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the Heart of Britain WEDDING Jamie & Frida yesterday Tuesday, October 19, 2021 90p Brilliant puzzles pullout It’s marry Redknapp see page 9 dad Harry Redknapp Mirror investigation Hate cleric rants still poisoning minds on THE WEB FULL suspectAli Harbi Ali By MATT ROPER ALMOST 40 hours of video rants by hate preacher Anjem Choudary can easily be seen online, a Mirror probe found. YouTube removed them when he was jailed in 2016 but one Google search provided 27 links. Our investigation came as suspect Ali Harbi Ali, 25, was held under terror laws on suspicion of killing MP David Amess. Expert Prof Imran Awan said: “Choudary’s narrative is extremely hateful. Anything that incites violence or terrorism should be illegal.” STORY: pageS 6&7 radicalHate cleric Choudary and, below, MP Sir David Amess Preacher’s films remain online as terror cops quiz MP killing suspect

2 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 WeAther & cliMAte bigger picture Today’s historical average high: 13.9 October 2021 average high so far: 15.9 October historical average high: 14.0 All averages based on CET Mean Max Temp. Historical info from 1961-1990 (Source: Met Office) CLIMATE FACT: On June 20 a temperature of 100°F (38°C) was observed at Verkhoyansk, in Russia. This is provisionally the highest temperature recorded within the Arctic Circle. (Source: Met office) 10 MiN crossWord TUESday £1,000 B69 4TD BB7 2AA CH44 3ED CW8 1RE HX2 6SL Brought to you by the lottery IG3 8JL ME16 8DH N1 6RG N9 0UY NE65 9RH for every ticket in these winning postcodes NG15 7UW OL6 8XP PL14 6ER PL24 2ES RG30 3LY SK5 6YG ST6 3PJ SW8 2GA TN24 9DU WD6 5JA 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 ACROSS 6 Really (5) 7 Bird (3) 8 Unused ability (9) 13 Bigness (9) 18 chafe, fray (3) 19 correct (5) DOWN 1 Halt (4) 2 Brief and rather rude (4) 3 A colour (4) 4 House type (4) 5 Twofold (4) 9 Rita _, singer (3) 10 Breakfast food (3) 11 Wine cask (3) 12 Donkey (3) 13 Ancient stringed instrument (4) 14 Gown (4) 15 Stretched (4) 16 Level (4) 17 Flank (4) Monday’s solutions Across: 1 Earmarks, 6 Sin, 7 Cagey, 9 Disc, 11 Or so, 12 Inch, 14 Nude, 16 Cedar, 18 Etc, 19 Reversal. Down: 1 Ensconce, 2 Rends, 3 Arcs, 4 Keg, 5 Mythical, 8 Acid, 10 Iona, 13 Needs, 15 Urge, 17 Doe. lAST NIGHT’S SeT for lIfe: 4, 7, 22, 34, 44. Life Ball: 5. No winner of £10k a month for 30yrs. SATUrDAY’S loTTo: 4, 18, 21, 24, 37, 58. Bonus: 22. No winner of £3.8m jackpot. THUNDerBAll: 8, 11, 15, 29, 30. Thunderball: 1. No £500k winner. HeAlTH loTTerY: 16, 23, 36, 40, 45. Bonus: 31. frIDAY’S eUroMIllIoNS: 21, 26, 31, 34, 49. Lucky Stars: 2 & 5. One non-UK winner of £185m. CORRECTIONS & COMPLAINTS • If we have published anything factually inaccurate, please contact the readers’ editor on 020 7293 3831, by email at ftr@mirror.co.uk or write to Readers’ Editor, Daily Mirror, One Canada Square, London E14 5AP and, once verified, we’ll correct it as soon as possible. The Daily Mirror is published by MGN Ltd, a subsidiary company of Reach PLC, which is a member of IPSO, the Independent Press Standards Organisation. We adhere to the Editors’ Code Of Practice as enforced by IPSO, which is contactable for advice at IPSO Gate House, 1 Farringdon DM1ST Ford plugs into future with £230m hub FORD is investing £230million in a factory to make parts for electric cars. its plant in Halewood, Merseyside, will be the first electric vehicle component in-house assembly site in Europe. This will safeguard 500 jobs and may create hundreds more. Ford of Europe president Stuart Rowley said it was an important step in its drive to make all Ford passenger vehicles in Europe electric or plug-in hybrid by 2030. it already produces the electric Mustang Mach-E. Unite union’s Sharon Graham said: “This investment is excellent.” Production is to start in 2024 at the plant, which currently builds transmissions for a number of Ford vehicles. £5,000 to drop your gas boiler BY AleTHA ADU Political Correspondent BORIS Johnson has launched a £5,000 grant for homeowners to replace their old gas boilers with more eco-friendly heat pumps. But the Prime Minister was blasted for offering poor families “hot air”, not tangible funds to warm their homes. Labour said many families need their homes upgraded with insulation and double glazing to reduce costs. Ministers are preparing to ban the installation of new gas boilers from 2035 but the grants will not cover the full cost of installing a heat pump – around £10,000 on average. And not all will be able to access the grant, worth £450million in taxpayer cash in total, which would be enough for around 90,000 heat pump grants. The PM said: “Our new grants will help homeowners make the switch sooner, without costing them extra.” Business and Energy Secretary Kwasi April with costs expected to fall as the Kwarteng said low carbon heating will technology gets more mainstream. be the most affordable choice “as costs Radiators on heat pumps operate at plummet over the next decade”. a lower temperature than with gas so But Ed Miliband, Labour’s Shadow people may need to replace them with Business Secretary called the fund ones big enough to warm the room. inadequate, adding: “People can’t The Resolution Foundation think warm their homes with yet more of tank raised fears wealthier families Boris Johnson’s hot air but that is all could take advantage of the grants. that is on offer.” aletha.adu@mirror.co.uk The scheme is due to go live next @alethaadu Johnson wines and dines tycoons for eco cash BORiS Johnson put on a banquet for Bill Gates and other tycoons in a bid to get financial backing for his green industrial revolution. Ahead of the Global investment Summit today, the PM and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss wined and dined 20 business figures in TecH GIANT Bill Gates Fury at pM over grant for ‘green’ heat pump HorSepoWer Boss Stuart Rowley next to a Ford Mustang Mach-E Downing Street to drum up billions of pounds for projects. Mr Johnson claimed he raised £9.7billion worth of investments in a package of 18 deals that will support renewable energy sectors and sustainable homes. He boasted 30,000 UK jobs will be created and “this Street, EC4M 7LG. Website www.ipso.co.uk Telephone: 0300 123 2220, email advice@ipso.co.uk If you have a complaint concerning a potential breach of the Code of Practice, we will deal with your complaint directly or IPSO can refer your complaint to us. Please go to www.reachplc.com/how-to-complain where you can view our Complaints Policy and Procedure. A How To Complain pack is also available by writing to the Legal and Compliance Department, Reach PLC, One Canada Square, London E14 5AP. prIceY New heat pump can cost about £10,000 is just the start”. Chancellor Rishi Sunak hosted another dinner for 300 officials. The Queen is set to host a reception at Windsor for delegates tonight. The PM is keen to flaunt his green plans for Britain before the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow next month. But 75,000 eco jobs were lost under the Tories between 2014 and 2019. cHIlDreN lIVING IN clIMATe Horror: pAGeS 14 & 15 prIDe Prince George prince george air to throne.. as he learns about climate BY rUSSell MYerS Royal Editor PRiNCE George is learning about climate change, grandfather Prince Charles said yesterday as he begged young people to give back to nature. The Prince of Wales spoke with pride as he revealed the eightyear-old future king was learning how global warming was causing extreme weather. As he introduced a documentary ahead of Cop26, the UN Climate Change Conference he will attend in Glasgow next month, Charles said: “Your future depends upon the future of the planet.” The Sky Kids documentary Cop26: in Your Hands features six pleA Prince Charles youngsters who highlight the devastating impact climate change has had on their countries. The prince tells viewers: “i’m old enough to have a grandson. “Like you he is learning how climate change is causing the big storms, and floods, the droughts, fires and food shortages we are seeing around the world. “When i was his age, people had no idea about the damage they were doing. But by the time i was a teenager i started to see that if we didn’t stop polluting our planet, we would face a very dangerous future indeed. “We have forgotten that we have to put back into nature as much as we take out.” Got a story? call us free on 0800 282 591 We pAY for NeWS & INforMATIoN email mirrornews@mirror.co.uk or readerpix@mirror.co.uk

DM1ST mirror.co.uk TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 3 Elle of an honour for A-list stars HERE are some of the remarkable women being honoured for their contributions to television, film and music by Elle magazine. Halle Berry, 55, is effortlessly cool in The Women In Hollywood special of the November issue. Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer, 28, has a cheeky wink as she lies in a tub. And Angelina Jolie, 46, hangs over a pool with a cuppa. The other six celebrated are Gemma Chan, Lauren Ridloff, Salma Hayek, Gal Gadot, Rita Moreno and Jennifer Hudson. Berry said: “I’m a part of this awakening. I’m inspired by what’s happening now.” specialJodie Comer on front of November’s Elle god’s dollop Red sauce is the UK’s number 1 by ruki sayid Consumer Editor BRITAIN is a nation of ketchup lovers – but we’re divided over what to do with the stuff. While eight in 10 are adamant a dollop of tomato sauce on the side of the plate to dip food in to is best, two in 10 prefer to smother their meal. More than half felt squirting ketchup all over a dish was bad manners and an insult to the chef. The survey Are you a dipper or a squirter? Britain’s great ketchup conundrum of 1,500 adults by frozen food giant Birds Eye found chips were the most popular food to go with a condiment, with nuggets second and nachos third. But dipping food into someone else’s sauce was seen as a faux pax by half while ketchup or mayo with a roast was a no-no for almost 50%. And four in 10 fussy eaters frowned on mixing two sauces together on a plate. Ketchup was crowned king of the condiments, followed by mayonnaise barbecue and chilli sauce. Annalisa Fanali, marketing manager for Chicken Dippers at Birds Eye, said: “Our research shows just how important a dip or a sauce is to Brits, with many saying that a meal is simply not complete without a condiment. “We weren’t surprised to see that ketchup still reigns supreme when it comes to our favourite thing to dip or dunk our food into.” Top 10: 1 Ketchup; 2 Mayonnaise; 3 BBQ sauce; 4 Chilli sauce; 5 Salsa; 6 Brown sauce; 7 Salad cream; 8 Guacamole; 9 Soy sauce; 10 Mustard. ruki.sayid@mirror.co.uk @RukiSayid

4 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DM1ST widow at scene of killing One of the nicest, comfort Julia with Rev Clifford Newman at church by BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor SIR David Amess’s family visited the church where he was stabbed to death as Boris Johnson praised the MP as one of the kindest people ever elected to the Commons. The politician’s heartbroken wife Julia made an emotional pilgrimage to the scene of the attack where he held a constituency surgery last week. At Westminster yesterday, the Prime Minister said: “Sir David was taken from us in a contemptible act of violence striking at the core of what it is to be a Member of this House. “Violating the sanctity of the church in which he was killed and the constituency surgery that is so essential to our representative democracy. “But we will not allow the manner of Sir David’s death in any way to detract from his accomplishments as a politician or as a human being. “Sir David was a patriot who believed passionately in this country, in its people and in its future. “He was also one of the nicest, kindest and most gentle individuals ever to grace these benches.” Sir David’s widow shed tears as she read messages on floral tributes at Belfairs Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, where he was allegedly murdered by 25-year-old suspect Ali Harbi Ali on Friday, Julia, who was joined by two of the couple’s five children, Florence and Katie, was comforted by Rev Clifford Newman during their 15-minute visit. Meanwhile, MPs from all sides wore black as they paid tribute to the Tory, 69, who was stabbed 17 times. They attended a remembrance service at St Margaret’s, Westminster, yesterday where mourners sang Abide With Me and Cwm Rhondda. Proceedings in Parliament began with a prayer for the devout Catholic before the Commons, Parliamentary staff and journalists observed a minute’s silence in the chamber. Sir David’s usual place on the Tory benches was left vacant in his honour, despite the House being packed. Praising a “seasoned campaigner of verve and grit”, the Prime Minister said the “passing of 72 hours has done little to numb the shock and sadness we all felt when we heard of the tragic and senseless death”. Labour leader Keir Starmer told MPs: “Each tribute paints its own picture of a committed public servant of kindness, and a man whose decency touched everybody he met. “These tributes are trAGic Jo Cox was killed in 2016 kindest and most gentle individuals ever to grace these benches PM’s emotional tribute to slain MP Sir David Amess soLEmN MPs leave an empty seat in memory of Sir David during minute’s silence a powerful testimony to the respect, the affection and, yes, the love that David was held in across politics, and across different communities.” Labour’s Kim Leadbeater stood in front of a shield commemorating her sister MP Jo Cox, who was murdered in 2016, as she offered her condolences to the Tory’s relatives. She said: “It’s been a traumatic few days for many people – none more so than David’s family and friends, and it’s they who remain at the forefront of my mind this afternoon. “But, sadly, I know from my own all-too-similar experience that in reality there is nothing anyone can say to make things all right for them.” Conservative MP James Duddridge, who represents Rochford and Southend East, described Sir David as “a man of faith and convictions”. He told how on a trip to the Vatican his colleague accidentally had a boiled sweet blessed by the Pope. Mr Duddridge said: “The Pope took the sweet thinking it was a revered object to be blessed and David had to put it in his pocket – a holy sweet.” Sir David’s death has triggered renewed fears over MPs’ security, with calls for them to receive protection when they hold weekly constituency surgeries. Home Secretary Priti Patel told Parliament a review of policing for politicians was “concluding in the next few days”. Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle added: “The circumstances of Sir David’s death are despicable and raise the most we won’t let terrorists win by creating walls between us and those who vote us in dominic raab on fears over constituency surgeries fundamental issues about how members of this House are able to perform their vital democratic responsibilities safely and securely. “I give the House my undertaking I will do everything in my power to ensure these issues are prAisE Boris Johnson sorrow Mr Johnson, Labour leader Keir Starmer and the SNP’s Ian Blackford treated with urgency and with the sense of priority that they deserve.” Many MPs have warned against allowing the killing to raise barriers between them and constituents. Justice Secretary Dominic Raab told Sky News: “We don’t let the terrorists win by creating wedges or walls between us and those who vote us in.” Downing Street said the murder “cannot get in the way of democracy” after suggestions MPs could end faceto-face surgeries with constituents. Politicians are set to be offered more private guards for these events. Asked if there would be plainclothes police at the surgeries, Mr Raab said: “It depends on the individual. “I think we’re more likely to look at things like private security guards –

mirror.co.uk DM1ST TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 5 as commons pays respects WIFE’s TEARs Julia Amess at church yesterday triBute Mural at Leigh-on-Sea skate park that Sir David opened in his beloved Southend Southend-on-Sea to get city status a committed public servant and a man whose decency touched everybody he met keir starmer on the tributes paid to sir david amess there’s already, I believe, money available for that.” MPs are understood to be able to request private security for their surgeries already, but one told the Mirror it was currently only available if there was a specific threat, on recommendation of police. Labour’s Chris Bryant said a man has been arrested over a threat on his life in the wake of Sir David’s murder. He received the warning after a Parliamentary trip to Qatar. Mr Bryant said: “I got back on Saturday and the first message in my inbox was this death threat, threat MP Chris Bryant called police pretty clear, so I notified the police and they have taken action.” South Wales Police said a man, 76, of Bridgend, was held on suspicion of malicious communications. Former MP Lord Nigel Jones, who was severely injured in a 2000 sword attack at his Cheltenham office in which his assistant Andrew Pennington was killed, said it was vital MPs were able to meet the public face to face. In a tribute read by fellow Lib Dem Baroness Brinton in the Lords, the peer said the death of his “mate” Sir David was “the most unimaginable shock”. He added: “David, Pictures: PHIL HARRIS like my friend Andy Pennington and I, was just trying to do the job to the best of his ability. “Our democracy relies on an open channel between those in power and the people who we represent. “It’s vital to be able to meet people face to face so they can feel we are here and working for them.” Meanwhile, the Archbishop of Canterbury said Sir David had a “fairness of spirit and charity of heart” that endeared him to those across the political spectrum. At a service in his memory, the Most Rev Justin Welby said the “light lit by public service” provided by MPs like the Southend West politician must never be put out. He heartache Sir David’s girls Florence & Katie added there is “a unanimous conviction amongst all who knew him” that Sir David had been “of the best”. The archbishop said he will be recalled alongside other politicians who have been killed in recent years. He added: “His name will be remembered with Airey Neave, Robert Bradford, Anthony Berry, Ian Gow and Jo Cox, those MPs murdered since 1945, and others, like Andrew Pennington, who have died in the course of public service. “Public service in politics is a sacrifice that should be honoured and respected even when differences of opinion run very deep.” ben.glaze@mirror.co.uk @benglaze SuSpect’S hate preacher oBSeSSioN: paGeS 6&7 By BeN GlaZe Deputy Political Editor SOUTHEND-ON-SEA will become a city in tribute to Sir David Amess, Boris Johnson announced last night. In a move cheered across the Commons, the Prime Minister told MPs the Queen had agreed to grant the Essex resort city status following the long-running campaign by the Southend West backbencher. Reflecting on Sir David’s 24 years representing the town, Mr Johnson added: “He never once witnessed any achievement by any resident of Southend that could not, somehow, be cited in his bid to secure city status for that distinguished town. “Highlights of that bulging folder included a world record for most triangles being played at once; a group of stilt-walkers travelling non-stop from the Essex coast to Downing Street; and a caMpaiGN Sir David Amess visiting foreign dignitary allegedly flouting protocol by saying he liked Southend more than Cleethorpes.” Labour leader Keir Starmer told the Commons: “It is a fitting tribute to Sir David’s hard work. It really is fitting because David delivered for the causes he championed.” The PM’s spokesman added: “This was an exceptional circumstance. It is a very rare honour which Sir David campaigned passionately for.” Southend’s award of city status will not affect the competition among towns to be upgraded to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee next year. Sky pull drama over stab story By Nicola MethveN TV Editor SKy has pulled the three final episodes of its new political drama series COBRA following the killing of David Amess. The show, starring Robert Carlyle as Conservative Prime Minster Robert Sutherland, features a storyline in which a member of parliament is stabbed to death. In the show the PM deals with threats to the country including a cyber-attack on critical infrastructure. Only released on Friday, the second half of the six-part series has been removed from Sky’s boxsets and streaming service Now TV. Sky said the episodes “will return to the platform at a more appropriate time”.

6 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 Voice of the DM1ST amess murder suspect Kick toxic talk off net BRITISH hate preacher Anjem Choudary’s poisonous Islamist sermons should not pollute the internet. Publishers must either take them down immediately or be forced to drop them by law. The killing of MP David Amess is prompting national soul-searching and increasing calls to improve the tone of debate. It’s indefensible web operators continue to give a soapbox to dangerous bigot Choudary, once jailed for five-and-a-half years for encouraging support of Islamic State. These rants should not be there to hook the impressionable, troubled and hardened extremists. Choudary’s claim he is within the law is disputed by others. No single, simple answer exists to protect MPs, removing hate online would be a good first step. Jabs too slow CovId infection rates are the highest since mid-July and the daily total is now nudging 50,000. Schools will be in chaos again unless ministers protect education. The percentage of Britons testing positive is worse for those aged 12-15. Yet, scandalously, just 14.2% of them in England are vaccinated compared with 44.3% in Scotland. Walk-in vaccine clinics proposed for secondary school pupils in England should boost numbers. But the Government has proved woefully slow, recklessly threatening lessons for hundreds of thousands of children. Unless the complacent Prime Minister gets a grip swiftly the pandemic might be out of control this winter and tighter restrictions required to save lives and protect the NHS. George break Tv viewers will be sending best wishes to the BBC newsreader George Alagiah. The trusted presenter’s vow to return shows the iron determination of a lovely man with a focus on enjoying life and getting back to work. the GhoSt of ChriStmaS yet-to-Come No turkey, no toys, and that Adele CD on a loop.. all day Reject MPs and the police.. our aim is to fly our flag over Downing St Quick Google search finds 40hrs of Choudary’s rants EXCLUSIVE by MATT ROPER and TOM PETTIFOR Crime Editor HIS hatred for Britain and all that it stands for is clear to hear from the moment he takes the microphone. Anjem Choudary mocks his country of birth, slams young British Muslims for trying to please their parents by becoming doctors and engineers and insists that on Judgment Day it is the jihadists whom God will love the most. The hate preacher’s vile sermons were removed by YouTube after he was jailed in 2016 for inviting support for Islamic State. But within just minutes we were able to find nearly 40 hours of bile online. The clips were uploaded in May on to the San Francisco-based Internet Archive site by a user called sword4Allah. Choudary, 54, is the founder of the outlawed al-Muhajiroun group and is considered one of Britain’s most dangerous radicalisers. He spews hatred of the West in impassioned tones which is clearly directed at young, disaffected Muslims living in Britain. In one chilling speech, he calls on followers to “reject all of the MPs” and slams Muslims who go to their constituency MP for advice. He says viewers should reject the legal and political systems of the kuffar – a derogatory Arabic term for non-Muslims – and fight to “destabilise Britain”. In another video Choudary says: “They say they want a British Islam... an Islam devoid of sharia, an Islam devoid of jihad, an islam devoid of struggle and sacrifice – they want you to be humiliated. “No matter how much the unbelievers hate it, our objective is to dominate the whole world… Britain by the sharia. To fly our flag over the White House, over the Kremlin and over Downing Street.” And he rants: “Muslims these days, they go to Parliament to ask for help, but they don’t go to Allah. “If you go to ordinary Muslims today they’ll say ‘we want to see what the law of the land says’, because they made it into an idol that they worship. They want to know what the halal and the haram [what is permissible or unlawful] is from their local MP. “We now have a distinction between the Muslims and the kuffar. It’s now become a battle. Your father said, ‘become a doctor’, your mother said ‘become an engineer’. But the Prophet Mohammed said we need to conquer the East CCTV Harbi in Gospel Oak, London and the West, to have the whole world governed by the sharia. “You will say, ‘I have a new objective in your life, which is no more to get my education and follow what my forefathers have said.” Online extremism expert Prof Imran Awan, of Birmingham City University, said: “Choudary’s narrative is extremely hateful. “He hooks young people in by using the idea of victimhood. He plays on this thing that we’re the victims and the aggressor is the Suspect was a EXCLUSIVE by TOM PETTIFOR and JONATHAN COLES THE man suspected of the murder of Sir David Amess “was a really nice little lad” who would regularly attend church, two former teachers said. Ali Harbi Ali was one of the first Muslims to go to Church of England junior school in Croydon, South

mirror.co.uk DM1ST TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 7 being Held under terror laws rAdicAL prEAchEr Choudary at a protest, top, and in one of his videos ‘Make tech giants face Parliament’ By BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor SIR David Amess’s friend and fellow MP Mark Francois wants the bosses of Twitter and Facebook to be dragged to Parliament. The Rayleigh MP, left, called for Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey for a formal dressing-down by parliamen tarians and to explain why they allow MPs to be “vilified”. He said: “I would like to drag Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Jack Dorsey of Twitter to the House – so they can look us all in the eye and account for their actions, or inactions.” Mr Francois also revealed that David “had become concerned about what he called the toxic environment in which MPs, particularly female MPs, were having to operate”. country we’re living in. “The other dangerous thing is what I call the push and pull factor. If you can push people into feeling angry, having a grievance, feeling like there’s a lack of belonging, you can start working on the pull factors, are you really British, why are you speaking to your politicians? “While the videos don’t say, ‘go and commit x, y and z’, they do it subtly. Someone could read between the lines and think, ’this is what I should be doing’.” In another of his videos recorded the day before the anniversary of the 7/7 London Tube bombings, Choudary mocks British values. Highlighting a survey which put “hard work” and “protection of the family” as core values, he says: “What a load of rubbish. figure of hate Choudary in July &, left, MP Sir David The majority of British people are unemployed. The majority of British people are unemployed... they’re all sick or on disability living allowance. “And why are they trying to introduce same gender marriages if they’re so concerned about protection of the family?” Choudary, who was born and grew up in London, also mocks the benefits system, saying: “They used to give income good, churchgoing kid, teachers say London. Former teachers said he was a “good kid” with supportive parents and “tried very hard”. One said: “They were such a lovely family. They were very happy to come into our church. “There was never anything that would highlight them as being on the edge, or different.” It is thought Ali was born in London after his family fled war-torn Somalia in the 1990s. A second former teacher had fond memories of Ali and his dad Harbi Ali Kullane. The teacher said: “He was a pretty little boy, a really nice little lad. His father was a lovely man, so warm to everybody. Though he was a Muslim, he wanted his family to go to a school with faith.” Ali, the oldest of four siblings, reportedly trained as a doctor. But pals say Ali, now 25, was referred to a deradicalisation course after his personality changed in his late teens. support 20 days in advance. Here, you get it two weeks in arrears. Not that I’m on jobseekers allowance. We are on jihad-seekers allowance.” The preacher, who with his wife was receiving £25,000-ayear in benefits for his four children, then says it is right for Muslims to take money from unbelieving taxpayers. “The normal situation really is to take money from the kuffar, isn’t it? Hopefully there’s no one from the DSS listening to this.” Prof Awan added: “Anything that incites violence or terrorism should be illegal. “One of the challenges is that different websites come under different jurisdictions, and the American guidance is predominantly about free speech. “So content often stays up even though it should technically be removed.” Ali Harbi Ali, 25, is being held under the Terrorism Act after MP Sir David Amess, 69, was His narrative is hateful and he hooks in young people with the idea of victimhood prof imran awan online extremism expert on cleric stabbed to death at a church in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, on Friday. Asked if he would condemn the attack on Sir David if it was political, Choudary said: “I’m not in the game of condemning or condoning, but I don’t believe it’s allowed under Islamic law.” The preacher, who lives in East London, was jailed for five years and six months after a trial at the Old Bailey and was released in 2018. Licence conditions,which included a ban on public speaking and talking to the media, expired in July. In a statement released by the Society of Muslim Lawyers, Choudary said: “Although I have delivered many talks and lectures over the years, there is currently no significant material to be found anywhere online due to its removal by social media companies.” Google was approached for comment. matt.roper@mirror.co.uk @mattroperbr

8 DM1ST DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 sunak may cut 5% Vat on house energy bills Bitcoin brag boy’s kidnap A SCHOOLBOY was kidnapped after boasting on social media about how much money he had made trading in Bitcoin. A gang bundled the boy, 14, into a car and then called his mum demanding £10,000 for his safe return, eventually settling for £900. Mohammed Khubaib, 22, was jailed for four years after admitting charges of kidnap and blackmail. His cohorts in the crime on May 9 in Bradford, West Yorks, have not yet been identified. tax plans Rishi Sunak By pIppa CRERaR Political Editor RISHI Sunak could slash the 5% VAT rate on household energy bills to help struggling families through the winter. The Chancellor is reportedly considering a cut despite resisting pressure to splash taxpayers’ cash elsewhere. The Tories are thought to be looking for measures which could be hailed a Brexit benefit. The EU sets VAT rates on domestic fuel. A Treasury official said: “It would tick two boxes – it reminds people of the benefits of Brexit and shows you’re listening.” But Paul Johnson, of the Institute for Fiscal Studies think-tank, said: “It would cost £1.5billion a year, with most of the benefit accruing to higher-income households.” Mr Sunak is also said to be considering plans for an online sales tax and could announce a few details in next week’s Budget. Goto Energy is the latest energy supplier to go out of business since last month’s gas price spike. It supplied around 22,000 homes. pippa.crerar@mirror.co.uk @PippaCrerar Bear wig me... DOUBlE Cartoon bear PERHAPS he’s worried about thinning on top, or just a big fan of 1970s cartoon Help! ... It’s the Hair Bear Bunch! Either way this polar bear seems happy with his seaweed syrup. Wildlife photographer Jim Codington, 68, captured the comic moment on Barter Island in Alaska. Jim said: “I was laughing hysterically as I photographed the scene. I took these as they were waiting for the ice to congeal so they can begin foraging for seals.”

DM1ST mirror.co.uk TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 9 Jamie wedknapp RISInG A Minions soft toy Toy prices up 11% as port woes persist By GRAHAM HISCOTT Head of Business ONLINE retailers have hiked toy prices by an average 11% over the weekend amid delays at ports, it is claimed. Shopping website Lovethesales.com tracks the prices of two million toys from 100 retailers. It says games and puzzles have risen by 16%, dolls and soft toys by 13%, action toys by 10% and Lego also by 10%. Co-founder Stuart McClure said: “Delays at UK ports are causing huge toy shortages. The knockon effect has led to a steep hike. This is another setback for shoppers.” Meanwhile, M&S is hiring 12,000 temporary Xmas staff and Amazon is offering £3,000 bonuses to attract workers at its Exeter warehouse. Pundit marries pregnant model Frida in small family ceremony By LOUISE RAnDELL and AnDY LInES Chief Reporter JAMIE Redknapp married his pregnant girlfriend Frida Andersson in a lowkey ceremony yesterday. The couple, who have been together since 2019, will welcome their first child together next month. Pundit Jamie, 48, and his bride headed to Chelsea Registry office, West London, to exchange vows in front of their closest family members. Frida, 37, wore a white gown which featured an elegant Bardot neckline. Her form-fitting garment hugged a blossoming bump and she completed her bridal look with white heels. Charley, 17, and Beau, 12, Jamie’s sons were at the ceremony in smart suits. His dad Harry, mum Sandra, brother Mark and his two sons also attended the nuptials. Harry recently told The Mirror: “Jamie is very happy.” They tied the knot four years after Jamie divorced 46-year-old singer and TV star Louise Redknapp. Model Frida has four children from her marriage to American hedge fund manager Jonathan Lourie. mirrornews@mirror.co.uk @DailyMirror Pictures: TiM Anderson TRAGEDY Mathew Talbot Dead soldier ‘thrown 20ft by elephant’ By LOUIE SMITH A BRITISH soldier died after being thrown 20ft into the air when a herd of elephants charged his anti-poaching patrol, an inquest heard. Coldstream Guardsman Mathew Talbot, 22, suffered tusk injuries to his head and wounds to his chest, leg and arm. Witness Lance Sergeant Robert Padgham said they both ran after spotting the herd in Malawi, eastern Africa, adding: “I heard a scream and observed an elephant throwing Mathew about 20ft into the air.” He said local rangers fired warning shots to disperse the “20 to 30” elephants in May 2019. Prince Harry laid a wreath in his honour during a trip to Africa. The inquest, in Oxford, continues today. Happy couple Jamie & wife Frida leave ceremony PROUD Dad Harry & mum Sandra arrive SMART Sons Beau & Charley were flanked by relatives

DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 OUR DAILY PUB QUIZ 10 Feta cheese is made 1 from the milk of which animal? Are there a) 2500,000 b) 1.2 million or c) 1.7 million postcodes in the UK? How many edges 3 does a cube have? Tiger Bay is an 4 area of which UK city? What did Alfred 5 Nobel invent in 1867? Answers: PAge 39 officer Pc Yvonne Fletcher DM1ST PC yvonne ‘killed in Mi6 Plot’ exclUsive BY tom Pettifor Crime Editor fatal attack Police near the embassy after killing Claim double agent linked to death PC Yvonne Fletcher was shot dead in 1984 as part of an alleged plot involving a spy working for MI6, a court is expected to hear. A High Court judge will next month be asked to decide if an original suspect was responsible for the murder. PC Fletcher, 25, was killed by a bullet fired from the Libyan embassy in London during a protest against Libya’s then leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. A source said: “We understand that at the time of the shooting one of those said to be involved was a double agent working for the British along with Libya.” In her last moments, PC Fletcher’s colleague John Murray promised he would find her killers and has been seeking justice since the killing. He has launched a civil claim for damages against Saleh Ibrahim Mabrouk, a former aide to Colonel Gaddafi. While living in Reading, Berks, Mabrouk was arrested by British police in 2015 in connection with the murder. The case was dropped in 2017, with prosecutors saying key evidence was not available to be used in court. Mr Murray said this week: “We’re going to produce new evidence in court which would suggest criminal charges are appropriate.” The case is listed for a three-day trial when a judge will decide if Mabrouk was part of a plot to fire at protesters. Court papers from Mr Murray’s lawyers say: “The colleAgue John Murray pays his respects to Yvonne defendant is jointly liable with the... group who fired the shots.” Mabrouk, who has returned to Libya, is not expected to be at the trial. He has said he is innocent and called the civil action a “fraudulent claim which will be a waste of court time”. He added he was not there when the PC was killed. Scotland Yard said it still aims to bring those responsible to justice. tom.pettifor@mirror.co.uk @tpettifor Staycays beat foreign hols for kids YOUNGSTERS believe a staycation is just as much fun as a trip abroad as it will not be too hot and there is no language barrier. The nation’s six to 16-year-olds say there are lots of really cool holiday destinations right on our doorstep. It is also easier to find the food you like, you can pack as much as you want and you will not miss your fave TV shows, they add. The survey of 1,000 children by hotel chain Premier Inn found three quarters felt it was important to see UK landmarks before exploring other nations. But 80% admitted their parents managed to annoy them at some stage during a family getaway. Premier Inn managing director Simon Ewins said: “The research shows [children are] desperate to see the sights of the UK and enjoy a homegrown adventure.”

DM1ST mirror.co.uk TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 11 ‘Remarkable’ Powell dies after Covid difficulties ‘toweriNg’ Gen Colin Powell by christopher BucktiN US Editor COLIN Powell, the first black American Secretary of State, has died due to complications from Covid-19 at the age of 84. Confirming his death yesterday, his family said the army general had been fully vaccinated and receiving treatment for blood cancer at Walter Reed National Medical Center in Maryland. He had also been suffering from Parkinson’s disease. The statement added: “We have lost a remarkable and loving husband, father, grandfather and a great American.” born in April 1937 in Harlem, New york, to Jamaican immigrants, Powell was brought up in the tough South bronx. During his teenage years he became an army cadet, setting him on a path with the military. As a distinguished soldier his career took him from combat duty in Vietnam racing up the ranks all the way to general. He would go on to become the first black national security adviser and the youngest and first black chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. His national popularity soared in the aftermath of the Gulf War, and for a time in the mid-90s, he was considered a leading contender to become the first black US President. However, his reputation was damaged when he pushed faulty intelligence to advocate for the Iraq War, which he would later call a “blot” on his record. Paying tribute to Powell, Tony blair said: “Colin was a towering figure in American military and political leadership over many years. “Someone of immense capability and integrity, a hugely likeable and warm personality and a great companion, with a lovely and selfdeprecating sense of humour.” Powell is survived by his wife, Alma, whom he married in 1962, as well as three children. 60m 50m 40m 49,422,753 30m 20m 10m 0m close friend Carrie with her activist chum nimco Must do better.. He added problems have included the by martiN Bagot Health Editor Unions want school-age teens to be able to use walk-in Covid jab centres as so few are vaccinated. The Government has been urged to act quickly, with take-up in England among 12 to 15-year-olds below 10% in a third of the main local authority areas. It is only 5% in some places. In Scotland – where children can use walk-in centres – take-up is already above 50% in half of local authority areas. James Bowen, policy director at school leaders’ union NAHT, said: “It people have had first dose so far Vaccineometer uk Latest cases: 8,497,868 (up 49,156) Deaths: 138,629 (up 45) worLD Latest cases: 241,720,343 (up 260,129) Deaths: 4,917,562 (up 3,525) Johnsons insist ‘no breach of festive lockdown rules’ by pippa crerar Political Editor and aLetha aDu bORIS Johnson and his wife Carrie faced further scrutiny last night over whether they breached lockdown restrictions at Christmas. Downing Street insisted no rules were broken when they spent the festive period with a friend at No10 despite a near lockdown in London. The PM’s official spokesman added: “It is entirely accurate to say they followed coronavirus rules at all times.” Millions of brits were banned from spending Christmas with friends and family as Covid cases soared. The couple’s loose interpretation of official guidance was certain to disappoint many who stuck to the spirit, and the letter, of the rules. No10 sources confirmed that political campaigner Nimco Ali had joined Mr Johnson and his then-fiancee over Christmas in their Downing Street flat. Ministers urged to rapidly allow The PM’s official spokesman indicated Ms Ali, believed to be a godmother for 17-month-old son Wilfred, was in their “childcare bubble”. He added: “The rules are very clear you could continue to use a childcare bubble on Christmas itself, including in a Tier 4 area.” The Government guidance said: “you can only use a childcare bubble for childcare. you cannot use a childcare bubble to mix with another household for other reasons.” The couple were also said to have been in a “support bubble” at the same time with Carrie’s mother, Josephine McAfee, in line with the rules. but the rules stated they could not spend Christmas Day with both women at once. Mr Johnson’s spokesman said: “I’m happy to confirm the Prime Minister’s or Mrs Johnson’s mother were not there over the Christmas period.” Ms Ali said: “I did not break any rules but you all knew that.” vaccination teams “having insufficient staff to deal with the number of pupils to use walk-in jab centres students needing jabs, running out of vaccines or even not turning up”. Pupils have faced huge disruption during the pandemic. Mr Barton said: this, but they need full support from nurses and immunisation teams. One “The Government needs to do everything possible to boost the delivery the Government. Those who want to in 10 children in England in years get the vaccination should be able to seven to 11 was likely to have tested and take-up of the vaccination.” do so as quickly as possible. positive for Covid in the week to Boris Johnson’s official spokesman “Allowing 12 to 15-year-olds to October 9 – the highest rate for any said: “As ever with Covid, there are a attend walk-in vaccination centres age group – the Office for number of challenges to overcome.” would be sensible.” National Statistics revealed. ■ Another potential Covid jab has Three million pupils 5% Geoff Barton, general recorded positive trial results – but aged between 12 and 15 secretary of the Associa- Britain last month cancelled an order remains crucial the in-school in the UK are eligible to tion of School and College for 100 million doses of it. French firm programme is rolled out as receive a first dose of the Leaders, said it has been Valneva has been manufacturing the quickly as possible. vaccine as part of a rollout Take-up of the vaccine told of “significant delays” vaccine in Livingston near Edinburgh. “We know the health that began a month ago. among eligible kids in in the vaccination martin.bagot@mirror.co.uk teams in schools are In England, jabs are some parts of England programme of 12 to @MartinBagot working tirelessly to achieve being done in schools by 15-year-olds in schools. voice of the mirror: page 6 UK infection rate 42% above the EU average THE UK’s total Covid infection rate is 42% higher than the EU average. There have been almost 8.5 million confirmed cases here so far. This works out as around 124,000 per million of the population. The EU average is just under 87,000 per million. Figures yesterday showed a further 49,156 people in the UK have tested positive for Covid, with 45 more deaths. Numbers with the virus are as high as the January peak. Professor Andrew Hayward, of the SAGE advisory group, said: “I think it’s concerning we’ve got very high rates of infection and higher rates of hospitalisation and mortality than many of our European counterparts.” He added that waning immunity is “probably” part of the reason why infections are so high here, and there is “some evidence” protection against infection is beginning to wear off. The speed of the jab rollout means Brits are more likely than those in other countries to have had their second dose at least five months ago. UK experts have recommended that people get a third dose at least six months after the first. support Carrie’s mum Josephine EUROPE: INFECTIONS PER MILLION Czech Republic 159,237.96 Serbia 151,089.20 Slovenia 147,928.80 Lithuania 136,245.28 prague Czech capital NewcastLe UK a hotspot Cyprus 136,154.37 Estonia 129,336.37 *uk 123,797.67 Netherlands 121,320.25 Sweden 114,361.70 Belgium 110,026.84 Spain 106,628.80 France 106,354.23 Portugal 106,151.57 EU 86,889.75


DM1ST mirror.co.uk TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 13 HoT KRAuSS bun Jürgen German Bake Off star is on home ground By nIColA METHVEn TV Editor IT’S German Week on the Great British Bake Off – but Black Forest native Jürgen Krauss might not have it all his own way. Italian rival Giuseppe Dell’Anno says although Jürgen “is in a favourable position” he is going to “give it my best shot”. But the other bakers on the Channel 4 show aren’t so confident. Scouser Lizzie Acker said: “It’s Jürgen’s week. Just another of Jürgen’s weeks. We’re just along for the ride.” Bake Off presenter Matt Lucas even tries to hand Jürgen the prize before any baking starts. Jürgen, who has already been named star baker twice, admitted: “There’s certainly a bit of pressure.” ■ Great British Bake Off , Channel 4, tonight at 8pm. BBC George: My cancer has spread and I have to take a break News presenter to have more chemo making news George plans to be back in BBC studio blown up Home flattened House blast victim ‘faced arson threat’ By pAul bYRnE A MAN killed in a mystery explosion at his home had claimed he was the target of a “firebomb” threat. Carl Whalley, 57, who was found in the rubble on Friday, contacted a paper four years ago claiming a man had threatened him. He told the newspaper: “The man said he would firebomb my house. “I’ve told the police and sent them a recording of him saying it. But they said they couldn’t take it any further as the threat wasn’t made to me personally.” Lancashire Police said it was looking into the claims and may get the Independent Office of Police Conduct involved. The blast at Clayton-le- Woods, Lancs, had been thought to be because of gas but no fault with the supply was found. By nIColA METHVEn TV Editor of chemotherapy and radiotherapy over pandemic following the advice from doing everything he can.” Alagiah wrote BBC newsreader George Alagiah the next few months. He told his agent doctors and his colleagues. about his situation in his new book is to take another break from TV that working has “kept me sane over In an interview last year the dad of Letters From Lockdown. He writes: “The to deal with “a further spread of the last few years” and added: “I’m two, who has been married to wife pandemic presented special challenges cancer”, his agent has said. determined to come back.” Frances for 37 years, revealed he lets for me and thousands of others who The TV journalist, 65, was first Sri Lanka-born his doctors do the are cancer patients. But there was one diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2014 Alagiah underwent worrying for him. way I felt I had an advantage. and he underwent further treatment a gruelling 17 rounds of He said: “My doctors “To have cancer is to live with when it returned in 2017. chemotherapy to treat I’ve learnt to have never used the uncertainty. Every scan brings with it a Having taken a break, Alagiah had his advanced bowel word ‘chronic’ or ‘cure’ live in the huge question mark over my life. been back on air as the anchor of the cancer in 2014. about my cancer. “So I’ve learnt to live in the moment, BBC News At Six. He returned to moment.. to “They’ve never used to be content with today. He received his latest diagnosis – that presenting in 2015 be content the word ‘terminal’ “It has helped me to get through these it has spread to his lungs and lymph after making progress either. I’ve always said most unpredictable of times.” nodes – in April last year, but chose to against the disease with today. It to my oncologist, ‘Tell Alagiah said that the pandemic has keep working until now. and said he was a has helped me me when I need to sort shown us that we must all be more A statement from his agent said he “is “richer person” for it. my affairs out’, and he’s caring towards to each other. to take a break from studio duties to deal His cancer returned GEORGE ALAGIAH IN not told me that. He said: “This pandemic has taught with a further spread of cancer”. in December 2017 and LETTERS FROM LOCKDOWN “But what he did tell us that we need each other. She added: “He was first diagnosed the presenter underwent further treatment before once now in a third organ. It is in my lungs.” for one another. Not just here at home me is that the cancer is “That’s what being human is – caring with stage 4 bowel cancer in April 2014.” In a letter to colleagues in the newsroom Alagiah said his medical team Last year he tested positive for going to have to do the worrying for me.’ nicola.methven@mirror.co.uk again returning to work. He added: “I said to my doctor, ‘You’re but across the world.” had decided to hit the new tumour “hard coronavirus after deciding to stop “I don’t want to fill my mind with @mirrormeths and fast”. He now faces a combination appearing in the studio during the worry. I just know that he’s a clever guy, VoICE oF THE MIRRoR: pAGE 6 Guilty plea to Emiliano Sala flight death charge TRIAl David Henderson A MAN has pleaded guilty to a charge relating to the flight in which footballer Emiliano Sala died. Argentinian striker Sala, 28, and pilot David Ibbotson, 59, perished when their plane from Nantes in France to Cardiff plunged into the English Channel in January 2019. David Henderson, 67, of Hotham, East yorks, admitted at Cardiff crown court to attempting to discharge a passenger without valid permission or authorisation. He goes on trial today on a separate charge of endangering the safety of an aircraft, which he has previously denied. Henderson allegedly arranged the flight carrying Sala and Mr Ibbotson. Sala’s body was recovered a month later. Mr Ibbotson’s was not found. At a hearing in October 2020, the court heard Mr Ibbotson’s licence to fly an aircraft commercially had expired in November 2018. The Air Accidents Investigations Branch reported at the start of the year that the plane had been leaking carbon monoxide during the flight and a final manoeuvre by Mr Ibbotson to pull up the plane had caused it to break up mid-air. A jury inquest into Sala’s death was delayed until after Mr Henderson’s trial and is scheduled for February 14, 2022.

