875 Area Code

875 Area Code

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875 Area Code

Location: Not Available

  • Status:
  • Overlay: No
  • Reserved: Yes
  • Type of Code: General Purpose Code
  • Service:
  • Assignable: Yes
  • Assigned: No
  • Assignment Date:
  • In Service: No
  • Service Date:
  • In Jeopardy: No
  • Time Zone:
  • Notes:
  • Dialing Plan Notes:

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875 Area Code Details

875 area code is located in Not Available and is listed as a General Purpose Code. 875 area code is marked as a split code, meaning it does geographically overlap with other area codes.) This code is not in service, not in jeopardy and has not been assigned. See more information below on neary area codes and a list of active prefixes used by 875 area code.

875 Covered State / Region

Not Available

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