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Beloved movie poster.jpg
Sin poster
Directed byGeorge P. Cosmatos
Written byGeorge P. Cosmatos
Based onplay The Day of the Midwife by Cosmatos
Produced byPatrick Curtis
George P. Cosmatos
StarringRaquel Welch
Richard Johnson
CinematographyMarcello Gatti
Edited byJ. Terry Williams
Music byGiannis Markopoulos
Curtwel Productions
Distributed byJoseph Brenner Associates
Release date
  • 1971 (1971) (United Kingdom)
Running time
87 minutes
CountriesUnited Kingdom
United States[1]

Sin (also known as The Beloved and Restless) is a 1971 film written and directed by George P. Cosmatos, and marked his directorial debut.


A beautiful but frustrated housewife begins an affair with a former childhood friend. When her suspicious husband starts to show signs of jealousy, the adulterous couple plot to murder him.



The film was the second movie produced by Patrick Curtis, Raquel Welch's husband and manager. It was financed by a group of wealthy Cypriot businessmen.[3] It was based on a play by Cosmatos titled The Day of the Midwife.[4]


Filming began on location in Cyprus on August 15, 1970.[5]


It was released in the US by Cinemation.[6]

On 2 June 1986, the British Board of Film Classification announced that the film on home video would receive a 15 certificate rating.[7]

Home media[edit]

The film was originally released in the United Kingdom in 1986 on VHS and given a 15 certificate rating. All home media releases in the U.K. were titled Sin.[8] It was reissued in the U.K. under Scorebox Film Group on DVD in 2008 and again by Screenbound Pictures in August 2017.[9][10]


Box office[edit]

Critical response[edit]


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