14 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 TOday: TUesday, OCTOBer 19, 2021 On this day 58 years agO (1963) We revealed aristocrat Lord Home had succeeded PM Harold Macmillan after a bitter Tory leadership battle. He would later renounce his title and be known as Sir Alec Douglas-Home. 44 years agO (1977) The body of kidnapped German businessman Hanns Martin Schleyer was found in the boot of a car in France, a victim of the communist Red Army Faction. 34 years agO (1987) The world stock market collapsed on Black Monday. The Dow Jones index fell by a record 508 points, while in London £50billion was wiped off share values. Today’s giggle You should avoid pirates in quarantine... they have the highest arrrrrrr number! Michael, 81 Sinitta, 58 Evander, 59 Birthdays DM1ST Harry Potter star Michael Gambon is 81. He has a collection of sports cars. So Macho singer Sinitta is 58. Her aunt is disco star Amii Stewart. Ex-world heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield is 59. He’s nicknamed “Real Deal’’. South Park co-creator Trey Parker is 52. He is a huge Monty Python fan. And many happy returns to Daily Mirror reader John Wykes, from Romford, East London, who turns 64 today. ■■If you’d like us to mention the birthday of a loved one, write to Birthdays, Daily Mirror, One Canada Square, London E14 5AP or yourvoice@mirror.co.uk ‘BUILDING BACK BETTER’ STARTS WITH TREATING PEOPLE BETTER Demand better working conditions and fairer pay for all key workers. Message Rishi now at unison.org.uk / ForOurServices. #ForOurServices KIDS REVEAL Daylight turned to darkness.. and in the storm my baby sister drowned – Why rainy season brings dread to nigerians YoungsteRs from nigeria are sharing their stories on how the climate emergency affects them. With support from our charity partner Save the Children, some have written reports about devastating flooding while others share more personal tragedies caused by the climate crisis. Nigeria is the second country to be highlighted in our NextGen International project. Temperatures in the north can reach the mid 40s and by 2060, scientists predict a 1.1C to 2.5C rise. The country is plagued by severe flooding in the rainy season, made worse by extreme weather, droughts during the dry season and desertification. Here, Rumaisa* writes about how her six-month-old sister died in 2016 floods which devastated her town... By Rumaisa, 13, in Borno State I will never forget the dreadful floods of 2016 that claimed the life of my baby sister and my school friend. Where I live in the north east of Nigeria, Borno State, is usually hot and we do not see a lot of rain. But as greenhouse gases cause the earth’s temperature to rise, scientists are projecting more unpredictable and extreme weather. Rainstorms are already becoming more intense and we have all come to dread the rainy season. The day my six-month-old sister, Amina, was taken from us was August 19, 2016. At school that day everyone was talking about the changing weather; the usually grey and white clouds were looking darker and ominous. My

mirror.co.uk DM1ST TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 15 THE REALITY OF CLIMATE HORROR Abuja Lagos Gulf of Guinea 200 miles NIGER YOBE BORNO NIGERIA CAMEROON NIGERIA GABON Urgent action is needed to stop floods damaging our education By Hadiza ,15, and MuStapHa, 15, in Yobe State FLOODS have become one of the biggest threats to children’s education in northern Nigeria. Our investigation revealed the schooling of about 250 children is affected by the floods every year in our small town in Yobe State. Youngsters under 12 are impacted the most, with many unable to attend school as flood water cuts off the main roads and families are too afraid to leave their homes. earlier this year the damage from a storm was so severe it destroyed more than 50 buildings in a major city of Yobe State and 11 residents had to be rescued from the debris. One sadly died and the others sustained serious injuries. Residents described it as frightening but also explained why the storms are getting worse. “This storm has a lot to do with the destruction of our forests, which contributes to climate change,” one said. “If you travel to some parts of Nigeria where you have thick forests with abundant trees, they don’t experience this kind of thunderstorm in their wet seasons.” Another added: “It takes us up to two weeks or more waiting for the floods to subside. During that period, schoolteachers Warning Hadiza research Mustapha do not come. The children attending school from the affected areas could not come to school until the water had retreated. “The chief of our community and the elders have repeatedly teamed up to complain to the public authorities in search of solutions, but to no avail.” Some of the residents we spoke to said they have advised the Yobe State government and humanitarian organisations to look into the problem urgently. They want the government to build a big bridge and construct standard water channels to direct the flood water and bring huge relief to the region. Residents also want more trees to be planted to create a natural defence barrier. “Trees should be planted and a law should be enacted against the felling of trees, to curtail the problem of deforestation,” one said. In 2020, flooding affected 2.7 million people across West and Central Africa, compared to 1.1 million in 2019. Flooding often kills animals and destroys crops, threatening the 70% of Nigeria’s population who rely on agriculture for income. It also increases the incidences of diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea. FlooD trageDy Rumaisa’s sister drowned in storms schoolmates and I were looking forward to the break time when the daylight suddenly turned into darkness. I sat still in my chair in fear. Many of the children in the classroom put their heads down on their desks and closed their eyes. In the blink of an eye, heavy rain began to fall, pounding on the roof of the classroom like someone trying to force their way into a locked room. Hours went by and the rain finally slowed down, we were allowed to leave and go home – to what was left of it. On the walk home my schoolmates and I saw entire neighbourhoods underwater, people desperately trying to salvage what was left of their belongings. Some buildings had their roofs blown off and a few houses had completely collapsed. I continued to nigeria facts 206.1 million people, the largest population of any African country. Over half are under 18. 0.7 tons of CO2 are emitted per person, compared with 5.4 tons in the UK. Climate change is contributing to droughts and flooding, with 1.9m displaced by flooding in 2019. 1.1-2.5C increase in temperature is projected by 2060. 54 years is the average life expectancy. 71% of Nigerians live in poverty. *The Mirror is using pseudonyms for teenage participants to keep them safe, as the North- East of Nigeria is an active conflict zone. walk home in the soggy soil, with the soles of my shoes heavy with mud. My stomach churned because I did not know what to expect when I would get home. The building we lived in was still standing, but inside the havoc wreaked by the flood was shocking. My mother breathed a sigh of relief on seeing me. The floodwater had destroyed my storybooks and toys. All of this, though, was not as painful as the news that my beautiful baby sister had drowned. My mother told me she was in the kitchen – not part of the main building – and was sleeping in the room which had been struck worst by the rain. My mother did not get to her in time due to the storm. I was heartbroken. Amina was dainty and playful, I could not believe that she was gone. My family was distraught. I did not know how or where we slept that day. I wished I had wings so I could fly away to a calm and happy place. Waking up the next day amid the gloom, I was still gripped by grief. But there was no hope of THe Mirror’s NextGen International project was working with six teenagers in Afghanistan with our charity partner Save the Children. But midway through the project in August, Kabul fell to the Taliban and it was no longer safe for the young people to continue. Afghanistan was chosen because it is one of the countries most affected by climate change in the world. Over the last 20 years flooding and droughts have plagued Afghans. More comfort as I learnt one of my friends was swept away by the flood when she fell into a ditch. She was found floating in the water a day after the rain. The disaster that followed that rain still makes me sad. We moved away from that area, but it will be forever ingrained in my memory. I hope and Devastation Flooding in Borno State, Nigeria than 80% of the population are farmers, but their agriculture is being destroyed by extreme weather and natural disasters. Today, one in three Afghans are facing food shortages and the situation is expected to worsen under the Taliban regime. It is regrettable the project was halted but the safety of the young people was paramount. The project is also working in the Solomon Islands, Nicaragua, Nepal, Brazil and Mongolia. pray I do not witness a disaster like that again but as global warming continues, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts that the frequency and intensity of rainfall will only increase across Africa. Humans do not have ultimate power over nature, but I believe we can do things to reduce the negative impacts it will have on us. In my community, people have also contributed to the damage and deaths by building houses on floodplains. I want the government to remove buildings on floodplains, build proper drainage and take these small steps to protect our future. ■You ■ can help by donating to Save the Children’s emergency fund: www.savethechildren.org. uk/mirrorclimatecrisis

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DM1ST mirror.co.uk TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 17 LOSS Jason with children Grieving dad song plea for kids’ funeral By LUCY THORNTON A DAD whose two “beautiful babies” were killed wants mourners at their funeral to sing along to the family’s favourite tune. John Paul Bennett, 13, and Lacey Bennett, 11, died with mum Terri Harris, 35, and pal Connie Gent, 11, at a sleepover in Killamarsh, Derbyshire. John Paul and Lacey’s dad Jason asked mourners at Thursday’s funeral to sing Never Enough from The Greatest Showman. Mr Bennett said: “While I’m carrying both my babies on my shoulders I’m determined to belt the song they love out loud. “Sing along… and give me hope and strength and celebrate my beautiful happy babies.” Terri’s boyfriend, Damien Bendall, 31, is accused of the September murders. He will stand trial next year. Talk of the Toon OvATiON Dr Tom Prichard is lauded at St James’ Park 10,000 fans chant ‘Hero’ as A&E doc helps to save Newcastle fan By JEREMY ARMSTRONG A DOCTOR said having 10,000 football fans chant “hero” at him was one of the best times of his life after he saved a man who had a cardiac arrest during a Premier League game. Newcastle United fan Tom Prichard, 34, rushed from his seat to help administer a defibrillator and perform CPR to restart the unnamed supporter’s heart. The drama was witnessed by millions of viewers on TV during Newcastle’s 2-3 defeat to Tottenham Hotspur at St James’ Park on Sunday. The stricken man is believed to be a dad of two who was attending the game with a 92-year-old friend. Tom, who works as an emergency consultant at North Tees Hospital in Hartlepool, Co Durham, paid tribute to the St John Ambulance volunteers and the other medics on the scene. They included his friend, cancer specialist Dr Matt Anderson, retired nurse Ruth McDonald, the United club doctor Joe Cosgrove, a cardiologist and another A&E doctor. United’s first team doctor Paul Catterson also ran on the pitch with a defibrillator to help. Tom, a season ticket holder at Newcastle United for 14 years, said: “It all happened very quickly. “I saw there was a commotion in the stands near me, and when I got there they were doing CPR on him as he lay across the seats. “St John Ambulance had the pads on him and I gave a shock and helped with the CPR to get a pulse back. “It was a real team effort. St John Ambulance did brilliantly as it is not easy doing that with 50,000 It was the second greatest thing after getting married Dr Tom PricharD on the applause for him fans looking on. This fan was very lucky, he had such great help around him.” Tom, who also works for rugby league side Newcastle Thunder and part-time for Middlesbrough Academy, was cheered by 10,000 fans in the Gallowgate End of the ground as he returned to his seat. He said: “It was the second greatest thing to happen to me after getting married. “It was a great feeling.” Tom, of Newcastle, was unaware the game had been halted by referee Andre Marriner for 24 minutes until he received his standing ovation. “I went into overdrive and focussed on what I needed to do,” he said. “I was completely unaware of what was happening on the pitch behind me.” The Mirror is campaigning to get a defibrillator in every public building in the UK. Tom added: “That is a fantastic idea, I support that campaign. I don’t want to be a hero, this is not about the glitz and glamour. “I just want to get the message out on how to save lives. Early CPR and the defibrillator were vital, as they were with Christian Eriksen.” Denmark midfielder Eriksen was saved after a cardiac arrest in a Euro 2020 game in June. Matt, who works at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital, helped a fan who had a cardiac arrest outside Old Trafford after a Manchester United game two weeks ago. He used a defibrillator from a nearby restaurant to save him. A Newcastle club spokesman thanked everyone involved in saving the fan, who was described as being in a stable condition. jeremy.armstrong@mirror.co.uk @jeremyatmirror Change the law DEFIBRILLATORS SAVE LIVES HELp With pal Matt behind him COLLApSE Emergency services attend stricken man in East Stand Aid Newcastle’s doctor Paul Catterson is alerted

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[ ] Tv CHEf Nigella Lawson Nigella: I used to dread meal times as a kid By MARK JEffERIES Showbiz Editor CELEbriTy chef Nigella Lawson says she hardly ate as a girl and lived in fear of meal times with her family. She called it a “miracle” that she now adores food. Nigella, 61, said she had to sit at the table until her food was gone or would be served up the remaining cold grub at the next meal. She added she had to help mum Vanessa Salmon – heiress to the J. Lyons & Co catering dynasty – cook by the age of six. Nigella, whose dad is former Chancellor Nigel Lawson, 89, told US food writer Alicia Kennedy: “i didn’t really eat as a child. i dreaded meal times... “Once i was older... could cook for myself and choose what i ate, i really loved it.” Her mum died of liver cancer in 1985 aged 48. NO CHECKOUTS The store Tesco opens supermarket without tills By GRAHAM HISCOTT Head of Business TESCO will today open its first checkout-free supermarket to shoppers. Customers using the Tesco app will be able to grab their groceries and then walk out without going to the till. A combination of cameras and weightsensors detect what shoppers have taken, then bill them after they leave. The GetGo store in High Holborn, Central London, has been cashless since opening in 2018. Kevin Tindall, managing director of Tesco Convenience, said: “We are constantly looking for ways to improve the shopping experience and our latest innovation offers a seamless checkout for customers, helping them to save a bit more time.” Time to look in mirror to end culture of hate So here we go. As the shock waves reverberate around the death of a good man, the hunt for answers continues without even a hint of self-awareness. My Mirror colleague, ros Wynne-Jones, is behind the brilliant britain Talks campaign which aims to get the country doing just that. The trouble is, so many of us still don’t talk. So many of us WhatsApp, email, Facebook or tweet, tapping away in a cess pit with a race to the bottom in terms of our discourse. The empathy has gone. The respect for peers and authority, a staple of older generations, is a thing of the darren.lewis@mirror.co.uk @MirrorDarren DARREn LEWIS past. it won’t return with screens between MPs and their constituents or police officers on the doors of surgeries. They are the ideas of a regime with a left hand over its eyes and their right hand feeling around in the dark. Complacency will eventually replace the concern to be seen to be doing something anyway after the killing of Sir David Amess and, heartbreakingly, we will be back here in a few years’ time - just as after Jo Cox in 2016, Stephen Timms in 2010 and Nigel Jones in 2000. We are all at risk from an atmosphere that threatens to consume us, never mind extremists. My jaw hit the floor when we heard that the individual held in connection with the death threat sent to MP Chris bryant is 76 years of age. i remember, as we neared the end of the last lockdown, hearing friends’ fears that things could explode after it was lifted with so many people having spent so long shouting at each other online. Don’t kid yourself that the trolls are teenagers or twenty-somethings still living at home and eating cornflakes way past lunchtime in their pyjamas. Many wear suits and ties, carry laptops and enjoy top vICTIM MP Sir David Honest and opinionated ‘‘ Empathy has gone. Respect for authority and peers is thing of past jobs with big platforms. None see any problem hammering politicians on all sides or the likes of Meghan Markle. Even the debate about finally cracking down on hate speech online is quite something when ordinary people, footballers, celebrities and other politicians have been begging for it for years now without success. Ask the likes of Diane Abbott and Dawn butler. Justice Secretary Dominic raab and MPs such as bernard Jenkin and Mark Francois are among those now urging us all to be kinder. Tell that to boris Johnson and Priti Patel, both called out by England footballer Tyrone Mings for refusing to condemn those booing our national team for taking the knee. This is the least kind government in living memory. A government that wants to hand immunity to people causing others to drown in the English Channel. A government whose ministers belted out karaoke tunes at their party conference earlier this month on the day they cut Universal Credit for millions. A government whose hostile environment campaign has seen lives lost and millions of families devastated. A government whose Prime Minister was given the chance to dial down his racially offensive rhetoric about Muslim women and black people and chose instead to double down. When MP Paula Sherriff complained in parliament in 2019 of the abuse and harassment she and other female MPs were being subjected to, Johnson suggested “the best way to ensure that every parliamentarian is properly safe and [to] dial down the current anxiety… [was] to get brexit done”. None of that justifies violence. Ever. What it underscores is our need for a period of introspection and the drawing of a line in the sand. it should never have taken the passing of a good man to spark that. Best wishes to Mary Berry who, like my neighbour last week, has revealed she had to wait three-anda-half hours for an ambulance after suffering a broken hip in her garden. Just like my neighbour, the 86-year-old baking queen really is made of stern stuff.

DM1ST mirror.co.uk TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 19 tears Debbie McGee McGee: I wept over breast cancer shock By LaUra HarDing DEBBIE McGee has revealed she was in complete shock on finding out she had breast cancer. The TV star, 62, said: “I got into the car and just burst into tears. “I couldn’t believe what was happening to me.” Debbie had a biopsy on her 60th birthday, after irregularities were spotted on a routine mammogram. She was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ and had an operation. The wife of late magician Paul Daniels, speaking during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, said she was determined not to worry about it returning. She said: “I am a person that always tells everybody else, so I have to do it myself, ‘Don’t worry until you’ve got something to worry about’.” sitcom Open All Hours Arkwright is s-s-slapped by censors By jeremy armstrong OPEN All Hours is the latest sitcom to be hit with a warning about racist and sexist language. The late comic legend Ronnie Barker played the stuttering shopkeeper Arkwright alongside David Jason as his downtrodden assistant Granville. All four BBC series of the popular 1970s and 1980s BBC comedy are available to stream on BritBox. Censors have warned viewers: “Contains racial humour and language of the time that may offend.” Netflix last year removed the comedies The League of Gentlemen and The Mighty Boosh. A spokesman for the BBC and ITV-owned streaming service said: “We review and refresh BritBox’s programme catalogue on an ongoing basis.” Adele: I had anxiety attack over divorce pLUm roLe Adele dresses in purple for snaps on instagram HigH note Singer teams up with canadian film-maker Xavier Dolan Pop queen reveals pain in new album Picture: BRITISH VOGUE FiLLing With a full english breakast By marK jeFFeries Showbiz Editor A vOicemAil that features on Adele’s new album will lay bare her pain as she suffered an “anxiety attack” during her divorce. The singer said one of the tracks on her upcoming record 30 contains a message about her boy Angelo, nine, while she was panicking. She said: “It’s in the song about my son, it’s at the end, in the outro. I was really frightened. “I was having an anxiety attack and I called my best friend to try to talk to her to calm me down but she didn’t bloody answer. “It shines some light on ... I’m talking about my son in the rest of the song and once I put him to bed I can stop putting on that brave face.” Adele released her first music for six years last week with single Easy on Me. She is to open up about her split from Simon Konecki, 47, in her album and hopes their son will listen to it one day and understand her pain. When asked what she hopes Angelo will take away from his track, the star, 33, said: “So often mum is mum and dad is dad, and who they are outside that role is never really discussed in childhood. So it’s more that. “And when he does get older he will understand, because life is going to hit him as well, of what I was going through.” Adele, who teamed up with film-maker Xavier Dolan for a shoot, said she would have liked someone to have written a song about her as a girl. She added: “I think every parent or child or a parent who has had to be distant, emotionally, at some point in their lives, because of a separation... I could’ve bloody done with it when younger.” During her career break, in which she endured her 2019 marriage breakdown and also lost her dad Mark in May, Adele admits she has learned how music can help her to find solace. And she hopes her new record, due out on November 19, has gone some way to “heal” her. Speaking on Australian radio station Carrie & Tommy, Adele said: “More than ever, I’ve realised how important music is as a comforter. “I decided to go all in with this one [album], not only to heal myself but to maybe pass on any knowledge or tools that I might have learnt over the last few years. Because it’s been intense.” On Friday, Adele released Easy on Me and the lyrics appear to urge forgiveness from Simon and possibly Angelo over the break-up. The song was listened to by tens of millions of fans shortly after its release on YouTube. Meanwhile, Oprah Winfrey will interview the singer as part of a two-hour CBS special. Adele One Night Only will air on November 14 and is expected to be available in the UK. It was billed as the Londoner’s “first televised wide-ranging conversation about her album, life after divorce, weight loss and raising her son”. The US show is being co-produced by her TV I was having an anxiety attack and I called my best friend but she didn’t answer adele on voicemail that features on new album pal James Corden and will also feature a concert. mark.jefferies@mirror.co.uk @mirrorjeffers

20 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DM1ST Holey moly, an answer to my prayers ANOTHER moan has brought another gesture of friendship. As a confirmed mender of holey socks, I lamented the scarcity of darning wool, and here’s a letter from another good Samaritan. This time from Preston, an unknown lady (as I judge from the handwriting) writes: “Following your article on darning, I’ve enc’d darning wool I might be too old to use now, but it’s happy memories anyway.” And enclosed are two cards of Chadwick’s finest, one brown and the other blue, quite sufficient for any colour of sock. Thank you, PAUL ROUTLEDGE Life goes on mystery reader. But of course you have put me on the spot about using a wooden darning mushroom. I have been moithering on about using my clenched left hand for the job, but this is becoming ever more difficult with an index finger rigid with arthritis. That is the outcome of 55 years bashing typewriters and computers. And now I have to give my antique mushroom a try. Pushing up the sock to the GET READY COMING SOON TO business end, I see advantages. The hole is perfectly exposed, stretched and ready for the needle. I darned a pair of blue socks in a matter of minutes. Quicker, neater – and safer: no risk of digging the needle into your knuckle. Despite being constitutionally resistant to technological change, I must now accept that the mushroom is the answer to a maiden’s prayer. Mine, too. I learned the fist method from my late mother, but I am sorry, mam, there’s no going back. My darning confidence has mushroomed. PRIDE OF BRITAIN CELEBRATING UNSUNG HEROES rebecca’s exclusive By christine smith Fitness lover Rebecca, who likes to I can’t say too cycle or go to the gym most days, much but admits there were moments when viewers will be she found herself asking, “What on on the edge of earth am I doing?”. their seats this “I was scared in the week. It rapids,” she says. “We culmi- were all decent nates in several jawdropping moments swimmers but the force of the water both by design and was quite by accident. frightening and “And, of course, unpredictable. somebody will die “We were also this week too!” sodden to the Manpreet has bone and very already survived cold but we had a an abseil after great team of Meena tampered experts there and with the equipment. hopefully our hard family While Rebecca is work will have paid off. she loves time off with her boys remaining tight-lipped Emmerdale’s Rebecca Sarker loves taking on daredevil stunts to impress her two sons – but she admits she was scared stiff doing the daring rope bridge stunt in last night’s show. The actress, 46, had to hang 60ft over water before her character Manpreet Sharma must battle raging rapids in action scenes she believes are the ITV soap’s most ambitious in years. “Viewers are going to be bowled over by the scale of the epic stunts. It might not be quite James Bond’s No Time to Die but I’m sure it’s a close second for the small screen,” says Rebecca. “The stunts are definitely the most daring of the year if not the decade. “Your heart can’t fail to miss a beat or two when you’re suspended with no safety harness on a Tarzan-like rope bridge with a 60ft drop below into a water-filled quarry!” During last night’s explosive episode, Manpreet was talking with love interest Vicar Charles Anderson, played by Kevin Mathurin, when the bridge broke. The thrilling stunt set the scene for a week-long guessing game as to who will next be murdered by Manpreet’s psychopath sister Meena. “It’s very liberating and it has been so fulfilling to venture outside of our comfort zones,” she says of filming for this week’s “soap super survival week”. “I was well up for the stunts and I surprised myself when I skipped on to the bridge to film our scenes. “The bridge stunt was not only a feat of imaginative prowess but also of technical excellence. “So complex was the set-up – it took three hours each time to reset it – that we as actors also felt a certain pressure to do the shot justice. “It was a good pressure though, one that made you want to bring your A-game to the field.” Rebecca hopes her antics on the soap will inspire her two sons, aged 15 and 10. “When I showed my boys photos of me doing the stunts as well as the abseil, they were quite impressed. “It takes a lot for them to be impressed but they could see these stunts were a lot of fun. “I do enjoy taking on challenges. I am a great believer that while it’s sensible to be risk averse, it’s good to push yourself. I like to show them that, ‘If Mummy can do it, then so can you’.” star role At British Soap Awards in 2019

DM1ST mirror.co.uk TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 21 nail-biting emmerdale stunt rapids Swept away. Below, with Charles bridge too far Clinging on in last night’s action scene it’s not quite James Bond but my heart missed a beat as i hung 60ft up with no safety harness about the fate of the character she has are, you can fulfil them. They can see played for three years, she says the that I’m really happy working at plotlines tested all the actors’ physical Emmerdale.” and mental stamina. “We were away from home filming Rather than uproot the family for six weeks,” she explains. from the home in Essex she “That said, one isn’t offered these shares with husband Rico and opportunities very often and it was a their sons, Rebecca commutes liberating feeling to be working to the studio near Leeds. collectively rather than filming She adds: “I am lucky as my parents socially distanced two-handers, live half an hour away and they are which is what we’ve been doing for very involved with the boys. Rico also almost 18 months.” works from home and so I am able to Whenever she is away filming, do the commute to Emmerdale. Rebecca takes a book to read to her “Rico is incredibly understanding. younger son every night on Zoom He always has been my champion and before he goes to bed. we are a good team together apart “We connect that way,” she says. from when he jokes, ‘Are you doing “Thankfully the boys are very your acting hobby again?’. understanding and it is important to “I especially cherish our weekends show that whatever your ambitions together as a family and I also love to cook family meals when I am home. It’s great for me to be able to catch up with what everyone has been doing while I’ve been away working.” Rebecca says both sons are accomplished guitarists and are already exhibiting their creative flair through music rather than acting. Her own love of acting came after she finished studying Spanish and French at University, which led to her living in Cadiz in southwestern Spain for a year. It was only after finishing her degree that Rebecca went on to attend drama school. Her first big TV role came in 1999 when she landed the part of Nita Desai in Coronation Street, a character she portrayed for a year before moving on to Doctors, Holby City and The Golden Hour as well as various films and plays. In 2018, she was offered the part of the soap’s doctor and has not looked back. “My dad’s a retired doctor so he is pleased his daughter is finally a doctor,” she jokes. “I love my character and there is still, if Manpreet survives Meena’s exploits, a lot of things to discover about her. There are great parts for women my age I like to show them if Mummy can do it, then so can they rebecca sarker on wanting to inspire sons nowadays. We’re getting there and hopefully we’ll soon reach the stage where age is immaterial.” When asked whether she is ever recognised, she says: “I look quite different off screen, especially wearing a mask. But if anyone does recognise me, then I love it..” As for what daredevil challenge lies next for her, she says: “I am not sure but when I did the On Yer Bike challenge for ITV and UNICEF this year, I knew I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror if I got off the bike and walked up those hills! “I want my kids to go, ‘Mummy has just ridden 60km (37 miles), so can I’.” ■ Emmerdale weekdays, 7pm, ITV. Extra episode airs on Thursdays, 8pm. features@mirror.co.uk @DailyMirror

22 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 Fizzy pop tax cuts teen use SUGAR taxes have slashed consumption of fizzy drinks among teenagers in the US, a study revealed. They drank around a can less a week after a levy. But the biggest drop was found among obese teens who drank 1.2 fewer servings a week, compared with the average of 0.81. Dr Emma Edmondson, of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, corresponding author, said: “Adolescence is a crucial time to intervene in unhealthy dietary habits.” DM1ST A salt on our health BY martin bagot Health Editor Only one in 10 processed “Processing itself offers an meats contain safe levels warning Salty burger JUST one in 10 processed meats sold in Britain, such as burgers and bacon, have safe levels of salt, research shows. Many contain just over a quarter of an adult’s recommended daily intake, an international review found. An average hamburger, four rashers of bacon or three fish fingers has 27% of an adult’s daily allowance. Processing means salt and preservatives can be added to meat or fish. Processed foods now account for 80% of Britons’ salt intake this way. The UK has a traffic light food-labelling system and only one in 10 processed meat and concern Salt cellar fish products have a green light, indicating healthy salt levels. Dr Puhong Zhang, lead author of China’s Peking University review said high sodium content is a huge public health concern. opportunity to add savoury flavour to food and prolong the shelf-life of food products to improve food safety.” The review found salt intake in processed meat and fish products was worse in China, followed by the US, South Africa and Australia and the UK. martin.bagot@mirror.co.uk @MartinBagot Are you interested in a driver job? WE’RE HIRING! Win a pair of vip tickets to.. Pride of Britain We have flexible driving opportunities for permanent and self-employed drivers available. Here is your opportunity to enjoy a star-studded night at this year’s Pride of Britain Awards. Hosted by Carol Vorderman and Ashley Banjo, the Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards in partnership with TSB, has been honouring the nation’s unsung heroes since the first Awards ceremony. Today, we are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a pair of VIP tickets to the glittering Awards dinner taking place at the Grosvenor House, Park Lane in London at the end of October 2021. And to make things even easier, your VIP package will include transport expenses for you to get to the event, and an overnight stay at London’s luxury Park Plaza Hotel set in the heart of London. Your VIP ticket will allow you to walk down the red carpet, before attending a champagne drinks reception. Then before the Awards kick off, you will be tucking into a delicious three-course dinner. Plus, after you have enjoyed the Awards you will be invited to join the after-show drinks! Don’t miss out on this opportunity and enter today! It’s guaranteed to be a night you will remember. How to enter To be in with a chance of winning, visit mirror.co.uk/pobcomp and submit your name and email address with the answer to the below question: What year did the first Pride of Britain Awards take place? a) 1989 b) 1999 c) 2009 This competition closes at noon on Friday October 22, 2021. Please see the terms and conditions below. FIND OUT MORE: E: recruitment1@menziesdistribution.com W: careers.menziesdistribution.com REFERENCE: REACH10 Terms and conditions: To enter this competition you will need to submit your name and email address alongside your answer to the question. The competition closes at noon on Friday October 22, 2021. Entries received after this date will not be accepted. Duplicate entries or entries suspected of foul play will be automatically disqualified. This is a syndicated competition across the Daily Mirror and Reach estate Regional titles. One winner will be selected at random from the correct entries. The winner will receive a pair of VIP tickets to the Pride of Britain Awards and an overnight stay at London’s Park Plaza Hotel. Full terms can be found at mirror.co.uk/pobcomp

DM1ST mirror.co.uk TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 23 ashleigh.rainbird@mirror.co.uk THE DIARY Viewers of Who Do You Think You Are? missed out on some of the more interesting details from Alan Carr’s history, due to an unfortunate camera angle. The comedian was being filmed in a pie and mash shop in Peckham, South East London, when the mishap took place. “This woman was wearing a strapless top, and they couldn’t use any of the footage because it looked like she was naked,” he recalls on his Life’s A Beach podcast. “She told me so many interesting things about my family, all this amazing stuff, but you can’t do it – I’m sitting having pie and mash and she’s topless. Welcome to Peckham!” with Ashleigh Rainbird Dress fur fun, girls Celebs are going toontastic with their outfit inspirations. Ellie Goulding looked like she’d skinned Monsters Inc’s Sulley while on stage at London’s Eventim Apollo, MoNSteRS lINk Ellie in shaggy outfit and football pundit Alex Scott adopted Dennis the Menace’s stripes as she celebrated her 37th birthday at London’s Bagatelle. And she was adorned with her very own Gnasher. StRIpe teASe Alex is double for Dennis Practically everyone I know doesn’t drink anymore. It’s a dying art.” Even Dame Joan collins caps her drinking to a martini or a glass of wine with dinner, she tells the Guardian. It’s been 43 years in the making, but The Nolans star Denise is finally releasing a solo album. The singer quit her sisters’ group in 1978 but her debut record – For You, My Love – will be out in February. “I actually recorded the song years ago and it’s been sitting in my vault of music at home,” says Denise, who previews her new track Every Time We Say Goodbye on tomorrow night’s episode of The Nolans Go Cruising. “I had no intention of releasing it, but after I performed it on the cruise and saw the passengers’ reactions, I just knew I had to release it.” ■The ■ Nolans Go Cruising is on Quest Red every Wednesday at 9pm and is available to catch up on Discovery+. Near-kiss is just for judges Swimmer Adam Peaty and Strictly dancer Katya Jones insist they were “just acting” when they almost kissed on air. The Olympian says viewers have got “carried away” with the idea of a romance following their steamy tango in which they posed nearly lip to lip at the end. It comes after Adam’s partner Eiri Munro, with peck It IN whom he has a son, joked Adam & Katya about “watching your boyfriend almost kiss another woman on live TV”. “The judges kept saying we’re not connecting the emotion to the dance,” explains Katya, who says the choreographers urged the pair to “keep the intensity throughout the entire dance and at the end”. “So we made them proud,” the Russian dancer laughed. “It’s being believable, isn’t it?” says Adam. “You don’t want to do a dance like that and not do it justice because you haven’t switched on at the end. “That’s what I think some people get carried away with. But, hey ho, that’s life, isn’t it?” Adam said on Sunday he would not be “lowered or overcome by gossip” after viewers poured over their routine. The pair, whose high marks placed them near the top of the table after a low-scoring previous week, dance a samba on BBC1 this week. Who the el Elton John lookalike in video The stars turned out for Duran Duran’s new video Anniversary, which marks 40 years of the group. Sir Elton John, Madonna and even Vladimir Putin feature in the film – with Lady Gaga crashing into champagne glasses as Daniel Craig and Brad Pitt look on. Sadly, the stars are all lookalikes, curated by Alison Jackson. The video premieres today at 2pm. putIN oN the glItz Fake Gaga, Craig, Brad & Vlad

DM1ST 24 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 beating ol comers by RUKI SAYID Consumer Editor OLivER and Olivia are still top of the charts for baby names after more than half a decade. The boys’ moniker has been No1 for eight years – three more than the popular choice for girls. Archie, the name of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s son, has soared from 19th to ninth. The name of his cousin Prince George remains second, putting it at the head of the royal rankings. Harry is down Oliver and Olivia remain top as Archie and Ivy creep up ratings from five to eight while William Willow, Poppy and Daisy were slipped from 17 to 20 last year. among those in the top 20. Flower and plant-inspired Muhammad was the most popular names including Ivy, Lily and spelling for that name and it rose Rosie were among the 10 two places to number five. most popular for girls while The Office for National Statistics ROYAL AppROv vAL George said over-35s choose traditional names while younger parents pick more modern and shortened ones. Maeve and Otis, characters from hit Netflix show Sex Education, also broke into the top 100. Sian Bradford, of the ONS, said: “Oliver and Olivia held on to the top spots but some interesting changes took place beneath them. “Archie jumped into the top 10 for the first time. While on the girls’ side Ivy rose to sixth place.” ruki.sayid@mirror.co.uk @RukiSayid Top 20 boys’ NAmEs 1. Oliver 2. George 3. Arthur 4. Noah 5. Muhammad 6. Leo 7. Oscar 8. Harry 9. Archie 10. Jack 11. Henry 12. Charlie 13. Freddie 14. Theodore 15. Thomas 16. Finley 17. Theo 18. Alfie 19. Jacob 20. William Top 20 giRls’ NAmEs 1. Olivia 2. Amelia 3. Isla 4. Ava 5. Mia 6. Ivy 7. Lily 8. Isabella 9. Rosie 10. Sophia 11. Grace 12. Freya 13. Willow 14. Florence 15. Emily 16. Ella 17. Poppy 18. Evie 19. Elsie 20. Charlotte Come with us and enjoy a fantastic – and fantastic value for money break! A Taste of Fjordland Cruise FREE CHRISTMAS PACK * *Just pay postage PLUS SEASONAL DISCOUNTS WORTH £65 BOOK NOW & SAVE UP TO 15% * T&Cs 1. 10,000 Christmas packs are available to claim via mirror.co.uk/christmaspack – these packs will be sent out to the 7 DAYS FROM £539PP DEPARTS 10 APRIL 2022 SAILING FROM LONDON, TILBURY Board magnificent Ambience as she sets sail to stunning Western Norway, calling first at Haugesund, former Viking stronghold. Sail through a breathtaking landscape, where dense forests cling to towering mountain slopes high above crystal-clear waters, and call at historic Bergen, fjordland capital, and remote Flåm, home of the famous mountain railway. THE PRICE INCLUDES Full-board cruise accommodation Entertainment on board Port charges and taxes Ambience London, Tilbury THE NEW AMBASSADOR CRUISE LINE There are fewer more exciting prospects than looking forward to a wonderful cruising holiday, especially when it’s aboard an exciting new cruise line. Ambassador Cruise Line is Britain’s first new cruise line since 2010, bringing you an authentic, premium value cruising experience, combining traditional on-board service with some exciting ports of call. Call 0330 160 8105 (quoting MNC) or visit mnc.newmarketholidays.co.uk *Offer applies to bookings made by 31/10/2021, prices correct at the time of print. Price shown includes discount. These holidays are organised & operated by Newmarket Holidays Ltd. ABTA V7812. Subject to availability. Single supplements apply. Standard phone charges. Prices do not include travel insurance. 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mirror.co.uk GALLAnTRy Thorndyke £25k for WWI machine gun ace’s medals By LoUIE SMITH THe medals of a First World War hero who captured three machine gun posts have sold for £25,000. Company Sergeant major Frederick Thorndyke, of the London Regiment, braved heavy German fire to storm the first two enemy positions. He was wounded while trying to seize a third near amiens in august 1918 but received the military Cross for his bravery there. That, a Distinguished Conduct medal and military medal had been tipped to fetch £9,000. London auctioneer Spink & Son said they represent “gallantry of the highest order”. Thorndyke later wed sweetheart Ivy and moved to america. They returned to London before his death aged 57 in 1943. DM1ST ‘It’s getting a bit much’ Jesy targeted by trolls as Little Mix blackfishing row intensifies SoLo CAREER Jesy quit little Mix last year TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 25 Half-Price Designer Alliums Mixed Add style to your borders with these summer favourites BUY 80 FOR HALF PRICE bond Percy and Collins Joan: Being friends first is marriage key By MARK JEFFERIES Showbiz Editor Dame Joan Collins says her marriage to Percy Gibson has lasted because they started off as friends. The Dynasty star, 88, wed the 56-year-old Hollywood producer – her fifth husband – in 2002. Some raised concerns about the age gap. But Joan believes their relationship was a success because they worked together and became good friends first. She said: “It was a slow burn but that makes the best relationship. “Rather than plunge into everything filled with lust.” Joan released her book my Unapologetic Diaries last week but used a tape recorder instead of a pen. She told Radio 2: “That’s why everybody likes it. I spoke it into a tape recorder, so it’s very immediate.” exClusive By ToM bRyAnT Head of Showbiz JESY Nelson is being subjected to severe trolling over the blackfishing row, say friends. The ex-Little mix singer has been hounded after former bandmate Leigh-anne Pinnock appeared to accuse her of trying to look darker skinned in her Boyz video. a source close to the band said: “It’s all getting a bit much. “The last thing she wanted was to be embroiled in a Little mix vs Jesy feud. The Girls have been through a lot together and she truly believes everyone can co exist in the industry without PARTy Andre and leigh-Anne the war of words.” Leigh-anne’s fiance, andre Gray, appeared to refer to the row in a speech at her 30th birthday party on Saturday. He said: “If you’re going to try and disrespect my baby mother, my wife, fiancee and children, there’s gonna be a problem.” The source added: “Jesy’s team are trying to protect her from negative trolls. Comments about ‘disrespect’ only amplify things further. everyone needs to take a step back.” Jesy, 30, who has launched a solo career, has appeared in a BBC documentary about online trolls. She said comments about her appearance made her so unhappy she wanted to die. Leigh-anne, who is mixed race and had twin boys in august, defended her “character” at Saturday’s bash, telling pals: “I’m so proud of everything I’ve achieved.” Rapper Nicki minaj, who appears on Jesy’s debut single Boyz, has accused Leigh-anne and bandmates Jade Thirwall and Perrie edwards of trying to ruin Jesy’s solo career. tom.bryant@mirror.co.uk @MirrorTom Premium 10/11cm bulbs supplied for superb results. Designer Alliums This vibrant mixture of Alliums produces large globe-shaped heads in varying shades of creamy white, pink, mauve and violet. Bring your garden to life with a glorious display of medium to tall Alliums from May to June. This vibrant mixture is perfect for the back of the border, as they will stand upright and act as a sensational backdrop to your colourful spring garden. Height 50-70cm. • Our wonderful mixture includes a range of different medium to tall Alliums for a varied summer display. • Top-quality 10/11cm bulbs supplied. Buy 20 Allium Superglobe Mix for £9.99, or order 80 for only £19.98, Half Price All prices include delivery. 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DELUXE ITALIAN STAY DM1ST 4-STAR ISCHIA HOLIDAY WITH MEALS DEPARTS NOVEMBER 2021 – AUGUST 2022 Sorriso Thermae Resort & Spa is the perfect place for a wonderful visit to the island of Ischia, a magical blend of delights, colours and unmistakeable flavours. Overlooking the enchanting Citara Bay and Poseidon Gardens, the hotel is located in Forio, the most attractive and extensive town on Ischia, in an elegant and classy, surrounded by Mediterranean gardens and tropical palm trees. The hotel has a fresh water swimming pool, free wi-fi, buffet breakfast, spa area, fitness room. Amazing acilties and amenties for everyone. PRICE INCLUDES Return flights from various UK airports 5 nights’ stay at the 4* Sorriso Thermae Resort & Spa Daily breakfast and dinner *Regional airports available at a supplement, please call our sales staff for more information. 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Dedicated contacts, EXCLUSIVELY for Reach customers Our Mirror Travel Customers benefit from having a dedicated, fast-response email address, as well as exclusive telephone contact numbers that ensure your queries are handled by a person and not a machine. Call 0203 370 1841 or visit www.jetlineholidays.com Prices are subject to availability and change. Offer and prices can be withdrawn at anytime without any notice. Prices are per person based on two sharing a room. Book with confidence we provide financial protection for your money when you book with us. The Jetline Holidays terms and conditions apply. ATOL protected 6153 - all flight-inclusive packages are ATOL protected. Calls cost 7pence per minute plus your phone company’s access charge. 26 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 HEALTH Alex Lloyd examines what can be done if you discover cancer runs in your family You owe a great deal to your parents, from the colour of your eyes to the values they teach you. But your health can be part of their legacy too, with certain genes making you more likely to develop conditions such as cancer. Scientists are still learning about the role hereditary gene faults play in the disease, but the information we already have can give families blighted by cancer the chance to change the course of their future. “It’s a scary thing to be told you have been born with a higher-than-average lifetime risk of cancer,” says Jo Stanford, cancer prevention officer for Ovarian Cancer Action. “But this knowledge means you are right at the front of the queue for referrals, screenings and risk reduction options. “My mum died of ovarian cancer and I felt very helpless. “Discovering I inherited a genetic fault allowed me to take back control and it will now be a different story for my children.” How can cancer be in my genes? Your genes are an instruction manual for your body so it can make proteins, the building blocks of life. All cancers develop because something has gone wrong with one or more of the genes within a cell, leading it to divide and grow uncontrollably. The vast majority of these faults occur due to factors such as your age or lifestyle. But a small proportion are hereditary. “When you have a fault, it’s like having a spelling mistake in the instructions so your body can’t do its job as well,” explains Jo. “But it’s important not to panic, as only five to 10 per cent of all cancer cases have a hereditary element.” Ovarian, breast, prostate, pancreatic and bowel are some of the types you can be more likely to get if you carry a mutation, but the lifetime risk levels vary between cancers and carriers. What are the gene faults? There are two main types that we know about so far – BRCA mutation and Lynch syndrome. All of us carry BRCA genes, otherwise known as tumour suppressors, and their job is to repair cell damage and prevent cells growing and dividing too rapidly. But some families have ‘‘ A gene fault is like having a spelling mistake in your body’s instructions In th know faults on the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes which make them less effective. It’s thought around one in every 400 to 800 people are carriers of these faulty genes, but this is significantly higher for people with certain backgrounds, such as Ashkenazi Jews. The BRCA mutation has a strong link with breast and ovarian cancer but it’s just as important for men to know if they carry it as women. This is because it also raises the risk of prostate and pancreatic cancers, while dads can pass the fault down the generations. Lynch syndrome is an umbrella term for mutations on a group of genes that should repair DNA damage when cells divide – MLH1, MSH2, MSH6 and PMS2. They are most strongly linked to bowel cancer but can also increase your risk of a number of other types, includin stomach syndrom but it co ring in o the Wor Unfor gene fau the publ droppin accordin More five per c they hav GPs are How I’m a If either mutatio a 50 per You on copy to h and this blood te

mirror.co.uk be your best DM1ST TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 27 Get in touch! yourhealth@express.co.uk Edited by AMY PACKER lost Terry’s cancer spread e genes: when ledge is power g ovarian, womb and . The prevalence of Lynch e is still being investigated, uld be as common as occurne in 125 people, according to ld Health Organisation. tunately, awareness of these lts is poor – only 25 per cent of ic have heard of BRCA, g to 16 per cent for Lynch, g to Ovarian Cancer Action. worryingly, it’s thought just ent of Lynch carriers know e it, while only 16 per cent of aware of the syndrome. do I know if carrier? of your parents has a BRCA n or Lynch syndrome, there is cent chance you will too. ly need to inherit one faulty ave an increased cancer risk can be confirmed by having a st. But because testing is relatively new and patchy, most of us remain unaware if these mutations are hidden in our DNA. Looking at your family history is the best indicator of whether you should consider screening. Jo says: “One blood relative with cancer is unlikely to be a red flag to make you eligible, but it depends on the type. “Generally, you need to have two or three relatives with specific cancers. “I’d recommend compiling a family tree listing any cancers and health problems on both sides. “Next, put this information into the hereditary cancer risk tool on our website ovarian.org.uk to see whether you might meet the referral criteria. “This also gives you a printout with the information your GP will need, and the NICE guidelines.” Anyone referred for testing on the NHS will be able to access a genetic counsellor before and after, who can explain the process, your personal risk factors and how to tell relatives about a diagnosis. If you’ve had bowel or womb cancer or are undergoing treatment for either, doctors should screen your tumour for signs of Lynch. Jo recommends chasing this up if they haven’t. Does being a carrier mean I’ll get cancer? No. Nothing is inevitable and having the knowledge means you can take action to reduce the risks. “Our generation are the first ones able to use this information and it is empowering to be able to do that,” explains Jo. While people with Lynch see their lifetime risk of developing bowel cancer increase from 5.5 per cent to as much as 80 per cent, knowing you have this predisposition can be the difference between life and death. You’ll be aware of symptoms of concern, be offered regular screenings to detect any changes and you’ll be able to make lifestyle changes to protect your health. Regular colonoscopies for Lynch carriers can reduce the risk of dying of bowel cancer by 72 per cent. There are also options for riskreducing surgery, such as elective mastectomies and hysterectomies, while carriers without children can access a form of embryo screening that checks for BRCA mutations and Lynch on the NHS, called PGT-M. Jo – who opted for preventative surgery when she was in her 30s – says: “These are not easy choices. It’s scary to have body parts removed, it can be lonely and it’s not the right decision for everyone. “But for those of us who have lost a loved one to cancer, the opportunity to take back the power and say ‘this stops with me’ is wonderful.” ■Find ■ out more about hereditary cancer at ovarian.org.uk dad carried lynch fault Laura Palmer-Hukins was just a few weeks pregnant with her second daughter when her dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer – the disease that had killed his own father. After surgery to remove his colon, genetic tests revealed Terry had Lynch syndrome. Shortly after Laura gave birth in August 2018, doctors said the cancer had spread to his lungs, liver, kidneys and spine. He died three days before Christmas that year, aged just 62. Desperate not to go through the same agony, Laura and her brother were tested for Lynch. In May 2019, the results showed only one sibling had inherited a particularly highrisk mutation on the MSH2 gene – Laura. Her sex meant she was at higher risk of ovarian and womb cancer, as well as bowel cancer like her dad. “My first reaction was to ask how soon I could have a hysterectomy,” says the 35 year old. “I felt like my body could betray me at any moment. “Doctors think I’m young for this procedure but I’ve had my children and I’ll do whatever it takes to see them grow up. motHerHooD Laura and Minnie “Suffering from extreme menopause is better to me than the alternative.” Knowing she carries a hereditary cancer gene means Laura tries to cherish every moment with her daughters Minnie, five, and Etta, three. She also married long-term partner David in February 2020. “Living with Lynch is a rollercoaster of emotion – every ache and pain comes with extra worry,” she explains. “There are constant hospital appointments to think about and invasive tests. “I also feel guilt that I may have passed this onto my girls, but I’m glad I have the knowledge to modify the risk.” The mum-of-two from Pocklington, East Yorks, is dedicating herself to raising funds for Lynch research and raising awareness too. She remains on the surgery waiting list and says her desire to have the op has only increased since her uncle – another Lynch carrier – died of an unrelated cancer during the Covid-19 pandemic. “I want more families to look into their own health histories and take control. “Dad knew there was bowel cancer in the family but not about the gene, so he missed a couple of screenings. Had he realised how serious it was, I think he could still be here.”

28 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DM1ST HEALTH As the days get colder, darker and shorter with winter approaching, it’s estimated that as many as 29 per cent of adults will experience symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Michele O’Connor explores simple but effective ways to stave off its worst effects Eat more protein: Salmon, red meat, eggs, nuts and seeds are rich in the essential amino acid tryptophan, which helps the body to produce the feel-good chemical serotonin, which is thought to drop in winter and contribute to SAD. This is especially important if you’re vegetarian or vegan. A Scandinavian study found that non-meat eaters are four times more likely to suffer SAD so it’s important to eat plenty of plant proteins, such as tofu, beans and legumes. See the light: Timed, daily exposure to bright artificial light using a light box has long been considered the gold-standard treatment for SAD. The idea is that it mimics sunlight and, when used first thing in the morning, simulates a summer dawn – jump-starting the circadian clock. Studies show 53 per cent of those Get set to beat SAD with SAD experience complete relief from their symptoms. And, if you work indoors, open curtains or blinds and sit by a window if you can, advises Fatmata Kamara, Specialist Nurse Adviser at Bupa UK. “As well as making your environment bright, you could also try bringing the outside world in with some indoor plants.” Snack attack: Snacking on the right kinds of carbohydrates can relieve some of the symptoms of SAD, according to Dr Judith Wurtman, co-author of The Serotonin Power Diet. Research suggests that around 30g of “good” carbs per day, in the form of popcorn, pretzels or wheat squares, was enough to produce the mood-enhancing serotonin you need. Don’t hunker down: We’ve all had the urge to cancel plans when it’s miserable outside but don’t talk yourself out of something that will make you feel better. Relationships are vitally important if you’re experiencing low mood. Try talk therapies: Researchers at the University of Vermont, US, suggest that talking therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) are at least as effective as light in the long term. CBT involves recognising and changing negative thoughts that feed sad moods and engaging in pleasurable activities that counteract depressed moods. The study found that, although CBT involves a bit more effort, it teaches people to reframe their thoughts about winter so they can overcome SAD year after year. Self soothe: While there’s no clear evidence yet that cold temperatures contribute towards the development of SAD, some people with the disorder say their symptoms improve when they keep warm. Take a candlelit bath, adding rose, lavender, bergamot or chamomile essential oils to lift your mood. Consider an electric blanket too – no one relishes slipping between icy sheets in the depths of winter so turn bedtime into a cosy treat. Limit your sugar intake: Contrary to popular opinion, studies have found that scoffing refined carbs and sugary foods has virtually no mood-boosting effect and leaves you feeling more fatigued afterwards. Make exercise a priority: It may be the last thing you feel like doing but it will energise you, says Dr Guy Meadows of The Sleep School, thesleepschool.org. “Elevating metabolism and increasing blood flow to the brain, it boosts endorphins.” Studies have shown those who take a one-hour walk in daylight show improvements in SAD symptoms. An hour of outside activity had equivalent benefits to 2.5 hours of light treatment indoors. However, avoid outdoor exercise when it is dark as studies suggest it may delay the release of the sleep-regulating hormone melatonin. Protects your plants from frost damage SAVE £10 Was £59.99 GARDEN GROW WOODEN COLD FRAME Was £59.99 Now only £49.99 plus £7.99 p&p Extend the growing season and keep your young seedlings, vegetables or flower beds protected from harsh weather conditions with this wooden cold frame from Garden Grow. Cold frames are great for protecting young seedlings, vegetables or flower beds from adverse weather, primarily the cold and wet. You can even lift and transplant non-hardy plants into the cold frame for protection from frosts through the winter months. The transparent roof allows sunlight to penetrate without the risk of heat escaping. • Extend the growing season; this cold frame will enable you to start growing in early spring • Easy to open; The hinged lid makes accessing your plants hassle free • Durable; Constructed from a strong and durable fir wood frame with polycarbonate panels Dimensions: L90 x W48 x H49.5cm Self-assembly required. 12-month guarantee. G2164 Garden Grow Wooden Cold Frame Was £59.99 each Now Only £49.99 each + £7.99 p&p Call 0871 664 2457 * (quoting TM_RE313) or visit thompson-morgan.com/TM_RE313 *Calls cost 12ppm plus your phone company’s access charge. Lines are open 7 days a week Mon-Fri (9am-8pm) Sat-Sun (9am-6pm). Please note your contract for supply of goods is with Thompson & Morgan. Subject to availability. To find out exactly how we store and use the data you give us please visit www.thompson-morgan.com/privacy. Delivery to UK addresses only. We are unable to ship seeds or plants to EU countries and Northern Ireland. Images for illustration purposes only. Dispatched from October onwards. Offer closes 02/11/2021.

