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After Class will be on hiatus from the end of November 2020 until further notice.

Day 7 is available on Patreon!

Wear a mask, wash your hands, practice social distancing.

Donation is entirely optional and much appreciated! But I wouldn't suggest it, especially that there are Patreon builds where you can get early access to future updates for as little as $3.



After Class is a gay, mainly NSFW story driven furry visual novel focused on the relationship between the main character (you / default name: Walter) and the people he meets. This VN covers some controversial topics, your everyday conversation, dead memes, and such. Every choice you make has its consequences, and it might change the outcome of the story.


You play as Walter, a clumsy husky/malamute/wolf mix beastman, who has yearned for a change since the high school times. After thousands of reasoning and arguments, you managed to convince your parents to let you move out.

Finally free from a house that you described as a prison in all but name, you started moving to your new house, where your parents rented for you.

Even though they let you move out, they had one rule you should follow: "Move to Highwell and attend Highwell University." which you agreed gleefully.

It's the first day of college, and you know no one in this city. You met a bunch of new people! Some of them are weird, some of them are nice, some had a troubled past. But one thing for sure: they are being too friendly with you as if you were a friend they used to know...?

As you get to know them better, your head started to hurt more often, forgotten memories resurfacing, and cryptic dreams keep appearing in your sleep. They are almost like a part of something really important... What is it, and why can't you remember anything about it? 

Did your parents send you here, knowing that you'll remember everything?

Or is it a mere coincidence?


Music by Sentive (Copyright © 2002-2018 SLOS/background), Incompetech, bensound, and audionatix. Licensed under  Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 / 4.0

"Putting In The Work" from Morenatsu Homecoming by Stormsinger Studios, used with permissions.


Backgrounds by Vui. Character designed by Andy Peng, drawn by Wolgen.


You can support me by being a patron on my Patreon page, or you can share this demo to your friends. Thank you!


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(1 edit)

Mark your calendar on may 5 guys 


I'm just gonna put it here again ^^



The next update?

Does anyone know the password to Mark's cell phone?

I don't think that's an option that has been implemented yet 

No, you have options when you ride with him on the seventh day of the mark line

Its almost been 100 days since they went hiatus wtf 馃槶馃槶馃槶

We gotta have faith.

Check this ^^

So are they are they still hiatus 馃

Wait imma have to get there patron yo see more 馃ゲ

(1 edit)

Wait thus Torahiko the tiger from that inn is the same  Torahiko from Morenatsu Revival VN? What a coincidence 馃

same Tora yep. Andeh loves Tora whahahaha

(1 edit)

I wonder if Hiroyuki rejected Torahiko hahaha I don't see Yuki in the Inn... Well Tora also mention he shouldn't sent that letter so maybe Hiroyuki rejected Tora ouch!

in the original morenatsu tora never got a compleat route *crys*

How to change to bahasa?


AFCL is coming back soon? I want to see the continuation of Gil's route and Parker's route.

Deleted 5 days ago

yes AFCL is on hiatus

Bro bro I thought the question was are they coming back soon 馃槄

The Patreon version is the one below right?

Deleted 5 days ago

yes ang its free

Oh, thanks

Hey Hope we get an update to Parker Soon!

Deleted 5 days ago

After playing til what is offered, I immediately fell inlove with the characters and the stories. I will admit I did cry and felt deep emotions with each of the characters routes so far, not to mention the soundtracks are just the icing on the cake! Do hope you continue with this project when you are up and running again! Much thanks and look forward to it! 馃グ

I just notice that Mark has his own episodes on phone somehow (I not on Patreon so....? ) or is there a new update????


the Patreon ver is free for everyone. And about the new update Dadeh Andeh not announce something.

It is? Wasn't there that time where you could get it by paying only once? And wouldn't that mean people who didn't pay don't have access to it at all or...?

all day 7 is free I mean

Wow I love this game! Just wondering though, how would one unlock Parker's image in the gallery. I played through his arc and didn't get anything but when I played on Gil's arc i got his image. Did I just go wrong on some choices?

This link may help you, it's the choices that will lead you to that 


Sure, no problem.


Oh my god! I just love this game so much!!! I'm only missing Gil days and the episodes. I need more Lars in my life, I want a CG from what happened on the 7th day!!!!! So touching and dense this story I feel like there's so much to come yet. Gratz to all these amazaing creators from After Class to Extracurricular Activities that make beautiful stories that have sexual content but it's so much more than that! T_T Feeling kinda emotional right now xD

Where would I find the discord link?

Its for patreons

is the game still on hiatus?\


Still waiting for the announcement in discord server

ok i was just wondering 馃槉

is coach gill a specific type of dog or just "a dog" ?


I think he's a German Shepherd

Hey does Mark have a event gallery image? i followed the guide and i still didn't get it

(1 edit)

I can't download the day 7 for free on patreon. Do I have to pay anything? Can someone leave a link?

You can download it w/o paying

Tks I finally saw it. The project isn't going to die is it? Seems so promissing...

Dadeh Andeh just taking a break.

He also said AFCL goimg hiatus but they will back.

Was there any thing new fro Parker. Last i checked it ended when they were having a sleep over and everyone was going to bed. 馃馃 . amazing vn hope the dev comes back soon!!!!!


Holy shit man. I didnt know Mark had a manic episide when he envited Walter to eat donuts. And he had a hard time recalling, like, bruh...

Btw how to do the spoiler post thing?


Say "spoiler" 


I needed to search the meaning of "hiatus" because I didn't knew what it meant. Now I'm relieved because I thought this awesome game had been abandoned

(2 edits) (+1)

That incident really messed with Mark and Walter's heads real bad, especially Mark. And here I was thinking Walter was the one that got in an incident. I'm guessing it has something to do with a cliff and a fall. Maybe the necklace was something given to forget rather than remember. Oh, they're a compass, nevermind then, still feel like it made them forget tho, for their sake.

Whatever it is, we can only wait and see.

(Kinda wish there was a spoiler tag here like in disqus so I can comment more spoiler-y stuff.)

does anyone know when the hiatus will end [not trynna rush just curiusssssssssssssse \*煤w霉 *  ]

no one knows but dadeh Andeh shows Talbot sprite and Tora

Is there any nsfw scene


There's a nude scene with almost all characters at the end of this version


the onsen scene whahaha

How i get this one?

(1 edit)

i need help, does anyone know whats in the bag Gil has Lars give you in Gils path. he said not to open it around others and its been bothering me ever since, i gotta know

no one knows whahahaha

Did mark don't have a day 7 in the latest version? in the google docs there's options of day 7 of Mark Route.

You can download the Patreon ver for free all day 7 is open.

Thanks tonioantz, didnt saw that

Wait so this is the patreon version?

I just finished playing through my first time with Lars and I need to know!!! Please tell me this isn't going to end at day 7!

(1 edit)

is there any sex scene in future? and we can choose to be top or bottom?
i want see Mr.Parker or Anders being bottom or top walter >w<
just curious


Is there a discord server with all the games on itch?


when will the next update will come out? Just curious no rush :p

Does anyone know what the title of the song they used for the video here on itch

Hi! Why did you blurred the shower fapping part?

I was having kinda "fun" while it wasn't blurred.馃ズ

they need to blurred it because Walter(he still see it thou) didn't know their dicks.

That makes sense. But it was good tho.

Deleted 30 days ago
Deleted 30 days ago

I hope all is going well with the creators. whatever caused this hiatus i hope it's not something too serious

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