So he could be close to six feet tall possibly, if not right at the mark.

There’s not a lot else to say about him, he’s had kind of a floundering career.

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