DM1ST mirror.co.uk TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 29 Retail therapies By Amy PAcker yourhealth@mirror.co.uk HEALTH Why I bang drum to stop people skipping eye tests ■Known ■ best for its cholesterol-reducing yogurt drinks, Benecol is branching out with the launch of the first soft cheese proven to lower cholesterol (£2.85; Tesco). Smooth and creamy, despite being lactose free, it comes in three flavours – original, garlic and chive – and contains plant stanols, proven to have cholesterol lowering benefits. ■Getting ■ outdoors has been found to improve self esteem and mental health in young people, so encourage your kids to head outside this half term any way you can. Kew Gardens and Kew’s wild botanic garden, Wakehurst, in Sussex (kew.org) are running a Gruffalo’s Child trail to bring nature to life with their favourite characters until October 31. ■There ■ can’t be many snack brands that want to encourage little ones to get fit, active and achieve their goals but Goal Power (99p; nationwide), a new healthy, fibre-packed flapjack comes in two flavours – strawberry and blueberry – along with a fun card game designed to inspire kids to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. ■Keep ■ yourself and your bike super safe this autumn with Vodafone’s Curve Bike (from £79/£3 per month service subscription; vodafone.co.uk). The ultra luminous LED automatically brightens when you brake, as a car’s rear lights would, while the built-in GPS tracking device and alarm will let you know if your bike moves off without you. The presenter chats to Amy Packer about eye problems she’s suffered since childhood – and how her dad’s visit to the opticians turned into a family tragedy Chatting to Sue Perkins about her eyes is not for the faint-hearted. Within minutes she is listing off a history of injuries that would have you reaching for the remote control were you watching an episode of Casualty. “I’m an absolute idiot, such a klutz,” says the 52-year-old comedian. “I follow my instinct all the time, so I quite commonly give myself a mild concussion or skewer myself in some way. As a child I tripped and fell into the path of some scaffolding and took a steel bar to the face. “It was so traumatic and left me very short-sighted in one eye. I’m long sighted in the other and have the reach of a sparrowhawk, so it’s a confusing picture for my brain. I’m extremely thankful for spectacles.” This early visit to the eye hospital wouldn’t be the last for the presenter, who describes herself as “very accident prone”. “Not just once, but twice, I’ve had the lead of a propelling pencil fly off into my eye,” recalls Sue, who is currently starring in the Sky show Hitmen: Reloaded with her on-screen comedy partner Mel Giedroyc. “Another time, I was on the back of a motorcycle and got a load of grit in my face, which scratched my cornea. “My most impressive, though, I think, was bending down to admire a yucca plant. I don’t need to tell you where that ended up. It was excruciating. I had this searing pain as the spine delved its way into my cornea. It means I’m very familiar with the London’s Western Eye Hospital and Moorfields, so I heartily apologise and heartily thank the NHS for their endeavours.” Less dramatically, Sue believes lockdown has also taken its toll on her vision. “I’d wake up, check emails, check Twitter, check my messages, go and read, go and write at the computer, watch TV and go to bed – with a dog walk fitted in somewhere,” says the former Great British Bake Off host. “It was not necessarily all online or computer based, but it was all pretty close work and I started to notice my ability to read without glasses had evaporated. Of course, that happens naturally with age, but I expect the mE & my BODy: SUE PERKINS COMEDY STAR With pal mel in Hitmen: Reloaded relentlessness of the pressure I put on my eyes in the last 18 months probably accelerated the process.” Sue knows better than most the importance of not putting off medical or optical appointments. “My dad, Bert, was a very stoic bloke and of a generation that didn’t wish to cause a fuss. But by August 2015, when he was 79, his sight had become very bad and his balance was very bad too. After a close shave ‘‘ Even quite basic eye tests showed my dad had a tumour in his brain in the car it became clear he needed his eyes checked. He went to his local Specsavers in Penzance and a young optician did some quite basic tests. But even with those, it became clear there was a tumour in his brain. I imagine she knew immediately it wasn’t the sort that could be removed, but the way she dealt with him and referred him on without panic and with a great deal of kindness was so important. He unfortunately had a stage four glioblastoma and he went, almost immediately, to palliative care as it couldn’t be treated. “Sadly we only had six final months with him, but when I look back on that time, however god-awful it was, at least I don’t have to contend with the fact that Dad found out in a shocking way or a callous way, which would have been unbearable.” Sue has now started working with Specsavers on its State of the UK’s Eye Health Report 2021. The study, in collaboration with leading eye health experts and charities, reveals there were 4.3 million fewer eye tests in 2020 – a drop of 23 per cent on 2019, and GLASSES ACT Sue with the Bake Off team that ophthalmology referrals decreased 28 per cent. Significantly, 40 per cent of those questioned said they have delayed an eye test despite knowing they needed one. “I’ve been banging the drum for people to get their sight checked ever since my father passed away,” says Sue. “People think of eye tests as something you could skip, ‘oh yeah, I am a bit short-sighted, I’ll get around to it’, but before you know, six months have passed. “An eye test is the only non-invasive examination you can have where they can actually see what’s going on with your brain, blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, glaucoma and cataracts and it’s all vital information. “They can tell so much just by looking. I remember going for a check-up when I was in my 20s and the first thing the rather gruff optician said when he looked into my eyes was ‘oh yes, a smoker’. Very shortly after that, I gave up as I was so horrified he could see the effect it was having. “My dad’s tumour wasn’t something treatable, but those cases are few and far between. If an issue is spotted by an optician, early intervention can massively redefine how your future’s going to look. “You’d never live with painful teeth, so I don’t know why, culturally, we will wait so long to see an optician.” ■For ■ more information visit specsavers.co.uk

30 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DM1ST Furniture £10 Inc P&P ‘Sanctuary Scenes’ Christmas Cards 12 cards in 4 designs (8"x6") Hillside Animal Sanctuary was founded in 1995 to help and campaign for animals in n e e d , particularly t h o s e suffering every day in the intensive factory farming industry. We are home to 2500 rescued horses, ponies and donkeys, 650 cows, 300 pigs, 700 sheep and goats and lots of other animals including dogs and deer. Patron: Martin Shaw Donations and funds raised from Cards and Gifts help feed and care for our many rescued animals. Lots of other cards and gifts at www.hillside.org.uk Donation/Order Helpline 01603 736200 9am-9pm 7 Days Please send me: I would like to make a donation Please make Cheque/PO payable to Hillside Animal Sanctuary Ltd or debit my Visa/MasterCard No. Price Pack 12 Sanctuary Scenes Christmas Cards £10 Hillside Sanctuary Scenes 2022 Colour Calendar £3 Donate a ‘Gift of Hay’ to help feed our rescued animals, in lieu of a present to your friends or family, to receive a Greetings Card, Gift Certificate and Hillside Mini 2022 Calendar to give as a present. If Hay Gift Certificates are required for gifts, please state how many recipients in this box... Tick if Donation Only (no certificate req) Reg. Co. No. 3027338 Hay Bale £4 Expiry Date......../....... 3 Digit Code.......... Name.................................................................................. Address............................................................................. .............................................................................................. ................................Postcode.......................................... Please send me a FREE NEWSLETTER with details of Hillside’s work, gifts & Open Days Please return to: Hillside Animal Sanctuary Hall Lane, Frettenham, Norwich NR12 7RW No of Items Gift Total Total £ p Orders sent by return post

DM1ST mirror.co.uk TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 31 Dr MiriaM StopparD HEALTH neWS Transplants cancelled Covid decimated the number of organ transplants carried out in the UK last year, falling by almost a third, leading to a spike in deaths. Transplants involve invasive surgery so there’s a high risk of infection and patients need a long period in hospital to recover. As NHS resources had to be diverted to cope with Covid patients, hundreds of transplant ops were delayed or cancelled. In the spring of 2020, fewer than seven transplants a day were being carried out, down from 25-30 a day in 2019. In total, 1,298 fewer transplants were done in 2020 than in 2019. This meant 487 patients died waiting for a transplant compared with 372 the year before. An international study of 22 countries revealed an average decline of 16% in the number of organ transplants. The worst affected was Japan, where there was a drop of 67%. Dose of sunshine could be key to healthier pregnancy We are all desperate for a bit of sunshine, but for mums-to-be, a blast of rays could be a real life-changer. Because women who get more sunlight in their first trimester lessen their chances of having placenta problems linked to premature birth and baby loss, researchers have found. According to a study from Edinburgh University, women who have the lowest exposure to sunlight are 10% more likely to have an early baby compared to those getting the highest levels. To investigate this interesting theory researchers analysed data on nearly 400,000 mothers and more than 500,000 babies born after 24 weeks of pregnancy. All single live births in Scotland between 2000 and 2010 were then cross-checked with postcodespecific weather records from the same period. Fascinatingly, it’s only sun exposure in the first three months of pregnancy that has any impact on premature birth risk, not rays in later months. The team is already investigating if artificial light can boost pregnancy health to benefit parents in places with limited sunlight. But we still have a lot to learn about the link between sunshine and premature birth. Prem birth – defined as babies born before 37 weeks of pregnancy – is the leading cause of death in children under five years old. And babies who ‘‘ It reminds us that sunlight has heath benefits as well as risks survive prem birth have higher rates of disability, including learning disabilities and visual and hearing problems, than those born at term. The team hopes their research can help reduce preterm births and the consequent danger to babies. Researchers from Edinburgh University have previously shown when our skin is exposed to sunshine, a chemical called nitric oxide is released. It relaxes our blood vessels so helping to lower blood pressure – Viagra relaxes blood vessels in the penis the same way. Experts agree the benefits of reducing blood pressure far outweigh the risks of developing skin cancer from sun exposure. Sunlight also contributes to vitamin D production, aiding the development of an unborn baby’s bones, teeth, kidneys, heart and nervous system. “The role of sunlight is an exciting new avenue for research into preterm birth prevention,” said Dr Sarah Stock, expert in maternal and foetal health at Edinburgh University’s Usher Institute. “This study is important because it provides further data reminding us that sunlight has health benefits as well as risks.” Researchers want to see their findings become part of advice given to families during pregnancy. DID YOU KNOW? Cardiovascular disease in people with type 1 diabetes One of the most severe complications of diabetes is heart disease. A long-running study in Finland reported on 700 people who had a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes before 1968 and who survived for Why have I got a metallic taste in my mouth? miriam@mirror.co.uk Symptoms: It could be: 6 6 Your mouth tastes The antidepressant. A like old pennies, metallic taste in the mouth, you’ve been depressed dysgeusia, can be a side effect recently and are taking an of antidepressants. Other drugs antidepressant, which has causing a metallic taste are given you a dry mouth. antibiotics, gout medicines, blood pressure medicines and drugs to treat glaucoma because they come out in saliva. 6You have a metallic taste in your mouth and you pop multivitamins every day because your diet isn’t very healthy. You eat a lot of junk food. 6You’ve just had a positive pregnancy test and you can’t get rid of an unpleasant metallic taste in your mouth, no matter what you eat or drink. @MiriamStoppard 50 years or more after the diagnosis. The frequency of cardiovascular disease was greater than 60%. It represents a more than sevenfold increase compared with people without diabetes. 6The multivitamins, some of which contain metals like copper, chromium and zinc, come out in the saliva and can cause a metallic taste in your mouth. 6Pregnancy hormones. Dysgeusia is especially common in early pregnancy. In fact it’s a first sign of pregnancy and accounts for expectant mums’ craving for pickled, vinegary food. Stop it: 6A metallic taste happens often because a drug closes down your taste buds which affects your sense of taste. Speak to your doctor about changing your medication. Sorry, but I can’t answer letters personally 6Ditch the multivitamins (they aren’t that effective anyway) and concentrate on eating a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables and fibre. 6Dysgeusia is usually worst in the first trimester (the first three months of pregnancy) so as your pregnancy progresses and your hormones settle down, the metallic taste should fade. 5 reASonS To drink coconut water 1Coconut water is a good source of manganese, which helps fights off free radicals in the body. 2It’s rich in copper and iron which are essential for new blood cell formation. A deficiency of iron can lead to anaemia and fatigue as well as muscular weakness. 3Coconut water contains potassium which helps control blood pressure. It’s high in vitamin C, which we need 4 for the production of collagen in the body to strengthen muscles and skin. 5Coconut water contains antioxidants, which are helpful in scavenging free radicals and various toxins that are naturally produced in the body. BUST ThoSe MYThS... about ADHD ‘ADHD is not a real disorder’ Try telling that to someone who has ADHD. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a medically recognised condition. A person doesn’t have it simply because they are distracted easily or behave impulsively. Having these symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean a person has ADHD – only a trained healthcare professional can diagnose it. ‘Poor parenting can lead to ADHD’ Wrong. ADHD isn’t caused by bad parenting or by anything you or a loved one has done. Simply applying more discipline, without accounting for the symptoms of ADHD, doesn’t usually help. But setting clear and consistent expectations and establishing a home environment with predictable routines can help in its management. Assisted by Hajni Domokos


DM1ST mirror.co.uk TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 33 Let’s your do this community together corner Edited by siobhanmcnally Yesterday was World Menopause Day, but because I’m going through the menopause – I clean forgot. Many of my friends are already on HRT, and I’ve been taking it for three years now, so the palpitations, hot flushes and general feeling of doom are a thing of the past. Although they haven’t yet invented a medication that will cure the spiralling anger I feel when The Dark Lord accuses me of being hormonal – which I am – when she’s slamming doors because she’s hormonal too. It’s like a deadly war zone where even medics get shot down for offering paracetamol and a hug. I still get brain fog though and often find myself desperately searching for words. Thank goodness for Google, or this page would be half the size, missing all the geography and filled with long pauses while I try to remember what I’ve come in this metaphorical room for. I have three friends who held out longer than everyone else and refused to accept they were perimenopausal. Although I did point out that they needed to check their dark murderous rage wasn’t just a symptom of their husbands snoring at night. My 48-year-old friend Jenny was suffering anxiety and insomnia, and 55-year-old Rebecca, who had more symptoms than I even knew were possible, only threw the towel in after five years of waving a fan around, when the constant headaches drove her to the doctor. And then there is my lovely friend Lisa, 49, whose crushing depression almost wrecked her marriage. I’d been nagging them for years to get thee to a GP and ask for HRT. And I am pleased to report that all three have since been (grudgingly) put on various doses of patches and gels by their doctors – and hurrah – they all feel back to their old selves again. HRT is not for every woman, but for those who need it, it’s a…er… thing. What’s the word? Oh yes. Lifesaver. ■ ■ Email me at siobhan.mcnally@mirror.co.uk or write to Community Corner, PO Box 791, Winchester SO23 3RP. Please note, if you send us photos of your grandchildren, we’ll also need permission of one of their parents to print them... Thanks! Yours, Siobhan my beautiful backyard my amazing photograph As the flowers wither and die outside, here on Community Corner they’re still in full bloom. These glorious red and orange baskets of begonias and lush pink and white roses have turned a front and back hosta-filled garden in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, into an emporium of colour. Having taken up gardening since retirement, Rees Wood and his partner Carole Lee, who are both 75, had to do a lot of research. Rees writes: “We hadn’t done much gardening before lockdown, and decided that growing flowers was definitely better than boredom! “We’ve learned a lot from Google and this year, our gardens are a treat to sit in and enjoy. “Now we’re working on another theme for next year!” ■Send ■ snaps of the changing autumn colours and a selfie plus your name, age and location to siobhan.mcnally@mirror.co.uk Despite all the national shortages, we don’t seem to be having any supply issues with rainbows and pots of gold. This spectacular photo of a double rainbow was taken by reader Doreen Harries’ son Nik, in East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, where he lives with his wife Gill. Proud mum Doreen writes: “It looks as though you could collect the pot of gold from the field next to Nik’s house.” She adds: “My son’s a keen photographer and cyclist, having also just completed the 132-mile Gran Fondo Dragon Ride, here in Wales where I live.” ■If ■ you are an amateur photographer or artist and you would like your work to hang in our gallery, send your work, a selfie, your age and location, and tell us what inspires you. Silly pet Selfie Just one more a push, puhleease “This is our six-year old labrador and Shar-pei cross, Daisy,” writes Sandie Pateman in Harwell, Oxfordshire. “It had been raining and the ground was wet, so here she is keeping her paws dry on the garden swing chair.” • Is your doggy or moggy a star? Email photos to siobhan.mcnally@ mirror.co.uk and don’t forget to add name, age, breed and location – of your pet, silly! my time-out chair. i sit here until my attitude changes thought for the day If women ran the world, we wouldn’t have wars, just intense negotiations every 28 days. Robin Williams I sometimes think the key to happiness is having a dodgy memory, so I apologise for asking readers to rake up tales from their school days. But this is like a giant therapy session, so thank you all for sharing with the group… “I’ve been racking my brain but as we are talking about the 1950s, not much comes to mind!” writes Elizabeth Goose, in Norwich, Norfolk. “But I do remember queuing outside the dinner hall until we were all ushered in, complete with a ticket to prove we had paid. Or a white ticket for those on free school dinners. The meals were inedible – especially the peas in tomato sauce, which seemed to get served every day.” And after trial by food, school kids had to run the gauntlet of hideous gym knickers and communal showers. Reader Elizabeth emails: “I remember vividly having to play netball and hockey in PE. Horrendous as I was a ‘big’ girl then, and a T-shirt tucked into navy blue knickers did nothing for me. “And then the communal showers when the teacher would chivvy everyone up and remove the towel I was trying to hide behind – there was no escape!” Talking of escape, Linda O’Connor in Torquay, Devon, writes: “My school in Liverpool was more like a prison with all the rules and regulations, and you had to eat every morsel on your plate. “Sago just reminded me of tadpoles, but one lunch time I was given a great lump of the stuff and I threw up in it. “The monster of a teacher still made me eat it and I never stayed for school dinners again.” ■What ■ are your best – or worst – school day memories? Email me at siobhan.mcnally@mirror.co.uk share your tips, pictures and hobbies, tell us the quote you live by, or nominate your hero of the day. Whatever is happening in your life and whatever you’re talking or thinking about, we want to hear it. Email us at siobhan.mcnally@mirror.co.uk, write to Community Corner, Po box 791, Winchester so23 3RP, or join the conversation on this Facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/coronavirusnewsupdates

DM1ST 34 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DEAR COLEEN dearcoleen@mirror.co.uk your problems solved how can i helP my mate who’s a real wreck? Dear Coleen I have a mate who’s been married for over 30 years and he and his wife have two children together. People from his past have lied about him and because of this, he’s worried about losing his family. He told me he loves his wife and kids so much, if he ever lost them he’d take his own life. He’s an emotional wreck and I’m not sure he can control his actions. How can I help him to stop having these crazy thoughts? I would appreciate your advice. Coleen says I think you can help him by guiding him to get professional support and counselling. He’s obviously in a very stressful situation, but remind him that his family loves him and the worst thing would be for his kids not to have their dad around. However old they are and whatever’s happened, they love him and will always need him. I think it’s a good sign that he’s talking to you, but some things are too heavy to carry yourself – the responsibility and the guilt if anything were to happen. He can call the Samaritans at any time of the day or night on 116 123, and the mental health charity mind.org.uk also provides support and resources. His GP would also be a good port of call. You can help by listening, but also helping him to find the right professional support for his situation. Good luck. Rude friend screamed at my daughter for making a mess Dear Coleen I was in a pizza restaurant with my friend and our daughters recently. My daughter, who’s eight, and can be a bit boisterous, started being quite loud, so I asked her to use her indoor voice. She was just overexcited and ended up tipping a drink over my friend’s daughter while reaching for colouring pencils. My friend screamed at my daughter at the top of her voice and really told her off. The entire restaurant looked around to see what was going on. My daughter burst into tears and sat in silence for the rest of the meal. I told my friend that I don’t scream at my daughter and it was up to me to discipline her and she replied: “Well maybe you should – she might be better behaved!” you say “It is up to me how I discipline my child I don’t know what’s going on with her, but I find this completely unacceptable. We’ve been friends for a really long time, but I’m not sure I can get over this. My daughter is terrified of her now and doesn’t want to see her or her daughter. Can you advise? To the guy who’s in love with two women, one of whom is his wife, and can’t give up either (Dear Coleen, October 25), stop being so arrogant and selfish. Think about what you’re doing to your family. You only have yourself to blame for feeling stressed and being unable to sleep at night. I think it’s called guilt. Stevie, via email PROBLEMS? Tell Coleen Nolan about them and she’ll give you an honest answer... every weekday in the Daily Mirror email: dearcoleen@mirror.co.uk – sorry, but Coleen can’t reply personally WRiTe To: Coleen Nolan, The Daily Mirror, One Canada Square, London E14 5AP dreading in-debt hubby coming home can be OK on your own, which is a positive thing. However, maybe the real test is how you feel once he’s been at home for a few days. Also, have you had constructive conversations around the source of the problems in your marriage, namely, his finances? I think you need to agree a plan around transparency over joint finances and budgeting going forward or things will never improve. You haven’t said why he’s getting into debt – is he living beyond his means or does he Coleen says have a gambling issue or Well, I guess that’s the purpose another addiction? of a break – some cooling off He needs to be completely time to work out what you want honest about how much debt and if you miss the other person he’s in, how he’s going to get out or not. of it and what he’s been It’s made you realise that you spending his money on. Dear Coleen I’ve been married for seven years, but it’s been challenging for the past three or four of them, mainly because my husband is rubbish with money and is always covering up his debt. Luckily, we have separate personal accounts, so if he were ever to get into real trouble, my daughter and I would be OK. Things came to a head a few weeks ago after arguing nonstop, so I told him to leave as we needed a break and he went to stay with his brother. He’s due to come home in a week’s time and I’m dreading it. We’ve had some constructive conversations, but being on my own for several weeks has made me doubt whether I want to make my marriage work. What do you think? Coleen says It sounds like a massive overreaction from your friend, which makes me wonder if she’s particularly stressed about something in her life. Maybe she’s on a hair trigger the way she exploded at your daughter, making more fuss and noise than both of the kids put together! She’s lucky she didn’t get chucked out herself. If you can face it, you could always reach out, tell her you were upset by what she did and what she said to you afterwards and see what she has to say for herself. But I kind of think it’s up to her to offer an apology and an explanation. Tell her that it’s down to you to chastise your child and not her, and it’s not OK to speak to her like that again. Perhaps it comes down to very different parenting styles, which might have always been an issue for her when you’ve been together and she’s just exploded over this incident. Personally, I think it’s a no-go area, telling off someone else’s kid, unless it’s a dangerous situation and you’re shouting to get attention. Even if you think it, saying it out loud is a quick way of finishing a friendship. Sign up to my newsletter! I’m excited to let you know that I’ve launched a fab newsletter, which I hope you’ll sign up to receive once a week via email. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on love, life and relationships, as well as my pick of the week’s readers’ problems. Sign up by visiting mirror.co.uk/coleen

DM1ST mirror.co.uk TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 35 TODAY’S Tv with SARA wALLIS DEEP WATER David and Victoria struggle Pick of the day EMMERDALE ITV, 7pm After the survival challenge got off to a dangerous start, David, Victoria, Charles and Manpreet have found themselves struggling to stay afloat on their rafts. David watches in horror as Victoria cascades towards the edge of a waterfall. She is powerless to do anything as she’s thrown into the turbulent waters below. Elsewhere, Mack hears a loud scream coming from the edge of a pond. As he approaches it, he sees large ripples moving across the water, suggesting Charity has vanished. DOWNFALL Clive Owen as Bill Clinton and Beanie Feldstein as Monica Lewinsky Real story of ‘that woman’ ANGRY Gray confronts Chelsea EASTENDERS BBC1, 7.30pm Liam puts Janine’s plan in motion, talking up her selling skills to Jay. But will he take the bait? Gray’s money issues continue, and he’s wound up when he sees that Chelsea is completely indifferent about paying him back everything that she spent. Harvey tells Dana that he’s been fired and she reminds him that he needs to be more careful. He decides to clear the air with Ash, but Peter is still furious with him and chucks him out. In the Daily Mirror Saturday 23 OCTOBER 2021 SUN, SEA AND SCANDAL Tracy-ann Oberman joins a stellar line-up for the second series of bonkers seaside sitcom Sandylands + Stacey Slater is back in Albert Square after her stint in prison All the new shows, soap news and 7-day listings More TV and film news online at mirror.co.uk/tv IMPEACHMENT: AMERICAN CRIME STORY BBC2, 9.15pm THIS is the latest in Ryan Murphy’s gripping American Crime Story series, following ratings hits The Assassination Of Gianni Versace and The People Vs O. J. Simpson. The 10-part drama delves into the escalating crisis that led to the first impeachment of a US president in more than a century – when Bill ASHLEY BANJO: BRITAIN IN BLACK AND WHITE ITV, 9pm Last summer, Ashley Banjo found himself in the eye of a storm after Diversity performed a powerful Black Lives Matter dance on Britain’s Got Talent. The pro-equality routine, including a scene depicting the moment George Floyd was pinned to the ground by a white police officer, became one of the most complained about moments in Ofcom’s history. The dancers were subjected to a vicious social media pile-on. “Within Clinton was impeached for “high crimes and misdemeanours”. Seen through the eyes of the women at the centre of events, it stars Beanie Feldstein as Monica Lewinsky, Sarah Paulson as Linda Tripp, Annaleigh Ashford as Paula Jones, and Clive Owen as Bill Clinton. These were people thrust into the spotlight during a time of shifting sexual politics and a changing media landscape. Beginning in 1998, the year of the impeachment, we see Monica POWERFUL Ashley, above, the routine minutes of over five million people watching, I became public enemy number one,” says Ashley. But why did the dance divide the nation? Ashley talks to actor David Harewood, historian David Olusoga and BGT judge Alesha Dixon, while also revealing how race and racism has impacted his own life. It all builds to a confronting and shocking interview with Jim Davidson, who posted a video slamming the routine after it aired. “Your video is proof of the racism that is alive and well,” says Ashley. An important, must-see film. ambushed by the FBI, accompanied by Linda, in the food court of a shopping mall. “You’re in serious trouble, we just want to talk to you,” says an FBI agent. Monica has been betrayed by Linda, who has set her up to be questioned. Then the action flashes back to 1993, when it was Linda who felt wronged, abruptly sidelined from her job in the White House. She considers selling her story to sensation-hungry literary agent WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? BBC1, 9pm Actor, movie star and national treasure Dame Judi Dench discovers some incredible links to her beloved Shakespeare on this journey through her ancestry. There are plenty of surprises as the 86-year-old, who has performed in many of the Bard’s plays, also discovers a connection to 16th-century Denmark and nobility through her mother’s side. Judi says: “Not knowing anything Lucianne Goldberg. Meanwhile, a bashful Paula Jones accuses Clinton of sexual harassment, claiming he exposed himself to her in a hotel room. She explains: “I am disgusted, I am upset and I want an apology.” Then we see how things snowball, with reports of Clinton’s affair with intern Lewinsky rocking the White House. This is an interesting take on the whole affair – one from a uniquely female perspective. about my mother’s side of the family I was very interested to find out more. “I know that we have the head of a unicorn as our family crest and I was very interested to find out whether it had a motto below it.” Judi also investigates the family of her father Reginald Dench, who never spoke of his experiences during the First World War, as she tries to find out how he won his gallantry medals. It is deeply moving for the actor as she manages to find out about some of her father’s harrowing experiences during wartime. EMOTIONAL Dame Judi Dench, left, with her father

36 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 All programmes Today’s are listed in British TV Summer Time previews (BST). are Apart on from in the Portugal, previous programmes are one hour page later than listed film ratings ★★★★★ Brilliant ★★★★ Very Good ★★★ Good ★★ Average ★ Bad (R) Repeat DM1ST BBC One BBC Two ITV Channel 4 Channel 5 6.00am Breakfast News headlines. 9.15 Rip Off Britain: Live 10.00 Dom Delivers Dom Littlewood follows a takeaway curry from restaurant to customer. 10.45 Claimed and Shamed A fraudster is caught scamming a holiday company. 11.15 Homes Under the Hammer Properties include a former bank in Greater Manchester. 12.15pm Bargain Hunt From Oswestry Showground. (R) 1.00 BBC News at One; Weather 1.30 Regional News; Weather 1.45 Doctors Bear tries to persuade Makeda to go to hospital. 2.15 Impossible Quiz show. (R) 3.00 Escape to the Country A home in Worcestershire. (R) 3.45 Money for Nothing Transforming ancient horse tack, a chair and an old chest. 4.30 Antiques Road Trip Items in East Anglia include uranium glass and a posh suitcase. (R) 5.15 Pointless Quiz show. 6.00 BBC News at Six; Weather 6.30 Regional News; Weather 6.30am Dom Delivers (R) 7.15 Money for Nothing (R) 8.00 Sign Zone: Your Home Made Perfect (R) 9.00 BBC News at 9 10.00 BBC News Headlines. 12.15pm Politics Live The latest stories from Westminster. 1.00 Head Hunters Quiz show. (R) 1.45 Eggheads Quiz show. (R) 2.15 Heir Hunters A Tooting man makes a discovery. (R) 3.00 Curiosity Jill and Steve take on Charlotte and Michael for a chance to win £1,000. (R) 3.45 Born to Be Wild Documentary following life at the SSPCA’s wildlife rescue centre. (R) 4.15 Back to the Land with Kate Humble The broadcaster meets a father and son running a caviar farm. (R) 5.15 Flog It! From Derbyshire. (R) 6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games With Michelle Collins, Reginald D Hunter, Joanne McNally and Bill Turnbull. 6.30 Strictly: It Takes Two Rylan chats to the lucky couple that survived the dance-off. 6.00am Good Morning Britain News, current affairs and lifestyle features. 9.00 Lorraine Entertainment and the latest fashion news. 10.00 This Morning A mix of celebrity chat, lifestyle features, advice and competitions. Including Local Weather. 12.30pm Loose Women Celebrity interviews and topical debate with the panel. 1.30 ITV News; Weather 1.55 Regional News; Weather 2.00 Bling Nikki makes engagement rings for an already married couple. 3.00 Winning Combination Quiz, hosted by Omid Djalili. 3.59 Regional Weather 4.00 Tipping Point Quiz, hosted by Ben Shephard. 5.00 The Chase Bradley Walsh presents as contestants Mike, Clare, Cameron and Jo work as a team to take on one of the ruthless Chasers and secure a cash prize. 6.00 Regional News; Weather 6.30 ITV Evening News; Weather 6.05am Countdown Kay Burley is in Dictionary Corner. (R) 6.45 The Big Bang Theory (R) 7.35 The King of Queens (R) 9.00 Frasier Triple bill. (R) 10.30 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA A Japanese restaurant in California. (R) 11.25 Channel 4 News Summary 11.30 Find It, Fix It, Flog It Henry Cole and Max McMurdo restore 2CV headlamps. (R) 12.30pm Steph’s Packed Lunch Steph McGovern presents the weekday magazine. 2.10 Countdown Word game. 3.00 A Place in the Sun A hunt for a holiday home near the Sierra Nevada in southern Spain. (R) 4.00 Chateau DIY Matt and Helen convert their orangery. 5.00 Four in a Bed From the Westby Guest House. 5.30 The Perfect Pitch The tourers stay at Nettwood Farm campsite in Somerset. 6.00 The Simpsons Homer and Marge plan a night out. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks Warren has a difficult decision to make. (R) 6.00am Milkshake! Children’s TV. 9.15 Jeremy Vine Discussion. 11.15 Shoplifters & Scammers: At War with the Law 12.10pm 5 News at Lunchtime 12.15 Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords (R) 1.15 Home and Away See 6.00pm for details. (R) 1.45 Neighbours See 5.30pm for details. 2.15 FILM Stalked by the Killer Ex (2020, PG) Strange events plague a woman when she becomes engaged to a man. Thriller, starring Alex McKenna and Adam Huss. ★★★ 4.00 Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun A grandmother who set up a charity to rescue and re-home canines. (R) 5.00 5 News at 5 Headlines. 5.30 Neighbours Harlow offers to help Terese at Lassiters. (R) 6.00 Home and Away Nikau and Bella try to hash out where they stand with one another. (R) 6.30 Eggheads The Mighty Wanderers try their luck against the Eggheads. 7 8 9 10 11 12 midnight 7.00 The One Show Live chat and topical reports. 7.30 EastEnders Gray pins his hopes on a job interview and Dana persuades Harvey to apologise to Ash, and Liam puts the plan in motion. 7.50 Holby City Hanssen reluctantly agrees to take on a new protege, and Lucky asks Max for an impossible favour. 8.30 Would I Lie to You? Sara Pascoe, Mary Portas, Paul Sinha and Rylan bolster the efforts of team captains Lee Mack and David Mitchell. (R) 9.00 Who Do You Think You Are? Star of stage and screen Judi Dench sets out to find out about her father’s experiences during the First World War, but her investigations soon lead her to 16th-century Denmark and nobility. 10.00 BBC News at Ten The latest news headlines. 10.25 Regional News; Weather 10.35 NEW I Like the Way U Move Dating show in which five rookie dancers compete for the chance to perform with five professionals – and win their hearts at the same time. Presented by Jamie Laing, with resident dance expert Kaelynn Harris. 11.40 BBC New Comedy Awards 2021 Kicking off the nationwide hunt to find the best new stand-up comics. 12.10am Question of Sport. With Joe Marler, Beth Tweddle and Imani-Lara Lansiquot. (R) 12.40 Richard Osman’s House of Games Night. Four famous faces compete in a variety of fun games. (R) 1.10 Have I Got a Bit More News for You 1.55 Weather for the Week Ahead 2.00-6.00am BBC News 7.00 Back in Time for School The documentary reaches the 1960s. With three out of four people working in manual or clerical jobs, secondary schools were expected to train pupils with the skills they needed to secure a job at 15 years old. (R) 8.00 Saving Lives at Sea Just off the west coast of Scotland, on the Isle of Mull, the Tobermory lifeboat crew have to save a fishing boat that’s lost all power. On the Pembrokeshire coast, the crew are called out to reports of an injured fisherman. 9.00 Saving Lives at Sea The RNLI volunteers race to try and save three people. 9.15 NEW Impeachment: American Crime Story Fact-based crime drama focusing on the events that led to Bill Clinton’s impeachment in 1998, starring Beanie Feldstein and Sarah Paulson. 10.15 Squeamish About… Spoof documentary in which reporter Michael Squeamish (Matt Berry) explores various subjects, beginning by offering his unique take on British entertainment. (R) 10.30 Newsnight News stories. 11.15 NFL This Week All the news and highlights from the latest fixtures, including Jacksonville Jaguars v Miami Dolphins, New York Giants v Los Angeles Rams and Cleveland Browns v Arizona Cardinals. 12.05am The Black American Fight for Freedom. Documentary revealing moments where America had the chance to become more equal. (R) 1.05 Sign Zone: Don’t Exclude Me (R) 2.05 Sign Zone: The Girl with the Colourful Leg – Our Lives (R) 2.35-6.30am This Is BBC Two 7.00 Emmerdale Residents are in danger, Victoria is powerless; and Mack hears a loud scream. 7.30 Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport Passenger experience manager Numan is faced with a terminal of 24 passengers who are missing their luggage. 8.00 Love Your Garden Alan Titchmarsh and team are on hand in Barry, Wales, to create an accessible family garden that delivers everything that a busy family needs, including a quiet, relaxing corner complete with water feature. 9.00 Ashley Banjo: Britain in Black and White The Diversity star goes on a journey to explore the reaction to his dance on Britain’s Got Talent last year when he performed a routine which acted out George Floyd’s death. 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather 10.30 Regional News; Weather 10.45 Unbelievable Moments Caught on Camera Clips include the moment a skydiver gets knocked out at 10,000 feet after a mid-air collision with an out-of-control skydiver. (R) 11.40 Sorry, I Didn’t Know Jimmy Akingbola hosts the panel show, with Curtis Walker, James Acaster, Humza Arshad and Sikisa joining team leaders Chizzy Akudolu and Judi Love to answer questions about black history. (R) 12.05am Home Shopping 3.00 FYI Extra 3.15 Loose Women. More celebrity interviews and topical debate from a female perspective. (R) 4.05 Unwind With ITV. Daily escape designed to calm the mind and encourage relaxation and reflection. 5.05-6.00am Tipping Point (R) 7.00 Channel 4 News A round-up of the latest news headlines, featuring in-depth interviews and analysis of political developments and current affairs. Plus, the day’s leading sports stories and up-to-theminute weather reports. 8.00 The Great British Bake Off Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas present a Bake Off first as the amateurs take on a trio of challenges inspired by Germany – traditional biscuits, a torte and a tiered cake. With Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood. 9.15 Murder Island A dinghy washes up on the beach as the teams are informed the island is a known drug smuggling route. As the rookie detectives try to get their heads around the case, new evidence drops in the form of criminal records. 10.15 How We Forgot to Save the Planet Comedy actors explain how people may have left it too late to save the planet in this light-hearted ecodocumentary. Contributors include Morgana Robinson and Laura Lovemore. 11.20 Taskmaster In this edition Morgana Robinson drenches herself in peas, Victoria Coren Mitchell learns a new skill, Desiree Burch makes a political statement with jam and Alan Davies piles on the sunglasses. (R) 12.25am Complaints Welcome. Comedy entertainment show. (R) 1.20 Ramsay’s Hotel Hell (R) 2.05 Undercover Boss USA (R) 2.55 Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back (R) 3.50 George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces (R) 4.45 Location, Location, Location (R) 5.40-6.05am Beat the Chef (R) 7.00 GPs: Behind Closed Doors Dr Ambareen Ahmed meets young mum Hannah, who has been suffering with chronic back pain since giving birth five years ago. Meanwhile, a builder who collapsed at work comes into the surgery. 8.00 The Yorkshire Vet Joy brings her pet pig named Pigley Scott to the practice, and Matt and David head to a local farm where it looks like a pregnant cow requires an emergency C-section. Later a German pointer requires surgery. 9.00 Our Yorkshire Farm The children are off school for the Easter holidays, and the family prepare for a busy lambing season. Five-year-old Clemmie and seven-year-old Annas help Amanda deliver a pair of twins who are stuck. 10.00 NEW 1000 Years a Slave Actors David Harewood and Hugh Quarshie explore opposite sides of the Atlantic slave trade, which saw an estimated 12 million Africans transported across the ocean and sold into a life of slavery. 11.05 Ambulance: Code Red Dr Ben Taylor and critical care paramedic Aiden Brown work with the fire and ambulance services to rescue an 11-year-old boy trapped in the wreckage of a car he was a passenger in. (R) 12.05am Criminals: Caught on Camera. Shocking footage of a robber who squirted petrol over a shop worker. (R) 1.00 The 21.co.uk Live Casino Show 3.10 Me & My Addiction (R) 4.20 Now That’s Funny! (R) 5.10 Divine Designs (R) 5.35 Thomas & Friends (R) 5.45-6.00am Paw Patrol (R)

mirror.co.uk Freeview 6 Freeview 27 ITV2 ITVBe 6.00am FYI Extra 6.15 Secret Crush 7.20 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 8.00 Emmerdale 8.30 Coronation Street 9.30 Ellen’s Game of Games 10.30 Dress to Impress 11.30 Secret Crush 12.30pm Emmerdale 1.00 Coronation Street 2.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 3.00 Dress to Impress 4.00 Secret Crush 5.00 You’ve Been Framed! Gold 6.00 Celebrity Catchphrase With Bill Bailey, Kathy Burke and Gok Wan. 7.00 Superstore Double bill of comedy. 8.00 Bob’s Burgers Double bill of fun. 9.00 Family Guy Double bill. Stewie’s body swapping machine malfunctions; Peter attracts the attention of a powerful figure. 10.00 Plebs Double bill of comedy. 11.00 Family Guy Meg takes up drinking. 11.30 American Dad! Animation. 12.00m’t American Dad! 12.25 Bob’s Burgers 1.20 Superstore 2.15 Hey Tracey! 3.10 FYI Extra 3.25 Unwind With ITV 3.30-6.00am Teleshopping Dave E4 Freeview 19 6.00am Teleshopping 7.10 Yianni: Supercar Customiser 8.00 Timber Kings 9.00 Storage Hunters UK 10.00 American Pickers 12.00noon Top Gear 1.00 Red Bull Soapbox Race 2.00 Whose Line Is It Anyway? USA 3.00 Top Gear 4.00 Red Bull Soapbox Race 5.00 Rick Stein: From Venice to Istanbul 6.00 QI XL With guest Susan Calman. 7.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games With Samantha Womack and Rory Reid. 7.40 Would I Lie to You? With Rylan Clark-Neal, Sara Pascoe and Paul Sinha. 8.20 QI With Bill Bailey and Rich Hall. 9.00 QI XL With guest Daliso Chaponda. 10.00 Question Team With Katherine Ryan, Desiree Burch and Ivo Graham. 11.00 Lenny Henry’s Race Through Comedy Stand-up comedy. 12.00m’t Mock the Week 12.40 Would I Lie to You? 1.20 QI 2.00 Sin City Motors 2.50 Have I Got a Bit More News for You 4.00-6.00am Teleshopping 6.00am Hollyoaks 7.00 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 8.00 Melissa & Joey 9.00 How I Met Your Mother 10.00 The Big Bang Theory 11.00 The Goldbergs 12.00noon Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.00 The Big Bang Theory 2.30 Mike & Molly 3.30 Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4.30 Married at First Sight Australia. Reality series. 6.00 The Big Bang Theory Double bill. 7.00 Hollyoaks Celeste suspects foul play. 7.30 Married at First Sight Australia The reality experiment continues with the second dinner party, which turns into a very eventful affair for all of the couples. 9.00 Celebrity Gogglebox The best moments from the first series, with reviews of Love Island, Naked Attraction, Killing Eve, First Dates, and American Pie. 10.00 Naked Attraction Double bill. 12.10am Married at First Sight Australia 1.40 Gogglebox 2.35 First Dates 3.30 The Big Bang Theory. Double bill. 4.45-6.00am The Goldbergs WALES As BBC1 except: 10.45am Homes Under the Hammer 11.45am-12.15pm X-Ray 1.30-1.45pm BBC Wales Today; Weather 6.30-7.00 BBC Wales Today; Weather 8.30 The Crash Detectives 9.00-10.00 Wonders of the Celtic Deep 10.25 BBC Wales Today; Weather 10.35 Who Do You Think You Are? 11.35 NEW I Like the Way U Move 12.40- 1.10am NEW BBC New Comedy Awards WALES As BBC2 except: 1.45pm First Minister’s Questions 2.35 Eggheads 3.05 A to Z of TV Gardening 3.25 Heir Hunters 4.10 Born to Be Wild 4.40 Back to the Land with Kate Humble 5.40-6.00pm Flog It! MERIDIAN As ITV except: 1.55-2.00pm ITV News Meridian 6.00-6.30 ITV News Meridian 10.30-10.45pm ITV News Meridian CENTRAL As ITV except: 1.55-2.00pm ITV News Central 6.00-6.30 ITV News Central 10.30-10.45pm ITV News Central ITV WALES As ITV except: 1.55-2.00pm ITV News Cymru Wales 6.00-6.30 ITV News Wales at Six 7.30-8.00 Coast & Country 10.30 ITV News Cymru Wales 10.45 Heathrow: Britain’s Variations & S4C 7.00am The Real Housewives of Cheshire 8.00 Buying and Selling 9.00 LittleBe 12.00noon Be Beautiful 12.10 The Real Housewives of Potomac 1.10 The Real Housewives of Cheshire 2.10 The Only Way Is Essex 3.10 Million Dollar Listing: NYC 4.05 The Real Housewives of New Jersey 5.00 The Real Housewives of Atlanta 6.00 Making It Home with Kortney & Dave Ted and Shannon ask Kortney and Dave for help updating their bungalow. 7.00 Buying and Selling A stay-at-home dad and working mum need help. 8.00 Dinner Date Jake from London selects three blind dates from five potential partners, based on their menus. 9.00 Botched Double bill of operations. 11.00 Bridezillas Shannon’s wedding is under threat when she is unhappy with her bridesmaid dresses. 11.55 The Only Way Is Essex Reality. 12.45am Unwind With ITV 1.00-7.00am Teleshopping. Home shopping. Drama More4 Freeview 20 6.00am Teleshopping 7.40 A Place to Call Home 8.30 The Bill 9.35 Classic Holby City 10.55 Classic Casualty 12.00noon The Bill 1.00 Classic EastEnders 2.20 Peak Practice 3.20 Bergerac 4.20 Pie in the Sky 5.20 dinnerladies 6.00 Bread A stolen piano causes conflict. 6.40 ’Allo ’Allo! Helga tells Von Strohm that the stolen money was forged. 7.20 Last of the Summer Wine Howard is aghast when Pearl kisses Hobbo. 8.00 The Last Detective The funny side of a veteran nightclub comedy team with a long list of females conquests is poisoned during a live performance. Drama, starring Peter Davison and Sean Hughes. 9.35 New Tricks A man wrongly convicted of arson enlists Halford’s help in finding the culprit, and Standing meets a woman who claims to be his daughter. 10.55 Bad Girls A celebrity visits Larkhall. 12.05am Waking the Dead 2.30 Life on Mars 4.00-6.00am Teleshopping Freeview 13 Freeview 18 8.55am Kirstie’s House of Craft 9.15 A Place in the Sun 11.05 Escape to the Chateau: DIY 12.10pm Heir Hunters 1.10 Four in a Bed. Five episodes. 3.50 Find It, Fix It, Flog It 5.55 Emergency Helicopter Medics 6.55 Escape to the Chateau: DIY Erin and JB transform the chateau’s ruined orangery into an events venue. 7.55 Grand Designs A couple attempt to build Britain’s first hypoallergenic house. 9.00 24 Hours in A&E An on-call stroke doctor recalls his experiences during the first week of the pandemic. 10.00 Baby Surgeons: Delivering Miracles Three expectant mothers face dangerous complications in their pregnancies, and have to decide whether they are willing to undergo risky surgery. 11.05 Emergency Helicopter Medics 12.10am 24 Hours in A&E 1.15 The Secret Life of the Zoo 2.15 Emergency Helicopter Medics 3.20-3.45am Food Unwrapped Busiest Airport 11.10pm-12.05am Unbelievable Moments Caught on Camera WEST As ITV except: 1.55-2.00pm ITV News West Country 6.00-6.30 ITV News West Country 10.30-10.45pm ITV News West Country ANGLIA As ITV except: 1.55-2.00pm ITV News Anglia 6.00-6.30 ITV News Anglia 10.30-10.45pm ITV News Anglia WESTCOUNTRY As ITV except: 1.55-2.00pm ITV News West Country. The latest reports. 6.00-6.30 ITV News West Country 10.30- 10.45pm ITV News West Country S4C 6.00am Cyw 12.00noon Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 12.05pm Caru Siopa 12.30 Heno 1.00 Triathlon Cymru 1.30 Ffermio 2.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 2.05 Prynhawn Da 3.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 3.05 Noson Lawen 2021 4.00 Awr Fawr 5.00 Stwnsh 6.00 Dan Do 6.30 Rownd a Rownd 6.57 Newyddion S4C 7.00 Heno 7.30 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 8.00 Pobol y Cwm 8.25 Rownd a Rownd 8.55 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 9.00 NEW Eryri: Pobol y Parc 10.00 Heliwr 11.05-11.40pm Pobl a’u Gerddi DM1ST BBC4 Freeview 9 7.00pm Great British Railway Journeys Glasgow to Cumbrae. 7.30 The Joy of Painting Bob Ross creates a picture of a sandy beach. 8.00 The Good Life Comedy. 8.30 One Foot in the Grave Victor clashes with a pesky plumber. 9.00 Lenny Henry: Young, Gifted and Black – Imagine Alan Yentob spends time with the comedian. 10.15 The One Lenny Henry A mixture of stand-up and sketches. 10.55 Stephen: The Murder That Changed a Nation The Lawrences launch the first private murder prosecution in 150 years. 11.55 A Stitch in Time The clothes worn by Edward of Woodstock. 12.25am The Beauty of Maps 12.55 Great British Railway Journeys 1.25 Lenny Henry: Young, Gifted and Black – Imagine 2.40-3.40am Nature and Us: A History Through Art 5 USA 6.00am TJC 9.00 Murder, She Wrote 10.00 NCIS 12.00noon Law & Order 4.55 Entertainment News on 5 5.00 Law & Order. Crime drama. 6.00 NCIS Triple bill. A suspected drug-smuggler is apparently killed by his own dog; Shepard becomes the prime suspect in the murder of La Grenouille; a Marine is murdered. 9.00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent An actress is gunned down. 10.00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Triple bill. Barba argues a complicated rape case; an aspiring Olympic athlete claims she is a rape victim; the assistant of a female videogame developer is attacked. 12.55am Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The team tries to stop a sex-trafficking ring. 1.55 Ransom 3.30 Criminals: Caught on Camera 3.55 Entertainment News on 5 4.00-6.00am Teleshopping WIN £10,000 IN OUR MONTHLY COMPETITION TO BE IN WITH A CHANCE OF WINNING: Text WIN to 61011 Texts cost £2.00 + 1 standard network rate message or call 0903 681 8181 Calls cost £2.00 + network access charge. or post your name and phone number to Mirror Win, PO Box 8162 Derby, DE1 9GU TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 37 Sky Arts Freeview 21 F’view 11 6.00am Australian Ballet 7.45 Hollywood: Singing and Dancing 9.00 Tales of the Unexpected 10.00 Discovering 11.00 Landscape Artist of the Year 2017 12.00noon Van Gogh: An Exclusive View – From Tate Britain 1.00 Tales of the Unexpected 2.00 Discovering 3.00 Damien Hirst by Harry Hill 4.00 Foreigner: Music Icons 4.30 Video Killed the Radio Star 5.00 Tales of the Unexpected 6.00 Discovering: John Wayne 7.00 Landmark Last in series. 8.00 Van Gogh & Japan Documentary. 9.00 Frida Kahlo Documentary. 10.00 Richard Pryor by Romesh Ranganathan 11.00 Statues Redressed 1.00am Soundbreaking 2.00 Classic Albums 3.00 Master of Photography 4.00 Cheltenham Literature Festival 2020 5.00-6.00am Landscape Artist of the Year 2017 ENDS 31ST OCTOBER T&Cs: To refuse marketing messages, end SMS with NO INFO. SP: Mi Telecom Ltd. Helpdesk 0330 880 6060.Min age 18+. All entries after lines close at midnight on the last day of the month will not count and may still be charged. Postal entries close at midnight on 5th of the following month. One winner will be selected at random from all correct entries after the closing date and will be contacted by phone within 5 days. Full T&Cs at www.mirror.co.uk/ rules. Surname and county of the winner will be published. If you object to your information being made available please see our privacy notice online at www.mirror.co.uk/privacy-notice. This prize drawer is syndicated across other Reach titles. For a full list of our brands see www.reachplc.com/our-brands

