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Faris (name)

Faris (fāris فارس‎) is an Arabic masculine given name translating to "knight", "horseman" or "cavalier" (see furusiyya). It has also seen use as western-style surname.

PronunciationArabic: [ˈfaːrɪs]
Other names
Alternative spellingFares, Farres, Farris

The unrelated Scottish-American surname Faris is an anglicization of MacFergus.

Given nameEdit

People with the given name include: Faris is a masculine given name of Arabic origin, which means "knight."[1] It may refer to:

  • Faris Abdalla (born 1994), Sudanese football player
  • Faris ad-Din Aktai (d. 1254, Cairo), an Emir (prince) and the leader of the Mamluks of the Bahri dynasty.
  • Faris al-Ansari (b. 1984), Afghani who was seventeen years old when captured and held in the United States's Guantanamo Bay detention center
  • Faris Al-Sultan (b. 1978), Iraqi-German professional triathlete
  • Faris al-Zahrani (1977–2016), on Saudi Arabia's list of 'most-wanted' suspected terrorists, later executed
  • Fāris ibn ʿAlī al-Marīni, also known as "Abu Inan Faris" (1329–1358), a Marinid ruler of Morocco
  • Faris Badwan (born 1986), Palestinian-English musician, lead vocalist of The Horrors, and half of Cat's Eyes
  • Faris Glubb (1939–2004), British- Jordanian writer, journalist, translator and publisher
  • Faris Haroun (born 1985), Chadian-Canadian-Belgian football player
  • Fares Karam, Lebanese singer and dancer
  • Faris Kermani (born 1952), British film director
  • Faris McReynolds (born 1977), American artist and musician
  • Faris Odeh (1985–2000), Palestinian boy shot dead by the Israel Defense Forces near the Karni crossing in the Gaza Strip while throwing stones in the second month of the Al-Aqsa Intifada
  • Faris Ramli (born 1992), Singaporean football player

Fictional charactersEdit

  • Faris Scherwiz, alias of a main female character in the video game, Final Fantasy V
  • Faris NyanNyan, fictional character in the anime series, Steins;Gate


The Arabic given name in modern times also came to be used as a surname:

  • Muhammed Faris (محمد فارس‎, born 1951), Syrian military aviator.
  • Iyman Faris (born 1969), Pakistani-American rogue FBI agent working for Al Qaeda (convicted 2003)
  • Paula Faris (born 1975), American television correspondent
  • Sadeg Faris Libyan-American inventor and entrepreneur

Faris is also an unrelated American surname, originating as the anglicization of the Scottish surname MacFergus.[2]

  • Anna Faris (born 1976), American actress and producer
  • Ellsworth Faris (1874–1953), American sociologist
  • George W. Faris (1854–1914), American politician, U.S. Representative from Indiana
  • Herman P. Faris (1858–1936), committed proponent of the temperance movement
  • James Abraham Faris 1890-1933, mycologist with the standard author abbreviation "Faris"
  • Peter Faris (b. 1948), Australian criminal lawyer, media commentator and former radio broadcaster
  • Sean Faris (born 1982), American actor, model, and producer
  • Stephan Faris (b. 1973), American journalist
  • Valerie Faris (b. 1958), American film directors and music video director