Frederick Cooper | Wet Paint Spraying & Powder Coating in Birmingham

Frederick Cooper is recognised as a service-driven, cost-effective and friendly, Wet Paint Spraying & Powder Coating Business.

We finish components for a wide variety of Industries, covering Automotive, General Industrial, Engineering, Drinks (Dispense), and Medical and have a very strong reputation in all sectors.

Our Automotive customers include Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, JLR, McLaren, Rolls Royce amongst others.

We provide our customers with end to end bespoke finishing solutions, including: component preparation, paint application and post application, finishing processes, which includes polishing and / or printing.

Our teams are used to dealing with volumes of products, from 5 million parts per year down to one or two parts per day for high-end projects.

We have a large number of coating lines, booths and wet spray rooms, meaning we can offer our customers an agile service, and react swiftly to last-minute fluctuations in scheduling and priorities.

Frederick Cooper is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 accredited. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wet Paint Spraying

Frederick Cooper wet paint spraying

The Frederick Cooper Wet Paint Spraying division provides specialised wet-paint services, that meet even the most stringent automotive testing specifications. We spray any colour, any gloss, any finish and our team coats a wide variety of substrates, from plastic and carbon fibre to aluminium, steel and zinc, as well as stainless steel through to polypropylene (PPE).

We use many bespoke processes to achieve the required finishes, specifications and standards, including but not limited to: metal preparationmedia-blasting, flaming, jig making, printing services, bespoke mask cutting (vinyl and masking) and rapid prototyping and more.

Powder Coating

Fredeick Cooper powder coating

Powder Coating is an economical way to coat your components. The approach adds the desired quality aesthetic to your metal components and crucially also offers lasting protection; whether it be rough handling situations or outdoor conditions.

With 5 powder coating lines and highly-trained personnel, we can handle a large variety of parts, ranging from high-volume small components, to bespoke larger fabrications.

Frederick Cooper can offer a variety of colour ranges including RAL, Pantone and BS, as well as various finishes from smooth through to textured.


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