38 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 Sport Sky Sports Main Event 6.00am Sky Sports News 7.00 Good Morning Sports Fans 7.30 Early Kick-Off 8.00 Good Morning Sports Fans 10.00 The Football Show 10.30 LIVE ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Scotland v Papa New Guinea. Tthe Group B match. 2.30pm LIVE ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Oman v Bangladesh. Coverage of the Group B match. 7.00 Gillette Soccer Special. All the updates. 7.30 LIVE Live EFL Stoke City v Bournemouth (kick-off 7.45pm). From bet365 Stadium. 10.15 Soccer Special 11.00 Live: NFL Fantasy 12.00m’t Sky Sports News. The day’s headlines. 12.30 LIVE NBA Basketball Milwaukee Bucks v Brooklyn Nets (Tip-off 12.30am). 3.00 LIVE NBA Basketball Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors (Tip-off 3.00am). 5.30-6.00am Sky Sports News. Headlines. Sky Sports Cricket 6.00am How the 2010 ICC World T20 Was Won 8.00 How the 2012 ICC World T20 Was Won 10.00 Best of ICC WT20. Highlights. 10.30 LIVE ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Scotland v Papa New Guinea. Tthe Group B match. 2.30pm LIVE ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Oman v Bangladesh. Coverage of the Group B match. 7.00 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. Scotland v Papa New Guinea. 11.00 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 3.30am Best of ICC WT20 4.30 Talking Cricket 5.00 IPL 5.30-6.00am Best of The 2015 IPL Sky Sports Football 6.00am EFL Greatest Games 6.45 SPFL Greatest Games 7.00 Football’s Greatest Players 7.30 Football Countdowns 8.00 Football Years 8.30 EFL Greatest Games 9.00 SPFL Greatest Games 9.30 Football’s Greatest Players 10.00 Football Countdowns 10.30 Football Years 11.00 EFL Play Off Finals C’Ship 10/11 12.00noon EFL Greatest Games 12.45 SPFL Greatest Games 1.00 Football’s Greatest Players 1.30 Football Countdowns 2.00 Football Years 2.30 EFL Play Off Final C’Ship 17/18 3.30 EFL Greatest Games 4.15 SPFL Greatest 4.30 Football’s Greatest Players 5.00 Football Countdowns 5.30 Football Years 6.00 MLS Round-Up 6.30 Soccer AM: The Best Bits 7.00 EFL Highlights 7.15 EFL Highlights 7.30 LIVE Live EFL Stoke City v Bournemouth (kick-off 7.45pm). From bet365 Stadium. 10.15 Scottish Premiership 10.30 Soccer AM: The Best Bits 11.00 EFL Greatest Games 12.00m’t EFL Cup Retro 14 2.00 Championship Season Review 14/15 3.00 EFL Play Off Finals C’Ship 13/14 4.00 EFL Play Off Finals League 1 13/14 5.00-6.00am EFL Play Off Finals BT Sport 1 6.00am French Women’s Division 1 7.00 Spanish Women’s Primera Division 8.00 WWE NXT UK 9.00 Premier League Review 10.00 ESPN FC 10.30 UEFA Europa League Magazine 11.30 UEFA Champions League Review 12.30pm LIVE UEFA Youth League Club Brugge v Man City U19 (kick-off 12.30pm). 2.30 UEFA Champions League Magazine 3.00 LIVE UEFA Europa League Coverage of Celtic v Ferencvaros (kick-off 3.30pm). 5.45 What I Wore 6.00 Premier League Review 7.00 Goals Reload 7.15 BT Sport Films Shorts 7.30 LIVE UCL Goals Show All the latest goals. 10.15 WWE 12.45am BT Sport Goals Reload 1.00 LIVE WWE NXT The latest wrestling action. 3.15 Sport in Focus 3.30 Ligue 1 4.30 Extreme E – Electric Odyssey 5.00-6.00am Fishing BT Sport 2 6.00am Badminton 8.00 WRC Review 9.00 FIM Speedway of Nations 1.00pm World Rallycross Championship Highlights 2.00 ESPN FC 2.30 Fishing 3.30 BT Sport Fight Night 5.00 LIVE UEFA Champions League Club Brugge v Manchester City (kick-off 5.45pm). 7.45 LIVE UEFA Champions League Atletico Madrid v Liverpool (kick-off 8.00pm). 10.30 LIVE UEFA Champions League Tonight 11.30 BT Sport Films 1.00am Extreme E – Electric Odyssey 1.30 WRC Review 2.30 FIM Enduro World Championship 3.00 FIM Sidecar World Championship 4.00-6.00am Speedway Eurosport 1 6.00am Alpine Skiing 7.00 Cycling: National Road Championships 8.00 Alpine Skiing 10.00 Cycling: National Road Championships 11.00 Hall of Fame – Salt Lake City 2002 12.00noon Alpine Skiing 1.00 World Superbikes 2.00 Snooker: English Open Final 4.00 Cyclo-Cross 5.00 Alpine Skiing 7.00 Mountain Bike: Roc d’Azur 7.30 The Cycling Show 8.00 Cycling: National Road Championships 9.00 Bennetts British Superbikes. Action from Brands Hatch. 10.00 Hall of Fame 11.00 Cycling: National Road Championships 12.00m’t Alpine Skiing 2.00 Cycling: National Road Championships. The elite men’s race. 3.00 Hall of Fame – Salt Lake City 2002 4.00-6.00am Snooker: Scottish Open Final BEST OF THE REST – LIVE SPORT 12.30am LIVE Live NBA Basketball Milwaukee Bucks v Brooklyn Nets. (Sky Sports Arena) 3.00 LIVE Live NBA Basketball Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors (Tip-off 3.00am). Fom Staples Centre. (Sky Sports Arena) ITV3 Freeview 10 6.00am Classic Coronation Street 7.00 Classic Emmerdale 8.05 Man About the House 9.05 George and Mildred 9.35 Agatha Christie’s Marple 11.40 Heartbeat 1.45pm Classic Emmerdale 2.50 Classic Coronation Street 3.50 A Touch of Frost 6.00 Heartbeat. Drama. 8.00 Midsomer Murders 10.00 Scott & Bailey 11.05 Agatha Christie’s Marple 1.00am Scott & Bailey 2.00-2.30am Man About the House ITV4 Freeview 25 6.00am Football League Legends 6.10 The Protectors 6.35 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 7.30 Dempsey and Makepeace 9.35 The Professionals 10.35 Minder 11.40 The Saint 12.45pm Extreme Salvage Squad 1.40 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 2.50 Dempsey and Makepeace 3.50 The Professionals 4.55 Minder 6.05 Extreme Salvage Squad 7.00 Cycling: British National Road Race Championships 8.00 World Superbike Highlights 9.00 NEW Against the Odds 10.00 All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite 12.00m’t Motorsport UK 1.00 Car Crash Global: Caught on Camera 2.00 The Professionals 2.55-3.00am Unwind With ITV 5STAR Freeview 31 8.00am Entertainment News on 5 8.10 Rich Kids, Skint Holiday 9.00 Rich House, Poor House 10.00 Filthy House SOS 11.00 Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly 12.00noon FILM Hint of Love (2020/PG) ★★★ 2.00 Police Interceptors 5.00 Casualty 24/7: Every Second Counts 6.00 Neighbours 6.30 Home and Away 7.00 Riots & Robbers: Caught on Camera 8.00 Million Pound Motorhomes 9.00 A&E After Dark 10.00 Wentworth: The Final Sentence 11.05 FILM The Hunger Games (2012/12) ★★★★ 1.55 Departure 2.50 Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun 3.35-4.00am Neighbours Really Freeview 17 6.00am Fantasy Homes by the Sea 7.00 Cruise TV with LoveitBookit 8.00 Homes Under the Hammer 10.00 Antiques Road Trip 12.00noon Money for Nothing 1.00 A Place in the Sun 2.00 Animal Cops Phoenix 3.00 Pit Bulls & Parolees 4.00 A Place in the Sun 5.00 Money for Nothing 7.00 Antiques Road Trip 9.00 Emergency 10.00 Helicopter ER 11.00 Ghost Adventures 1.00am Kindred Spirits 2.00 Teleshopping 4.00-6.00am Antiques Road Trip Paramount Freeview 32 9.00am Entertainment News on 5 9.10 Traffic Cops 11.05 Trucking Hell 12.05pm FILM Ride Clear of Diablo (1954/U) ★★ 1.50 FILM Will Penny (1967/12) ★★★★ 4.00 Trucking Hell 5.00 Traffic Cops 7.00 Police Interceptors 9.00 Car Pound Cops: Give Me My Car Back! 10.00 Banged Up Abroad 11.00 Fights, Camera, Action! 12.00m’t Airport Security: Peru 1.00 Idiot TV 2.00 Fights, Camera, Action! 3.00 Violent Assault: Caught on Camera 3.50 Criminals: Caught on Camera 4.35 Criminals: Caught on Camera 4.55-5.00am Entertainment News Pick Freeview 35 7.00am Highway Patrol 8.00 Motorway Patrol 9.00 Police Force: Australia 10.00 BBC Radio 1 97.6-99.8MHz 7.00am Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James 10.32 Rickie, Melvin and Charlie 12.45pm Newsbeat 1.00 Scott Mills 3.32 Going Home with Vick and Jordan 5.45 Newsbeat 6.00 Radio 1’s Future Sounds with Clara Amfo 8.00 Radio 1’s Future Artists with Jack Saunders 10.00 Radio 1’s Power Down Playlist with Sian Eleri 11.00 Annie Nightingale Presents 1.00am Get Set with Radio 1 2.00 Radio 1’s Classical Movie Mixtape 3.00 Radio 1’s Workout Anthems 4.00 Radio 1 Dance 5.00-7.00am Breakfast with Arielle Free BBC Radio 2 88-91MHz 6.30am The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show. Music and chat. 9.30 Ken Bruce 12.00noon Victoria Derbyshire 2.00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon 5.00 Anita Rani 7.00 Jo Whiley’s Shiny Happy Playlist 7.30 Jo Whiley 9.00 The Jazz Show with Jamie Cullum 10.00 Trevor Nelson’s Rhythm Nation 12.00m’t OJ Borg 3.00 Sounds of the 80s Mastermix 4.00-6.30am Katie Piper BBC Radio 3 90.2-92.4MHz 6.30am Breakfast. Music and chat. 9.00 Essential Classics 12.00noon Composer of the Week: Malcolm Arnold 1.00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert 2.00 Afternoon Concert 5.00 In Tune 7.00 In Tune Mixtape 7.30 Radio 3 in Concert 10.00 Free Thinking 10.45 The Essay: Walk With Amal 11.00 Night Tracks 12.30-6.30am Through the Night. Late night listening. DM1ST Entertainment & Factual Police Ten 7 11.00 Nothing to Declare 12.00noon Border Patrol 1.00 Road Wars 2.00 Border Security: Canada’s Front Line 3.00 Nothing to Declare 4.00 Stargate Atlantis 5.00 The Librarians 6.00 Star Trek: Enterprise 7.00 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 8.00 S.W.A.T. 9.00 The Rookie 10.00 Fringe 11.00 Killer in My Village 12.00m’t Britain’s Most Evil Killers 1.00 The Force: North East 2.00 Police Force: Australia 3.00 Highway Patrol 4.00 Motorway Patrol 5.00-6.00am Nothing to Declare GOLD 7.30am Ever Decreasing Circles 8.40 Are You Being Served? 9.20 Open All Hours 10.00 Last of the Summer Wine 11.20 Keeping Up Appearances 12.00noon Dad’s Army 12.40 Ever Decreasing Circles 1.20 Are You Being Served? 2.00 Open All Hours 2.40 Gavin & Stacey 4.00 Keeping Up Appearances 4.40 Last of the Summer Wine 6.00 Open All Hours 6.40 Are You Being Served? 7.20 Dad’s Army. Wartime comedy. 8.00 Gavin & Stacey 9.20 Not Going Out 10.00 Men Behaving Badly 10.40 The Young Ones 11.25 Gavin & Stacey 12.40am Not Going Out 1.20 Men Behaving Badly 2.00 The Young Ones 2.35 The Rebel 3.20-4.00am Ever Decreasing Circles Yesterday Freeview 26 6.00am Impossible Engineering 8.00 Forbidden History 9.00 Bangers and Cash 10.00 Restoration Workshop 11.00 Railway Journeys with Chris Tarrant 12.00noon Great British Railway Journeys 2.00 Abandoned Engineering 4.00 Auschwitz: The Nazis and the Final Solution 5.00 World War Two From Above 6.00 Great British Railway Journeys 7.00 Bangers and Cash. Documentary. 8.00 Black Panthers of WW2 9.00 The World’s War: Forgotten Soldiers of Empire 11.00 Africa and Britain: A Forgotten History 1.00am Impossible Engineering 2.00-3.00am Secrets of the Solar System Alibi 7.10am Murdoch Mysteries 9.00 Rizzoli & Isles 10.00 Unforgettable 11.00 Hudson & Rex 12.00noon Miss Scarlet and the Duke 1.00 The Coroner 2.00 Murdoch Mysteries 4.00 The Good Wife 5.00 Rizzoli & Isles 6.00 Unforgettable 7.00 Hudson & Rex 8.00 The Coroner. A woman dies in the build-up to a Latin dance festival. 9.00 Happy Valley 10.20 Why Women Kill 11.20 The Good Wife 12.15am Unforgettable 1.15 Miss Scarlet and the Duke 2.25-4.00am Waco Radio Never Mind the Buzzcocks Sky Max, 9pm Host Greg Davies and regulars Noel Fielding, Daisy May Cooper and Jamali Maddix are joined by more guests, including Manchester rapper and songwriter Aitch (left), for the quiz. CHOICE Free Thinking Radio 3, 10pm This special edition, broadcasting as part of Black History Month, features Stephen Bourne, whose new book explores trailblazers who changed black British theatre. It looks at Laurence Oliver’s blacked-up performance as Othello in the National Theatre’s 1964 production and the 1965 film version. BBC Radio 4 FM 92.4-94.6MHz, LW 198kHz 6.00am Today 8.31 (LW) Yesterday in Parliament 9.00 The Life Scientific 9.30 One to One 9.45 (LW) Daily Service 9.45 (FM) Book of the Week: Manifesto 10.00 Woman’s Hour 11.00 Glasgow 11.30 The End of the World Has Already Happened 12.00noon News 12.01 (LW) Shipping 12.04 Harlem Shuffle 12.18 Call You and Yours 12.57 Weather 1.00 The World at One 1.45 39 Ways to Save the Planet 2.00 The Archers 2.15 Drama: Blood, Sex and Money by Emile Zola 3.00 The Kitchen Cabinet 3.30 Costing the Earth 4.00 100 Years of Exile 4.30 A Good Read 5.00 PM 5.54 (LW) Shipping Forecast 5.57 Weather 6.00 News 6.30 Daliso Chaponda 7.00 The Archers 7.15 Front Row 8.00 The Nuremberg Legacy 8.40 In Touch 9.00 Inside Health 9.30 The Life Scientific 10.00 The World Tonight 10.45 Book at Bedtime: Harlem Shuffle Sky Max 6.00am Grimm 8.00 Delicious 9.00 Supergirl 10.00 The Flash 11.00 NCIS: Los Angeles 1.00pm Hawaii Five-0 2.00 MacGyver 3.00 SEAL Team 4.00 Supergirl 5.00 The Flash 6.00 Grimm 8.00 Supergirl 9.00 Never Mind the Buzzcocks 9.45 The Deirdre O’Kane Show 10.45 Rob & Romesh vs Art 11.50 Brassic 12.55am Caribbean Cops 2.00 Stop, Search, Seize 3.00 Hawaii Five-0 4.00 MacGyver 5.00-6.00am Highway Cops Sky Atlantic 6.00am Urban Secrets 7.00 Blue Bloods 8.50 Deadwood 11.00 Boardwalk Empire 1.30pm Oz 3.45 Blue Bloods 5.45 True Blood 7.55 Game of Thrones 9.00 Gangs of London 10.45 The Affair. Drama, starring Ruth Wilson. 11.50 City on a Hill 12.55am Dexter 3.05 True Blood 4.10-6.00am Fish Town Sky Witness 6.00am Nothing to Declare 8.00 Border Patrol 9.00 Stop, Search, Seize 10.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 11.00 Law & Order 12.00noon The Rookie 1.00 Blue Bloods 3.00 Stop, Search, Seize 4.00 Paramedics 5.00 Nothing to Declare 8.00 9-1-1 9.00 NEW The Good Doctor 10.00 Departure 12.00m’t Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 1.00 New Amsterdam 2.00 9-1-1 3.00 Grey’s Anatomy 4.00 Station 19 5.00-6.00am Brit Cops: Rapid Response Sky Comedy 8.00am The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 9.00 Everybody Hates Chris 10.00 The Mindy Project 11.00 Our Cartoon President 12.20pm Silicon Valley 1.40 Veep 3.00 Modern Family 4.00 Will & Grace 5.00 30 Rock 5.30 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 6.30 Silicon Valley 7.50 Veep 9.00 Bored to Death 10.00 Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail 10.30 Jerrod Carmichael: Love At The Store 11.30 The Late Late Show with James Corden 12.30am Trollied 1.30 Hitmen: Reloaded 2.30 The Mindy Project 3.30 30 Rock 4.00-5.00am Everybody Hates Chris Discovery 6.00am Wheeler Dealers 7.00 Deadliest Catch 8.00 Building Off the Grid 9.00 Edge of Alaska 10.00 Diesel Brothers 11.00 Wheeler Dealers 12.00noon Junkyard Empire 1.00 Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue 3.00 Flying Wild Alaska 4.00 Alaska: Homestead Rescue 6.00 Fast N’ Loud 7.00 Outback Truckers 8.00 Kindig Customs 9.00 Gold Rush 11.00 Combat Dealers 12.00m’t Gold Rush 2.00 Deadliest Catch 3.00 Gold Rush 4.00 Wheeler Dealers 4.50 Gold Divers 5.40-6.00am How It’s Made National Geographic 8.00am Air Crash Investigation 10.00 Car S.O.S 12.00noon Europe from Above 1.00 Drain the Oceans 2.00 Pacific Shockwave: Drain the Oceans 3.00 Air Crash Investigation 5.00 Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted 6.00 Car S.O.S 8.00 The Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great 9.00 Lost Tomb of Genghis Khan 10.00 Uncovering Herod’s Lost Tomb 11.00 Nazi Megastructures. Documentary. 12.00m’t Hitler’s Last Stand 1.00 WW2: Hell Under the Sea 2.00 Seconds from Disaster 3.00-5.00am Air Crash Investigation 11.00 Fortunately 11.30 Today in Parliament 12.00m’t News 12.30 Book of the Week: Manifesto 12.48 Shipping Forecast 1.00 As BBC World Service 5.20 Shipping 5.30 News 5.43 Prayer for the Day 5.45 Farming Today 5.58-6.00am Tweet of the Day BBC Radio 5 Live 693/909kHz 6.00am Breakfast 9.00 Your Call 10.00 Naga Munchetty 1.00pm Nihal Arthanayake 4.00 5 Live Drive 5.30 Sport 5.45 Sport 7.45 5 Live Sport 8.00 5 Live Sport 10.30 Colin Murray 1.00am Dotun Adebayo 5.00-6.00am Wake Up to Money BBC Radio Wales FM: 94.6MHz 6.00am Radio Wales Breakfast with Claire Summers 8.30 Jason Mohammad 11.00 Wynne Evans 2.00pm Behnaz Akhgar 5.00 Gareth Lewis 6.30 Science Cafe 7.00 Janice Long 10.00 The Late Show with Eleri Sion 12.30am As Radio 5 Live 5.30-6.00am Science Cafe Classic FM 100-102MHz 6.00am More Music Breakfast 9.00 Alexander Armstrong 12.00noon Anne-Marie Minhall 4.00 John Brunning 7.00 Smooth Classics 8.00 The Classic FM Concert with John Suchet 10.00 Smooth Classics 1.00-6.00am Bill Overton Absolute Radio 1215kHz 6.00am Dave Berry 10.00 Leona Graham 1.00pm Ben Burrell 4.00 Bush and Richie 7.00 Danielle Perry 10.00 Jay Lawrence 1.00-6.00am Chris Martin Movies Film4 11.00am The Weaker Sex (1948/U) Second World War drama, starring Ursula Jeans. ★ 12.45pm Millions Like Us (1943/U) Second World War drama, with Patricia Roc. ★★★★ 2.50 Apache Drums (1951/U) Western, starring Stephen McNally and Willard Parker. ★★★ 4.20 Mary, Queen of Scots (1971/PG) Biopic, starring Vanessa Redgrave. ★★★★ 6.55 Central Intelligence (2016/12) Action comedy, starring Dwayne Johnson. ★★★★ 9.00 Olympus Has Fallen (2013/15) Action thriller, starring Gerard Butler. ★★★★ 11.20 The Last King of Scotland (2006/15) Thriller, starring Forest Whitaker. ★★★★ 1.45-4.00am The Gunman (2015/15) Crime drama, starring Sean Penn. ★★★ Sky Cinema Premiere 6.15am Maya the Bee: The Golden Orb (2021/PG) See 4.40pm for details. ★★★ 7.50 Curious George: Go West, Go Wild (2020/PG) See 5.20am for details. ★★★ 9.30 Cordelia (2019/15) See 6.20pm. ★★★★ 11.05 The Little Things (2021/15) See 9.40pm for details. ★★★ 1.15pm Maya the Bee: The Golden Orb (2021/PG) See 4.40pm for details. ★★★ 2.55 Breaking News in Yuba County (2021/15) See 8.00pm for details. ★★★ 4.40 Maya the Bee: The Golden Orb (2021/PG) Animated adventure, with the voice of Coco Jack Gillies. ★★★ 6.20 Cordelia (2019/15) Premiere. A young woman’s life begins to unravel as her neighbour inveigles himself into her life. Horror, starring Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Johnny Flynn and Michael Gambon. ★★★★ 8.00 Breaking News in Yuba County (2021/15) Comedy, with Allison Janney. ★★★ 9.40 The Little Things (2021/15) Crime drama, starring Denzel Washington. ★★★ 11.50 Little Fish (2020/15) Romantic sci-fi drama, starring Olivia Cooke. ★★★★ 1.40am The God Committee (2021/15) Thriller, starring Kelsey Grammer. ★★★ 3.25 American Traitor (2021/15) Drama, with Meadow Williams and Al Pacino. ★★★ 5.20-6.55am Curious George: Go West, Go Wild (2020/PG) Animated adventure, with the voice of Frank Welker. ★★★ Sky Cinema Drama 5.00pm The Violent Heart (2020/15) Drama, starring Jovan Adepo. ★★★ 6.50 Pressure (1976/15) Drama, starring Herbert Norville and Oscar James. ★★★★ 9.00 Side Effects (2013/15) A psychiatrist finds his life unravelling after a drug he prescribes to a patient causes disturbing personality changes. Thriller, starring Jude Law. ★★★★ 11.00 Waves (2019/15) Drama, starring Kelvin Harrison Jr and Lucas Hedges. ★★★ 1.20am Ordinary Love (2019/12) Drama, with Lesley Manville and Liam Neeson. ★★★ 3.05 The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012/12) Drama, with Logan Lerman. ★★★★ 5.00-6.00am Sky Cinema Preview Sky Cinema Family 4.35pm Look Who’s Talking (1989/12) Comedy, starring Kirstie Alley. ★★★ 6.15 Aliens Stole My Body (2020/PG) Family comedy, starring Ty Consiglio. ★★ 7.45 Johnny English (2003/PG) Spy comedy, starring Rowan Atkinson. ★★★ 9.15 Back to the Future Part III (1990/PG) Sci-fi comedy, starring Michael J Fox. ★★★★ 11.15 Step Up (2006/PG) Romantic dance drama, with Channing Tatum. ★★ 1.05am Look Who’s Talking (1989/12) See 4.35pm for details. ★★★ 2.50 A Boy Called Sailboat (2018/12) Family drama, starring JK Simmons. ★★★★ 4.25-6.00am Free Willy 3: The Rescue (1997/U) Adventure, starring Jason James Richter and August Schellenberg. ★★★ TCM 4.00pm The Kid from Broken Gun (1952/U) Western, starring Charles Starrett. ★★★★ 5.10 Sierra Stranger (1957/U) Western, with Howard Duff and Gloria McGehee. ★★★ 6.45 Casablanca (1942/U) Romantic drama, starring Humphrey Bogart. ★★★★★ 9.00 Wild Geese II (1985/18) Action adventure sequel, starring Scott Glenn. ★★ 11.40 Magnum Force (1973/18) Action thriller sequel, starring Clint Eastwood. ★★★ 2.05-4.00am Calamity Jane (1953/U) Musical comedy Western, with Doris Day. ★★★★★ GREAT! movies 4.40pm Micki + Maude (1984/PG) Comedy, starring Dudley Moore. ★★★ 8.05 Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009/PG) Comedy, starring Kevin James. ★★★ 9.00 The Guest (2014/15) Thriller, starring Dan Stevens and Maika Monroe. ★★★★ 11.05 Money Monster (2016/15) Crime thriller, with George Clooney and Julia Roberts. ★★★ 1.10am The Box (2009/12) Sci-fi thriller, with Cameron Diaz and James Marsden. ★★ 3.25-6.00am Moneyball (2011/12) Fact-based sporting drama, starring Brad Pitt. ★★★★

Facebook “f” Logo CMYK / .eps Facebook “f” Logo CMYK / .eps DM1ST mirror.co.uk TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 39 YOUR VOICE Edited by FIONA PARKER Pick your words and WIn £25 Well done to Les Snelling from Broxbourne, Herts, for this funny caption to last week’s picture of PM Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie being feted by supporters following his speech to the Tory Party conference. Glad that’s over... I could do with a holiday Today’s picture YES 84% Yes. When is our government going to introduce measures again? Wearing masks in shops and schools, and social distancing isn’t that difficult a task for the majority. Sammy P No. If you are fully vaccinated and wear a mask in crowded places then you are being a good citizen. HilDegarDeS Last week’s winner You think anyone would notice if we trotted off to Spain? Today’s picture shows Star Trek legend William Shatner with Jeff Bezos after he became the oldest person in space at 90. Email your funny captions to the address below. the BIG QuestioN Every day we’ll be asking your opinion on one of Britain’s big talking points. You can have your say and vote at mirror.co.uk Lisa Nandy has confirmed Labour would back tougher restrictions to help prevent a winter surge of coronavirus after the UK recorded its highest daily jump in cases since mid-July. Would you support tougher measures to prevent a spike in cases? NO 16% No. It should be a matter of taking personal responsibility to stop the spread and help the NHS. We need to live with this virus. mac Yes. They need to bring in the Covid passports, and masks should be worn in all indoor public places. momo66 ■ THE murder of Sir David Amess, was appalling like that of Labour MP Jo Cox five years ago. Sadly MPs are always going to be targets for those with grudges and warped extremist perspectives. While it’s important their security reflects the risks they face, it would be tragic if this diminished the interaction between them and the people they represent. Those calling for a kinder political discourse are right – there can be no excuse for incitement and offensive personal abuse. However, with the challenges we face, scrutiny and criticism of our politicians remains more important than ever. Brett Grainger, Rugeley, Staffs ■ It appears the motive behind this brutal attack is to disrupt our democracy – so can we now expect telephone consultations with our MPs, just as we are seeing fewer face-to-face appointments with our GPs? Let’s hope not. We now have another 650 or possible targets and, irrespective of which party they belong to, they are chosen by us. Perhaps we need tighter vetting measures in place for people who attend MPs’ surgeries to ensure our democracy is protected. Paul Booker Clay Cross, Derbys To have your say, go to mirror.co.uk Act now to stop more MP killings ■ I lived in Leigh-on-Sea in the early 2000s and I can attest to the fact that Sir David Amess was always a dignified, decent and humorous local MP as the many testimonies have highlighted. You don’t have to Yes. We’ve become too complacent. When I go in a shop, more than 50% of people aren’t wearing masks. This is by no means over. DanDy 99 No. Unfortunately, Covid is never going to go away. We just have to accept it and learn to live with it. PalanDy29 the BIG issue Moving tributes have been paid to Conservative MP Sir David Amess, 69, who was murdered at his weekly surgery in his Southend West constituency on Friday. The tragedy comes five years after the murder of anti-Brexit Labour MP Jo Cox and has prompted questions about MPs’ security. You are horrified... be a Conservative to say that. I have never said Brexit supporters are bad people – I simply believe it was a bad decision. I also believe that it is about time we ceased calling terrorists “radicalised”. They are psychotic murderers unworthy of their religion, shielding their dark nature from the world. Rest in peace, Sir David, and all respect to you. Collin Rossini, Dovercourt, Essex ■ If at least a dozen police can arrive on the scene shortly after the brutal murder of Sir David Amess during his Southend West constituency surgery, surely the answer to the safeguarding of MPs is simple. The best move would be to allocate a single police officer to provide each one with security during their important weekly discussions with constituents. Those of us who were children during the Second World War understood our lives were under threat from the Nazis, but sadly it now seems, in so many instances, the enemy is within. It’s so sad for our great country. Paul Marston, Walsall, West Mids ■ With the terrible stabbing of Sir David Amess, it’s high time the Government acted to stop the unfettered knife crime which is now reaching epidemic levels. The sentence for carrying a blade should be upwards of five years – and causing injury with one should be 10 years, with no time off for good behaviour. Surely, the time has now come to warrant action? Geoffrey Lindsay Royton, Gtr Manchester. ■ Sir David Amess MP’s tragic and brutal murder at his weekly surgery in Leigh-on-Sea highlights the issue of MPs’ security and what can be done to make sure this never happens again. Sir David’s murder was an assault on our democracy and way of life. Mark Twiddy, East London ■ Whichever party you support, you can’t help but be horrified at the murder of Tory MP David Amess just for doing his job. This is proof, if it was needed, that we must see the bigger picture and stop the hate and division which has infected politics in recent years. R Forrester, Sheffield tV Josh-ing is such fun I must congratulate the BBC on its new series of Who Do You Think You Are? I watched the first episode on iPlayer recently, which revealed that Josh Widdicombe was directly related to Edward I. It was brilliant and funny, and reminded me so much of when Danny Dyer was told on the same show that he was related to Edward III. Brilliant! Ken Pennington Stalybridge, Tameside Learn to fix our planet ■Can’t ■ we set up an academy run by experts to train young people to fix broken washing machines, TVs, cookers, fridges, microwave ovens and the like, instead of continuing with our throw-away society? I’m sure a washing machine can be repaired cheaply and easily and resold, thereby helping to save the environment. Richard Farrar South West London ■Why ■ are people applauding the celebrities and millionaires who are paying to go into space in rockets? Most of us are worried about climate change, and trying to save the planet and our children’s and grandchildren’s future. These huge rockets must be emitting masses of pollution into the atmosphere. Is there hope at all? I despair. Helen Rawles Blandford, Dorset Tweet of the day Football’s Gary Lineker reacts to Pope Francis’s request for pharmaceutical companies to release vaccine patents to help developing countries combat Covid-19... @GaryLineker – I’m not the slightest bit religious but this Pope is spot on and using his immense influence for good. share those lovely snaps In Your Memories every Monday we publish your treasured family photos. The picture can be of a cherished loved one, your younger self or anything that stirs your memory of times gone by. If you have a photo you’d like us to print, please email a copy to us at the address below with details about who’s in the snap and when and where it was taken. Photos sent by post cannot be returned. Pub quiz answers How many of our daily pub quiz brainteasers did you manage to get right? 1. Sheep 2. c)1.7m 3. 12 4. Cardiff 5. Dynamite email yourvoice@mirror.co.uk facebook.com/dailymirror @dailymirror @FionaParker66 text us at DMMAILBOX followed by your comments to 61011 Texts cost 25p + 1 standard network rate message. SP Mi Telecom Ltd. Helpdesk 0330 880 3000 write Daily Mirror, One Canada Square, London E14 5AP

40 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DM1ST mirror.co.uk/business FINANCE Edited by GRAHAM mirror.co.uk/business HISCOTT THG boss gives up special veto # OKBEAUTYBOX THE OK! BEAUTY BOX ONLY £7.50* Free P&P WORTH MORE THAN £90, GET YOUR FIRST BOX HALF PRICE AND SUBSCRIBE TODAY FOR JUST £7.50* HYDRATION dual system ends after shares tank ONLINE retail giant THG caved in to investor pressure by yesterday confirming plans to ditch its co-founder’s “golden share”. The “special share” arrangement, put in place at the time of last year’s stock market listing had given billionaire Matthew Moulding the right to veto any takeover. THG, previously called The Hut Group, has defended the set-up, arguing it allowed the Manchester-based group to fight off any hostile approach – as many UK firms have failed to do. But with THG’s shares in freefall recently, the firm announced it was cancelling the “dual-class” share structure. The arrangement has prevented the company, which owns online retailers 6A leading operator of electric car charging points yesterday announced plans to raise £120million through a stock market listing. Pod Point was founded in 2009 and, as well as installing charging points in people’s homes, has its own network at places including Tesco, Lidl and Center Parcs. REFORM Matthew Moulding such as Lookfantastic, Glossybox and Zavvi, from joining the FTSE 100 under UK listing rules. As well as concerns over THG’s corporate governance, investors have also been spooked by plans for its beauty business and a recent City presentation. Yesterday’s announcement triggered a rally on the firm’s battered share price. Moulding, 49, said: “After the anniversary of our 2020 listing we feel that the time is right to make this next step.” Analysts’ reaction was mixed. Neil Wilson, from markets.com, said: “This dual-class structure was only ever going to last three years. Bringing forward the move by a year is not exactly sweeping reform, nor is it a magic wand.” lewis burger chain racing ahead A vegan burger chain backed by Formula One star Lewis Hamilton is accelerating expansion plans after raising fresh funds valuing it at around £50million. Neat Burger, which now has five restaurants in London, aims to open another 14 branches in the capital, plus 16 sites which will be focused on delivery only orders. SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE TODAY AT OKBEAUTYBOX.CO.UK *£7.50 offer is only available to new customers. OK! Beauty Box subscription is £15 per month thereafter. Brought to you by ftse 100 Abrdn ..........................................257.0 0.0 Anglo American .................2826.0 -86.0 AB Foods ..................................1813.5 -4.5 Admiral Group ....................2986.0 -15.0 AstraZeneca ........................8699.0 -96.0 Aviva PLC .................................393.5 -6.2 BAE Systems...........................593.8 -5.6 B&M European .......................596.4 +1.0 BAT ...........................................2583.5 -15.5 Balfour Beatty .......................264.0 -3.0 Barclays.....................................199.5 +1.6 BHP Group ..............................1987.6 -1.6 BR Land Co ..............................496.7 -6.7 BP .................................................361.5 -2.1 BT ..................................................137.5 -3.2 Capita Group .............................47.9 -1.4 Carnival .................................. 1535.2 -75.6 Centrica .......................................58.4 -0.1 Compass .................................1457.0 -33.0 Diageo .....................................3607.5 -8.0 Direct Line ...............................280.5 -1.5 Dixons Carphone ...................135.3 -3.6 Easyjet .......................................627.0 -17.2 Ferguson .............................10550.0 -45.0 Frasers Group .........................631.0 -6.0 GlaxoSmithKline ................. 1395.6 -4.0 Halfords ....................................285.6 -5.0 Hays .............................................161.7 -5.1 down 30.2 at 7203.8 Oil = $84.62 HSBC ..........................................432.8 -1.4 Imperial Brands ..................1556.5 -14.0 International Airlines Grp . 175.7 -7.2 ITV ................................................103.5 -0.6 JD Sports ...............................1034.5 -8.5 Kingfisher ................................328.3 -4.0 Land Securities .....................696.4 -15.2 Legal & General ..................... 276.3 -2.8 Lloyds ...........................................49.3 +0.2 Marks & Spencer ....................181.8 -2.4 Morrison ...................................285.3 -0.1 National Grid ..........................905.9 +8.7 NatWest Group ......................233.2 -0.7 Next ..........................................7928.0 +60.0 Ocado .......................................1796.0 -1.5 Pearson .....................................615.2 -5.2 Persimmon............................2657.0 -35.0 Prudential ............................. 1433.0 -21.5 Reckitt ....................................5500.0 +52.0 RELX .........................................2192.0 +5.0 Rentokil Initial .......................592.6 -1.0 Rio Tinto ................................5002.0 -36.0 Rolls-Royce ..............................142.6 -1.9 Royal Dutch Shell B ........... 1790.0 -5.0 Royal Mail .................................421.7 -0.2 J Sainsbury .............................294.7 -1.9 SSE ............................................1585.5 +12.5 Severn Trent ......................... 2621.0 +17.0 Serco...........................................129.4 -1.2 Smith & Nephew ...................1261.0 -16.0 Smiths WH ...............................1616.5 -41.5 Stagecoach ................................79.6 -2.6 Standard Chartered ............493.2 +0.7 Taylor Wimpey ........................155.4 -1.8 Tesco ..........................................269.5 +1.6 Unilever .................................3838.5 -15.0 United Utilities .......................987.0 +6.0 Vodafone ..................................109.4 -1.0 Whitbread ..............................3287.0 -82.0 Reach PLC ..............................344.5 +1.0 Holiday £ Euro ......................................................... 1.159 Australian Dollar .............................. 1.798 Bulgarian Lev ......................................2.211 Canadian Dollar ............................... 1.648 Croatian Kuna ...................................8.486 Egyptian Pound .............................. 19.094 New Zealand Dollar ......................... 1.872 Polish Zloty .........................................5.162 South African Rand ......................19.388 Swiss Franc .........................................1.230 Thai Baht ...........................................43.788 Turkish Lira .......................................11.864 UAE Dirham ........................................4.858 US Dollar ..............................................1.343 graham.hiscott@mirror.co.uk @grahamhiscott 020 7293 3030

DM1ST mirror.co.uk/sport TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 41 rugby union England boss Jones calls for Smith as axe falls on World Cup stars On yOur marc By aLeX sPiNK rugby Correspondent @alexspinkmirror EDDIE JONES signalled a changing of the guard as he axed four World Cup finalists and put England’s future in the hands of Marcus Smith. Billy and Mako Vunipola, George Ford and Jamie George (above, circled) have been omitted from the autumn squad, despite returning to near their best form. Jones has instead gone for youth with fly-half Smith, 22, heading a new wave which also features Alex Dombrandt, 24, Harry Randall, 23, Adam Radwan, 23, and Raffi Quirke, 20. England’s head coach was unapologetic for binning a heavy-duty quartet, boasting 264 caps between them, declaring that he had “drawn a line in the sand”. “This squad’s a reflection of how we think we need to move forward,” said Jones (above). “We have a number of players who’ve been through two World Cup campaigns. “With the third World Cup campaign, I’ve seen it previously and my experience tells me, some players can want to go to the World Cup but they don’t really have the will to prepare to win the World Cup. “At the moment I feel they need to regenerate and rejuvenate. They need to add things to their game if they’re going to continue to the next World Cup. “We could have the most experienced side in the world by then, but whether they’ve got that will to go that extra 10 percent, that’s what I’m trying to find out.” Jones says his bold decision was informed by coaching Australia after the 2003 tournament when “I probably kept some players longer than I should have”. Nonetheless it is a big call, coming hours after Saracens boss Mark McCall declared that he would be “amazed” if the Vunipolas and George were jettisoned. Jones acknowledged as much by borrowing a “very relevant” quote from England football boss Gareth Southgate. He revealed: “Gareth said every time a head coach in England makes a selection it is like you have committed a crime. “It is difficult leaving out those senior players. They have been great players, they have been loyal and done well for you. But the job of the head coach is to make judgment and the judgment is that we need to move on to a World Cup selection process.” With that in mind he is excited to finally give Smith his chance, four years after picking him as a teenager straight out of school. “Handling the fanfare and expectation is always the big test a New wave England are looking to the future with exciting fly-half Marcus Smith for players,” said Jones. “How they handle either the criticism or the adulation and keep perspective. “We think Marcus can handle it. We wouldn’t have selected him if we didn’t.” Other notable casualties include Jack Nowell, Dan Robson, Ollie Lawrence, Joe Marchant, summer captain Lewis Ludlow and Beno Obama. Luke Cowan-Dickie, Maro Itoje and Anthony Watson keep their places despite being injured over the weekend. Owen Farrell remains captain and is set to form a 10-12 playmaking axis with fly-half Smith. ■ ■MAORI All Blacks' Sean Wainui, 25, has died in a car accident. Wainui played 10 games for the Maori All Blacks and made 44 appearances for the Chiefs. “We know Sean’s passing will be felt deeply by everyone involved in rugby,” said New Zealand Rugby CEO Mark Robinson. England’s 34-man squad for the autumn Tests against Tonga, Australia and South Africa. Forwards: J Blamire (Newcastle), C Chick (Newcastle), L Cowan-Dickie (Exeter), T Curry (Sale), T Davison (Newcastle), N Dolly (Leicester), A Dombrandt (Harlequins), C Ewels (Bath), E Genge (Leicester), J Hill (Exeter), M Itoje (Saracens), C Lawes (Northampton), L Ludlam (Northampton), J Marler (Harlequins), G Martin (Leicester), S Simmonds (Exeter), K Sinckler (Bristol), W Stuart (Bath), S Underhill (Bath). Backs: M Atkinson (Gloucester), O Farrell (Saracens, capt), T Freeman (Northampton), G Furbank (Northampton), M Malins (Saracens), J May (Gloucester), R Quirke (Sale), A Radwan (Newcastle), H Randall (Bristol), H Slade (Exeter), M Smith (Harlequins), F Steward (Leicester), M Tuilagi (Sale Sharks), A Watson (Bath), B Youngs (Leicester). SNOOKER mark: my career’s in doubt By Hector NuNNs Mark allen fears he could be denied the chance to win the world title. The 35-year-old from antrim enjoyed a hugely emotional success at his home northern Ireland Open late on Sunday night with a dramatic 9-8 comeback win over John Higgins. But after pocketing the £70,000 first prize, allen lifted the lid on his off-table strife. The former Masters champion (above) has been embroiled in a series of legal entanglements, including proceedings for divorce and child support. and the new world no.9 hinted he is far from clear of those issues with his very career in doubt. He said: “I love the sport, but I’m not sure how long I am going to able to play. It is out of my hands, there is a threat of not being able to. “I have the game to compete against the very best. I have the ability to bring a world title back to northern Ireland. I hope I can play on, it’s the only thing I’m good at, the only thing I have done in my life. “But that will take care of itself in the next few months.” Unlock the tax-free cash fromyourhome GET YOUR FREE MirrorMONEY Equity release GUIDE The Mirror has produced a comprehensive and practical guide, which will help explain everything you need to know about equity release – and it’s FREE to all our readers. Equity release may involve a home reversion plan or a lifetime mortgage which is secured against your property. Request your personalised illustration to understand the features and risks. Equity release requires paying off any existing mortgage. Any money released, plus accrued interest, is to be repaid upon death or moving into long-term care. The Mirror Money equity release service is provided by Age Partnership, who will tell you everything you need to know about equity release, including the effect on the amount of inheritance and how your entitlement to means-tested benefits could be affected – both now and in the future. Call FREE to request your guide to equity release 0800 015 5293 Provided by BOXING Josh keen to find new gym By cHris McKeNNa ANTHONY JOSHUA has been visiting US gyms as he considers overhauling his training team after his defeat by Oleksandr Usyk last month. The former WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight champion (below) has not decided if he will split with long-time coach Rob McCracken yet. But he is considering his options ahead of his rematch with Ukrainian ace Usyk next year. Joshua, 32, has visited Virgil Hunter’s gym in Oakland where Joshua Buatsi is training and where Amir Khan was once a regular. Hunter is famed for moulding ring legend Andre Ward’s career. Joshua, who celebrated his birthday in LA this week, has also been to San Diego to visit Canelo Alvarez’s gym where he works with Eddy Reynoso. Information correct at time of going to print. The Mirror Money equity release service is provided by Age Partnership Limited, 2200 Century Way, Thorpe Park, Leeds LS15 8ZB. Company registered in England and Wales No 5265969. VAT registration number 162 9355 92. Age Partnership Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA registered number 425432. *UK’s No1, based on volume of plans, source: Touchstone data 2018 - Q3 2020.

