Barbara of Cilli

Barbara of Cilli (1392 – 11 July 1451) was Holy Roman Empress and a queen of Hungary and Bohemia. She received the sobriquet Messalina of Germany, and was instrumental in creating the Order of the Dragon. She served as the regent of Hungary in the absence of her spouse.

Barbara of Celje (Croatian and Slovene Barbara Celjska; Czech: Barbora Cellská; Hungarian Cillei Borbála) 

Source: Barbara of Celje

The Old Castle Celje is situated on a narrow rocky overhang above Celje. The original castle was built in the second half of the 12th century by the Counts of Vovberg from Carinthia who had Celje and its surroundings in their possession up to their extinction in 1322. After a decade of battles, the castle came into the hands of their heirs (1333), the Lords of Žovnek, later the Counts of Celje.