Andriy Piatov: “I want to bring up many great goalkeepers”

I want to bring up many great goalkeepers

Monday, July 10, 2023



Andrii Piatov talked about the end of his playing career and start of coaching activity

– Andrii, you has been officially introduced to the team as a coach. What are your feelings in a new role?
– Two years ago, I realized that time was running out and the moment of coaching would come soon. I talked with my wife and family and reached the conclusion that I was ready for this.

– Share your impressions of your first days as a coach.
– I will say that it is very interesting. I am grateful to Patrick van Leeuwen for treating me with warmth, as well as Dennis Gentenaar, the goalkeeping coach. Dutch school is something new for me. I also see how the team works, there are certain tactical innovations. I love it!

– How difficult is the transition from a playing career to coaching psychologically?
– Let's be honest: I almost didn't play in the last two years – I made about 15 appearances in the past seasons. Therefore, I understood that I would become a coach, and I was psychologically ready for it. There is no pressure. I received a coaching license B, now I am completing training for a goalkeeping license B and will take the next step – I will start training for license A. I have ambitious goals, I want to grow together with the team, to bring up many excellent goalkeepers. I want to achieve this, there is such a passion. And we'll see what happens next.

– Before making the decision to join the coaching staff, there was a conversation with Dario Srna. What did you talk about?
– He said that this is football life and it is good when there is such an opportunity to stay in my home club where everyone is familiar to me, where I love everyone and continue to work. This will help me as a coach because not every player is given the chance to stay in good form after the end of his career. This is important as football is my life, I have been living this way for 20 years. I say that I talked with Darijo, with Mr Palkin, with my wife and children and made a decision. I thank everyone for their support, especially my family.

– The day before, the was the first friendly at the training camp where goalkeepers Denys Tvardovskyi and Timur Puzankov played. What can be said about the young generation of our goalkeepers?
– You know, I will always protect and love my goalkeepers because every person, every goalkeeper is an individual. Everyone needs their own approach: in psychology, technique, fitness – a lot of aspects. That's why we work. As for the first friendly, somewhere it was good, somewhere something did not work out, we have already discussed some problems that were in the game both with legs and hands. This is our usual work, and as a coach I can suggest somewhere, direct somewhere. Dennis Gentenaar and I discuss this so that we have a common understanding.

– Being in the training process, what things should you focus on in order to prepare well for the season?
– Only the head coach knows this, and I've only been in the team for three days, I'm learning what kind of football Mister likes to play. I am also interested in this. But I cannot give advice to the head coach. He prepares the team and we, his coaching team, help. The championship and European completions will show how it will be.

– But how do you see Shakhtar in this season?
– Shakhtar always have maximum goals: to advance from of the Champions League group, win the league and the Cup. It is only the victory in every direction!