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Helpline: 0333 202 3390 LIVE RACING COMMENTARIES AND RESULTS with Sports Radio 0901 609 0416 0901 609 0434 (65p per min) (65p per min) GREYHOUND COMMENTARIES AND RESULTS CALL Exeter - Ex Kempton - Km Newcastle - Nc Yarmouth - Ya A Cappella 1.23 Ya A La Francaise 1.23 Ya Abduction 2.50 Nc Abnaa 4.00 Nc Ajs Barood 2.15 Nc Al Tarmaah 6.00 Km Aletoile 6.30 Km Amanzoe 1.23 Ya Amazon Prince 3.05 Ya Americano 3.50 Ex An Tailliur 2.05 Ex Andaleep 8.00 Km Angels Landing 8.30 Km Anniemation 6.30 Km Anniversary Belle 1.55 Ya Another Angel 5.40 Nc Antiphon 7.00 Km Argirl 5.30 Km Arnold 5.40 Nc Arrange 8.30 Km Atacamena 4.15 Ya Aurelia Gold 5.30 Km Aussie Banker 7.00 Km Bascule 8.00 Km Batocchi 4.00 Nc Be Glorious 3.05 Ya Bearwith 6.00 Km Belle Jour 1.30 Ex Beloved Of All 3.05 Ya Berrtie 5.00 Km Big Bear Hug 1.23 Ya Big Thanks 5.40 Nc Billyb 2.15 Nc Biplane 4.50 Ya Birkenhead 5.40 Nc Birkie Girl 5.30 Km Blackthirtyone 5.23 Ya Blaze A Trail 3.15 Ex Blazing Hot 5.05 Nc Bloomington Bride 3.05 Ya Bobby 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4.50 Ya Dubai Immo 2.15 Nc Eclair Des Sablons 1.30 Ex Edgar Allan Poe 3.40 Ya Eel Pie Island 3.50 Ex Eldrickjones 3.25 Nc Ellencarne 1.23 Ya Emjaytwentythree 4.50 Ya Engles Rock 4.35 Nc Epic Express 6.00 Km Equate 5.40 Nc Equiano Springs 2.50 Nc Esspeegee 1.40 Nc Eurythmic 1.23 Ya Family Pot 1.30 Ex Favourite Child 1.55 Ya Fennaan 4.00 Nc Ferro D’orr 5.30 Km Finoah 4.15 Ya Flower Of Thunder 4.15 Ya For Love Of Louise 3.40 Ya For Peat’s Sake 5.40 Nc Forget You Not 3.15 Ex Fortamour 2.50 Nc Fortultous 3.40 Ya From The Heart 2.40 Ex Frosted Angel 4.50 Ya Gavrocheka 2.05 Ex Genesius 8.00 Km Gently Spoken 4.00 Nc Get An Oscar 2.05 Ex Getaway Cory 1.30 Ex Ghaaliya 7.30 Km Giogiobbo 2.50 Nc Glen Esk 4.15 Ya Gleneaglet 4.15 Ya Gleno 2.40 Ex Global Warning 2.50 Nc Going Underground 4.15 Ya Gold Souk 4.15 Ya Good Bye 1.30 Ex Good Earth 7.30 Km Grimsthorpe Castle 3.40 Ya Gustav Graves 5.00 Km Gustave Aitch 3.40 Ya Hanaady 1.23 Ya Havergate Island 6.00 Km Headley George 6.30 Km Heat Of The Moment 1.55 Ya Heer’s Sadie 5.23 Ya Hellavapace 6.30 Km Hen Harrier 5.30 Km Hi Ho Silver 4.50 Ya Highjacked 5.40 Nc Hilary’s Boy 3.05 Ya Hipsway 8.30 Km Hoopmalassie 1.40 Nc Hurry Up Hedley 5.30 Km Iliade Allen 3.50 Ex Ilona Tamara 1.55 Ya Imagine Freedom 7.30 Km Intercessor 4.15 Ya Invincible Lass 8.30 Km Irish Millions 3.05 Ya Isle Of Aron 1.30 Ex Jack Leslie 7.00 Km Jarlath 3.15 Ex Join Forces 7.30 Km Jordan Electrics 2.50 Nc Joshua R 5.05 Nc Kapono 2.50 Nc Kata Heart’s 2.15 Nc Kath’s Toyboy 7.30 Km Katyusha 4.50 Ya Kayf Koli 3.50 Ex Kendergarten Kop 7.30 Km Kevin The Minion 4.35 Nc Khan 2.05 Ex Kilconquhar 5.05 Nc Kind Review 2.50 Nc Kinderfrau 8.30 Km Kingsholm 7.30 Km Kissing 3.05 Ya Knockabout Queen 5.23 Ya Kolossus 5.05 Nc Kornflake 4.00 Nc Kyber Crystal 1.55 Ya La Roca Del Fuego 5.00 Km Lady Artela 4.35 Nc Lady Pendragon 8.30 Km Lady Rowah 7.00 Km Larkbarrow Lad 2.40 Ex Legal Rights 4.15 Ya Letter At Dawn 3.40 Ya Lexington Warfare 4.35 Nc Light Lily 4.50 Ya Like Sugar 8.30 Km Lincoln Gamble 4.00 Nc Little Sunflower 5.23 Ya Lochnaver 1.40 Nc Lord Of The Glen 5.40 Nc Lothian 5.00 Km Loving Dash 8.00 Km Maahi Ve 5.23 Ya Mad Artymaise 2.15 Nc Mais Oui Marlene 2.30 Ya Major J 6.00 Km Makambe 6.00 Km Manfadh 1.40 Nc May The Sixth 5.40 Nc Maykir 3.40 Ya Melgate Majeure 1.40 Nc Mellys Flyer 7.30 Km Mick Pastor 1.00 Ex Midgetonamission 5.30 Km Mint Julep 3.40 Ya Miracle Eagle 1.40 Nc Miss Behaving 5.05 Nc Miss Bella Brand 5.23 Ya Miss Zenlingus 8.30 Km Mister Falsetto 2.15 Nc Moonlighting 7.30 Km Morag Mccullagh 1.55 Ya Morty 5.05 Nc Mountrath 3.40 Ya Mr Fustic 6.30 Km Mustavim 5.05 Nc Mutarabby 8.00 Km My Lady Claire 6.00 Km Mystic Dragon 3.40 Ya Mystical Music 3.05 Ya Nachi Falls 1.30 Ex Nat Love 4.00 Nc New Heights 8.30 Km New Rhythm 4.00 Nc New Year Honours 1.23 Ya Next Chapter 1.55 Ya Night Hunter 8.00 Km Nine Elms 3.40 Ya Nonsuch Lad 7.00 Km Norley 1.30 Ex Nuble 4.50 Ya O Sullivan 2.15 Nc Oblong Song 1.23 Ya Oneonechop 1.30 Ex Our New Buddy 4.15 Ya Paddyplex 6.00 Km Pagan 2.50 Nc Pallas Lord 4.35 Nc Patient Man 5.30 Km Pens Man 3.15 Ex Persaria 5.00 Km Petal Power 5.30 Km Pillars Of Earth 3.40 Ya Plastic Paddy 4.00 Nc Pocket The Profit 3.05 Ya Pocket Too 3.50 Ex Pointed And Sharp 3.15 Ex Precision Storm 8.00 Km Prince Abu 3.40 Ya Prince Achille 2.15 Nc Prydwen 4.15 Ya Purple Power 4.50 Ya Radrizzani 5.40 Nc Ray Day 5.23 Ya Ready To Shine 1.23 Ya Reclaim Victory 1.40 Nc Recuerdame 6.00 Km Red Evelyn 4.50 Ya Red Glory 4.15 Ya Redzone 5.05 Nc Ring Of Gold 4.00 Nc Robert Johnson 1.40 Nc Rock On Tommy 1.30 Ex Rogue Power 4.15 Ya Rose Fandango 5.23 Ya Rose Of Aghaboe 2.40 Ex Rose’s Girl 1.23 Ya Royal Heart 5.23 Ya Royal Showqueen 3.05 Ya Salsoul 7.30 Km Sam Bellamy 6.30 Km Sam Maximus 3.25 Nc Samurai Sneddz 2.15 Nc Saratoga Gold 8.00 Km Scotch Mistress 2.15 Nc Sea Formula 1.55 Ya Sebastopol 1.00 Ex Secretfact 5.00 Km Shaara 1.23 Ya Shackabooah 4.35 Nc Shamarouski 5.23 Ya Sharesa 7.00 Km Shatha 8.00 Km Shecandoo 5.23 Ya Show Lights 1.23 Ya Show Me A Sunset 7.30 Km Show Me Now 2.30 Ya Silk Tie 6.30 Km Silks Dream 3.05 Ya Silver Bubble 4.50 Ya Silver Samurai 2.50 Nc Six Five Special 3.50 Ex Sky Power 8.00 Km Smokey 5.00 Km Snug As A Bug 1.30 Ex Soul Icon 1.30 Ex Sovereign Duke 8.00 Km Space Cowboy 3.25 Nc Spanish Mane 4.50 Ya Spirit Of The Age 1.55 Ya Spirit Power 5.00 Km Star Dreamer 1.40 Nc Stargazer Lily 5.30 Km Storm Master 5.05 Nc Story Of Friends 2.05 Ex Streaky Bay 1.55 Ya Street Parade 5.00 Km Swiss Knight 4.35 Nc Swiss Rowe 6.30 Km Taj Alriyadh 3.25 Nc Tantastic 5.40 Nc Tarhib 2.30 Ya Tarnhelm 4.35 Nc Temper Trap 4.35 Nc Tequilamockingbird 1.23 Ya Terrierman 2.05 Ex The Brora Pobbles 1.40 Nc The King’s Steed 6.00 Km The Menstone Gem 2.15 Nc The Mousen Champ 5.05 Nc The Sedberghian 4.00 Nc There’s My Filly 3.50 Ex This Is My Half 7.00 Km Thorntoun Care 1.40 Nc Thread Count 6.00 Km Three Hat Day 5.05 Nc Tighten Up 6.30 Km Tilsworth Jade 1.55 Ya Tomily 5.05 Nc Toptime 5.23 Ya Torbellino 8.30 Km Traveller 4.35 Nc Treble Clef 6.30 Km Trinity Star 1.40 Nc Troed Y Melin 3.15 Ex Trusty Rusty 5.00 Km Velma 4.35 Nc Verona Star 2.15 Nc Vertice 1.40 Nc Voi 3.40 Ya Wallem 8.00 Km Wentworth Falls 2.50 Nc What’s Occurring 2.40 Ex Whispering Winds 5.30 Km Who Cares Wins 8.30 Km Who’s Ur Dandy 5.30 Km Whoputfiftyinyou 7.00 Km Willingly 7.30 Km Wootton Creek 4.35 Nc Wow William 4.15 Ya Written Broadcast 4.50 Ya Yarralumla 1.23 Ya Young Tiger 5.40 Nc 1.23 BRITISH STALLION STUDS EBF FILLIES’ NOVICE STAKES (4) (2-Y-O) 1m Winner £5,400 (16 run) 1 (12) 41 Hanaady (20) E Dunlop 9-6 (D).............................................. J Crowley ●81 G 2 (14) A Cappella J & T Gosden 9-0 (F).............................................R Havlin - - 3 (15) 043 A La Francaise (42) M Tregoning 9-0.................................... M Dwyer 79 GF 4 (7) 0 Amanzoe (11) W Haggas 9-0................................................... R L Moore 80 G 5 (4) 5 Big Bear Hug (127) A West 9-0............................................ J Mitchell 69 ST 6 (16) 68 Cromarty (29) D M Simcock 9-0........................................J P Spencer 73 GF 7 (2) 5 Ellencarne (20) J & T Gosden 9-0 (EW)..................................M Harley 79 G 8 (13) 90 Eurythmic (19) T Kent 9-0....................................................R Dawson 34 ST 9 (9) 8 New Year Honours (20) R Beckett 9-0.................................C Fallon 73 G 10 (10) Oblong Song R Varian 9-0.................................................David Egan - - 11 (8) Ready To Shine S & E Crisford 9-0.........................................A Atzeni - - 12 (1) Rose’s Girl E Dunlop 9-0......................................................D Probert - - 13 (3) Shaara J & T Gosden 9-0........................................................ D O’Neill - - 14 (11) Show Lights C Appleby 9-0 (SF)............................................. W Buick - - 15 (6) Tequilamockingbird C Fellowes 9-0............................... S Donohoe - - 16 (5) 6 Yarralumla (20) C Cox 9-0 (BF).............................................. A Kirby 78 G BETTING: 5 Show Lights, 11-2 A Cappella, 7 Oblong Song, 15-2 Hanaady, 10 Yarralumla, Ellencarne, Shaara, Ready To Shine. 1.55 BRITISH EBF FILLIES’ NOVICE STAKES (GBB RACE) (4) (2-Y-O) 6f Winner £5,400 (14 run) 1 (1) 102523 Favourite Child (17) K Burke 9-6 (D) (F).......................P-L Jamin (3) 87 G 2 (10) 33 Anniversary Belle (8) Mrs P Sly 9-0................................ S W Kelly 78 G 3 (13) 25 Clitheroe (52) D M Simcock 9-0 (SF)..................................J P Spencer ●101 GF 4 (5) Cookies And Creme C Fellowes 9-0......................................A Atzeni - - 5 (14) 0 Distant Light (14) A Balding 9-0..........................................D Probert 64 SS 6 (2) Heat Of The Moment J Chapple-Hyam 9-0........................ J Crowley - - 7 (8) Ilona Tamara J R Jenkins 9-0...............................................M Ghiani - - 8 (11) 2844 Kyber Crystal (48) (H) A Keatley 9-0 (EW)........................L Edmunds 86 GS 9 (3) 4 Morag Mccullagh (24) M Bell 9-0..................................C Shepherd 84 G 10 (9) Next Chapter (H) J Tate 9-0.............................................. R L Moore - - 11 (12) Sea Formula W Haggas 9-0....................................................C Fallon - - 12 (6) 8 Spirit Of The Age (8) C Dunnett 9-0...................................E J Walsh 30 G 13 (4) Streaky Bay J Chapple-Hyam 9-0.............................................. R Tart - - 14 (7) Tilsworth Jade J R Jenkins 9-0.........................................R Dawson - - BETTING: 7-4 Clitheroe, 6 Morag Mccullagh, Favourite Child, Sea Formula, 8 Next Chapter, Anniversary Belle, 10 Kyber Crystal, 25 Heat Of The Moment, Distant Light. 2.30 RACING TO SCHOOL CELEBRATES 20 YEARS NOVICE STAKES (5) 6f Winner £3,510 (5 run) 1 (4) 2-1 Tarhib (15) W Haggas 3 9-4 (D) (SF)......................................... J Crowley ●90 ST 2 (3) 76 Show Me Now (15) Martin Smith 4 8-12......................................L Jones 36 ST 3 (2) 80- Cousins Joy (420) W Jarvis 3 8-11 (F)................................K Shoemark - - 4 (1) 9 Dark Side Diamond (32) C Dwyer 3 8-11................ Laura Pearson (3) - - 5 (5) 8 Mais Oui Marlene (15) J Bridger 3 8-11................................. K O’Neill - - BETTING: 1-33 Tarhib, 12 Cousins Joy, 33 Dark Side Diamond, 50 Show Me Now, 100 Mais Oui Marlene. 3.05 FREE REPLAYS ON ATTHERACES.COM NURSERY (5) (2-Y-O) 6f Winner £3,240 (14 run) 1 (2) 077111 Pocket The Profit (7) (H) G Boughey 9-8(12ex) (D) (SF)....... R L Moore 78 ST 2 (12) 53336 Bloomington Bride (20) K Ryan 9-7 (BF) (EW)......................A Atzeni 79 FM 3 (1) 444 Irish Millions (24) W Haggas 9-7............................................C Fallon 75 G 4 (6) 337644 Silks Dream (19) (B) Darryll Holland 9-7................................ J Crowley 72 G 5 (10) 2030 Amazon Prince (22) (V) A Keatley 9-6................................L Edmunds 73 G 6 (4) 334236 Chanson D’amour (41) (V) G Scott 9-5............................... J Mitchell 78 G 7 (7) 865 Royal Showqueen (20) S C Williams 9-4...............................M Ghiani 75 ST 8 (11) 795 Clipsham Gold (103) M Appleby 9-3....................... Josephine Gordon 71 GS 9 (13) 757 Be Glorious (33) Harry Eustace 9-3...................................K Shoemark 71 GF 10 (3) 82890 Mystical Music (22) (V) R Beckett 9-2..............................C Shepherd 75 ST 11 (14) 332432 Bonita B (8) M Channon 9-2....................................................D Probert ●80 G 12 (8) 55759 Kissing (18) (B) K Burke 8-8.............................................P-L Jamin (3) 77 GF 13 (9) 85011 Hilary’s Boy (19) J L Eyre 8-7 (D) (F)...................................David Egan 75 ST 14 (5) 070300 Beloved Of All (19) C Dunnett 8-0....................................... K O’Neill 76 G BETTING: 2 Pocket The Profit, 6 Hilary’s Boy, 7 Bonita B, 8 Irish Millions, 10 Amazon Prince, 12 Silks Dream, 14 Clipsham Gold, Bloomington Bride. SP• T FORM p 3.40 CAZOO HANDICAP (6) 1m 3f 104yds Winner £2,700 (15 run) 1 (12) -86530 Letter At Dawn (14) M Attwater 4 9-7.................................. W Carson 67 GF 2 (5) 420802 Maykir (14) J R Jenkins 5 9-7 (SF)..............................................M Ghiani 68 SS 3 (2) 733647 Prince Abu (193) (H) D Shaw 4 9-6......................................... D Keenan 61 ST 4 (8) 621317 Mystic Dragon (33) Mrs I G-Leveque 5 9-6 (C).......................... G Wood 66 ST 5 (10) -39475 Fortultous (50) (B) C Banham 4 9-5........................................ A Kirby 67 SL 6 (9) 485647 Born To Sire (37) C Wallis 4 9-5..........................................David Egan 66 ST 7 (3) /47587 Pillars Of Earth (24) W Stone 4 9-5 (EW)......................... J Mitchell 66 ST 8 (13) 193507 Edgar Allan Poe (30) Harvey Bastiman 7 9-4.............O Stammers (5) ●69 G 9 (11) 445970 Grimsthorpe Castle (22) M Appleby 4 9-2 (D).............. F Larson (7) 56 ST 10 (6) 5786 For Love Of Louise (36) D Menuisier 3 9-2.....................K Shoemark 64 GF 11 (14) 402 Mountrath (15) A West 3 9-1................................................D Probert 58 ST 12 (1) 77/393 Gustave Aitch (15) Mrs S Leech 5 9-0 (F)............................. R Coakley 65 ST 13 (4) 637664 Nine Elms (13) S Bowring 6 9-0.............................................L Edmunds 66 ST 14 (7) 648233 Voi (36) C Allen 7 9-0 (C, D)......................................................... M Dwyer 64 G 15 (15) 6397 Mint Julep (54) D Steele 3 8-13................................................J Bryan 60 SS BETTING: 5 Mystic Dragon, 11-2 Maykir, 15-2 Born To Sire, 8 Voi, Mountrath, 10 Gustave Aitch. 4.15 CAZOO SEARCH DRIVE SMILE HANDICAP (5) 1m 2f Winner £3,240 (16 run) 1 (2) 65-730 Going Underground (115) J Fanshawe 4 9-12 (BF)...........K Shoemark 74 GF 2 (13) 211147 Glen Esk (25) C Wall 4 9-12 (D).................................................. G Wood 75 G 3 (10) 772-76 Dr Rio (27) C Cox 5 9-10 (BF)....................................................... A Kirby ●79 ST 4 (1) 223262 Atacamena (13) S & E Crisford 3 9-8.........................................A Atzeni 75 ST 5 (4) 844 Prydwen (42) G Scott 3 9-7.....................................................M Ghiani 69 GF 6 (5) -75470 Finoah (13) (H) Martin Smith 5 9-7 (D).......................................E J Walsh 78 GS 7 (3) 221-65 Legal Rights (13) G L Moore 4 9-7......................................T P Queally 73 G 8 (14) 155236 Gold Souk (96) D Steele 4 9-6 (D).............................................J Bryan 75 H 9 (7) 663207 Gleneaglet (13) (H) C Fellowes 3 9-6................................... S Donohoe 77 FM 10 (11) 675 Rogue Power (28) Tom Clover 3 9-3..................................... J Mitchell 74 ST 11 (12) 595359 Red Glory (26) E Dunlop 3 9-2..................................R Clutterbuck (5) 76 S 12 (6) -27457 Our New Buddy (26) R Beckett 3 9-2.................................. J Crowley 74 G 13 (15) -73442 Wow William (23) Sir M Todd 3 9-2 (SF)................................ R L Moore 76 G 14 (16) 243394 Crystal Guard (15) (V) M Bell 3 9-1 (EW)...........................C Shepherd 76 GF 15 (8) 814550 Intercessor (13) J Gallagher 4 9-1 (D)................................... D Keenan 76 GF 16 (9) 344123 Flower Of Thunder (33) C Dunnett 4 9-0 (BF, CD) (F)........... K O’Neill 74 ST BETTING: 13-2 Wow William, 7 Flower Of Thunder, 15-2 Dr Rio, 8 Glen Esk, Gleneaglet. 4.50 READ HOLLIE DOYLE’S COLUMN ON ATTHERACES.COM HANDICAP (6) 7f Winner £2,700 (16 run) 1 (9) 81-094 Light Lily (10) J Butler 4 9-10 (CD)........................................... J F Egan 70 ST 2 (3) 0-7860 Nuble (89) (H) M Botti 5 9-10.....................................................M Ghiani - - 3 (6) 8-362 Katyusha (8) C Fellowes 3 9-10 (F)....................................... S Donohoe 71 G 4 (11) 224 Frosted Angel (32) Brian O’Rourke 3 9-9...............................R Havlin 70 G 5 (12) 617124 Cliffcake (21) S Bowring 3 9-9............................................L Edmunds 70 SF 6 (5) 638561 Emjaytwentythree (7) Alice Haynes 3 9-9 (D).................... K O’Neill 66 G 7 (15) -15079 Red Evelyn (19) S Pearce 3 9-8..............................................R Dawson 69 ST 8 (10) 423509 Bobby On The Beat (20) (V) M Bell 3 9-8 (EW)..................C Shepherd ●73 GF 9 (16) 694515 Spanish Mane (20) J Feilden 6 9-7 (CD)....................... Rose Dawes (7) 72 G 10 (13) 0-2661 Biplane (4) J Wainwright 3 9-7 (D)........................................T P Queally 71 SF 11 (7) 314081 Hi Ho Silver (29) C Wall 7 9-5 (CD) (SF).......................Kaiya Fraser (7) 71 ST 12 (2) 8-6386 Crocus (32) E Walker 3 9-4.................................................K Shoemark 69 FM 13 (1) 435483 Silver Bubble (14) G Kelleway 3 9-3.....................................D Probert 70 GS 14 (14) 871046 Written Broadcast (12) (B) H Bastiman 4 9-3 (D).....O Stammers (5) 71 G 15 (8) 876155 Purple Power (40) M Quinn 4 9-1 (D)...............................A Villiers (3) 71 GF 16 (4) 898107 Dubai Elegance (40) D Shaw 7 9-1 (D).................................. D Keenan 70 ST BETTING: 11-2 Katyusha, 13-2 Hi Ho Silver, 15-2 Frosted Angel, Silver Bubble, 8 Cliffcake. 5.23 READ KEVIN BLAKE ON ATTHERACES.COM HANDICAP (6) 6f Winner £2,700 (16 run) 1 (5) 533226 Cabrini (8) J Feilden 3 9-11.....................................................D E Hogan 69 SS 2 (15) /6-132 Shamarouski (70) (H) M Wigham 5 9-10 (BF, D) (F)..............J P Spencer 72 G 3 (7) 3-2673 Rose Fandango (27) Sir M Todd 3 9-9.................................. R L Moore 69 ST 4 (2) 354121 Miss Bella Brand (27) Mrs I G-Leveque 3 9-9 (D) (SF).............. G Wood ●73 GF 5 (6) 132842 Shecandoo (90) C Allen 4 9-9 (BF).......................................... M Dwyer 70 G 6 (1) 176859 Company Minx (53) J R Jenkins 4 9-9 (D)..............................R Dawson 69 GF 7 (9) 5240 Ray Day (55) E Walker 3 9-8 (BF).........................................K Shoemark 69 GF 8 (14) 668-18 Capla Dream (32) J Tuite 3 9-8 (D)...................................... J Mitchell 68 GS 9 (16) 733315 Heer’s Sadie (51) J Feilden 3 9-5 (CD) (EW).............................. K O’Neill 70 G 10 (4) 5460 Blackthirtyone (10) A West 3 9-4.......................................R Havlin 64 ST 11 (13) 466572 Toptime (57) S Bowring 3 9-4 (D)...........................................L Edmunds 70 ST 12 (8) 565793 Royal Heart (15) E Dunlop 3 9-2..............................R Clutterbuck (5) 71 ST 13 (3) 287140 Little Sunflower (56) W Stone 3 9-2 (C, D).......... Laura Pearson (3) 69 G 14 (11) 7-3590 Maahi Ve (51) M Attwater 3 9-0............................................... W Carson 70 ST 15 (10) 325728 Knockabout Queen (52) M Herrington 5 9-0 (D).................D Probert 71 G 16 (12) 686955 Burtonwood (27) J Camacho 9 8-8 (D).....................................C Fallon 69 G BETTING: 5 Shamarouski, 6 Miss Bella Brand, 7 Shecandoo, 8 Ray Day, 10 Toptime. YARMOUTH SKY Going: Good-Good to Soft in places. Course: Left-handed, long, narrow course of 1m 4f with a 5f run-in. 5-8f races run over the straight mile. DRAW: High numbers best on the straight course. Top Trainers: J & T Gosden 41-126 (32.5%), W Haggas 37-153 (24.2%), C Wall 26-130 (20.0%), D M Simcock 25-134 (18.7%), R Varian 23-119 (19.3%), M Bell 23-128 (18.0%), S C Williams 21- 175 (12.0%), M Appleby 18-204 (8.8%). Top Jockeys: Jamie Spencer 41-180 (22.8%), Andrea Atzeni 28-121 (23.1%), Ryan Moore 27-101 (26.7%), Jack Mitchell 24-154 (15.6%), Robert Havlin 22-106 (20.8%), William Buick 20-91 (22.0%), David Egan 17-168 (10.1%). Trainer Targets (won today’s race at least twice in last 10 years): W Haggas won the 1.23 in ‘17 and ‘18. 1ST TIME BLINKERS: 3.05 Kissing, Silks Dream. CHEEKPIECES: 1.55 Favourite Child, 3.05 Bonita B*, Irish Millions*, 3.40 Born To Sire, Grimsthorpe Castle, Mountrath, 4.15 Gold Souk, Atacamena, Our New Buddy*, Wow William, 4.50 Dubai Elegance, Frosted Angel, Spanish Mane, 5.23 Blackthirtyone*, Burtonwood, Cabrini*. TONGUE STRAPS: 3.05 Hilary’s Boy, 3.40 Gustave Aitch, Mystic Dragon, Voi, 4.15 Gold Souk, 4.50 Bobby On The Beat*, Frosted Angel, 5.23 Rose Fandango, Shamarouski*, Shecandoo. (*=1st time). 1ST TIME HOODS: 1.55 Kyber Crystal, Next Chapter, 4.15 Gleneaglet, 4.50 Nuble. Profitable races for Favs: 5.23. Newsboy 1.23 HANAADY 1.55 CLITHEROE 2.30 TARHIB 3.05 BLOOMINGTON BRIDE 3.40 MYSTIC DRAGON 4.15 WOW WILLIAM 4.50 KATYUSHA 5.23 SHECANDOO BOUVERIE 1.23 HANAADY 1.55 CLITHEROE 2.30 TARHIB 3.05 HILARY’S BOY 3.40 MAYKIR 4.15 FLOWER OF THUNDER 4.50 BIPLANE 5.23 MISS BELLA BRAND TODAY’S abc guide to FOUR UK meetings GREYHOUND RESULTS PERRY BARR - 11.06 Chaddesley Daley 8-1 (6-1-4, £45.12, TC: £203.75). 11.21 Hugh Adventure 5-1 (2-1-6, £20.99, TC: £59.25). 11.36 Ballybride Angel 3-1 (3-5-1, £22.95, TC: £46.84). 11.51 Lie Forrit Josie 4-1 (3-2-1, £20.90, TC: £79.50). 12.06 Jumeirah Bossy 3-1 (5-4-3, £30.96, TC: £129.75). 12.21 Azza Diamond 5-4f (2-4-5, £3.98, TC: £0.00). 12.36 Rahina Mike 5-1 (4-3-1, £18.80, TC: £57.69). 12.51 Havana Ivory 8-13f (2-3-1, £4.64, TC: £10.47). 1.06 Jubilee Lynne 9-4f (DH 3rd 6-4- 1, £11.14, TC: £14.56, 6-4-5, TC: £16.69). 1.21 Colettes Choice 7-1 (2-6-4, £41.22, TC: £170.64). 1.36 Wiggleitgiggleit 10-1 (2-1-6, £64.35, TC: £114.30). 1.51 Mexican Lucky 5-2 (1-5-6, £28.06, TC: £62.11). SWINDON - 11.13 Chancing Queen 15-8f (3-1-4, £17.15, TC: £44.22). 11.28 Official Plan 7-4f (5-1-3, £18.66, TC: £90.14). 11.43 Our Mate Vic 5-2 (1-2-4, £8.48, TC: £18.73). 11.58 Ashway Pearl 11-2 (3-2-6, £29.44, TC: £57.31). 12.13 Hangman 7-2 (3-5-6, £19.88, TC: £44.61). 12.28 Mohican Justine 9-4f (1- 3-4, £16.19, TC: £40.13). 12.43 Geelo Ri Ri 14-1 (1-6-4, £76.48, TC: £0.00). 12.58 Listen Jack 8-1 (5-1-3, £34.19, TC: £91.82). 1.13 Ballymac Pin 9-1 (1-4-6, £103.06, TC: £249.29). 1.28 Droopys Mystic 5-4f (6-1-3, £4.86, TC: £11.29). 1.44 Will I Fall 3-1 (2-3-5, £30.63, TC: £129.31). 1.59 Ashway Blues 3-1 (6-5-3, £24.10, TC: £0.00). SHEFFIELD - 2.04 Pattys Kalamazoo 11- 8f (2-6-5, £15.54, TC: £62.99). 2.19 Wilmas Nidge 8-1 (4-3-5, £88.15, TC: £0.00). 2.36 Rathmeehan Rollo 9-4 (4-6-1, £7.76, TC: £21.64). 2.54 Bartlemy Bella 4-1 (1-5-4, £31.99, TC: £72.76). 3.09 Always A Blue 9-2 (6-4-5, £14.91, TC: £69.25). 3.26 Inca Solitaire 10-3 (6-1-3, £20.65, TC: £85.41). 3.44 Robbies Bullet 15-8f (2-5-3, £10.23, TC: £35.04). 4.04 Belles Pearl 11-2 (2-5-6, £70.90, TC: £253.99). 4.23 Final Salt 2-1f (6-1-3, £16.26, TC: £48.78). 4.43 Tewmax Esther 6-4f (2-3- 6, £7.34, TC: £17.07). 5.03 Adams Harry 4-1 (5-1-2, £21.10, TC: £58.16). 5.22 Millhouse Queen 7-1 (4-3-2, £55.10, TC: £205.41). BATH 1.00: GLAMOROUS FORCE (M Crehan 3-1f) 1; Gherkin (11-2) 2; Atyaaf (9-2) 3; Blue Venture (11-1) 4. 16 ran. nk, nk, ½. (R Harris). Tote: £3.90; £1.40, £1.70, £1.70, £2.40. Tote Exacta: £21.20. Tricast: £81.87. Trifecta: £81.70. CSF: £19.18. 1.35: GLAMOROUS EXPRESS (T Whelan 22-1) 1; Mr Beaufort (85-40) 2; Willoughby Bay (evensf) 3. 14 ran. shd, 3l. (R Harris). Tote: £32.30; £4.70, £1.30, £1.10. Tote Exacta: £120.10. Trifecta: £395.70. CSF: £69.15. NR: Turna. 2.10: WHOLELOTAFUN (J F Egan 14-1) 1; Meadram (5-1) 2; Beryl Burton (6-1) 3. 14 ran. 9-2f Limited Edition. 1l, hd. (J S Moore). Tote: £15.00; £2.30, £1.90, £4.10. Tote Exacta: £111.80. Tricast: £487.96. Trifecta: £849.90. CSF: £87.82. 2.45: CARP KID (K O’Neill 7-1) 1; Knowing (4-1jt-f) 2; Fierospeed (4-1jt-f) 3. 12 ran. ¾, 1½. (J Flint). Tote: £7.50; £2.40, £2.20, £1.80. Tote Exacta: £42.20. Tricast: £130.63. Trifecta: £196.40. CSF: £35.55. NRs: Celtic Art, Dartington. 3.20: BARSHAA (J Mitchell 9-2) 1; Brains (7- 2) 2; Mumtaaz (13-2) 3. 11 ran. 3-1f Il Bandito. ¾, ¾. (S & E Crisford). Tote: £5.80; £1.80, £2.30, £2.20. Tote Exacta: £28.50. Tricast: £107.92. Trifecta: £173.20. CSF: £21.27. NRs: Bhubezi, Hundred Isles, Keeper’s Choice. 3.55: NEVER SAID NOTHING (P Prince 9-1) 1; Mabo (18-1) 2; Blue Hero (11-4f) 3. 14 ran. 1¼, ½. (M Loughnane). Tote: £9.60; £2.80, £4.20, £1.50. Tote Exacta: £133.30. Tricast: £582.18. Trifecta: £964.80. CSF: £152.87. 4.30: JUST AMBER (H Crouch 7-2) 1; Aviary (18-1) 2; Order Of St John (12-1) 3. 13 ran. 11-4f Alezan. 1½, 4l. (C Cox). Tote: £4.80; £1.70, £6.50, £3.50. Tote Exacta: £87.70. Tricast: £707.91. Trifecta: £716.10. CSF: £64.25. NR: Grandstand. 5.05: MY BROTHER MIKE (Mr Adam O’shea 9-2f) 1; Street Jester (5-1) 2; Limelighter (10-1) 3. 12 ran. hd, 5½. (J Stimpson). Tote: £4.50; £3.40, £2.00, £2.00. Tote Exacta: £31.10. Tricast: £217.06. Trifecta: £244.60. CSF: £26.23. NRs: Eagles Dare, Legal Rights. Jackpot: Not won. Placepot: £19.50. Quadpot: £10.40. PONTEFRACT 1.15: GREENBARN (C Beasley 11-4) 1; Manila Scouse (evensf) 2; Barneys Gift (14-1) 3. 12 ran. 1¾, 1l. (M Dods). Tote: £3.70; £1.40, £1.10, £3.20. Tote Exacta: £7.40. Trifecta: £40.80. CSF: £5.83. 1.45: REELEMIN (J Hart 3-1f) 1; Greatness Awaits (5-1) 2; Zimmerman (66-1) 3; Shabano (15-2) 4. 16 ran. 1½, 3¼, 3½. (H Morrison). Tote: £4.10; £1.40, £1.70, £11.50, £2.30. Tote Exacta: £21.50. Tricast: £876.57. Trifecta: £734.20. CSF: £16.56. NR: Adjudicator. 2.20: MR PROFESSOR (S De Sousa 16-1) 1; Westover (8-11f) 2; Approachability (8-1) 3. 11 ran. nk, 3¾. (Alice Haynes). Tote: £18.40; £3.70, £1.10, £2.30. Tote Exacta: £42.70. Trifecta: £273.40. CSF: £28.71. NR: Grenoble. 2.55: STAG HORN (H Doyle 4-7f) 1; Notation (9-1) 2; Warranty (50-1) 3. 5 ran. 2¾, 4½. (A Watson). Tote: £1.40; £1.10, £3.60. Tote Exacta: £6.30. Trifecta: £46.40. CSF: £6.62. 3.30: THUNDERCLAP (J Hart 11-4f) 1; Molinari (15-2) 2; Myristica (4-1) 3. 11 ran. 5l, nk. (H Morrison). Tote: £3.20; £1.60, £2.70, £1.70. Tote Exacta: £25.70. Tricast: £80.77. Trifecta: £121.40. CSF: £23.61. 4.05: PATSY FAGAN (P Hanagan 12-1) 1; Stallone (2-1f) 2; Dream Together (16-1) 3. 12 ran. hd, 5½. (R Fahey). Tote: £12.10; £3.30, £1.30, £4.90. Tote Exacta: £45.90. Tricast: £414.53. Trifecta: £629.60. CSF: £36.91. 4.40: YUKON MISSION (J Hart 4-1) 1; True Blue Moon (7-2f) 2; Elegant Erin (4-1) 3. 11 ran. nk, 3½. (J J Quinn). Tote: £5.20; £1.40, £1.70, £1.90. Tote Exacta: £20.70. Tricast: £60.37. Trifecta: £113.60. CSF: £18.42. 5.15: BLACK FRIDAY (A Breslin 11-2) 1; Show Me Show Me (40-1) 2; Ey Up It’s Maggie (4-1f) 3. 14 ran. nk, 1l. (R M Smith). Tote: £5.80; £2.10, £11.20, £2.20. Tote Exacta: £220.10. Tricast: £1019.84. Trifecta: £795.30. CSF: £228.65. Placepot: £11.40. Quadpot: £6.30. PLUMPTON 1.55: MIDNIGHTS LEGACY (T Cannon 1-5f) 1; Oslo (7-2) 2; Cobbs Corner (28-1) 3. 3 ran. 5l, 25l. (A King). Tote: £1.10; Tote Exacta: £1.20. Trifecta: £1.10. CSF: £1.44. NRs: Haddex Des Obeaux, Sweettowatch, Where’s Tom. 2.30: SALAMANCA SCHOOL (G Sheehan 16-5jt-f) 1; Auld Sod (22-1) 2; Raven’s Tower (13-2) 3. 7 ran. 16-5jt-f Mawlood. 6½, 5½. (W Greatrex). Tote: £3.60; £2.00, £7.00. Tote Exacta: £56.40. Tricast: £423.89. Trifecta: £297.50. CSF: YESTERDAY’S RESULTS £52.17. NR: Alburn. 3.05: HACKBRIDGE (N F Houlihan 100-30) 1; Sergeant (5-6f) 2; Uncle O (12-1) 3. 7 ran. nk, 6l. (P Phelan). Tote: £3.60; £1.90, £1.20. Tote Exacta: £8.10. Tricast: £26.20. Trifecta: £42.10. CSF: £6.69. NR: Dolly McQueen. 3.40: UP THE STRAIGHT (N F Houlihan 2-1) 1; Pisgah Pike (9-2) 2;3 ran. 5-6f Botox Has. 14l. (R Rowe). Tote: £2.40; Tote Exacta: £6.30. Trifecta: £4.50. CSF: £8.14. NR: Sirobbie. 4.15: ROYAUME UNI (N F Houlihan 4-7f) 1; Laura Bullion (16-1) 2; Peterborough (12-1) 3. 6 ran. 8½, nk. (G L Moore). Tote: £1.30; £1.10, £4.40. Tote Exacta: £9.20. Trifecta: £51.60. CSF: £10.59. 4.50: BROTHER PAT (T Gillard 6-4f) 1; Regaby (5-2) 2; On The Meter (14-1) 3. 5 ran. 11l, 4½. (D McCain). Tote: £2.10; £1.20, £1.60. Tote Exacta: £5.20. Trifecta: £27.60. CSF: £5.71. NR: The Boat. 5.22: ACHY BREAKY HEART (M Bastyan 1-2f) 1; Jungle Prose (16-5) 2; Sinndarella (17-2) 3. 5 ran. 4l, 27l. (M Harris). Tote: £1.20; £1.10, £1.60. Tote Exacta: £2.50. Trifecta: £5.10. CSF: £2.68. Placepot: £51.80. Quadpot: £5.60. WOLVERHAMPTON 5.00: MUSTANG KODI (R Clutterbuck 3-1jt-f) 1; Baileys Warrior (25-1) 2; Graces Quest (17-2) 3. 9 ran. 3-1jt-f Holy Bee. nk, ¾. (B Johnson). Tote: £3.40; £1.20, £4.40, £2.90. Tote Exacta: £53.20. Tricast: £584.78. Trifecta: £509.20. CSF: £79.85. 5.30: VISIONS OF GLORY (C Shepherd 7-2f) 1; Light Up Our Stars (15-2) 2; Come On Linda (4-1) 3. 12 ran. nk, nk. (W Knight). Tote: £4.40; £1.80, £2.90, £1.80. Tote Exacta: £34.30. Tricast: £109.93. Trifecta: £147.30. CSF: £29.90. 6.00: RESILIENCE (C Shepherd 9-2) 1; Exclusive Times (16-1) 2; Boadicea Belle (20-1) 3. 8 ran. 4-5f Liangel Hope. ¾, 1½. (S Kirk). Tote: £6.30; £1.70, £4.40, £4.30. Tote Exacta: £76.60. Trifecta: £1077.10. CSF: £73.49. NRs: Brace For Impact, Frankito, Royal Cygnet. 6.30: DAKOTA POWER (C Fallon 5-2jt-f) 1; Macon Belle (11-1) 2; Fristel (20-1) 3. 8 ran. 5-2jt-f Pure Charmer. ns, 1¾. (R Teal). Tote: £3.70; £1.60, £1.80, £3.50. Tote Exacta: £26.30. Trifecta: £263.80. CSF: £29.88. NRs: Kelapa, Thecolourofmagic. 7.00: IVYNATOR (S Donohoe 9-2) 1; Duke Of Verona (10-1) 2; Nicks Not Wonder (7-1) 3. 11 ran. 4-1f On The Right Track. nk, 1¾. (C Fellowes). Tote: £5.10; £1.80, £3.20, £2.00. Tote Exacta: £51.00. Tricast: £313.99. Trifecta: £358.10. CSF: £49.16. NR: Red Flyer. 7.30: THEGREATESTSHOWMAN (S Cherchi 9-2) 1; Benefit Street (9-1) 2; Rose Hip (10-1) 3. 10 ran. 3-1f Follow Your Heart. ½, ½. (A Murphy). Tote: £5.50; £1.80, £3.00, £2.00. Tote Exacta: £47.20. Tricast: £393.61. Trifecta: £204.70. CSF: £43.85. NR: Vandad. 8.00: ZOOM TIGER (C Fallon 13-8f) 1; Ciotog (4-1) 2; Resumption (5-2) 3. 6 ran. 1l, ½. (A Balding). Tote: £2.40; £1.30, £2.00. Tote Exacta: £7.20. Trifecta: £17.70. CSF: £8.14. 8.30: ARADENA (D Tudhope 2-1f) 1; Zartaj (4-1) 2; Eltham Palace (13-2) 3. Trevie Fountain (12-1) 3. 11 ran. ½, 3l, dht. (J Fanshawe). Tricast: Aradena, Zartaj, Eltham Palace £22.40, Aradena, Zartaj, Trevie Fountain £38.82. CSF: Aradena, Zartaj £9.65. NRs: Cilka, Ghostly. Placepot: £756.50. Quadpot: £125.10. ■ The All-Weather Championships Finals Day has been moved from Lingfield to Newcastle for 2022. Lingfield will continue to host racing on Good Friday for horses that are not rated high enough for Finals Day. TOP DOG’S BEST KINSLEY 11.13 Carlos Kaiser (6-4-5) 11.28 Highview Planet (1-3-4) 11.43 Real Gent (6-1-5) 11.58 May Me Maa (6-5-1) 12.13 Beepers Bud (3-5-2) 12.28 Ask Andy (6-3-1) 12.43 Hasty Harry (1-4-2) 12.58 Endova Harp (3-6-4) 1.13 Talbot Loon (Nap) (6-1-2) 1.28 Zero O Seven (6- 2-1) 1.44 Vivaro Ace (1-6-5) 1.59 Crooks Delilah (3-1-2) NEWCASTLE 11.06 Hollywell Twist (1-6-2) 11.21 Effernogue Choco (3-6-2) 11.36 Dunquin Puma (3-4-6) 11.51 Havana Senoir (5-1-3) 12.06 Optic Jimmy (Nap) (1-2-6) 12.21 Momma Says No (3- 1-4) 12.36 Ewans Opinion (1-6-3) 12.51 Angelas Rocket (4-5-1) 1.06 Bellmore Bandit (1-4-2) 1.21 Havana Eve (3-5-6) 1.36 Crooks Popeye (2-3-4) 1.51 Little Ghost (3-1-2) SUNDERLAND 2.04 Noirs Sam (4-6-2) 2.19 Daisy Clover (1-3-5) 2.36 Morning Light (1-5-4) 2.54 Mullaca Mayhem (1-6-2) 3.09 Avonside Wull (2-6-1) 3.26 Ciarans Girl (4-6-1) 3.44 Fagans Misty (Nap) (6-5-4) 4.04 Beechfield Bud (1-6-3) 4.23 Onyx Shilo (4-1-5) 4.43 Balrobuck Cindy (3-1-2) 5.03 Catunda Dolly (6-1-3) 5.22 Family Tradition (4-5-1) NORTHERNER’S NAP LEXINGTON WARFARE (4.35 Newcastle) TOPSPOT HURRY UP HEDLEY (5.30 Kempton) NEWMARKET’S BEST KINGSHOLM (7.30 Kempton) SPEEDHORSE GLENEAGLET (4.15 Yarmouth) TODAY’S FAB 4 TIPS BY CHRIS GOULDING FERGAL O’BRIEN is aiming to cement his place at the top of the trainers’ table at Cheltenham this weekend. O’Brien (left), who has formed a partnership with Graeme McPherson, has sent out 56 winners and bagged £422,481 in prize money, more than £100,000 ahead of 12-times champ Paul Nicholls. “It means the world to us to get back to Cheltenham,” said O’Brien. “It was a privilege to be there last year, but eerie without any crowds. “To have the crowds back will be great. “I hope to have two or three runners.” O’Brien nominated Imperial Alcazar as a horse to follow for the 2021/22 season. “I should think my best chance this weekend will be Marquis Of Carabas in the amateur riders’ chase on Friday.” O’BRIEN GUNNING FOR CHELTENHAM GLORY

TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 43 mirror.co.uk/sport DM1ST SPOTFORM GOINGS Heavy - H; Soft - S; Good to soft - GS; Good - G; Good to firm - GF; Firm - FM; Hard - HD; Yielding - Y; Yielding to soft - YS. A-W: Standard - ST; Slow - SL; Standard to fast - SF, Standard to slow– SS 5.00 RACING TV HANDICAP (5) 5f Winner £3,240 (10 run) 1 (6) 131411 La Roca Del Fuego (24) (H) G Deacon 5 9-7 (D) (SF)...........T Heard (5) 79 ST 2 (1) 474555 Smokey (15) C Wallis 4 9-6 (D).............................................R Kingscote 74 SS 3 (4) 734 Gustav Graves (15) M Loughnane 3 9-5..................................P Prince 77 G 4 (10) 711474 Berrtie (19) P McEntee 3 9-5............................................... S De Sousa 79 ST 5 (2) 143447 Street Parade (19) M Attwater 5 9-5 (D).............................. J Haynes ●83 G 6 (5) -55270 Secretfact (23) M Saunders 8 9-4 (D) (EW)................................. R Tate 82 SF 7 (7) 076689 Spirit Power (22) E Alston 6 9-1 (CD)......................................L Morris 67 ST 8 (8) 375471 Persaria (19) J Fanshawe 3 8-13 (D) (F)..................................D Muscutt 81 ST 9 (9) 5-6467 Lothian (12) M Attwater 3 8-11................................................ R Hornby 80 SS 10 (3) 671122 Trusty Rusty (26) A Carroll 4 8-10 (D)..................................T Whelan 79 ST BETTING: 5-2 La Roca Del Fuego, 10-3 Persaria, 5 Trusty Rusty, 8 Gustav Graves, 10 Smokey. 5.30 UNIBET CASINO DEPOSIT 10 GET 40 BONUS NURSERY (6) (2-Y-O) 1m Winner £2,700 (14 run) 1 (3) 764141 Hurry Up Hedley (7) (B) W Haggas 9-8(6ex) (D) (SF)...A Farragher (5) ●69 GS 2 (5) 352476 Whispering Winds (14) B Millman 9-7 (EW)..........................O Murphy 67 GF 3 (14) 6003 Aurelia Gold (17) S Dow 9-5............................................. S De Sousa 65 ST 4 (9) 8806 Patient Man (35) Tom Clover 9-5........................................... H Turner 66 G 5 (7) 49599 Argirl (14) E J-Houghton 9-5.................................................... C Bishop 57 G 6 (13) 5605 Stargazer Lily (32) A Watson 9-3.........................................L Morris 66 ST 7 (1) 0968 Capla Fever (7) (B) M Botti 9-1.......................................S Cherchi (3) 62 G 8 (6) 80770 Divining (7) J S Moore 9-1...................................... Laura Coughlan (5) 64 ST 9 (12) 005472 Midgetonamission (7) P Evans 8-13 (BF).......................... P Cosgrave 68 GS 10 (4) 307532 Petal Power (21) M Channon 8-11 (BF) (F)............................Rossa Ryan 66 SF 11 (2) 890 Who’s Ur Dandy (69) M Walford 8-11...................................D Costello 60 GF 12 (11) 8459 Birkie Girl (40) J S Moore 8-10...............................T Hammer Hansen 64 G 13 (10) 099 Ferro D’orr (22) K Frost 8-10................................................T Whelan 59 SF 14 (8) 09074 Hen Harrier (14) J Boyle 8-7................................................W Cox (3) 66 GS BETTING: 11-4 Hurry Up Hedley, 4 Petal Power, 5 Midgetonamission, 6 Aurelia Gold. 6.00 UNIBET EXTRA PLACE OFFERS EVERY DAY HANDICAP (DIV 1) (6) 1m Winner £2,700 (14 run) 1 (14) 360412 Paddyplex (53) K Dalgleish 8 9-9 (BF, D) (F)........................... J Fanning 72 SS 2 (13) 858231 Bearwith (3) B Meehan 3 9-8 (SF)......................................... L Steward ●76 ST 3 (11) 097763 Makambe (3) (B) C Banham 6 9-7 (CD)...................................... J Haynes 68 ST 4 (5) 044689 Al Tarmaah (14) L Carter 4 9-6......................................C Murtagh (3) 74 G 5 (6) 565 Cuban Musketeer (15) T Ward 3 9-4...............................R Kingscote 71 ST 6 (10) 55180 Thread Count (11) A Watson 3 9-3..........................................L Morris 73 GS 7 (1) 546516 Bonnie Lad (54) R Hughes 3 9-3 (BF, D)............................... G Rooke (3) 69 SS 8 (7) 630-30 Diamonds At Dusk (154) M Bell 3 9-2..................................O Murphy 69 SS 9 (2) 032044 Major J (10) H Kobeissi 3 9-2 (EW).........................................D Muscutt 69 ST 10 (3) 119555 The King’s Steed (12) S Lycett 8 9-0 (D)........................... S De Sousa 68 G 11 (8) 693472 Epic Express (14) C Dwyer 3 9-0.............................T Hammer Hansen 72 ST 12 (4) 555349 Recuerdame (15) (H) S Dow 5 8-12 (CD).................................D Costello 75 ST 13 (12) 507479 Havergate Island (24) M Pattinson 3 8-10......................... C Bennett 67 ST 14 (9) 080443 My Lady Claire (14) P Chamings 5 8-9 (BF, CD)...................... R Hornby 70 ST BETTING: 7-2 Bearwith, 6 Epic Express, Paddyplex, 7 Makambe, 8 My Lady Claire, 10 Bonnie Lad. 6.30 UNIBET EXTRA PLACE OFFERS EVERY DAY HANDICAP (DIV 2) (6) 1m Winner £2,700 (14 run) 1 (12) 494515 Catch My Breath (12) J Ryan 5 9-9 (BF, D).............................L Morris 71 ST 2 (9) 548940 Chifa (23) E De Giles 4 9-7.................................................... P Cosgrave 70 ST 3 (1) 788953 Busby (20) P Kirby 6 9-7 (C) (F).............................................Rossa Ryan 71 ST 4 (4) 557172 Silk Tie (31) P Evans 3 9-4 (SF)................................................. C Bishop 70 ST 5 (5) 122350 Headley George (24) S Dow 4 9-4 (EW)...............................O Murphy 70 ST 6 (10) 55208 Mr Fustic (17) Andi Brown 3 9-3............................................D Muscutt 73 ST 7 (11) 221235 Hellavapace (22) J Portman 3 9-3 (D).................................. R Hornby 70 ST 8 (13) 631570 Sam Bellamy (10) M Johnston 3 9-2 (D)................................ J Fanning 71 ST 9 (14) 5-3676 Capricious (41) C Banham 3 9-1............................................. J Haynes ●74 S 10 (3) 857 Swiss Rowe (139) J Butler 3 9-0......................................S Cherchi (3) 62 ST 11 (7) 720423 Aletoile (34) C Dwyer 3 8-12............................................... S De Sousa 70 GF 12 (8) 67-109 Treble Clef (32) L Carter 6 8-10 (CD).............................C Murtagh (3) 70 ST 13 (6) 753470 Anniemation (15) B Barr 4 8-9...............................................T Whelan 72 G 14 (2) 8080 Tighten Up (37) B Millman 3 8-4.........................................T Heard (5) 59 G BETTING: 7-2 Silk Tie, 4 Busby, 9-2 Catch My Breath, 6 Hellavapace, Aletoile, 14 Swiss Rowe. SP• T FORM p SP• T FORM p 7.00 UNIBET/BRITISH STALLION STUDS EBF NOVICE STAKES (GBB RACE) (5) (2-Y-O) 6f Winner £3,780 (8 run) 1 (3) 1 Whoputfiftyinyou (37) C Cox 9-9 (D) (F)............................H Crouch 81 GF 2 (6) 3 Antiphon (189) A Balding 9-2 (SF)...........................................O Murphy ●86 GF 3 (1) Aussie Banker R Hughes 9-2 (EW).................................... P Cosgrave - - 4 (4) Jack Leslie H Candy 9-2...................................................... J Watson - - 5 (8) 86 Nonsuch Lad (19) J Boyle 9-2............................................. C Bennett 73 ST 6 (5) 76 This Is My Half (13) A Carroll 9-2............................................. R Tate 50 SS 7 (7) 6 Lady Rowah (24) J J Quinn 8-11............................................D Costello 46 GF 8 (2) 34 Sharesa (27) M Johnston 8-11................................................ J Fanning 79 ST BETTING: 13-8 Antiphon, 9-4 Whoputfiftyinyou, 3 Sharesa, 12 Aussie Banker, 14 Jack Leslie. 7.30 UNIBET 3 UNIBOOSTS A DAY HANDICAP (5) 6f Winner £3,240 (12 run) 1 (1) 576427 Kendergarten Kop (38) (B) D Flood 6 9-11 (C, D) (EW)........... C Bishop 78 GF 2 (11) 684921 Show Me A Sunset (17) R Cowell 5 9-11 (D).......................... B McHugh 76 ST 3 (5) 64-735 Ghaaliya (21) C Banham 3 9-10 (CD)........................................ J Haynes 77 SS 4 (3) -44644 Kingsholm (29) J Fanshawe 4 9-10 (BF, D)................................O Murphy 77 ST 5 (10) 157432 Join Forces (21) J Tate 3 9-9 (SF)...........................................L Morris 75 ST 6 (9) 441424 Kath’s Toyboy (38) (B) R Hughes 3 9-8............................ G Rooke (3) 77 SS 7 (2) 391344 Mellys Flyer (40) (H) G Scott 3 9-7.....................................D Muscutt 79 G 8 (12) 486012 Good Earth (6) J Osborne 4 9-7 (D) (F)....................................N Currie ●81 ST 9 (7) 956156 Salsoul (72) C Wallis 3 9-7 (D)............................................R Kingscote 75 ST 10 (4) 2132 Imagine Freedom (21) Joseph Parr 3 9-5..........................Jane Elliott 76 SF 11 (8) 7-6765 Moonlighting (14) A Carroll 4 8-9.........................................T Whelan 77 H 12 (6) 512681 Willingly (14) M Usher 4 8-8 (D).........................................T Heard (5) 76 G BETTING: 11-2 Join Forces, 6 Imagine Freedom, Show Me A Sunset, Kingsholm, Good Earth. 8.00 UNIBET CASINO HANDICAP (4) 1m 4f Winner £5,400 (14 run) 1 (9) 3124 Night Hunter (60) (V) S bin Suroor 4 10-2...................A Farragher (5) 86 ST 2 (5) 21-242 Sky Power (20) R Beckett 4 10-1 (BF, D)................................ S De Sousa 90 ST 3 (4) 122220 Precision Storm (131) M Loughnane 4 10-0 (C)........................L Morris 88 ST 4 (10) -21283 Croeso Cymraeg (14) H Evans 7 9-13 (CD)...........................D Costello 87 GF 5 (14) 0/7280 Sovereign Duke (19) H Candy 6 9-10 (C)............................... R Hornby ●91 G 6 (3) 231347 Genesius (29) Sir M Prescott 4 9-7 (D).......................... Morgan Cole (7) 87 G 7 (2) 514035 Andaleep (20) F O’Brien 5 9-7............................................... L Steward 89 ST 8 (8) 170-7 Shatha (24) I Furtado 4 9-6 (C).................................................T Whelan 77 ST 9 (7) 62261 Loving Dash (46) (H) J Fanshawe 3 9-5 (CD) (F)......................D Muscutt 84 SS 10 (1) 6-0622 Mutarabby (36) J Butler 7 9-4 (EW)................................S Cherchi (3) 87 SF 11 (13) -13430 Wallem (20) A Balding 3 9-3 (BF).............................................O Murphy 86 GS 12 (6) -86111 Diamond Bay (26) T Ward 3 9-2 (CD) (SF)...........................R Kingscote 85 ST 13 (11) 2-2421 Bascule (19) R Hughes 3 9-0 (D).......................................... G Rooke (3) 87 ST 14 (12) 666115 Saratoga Gold (25) C Hills 3 8-12 (D)...............................Rossa Ryan 87 G BETTING: 4 Diamond Bay, 11-2 Loving Dash, 6 Bascule, Sky Power, 10 Wallem, Mutarabby. 8.30 TRY OUR NEW SUPER BOOSTS AT UNIBET FILLIES’ HANDICAP (5) 1m 3f Winner £3,240 (14 run) 1 (4) 355385 Lady Pendragon (28) Martin Smith 4 9-12.......................R Kingscote 71 ST 2 (8) 629316 Confils (22) G Baker 5 9-9.................................................. P Cosgrave 72 GF 3 (6) 652114 Bookmark (24) M Bell 3 9-9 (BF) (SF)...................................... H Turner 72 G 4 (14) 83444 Invincible Lass (8) M Botti 3 9-7..................................S Cherchi (3) 69 GS 5 (3) 773863 Coupe De Champagne (17) M Johnston 3 9-6 (C)................ J Fanning 72 ST 6 (13) -55356 Kinderfrau (23) B Johnson 3 9-6.........................................W Cox (3) 72 SS 7 (10) 42342 Angels Landing (69) I Williams 3 9-5....................... B Sanderson (3) 72 G 8 (1) -42306 Hipsway (25) (V) K Dalgleish 3 9-5........................................... R Hornby 74 G 9 (12) 622 Arrange (23) Joseph Parr 3 9-5............................................. J Watson 69 G 10 (5) 7-6524 Miss Zenlingus (20) H Dunlop 3 9-5..................................... C Bishop 75 G 11 (2) 104153 Like Sugar (32) K P De Foy 4 9-5 (BF, C) (F)............................D Muscutt ●77 ST 12 (7) 030645 Torbellino (19) John & Jewell 5 9-5.......................................H Crouch 76 SS 13 (11) 553133 New Heights (34) J Portman 3 9-4 (C) (EW).........................Rossa Ryan 73 G 14 (9) 3-4566 Who Cares Wins (89) A King 3 9-1...................................... L Steward 72 ST BETTING: 5 Bookmark, 6 Like Sugar, 7 Miss Zenlingus, 15-2 Angels Landing. NEWCASTLE KEMPTON Jackpot SKY RTV Going: Standard to Slow. Course: Right-handed, all-weather Polytrack. There are two oval tracks; the outer is 1m2f, inner is 1m (1m2f & 5f races only). DRAW: No advantage. Top Trainers: A Balding 57-372 (15.3%), A Watson 53-257 (20.6%), M Johnston 50-348 (14.4%), R Beckett 45-283 (15.9%), M Botti 42-378 (11.1%), C Cox 42-322 (13.0%), A King 42-342 (12.3%), J Fanshawe 35-294 (11.9%), S bin Suroor 34-154 (22.1%), A Carroll 32-453 (7.1%), R Hughes 32-307 (10.4%), W Haggas 30-195 (15.4%), J Butler 25-277 (9.0%), C Hills 24-213 (11.3%). Top Jockeys: Oisin Murphy 113-632 (17.9%), Luke Morris 81-909 (8.9%), Richard Kingscote 53-383 (13.8%), Silvestre De Sousa 43-264 (16.3%), Rob Hornby 38-416 (9.1%), Rossa Ryan 32-290 (11.0%), Nicola Currie 31-307 (10.1%), Daniel Muscutt 30-350 (8.6%), Joe Fanning 29-157 (18.5%), Jason Watson 28-283 (9.9%), Hector Crouch 26-346 (7.5%). 1ST TIME BLINKERS: 5.30 Capla Fever. CHEEKPIECES: 5.00 Street Parade, 5.30 Divining*, Hen Harrier, Patient Man*, 6.00 Bonnie Lad, Epic Express, Major J, My Lady Claire, Thread Count, 6.30 Busby, Catch My Breath, Treble Clef, 7.30 Willingly, 8.30 Invincible Lass*, Lady Pendragon*. TONGUE STRAPS: 5.00 Persaria, 6.00 Havergate Island, The King’s Steed, 6.30 Anniemation, Busby, 7.30 Show Me A Sunset, 8.00 Andaleep, Loving Dash. (*=1st time). 1ST RUN SINCE WIND OP: 7.00 Jack Leslie. Profitable races for Favs: 7.00. Going: Standard. Course: Left-handed all-weather Tapeta course with a 3f run-in. Races up to 1m run on the straight course. DRAW: High numbers have a slight advantage over 5f. Top Trainers: R Fahey 94-768 (12.2%), K Dalgleish 53-477 (11.1%), J Goldie 53-487 (10.9%), B Ellison 50-487 (10.3%), M Johnston 50-458 (10.9%), B Haslam 43-340 (12.6%), K Burke 41-368 (11.1%), W Haggas 38-123 (30.9%), M & D Easterby 37-284 (13.0%), D O’Meara 35-402 (8.7%), A Brittain 35-388 (9.0%), R Fell 33-411 (8.0%). Top Jockeys: P J McDonald 80-663 (12.1%), Daniel Tudhope 68-368 (18.5%), Callum Rodriguez 58-352 (16.5%), Andrew Mullen 53-622 (8.5%), Paul Mulrennan 52-539 (9.6%), Jason Hart 50-535 (9.3%), Graham Lee 44-637 (6.9%), Phil Dennis 40-492 (8.1%), Paul Hanagan 40-341 (11.7%), Ben Robinson 34-365 (9.3%), Tom Eaves 32-563 (5.7%), Cam Hardie 31-586 (5.3%). Trainer Targets (won today’s race at least twice in last 10 years): K Burke won the 3.25 in ‘17 and ‘20. 1ST TIME BLINKERS: 4.35 Swiss Knight, Traveller. CHEEKPIECES: 1.40 Esspeegee, Manfadh, Melgate Majeure, Reclaim Victory, Robert Johnson, Thorntoun Care, 2.50 Giogiobbo, Kapono, Pagan*, Wentworth Falls, 3.25 Eldrickjones, 4.00 Batocchi, Cosa Sara, Fennaan*, 4.35 Cammy, Engles Rock, 5.05 Blazing Hot, Joshua R*, Kolossus, Mustavim, Redzone, The Mousen Champ*, Tomily, 5.40 Big Thanks, Birkenhead, Brandy Station, For Peat’s Sake, May The Sixth. TONGUE STRAPS: 1.40 Manfadh, 2.50 Pagan, 4.00 Batocchi, Fennaan, 4.35 Swiss Knight, 5.05 Donizetti, 5.40 Birkenhead. (*=1st time). 1ST RUN SINCE WIND OP: 4.00 The Sedberghian, 5.05 Blazing Hot. 1ST TIME HOODS: 2.50 City Walk. Profitable races for Favs: 2.15. SP• T FORM p Going: Good to Firm. Course: Right-handed undulating track of 2m, with 11 fences to a circuit and a 170yd run-in. Top Trainers: P Nicholls 35-118 (29.7%), P Hobbs 35-215 (16.3%), D Pipe 18-179 (10.1%), E Williams 17-94 (18.1%), Mrs S Gardner 15-115 (13.0%), Jonjo O’Neill 7-77 (9.1%), Nick Williams 7-34 (20.6%), T Lacey 6-33 (18.2%), V Dartnall 6-73 (8.2%), Christian Williams 4-41 (9.8%), Katy Price 4-24 (16.7%), K Woollacott 4-41 (9.8%), N Hawke 3-78 (3.8%), B Pauling 3-28 (10.7%). CHEEKPIECES: 1.00 Sebastopol, 1.30 Belle Jour*, Eclair Des Sablons, Rock On Tommy, 2.05 Terrierman, 2.40 From The Heart*, 3.15 Jarlath, Pens Man. TONGUE STRAPS: 1.00 Mick Pastor, Sebastopol, 1.30 Norley, Oneonechop, Rock On Tommy, Snug As A Bug, 2.05 Khan, Story Of Friends, 2.40 Larkbarrow Lad, 3.15 Forget You Not, Pens Man, Pointed And Sharp, 3.50 Pocket Too*. (*=1st time). Top Jockeys: Harry Cobden 26-135 (19.3%), Tom Scudamore 20-172 (11.6%), Tom O’Brien 16-122 (13.1%), Sean Bowen 12-75 (16.0%), James Best 10-171 (5.8%), Bryan Carver 10-51 (19.6%), Adam Wedge 9-74 (12.2%), Sean Houlihan 6-93 (6.5%), Jonjo O’Neill Jr 4-37 (10.8%), Stan Sheppard 4-32 (12.5%), Joshua Moore 4-7 (57.1%), Jonathan Burke 4-38 (10.5%), Thomas Bellamy 3-47 (6.4%). 1ST RUN SINCE WIND OP: 1.30 Good Bye. Profitable races for Favs: 3.50. EXETER rtv Newsboy 1.40 RECLAIM VICTORY 2.15 THE MENSTONE GEM 2.50 GIOGIOBBO 3.25 CANONIZED (NAP) 4.00 PLASTIC PADDY 4.35 TEMPER TRAP 5.05 REDZONE 5.40 ARNOLD BOUVERIE 1.40 RECLAIM VICTORY 2.15 DUBAI IMMO 2.50 CAPTAIN VALLO (NAP) 3.25 CANONIZED 4.00 FENNAAN (NB) 4.35 TEMPER TRAP 5.05 DONIZETTI 5.40 EQUATE Newsboy 5.00 PERSARIA 5.30 HURRY UP HEDLEY 6.00 PADDYPLEX 6.30 HELLAVAPACE 7.00 ANTIPHON 7.30 JOIN FORCES 8.00 BASCULE 8.30 BOOKMARK BOUVERIE 5.00 PERSARIA 5.30 HURRY UP HEDLEY 6.00 THE KING’S STEED 6.30 SILK TIE 7.00 ANTIPHON 7.30 IMAGINE FREEDOM 8.00 SKY POWER 8.30 LIKE SUGAR 1.40 BETWAY APPRENTICE HANDICAP (6) 1m 4f Winner £2,700 (14 run) 1 (3) 4-2324 Miracle Eagle (25) (V) J O’Keeffe 4 9-12 (SF)...........................J Peate 66 G 2 (7) 328 Hoopmalassie (15) K Dalgleish 4 9-10............................ O McSweeney 66 G 3 (11) -82498 Esspeegee (28) Joseph Parr 8 9-8 (CD) (EW).......................S Feilden (5) 69 G 4 (8) -76384 Reclaim Victory (22) B Ellison 4 9-8 (F)........................... Z Wheatley 66 GS 5 (14) -36750 Star Dreamer (12) S Corbett 4 9-5.................................S Mooney (5) ●71 ST 6 (2) 359057 Melgate Majeure (28) D Brooke 5 9-4 (C)....................A Brookes (5) 62 ST 7 (12) 297254 Thorntoun Care (35) R Fell 10 9-4 (D)............................B Harris (5) 65 GF 8 (6) 480098 Lochnaver (22) I Jardine 3 9-2..............................Shannon Watts (5) 62 ST 9 (9) 745696 Trinity Star (52) (B) D Thompson 10 9-0 (D).........................A Jary (5) 70 G 10 (4) 9845 Robert Johnson (37) P Kirby 3 8-13........................Ryan Sexton (5) 62 G 11 (10) 633350 The Brora Pobbles (22) Ewan Whillans 6 8-13 (C)........ Mark Winn (7) 60 G 12 (5) -64365 Manfadh (52) K Frost 6 8-13....................... Alexander Voikhansky (5) 64 ST 13 (1) 744458 Vertice (20) D Thompson 4 8-12.......................................... G Sanna (3) 64 ST 14 (13) 970344 Capla Lass (17) (B) M & D Easterby 3 8-7.............................. W Pyle (5) 60 GF BETTING: 4 Miracle Eagle, 11-2 Reclaim Victory, 13-2 Melgate Majeure, 15-2 Capla Lass, 10 Manfadh, Hoopmalassie, 12 Thorntoun Care, Esspeegee. 2.15 PLAY CORAL RACING-SUPER-SERIES FOR FREE RESTRICTED NOVICE STAKES (4) (2-Y-O) 7f Winner £5,400 (14 run) 1 (4) 81 The Menstone Gem (22) Phillip Makin 9-5 (CD) (F)................... R Scott 81 SF 2 (8) 9 Billyb (45) Mrs A Duffield 9-3......................................................D Allan 60 GF 3 (11) 80 O Sullivan (11) A Keatley 9-3......................................Ryan Sexton (7) 64 GS 4 (2) Verona Star A Watson 9-3.....................................................H Doyle - - 5 (7) Ajs Barood M Johnston 9-1.......................................................J Hart - - 6 (9) 2 Dubai Immo (22) M Botti 9-1 (SF)..............................................N Callan ●88 SF 7 (5) 8 Kata Heart’s (34) Liam Bailey 9-1........................................D Tudhope 63 G 8 (3) 6 Prince Achille (26) J O’Keeffe 9-1...................................... J Garritty 64 G 9 (6) 8 Samurai Sneddz (22) K Scott 9-1......................................... P Dennis 57 SF 10 (13) Mister Falsetto J Camacho 8-13.................................. P Mulrennan - - 11 (1) 8 Coeur De Coeurs (22) J O’Keeffe 8-10.......................................G Lee 48 SF 12 (10) 7 Danby Wiske (52) M Dods 8-8..............................................C Beasley 41 G 13 (12) Mad Artymaise I Furtado 8-8................................................T Eaves - - 14 (14) 4 Scotch Mistress (12) D O’Meara 8-8 (EW)................................S Gray 78 ST BETTING: 7-2 The Menstone Gem, 4 Dubai Immo, 9-2 Verona Star, 11-2 Ajs Barood. 2.50 BETWAY HANDICAP (3) 6f Winner £6,210 (14 run) 1 (12) 411394 Desert Gulf (24) W Knight 3 9-9 (D).....................................D Tudhope 95 G 2 (2) 0162-5 City Walk (37) (H) S bin Suroor 4 9-9 (D)....................................H Doyle 88 G 3 (14) 221210 Pagan (44) W Haggas 3 9-7 (BF, D) (F).................................... T Marquand 97 G 4 (13) 019009 Kind Review (11) T Waggott 5 9-7 (CD).......................................T Eaves 91 G 5 (6) 816372 Silver Samurai (25) (H) M Botti 4 9-7 (D)...............................N Callan 98 G 6 (11) 565213 Wentworth Falls (24) G Harker 9 9-6 (D)..........................C Beasley 96 G 7 (7) 515466 Global Warning (115) C Dwyer 5 9-5 (CD)..........................H Burns (5) 96 ST 8 (8) 878150 Fortamour (32) B Haslam 5 9-2 (C, D)......................................A Mullen 96 GS 9 (3) 325618 Kapono (12) R Fell 5 9-1 (CD) (EW).................................................J Hart 97 ST 10 (10) 805561 Equiano Springs (31) T Tate 7 9-1 (CD)........................................G Lee 96 G 11 (9) 114673 Giogiobbo (40) S Dixon 8 8-12 (D2)................................ K Schofield (5) 95 SF 12 (1) 000565 Abduction (17) (V) R Fahey 3 8-10 (D)................................... P Hanagan 99 G 13 (4) 240544 Jordan Electrics (7) Ewan Whillans 5 8-8 (D).......................C Hardie 96 G 14 (5) 173421 Captain Vallo (7) (H) Phillip Makin 3 8-7 (CD) (SF)..................... R Scott ●101 SF BETTING: 5 Captain Vallo, 13-2 Pagan, 7 Silver Samurai, Equiano Springs, 15-2 Desert Gulf, 10 Wentworth Falls, Fortamour, 12 City Walk, Global Warning, Kapono. 3.25 WATCH RACING FREE ONLINE AT CORAL EBF CONDITIONS STAKES (GBB RACE) (2) (2-Y-O) 6f Winner £9,793 (5 run) 1 (2) 1117 Taj Alriyadh (50) K Burke 9-9 (D)...............................................C Lee 96 GF 2 (3) 555712 Eldrickjones (13) R Fell 9-6 (BF, D)...................................... M Crehan 103 G 3 (5) 13345 Sam Maximus (53) T Dascombe 9-6 (D) (F)...................... P J McDonald ●108 G 4 (4) 01 Space Cowboy (41) R Spencer 9-6 (D).......................................H Doyle 88 ST 5 (1) 344521 Canonized (10) W Haggas 9-4 (D) (SF)................................. T Marquand 106 S BETTING: 11-8 Canonized, 3 Sam Maximus, 4 Space Cowboy, 6 Eldrickjones, 10 Taj Alriyadh. 4.00 MANSIONBET PROUD PARTNERS OF AWC HANDICAP (DIV 1) (6) 1m Winner £2,700 (13 run) 1 (13) 081030 Nat Love (28) J Mackie 4 10-0 (C)..................................... P J McDonald 71 SF 2 (4) 090545 Fennaan (22) Phillip Makin 6 9-12 (CD) (F)................................... R Scott 71 ST 3 (11) 133-63 The Sedberghian (109) (H) S England 3 9-11...........................S James 69 G 4 (9) 465222 Caballero (8) (V) K Dalgleish 5 9-9 (BF).............................C Rodriguez 71 G 5 (10) 6-9247 Kornflake (85) M Johnston 3 9-8 (EW).......................................J Hart 70 GF 6 (12) 406312 Plastic Paddy (12) M Appleby 3 9-7 (BF, CD) (SF)...................R Winston 71 ST 7 (3) 654250 Lincoln Gamble (11) R Fahey 4 9-6....................................T Hamilton 70 G 8 (8) 0-6740 Ring Of Gold (28) (B) M & D Easterby 4 9-5.............. Joanna Mason (3) 75 G 9 (2) 656336 Abnaa (11) (V) A Brittain 4 9-3....................................................C Hardie 73 ST 10 (6) 906887 Cosa Sara (12) J Goldie 3 8-11...................................Miss A Waugh (5) ●79 ST 11 (5) 392730 Gently Spoken (12) S Dixon 4 8-7............................... K Schofield (5) 68 GF 12 (1) 078/99 New Rhythm (18) Ewan Whillans 6 8-7...................................J Gormley 57 GS 13 (7) -00990 Batocchi (18) R Menzies 3 8-4..................................................A Mullen 56 SF BETTING: 7-2 Plastic Paddy, 4 Caballero, 13-2 Fennaan, 7 The Sedberghian, 15-2 Nat Love. 4.35 MANSIONBET PROUD PARTNERS OF AWC HANDICAP (DIV 2) (6) 1m Winner £2,700 (13 run) 1 (12) 566583 Swiss Knight (33) (BH) M & D Easterby 6 9-12 (D)..... Joanna Mason (3) 69 G 2 (10) 171821 Temper Trap (12) T Easterby 4 9-11 (D) (SF)................................D Allan 69 G 3 (13) 865980 Traveller (4) (B) A Brittain 7 9-9 (CD)...............................H Russell (3) 69 G 4 (2) 248014 Lexington Warfare (22) R Fahey 4 9-9 (C) (F).................. P Hanagan 73 G 5 (4) 0-7786 Velma (33) C Fairhurst 4 9-8 (CD)..................................................J Hart ●75 G 6 (1) -34477 Wootton Creek (60) M Johnston 3 9-6 (BF)............................H Doyle 70 GF 7 (7) 644443 Engles Rock (12) L Russell 5 9-5...................................... P Mulrennan 69 G 8 (6) 176058 Pallas Lord (15) (V) B Ellison 3 9-5.................................... B Robinson 69 GS 9 (9) 371607 Shackabooah (12) S Dixon 4 9-3 (EW)...............................J Fisher (5) 71 G 10 (5) 409080 Kevin The Minion (20) I Furtado 3 8-10................. Elle-May Croot (7) 53 SS 11 (11) 468605 Tarnhelm (11) W Storey 6 8-7 (D)...............................Miss A Waugh (5) 65 G 12 (8) 070067 Cammy (29) Simon Whitaker 3 8-4...............................................C Hardie 55 G 13 (3) 000807 Lady Artela (38) (B) Ewan Whillans 3 8-4.............................J Gormley 61 GF BETTING: 11-4 Temper Trap, 9-2 Lexington Warfare, 5 Engles Rock, 7 Swiss Knight. 5.05 HEED YOUR HUNCH AT BETWAY HANDICAP (6) 6f Winner £2,700 (14 run) 1 (13) 140601 Donizetti (4) (V) K Dalgleish 3 9-9 (CD) (SF).........................C Rodriguez ●84 SF 2 (7) 596 Mustavim (11) J Wainwright 3 9-6...............................................T Eaves 66 SS 3 (11) 0-924 Bridgetown (73) J Camacho 3 9-6 (BF).......................................J Hart 70 GF 4 (10) 747709 Blazing Hot (43) Paul Collins 4 9-6...........................................D Allan 69 ST 5 (12) 4426 Miss Behaving (20) Mrs A Duffield 3 9-6 (BF)..............................S Gray 72 G 6 (3) -62080 The Mousen Champ (7) B Ellison 3 9-6............................. B Robinson 71 ST 7 (8) 847651 Redzone (11) B Smart 4 9-5 (CD) (F)..................................... G Sanna (7) 70 ST 8 (4) -47540 Three Hat Day (62) M Dods 3 9-5.........................................C Beasley 70 GF 9 (5) 756429 Tomily (3) I Jardine 7 9-4 (D) (EW)..............................................A Mullen 69 ST 10 (9) -97609 Joshua R (103) Helen Cuthbert 4 9-4......................... Joanna Mason (3) 70 G 11 (6) 350016 Kilconquhar (11) (H) Ewan Whillans 4 9-4 (BF, CD)...................... R Scott 70 ST 12 (14) 280620 Kolossus (70) D Thompson 5 9-3 (D)................................ P J McDonald 71 GF 13 (2) 404938 Morty (15) (H) D O’Meara 3 9-3...............................................D Tudhope 67 GF 14 (1) 938 Storm Master (11) J Riches 4 9-2............................... K Schofield (5) 60 GF BETTING: 2 Donizetti, 9-2 Redzone, 15-2 Bridgetown, 10 Miss Behaving, Tomily, Morty. 5.40 BETYOURWAY AT BETWAY HANDICAP (6) 5f Winner £2,700 (14 run) 1 (5) -12167 Highjacked (35) J J Davies 5 9-7........................................ P Hanagan ●78 GS 2 (9) 273728 Radrizzani (26) D O’Meara 3 9-7 (D).....................................D Tudhope 76 GF 3 (3) 772225 Another Angel (11) A Brittain 7 9-7 (CD).................................C Hardie 75 ST 4 (12) 541235 Debawtry (27) B Smart 6 9-7 (CD) (EW)............................... G Sanna (7) 77 G 5 (11) 329370 Tantastic (29) (V) B Ellison 3 9-6........................................ B Robinson 76 ST 6 (2) 421074 For Peat’s Sake (8) M Appleby 3 9-6 (CD)...........................T Ladd (3) 74 G 7 (8) 346483 Equate (26) B Smart 3 9-5 (D)........................................................G Lee 75 GF 8 (10) 354905 Big Thanks (18) Phillip Makin 3 9-4............................................ R Scott 74 GF 9 (14) 780480 Birkenhead (92) J L Eyre 4 9-4 (D)............................................D Allan 76 ST 10 (1) 561323 Arnold (22) Mrs A Duffield 7 9-3 (BF, D) (F)....................................S Gray 75 G 11 (7) 459984 Young Tiger (26) (H) T Tate 8 9-3 (BF, CD)....................... B Garritty (3) 71 ST 12 (13) 342519 Lord Of The Glen (8) (B) J Goldie 6 9-1 (CD) (SF)............. P Mulrennan 76 SS 13 (6) 211453 Brandy Station (23) L Williamson 6 9-0 (D)................. Z Wheatley (7) 75 G 14 (4) 5-6366 May The Sixth (127) S Dixon 4 8-13 (D)..............................J Fisher (5) 76 ST BETTING: 11-2 Lord Of The Glen, 6 Arnold, 13-2 Young Tiger, 8 Equate, Brandy Station. 1.00 BEST MATE NOVICES’ LIMITED HANDICAP CHASE (3) 2m 1f 109yds Winner £10,048 (2 run) 1 24-111 Mick Pastor (22) (H) P Nicholls 5 11-5 (D) (SF).........................H Cobden ●160 H 13-8fav (11-12) Won at Newton Abbot 2m hcp chs 0-140 (3) gs bt Dino Velvet (10-11) by 6l 2 2-2222 Sebastopol (114) T Lacey 7 11-0........................................... T Bellamy - - 11-2 (11-7) 2nd of 13, 2¼l behind South Terrace (10-8) at Uttoxeter 2m 7f hcp hdl (2) gd BETTING: 2-5 Mick Pastor, 2 Sebastopol. 2020: No corresponding race. 1.30 RACING TV PROFITS RETURNED TO RACING AMATEUR JOCKEYS’ HANDICAP HURDLE (5) 2m 2f 111yds Winner £3,080 (13 run) 1 F3-4F8 Belle Jour (18) C Gordon 6 12-0..........................................Mr Z Baker 109 G 2 2-7638 Eclair Des Sablons (12) Katy Price 7 11-12 (CD)....Miss J Stewart (7) 93 G 3 745-36 Norley (18) B Pauling 6 11-11...................................Mr Beau Morgan (7) 105 GS 4 352-87 Good Bye (155) (B) A Jones 6 11-5...................................... Mr F Mitchell 98 GS 5 770-P0 Getaway Cory (131) K Woollacott 6 11-5.................... Mr J Newman (3) ●110 H 6 FP-U72 Family Pot (13) Sheila Lewis 6 11-5............................. Miss K Powell (7) 103 G 7 697-33 Isle Of Aron (145) T Vaughan 5 11-5 (EW)...........Mr Lewis Saunders (7) 103 G 8 8-6364 Rock On Tommy (14) O Murphy 6 10-13..................................Mr J King 103 G 9 84P212 Snug As A Bug (35) Mrs S Gardner 6 10-9 (BF) (F).Mr Myles Osborne (7) 103 G 10 9-760 Carrig Coch (129) Christian Williams 4 10-8.............. Mr Daniel Ellis (7) 82 S 11 7-P065 Nachi Falls (66) N Hawke 8 10-7 (D)......................Miss Molly Legg (7) 100 GS 12 332305 Oneonechop (13) (B) D Pipe 3 10-4............................. Mrs Jo Buck (3) 110 G 13 9U4-41 Soul Icon (14) (H) K Burke 4 10-3 (SF)..........................Mr F Procter (7) 104 G BETTING: 5-2 Soul Icon, 5 Snug As A Bug, 7 Isle Of Aron, 8 Eclair Des Sablons, Norley, Rock On Tommy, 14 Nachi Falls, Family Pot, Belle Jour. 2020: KNIGHT COMMANDER 7 11 12, Miss Katie Powell(7) 11-4 (Sheila Lewis), 11 ran. 2.05 EXETER STAYING HANDICAP HURDLE (3) 2m 7f Winner £7,270 (6 run) 1 2-1111 An Tailliur (29) Jonjo O’Neill 5 11-12 (SF)......................Jonjo O’Neill Jr 122 G 2-1fav (11-8) Won at Warwick 2m 5f hcp hdl 0-120 (4) gd bt Faint Hope (11-7) by 1¼l, 8 ran 2 0-2756 Story Of Friends (36) (V) D Pipe 7 11-12 (C).....................F Gillard (3) ●126 G 5-1 (11-8) Last of 6, 28l behind Push The Tempo (12-0) at Worc 2m 7f hcp hdl 0-125 (3) gd 3 027P8- Terrierman (239) T Lacey 7 11-7 (BF)..................................S Sheppard 83 S 5-1fav (11-12) 8th of 13, behind Gold Runner (10-7) at Southwell 3m hcp hdl 0-120 (4) sft 4 46-142 Gavrocheka (13) (B) P Hobbs 5 11-2....................................T J O’Brien 124 G 9-2 (10-7) 2nd of 6, 4½l bhnd Une De La Seniere (10-12) at Ludlow 2m 5f hcap hdle (3) gd 5 -71451 Khan (14) M Harris 7 11-0 (F)......................................................... H Reed 123 G 9-1 (11-3) Won at Huntingdon 3m 1f hcp hdl 0-120 (4) gd bt Champagne Noir (11-7) by 4l 6 F2392R Get An Oscar (47) (B) P Bowen 7 10-0 (D)................................S Bowen 125 G 10-3 (10-9) Ran out 9th, in a race won by Golden Chancer (10-4) at Sdg 3m 3f hcp hdl 0-110 (4) gd BETTING: 2 An Tailliur, 3 Khan, 4 Gavrocheka, 13-2 Get An Oscar, 7 Story Of Friends, 10 Terrierman. 2020: OSCARS MOONSHINE 5 10 13, Harry Cobden 4-6 Fav (P Nicholls), 7 ran. 2.40 LOVE DEVON HANDICAP CHASE (3) 3m Winner £10,892 (5 run) 1 0423-5 Larkbarrow Lad (165) P Hobbs 8 11-12.............................T J O’Brien 128 G 13-2 (11-9) 5th of 11, 20l behind Forgot To Ask (11-5) at Mkt Ras 3m hcp chs 0-130 (3) gd 2 /37-2F What’s Occurring (98) O Sherwood 8 11-11 (F).....................J J Burke 127 G 10-3 (10-9) Fell 15th, in a race won by Bbold (10-13) at Southwell 3m hcp chs 0-140 (3) gd 3 11521- Gleno (197) G L Moore 9 11-10 (D) (SF).................................Joshua Moore 126 G 5-2fav (10-10) Won at Chepstow 3m hcp chs 0-135 (3) gd bt Petite Power (10-8) by shd 4 01367- Rose Of Aghaboe (187) N Gifford 8 11-7 (D)...........Tabitha Worsley (5) 126 GS 6-1 (11-2) 7th of 9, 26l behind Win My Wings (11-12) at Chelt 3m 2f mrs hcp chs (3) gd 5 1439-9 From The Heart (11) P Hobbs 7 11-0 (D).................. Sean Houlihan (3) ●131 S 11-1 (11-9) 9th of 13, 32l behind On Call (11-1) at Chepstow 3m cond hcap ch (4) gd BETTING: 7-4 Gleno, 2 What’s Occurring, 5 Larkbarrow Lad, 13-2 Rose Of Aghaboe, 8 From The Heart. 2020: KITTY’S LIGHT 4 10 6, Jack Tudor(5) 9-2 (Christian Williams), 6 ran. 3.15 RACING TV HD ON SKY 426 HANDICAP CHASE (4) 2m 3f Winner £4,357 (7 run) 1 6262F- Caspers Court (197) K Woollacott 7 11-12 (CD)................. T Scudamore 111 GS 10-3 (11-7) Fell 5 out, in a race won by Fact Flow (10-0) at Chep 2m 3f hcp ch 0-110 (4) gd 2 152-7P Jarlath (45) Seamus Mullins 10 11-11 (D)..................... Sean Houlihan (3) ●113 G 14-1 (10-13) Pulled up, in a race won by Larch Hill (11-3) at Strat 2m 1f hcp chs 0-115 (4) gd 3 P6-F11 Pens Man (28) Jonjo O’Neill 6 11-9 (SF)..........................Jonjo O’Neill Jr 111 G 13-8fav (11-4) Won at Warwick 2m 4f cond hcp chs 0-105 (5) gd bt Jony Max (10-9) by ½l 4 -7244F Pointed And Sharp (57) P Hobbs 9 11-6 (D)......................T J O’Brien 110 G 9-1 (11-12) Fell last, in a race won by Chapati (11-5) at Stratford 2m 3f hcp 0-100 (5) gd 5 349-36 Blaze A Trail (59) J Flint 7 11-6..............................................C Brace 81 S 12-1 (10-13) 6th of 10, behind Diligent (11-10) at Newton Abbot 2m 5f hcp chs 0-120 (4) gd 6 85P1-4 Troed Y Melin (12) Chris Honour 9 11-5 (CD) (F)................. B Carver (3) 112 GF 5-1 (9-9) 4th of 6, 35l behind Neville’s Cross (11-12) at Exeter 2m 3f hcp chs 0-130 (3) gf 7 /PP8-7 Forget You Not (16) Miss J Du Plessis 6 10-0.............................J Best 36 G 28-1 (10-0) 7th of 9, behind Mariners Moon (10-4) at Uttoxeter 2m 6f hcp chs 0-105 (5) gd BETTING: 6-4 Pens Man, 7-2 Troed Y Melin, 4 Pointed And Sharp, 11-2 Caspers Court, 12 Blaze A Trail, 14 Jarlath, 33 Forget You Not. 2020: TROED Y MELIN 8 10 11, Bryan Carver(5) 9-2 (Chris Honour), 6 ran. 3.50 SOUTH WEST ‘JUNIOR’ NH FLAT RACE (GBB RACE) (5) (3-Y-O) 1m 5f Winner £1,906 (8 run) 1 Americano M Harris 10-12......................................................... H Reed - - 2 Kayf Koli E Williams 10-12 (EW)................................................A Wedge - - 3 Pocket Too V Dartnall 10-12.................................................... A Johns - - 4 Six Five Special W G M Turner 10-12............................... H Kimber (7) - - 5 Bonnet G Baker 10-5.......................................................... M Goldstein - - 6 Eel Pie Island R Beckett 10-5 (SF).................................T Buckley (5) - - 7 Iliade Allen Nick Williams 10-5 (F)...................... Chester Williams (3) - - 8 There’s My Filly A Newcombe 10-5..................................T J O’Brien - - BETTING: 5-2 Eel Pie Island, 7-2 Bonnet, 4 Pocket Too, 5 Iliade Allen, 8 Americano, 10 Kayf Koli, 20 There’s My Filly, 25 Six Five Special. 2020: THE WORTHY BRAT 10 12, Rex Dingle(3) 11-2 (J Scott), 12 ran. Newsboy 1.00 MICK PASTOR 1.30 ISLE OF ARON 2.05 AN TAILLIUR 2.40 GLENO (NB) 3.15 PENS MAN 3.50 EEL PIE ISLAND BOUVERIE 1.00 MICK PASTOR 1.30 SNUG AS A BUG 2.05 KHAN 4.40 FROM THE HEART 3.15 PENS MAN 3.50 AMERICANO TRAINERS: S Lycett 2-4 (50%), C Appleby 11-25 (44%), Mrs P Sly 3-7 (43%), B Pauling 3-8 (38%), T Lacey 4-11 (36%), M Harris 8-23 (35%), S Dixon 3-9 (33%), Joseph Parr 3-10 (30%), P Hobbs 6-20 (30%), E Dunlop 2-7 (29%), J Wainwright 2-7 (29%), Alice Haynes 3-11 (27%), B Meehan 4-15 (27%), D M Simcock 3-11 (27%), H Candy 2-8 (25%), J Chapple-Hyam 2-8 (25%), R Varian 7-29 (24%), K Dalgleish 7-31 (23%). JOCKEYS: Stan Sheppard 4-7 (57%), R Sexton 2-4 (50%), Gianluca Sanna 2-5 (40%), Chester Williams 3-8 (38%), Jim Crowley 7-20 (35%), Connor Brace 3-9 (33%), Callum Rodriguez 8-28 (29%), Harry Reed 2-7 (29%), Jonny Peate 2-7 (29%), Harry Cobden 7-26 (27%), Kieran O’Neill 6-23 (26%), William Buick 17-71 (24%). IN FORM Trainer Keith Dalgleish and jockey Callum Rodriguez have a 24 per cent strike rate when teaming up at Newcastle — 18 wins from 76 runners for a level-stake profit of +£94.04pts. So look out for Caballero (4.00), Donizetti (5.05). Charlie Appleby and jockey William Buick have a 31 per cent strike rate when teaming up at Yarmouth — 5 wins from 16 runners for a level-stake profit of +£54.18pts. So look out for Show Lights (1.23). STATS OF THE DAY (Top in-form jockey with just one booked ride) William Buick: SHOW LIGHTS (1.23 Yarmouth) SINGLE-SHOT STAR By road, Carluke, South Lanarkshire-based Keith Dalgleish sends Paddyplex (6.00), Hipsway (8.30) on a 397-mile trip to Kempton. LONGEST TRAVELLER Loving Dash (8.00 Kempton) 2pts win PRO-BET

44 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DM1ST on this day 1993: Norwich stunned Bayern Munich with a 2-1 victory in their UEFA Cup tie at the Olympic Stadium. Mark Bowen and Jeremy Goss netted for the Canaries. 2010: On an explosive day at Manchester United, manager Sir quick quiz answers october 19 Alex Ferguson revealed Wayne Rooney wanted to leave the club, although the striker would later sign a new contract. 2013: New Sunderland manager Gus Poyet began his reign with a 4-0 defeat at Swansea. 2015: Steve Evans was appointed the new Leeds manager. 1. Sam Allardyce started his coaching career as a player-manager in which Irish city? 2. Who holds the record for most women’s FA Cup titles? 3. Where will the All Blacks play the US Eagles on Sunday? 4. Who did Muhammad Ali beat to win the world heavyweight title for the first time in February 1964? 5. Who was the 2021 champion flat jockey? 1. Limerick; 2. Arsenal (14); 3. Washington DC; 4. Sonny Liston. 5. Oisin Murph. back page: 2013 ANDROS TOWNSEND was rewarded for his recent England heroics with a new deal by Tottenham – yet the offer increased the in-form winger’s wages to just £16,000 a week, in sharp contrast to White Hart Lane outcast Emmanuel Adebayor who was on a whopping £170,000 a week. golf & back in the swing Rejuvenated Rory McIlroy shows off the CJ Cup trophy tennis wins on pga tour T1st 82 Sam Snead T1st 82 Tiger Woods 3 73 Jack Nicklaus 4 64 Ben Hogan 5 62 Arnold Palmer ................................................................... T35 20 RoRy McIlRoy, Greg Norman, Hale Irwin, Doug Sanders, Johnny Revolta MAKE SOMEONE YOU KNOW A STAR 5 STAR RATED: AMAZON, FACEBOOK & REVIEWS.IO BBC DRAGONS DEN WINNER YOUR NUMBER YOUR team PERSONALISED FOOTBALL BOOKS YOUR CHOSEN NAME STARS FOR YOUR FAVOURITE TEAM ORDER TODAY & RECEIVE YOUR 10% DISCOUNT WWW.SPORTSSTARBOOKS.CO.UK/STARS USE CODE STARS IN BASKET. NORMALLY £24.99. WITH DISCOUNT £22.49 rory lands 20th pga title but admits: ‘i was done with golf at the ryder cup’ By Neil McleMaN RORY McILROY relaunched his career with his 20th victory on the PGA Tour at the CJ Cup – then said he’d wanted to halt his season at the Ryder Cup. The four-time Major champion broke down in tears at Whistling Straits on the final day of Europe’s defeat last month. But the Ulsterman said his Sunday singles victory over Olympic champion Xander Schauffele “sparked a little flame.” And after vowing to stop striving for perfection, McIlroy returned to shoot weekend rounds of 62 and 66 in Las Vegas to beat Open champion Collin Morikawa by a stroke. The new world No.8 said: “On the Saturday night of the Ryder Cup, I was done with golf. I did not want to see golf again until 2022. I was really disappointed with how I had played. Then I talked about that Sunday singles match and that sort of sparked a little bit of a flame again. “Against Xander I won my point by doing whatever I could. I wasn’t trying to be perfect, I wasn’t trying to hit shots that I wasn’t comfortable hitting, I just went out there to try to win my match. “Part of the emotion at the end of it was to do with that week but it was also probably to do with the last few months in terms of searching to try to get better and the realisation that I don’t need to search for anything, it’s all right here. “I just need to play golf, I need to simplify it, I need to just be me. For the last few months I was maybe trying to be someone else. “This week was a great reminder that you don’t need to be perfect to be a great golfer.” McIlroy’s reaction brings into question his relationship with Pete Cowen, who has worked on his swing since before the Masters. He was world No.1 when the pandemic stopped golf in March 2020 but he slipped to No.15 this summer – his lowest ranking since turning pro in 2009 – despite winning the Wells Fargo Championship in May. He entered the CJ Cup at No.14 and started the weekend nine shots off the lead but he rolled in a 35-foot eagle putt on the par-five 14th on Sunday on his way to 25 under par. The 32-year-old is the 39th man to win at least 20 times on the PGA Tour and will secure lifetime membership when he completes 15 years as a member in 2023. McIlroy, who became a father to Poppy last year, will now take a month at his Florida home before playing in Dubai next month. “It’s a great way to start the season,” he said. “It’s four weeks to build on what’s happened here.”

mirror.co.uk/sport double joy in america UNITED DM1ST TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 45 on top of his game Brit Cam Norrie shows off his winner’s trophy at Indian Wells GREATS Champ Cam is California dreaming as biggest win of his career brings Tour finals in sight By neil mcleman @NeilMcLeman CAM NORRIE is on course to book a seat at the top table of world tennis in Turin next month after revealing an Italian restaurant was the secret to his success in California. The new British No.1 beat Georgia’s Nikoloz Basilashvili 3-6 6-4 6-1 at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells for his first ATP Masters 1000 title. And the new world No.16 is also up to 10th in the Singles Race to qualify for the season-ending Nitto ATP Finals in Piedmont. Norrie, 26, said he had an appetite for Italian all week after dining every night at the lucky Mamma Gina restaurant in nearby Palm Desert. “I went the first night,” he said. “They told me Dominic Thiem and Juan Martín del Potro won the tournament here and they ate here every night. “I said I would come back if I win. I came back and had five or six nights in a row there. The same meal on match days. I mixed it up on the other days. I am usually never like that. Maybe it did work this week!” Norrie (left with girlfriend Louise Jacobi after his win), who started the year ranked world No.71, won his first ATP Tour title in Mexico in July and his remarkable consistency has seen him reach six finals. The top eight players of the year will compete at the Pala Alpitour in Turin from November 14 to 21 - the event has moved from London’s O 2 . With Rafa Nadal out injured, Norrie sits only 160 points behind ninth-placed Hubert Hurkacz and will play in Vienna, Paris and Stockholm over the next month in a late bid to quality. “It would be nice to make it but I’m going to keep going, keep taking care of what I can and handling what I can,” he said. None of the Big Three of Novak Djokovic, Nadal or Roger Federer was at Indian Wells, their era of domination drawing to an inevitable end. Norrie won in 1hr and 49min, recovering from being down a iT’S a ShOe-dUnniT FROM BACK PAGE arrived at the Indian Wells Tennis garden to find his sneakers had disappeared and he had to break in a new pair against Nikoloz Basilashvili. The new world No.15 lost the first set before fighting back to win his first Masters title. and Norrie will now be able to buy a cupboard full of new trainers after banking £880,990. His shoe mishap followed in the footsteps of andy Murray’s. The Scot’s “smelly” pair, with his wedding ring attached, went missing from his California hotel before they were recovered. Norrie said: I don’t know what people have against the Brits. Luckily I didn’t have a wedding ring attached. “I was worried but I wore the new ones in a little bit and came good in the end.” break at 3-1 in the second set. He said on court: “It means so much to me, my biggest title. I’m so happy. It’s absolutely massive for me and my team. I can’t really believe it.” The victory caps an extraordinary few weeks for British tennis with Emma Raducanu the new British women’s No.1 after her US Open triumph. But unlike the teenager from Bromley, Norrie has taken a more indirect route to the top of the game. Born in South Africa to British parents, his family moved to New Zealand before he became a college star at the Texas Christian University. Physically he is a monster who can run all day. But the left-hander has also improved his serve and groundstrokes with the contrast between his loopy forehand and his flat backhand posing problems to opponents. Now, despite not getting past the third round in a Grand Slam, he is only three wins away from joining Andy Murray and Tim Henman as the only British players this century to win 50 Tour-level matches in a year. Murray, who lost in the third round in Indian Wells, said: “He’s a great example for not just British players but all tennis players to look at and go, if you put the effort in day in, day out and properly dedicate yourself to the sport, have an attitude like he does, it can take you a long, long way. “I knew he was good, but to be top 20 in the world and pushing for a spot in the Tour finals is an incredible effort.” Murray plays Frances Tiafoe at the European Open in Antwerp today. rugby league france v england, saturday, 2.30pm CAll-Up IS A joR-DRoppER be the goal now By JUlie STOTT JORDAN ABDULL is stunned to be in line for his England debut against France on Saturday. The 25-year-old Hull KR half-back (right) had booked a family holiday in Minorca because he thought the national side was an impossible dream. Instead, he is in the England camp preparing for the Test match in Perpignan – with next year’s World Cup now firmly in his sights. “Not for one minute did I think I would have the opportunity to represent my country this year,” admitted Abdull. “My wife and son have still gone on holiday but I can go on holidays when I retire. These opportunities don’t come around often. “The World Cup has to be the goal now I’ve made my first England squad. I’d be a fool to be happy to play one game and that’s it.” Abdull has been flying with Rovers this season, taking them to a play-off semi-final spot, and he was also on the Man of Steel shortlist. cricket t20 world cup ENGlAND GET ThE kISh of DEATh before retiring. India were left ENgLaNd were outgunned by India in a six-wicket T20 World Cup warm-up defeat. England posted 188 for five after being sent in to bat at the ICC Cricket academy Oval in dubai. Jonny Bairstow (right) top-scored with 49 and Moeen ali smashed 43 not out in just 20 balls. But that was not enough, with KL Rahul hitting 51 and Ishan Kishan a devastating 70 chasing 20 from 12 balls and thrashed 23 off a ragged 19th over by Chris Jordan for victory. England all-rounder Liam Livingstone injured a finger and left the field after dropping Ishan on the mid-wicket boundary in the 16th. England’s second and final warm-up game is against New Zealand tomorrow. Their tournament opener is against the West Indies on Saturday. ■IRELaNd ■ seamer Curtis Campher took four wickets in four balls to set up a seven-wicket win over the Netherlands in their opening World Cup group match.

