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Nur al-Din (Arabic: نور الدين, romanizednūr ad-dīn) is a male Arabic given name, translating to "light of the religion", nūr meaning "light" and dīn meaning "religion". More recently, the name has also been used as a surname.

There are many Romanized spelling variants of the name. The element نور can be spelled Nur, Noor, Nor, Nour or Nuer. The element دين can be spelled either Din, Deen or Dine. The definite article in front of the "sun letter" d is realized only as a gemination /dː/, the Arabic pronunciation being /nuːrudːiːn/.

Syntactically, the name is an iḍāfah (genitive construction), in full vocalization nūru d-dīni. Consequently, depending on the system of Romanization, the definite article can be rendered as al, ad, ud, ed or d.

Among the variant romanized spellings in common use are Nuraddin, Nureddin, Noureddin, Noureddine, Nooradeen, Nordeen, Nourdin, Noordine, Nordine, Nuradin, Nurdin, Nooruldeen; scientific transliterations are Nur ad-Din, Nur-ud-Din, Nur al-Din, etc.

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