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So this is just a prologue/introduction to what the situation is with the story.
This time frame is from the 1890's or so.

     There is a new kid at school, Cole. He loves to draw and is not like the other boys. He is being constantly teased and bullied by bill. Sometimes even the teacher if he manages to piss him off. He is bestfriends with anne and Diana. One day Cole quits school because of some other reason. (I forgot. Just think of one). Some time before that while painting some sets for a play Billy knocks the ladder down which causes cole to fall and break his arm. He is angry at the fact that he cant "draw" anymore. He lives out in the woods in a little hut he anne and diana made. He now makes sculptures. But all that hardwork was destroyed. By..........BILLY! With a shotgun.

Dunn dunn duuunnnnn.

    Billy grabbed a shotgun and went to destroy his sculptures and mini hideout at night. That's when the next morning Cole finds out about it and goes to the school. He goes straight up to billy and they have a fight. But Billy's head hits the furnace and some part of his face Is burned.

Time skip

Cole apologizes to Billy. That's where the story heads off.

I will update soon dont worry.

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