46 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 ENGLAND IN THE DOCK beautiful game seeing a return to bad old days FA lucky with one-game ban & £85,000 fine after Euros final DM1ST COMMENT By JOHN CROSS Chief Football Writer @johncrossmirror ANYONE at Wembley on Sunday, July 11 this year will remember the day not for the football at the Euro 2020 final. But for boozed-up, drug-fuelled hooligans bringing shame on the nation in what was supposed to be England’s finest hour. The Football Association can count themselves lucky with an £85,000 fine and having to play a game behind closed doors. Wembley that day was a terrifying place, a return to the bad old days of drunken yobs running amok with violence, threats and anger in the air. What is perhaps even more worrying is that it is becoming a regular occurrence in not just football but also at racing too, where there have been problems. There were an estimated 250,000 people at Wembley for England’s Euros final with Italy three months ago when ticketless fans rushed the turnstiles. It was a shameful day which paints a terrible picture for English football and their ability to host a major tournament either for the 2030 World Cup, 2028 Euros or any major European final. Perhaps just as troubling is that this was not a one-off. It was a grim day but it highlighted the growing problem of some of the worst scenes that football has endured since the 1980s when hooliganism was at its worst. Leicester City’s Europa League clash saw appalling clashes with Napoli fans (inset, top) who came for trouble – and got what they wanted. A year ago violence flared between Southampton and Portsmouth fans, while Wigan and Bolton supporters clashed at the weekend. These are regular occurrences up and down the country. Hungarian ultras were joined by hardcore Polish supporters at Wembley last week to cause problems after the England players had complained they were targeted for racist abuse in Budapest and Warsaw. Now England have been punished, the UEFA sanction after the Euros final is a truly dark day for English football. The rest of Europe often looks at England as being arrogant, trying to lecture everyone else on how to behave and on racism. But, as even Gareth Southgate has said before, they will have to get their own house in order before they can start thinking about telling others how to behave. English football has lost control. Supporters of the Big Six rose up in protest at the European Super League at the end of last season and, while their point was well made, it could not entirely excuse the trouble which went with it. WEMBLEY MAYHEM Thugs tear down barriers before the Euro final Manchester United had to abandon their game with Liverpool because of the scenes outside, and Old Trafford is already on red alert for this weekend. So-called supporters descended on Wembley that day in July with the intention of causing trouble. After months of being cooped up because of Covid lockdowns, they were let off the leash and in the mood to cause mayhem. The FA must take responsibility for not ensuring the stadium was policed well enough, with too few stewards on duty to stop thousands of ticketless yobs (abovet) forcing their way in. But outside, the local authority and police got it horribly wrong. They misjudged the darkening mood of the yob and hooligan culture which is threatening the very heart of our beautiful game once more. shameful day for football FROM BACK PAGE embarrassing and shameful day for English football. FA bosses are confident it will not affect their chances of hosting a major tournament – as they look towards the 2028 Euros and 2030 World Cup. But it will not reflect well and may yet have an impact. The Euros final on July 11 saw shocking crowd violence and disturbances as ticketless fans rushed the turnstiles to force their way in as hooligans swarmed around Wembley. Police and stewards were overwhelmed while loyal England supporters were attacked and even friends and family members of England players were forced from their seats. Police reported 51 arrests – 26 at Wembley and the rest in central London – while 19 officers were injured. The UEFA control, ethics and disciplinary body said the behindclosed-doors game was “for the lack of order and discipline inside and around the stadium”. And the fine was “for the lack of order and discipline inside and around the stadium, for the invasion of the field of play, for throwing of objects and for the disturbances during the national anthems”. It is understood that much of the blame was put on a lack of policing and on local authorities, as they are responsible for areas outside the stadium. And UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has insisted Wembley will remain a key venue for major finals.

DM1St mirror.co.uk/sport tUESDaY 19.10.2021 DaILY MIRROR 47 @StanCollymore Stan Collymore United like to give bosses time but it must be time for a rethink over Solskjaer HOW is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer still in a job? If Manchester United lived in a modern reality, Ole wouldn’t have been in the top 20 candidates to manage them. That he got the job was purely down to an emotional link. The emotion is there, the club knowledge is there, the club legend is there and let’s fit it to our circumstances. However, there was no way Ole had the requisite CV to manage Manchester United – especially a Manchester United side in flux. Once he’s in as manager, you can see them thinking, ‘We hope he grows with the club, we hope he develops youngsters. Give him longevity by always backing him’. It means these difficult questions over his performance aren’t brought up and he gets more and more comfortable in the COLLYWOBBLER Well done Steve Bruce for managing 1,000 games. The problem is I can’t think of one that was memorable! It’s fantastic for him. Amazing longevity, 10 clubs in 22 years, almost always in work. But managers these days would rather do 200 to 300 games and get a club on the front foot and create some excitement. job, in the hope that better results and trophies are around the corner. But the trophies have not come. The consistency hasn’t come. I can feel the hand of Sir Alex Ferguson (right) doing what he wanted to do with David Moyes. And that means going into hallowed corridors of Old Trafford and saying, ‘You stuck with me 30 years ago and I paid you back with two decades of dominance. This is the way it should be run… You give managers time, you give them time’. Moyes (left) didn’t last very long on his six-year contract of course and the only reason Ole is still there today is because of the perception that the club like to give their managers time, as they did with Fergie. Their results this season, losing in the manner they did against Leicester, against Aston Villa at home, is not consistent at all. The Alas, now it’s Smith and moans I WANT Dean Smith to have a long career as Aston Villa manager but I am wondering if there are deficiencies in his approach? Are Villa sufficiently streetwise under his management, for instance? I know Smith well because we were apprentices together. He likes to play through the lines and encourages an open, question lingers as to how he is still manager there and it comes down to lacking an understanding of modern football. Yes, you give a manager time until he proves to you that he does not have the ability to do it anymore. And Ole (above) doesn’t have the ability and the skill set to manager United to Premier League success. It is no thrill to say that, because he is a great bloke. But sometimes you have to say it. The romantic and e m o t i o n a l attachment which got him the job and gave him time wears out at some point. United won’t win the title because they are too inconsistent. You look at the team sheet and it looks like Galacticos have been thrown at a tactics board. They have the second best squad in the Premier League in attractive style of play. But unless his team becomes a bit more muscular, a bit more physical, a bit more savvy, they will struggle. Villa’s owners want to get into Europe. They don’t want to loiter in mid-table. And in a bid to get there, they have let Smith (right) grow as a manager. But they will not be happy with what they saw at terms of quality and depth but haven’t a clue how to use it. You need someone in the club who says here are the 11 or 14 players I will be relying on in the big games, like Manchester City and Liverpool do. And then say we’re trimming down the fat and getting rid of some of the monster earners who are never going to get a regular place. There are wildly different qualities in the No.1 and No.2 players for each position. Some can do a job and others can’t. It needs clear answers, clear leadership, to be able to rattle cages and put your arm around people – and Ole looks lost in all of those aspects. The players are not responding to him. They are not competing eight games in, so why leave it until 38 for it to become a selffulfilling prophecy? So, change it now. Villa Park on Saturday when their side threw away a 2-0 lead and lost 3-2. A classic case of mismanagement of the last 10-15 minutes. They didn’t keep the ball, they didn’t do the nasty things. It would be no surprise if Villa’s owners are looking at West Ham, Everton, and Leeds and telling Smith they need to be better. LVG’s the best man to hit the right Toon NEWcASTLE need a manager who is the epitome of calm, someone who can provide a firm hand on the tiller for two years. Surely it’s time for Toon, struggling badly in the Premier League after eight games, to appoint one of the grand names of European football. I am talking about a Louis van Gaal (above), a Guus Hiddink, maybe a Ronald Koeman (if he leaves Barcelona). Or perhaps someone with the experience of former England boss Roy Hodgson. If only Sir Bobby Robson was still alive and in his prime.... Newcastle need someone who has been there and done it, a manager with experience of leading a club in a football-mad city. The new owners had Rafa Benitez lined up 18 months ago and were ready to hand him the keys to the kingdom. But now he’s at Everton, they have difficult decisions to make. I like Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard as lIverpool’S Fab Four make them strong title contenders again. roberto Firmino, Diogo Jota, Sadio Mane, and Mo Salah (all right) have 20 goals already between them this season and we are only in the second half of october. liverpool have four strikers who can single-handedly win a match for them, but Chelsea have only one in romelu lukaku. Manchester City, the managers but I’m not sure they are right for a club in a serious state of upheaval. I’m not sure it is fair to hand them such a tough task so early in their managerial carers. Rangers boss Gerrard (below) is already at a huge club – would it be prudent for him to look at Newcastle United? He and Lampard should look for a club at which there is already a director of football, where the scouting network is well established. Newcastle won’t be signing Kylian Mbappe any time soon, no matter what Toon fans, giddy with excitement over the Saudi-backed takeover, might believe. They need a recruitment department capable of signing a star ahead of time, before he costs £100million. But what they need more immediately is a new manager to lead them to respectability. Toon fans wanted two things: Mike Ashley out and a functioning football club. For that second wish to be granted they need to show patience. title favourites, don’t have a striker who guarantees 20 goals a season, though it didn’t do them too much harm last season. Instead of signing the prolific Harry Kane, they opted for a midfield playmaker in Jack Grealish. Maybe it will come back to haunt them. Mane, and Mo Instead of signing the City have the best squad, and they will be there or thereabouts. But if liverpool’s front four keep scoring, it will be hard to finish ahead of them.

48 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 resuLts & fixtures Premier League ArsenAl (1) .......2 CrystAl PAl (0) .... 2 Aubameyang 8 Benteke 50 Lacazette 90 Edouard 73 cricket Men’s T20 World Cup WarM up MaTCh (Dubai) — England 188-5 (20 overs; J Bairstow 49); India 192-3 (19 overs; I Kishan 70, KL Rahul 51). India won by 7 wickets. Men’s T20 World Cup, Group a (Abu Dhabi) — Netherlands 106 (20 overs; C Campher 4-26); Ireland 107-3 (15.1 overs; G Delany 44). Ireland won by 7 wickets. Men’s T20 World Cup, Group a (Abu Dhabi) — Namibia 96 (19.3 overs; M Theekshana 3-25); Sri Lanka 100-3 (13.3 overs; B Rajapaksa 42). sri lanka won by 7 wickets. Golf The uspGa Tour The CJ Cup (The Summit Club, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)— Final round (USA unless stated, Par 72): 263 R McIlroy (NIrl) 68 67 62 66, 264 C Morikawa 67 70 65 62, 266 R Fowler 66 66 63 71, K Mitchell 62 64 73 67, 267 S Burns 67 68 66 66, T Gooch 67 68 70 62, A Scott (Aus) 68 63 67 69, A Wise 66 67 68 66, 268 H Higgs 64 67 70 67, S Jae Im (Kor) 68 69 67 64, C Smith (Aus) 66 67 67 68, R Streb 61 72 65 70, G Woodland 68 69 66 65. AmericAn footbAll NFL Cleveland Browns 14 Arizona Cardinals 37, Denver Broncos 24 Las Vegas Raiders 34, New England Patriots 29 Dallas Cowboys 35 (OT) Pittsburgh Steelers 23 Seattle Seahawks 20 (OT). icehockey naTIonal hoCkey leaGue: Ottawa Senators 3 Dallas Stars 2. todAy’s diAry (7.45pm unless stated) UEFA Champions Lge Group A Club Bruges v Man City (5.45)................. Paris SG v RB Leipzig (8pm) .................... Group B Atletico Madrid v Liverpool (8pm)............ (Live on BT Sport 2) Porto v AC Milan (8pm)............................ Group C Ajax v Borussia Dortmund (8pm)............. (Live on BT Sport Extra) Besiktas v Sporting Lisbon (5.45)............ (Live on BT Sport ESPN) Group D Inter Milan v Sheriff (8pm)....................... (Live on BT Sport Extra) Shakhtar Donetsk v Real Madrid (8pm)... (Live on BT Sport ESPN) UEFA Europa League Group G Celtic v Ferencvaros (3.30)...................... (Live on BT Sport 1) P W D L F A Pts Bay Leverkusen 2 2 0 0 6 1 6 Real Betis 2 2 0 0 7 4 6 Ferencvaros 2 0 0 2 2 5 0 Celtic 2 0 0 2 3 8 0 Sky Bet Championship Bristol City v Nottingham Forest ............... (Live on Sky Sports Red Button) Derby v Luton .......................................... (Live on Sky Sports Red Button) QPR v Blackburn ...................................... (Live on Sky Sports Red Button) Sheffield Utd v Millwall ............................ Stoke v AFC Bournemouth ....................... (Live on Sky Sports Main Event) P W D L F A Pts Bournemouth 12 8 4 0 20 8 28 West Brom 12 7 4 1 21 9 25 Fulham 12 7 2 3 27 14 23 Coventry 12 7 2 3 18 14 23 Stoke 12 6 3 3 16 13 21 Huddersfield 12 6 2 4 18 14 20 Reading 12 6 1 5 18 19 19 QPR 12 5 3 4 23 20 18 Blackburn 12 4 5 3 21 16 17 Luton 12 4 5 3 20 16 17 Bristol City 12 4 4 4 14 15 16 Middlesbrough 12 4 3 5 13 13 15 Sheff Utd 12 4 3 5 16 17 15 Millwall 12 3 6 3 11 13 15 Blackpool 12 4 3 5 12 16 15 Nottm Forest 12 4 2 6 16 15 14 Swansea 12 3 5 4 12 14 14 Preston 12 2 6 4 12 15 12 Birmingham 12 3 3 6 10 16 12 Cardiff 12 3 2 7 12 22 11 Hull 12 2 3 7 8 17 9 Barnsley 12 1 5 6 7 15 8 Peterborough 12 2 2 8 12 25 8 Derby 12 3 6 3 7 8 3 sky Bet league one: Cambridge Utd v Sheffield Weds, Charlton v Accrington, Cheltenham v Morecambe, Crewe v Sunderland, Fleetwood v Burton, Gillingham v Doncaster, Lincoln City v AFC Wimbledon, Oxford Utd v Shrewsbury, Plymouth v Bolton, Portsmouth v Ipswich, Rotherham v Wycombe, Wigan v MK Dons. sky Bet league Two: Barrow v Scunthorpe, Bradford v Hartlepool, Colchester v Bristol Rovers, Crawley v Exeter, Harrogate Tn v Tranmere, Ley Orient v Forest Green, Mansfield v Port Vale, Newport Co v Carlisle, Northampton v Stevenage, Oldham v Walsall, Salford City v Rochdale, Sutton Utd v Swindon. DM1ST champions league Sterling right to be rattled From DaviD anDerson in Bruges raheem Sterling’S frustration at not starting more often for manchester City is totally understandable, according to team-mate Kevin De Bruyne. Boss Pep guardiola (below) has told Sterling he cannot guarantee him more game time after the england star revealed he is open to moving abroad because he does not feel he is playing enough. Saturday’s win over Burnley was just Sterling’s fifth start this season and De Bruyne (both above) sympathises. “rotation is important because playing four competitions, and mostly going far in them, is a tough ask sometimes,” said the Belgian. “But i understand the frustration because i’m a player and you have some players who need more rhythm to get into it and maybe raz is someone who needs more, i’m a player who needs that also. “Sometimes it’s tough to play one game yes, one game no. “it can be frustrating, but we try to help each other so that’s the only thing we can do as players for each other.” Mendy ‘now a world star’ anDreaS ChriStenSen has lauded Chelsea goalkeeper edouard mendy. mendy pulled off a string of saves against Brentford as Chelsea won 1-0 and defender Christiansen said: “he showed on Saturday he’s one of the top keepers in the world, not just the Premier league. “You can see how important he is to us, to the team. Yet again we are lucky we have him. “People can see and recognise what he can do, the quality he has. We just enjoy having him here.” thiago Silva and antonio rudiger have bolstered Chelsea’s defensive options ahead of tomorrow’s Champions league clash with malmo. kdb: i dON’T REMEMbER lOsiNg fiNal oUT oF iT Dazed De Bruyne is ruled out during the final Head injury left much of the game a blur for City star From DaviD anDerson in Bruges @mirroranderson KeVin De Bruyne is not haunted by the memory of losing a Champions League final as he can barely recall any of that night in Porto. A collision with Chelsea’s Antonio Rudiger left the Manchester City playmaker with a fractured eye socket and a broken nose. He was still in his kit when he left hospital the following morning and returned dazed to the team hotel. “I don’t remember a lot after the incident so there aren’t a lot of memories,” he said. “I remember some chances in the first half and the goal. “After the collision I don’t remember a lot. I don’t r emember how I got to the hospital. I remember going Bruges: Mignolet, Mata, Hendry, Nsoki, Sobol, Rits, Balanta, Sowah, Vanaken, Lang, De Ketelaere Man City: Ederson, Walker, Dias, Laporte, Zinchenko, Fernandinho, De Bruyne, Rodri, Foden, Jesus, Grealish ref: Istvan Kovacs (Romania) back in the morning to the team hotel at 10am still with my City kit on. It’s sport and it happens. It’s not the best thing that ever happened but you get on with it.” De Bruyne is also hazy about meeting Khaldoon Al Mubarak the following morning when the City chairman told him he would win the Champions League for the club one day. “I think he spoke to the team in the evening or the morning, I’ve no idea,” said the Belgium international. “He said he was happy with what I contributed to the team and in the year. He said some positive words like we’ll be back, we’ll be fighting again to try to win the trophy. “It was nice to hear that from the chairman because it was a big blow for everybody.” De Bruyne, 30, understands why critics say City must lift the Champions League to be considered a great side, but is satisfied with his haul of three Premier Leagues, one FA Cup and five League Cups. “In the last six years we’ve been one time in the last 16, the other five times the quarterfinal or better so w e’r e a l w a y s competing,” he said. “We have not managed to win it, but we are trying. Hopefully in my period here we can get one. “Does it define your legacy? group a table P W D L F A Pts PSG......................2 1 1 0 3 1 4 Bruges ................2 1 1 0 3 2 4 Man City ............2 1 0 1 6 5 3 RB Leipzig .........2 0 0 2 4 8 0 For people outside maybe. It depends. You look at the situation and I’m happy with what we’ve done as a club for the last six years.” De Bruyne has started six of the last seven games and feels sharper after damaging ankle ligaments at Euro 2020. He is excited about playing Bruges tonight in his first club match in his homeland since he left Genk in January 2012 to join Chelsea aged 20. He thinks Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski (above) should win this year’s Ballon d’Or ahead of himself and City team-mates Phil Foden, Ruben Dias, Riyad Mahrez and Raheem Sterling. “I’d choose Lewandowski for what he’s done goalscoring wise,” he said. bruges v manCHester City: tHe big matCH faCts •This is the first-ever meeting between Bruges and Manchester City in European competition, with the Citizens the 11th different English side that the Belgian club have faced in Europe. •In all European competitions, Bruges are winless in 12 matches against English opponents (D3 L9) since beating Chelsea 1-0 in the Cup Winners’ Cup in February 1995. •The Blues have won five of their six European matches against Belgian opponents, losing the other 2-0 against Standard Liege in November 1978 in the UEFA Cup. •The Premier League champions last match against a side from Belgium came in October 2003 against KSC Lokeren, a 1-0 away victroy in UEFA Cup with a goal from Nicolas Anelka. • Bruges are unbeaten in their last BrUgES v MANChESTEr CITy group A, KicK-off 5.45pm four group stage games in the Champions League (W2 D2), picking up eight points in the process – this is their best points haul over a run of four games in the competition in their history. •The joint leaders of the Belgium league have only once gone five consecutive games without defeat in the Champions League, during a run of six ending in October 2019 (W1 D5).

mirror.co.uk/sport DM1ST atletico madrid v liverpool group B, kick-off 8pm TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 49 HEADING FOR GLORY Van Dijk is up for Liverpool’s big test away to Atletico group b TAbLE P W D L F A Pts Liverpool ........... 2 2 0 0 8 3 6 At Madrid .......... 2 1 1 0 2 1 4 FC Porto ............ 2 0 1 1 1 5 1 AC Milan ............ 2 0 0 2 3 5 0 aT maDrID: Oblak, Trippier, Savic, Gimenez, Hermoso, Lodi, Llorente, Koke, Kondogbia, Griezmann, Suarez LIVerpooL: Alisson, Alexander- Arnold, Matip, Van Dijk, Robertson, Henderson, Fabinho, Keita, Salah, Firmino, Mane ref: Daniel Siebert (Germany) KLOPP: it’s the ChOMPiONs LeAGUe Liverpool boss is wary of facing Simeone’s warriors on their home soil and admits: You have to be brave or they will EAT you By CHRIs MCKENNA JUrgeN kLopp has warned his Liverpool stars they will need to be brave to avoid being devoured by atletico madrid tonight. The Reds take on the Spanish champions in a clash of Group B’s big guns in Madrid. It is the first of backto-back meetings with Diego Simeone’s side which could decide who goes through as group winners. The teams last met at the last-16 stage of the Champions League just before the pandemic halted the world. T h a t t i m e Simeone’s side outsmarted the Reds over two legs – winning 1-0 and 3-2 – but the Spaniards’ style of play irritated the Liverpool manager, who knows his men will have to battle to unlock one of the meanest defences in football. When asked if it will be a football war, Klopp (above, with James Milner) said: “It will be. Atleti are the best of that sort of team because they have the best players. “The problem with Atletico is the quality they have and the desire they show. Would it be the style I want to play? “No. I couldn’t, I’m not the person for it, but we are all different and that’s fine. “It is all about winning football games and I remember we played an absolutely exceptional game at home against Atletico. “We haven’t forgotten how bad we were at their ground and I’m pretty sure Diego hasn’t forgotten how good we were at home so I am pretty sure there is a way of causing them problems. “But you have to play a topclass game and be incredibly brave. If you don’t do that they eat you.” Liverpool will have an in-form Mo Salah at their disposal but Klopp said there is still an issue over his new Anfield contract. Salah, who has scored 10 goals in 10 games this season, has less than two years left on his current deal. Asked whether Salah’s red-hot form – he scored a goal-of-theseason contender at Watford on Saturday – will make resolving his contract issue easier, Klopp said: “I don’t know. We’ll see.” One man whose long-term future is certain to be at Anfield is Virgil van Dijk, who committed himself to the club in summer. Yesterday marked 12 months since he received the diagnosis that he would need serious surgery on an ACL injury suffered in last October’s Merseyside derby. But the Dutch star’s return this season has given the Reds more defensive stability. “I’m still on the way,” said Van Dijk. “I know there are a lot of people wondering if I can get back to where I was but the only thing I can do is try my best each and every game. That’s what I do. “I feel like I am improving. I’ve said in previous interviews I am not a robot, I have come back from a very serious injury.” ATLETico mAdrid v LivErpooL: big mATch fAcTS •atletico madrid and liverpool last met in the last 16 of the 2019-20 UeFa champions league, with the Spaniards winning both legs, 1-0 at home and 3-2 away in extra-time. •reds have failed to win any of four champions league matches against atletico (d2 l2), only facing Basel as often (four) without winning in european cup/ champions league history. •liverpool have lost six of their last seven away european games in Spain (d1) since beating real madrid in the last 16 in 2008-09. reds’ last win in Spain was against english rivals, beating Spurs 2-0 in the 2019 champions league final in atletico’s home stadium, Wanda metropolitano. •atletico madrid are winless in four home champions league matches (d3 l1), their jointlongest run without a home win in the competition (also four in december 2009). they have only scored once from 45 shots in this run and with an expected goals tally of 4.4, have netted 3.4 goals fewer than expected. •reds haven’t lost an away game in the group stage of the competition since September 2019 (0-2 v Napoli), winning five and drawing one of their last six. Mighty Mo is the one to fear DieGO SiMeOne accepts Liverpool are back to their best – and led by the “extraordinary” Mohamed Salah. But the Atletico Madrid coach still says his team “will try to find ways to hurt them”. The Argentinian coach (above) masterminded victories in both legs of their last-16 encounter in 2020 which ended the Reds’ reign as european champions. However, Jurgen Klopp’s team look even stronger this time around, while Salah (top) has 10 goals in as many appearances. Simeone, whose side have lost just one of their last 15 european games at the Wanda Metropolitano, said: “Mohamed Salah is an extraordinary player, who’s been playing at a fantastic level for the last few years. “Liverpool are going through a fantastic spell, they seem to have a different rhythm, and it is a pleasure to see them play. “They have no fear to leave spaces at the back. They press high, play a high line, have speed. “i don’t expect anything other than a team who will make things very difficult for us. “We need to match their intensity and then look for our own chances. We will try to find ways to hurt them.” TIME FOR CHANGE Pogba says United need a shake-up Board still backing Solskjaer from back page board made it clear to Solskjaer the club “still have complete faith in him moving forward”. The Norwegian has seen the wheels come off following a positive start, with United winning just one of their last five games in all competitions. After the Leicester defeat Paul Pogba warned the club “need to change something” to keep their season alive and a growing number of fans have called for Solskjaer to go. But Old Trafford chief executive Ed Woodward and his fellow directors have privately supported him as the man to turn things round. United host Atalanta in the Champions League tomorrow and Liverpool visit on Sunday. Then it is a trip to Tottenham, the return leg with Atalanta and derby with Manchester City at Old Trafford. These games could make or break their season, but it is understood that even if some results go against them, Solskjaer will not be axed. pimblett’s crash pad By JOHN CROss UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett was kicked out of Watford’s 5-0 defeat by Liverpool on Saturday for celebrating in the home end. Liverpool fan Pimblett, given tickets by Watford keeper Ben Foster, accused Vicarage Road stewards of being on a “power trip”. Pimblett wrote on Instagram: “Cannot believe the audacity of these stewards singling us out when multiple people around us were celebrating. They were on a power trip.” And in a message to keeper Foster, he said: “Ben Foster, I love you lad, but I hope Watford go down, yous are horrible.”

50 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DM1ST arsenal 2 crystal palace 2 Aubameyang 8, Lacazette 90+5 Benteke 50, Edouard 73 southgate’s ‘no’ to talks with wenger By John Cross GARETH SOUTHGATE will not be taking up Arsene Wenger’s offer to discuss FIFA’s plans to stage a World Cup every two years. World football’s governing body invited all national coaches to take part in talks with the former Arsenal boss this week about proposals for a new-look global calendar. England coach Southgate (above) spoke to Wenger earlier in the year and does not feel the need to do so again. He came away from those talks feeling relatively positive but has since decided the shake-up “makes no sense” as in one set of proposals there may be only one international window each year for England fixtures. Instead, the FA’s Mark Bullingham will take part in an online sessions for chief executives being held between today and Thursday. Wenger, FIFA’s chief of global football development, will try to win over sceptics, with the World Cup idea being greeted unfavourably by the Premier League, big-name players and UEFA. Player welfare, international windows and the future of the women’s game are also on the agenda. FIFA is also talking to broadcasters and other major stakeholders. Wenger (above) said: “As a coach of the men’s national teams, their input is essential. “Opportunities for us to come together are few and far between but we must embrace these occasions as such dialogue helps us all to protect the unique place that football has in the world and to make it truly global.” barden given cancer shock By TonY BAnKs NORWICH goalkeeper Dan Barden has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. The 20-year-old (above), on loan with Scottish Premiership side Livingston, will now take a break from football. He said: “It’s been a very difficult and challenging period, but the support of my family, friends and colleagues has helped get me through the last few weeks.” The Wales Under-21 keeper will now be closely monitored on a treatment programme after undergoing follow-up tests following the initial diagnosis. ARTBREAK Vieira so close Vieira so close to a glorious return... but Lacazette rescues Mik 2-2 1-0 By John Cross Chief Football Writer @johncrossmirror THEY celebrated the injury-time equaliser as if it was a victory. Substitute Alexandre Lacazette smashed home to snatch a point Arsenal barely deserved after another shambolic performance. Gunners fans could see it, they knew their team had got away with it, Patrick Vieira so nearly ruining his own homecoming party but Crystal Palace ended up having to settle for a 1-1 draw. Arsenal threw away a first half lead given to them by Pierre- Emerick Aubameyang when they pressed the self-destruct button, allowing Christian Benteke and Odsonne Edouard to turn it around with second half goals. A three-game winning run was ended by a draw at Brighton and now despite Lacazette coming to the rescue five minutes into added time, more doubts were emerging over whether Mikel Arteta is the man to take the club forward. On this evidence, Arsenal went for the wrong former captain. Vieira instilled more passion, more discipline and more drive into his team than his counterpart could manage. Had

mirror.co.uk/sport FOR PAT long. Arsenal were just as it not been for Aaron Ramsdale, it could have been worse. Those who complained the keeper was overpriced at £30million must now be thinking him a bargain. Arsenal started brilliantly, they were sharp, incisive and fully deserved their goal after just eight minutes. Nicolas Pepe was lively down the right and exchanged passes with Takehiro T omiyasu before Pepe unleashed a terrific curling shot which Palace keeper Vicente Guaita clawed away. But Aubameyang was alert and pounced on the rebound to squeeze home a shot from an acute angle. It seemed 1-2 Edouard scores a screamer past keeper Ramsdale to fire Palace in front Arsenal had lift off and their attacking line-up, Thomas Partey sitting in midfield in a 4-1-4-1 formation, really pushed Palace back. But they failed to make their early dominance and pressure tell and, as passes began to go astray, the visitors came right back into the contest. Palace looked increasingly dangerous on the break, Benteke led the line well and caused Arsenal all manner of problems with his lay-offs and link-up play with Jordan Ayew and Odsonne Edouard. Tempers boiled over just before half time and Palace were lucky not to be down to 10 men. Bukayo Saka was DM1ST He’s still the man with a golden gun By Darren Lewis @MirrorDarren STILL class. Still the dominant force at Arsenal. Still able to turn everything he touches here in England into footballing gold. Patrick Vieira turned cheers into jeers here at the Emirates as the legendary midfielder inspired his Crystal Palace side to come from behind with the kind of character that he boasted in abundance. Whisper it but if it all does go a bit Pete Tong for Mikel Arteta, you just wonder whether Arsenal’s Invincible might just have left an impression in the mind of Josh Kroenke. Arteta’s Gunners may have scored early in the first half and left it late for their second. But Palace were easily the better side. The south Londoners, remember, were without the injured Wilfried Zaha. They had no right to be this good. Aren’t they normally a side that struggles without their main man? Not any more. Palace shown a yellow for a trip on Ayew and soon after James McArthur blatantly kicked Arsenal’s England winger up in the air on the edge of the box. Referee Mike Dean produced only a yellow card, VAR Peter Bankes checked but did not intervene. The decision looked a shocker, with McArthur lucky to stay on the pitch. Palace went close in firsthalf injury time when Arsenal failed to clear from a corner. Conor Gallagher smashed in a shot and Ramsdale produced a fantastic diving stop to save his team yet again. The reprieve did not last were so dominant that neutrals and some home fans in the stands were left wondering how the Gunners were still ahead at the break, courtesy of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s eighth minute goal. Christian Benteke powered home the equalizer his side’s performance deserved shortly after the restart. Arteta’s £50million defender Ben White couldn’t lay a glove on Odsonne Edouard for his superb second before a late Alexandre Lacazette strike shared the spoils. The new Palace is taking shape very nicely under Vieira (above). The three-title winner has recruited well with Conor Gallagher, Michael Olise, Marc Guehi and Edouard among the fine acquisitions. Not given a chance to coach by Arsene Wenger, he credits Manchester City with helping him on to the managerial ladder. That support is bearing fruit. sloppy in the second half. Thomas Partey dithered on the ball, Ayew nicked it off him and there was Benteke who had time and space on the edge of the box to pick his spot. Albert Sambi Lokonga - on for the injured Saka - was then caught in possession, Gallagher burst forward and this time Edouard smashed a shot beyond Ramsdale and in off the bar. Arsenal laid siege in search of a leveller. Kieran Tierney hit the bar, and in the dying seconds after a goalmouth scramble Lacazette rescued them. premier league emirates stadium raTinGs by JOHN cROss mirror.co.uk/sport/football ARsEnAl ramsdale ..........................................8 Tomiyasu ...........................................6 White .................................................6 gabriel ...............................................6 Tierney ..............................................6 partey................................................5 pepe ..................................................7 Odegaard ..........................................4 Smith rowe .......................................6 Saka Booked .....................................6 aubameyang .....................................6 SUBS lokonga (Saka 46) ............................5 lacazette (Odegaard 67) ..................7 martinelli (partey 81) arsenaL c paLace 54% pOssessiOn 46% 7 shOTs On TarGeT 6 7 shOTs Off TarGeT 3 543 TOTaL passes 471 6 cOrners 4 0 OffsiDe 3 7 fOuLs 4 0 1 carDs 1 0 reF: mike dean aTT: 59,475 CRysTAl PAlACE guaita ................................................6 Ward ..................................................6 guehi .................................................6 andersen ...........................................6 mitchell .............................................7 mcarthur Booked .............................6 milivojevic .........................................7 gallagher ...........................................7 ayew ..................................................7 Benteke .............................................8 edouard .............................................7 SUBS Kouyate (milivojevic 67) ...................6 Olise (ayew 71) ..................................6 Tomkins (edouard 82) MAn OF THE MATCH CHRisTiAn BEnTEKE Bullied Arsenal and scored a cracker premier table p W D l F a pts Chelsea 8 6 1 1 16 3 19 liverpool 8 5 3 0 22 6 18 man City 8 5 2 1 16 3 17 Brighton 8 4 3 1 8 5 15 Tottenham 8 5 0 3 9 12 15 man utd 8 4 2 2 16 10 14 West Ham 8 4 2 2 15 10 14 everton 8 4 2 2 13 9 14 Brentford 8 3 3 2 10 7 12 Wolves 8 4 0 4 8 8 12 leicester 8 3 2 3 13 14 11 arsenal 8 3 2 3 7 12 11 aston Villa 8 3 1 4 12 12 10 Crystal palace 8 1 5 2 10 13 8 Southampton 8 1 4 3 6 10 7 Watford 8 2 1 5 7 15 7 leeds 8 1 3 4 7 15 6 Burnley 8 0 3 5 5 13 3 Newcastle 8 0 3 5 10 19 3 Norwich 8 0 2 6 2 16 2 nExT THREE gAMEs arsenal Fri aston Villa (home) .............pl Oct 26 leeds (home) .....................CC Oct 30 leicester (away) ................pl crystal palace Sat Newcastle (home)..............pl Oct 30 man City (away) .................pl Nov 6 Wolves (home) ...................pl mirror.co.uk/sport/football TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 51 Howe in tHe FRAMe FoR newCAStLe ExclusivE By Darren Lewis EDDiE HOWE has emerged as a shock potential candidate for the Newcastle job. The former Bournemouth boss, 43, (above) is among several out-of-work bosses being considered by the Magpies’ new owners to replace steve Bruce. Others include bookies favourite Paulo Fonseca, who agreed a deal to take over at Tottenham before Nuno Espirito santo’s appointment, former chelsea manager Frank lampard and ex-Dortmund boss lucien Favre. Rangers chief steven Gerrard is also highly-rated but the Newcastle hierarchy don’t want to make enemies by poaching domestic talent. Newcastle are expected to decide on Bruce’s future within the next few days, although there are still differing opinions on just who the new man should be. PoLiCe PRoBe toon FAnS’ ‘RACiSt CHAnt’ By siMOn BirD NEWCASTLE and police have launched an investigation into alleged racial abuse directed at Spurs fans. One Tottenham supporter claimed on social media that visiting fans were the target of chants referencing Auschwitz and jews as they left St James’ Park. Another video showed a section of home fans chanting: “you’re getting shot in the morning.” There was a celebratory mood for the first game under new owners, but the atmosphere in the stadium soured as Spurs won Sunday’s game 3-2, with Harry Kane (above) among the scorers. A club statement said: “Our message is clear - football is for everyone. Discrimination has absolutely no place in football, in the street, online or in wider society and we will not tolerate it under any circumstances.” BRADY: BiG tiMe won’t CoMe eASY Stoke City v Bournemouth Championship, 7.45pm By TOnY BanKs ROBBiE BRADY has warned Bournemouth that the championship is the toughest league to get out of. The cherries have signed the 29-year-old Republic of ireland winger (above) until the end of the season after he was released by Burnley at the end of last term. scott Parker’s championship frontrunners go into tonight’s game unbeaten in their opening 12 games in the league. But Brady, who won promotion out of the second tier with Hull in 2013, said there was still a long battle ahead. “it’s going to take a lot of hard work,” he said. “Everyone knows that in this division you have got to get the basics right first. i’m looking forward to playing my part in that.”

NEWSPAPERS SUPPORT mirror.co.uk/sport oLE’S giVEn THE VoTE of ConfidEnCE EXCLUSIVE By Jeremy Cross MANCHESTER UNiTEd chiefs have given full backing to under-fire manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Solskjaer (left) is feeling the heat again following Saturday’s 4-2 trouncing at Leicester. But senior figures on the turN to pAGE 49 How iS SoLSkjAER STiLL in UniTEd job? SEE STAn CoLLyMoRE CoLUMn: PAgE 47 ThaT hUrTs Vieira feels the pain as Lacazette grabs a leveller CAM SERVES UP A LACE LACE turN game shamed & By neil mcleman NEW British No.1 Cam Norrie conjured up the biggest title of his career in new shoes – after three old pairs disappeared. Ahead of the final of the BNP Paribas Open, Norrie to pAGE 45 I lost my shoes like Andy says the latest Brit tennis champ PATSiCk ViEiRA Last-gasp Laca robs him of winning return arsenal 2 CrysTal palaCe 2 ALEXANdRE LACAZETTE denied Patrick Vieira a stunning return to Arsenal with a dramatic injurytime equaliser last night. The France striker came off the bench to rescue england on trial after euro final disgrace Wembley hit by one match fan ban Mikel Arteta’s men, who had thrown away a 1-0 lead. Palace boss Vieira, star of the famous Arsenal invincibles, was distraught on the sidelines at the end. rEport: sEE pAGEs 50 & 51 By John Cross ENGLAND have been given a one-game stadium ban as punishment for the disgraceful scenes which marred the Euros final in the summer. UEFA dished out a twomatch ban – one of which will be suspended for two years – plus an £85,000 fine after a hearing yesterday. It means England will have to play their next UEFA game, in the Nations League in June, behind closed doors at Wembley which must be regarded as a highly EngLiSH fooTbALL HAS LoST ConTRoL turN to pAGE 46 sEE pAGE 46 KNOW YOUR FOOTIE? RECYCLING Recycled paper made up 65.1% of the raw material for UK newspapers in 2002 NEWSPAPERS SUPPORT RECYCLING The recycled paper content of UK newspapers in 2018 was 68.2% Published by MGN Ltd at One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AP (020-7293 3000) and printed by Reach Printing Services Ltd. at Watford, Oldham, Teesside, Birmingham and Glasgow Registered as a newspaper at the Post Office Serial No. No. 37,359 33,xxx ©MGN Ltd Tuesday October 19, 2021 Portugal €2.95 (cont), Spain €2.95, Italy €2.20, Greece €2.50, Malta €2.50 (inc VAT), Turkey: YTL 10.00, Cyprus €2.40, Egypt EGP. 12.00 £5,000 GUARANTEED PRIZE POT THIS SATURDAY, 3PM* PLAY NOW DOWNLOAD THE APP 18+ UK only, T&Cs apply. Who Knows Wins is committed to responsible gambling and fairness. *WKW PICK 10 Total Prize Pot before deductions on 23/10/21 Enjoy the game but play responsibly.

DM1ST mirror.co.uk TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 1 Take a break PUZZLES and get your brain in gear £75 to be won! Quizword & Crossword Two sets of clues, two different answers – all on the same grid. Choose one or the other. Two-speed coffeebreak Two sets of clues – but the answers are the same. Quizword ACROSS 6 1968 stage play by Alan Bennett (5,5,2) 8 Genus of aquatic plants that includes the American lotus (7) 9 and 2 Down Director of the films Outland, The Relic and Capricorn One (5,5) 10 Mixture of smoke, fog and chemical fumes (4) 12 Quantum of electromagnetic radiation that travels at the speed of light (6) 14 Brown bear in The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling (5) 15 Administrative centre of Devon (6) 16 Small diving duck of northern Eurasia (4) 19 European river that flows through Lake Constance (5) 21 Herbaceous perennial plant of the daisy family native to north temperate regions (7) 22 The —, 1991 novel by Peter Carey (3,9) Solutions in tomorrow’s Daily Mirror DOWN 1 Anthony —, author of the novels Phineas Finn and The Warden (8) 2 See 9 Across 3 Small Asian evergreen tree with yellow, oval edible fruits (5) 4 Member of a Native American people of the Plains now living chiefly in Oklahoma and Wyoming (7) 5 Sweet fortified dessert wine (4) 6 Shipping Forecast area renamed FitzRoy in 2002 (10) 7 John —, author of 1918 stage play Abraham Lincoln (10) 11 Rowing blade (3) 12 Edgar Allan —, US short-story writer who died in 1849 (3) 13 Hardy breed of longbodied, reddish pigs originating in Staffordshire (8) 14 Bonnie —, actress who portrayed drag racer Shirley Muldowney in 1983 biopic Heart Like a Wheel (7) 17 D L —, England Test cricketer who hit 262 not out against West Indies at Kingston in 1974 (5) 18 Spiro —, US vice president from 1969-73 (5) 20 River rising in Austria upon which Munich stands (4) 6 1 2 3 4 5 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 19 20 21 22 Crossword ACROSS 6 Expert marksman (12) 8 Hinders (7) 9 Entice (5) 10 Soft fine feathers (4) 12 Eye membrane (6) 14 Synthetic fibre (5) 15 Movable indicator on a screen (6) 16 Engrave (4) 19 Musical drama (5) 21 Blow up (7) 22 Profusely, in quick succession (5,3,4) 17 18 Solutions in tomorrow’s Daily Mirror DOWN 1 Number of people available for work (8) 2 Digging tool (5) 3 Pursuit (5) 4 Card game (7) 5 Appear (4) 6 Political strategist (4,6) 7 Fastening (10) 11 Distant (3) 12 Male swan (3) 13 Hypothetical, imaginary (8) 14 Love affair (7) 17 Bravery award (5) 18 Potatoes (5) 20 Resound (4) CHECK THE SOLUTIONS NOW! Call 0903 659 6060 (80p/min) to hear FULL SOLUTIONS to CROSSWORD and QUIZWORD, and to hear 5 EXTRA CLUES for CROSSWORD and QUIZWORD too! Or text CROSSCLUE or QUIZCLUE to 61011 (£1/text) for 5 clues The name game Hidden in the grid is the name of a country. Answer the questions, then rearrange the letters corresponding to your answers to fill in the name. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Solutions in tomorrow’s Daily Mirror 7 Cryptic clues ACROSS 1 Pay to get comfortable (6) 4 Attempt to use a knife (4) 7 Open a container (4) 8 Mighty river shelter (6) 9 Chance to organise feat (4) 10 Need to rearrange garden (4) 12 Nude form of mound (4) 14 Swimmer’s method of payment (3) 16 Exclude from pub (3) 17 Day for fruit (4) 20 A victory on a flower (4) 23 Complaint at use of cane (4) 24 Look like a farm bird (6) 25 Recalled about visit (4) 26 Owing to student fight (4) 27 Range of points in text varies (6) DOWN 1 Great policeman (5) 2 Bishop Desmond, perhaps, wears this garment! (4) 3 Consumed by school, say (5) 4 Strongbox is unharmed (4) 5 Canter off in daze (6) 6 Money for loaf (5) 11 Study time of damage (4) 13 Reverse German and ring (4) 15 Ref can affect nation (6) 16 Burn logo (5) 18 Fish in the corner (5) 19 Rifts develop initially (5) 21 Revealing about calf flesh (4) 22 Border of hedges (4) Solutions in tomorrow’s Daily Mirror 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 15 ACROSS 1 Colonise (6) 4 Pierce (4) 7 Slightly agape (4) 8 Powerful (6) 9 Destiny (4) 10 Paradise (4) 12 Sand hill (4) 14 Food fish (3) 16 Ingot (3) 17 Appointment (4) 20 English river (4) 23 Skin condition (4) 24 Male goose (6) 25 Shout (4) 26 Contest (4) 27 Scope (6) 7 10 11 12 13 14 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Quick clues DOWN 1 Wonderful (5) 2 Ballet skirt (4) 3 Devoured (5) 4 Secure (4) 5 Hypnotic state (6) 6 Baked food (5) 11 Hollow (4) 13 Loosen (4) 15 European country (6) 16 Trademark (5) 18 Viewpoint (5) 19 Original (5) 21 Type of meat (4) 22 Margin (4) Solutions in tomorrow’s Daily Mirror CHECK THE SOLUTIONS NOW! TWO-SPEED COFFEEBREAK 0903 659 6060 (80p/min) TERMS & CONDITIONS: Calls cost 80p/min plus your phone company’s access charge. Texts cost £1 + 1 standard network rate message. SP Mi Telecom Ltd. Helpdesk 0330 880 6060. Min age 18+. All lines close midnight tonight except where stated. Std Trinity Mirror Rules apply, see www.mirror.co.uk/rules. 30-sec brain teaser Boost your brain power with our 30-second test. Start with the number on the left and follow the instructions. Beginners should aim to complete the puzzle in 30 seconds. Intermediates should finish their own puzzle and the Beginner’s Challenge. Genius players have 30 seconds to complete their own plus the Intermediate. Good luck! Solutions in tomorrow’s Daily Mirror BOX1: Which of the following is a term for a plot device, popularised by Alfred Hitchcock? MacDougal (A) MacGuffin (M) MacCubbin (D) BOX2: What is the title of the 2014 autobiography by the actress Amy Poehler? Yes Please (U) No Thanks (A) Probably Maybe (G) BOX3: Which of the following is not a type of Emmy Award? Primetime Emmy (F) Sports Emmy (J) Soap Opera Emmy (Z) BOX4: The Trimurti is a concept of which religion? Hindu (A) Shinto (F) Catholicism (C) BOX5: By what name was the Indian city of Chennai formerly known? Cochin (O) Baroda (M) Madras (I) BOX6: Which book from Monica Ali about life in London’s East End was adapted into a film? Pebble Terrace (T) Brick Lane (O) Stone Street (A) BOX7: What was Rock Hudson’s real name? Roy Scherer Jr (Q) Archibald Leach (D) Issur Demsky (I) BOX8: Virgilia was the wife of which tragic Shakespearian character? Coriolanus (E) King Lear (A) Macbeth (B) BOX9: In what year was the United States Declaration of Independence signed? 1829 (D) 1788 (U) 1776 (B) BOX10: Hugh Jackman (pictured) starred as which character in the 2012 musical film Les Misérables? Fantine (H) Javert (D) Jean Valjean (M) BEGINNER 65 −17 ÷8 +36 3/7 +5 ×2 −28 of this INTERMEDIATE 18 ADVANCED 516 ÷6 ×3 +251 3/5 of this −96 ×4 +15 ÷11 −17 5/6 of this −283 ÷7 +15 ×12 −48 Mirrorgram Increase by 25% ÷15 Solve our ten-letter anagram U N T O G I L L I E Solutions in tomorrow’s Daily Mirror ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER

2 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DM1ST PUZZLES Speedbreaker 21 13 10 4 5 Target time: 14:46 mins Test your codecracking skills against us! We took 14 minutes and 46 seconds to complete this puzzle — can you do better? We’ve taken a completed crossword puzzle and replaced each letter in the grid with the same number throughout. The completed grid will include all letters of the alphabet. If you find it hard to get going, call the Extra Letter line where you will also find a little bit of extra help. Remember, none of the answers are proper nouns. Solutions in Thursday’s Daily Mirror ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 15 14 11 14 26 25 24 22 8 14 12 13 22 24 24 2 9 16 3 11 5 10 26 24 8 24 22 13 22 25 14 23 25 13 18 9 1 14 25 16 1 14 25 11 Just a bit of fun Which one of our three definitions is correct? TWINTER 1 Formed from several threads 2 Glance 3 Two years old 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 £75 to be won! 19 G Which letter is represented by the number ‘1’ in today’s Speedbreaker? Call 0903 681 3000 (£2/call) or text SPEED and your answer, name and postcode to 61011 (£2/text) Last Tuesday’s winner: Ann Gregory from Mansfield 20 21 22 23 24 25 R 26 U SolutionS Call 0903 659 6060 (80p/min) for 5 extra letters or the full solution, or text SPEEDCLUE to 61011 (£1/ text) for 5 extra letters. Deduct one minute from the target time for each extra letter used. Calls to solutions line cost 80p/min + network access charge and texts cost £1 + 1 standard network rate message. Calls to the Speedbreaker competition line cost £2/call + network access charge and texts cost £2 + 1 standard network rate message. You may receive free promotional messages, to opt out end message with NO INFO. Competition lines close midnight tonight. Min age 18+. SP: MI Telecom Ltd. Helpdesk 0330 880 6060. Full T&C’s at www.mirror.co.uk/rules. 9 13 7 14 22 4 24 9 17 12 3 26 13 14 2 22 9 1 14 24 3 25 18 16 2 9 24 21 6 11 3 25 14 3 3 23 14 22 11 21 20 26 19 9 24 20 22 25 19 R U G 17 4 16 11 14 Solutions in tomorrow’s Daily Mirror Scribble pad ✍ Arrow Word Carnival, Gras _ Sermonize Woolly mammal Ascend Despot Balcony Boil Type of energy Weary Humble Arrow Words are like crosswords, but the clues are printed inside squares on the grid. Write your answers in the blank squares in the direction indicated by the arrows. Solutions in tomorrow’s Daily Mirror Relaxation time Rapidly Deed Natter Note Play structure (5,4) Lounge Cricket stick Frugal Arctic inhabitant Go back _ O'Dowd, pictured Party And not _ Danson, Cheers actor Fury Romp Forbidden Stop Envoys Painful Devoured Irritable Fossil fuel Location Leg jewellery Vehicle (7,3) Love god Type of snake Bazaar Attempt Heavy Tide Female pronoun Reptile Mineral U2 front man _ Allardyce, football manager Inform Citrus fruits Child star, _ Zavaroni Hobby Perceive Marriage gift Cunning Type of bean Pitch Runs away to marry Swill Term of office Spoil Tycoon _ Walker, pictured Man's name Throw Singer, _ Redding Scandinavian _ Mack, comedian Beer Decay Whichever Air Singer, _ Smith Puts back to zero Big cat Pier

mirror.co.uk DM1ST TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 3 Su-doku corner Easy su-doku 8 2 9 6 2 4 6 9 7 8 9 1 6 8 1 7 9 5 6 4 8 9 1 2 7 6 5 4 6 5 9 7 6 7 3 8 The rules for Su-doku couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is fill the empty squares so that each row, column and 3x3 block contains all the numbers 1 to 9. Solutions in tomorrow’s Daily Mirror Su-doku toughie The rules for Su-doku are easy, but this one’s a toughie! Each number from 1 to 9 must appear only once in each horizontal and vertical line, and only once in each 3x3 grid. Solutions in tomorrow’s Daily Mirror CHECK THE SOLUTIONS NOW! Call 0903 659 6060 (80p/min) to hear SU-DOKU 5 NUMBER CLUES or FULL SOLUTIONS to the easy and toughie su-dokus. Or text EASYCLUE or TOUGHCLUE to 61011 (£1/text) for 5 clues. Killer su-doku 13 17 6 7 14 16 8 16 7 7 10 15 8 6 16 11 9 24 9 8 19 7 9 15 10 21 4 24 4 12 11 7 15 11 9 Killer Su-doku is based on the traditional grid and every column, every row and every 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 to 9. But the dotted squares must be filled with numbers that add up to that in the left corner. Solutions in tomorrow’s Daily Mirror FUTOSHIKI 2 Insert the numbers one to five in each row and each column, making sure that no number is repeated. The only symbols to guide you are the “greater than” (>) and “less than” (<) signs. Solutions in tomorrow’s Daily Mirror Word Ladder Tough fruit skin Tear violently Wordsearch Can you find all the listed pop artists in the grid? Solutions in tomorrow’s Daily Mirror C A U L F I E L D I K R U G N I T X S G Y Y S N U A F N O I Z L V O L X E D S U U I N F E Z U K X Q C I N S J R N N V T O L O H R A W C K A G W A G S L F G P N Q H E H C O G M R N O F Z A N E P U C H O T L U E A B Q T N J O H N S X H E B T P C L B A E F Y R V A G S N H V Z E A O K Y P K M Q V S E C C R X P K F G T I F R J E D I G X I I I E T L O R X J W L L W E G P E X T B A B Z F E O Z Z O K S S O R P A X H O K K Y Y J W R N B R Q F Y Z Y D E T BLAKE BOTY CAULFIELD HAMILTON HARING HOCKNEY Curve Drop of liquid Study RING ROAD INDIANA JOHNS KATZ LICHTENSTEIN OLDENBURG Using the clues provided, fill in each step of the ladder with a new word, changing one letter at a time. Solutions in tomorrow’s Daily Mirror OPIE PAOLOZZI RAUSCHENBERG WARHOL WESSELMANN Brickwork 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Solutions in tomorrow’s Daily Mirror YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS QUIZWORD ACROSS: 1 Trump, 4 Behan, 10 Havel, 11 Iliescu, 12 Casanova, 13 Iraq, 15 Osborn, 17 Kinane, 19 Sara, 20 Mantegna, 23 Niobium, 24 Grain, 25 Ashes, 26 Clyde. DOWN: 2 Rives, 3 Malandra, 5 Emin, 6 Austria, 7 The Crossing, 8 Piave, 9 Susquehanna, 14 Tintagel, 16 Burrows, 18 Parma, 21 Guard, 22 Fife. CROSSWORD ACROSS: 1 Swarm, 4 Clubs, 10 Oasis, 11 Imagine, 12 Eyesight, 13 Bale, 15 Pisces, 17 Linear, 19 Ajar, 20 Catapult, 23 Car wash, 24 Trade, 25 Sweat, 26 Screw. DOWN: 2 Waste, 3 Respires, 5 Lead, 6 Brigade, 7 Comeuppance, 8 Eight, 9 Celebrities, 14 Gigantic, 16 Sparrow, 18 Macho, 21 Usage, 22 Haka. Two-speed COFFEEBREAK ACROSS: 1 Steal, 4 Pitch, 7 Pet, 9 Orator, 11 Saga, 12 Kit, 13 Regally, 15 Arsenal, 18 Roe, 19 Kite, 20 Lapdog, 23 Ewe, 24 Terse, 25 Egret. DOWN: 1 Stock market, 2 Apt, 3 Leo, 5 Trail, 6 Heavyweight, 8 Tree, 10 Art, 13 Run, 14 Gel, 16 Sitar, 17 Able, 18 Rod, 21 Awe, 22 Peg. SATURDAY’S SPEEDBREAKER 1=R, 2=E, 3=L, 4=D, 5=J, 6=H, 7=T, 8=I, 9=O, 10=V, 11=S, 12=M, 13=P, 14=N, 15=W, 16=Y, 17=F, 18=B, 19=Z, 20=X, 21=K, 22=G, 23=Q, 24=C, 25=U, 26=A. Enter the solutions to the clues in their numbered layers of the wall. Each word must be an anagram of its neighbours, plus or minus one letter. 1 Lair 2 Credit 3 Antelope 4 Treat 5 Loaded 6 Valley 7 Boy ARROW WORD Bingo Tue Oct 19 2021 Game 40 Day 2 33 73 71 57 31 2 46 69 36 39 25 43 S P C V F A R A C H E L A C R E S G I E N N U I L C A L L E R E N D A O I O N G I N P A T R I C K B E S T D I A D O A F E G A R D A P N A R R A T O R U T A I L O R M A D E I H O L M E S E C I D E N R E A S U N S H A D E G L R A I N P W N A G S G A R Y G A R I B A L D I A N E V E R E D A M D A R A E D D A T T P A L I R A T E R I C E I S A N A P O R O N L A N C E A N T S E L S E K E In the Daily Mirror every Saturday there’s £1000 to be won in our Big Name prize crossword EASY SU-DOKU 2 6 1 9 5 8 3 4 7 4 8 7 6 2 3 9 5 1 3 5 9 1 7 4 8 2 6 9 2 3 7 8 1 4 6 5 8 7 4 3 6 5 1 9 2 5 1 6 2 4 9 7 3 8 1 9 5 8 3 6 2 7 4 7 4 8 5 9 2 6 1 3 6 3 2 4 1 7 5 8 9 KILLER SU-DOKU 1 6 9 2 5 3 8 7 4 3 4 2 7 9 8 6 5 1 5 7 8 6 1 4 2 3 9 6 1 3 9 2 7 4 8 5 2 9 4 8 6 5 7 1 3 8 5 7 4 3 1 9 2 6 MIRRORGRAM ASPIRATION 30-SEC BRAIN TEASER Beginner 3; Intermediate 38; Advanced 112. JUST A BIT OF FUN 1 Hollow moulding 4 2 1 3 7 6 5 9 8 BRICKWORK Sea, Sale, False, Fables, Blasé, Slab, Alb. WORD LADDER Hind, Hint, Lint, List, Lest, Less, Legs. HERE are the numbers for Day 2 of Game 40 on your Bingo card. TO WIN a full house £250 prize, all 15 numbers on the Game 40 grid must be correctly crossed off with the Daily Mirror numbers. If you’re still short by Saturday, buy the Sunday Mirror and the Sunday People for more numbers and the chance to win a £100 prize. TO CLAIM Call 01420 525501 (RoI 01 868 8620) from 10am to 3pm on Mondays only. If you get a full house on any other day, you will need to phone and make your claim on the following Monday. No responsibility accepted for failure to call within stated hours. Standard Reach PLC rules apply, see www.mirror.co.uk/2021bingorules 9 8 5 1 4 2 3 6 7 7 3 6 5 8 9 1 4 2 SU-DOKU TOUGHIE FUTOSHIKI 4 1 2 5 3 1 5 3 2 4 2 4 5 3 1 3 2 1 4 5 5 3 4 1 2 WORDSEARCH P Y V I X F E X A K K Y R H L N I K E P Q T Q P Q U R W S L E Y J E R D P U P L D U D I I D E G C B O H U Z L U B L D B A I N I T O A H C A E S C E K C D O C U W O N S C R E A W O S N O Q T Y C A C W P L Y S O A I L A B Y X C M O F Y U E H C T F Q K O V J P A N A G U H N S M C N V F O D J G A A L C E A L Y F W J N C S Y P M B T D E C R E S T E D S P W I N U L T Y M F D X U C V U E R E D O W B R T X H O Z H A M Q Y B G N I U Q E L R A H H S L E W NINER FORESIGHT NAME GAME CRAIG DAVID 1A, 2I, 3R, 4C, 5V, 6D, 7I, 8A, 9G, 10D.


mirror.co.uk DM1ST TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 5 Enter Vowel Su-doku Corner Each clue is the answer word with the vowels removed. For example, a clue PL (4) might lead to Plea, Pile, Peal, Opal etc but not Loop or Lope. You’ll have to work out which option fits with its neighbours to complete the grid. Solutions at the end 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Across Down The rules for Su-doku couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is fill the empty squares so that each row, column and 3x3 block contains all the numbers 1 to 9. Solutions at the end 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 1 RDVRK (8) 6 DS (4) 8 BK (4) 9 RSNS (7) 10 MD (5) 11 NMS (6) 12 BLDGL (4,5) 17 RGRT (6) 19 HTS (5) 21 DVRS (7) 22 NS (4) 2 LRMS (6) 3 DRD (5) 4 RRD (3,4) 5 KL (5) 6 SCL (7) 7 DSCS (6) 13 RRVS (7) 14 CHV (7) 15 DCD (6) 16 SSR (6) P L I M PS LO IL ML S O L L 23 BS (4) 18 TRS (5) 23 24 A E AO EB OU B U 24 YSRS (8) 20 TNG (5) F O O T FS OT OE TP S T E P S Double A I Jigword F P L I AM S AO F L AI L AF T I Y F TT Y T A A E O B I N U C H I NU S HE R U S E R Arrange R Ethese Ccrossword R Ofragments W to create S Ctwo completed A R symmetrical SE C AR crosswords RO WE in the Cgrids Rbelow. O W Solutions at end C I OF O O T CS T CE N P CI S U CO NT U I O TO O OS F T Y I M T P R IO M P RT OU M P T U L O I UL M NL S CO L AP EL L AB I MO ISO O FB UL AO NL OC A L UE I N C FL E I N C H U T E P TM P MS R S E BC O UG B SA HC U AE R EO R C RB C O S W CU RG A R CH E C G R O HW DT N U T Y E O A R YB EO AO RK B O O K O EL T PY S S T TE FA P CO PS O CO T SD ITD EL O PY C DS DT C AL YP I T O A P OY T TA Y BF RI OMO T P RU TI ON MC OY PB T TU L I M S O L L L O P E I O OR A R AL U I AM N S C IO L L E A A I F FL UR C ST H EI RT U U IDT E RN ER CP CH F OM GU R ST RH EF I RO TS RU DT I T U D E E O B U A S C CE A G RO E CB R H S C A R E C R W OU W U H T OE ON Y D EO DU AL RY TN B OT H K ON H E Y O T S T E P S F OA O DP E Y CO D T L CS Y T IE T P A OS P C C I O M P P R T T O U M Y P I T IM T U P OR O AM P RT U F B I O O T Y T C P R H M S U S R T E R S P M R S PU A LN IC R A B O U N C L ML SE F A O R I T I F T U D O L L I F OE RC R T U S E R O U A O R K T B O Y K A B O O K AC I T G U D R C G H OH E S C A R N E C H R O E W Y B U O D OD L Y T NA O N PD UD H FL TO Y E O T Y C C I O SA OT P E P S P R BO OM OP TIU N OC L AE IR M IP RF O MAP TR U Y T P MR RF C O SR G T IH T U TD F EO P R ITM NI CT RH U DS UE S E R A ROB DO DO LKN Y HT A EP Y E NA RN HB OU EO KT Y O I O A R I M P R O M P T U F O R T I T U D E T P M R S N H E Y Y E A R B O O K DIFFICULTY easy DIFFICULTY medium DIFFICULTY hard 4 5 8 6 3 9 2 4 2 3 7 8 1 9 6 2 1 7 7 1 6 5 9 6 8 1 7 1 6 5 2 8 6 4 5 2 9 5 7 3 3 4 9 1 4 8 3 4 1 1 2 7 9 5 6 9 7 8 9 3 7 4 8 6 1 5 9 8 Solutions at the end

6 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DM1ST EXTRAPUZZLES Big X Su-doku The rules for Big X Su-doku vary only slightly from the standard su-doku rules. The 9x9 su-doku at the centre of the X shares four of its 3x3 boxes with those of the outer su-doku. None of the 9x9 su-dokus can be solved individually, you must cross-reference between the intersecting grids. Solutions at the end 7 4 3 3 7 1 4 1 2 5 6 5 4 2 5 1 9 9 4 8 9 2 1 7 1 6 3 4 9 3 6 4 5 3 6 9 5 6 3 4 6 5 7 1 2 4 7 2 1 4 9 8 2 4 6 3 Honeycomb All the solutions read clockwise around their numbers. The solution to clue number 1 starts from the given letter. 1 Bloom 2 Most senior 3 African fly 4 Tall birds 5 Head bones 6 Of the lips 7 Sickening 8 Five US cents 9 Tutorial 10 Heavy metal 11 Change 12 Keep 10 9 8 11 7 12 6 F T 1 5 2 3 4 5 2 3 9 4 2 7 9 7 8 5 6 9 3 6 8 4 2 3 7 9 5 7 1 6 8 3 9 4 1 6 2 2 8 1 6 8 5 7 5 6 1 7 3 8 6 2 7 8 7 4 9 7 9 3 8 5 4 6 1 3 2 8 5 3 1 9 8 2 5 2 6 4 8 9 6 4 7 9 8 Word wheel You have 10 mins to find as many words as possible using the letters in the wheel. Each must use the hub letter and at least 3 others. Letters may be used only once. You cannot use plurals, foreign words or proper nouns. There is at least one 9-letter word to be found. Solutions at the end How you rate: 10 words, average; 15 words, good; 20 words, very good; 25 or more, excellent. S A O I W N K N M General knowledge quiz ART & LITERATURE 1 Who wrote The Eagle Has Landed? 2 Who wrote A Room With a View? 3 Which novelist wrote the 1994 Booker Prizewinning How Late It Was, How Late? 4 Who wrote Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy? 5 Which Scottish economist wrote The Wealth of Nations? 6 Big Ears is the friend of which Enid Blyton title character? GEOGRAPHY 7 The Adriatic is an arm of which sea? 8 In which American state is Detroit? 9 In which continent is the Orinoco river? 10 Which is the largest Mediterranean island? 11 Which country is also known as Nippon? 12 Zeebrugge, scene of the 1987 ferry disaster, is in which country? NATURE 13 The name of which creature can be preceded by killer or blue? 14 What type of creature is a bulbul? 15 By what name is the aurora borealis commonly known? 16 Which insect can jump 130 times its own height? 17 Which house plant, popular at Christmas time, has largish green leaves topped by a crown of mainly red leaves? 18 What do Australians call their native wild dog? SPORT & LEISURE 19 In 1986 Greg LeMond became the first rider from which country to win the Tour de France? 20 Which Argentinian player was banned from playing during the 1994 World Cup for doping? 21 Which British athlete broke the world decathlon record four times? 22 For which country did Kenny Dalglish play football? 23 Which sport begins with a face-off? 24 What is a draughts piece which can move in any direction called? POT LUCK 25 The Inquisition was the tribunal of which Church? 26 Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were creations of whose animation studio? 27 Bobbin and needlepoint are types of which material? 28 In which spherical object can fortune-tellers supposedly see the future? 29 In the nursery rhyme, who met a pieman going to the fair? 30 Which dog is famous for finding lost travellers in the Alps? Solutions at the end Solutions at the end

mirror.co.uk DM1ST TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 7 Pathfinder Beginning with the top highlighted letter, follow a continuous path of words associated with the given subject. The trail goes through each letter once, twisting up, down and sideways, but never diagonally. Solutions at the end British Olympic gold medallists M E W T D A Y T O L S C H R I A H P N E L E H H M E U H O S T T I N S S N O Y E K R U E T H P E L L A O M L L S G O N I A N T Y G U S P G I N U O N S E I S L L N W I G B E R T B E C K B E E N Y E L E C N G C O O O A N L I R A D A C I I L E I R I N S E B O J A D L N C H A D A R A W D N N O N A F D R N M S D E V E A T S D S O R I O O U S T E N A H R E A S T S R H O E S R E Y R A N E S I E O H R H V A D R S I D T S I D Y S I C E R G A M W E L E N E Niner Each number from 1 to 9 represents a different letter. Solve the clues and insert the letters in the appropriate squares to discover a word which uses all nine letters. 1 519662 gives a tree 5433759 gives a group of trees 6448 gives part of a tree 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2 7194 gives a Shakespearian character 457671 gives a second Shakespearian character 21331874 gives a third Shakespearian character 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Triangle Draw 3 straight lines to make 5 triangles. Lines must be drawn from dot to dot, either passing through one dot or none at all. Valid triangles must not contain lines running through them, every line segment must form part of a triangle. Loop Draw a continuous loop in the grid so that the number in each circle corresponds to the number of adjacent squares containing turns in the loop. Part of the loop has been drawn to get you started. Solutions at the end 3 1 0 2 3 1 1 3 3 Example solution 4 2 3 1 2 4 3 2 1 2 3 2 1 0 1 2 1 2 1 1 3 2 2 3 1 3 2 3 2 1 2 3 3 2 2 2 4 1 2 4 3 Arrow Word The arrows show the direction in which the answer to each clue should be placed. Solutions at the end Internet Secret agent Lake Song of praise _ Isle, jumper style Glossy Elevate Honey maker E.g. pine or hazel Plane Chant Stained Vacant Comply China’s setting Deed Lair Secondhand Close Post Unwell Name Inflate Not right Expand Endures Fortune M*A*S*H corporal Ingested Delicate fabric Dispatch Grew Tops a cake Steve _, IT guru Every part Plead Snow runner Beat _ Oduba, Strictly winner Rita _, singer Insect Grow older Craft Wonder Outer garment Facts and figures Lattice Easter treats Worry Keen Finish Hardens Lease

8 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DM1ST EXTRAPUZZLES Spot the difference Can you find six differences between the two pictures below? Solutions at the end Clockword The solutions from 1 to 12 are all six-letter words ending with the letter E in the centre. Moving clockwise from 1, the letters in the outer ring will spell out the name of a former treasury minister. Solutions at the end 11 12 1 10 2 9 E 3 8 4 7 6 5 1 Ambitious young professional 2 Italian city 3 Complete 4 Gear 5 Momentary ache 6 Horselike 7 Select 8 Wilfully ignorant 9 Prophet 10 Toy dog 11 Develop 12 Dwell Mirrorgram Fill In Solve our ten-letter anagram. Solutions at the end T I N C L E A V E R There are no clues to this word puzzle other than the number of squares in the grid and the length of the words or phrases. Can you place all the words in the grid? Solutions at the end Anagram crossword Fill in the grid using anagrams of the listed words. There may be more than one option for each word. Solutions at the end 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Across 1 ANDREW 4 ERGO 8 TENONS 9 ATHENS 11 SHEAR 12 RECALLS 13 I SOAPED 19 A REWIRE 21 A CUB’S 22 RETURN 23 COYOTE 24 LET’S 25 NO DERV Down 2 TENDER 3 REDEEMS 5 A GIRL 6 TREPAN 7 FEINTS 8 ERSE 10 RESPECT 14 STYLE SO 15 WHEATS 16 LASCAR 17 YOU’D BE 18 TAPE 20 AIDES 3 LETTERS LID NAG RUB SAP TAP 4 LETTERS ATOM EVIL LURK MOVE OUZO PALE SCAN SEEM SODA UNTO 5 LETTERS AFOOT BEARD EDUCE HOIST MAPLE PROBE SALSA TACIT TAROT VINYL 6 LETTERS BEYOND CLINCH COTTON EIGHTH PALTRY PLASMA ROCKET SYMBOL TENNIS VULGAR 7 LETTERS CONCEAL IGUANAS KIMONOS LACTOSE NAIVETY OZONISE QUORATE RESHAPE SILENCE SUBJECT TWISTER TWITCHY 8 LETTERS POLARITY QUAYSIDE STRUGGLE VANGUARD 9 LETTERS CRITERION HELIOGRAM OLIGARCHY OVERVALUE RESOURCED UNSHACKLE 10 LETTERS PSYCHIATRY UNAPPARENT 11 LETTERS PHOTOCOPIER SQUIRRELLED

mirror.co.uk DM1ST TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 9 Mindbenders Jigsaw su-doku Kakuro Can you tackle this tricky set of logical posers, fiendish word games and mathematical mysteries? Solutions at the end 1 On a trip to the green grocers, Ginger did not buy the £1 item or the basil, and Basil bought either the rosemary or the olives. Either the basil or the olives are priced at £2, and the £3 item is not the ginger and was not bought by Olive. No one bought an item of their name. If Rosemary bought the £4 item, how much does each item cost? 2 Which two words meaning ‘relax’ and ‘speech’ combine into one meaning ‘renewal’? 3 Find the amusement rides in these anagrams: a) Oar Clues, b) Shrew Relief, c) Local Restorer. 4 Marty is paving the bottom of a public fountain, 2.5 metres long and 5 metres wide. The panels he uses are all 59cm by 42cm. If he lays them out in a portrait shape, with no overlap, how many panels will Marty need to Gogen pave the fountain? 5 Lida and Madeline started the week with the same lengths of wool. If, at the end of the week, Lida had used five eighths of her wool and Madeline had used seven fifteenths of hers, which was ninety-five metres less than Lida, how much wool did Madeline use? Insert letters to form the listed words, moving between adjacent cells horizontally, vertically or diagonally in any direction. Insert all the remaining letters of the alphabet (except Z) in the grid so all the listed words are spelt out in this way. Solutions at the end 1 2 Y K D B F ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY V S P T K H E N I C B O I Y N T R X A P G M Q A L Scribble pad ✍ W O L U G H U E R C V S Q M J J W D X F CALM FIB HERO JUG LOW PINKY SQUANDER TWOS VORTEX ANTIQUE CALYPSO CREW DEAL EXCLAIM FRANK HUM JUMBO MOP VOGUE ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY 7 2 4 2 1 8 2 1 5 4 1 2 4 5 4 8 9 5 4 7 8 5 9 6 1 8 Fill in the rows, columns and boxes with the numbers 1 to 9 without the same number appearing twice in any row, column or box. Solutions at the end Killer su-doku 22 15 15 13 6 12 11 11 9 20 12 4 17 6 14 6 9 16 13 22 Killer Su-doku is based on the traditional grid and every column, every row and every 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 to 9. But the dotted squares must be filled with numbers that add up to that in the left corner. Solutions at the end Circlegram Replace the question mark with a letter so that the letters within each circle can be arranged to form words, names or terms on a common theme. What are the three words, and the letter represented by the question mark? Solutions at the end 9 8 12 15 8 6 13 10 12 29 4 21 P A A O 5 S S O M ? C O N N E E C 14 3 15 30 6 8 19 9 24 11 18 8 26 10 15 27 7 24 4 9 12 15 15 10 8 11 17 41 14 Fill in the white squares with the numbers 1 to 9. Each horizontal block of squares must add up to the number in the shaded square to its left, and each vertical block must add up to the number in the shaded square above it. No number may be used more than once in any one block. Solutions at the end Futoshiki 2 4 Insert the numbers one to five in each row and each column, making sure that no number is repeated. The only symbols to guide you are the “greater than” (>) and “less than” (<) signs. Solutions at the end Split Decision Cross out one of the two letters in each divided square to reveal a completed crossword grid. Solutions at the end B C I O R T N E S D L P E H H U N U N E E I O D S N R T N T V C R B I O O A Z S E T

10 DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DM1ST EXTRAPUZZLES Logic Using the grid below, can you work out each player’s winning hand and pot? Solutions at the end Husband and wife duo Scott and Madeline like to host a weekly poker tournament at their house. This week there are five separate tables. By the end of the five games, each table has a winner that has won with a different poker hand to receive a pot of money. Scott and Madeline are discussing the results so they can update the club’s website. “The youngest player won £11 less than the player who won with a flush,” said Scott to his wife. “Salvador is our veteran poker player, and the oldest at the tournament. Despite this, he won less than the player who won with a full house,” added Madeline. “We can feature that fact in our online report,” replied Scott. “Sierra beat the opponents at her table by playing a three of a kind to take a pot worth more than £75,” said Madeline. “Okay, I’ll add that to the website. The 39-year-old player won £49, but Gordon won over twice this much,” responded Scott. “Some other information to add is that neither Mindy nor the 21-year-old played the straight flush to win,” said Madeline. “Right. I also noted that the 45-year-old player did not win the biggest pot,” said Scott. From the couple’s conversation, can you determine what each player’s hand was, and how large their pot of winnings was? Salvador Mindy Sierra Dylan Gordon £38 £49 £60 £95 £105 Straight flush Full house 21 years 27 years 39 years 45 years 58 years Straight flush Full house Flush Straight Three of a kind £38 £49 £60 £95 £105 Flush Straight Three of a kind Word Spiral Starting from 1, fill in the grid clockwise with four-letter words. The last letter of each word becomes the first letter of the next to reveal a hidden word. Solutions at the end 1 2 3 9 10 14 15 8 11 4 16 13 12 7 6 5 1 Thin fog 2 Fee for using a bridge 3 Fail to win 4 Nobleman 5 Whip 6 Assist 7 Ceremonial grandeur 8 Knitting stitch Keyword clue: Plentiful 9 Walk lamely 10 Dowels 11 Firing of a gun 12 Musical instrument 13 Ventilates 14 Miss out 15 Cat noise 16 Housetop Battleships Find where the fleet of ships shown are hidden in the grid. The numbers to the right of and below the grid indicate how many of the squares in that row are filled in with ships or parts of ships. The ships do not touch each other, even diagonally. Some squares have been filled in to start you off. Solutions at the end A B C D E F G H I J 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 3 1 3 0 4 2 1 2 1 x Battleship 3 x Destroyer 2 x Cruiser 4 x Submarine 2 4 2 1 3 1 2 1 2 3 1 Codeword In this completed crossword puzzle, each letter has been replaced with a number. Three letters have been given to start you off, so write these letters wherever their numbers appear in the grid. The completed grid will include all letters of the alphabet. Remember, none of the answers are proper nouns. Solutions at the end 9 13 25 6 22 9 1 19 23 6 V A T 23 9 12 11 26 11 10 14 5 14 11 3 17 6 23 9 25 4 16 6 6 24 21 26 9 6 21 7 19 25 21 9 19 26 3 14 20 25 17 9 2 23 8 7 25 24 11 18 26 6 9 9 15 3 25 6 3 20 22 21 9 22 13 11 25 6 8 10 17 21 20 21 11 4 6 20 26 26 22 19 23 20 1 6 9 22 19 21 9 3 11 25 12 18 19 8 18 6 23 25 2 3 22 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 V 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 A 23 24 25 26 T A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

mirror.co.uk DM1ST TUESDAY 19.10.2021 DAILY MIRROR 11 Mirror Image Which of the shapes A-D is an exact mirror image of the original? A B Number Fit All of the listed numbers fit into the grid and there’s only one way to do it. One number has been provided to get you started. 6 2 5 7 6 ORIGINAL C D 3 digits 143 724 4 digits 1238 2465 3259 7836 8548 8584 5 digits 13743 52644 62576 67466 7 digits 2450324 5164324 7520972 8456645 8676884 8743569 8 digits 73455679 74349467 76246855 87234940 9 digits 394424539 545486426 6 digits 235756 942568 TODAY’S SOLUTIONS ARROW WORD W S H F R B N J E M P T Y A S I A E U S E D O B E Y M A I L I D E N T I T Y R I N C R E A S E E N E S W E L L T E E N L A R G E D R A L L S K I O R A A J O B S A W E C O A T D A T A N E T C O N C E R N E A G E R E G G S E N D S E T S R E N T SPOT THE DIFFERENCE BIG PICTURE BIG X SUDOKU FUTOSHIKI 1 5 9 8 7 4 6 2 3 8 2 3 9 5 6 7 1 4 6 4 7 1 3 2 9 5 8 7 3 6 5 9 1 4 8 2 5 8 2 6 4 3 1 9 7 9 1 4 7 2 8 3 6 5 4 9 8 2 1 7 5 3 6 2 7 1 3 6 5 8 4 9 5 3 7 1 8 8 4 5 2 6 3 6 5 4 8 9 2 7 1 9 4 3 3 6 5 6 9 2 4 9 7 1 3 8 5 6 5 4 6 2 1 7 3 9 8 4 8 2 1 7 9 2 5 8 4 6 1 3 9 7 6 1 4 9 3 7 8 5 2 3 9 7 5 8 2 6 4 1 9 7 5 3 2 8 1 6 4 4 6 2 1 5 9 7 8 3 1 8 3 6 7 4 5 2 9 6 8 4 1 9 5 2 3 7 1 2 3 8 6 7 4 9 5 9 5 7 2 3 4 1 6 8 9 5 8 3 1 4 7 6 2 3 8 9 5 4 1 8 2 7 3 6 9 1 6 4 7 5 2 3 9 8 4 5 1 6 7 2 1 3 9 8 5 4 7 3 2 6 9 8 4 1 5 6 7 2 3 8 9 5 4 6 7 1 2 5 2 6 4 7 3 1 8 9 4 6 7 3 5 1 2 9 8 4 1 3 8 2 9 6 5 7 2 5 3 7 9 8 6 4 1 8 9 7 1 6 5 2 3 4 9 1 8 4 6 2 5 3 7 3 7 5 2 8 1 9 4 6 1 2 5 6 7 4 9 8 3 6 4 9 5 3 7 8 2 1 8 9 6 2 1 3 4 7 5 2 8 1 9 4 6 5 7 3 7 3 4 9 8 5 1 2 6 £105 £38 £95 £49 £60 Pot Full house Straight Three of a kind Flush Straight flush Hand LOGIC Winner Age Salvador 58 Mindy 39 Sierra 45 Dylan 21 Gordon 27 JIGSAW SUDOKU SUDOKU: EASY SUDOKU: MEDIUM SUDOKU: HARD 2 3 1 5 4 ENTER VOWEL A A R D V A R K A I D S L R I O S I B A K E R E A S O N S R A R L C C M E D I A A N I M U S S I A S B A L D E A G L E D R C A R E G R E T H A T E S C I E I A S A D V E R S E N O U S D E S V G R B E E S E Y E S O R E S DOUBLE JIGWORD A A I F S C A R E C R O W C C I O B O O U N C L E R C G H O D D L Y T A P I O A R F O R T I T U D E N H E Y P L I M S O L L A E O B U F O O T S T E P S F T Y T I N C H U S E R N U T O I M P R O M P T U T P M R S Y E A R B O O K 3 1 2 4 5 R O C K E T P A L E S A L S A V I A O U A U S E E M P A L T R Y P R O B E R O A K T E J V A N G U A R D T W I S T E R A O N I S I O C P L A S M A T A C I T U N T O U P Y A C R R E S H A P E U N S H A C K L E O A C Y E A S Q U I R R E L L E D E D U C E U S E I I P T C O T T O N N A G S Y M B O L R T C H Y A S T A R O T P H O T O C O P I E R T L I H H L H E L I O G R A M S I L E N C E G U T S A R S O D A A F O O T T E N N I S Z R N M R R A T C O N C E A L Q U A Y S I D E N H S O G V R V I N Y L V U L G A R E V I L S I Z L U T O B E A R D M O V E B E Y O N D FILL IN ANAGRAM CROSSWORD Across: 1 Warden, 4 Ogre, 8 Sonnet, 9 Hasten, 11 Rheas, 12 Cellars, 13 Adipose, 19 Wearier, 21 Scuba, 22 Turner, 23 Oocyte, 24 Lest, 25 Vendor. Down: 2 Rented, 3 Emersed, 5 Grail, 6 Entrap, 7 Finest, 8 Sere, 10 Sceptre, 14 Systole, 15 Swathe, 16 Sacral, 17 Buoyed, 18 Pate, 20 Ideas. Word wheel KINSWOMAN GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUIZ 1 Jack Higgins, 2 E. M. Forster, 3 James Kelman, 4 John le Carré, 5 Adam Smith, 6 Noddy, 7 The Mediterranean, 8 Michigan, 9 South America, 10 Sicily, 11 Japan, 12 Belgium, 13 The whale, 14 A bird, 15 The Northern Lights, 16 Flea, 17 Poinsettia, 18 The dingo, 19 The USA, 20 Diego Maradona, 21 Daley Thompson, 22 Scotland, 23 Ice hockey, 24 A king, 25 Roman Catholic Church, 26 Walt Disney, 27 Lace, 28 A crystal ball, 29 Simple Simon, 30 The St Bernard. HONEYCOMB 1 Flower, 2 Oldest, 3 Tsetse, 4 Storks, 5 Skulls, 6 Labial, 7 Ailing, 8 Nickel, 9 Lesson, 10 Osmium, 11 Mutate, 12 Retain. 2 1 1 4 5 3 1 2 1 1 5 2 4 3 1 1 0 1 4 5 2 3 2 2 2 3 1 2 3 3 3 1 7 9 3 6 5 4 8 1 2 5 4 9 2 6 1 7 8 3 2 1 8 3 9 7 6 5 4 6 7 5 1 8 2 4 3 9 8 2 4 7 1 3 5 9 6 3 6 1 4 7 8 9 2 5 9 5 2 8 3 6 1 4 7 4 8 7 5 2 9 3 6 1 1 3 6 9 4 5 2 7 8 1 2 3 8 4 2 4 2 9 0 7 1 3 LOOP 1 WORD SPIRAL 1 Mist, 2 Toll, 3 Lose, 4 Earl, 5 Lash, 6 Help, 7 Pomp, 8 Purl, 9 Limp, 10 Pegs, 11 Shot, 12 Tuba, 13 Airs, 14 Skip, 15 Purr, 16 Roof. Profuse CODEWORD 1=V, 2=Y, 3=S, 4=B, 5=Z, 6=E, 7=H, 8=D, 9=O, 10=X, 11=U, 12=F, 13=J, 14=M, 15=Q, 16=W, 17=K, 18=G, 19=A, 20=I, 21=C, 22=N, 23=T, 24=P, 25=R, 26=L. 2 4 6 5 9 3 7 KAKURO KILLER SU-DOKU BATTLESHIPS SPLIT DECISION 6 3 5 9 1 4 8 1 2 3 7 5 8 6 6 7 3 8 7 1 2 4 5 9 9 4 5 2 6 8 3 1 8 7 3 4 1 6 5 9 2 9 1 4 8 5 6 5 9 7 8 3 2 1 1 2 3 7 4 6 5 4 6 2 9 8 3 7 1 5 2 9 4 7 3 4 6 1 8 2 9 9 3 8 6 2 7 5 5 1 3 4 7 8 6 CIRCLEGRAM The letter represented by the question mark is R. Sampras, McEnroe, Connors, all former Wimbledon champions. MIRROR IMAGE D 8 6 2 6 9 4 7 5 3 1 1 5 2 3 4 7 9 8 7 2 3 9 8 6 5 1 4 PATHFINDER Matthew Pinsent, Daley Thompson, Sally Gunnell, Stephanie Cook, Ben Ainslie, Bradley Wiggins, Kelly Holmes, Christine Ohuruogu, Rebecca Adlington, Seb Coe, Linford Christie, Denise Lewis, Mary Rand, Tessa Sanderson, Jonathan Edwards, Adrian Moorhouse, Steve Redgrave, Chris Hoy NINER 1 HYPOCRITE 2 ABSOLVING MINDBENDERS 1 £1 rosemary, £2 basil, £3 olives, £4 ginger. 2 Rest-oration. 3 a) Carousel, b) Ferris wheel, c) Roller coaster. 4 Forty-four panels. 5 Two hundred and eighty metres of wool 3 CLOCKWORD 1 Yuppie, 2 Venice, 3 Entire, 4 Tackle, 5 Twinge, 6 Equine, 7 Choose, 8 Obtuse, 9 Oracle, 10 Poodle, 11 Evolve, 12 Reside. Yvette Cooper MIRRORGRAM CANTILEVER 9 6 7 4 8 1 5 2 9 3 7 4 8 6 1 5 9 4 2 6 8 5 2 1 3 7 9 5 3 4 2 1 3 1 2 4 8 2 4 1 9 5 1 3 9 4 8 6 2 5 2 1 8 3 6 7 8 9 9 8 1 5 8 4 1 2 2 6 8 9 7 4 8 2 7 1 6 3 9 5 3 5 6 9 8 2 7 4 1 7 1 9 5 3 4 8 2 6 8 9 3 1 2 5 6 7 4 1 6 7 8 4 3 2 5 9 2 4 5 6 7 9 1 3 8 9 3 8 4 6 7 5 1 2 6 7 4 2 5 1 9 8 3 5 2 1 3 9 8 4 6 7 NUMBER FIT 6 2 5 7 6 8 7 4 3 5 6 9 4 2 7 5 9 7 8 5 8 4 8 7 2 3 4 9 4 0 0 3 0 4 6 7 3 4 5 5 6 7 9 2 4 6 5 2 4 7 4 9 4 2 5 6 8 2 3 5 7 5 6 4 6 3 1 8 5 4 8 7 4 3 4 9 4 6 2 6 6 2 4 7 6 2 4 6 8 5 5 1 2 3 8 E D R X C F F C P G J 2 E R O S N X L Q I A U M V Q A L B G H J O M U W 4 2 8 9 4 2 8 4 5 6 6 4 5 1 3 7 4 3 7 TRIANGLE H T W GOGEN 1 I Y N V S P T K Y K D B E Z O O B C N R N O I N U U H L D E R O B

SAGITTARIUS SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN CAPRICORN AQUARIUS AQUARIUS PISCES PISCES GO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER 12 ARIES DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 19.10.2021 RIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER RUSSELL ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ICORN GRANT AQUARIUS PISCES LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO MINI CANCER EO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO mirror.co.uk/ LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO horoscopes ARIES TAURUS LEO GEMINI CANCER LEO VIRGO VIRGO LIBRA LIBRA LEO SCORPIO SCORPIO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO BRA Aries March 21–April 20 SCORPIO Distractions and disturbances are such that you may decide to make a few changes in ARIES your environment. People will respect your assertiveness. Someone is not being honest with PISCES you. Confusion ARIES is due to the many ARIES different versions you are hearing about a recent event or incident. (80p/min + network For TAURUS more call 0905 GEMINI 789 4171 CANCER SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES TARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES URUS GEMINI CANCER SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS rooms and in PISCES online auctions. If LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES TAURUS SAGITTARIUS GEMINI CAPRICORN CANCERyou are thinking about adding to a AQUARIUS PISCES ARIUS GO LIBRA SCORPIO RIES LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS access charge) PISCES LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO MINI CANCER SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES EO you VIRGOare prepared LIBRA to explain SCORPIOsome Gemini May 22 –June 21 TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES Flow with the lucky tide PISCES that has now swept into your life and enjoy it for however long it lasts. Relax and enjoy. Financial affairs will improve due to news that will be received around midday. ARIES Your day begins on a positive note and those good feelings will continue. For CANCER more call 0905 789 ARIES (80p/min + network 4173 TAURUS GEMINI CANCER TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ICORN AQUARIUS ARIES PISCES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER BRA GO LIBRA SCORPIO LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES ARIES Scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 22 When there is so much to do, you won’t sit still and admit defeat. Instead you will try to squeeze as much as possible into your day. Even with you working flat out, it might still feel as if you haven’t got through as much as you had hoped to. Perseverance is the key to success. (80p/min + network For more call 0905 789 4178 LEO VIRGO TAURUS LIBRA SCORPIO GEMINI CANCER LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO TARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES URUS GEMINI CANCER (80p/min + network For more call 0905 789 4172 access charge) SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS access charge) PISCES ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES ARIUS LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES Sagittarius Nov 23 – Dec 21 TAURUS GEMINI CANCER Encouragement from a talented professional will mean the world to you. It might seem odd to discuss all you have been through this past year with someone you’ve just met. It also helps you come to terms with it all. The really good times will come again. Just keep on believing. LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO ICORN SAGITTARIUS SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS AQUARIUS CAPRICORN PISCES PISCESAQUARIUS PISCES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER (80p/min + network MINI access SAGITTARIUS charge) For more call 0905 789 4179 CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCESaccess charge) BRARIES ARIUS SCORPIO TAURUS GEMINI CANCER LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO ARIES SAGITTARIUSTAURUSCAPRICORN GEMINIAQUARIUS CANCER PISCES LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO PISCES LEO VIRGOSAGITTARIUS (80p/min LIBRACAPRICORN + network SCORPIOAQUARIUS PISCES access charge) SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES Taurus April 21 – May 21 In all areas of your life you will be honest and thorough and things more than once if this is necessary. You are as down to earth, organised and determined as a Taurus can be. Friends and workmates will appreciate your SCORPIO practical advice and assistance. SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER your ideas and you’re wondering (80p/min + network LEO VIRGO SAGITTARIUS LIBRA CAPRICORN SCORPIO access AQUARIUS charge) PISCES SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER Cancer June 22 –July 23 You wish a friend or relative was not so needy. Your one wish now is to escape familiar places. A huge amount of your time is spent having to deal with people who seem to get pleasure out of making your life awkward. Don’t be surprised if this makes you feel irritable and uneasy. For more call 0905 789 4174 Leo July 24 – August 23 Stay alert. Whatever you are doing keep one eye open on what’s going on elsewhere. You LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO might see something interesting you will want to know more about. A partner is refusing to listen to LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO whether they actually want to be involved in a joint project. For more call 0905 789 4175 Virgo Aug 24 – Sept 23 You’re focused completely on a matter that is taking up all your thoughts and energy. Friend will try to divert you but they won’t succeed. Your creative juices flow freely and there’s enjoyment out of working on something that could change things in a big way in the future. For more call 0905 789 4176 (80p/min + network access charge) Libra Sept 24–Oct 23 Some great bargains are to be found at antique shops, auction cherished collection, it will be fun to look around at what’s on offer. Don’t be reluctant to haggle if the list price is too high – you may end up with an amazing deal. For more call 0905 789 4177 (80p/min + network access charge) Capricorn Dec 22 –Jan 20 It’s all systems go in both your working life and your personal world. You are ready for a fresh challenge. Your boss will understand if you must postpone a meeting because something more urgent crops up. There is absolutely no need to feel guilty about events you cannot control. (80p/min + network For more call 0905 789 4180 access charge) Aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19 You’ve worked really hard to get this far and now you are now justifiably seeing the results of your past hard-working efforts. This just goes to show that really grafting does bring its just rewards. You have had to be patient and this is really paying off for you now. For more call 0905 789 4181 (80p/min + network access charge) Pisces Feb 20 – Mar 20 Your friends and family seem to think you have nothing else to do but make time for them. You are starting to wonder when you will ever have any for yourself. If you have too many responsibilities it is time to delegate and insist that other people start doing their share. (80p/min + network For more call 0905 789 4182 access charge) Calls cost 80p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge – maximum of 5 minutes duration. You must be over 18 and have the bill payer’s permission. Service provider Spoke. Helpline 0333 202 3390 ONLY £89.99 + £3.99 P&P NEW SOUP CHEF PRO HOME-MADE SOUP IN MINUTES! • 8 Functions – Smooth, Smooth+, Sauté, Keep Warm, Chunky, Auto-Clean, Memory & Delay Timer. • Perfect for families & Meal Prep – The large 1.6L capacity Soup Chef cooks up to 5 bowls of soup in minutes! • 12 Hour Delay Timer: your soup is ready when you are. Simply set your timer and Soup Chef Pro will start making your nutritious soup at a time that suits you. www.highstreettv.com/DM088 DM1ST CARTOONS Excellent eggs! BBC Good Food daily recipe to collect Egg custard tarts These Portuguese-style golden tartlets are perfect to finish off a dinner party or as an afternoon treat with coffee For the pastry 200g plain flour, plus extra for rolling 1 tbsp golden caster sugar 100g unsalted butter, chilled For the Filling 4 egg yolks 1 tbsp cornflour 100g golden caster sugar 1 vanilla pod 1 cinnamon stick thick strip of lemon zest 250ml milk 250ml double cream Tip the flour and sugar into a 1 large mixing bowl. Slowly add around 150ml very cold water, or just enough so that you have a soft dough that picks up all the crumbs from the outside of the bowl, but isn’t too sticky to handle. Wrap the dough in cling film 2 and chill while you coarsely grate the butter. Roll the dough out onto a floured work surface to a 30 x 40cm rectangle, then sprinkle the surface with half the grated butter to form an even layer. Don’t worry if the butter clumps together, just make sure the pieces are evenly distributed. With the shorter edge facing you, fold the top third of the dough towards you to the centre and the bottom third up over it. Give the dough a quarter turn, then roll out to the same size as before, sprinkle with the rest of the butter and repeat. Wrap TOMORROW’s Recipe: NexT level scOTch eggs the dough tightly in cling film and chill for 30 mins while you make the filling. Put the egg 3 yolks and cornflour in a large heatproof mixing bowl and whisk in the sugar until pale and thick. Split the vanilla pod in half along the length and scrape out the seeds. Put the seeds in a medium-sized saucepan, along with the empty pod, the cinnamon stick and the lemon zest. Pour the milk and cream over the aromatics, stir and heat very gently until only just simmering. Pour the hot mixture over the egg yolks and whisk well. Pour the custard back into the pan and warm through for 2-3 mins or until thickened slightly to a consistency similar to double cream. Strain the custard through a sieve into a large jug and set aside, covered with cling film. 4 Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Grease a 12-hole muffin tin with butter. Take your pastry out of the fridge and roll it flat to 40 x 20cm. Starting at the longest side, roll it up tightly to make a long roll of pastry. Trim the ends, then cut into 12 pieces, and turn them cut-side up on the work surface, so the spiral is facing upwards. Carefully flatten them out until they are big enough to PreP: 1 hr Cook: 30 mins Plus Chilling makes 12 line the holes in the muffin tin, trying not to skew the spiral shape too much. Press into the tins, then carefully pour in the custard mixture, filling each tart almost to the top. subscribe to BBC good Food magazine and get your first three issues for only £5! you’ll receive monthly copies of the UK’s no.1 food magazine with over 70 beautifully photographed recipes in every issue, giving you everything from easy weekday dinners to showstopping surprises for the weekend. Visit buysubscriptions.com/gFMir21 5 Bake for 30 mins or until the pastry is cooked through and the custard is just starting to puff up but not balloon. Remove from the oven and 6 allow them to cool and sink gently back into shape. Serve cold with coffee.